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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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greenland, the melting of the frozen no. on al jazeera, me you want to help save the world. needs into your own. ah ah, hello, welcome, 1100 hours g m t watching al just here. let's bring you up to speed with the breaking news story and developing new story of been following lebanon's capital. i mean being rocked by the sound of gunfire and rocket launches, at least 5 people killed. 25 injured and started when protests against the judge leading the investigation into that bay roots pull explosion,
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turned into violence and chaos. our crowds aligned to share political parties, were protesting out the justice palace. when gunfire began, lebanese army says it will shoot at any one whose arm snipers have mounted. buildings and tanks have rolled into central bay roof. gunman can be seen firing and ducking behind cars. multiple explosions have been heard, and demonstrators have been dispersed. has belie, i'm it, salazar, accusing judge harder to be far of political bias in his probe of the bay route bloss without providing evidence. investigation has repeatedly stalled by political infighting. and he asked hand that is a retired lebanese general. he joins us by zoom from zach must be a good to have the weather so that he asked that start with a basic question here. are we seeing, look at analyzing this situation? what is the risk of this developing into a much
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a more serious confrontation? something that could ignite, what we saw in the seventy's in lebanon. i don't think that we can go to the 7th is a lebanon because the dynamics, the regional dynamics, is different. as well as the players are different, as well as a local player. though he is a hybrid is it is within the state and outside the state is within the state when it's woodson and he's outside the state when he's really performing at each in a gold like collision, alert on like in syria like in yemen like in iraq so it is totally different. however, we still have israel, that is really can benefit from the situation. let's say this a sniper that everybody is talking about. i don't know, i have no idea what bar. so when you have such kind of thing, it's like a, it's called and they can go inside and really make living on it. and in this
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situation, usually lemme in this, but i situation, they least post civil war and then everybody, every time, everywhere i do this sort of an on all the political solution where can, however, maybe has the life, i sorry, can set of the main play of as the main and the go to play at the front of the 1111 . because what you, what we've seen from has milan and we have seen also organized on people. you know what i mean. so it does not. however, everybody is like using a job. you thought as what is decide? yes, everything is what it decides to like. even in the united states, america, and lebanon, the judges are assigned by form edition. and they bring that on people to this place. this guy, next employee, because i think he puddle at the start, indicated that he, he said, everybody,
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that's really it is team a and if that's i'm on, will be ask for a response. i, but you know what i mean? so why we don't like this, a blade goes on and goes on maybe right? that is something hidden that does to does this incident. if we needed a reminder, is it really a reminder of how shall we say fin? the civilian veneer, all the pharmacy is in lebanon, and how the arm factions remain there and they remain strong and easily to be deployed at any 2nd activity. one, i'm not sure you can hear me. yeah, we should point out what i lie on me from view is we we've got live pictures playing out right now. coming in from bay with a lot of gun fire. we can hear
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a lot of gun find going. ah, that's listening. 2
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i have a heads up, one knobby was about to go. ah
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yes. honda is still with us. i believe. can you hear me? yes, supposed to? well, let me try again. i guess. yes, hannah retired lebanese general. can you hear me? yes. yeah, i mean the voices. okay, so yes, go ahead. perhaps you can help fill us in and what we're watching now. let me just tell you. we've got pictures on the screen, live pictures coming in from bay route. we can see a lot of people running about as a sound of a lot of gun find going on very visible in the picture, seem to be some soldiers, perhaps fireman and
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a red cross work. cuz we witness thing. a continuation basically of fire between she and i know mine are these 2 neighborhoods, which i'm representing, 2 very different demographics of lebanon. i don't think so. we don't. i mean, we can not really push the picture of 1975 into today's world. i don't think that we have a christian militia, let's say that is really organized in the have a problem or can really fight has a lot of, i mean it's, it's not a dual. well, it's not feasible and they don't have these capacities. i mean, one has of allies. i mean, how did the enable so fight this way. it is a 1006 for 3 days and video holes and deny israel to make this kind of big study. i mean, the, the balance of quality is not
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a who is hiring. then if the lebanese forces don't have that can kind of capabilities who is firing right now. the picture of a c, r o, but by uni who is the firing there and i have not, i have no idea. i told you earlier. i mean, in this kind of things, when things are out of hand, when you have this scale, you might find like it's gone and i've been feeling, i'm not defending anybody. i'm not really denying anything. it's like a blurred vision. so part, however, when the army was allowed to go by and has maligned by the government, i mean they have to do their job, they have to work. so we had to wait a little bit. and if you have like some other people, some are they can people that really were shooting to see what of it. okay, so i live on. i mean it's like once a year, of course of the guns is everywhere. so we have to wait and see. but in my mind,
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to put like a bullet to configure a level on a girl who ever, whoever, i mean, i mean, i'm not even depending on the one that has the militia and really conducting these kind of things, i really cannot really confirmed that. okay, so we have to wait and see, oh is it in a fight, or is it either fighting on the army or on hello or not? but what we've seen before, we've seen like m initially, the organized, i mean, people together like platoon like something. i mean, you have like a militia at edi, on the ground. and that's where talking that we can still see people running around . obviously a lot of friends in the picture for this. clearly still an incident that is ongoing . can i can i interrupted and we'll have to see that amy, what is going on? is it on the green line of an idea of
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a device or is it within the i not many or in this area because again, i know the man and, and the other side. i don't think it is like good that is only building. there is no big spaces except by you and you have this public, public spaces, you know, and i mean, so we have to wait and see because what i'm exactly can point can that the judge, i mean, you have a lot of people. i mean on is open for those guys with a with
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with . c a very disturbing scene that we're witnessing here in the lebanese capital by route
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the sound of a lot of gun, the fire going a uni area of sy, route. i believe our correspondence in july for us from the zayna. if you can hear me, tell us a little bit about what was seeing what's unfolding. you can hear that so me. the classes are now. in the 4th hour you can see the smoke. this really is the front line, 2 neighborhoods separated by dividing line intense, intense gunfire. gunfights, they're using machine gun rocket propelled grenades, long time enemies, supporters of the c panel party. and the cf neighborhood to my right and
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support those of the lebanese kristen. lebanese forces. and i know many and other neighborhoods to my left to neighborhood from the political parties, different sex in this country, political crises take on, said carrie. and later, as you can see, people have not been able to reach their homes, have not been able to reach their neighborhoods of the army group out in force, but unable to control the situation. unable to contain the fighting, which like i mentioned, it's now it is for our how this all begin, how hard they to a part of a who turn into a war zone. at 11 o'clock this morning that she political group called for a protest, a protest against the lead judge investigating the baby reports explosion. as these protesters made their way to the justice palace and this is according to
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as well on, i'm a, we still don't have independent confirmation. they're saying that a site for fire ambush to some of those protesters and directly shot into the crowd. and they're accusing the lebanese courses, their own civil strife, lebanese courses have still not issued any statements, as you can see ambulances moving into the background, to the back, the way the wounded, the dead, we understand up to 5 people are now killed. many wounded, some of those who were killed and wounded civilians. some of them were in their homes, hiding in their homes went straight bullets, hit them again, the lebanese people called in in the middle of a city on it. people panic. when the gunfire began around 11 o'clock been time this morning, 9 t and t,
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they started to run to schools to take their kids in. as you can see, this is not calming down the army. you can have the presence of the lebanese army, unable to stop this, we understand that they tried to read some buildings to arrest the sniper, the interior minister holding a meeting with heads of different security agencies. it's not clear how this will be contained because it really is one of the most serious bouts of violence in recent years. and lebanon has had a turbulent pass. this is a decades old frontline and we've seen confrontations over the years throughout the years, but nothing like that. and like i mentioned the investigation into the bay report exclusion that massive explosion last year in august that the short neighborhood investigations as and who was responsible for that,
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that really cause the tension industry escalation, really dangerous escalation. zayna don't ask us to take a breath for another. let's just listen. i'm taking the c food stamp call from you and on a brief pause in the horrific sounds of gunfire. who knows how long it will
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last, a very disturbing scene that is emerging a picture that's emerging from the lebanese capital, making it even more painful is the news announced by lebanon to administer, that the casualties has indeed gone off. now, he's told you about 6 people killed. our correspondent zayna full. he's live at the scene, the front line battle of the fire. sammy zayna, windows kind of situation happens in lebanon, although we haven't seen escalations of this nature for a long time. it's always the political fight in the back ground, usually intervene to have full service. something like this, if they want to resolve it is anything of that nature going on that we know about until now, you know,
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there's still no statement from the lebanese forces. we mentioned earlier, hello, claiming a sniper for opening fire on a crowd of protesters that triggered the latest doubt of, of, of confrontations with we understand is that official security officials, different heads of security agencies have been meeting to see and see how they can contain the situation, this is not going to be easily resolved. these are long time. like we mentioned hezbollah and her mom was just kind of, it's hard to be dismissed. they want him removed from the case. they believe his politicize. they believe he is questioning only a selective, selective officials, while the lebanese forces believe that has belie stating a cool, along with among using their weapons to impose their will on the lebanese people. lebanese forces believe that judge bizarre should continue for so his investigation
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and i must say something that the investigation, the tension over the investigation has also cause a cracks within the ruling alliance. yes. hello, i'm a are allies, but they also have another life which is the president, president michelle, and his christian pri, greater arctic movement party. but michelle is not standing with them on calling for virus dismissal. president on believe that the tar should complete his investigation and then he should be just so this investigation really great. that's built on to the street. you can see these things are fire from one neighborhood to another. this street really separating strong. but in reality neighborhoods where people live and so it's unclear whether or not
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this can be and what it will be like tomorrow morning. a scene seems like this following morning. it's almost as if nothing had happened. and this is one of the problem in this country's history. the fact that they don't reconcile, they don't like to be unity here. this is a big country, politically and divided to the carrier. and that's why it is so dangerous. so many lebanese now sitting in their home, hunker down for the coming hours, worried about already already, many of them are struggling to put food on their table. already many of them have lost their savings in which are now in solving. what they would like to see is their politicians, their officials, the new government. engaging and try to find
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a bit to bring in hard currency. they don't want to see them again for a moment. with this was a situation that was reported to the low life demonstration,
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judging by a win win situation with evolving on line during the day with with the me the legion good to have you with us for letting me policy. the balance of power has long been determined beyond lebanese, more than right. a lot of regional and international powers are the ones who have
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often been looked at as the ones that decide what happens in lebanon. is this region on international consensus about the status quo breaking down? or is this just a bumps in the road? so i mean, this might actually be at one translation of the bottleneck situation in the region right now. the region is witnessing a massive kind of event embodied by the american withdrawal from afghanistan in the shape and form of this withdrawal. in addition to the fact that the u. s. is retrenchment and it's focused on the great competition on. and it's a strategy to kind of maintain china's expansionism in the world is definitely leaving more back here in the region, given that the u. s. has made it clear to allies and enemies equally. daddy,
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the significance off the middle east to be specific is shrinking in terms of priorities into our house and in washington. and their focus is a somewhat else. of course, this is on the betty macro level, and we know that things boils down to the street and fighting and lebanon because unfortunately, lebanon has always serve just like iraq, for example, has served as a center stage for and message exchange in the region. one region and international powers struggle. however, today as well, what's happening is also as a sectarian ruling elite or with it's neck on the line. because beyond the geopolitical angle off as easy, kind of struggle in the region, we have a major or one of the biggest non nuclear explosions that trucks are the city of booth. and obviously that are for,
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for $330.00. and there's the probe that the strength to reach an end goal, or at least an end result in terms of a who flew up the 4th of a driver to blow up. and there's a public opinion that's pressing in that direction and that are people that feels or there are certain constituencies within the lebanese power sharing arrangements that feel that this investigation might actually target them. i don't know if this sense of being culprit is something substantiated by them or not for the investigation to uncover. it seems that one side means that i've been by this investigation and they're trying to do all the states in order to judge retarded from conducting his work with. 5 i just want to put a
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ah oh
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whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, because that with i didn't find the most with a little bit about when this happens in the army. is a multi confessional institution in lebanon. although getting involved in that question, cuz the army tried by al, from any kind of dispute until the leaders of victorian factions come together and then the army is deployed when everybody is agreed hope the guns down. absolutely. this has been the pattern, and this is our history over at least the past 15 years has provided us with the, the army lebanon,
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aside from it being multi construction sites from it's being address it for, for a security and leaders in order for employment. it also has it by a figure and usually, and by convention, disfigure is christian almost always for at least in the full ford era. we had 3 army generals that went on to become the presence of it. so an army general or people usually calling with ambition and this ambition also kind of flip them anybody because this means the army cannot take its pants. basically, it's also contributed to the political and be executive board. and because so it has to fit your case from the executive, but it also plays politics in terms of friday to fewer at negotiating thing. i love bridge the chief of.


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