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ah, allow government knowledge is iraq where ever you with no i. ready the afghan tannenbaum had to turkey the push for international recognition and support. ah, i'm sammy zaden. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up about an arrow attack in no way kills at least 5 people for the say they've arrested the suspects. hoping to ease a backlog and shortage of goods before christmas. the u. s. border. los angeles expands operations to 24 hours and we report from libya where migrant seeking
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about life in europe is stranded and desperate to leave up. many of them are here. they've been kept outside of here, seeking resettlement from libya. ah, a high level thought a bomb delegation has arrived in turkey as it continues a diplomatic push for support and recognition. since its takeover of afghanistan in august. it follows days of talks in kata where the group appeal to us in european officials to end the countries isolation and eas, financial restrictions. strict sions it says, a crippling the country. russell started out joins us now from it. stumble so statements from both sides. lately. res. so seem to indicate things may be warming up. what does this leave the issue of recognition of the taliban government?
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well sent me the ha taliban delegation. her has arrived in a stumble early in the morning, had it by did for him. the minister of foreign affairs of taliban and other high level taliban officials. now there's, as of now, they're in a stumble and through the day we are expecting them to had to anchor and to meet. and that the minister of foreign affairs of turkey made a chokehold and also some of the other turkish officials as well as if not what we know that they are going to stay in turkey for 2 days today and tomorrow. but whether it is about the recognition of taliban or not, it is a be question for now because there is no short short cut answer for that. so recently, prison, avalon has couldn't size in the formation the type of the formation of the taliban government off and not being inclusive enough, including did the other minorities in afghanistan,
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other religious and ethnic minorities in afghanistan. i so and so i said yes best. his concerns about that, and as he said that taliban must include all of their da da, source of the segments of the society into the government to be an exclusive and an inclusive one. so in that sense, trek is going to put a pressure on taliban to be more inclusive. other. the other hand, from the 1st day on when taliban to pull that afghanistan took, it, has been very much positive in terms of a finding a way to work with taliban. just yesterday, the minister of foreign affairs of turkey, when having a presser with for the minister of indicator gray. and i'm cut out, he said that definitely engagement is needed. so the world that did the international powers in the countries must have a certain level of engagement with taliban. otherwise, if taliban is completely excluded from the international system or isolated from
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the world, doubt cooled, lead loss of complications regarding the security and total financial quality of the country that will definitely how remarkable impact over over afghans there. so engaging with taliban will make it in a sense more manageable and also will be for the benefit of the afghan civilians as well. so i think tricky for now is quite cautious whether to recognize taliban, but on the other hand, they're definitely ready for a sort of engagement. all right, we'll leave it there. thanks so much. russell started off with autobahn is warning its members. anyone found to be linked to iceland? afghan staff will be punished as traitors. it's the 1st time they're publicly addressing the possibility of defections among tolerable ranks. i saw claimed responsibility for several attacks across the country since the tale bon took power
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. the how did you little agree that i sort of the thought i was so, but if someone is found to be linked to isolate they will be punished under the serial law of treason and spreading terror. their actions will be taken as betrayal against the islamic emerett of a gun. this time, if someone is found in any of our army units linked to iso, let it be known that the unit commander will be interrogated and the unit will be dissolved. 5 people have been killed in bow and arrow attacks in norway. several others were wounded. it happened in the town of congo berg southwest to the capital . last blow, a suspect has been arrested police on investigating whether it's related to what they call terrorism or cell phone for data. the arrested person is a man, and that's all i can say about the person suspected. in this case, he's been taken to prison. that has been and that will continue to be a large police presence overnight. there are many crime scenes. the perpetrator operated over a large area. these places have been secured by police and not being searched by
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the crime. scene. officials on health can use the phone. the council is in the state of readiness, which means that both the political and administrative leadership have been together for about an hour. and we're trying to arrange to capture those who need it at the movement. the situation is to become clear with following the events as they unfold. tropical storm compet so is left a trail of destruction on china's island province of hey nan. heavy rains and strong winds brought down trees and power lines throughout southern china. 19 people died in flash floods and land slides when it hit the philippines earlier this week. forecasts to say con, pursue is weakening. as it moves towards vietnam. president vladimir putin is denying russia is behind it. energy shortage in europe. he says moscow is standing by to help. prices for natural gas have skyrocketed,
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b u says people are going to need support as winter approaches. latasha buffalo reports from brussels, reducing taxes on energy bills and financial help for poor households. were among the recommendations laid out by europe's energy commissioner to help member states shield consumers across the block from spiraling costs. our immediate priority is to protect europe's consumers, especially the most vulnerable. second, we have to make our inches, is them better prepared and more resilient? so that we don't have to face a similar situation in the future. natural gas prices have soared in europe in recent weeks, partly driven by a certain demand, as countries emerge from loc downs, natural gas accounts for a quarter of the european union's energy needs. the majority of that is imported into the block from countries including how jerry a no way and qatar, but mainly russia. some say that the kremlin is fueling the price rise by failing
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to boost gas supplies in order to pressure the you to prove the controversial nordstrom to pipeline. at an energy conference in moscow though, president vladimir putin said russia was ready to increase supply electron last bruce, really to do sure. if they ask us to increase deliveries, we are ready to do so. we are increasing them as much as our partners are asking us to avoid future energy crises. the u commissioner says countries must focus on transitioning away from fossil fuels to renewables. some analysts say that would also help us become more self reliant when it comes to energy. if we had had in europe the national government that did 20 years ago, renovate the homes, like we knew how to do that, didn't roll out solar heating systems as soon as the seventy's, because this is super haul technology, we would be in a much better situation. today would be consuming much less gas. we will be much
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less reliance on russia. and the current gas prices that we see would have been, you know, fall as impactful for us europeans. some european countries, including from spain, agrees one more from the youth and recommendations. they are pushing for e, you wide measures, including coordinating gas purchases and joint gas storage. the blogs leaders will discuss the crisis at a summit next week. with the onset of winter pressure is mounting to find solutions . latasha butler, i'll just sarah brussels. of the u. s. is stepping up efforts to fix issues with the global supply chain which have led to major shortages of goods. the slow down in the struggling economy is being blamed on cuts and factory output bottlenecks that ports. white house correspondent, kimberly how could report each year, almost half of all us imports arrive here at the port of los angeles. but right now,
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dozens of ships are stuck off the coast, waiting to dock and unload. that backlog has led to a shortage of goods. and higher prices for us, consumers, you're hearing a lot about something called supply change and how hard it is to get a range of things from a toaster sneakers to bicycles, her bedroom furniture. that's why on wednesday, u. s. president joe biden held a virtual round table with c e o. 's from companies like federal express, u. p. s, and wal mart. to address the challenges, the companies all agreed to increase their overnight and off peak hours. the white house has also brokerage in agreement to expand, working hours at the port of los angeles, making it a 24 hour day, 7 day, a week operation. their commitment to go all in on 247 operations meas, at businesses of all sizes, will get their goods on shelves,
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faster and more reliable. when the global pandemic shut america's economy down, demand for goods went up, store shelves across the us, grew bare. but as the economy opens up, the problems persisted. america's supply chains can't keep up with demand. labor shortages have compounded the problem and fewer workers, stock store shelves, as the holiday season approaches. the white house has been under pressure to resolve the supply chain issues hampering america's economic recovery. some analysts believe wednesday's announcement won't be enough. it's a huge logistic nightmare, and a lot of it is overseas and therefore, you know what the president's doing. it isn't going to really hurt, but at the end of the day, it doesn't solve the problem. present abide and says investments in infrastructure would help ease some of the supply chain issues. that's why he's urging the u. s.
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congress to pass his infrastructure plan to create jobs and to insure the united states remains resilient to future economic shocks. kimberly held it, al jazeera, the white house, and then he just top holiday destination has reopened for foreign tourists for the 1st time since the current virus pandemic began. but body is lacking one crucial facts up international flights. a spokesman for the islands airport says no flights of yet been scheduled to land nationals from 19 countries have been cleared to travel there, but not australia, which is a key source of millions of tourists. still haven't al jazeera engineering, a new life. we meet the girls in nigeria who assess on building a career and also marriage and south korea drama, squint games, serge is to success on netflix, but not everyone is happy about
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ah well, the winter shouldn't be with us yet, but not to snow. that's about to fall and he's currently falling. he might think twice about that it's not a cloud around moment in, throughout europe. and it's maybe not obvious weather weather as it may be over here. but look down to this part, this circulation which now south the reality talk about thursday forecast has already brought snow to the bulk of that still bringing there is a part bulger many yes, no. i know it's october. sophie has about 6 degrees that further west is lovely. i mean the spain and portugal. yes, the sun is out in the sky that through a good part of western europe. this is incoming cold weather hasn't yet made it for a step a day ahead to friday. still the circulation is that the worst with the probably in greece, not quite as cold in bulgaria. and as i said,
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spain imports to love it. the sun's out that to be honest, is quite warm, above average by 6 degrees. and in contrast, maybe to balance don't make the average work, tend to be below average in places like sofia, but also bucharest is quite cold. now that's the continued picture into saturday. things improve slowly the picture to the north, incoming winter, but it's still water. many cold snow for norway, which moves eastwards towards fitment. ah, the end of the country with an abundance of results trade far and walk indonesia, his firms forming, we moved full to growth and france. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs.
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invest, let be part when denise is growth and progress. invest indonesia. now lou ah, welcome back here watching al jazeera time to recap our headlines now. a group of taliban delegates saw visiting turkey for talks after meeting u. s. and e u n. voice in cutter. they're pushing for recognition and support for the taliban leadership in afghanistan. concerns growing about the humanitarian and economic crisis. 5 people have been killed in bo, an arrow attacks in the norwegian town of congress berg. the suspects has been
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arrested. police are investigating whether it was an act of terrorism. russia's president is denying his country's behind and energy shortage in europe saying moscow is standing by to help natural gas prices of skyrocketed. the u says people will need support his winter approaches. at least 14 people have been killed in a fire in a southern city and taiwan. dozens of others have been injured. authorities or investigation by the fire in the 15 story building in cash young was started deliberately. report say the upper levels were used as apartments. the number of migrants in refugees, camping outside are you, an agency in the libyan capital triply is on the rise. many of them have escaped from a detention facility where at least 6 were killed. last week. the un says authorities of suspended humanitarian flights out the country that slowing down efforts to evacuate those in need. malik,
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china reports were here in front of the community data center. it's a facility run by the u. s. refugee agency. i, we're in normal circumstances. they provide cash assistance and emergency relief to go the need. they've had to suspend services for several days now. due to the overwhelming crowds of people that are here. hundreds, if not thousands of african migrants and refugees have been camped out. as you can see, many are sleeping here they, they tell us some hotels they've been here for days. some for nearly 2 weeks, including women, children, and the elderly. libya has long been a transit hub for african migrants trying to reach european shores. just the beginning of this month, living security services carried out an operation in the town of good get it would solve the arrest of over $5000.00 african migrants and refugees. they were put in detention centers including the elma burney, a detention facility which sought over 2000 migrants escape on friday,
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or many of them are here. they've been camped outside of here, seeking resettlement from libya. the you and refugee agency said it urges the crowd to disperse, so they can help the most vulnerable. uh, but people here say they have nowhere else to go. that they, that they don't feel safe to leave. or the un facility humanitarian flight outside of libya have been suspended according to the un libyan authorities suspended the flight for most of this year. and that's seen many people unable to leave the country a through cooperation with the un refugee agency. japan's new prime minister has dissolved the lower house of parliament ahead of elections at the end of the month . ah. for me okay. she there says he seeking a mandate from the public for his policies. he to provo from yoshi, he they, saga 10 days ago. the last law
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a house election was held in 2017 under then prime minister sions o r b, to lay an opposition politicians of launched impeachment proceedings against president sebastian penney. era related to the sale of a mining company. the details of the controversial deal emerged in a huge league of documents known as the pandora papers, opposition politicians, se pinero used his office of personal business when the domingo mine was sold during his 1st term in 2010. george is opposition, is expected to hold a rally. life is a protest against the imprisonment of former president mikhail. second, very, the government says he illegally entered the country from exile. such philly now face is 6 years in prison on allegations of abuse of power, while in office robin for astir walker reports from the city of austin avi michaels 2nd, actually considered by many to be george's most maverick and divisive politician is
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being held at rous. debbie prison, he calls himself a political prisoner and has been on hunger strike since being detained 2 weeks ago . early his lawyers say his health is deteriorating. he has a problem with a more meant his more wing, a little before we're. i ain't. this is, the situation is worsening every day. it will, but it will look as helmet with bogus. some of it came back to me the earlier this month. i me seconds really reappeared in georgia after 8 years in exile. i'm calling on a georgians to take to the streets and reject the current government. he's alleged to have taken a ferry from ukraine, hidden inside a truck carrying dairy products. eventually, he was arrested for convictions in absentia of abuses of power in office. the government says, such as v, these hunger strike is political theater. ahead of 2nd round marrow elections at
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the end of the month. i so suki like the circus, and show that we've seen going on these last few days of course serves only one purpose. it's the task of prisoner sarkis philly to raise the temperature in some way. his party noticed that in the 2nd round of elections there lose everywhere, so they try to show the public their prisoner. soc ashville is seriously ill, editor of garbled, temperate rather seconds. billy still enjoys the support of a significant minority of georgians. oh, they remember him as a reformer, and they fear those reforms of being undone by the present government and its ties to the country's richest oligarch. we have zak ashville. he says he's prepared to die for his countrymen, but he's made a gamble that his countrymen want to see him freed rather than remain behind bars in prison. some analysts think sac ashville is returned, was ill timed,
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so everybody knows is there ah, out their power hungry. and i think that's also scare some water fluctuating to support him. and so far what we've seen, he doesn't have that much support to either to initiate new or some sort of upright or some of the revolution here. or. and also, importantly, he doesn't, i have so much international support like to be used to have george's western allies worry that suck ashville is a rest, is politically motivated to, they also warned him about returning home and destabilizing an already divided electric robin for sta. walker al jazeera roost every to nigerian, our girls from poorer a more conservative communities are being taught robotics in the hope they can build careers in software engineering route. the skills organizes say, most of them will end up in early marriages. many adriece reports from the ancient
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city of cano 15 year old kadijah ripe. you comes here to learn how to build robert . she is bigger dreams that one day she designed and build more complex machines that helps save lives and protect the environment. khadija is from a conservative society, northern nigeria at i age many goals. yeah. conditions to think of starting a family, but they're aspiring in genius as that can wait in a 2nd. i want to be an engineer to build as many different devices as i can. i'm particularly interested in solar power devices. hello student fatima zachary says she is drawn to renewable energy and wants to excel in the feel. she's already helped build some prototypes here than any really way i came you to learn. and i had been taught a lot about how windmills work and how to replace the various components. all the
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girls here are from poor families who can't afford private tuition. and the skills they learn aren't available in government, drug schools, the what your why she may not have the cobra community development initiative and, and governmental organization is empowering them with life changing skills. they need to realize their dreams. the objective here is to create an opportunity whereby we're able to meet frog into the future and teach these young women principals that around fire technology might, how they afford them, practice with interaction, teaching basic programming skills, learning a to fun activities. community leader humbert nasa. what runs one of the training centers, he says the idea is helping to end all traditions that hold back girls from attaining their full potential. the 1st change you see is the psychological
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change. when they came in, they were drooping, their heads were down. but after a few weeks, they were all sort of holding their heads up high with pride. ah, and that also affects the whole community as well with robotics on the only skills the students get to learn. in this crammed classroom, more 70 goes, learn computing was support from the microsoft cooperation trainers who was killed . these girls get them gain financial independence in this part of northern nigeria most goes, i expected to get many get divorce me before they even been not one organizers believe their trade would be useful, but a lack of resources are threatening to 3 of the programs. there's always that challenge of funding funding, i'm funding is a major,
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major challenge because we all plan to a poetry and as an art teacher with as much information as much training as possible with money driving up post, a beautiful idea to help disadvantage teenagers may soon feed into oblivion, along with hopes of many goals for dream of changing their society and the world. the trees, algae, a couple. nigeria, william shatner has gone where no 90 year old has gone before the actor who played captain kirk in the original star trek series. has become the oldest man to travel into space and the gallagher has more managers there. q one lasting or from the us state of texas. lou origins, new shepherd, rocket launchers for another journey to the edge of our atmosphere on board, a man known to millions. as captain james t. kirk of the starship enterprise. the final frontier,
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william shatner 3rd shot to fame in 1966 playing the iconic kirk in star trek. now more than 50 years later, these boldly gone where new 90 year old human has been before. what you have given what is the most profound experience. so filled with emotional about what just happened. i was just extra extra i hope i never recover from this. i hope that i can be changed. what i feel though, i don't want to lose it once. free of the earth's gravity, all 4 crew members enjoyed 3 minutes of weightlessness and a view of our planet. a blue origin zoner jeff bezos hopes will eventually become more accessible to so cool space tourists in
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a race funded by billionaires. having such a relatable crew member on board is being seen as a publicity coo. it's no secret that a lot of people who like on space and space systems are star trek fans for the immediately resonate with captain kirk in the, in, in the seat on the passenger flight. as the capsule and its crew safely returned to earth, fans of an iconic science fiction show that inspired millions celebrated the return of sectional spaceship captain. well, if you can pick anybody better, i think from all of star trek to get to do that in on to be looking at that new frontier. i think really that it's, it's more it's bigger than chatting array and in captain kirk is star trek. but really star trek is the thing that has had the impact on space travel right. by presenting this optimistic vision of the future, especially in inclusive vision of the future, the new private space race is now well under way. it may be funded by what some c
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as a billionaires boys club with bays us, richard branson, and e. long mosque all jockeying for domination, but his hope the final frontier may now be one step closer for the rest of us and gallagher al jazeera. netflix has announced the south korean drama squid game as become its biggest original series. the streaming service says the show was watched by a 111000000 people in under 4 weeks. and i'm part thriller pits contestants against each other and games from their childhood. but with a deadly twist. it became a worldwide sensation, adding to south korea's growing pop culture influence content. kim is a fessor of east asian studies at the university of california irvine. he explains why squared game has resonated with so many people. well as a fan is see ah drama. it actually borrows from this kind of gothic, creepy dition,
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are that many people recognize in people wearing these holly halloween costumes. and yet are the, the actual premise in the background is, you know, harsh reality than yoke capitalism, neo liberal capitalism created the one that is about, you know, cutthroat competition. so. busy the 2 things jiving together, i think, made it accessible to many people are who resonate with some of the present day, you know, kind of threats and intense kind of forms of competition that they have entered into. ah, and let's take you through some of the headlines here al jazeera. now an afghan taliban delegation is visiting turkey for talks. after meeting u. s. and e u and voice and cutter. there on a push for recognition and support has concerns.


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