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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2021 8:00am-8:30am AST

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we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking at all venezuelan columbia on al jazeera, ah, vladimir putin says russia is ready to boost gas deliveries to europe. us energy prices such ah, hello money inside this is alex, is there a lie from doha also coming up for you as president demands, it's largest pool rums. 247, a shout lie empty and prices a full stop because of a supply chain. long jam armed fight is integral. i say they're facing more tags by ethiopians military and broken dreams. the
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afghan martial artists who say everything they've been fighting for has been put on hold. as president vladimir putin is denying russia is behind an enemy shortage in europe saying moscow is standing by to help. prices for natural gas have skyrocketed east, as people are going to need support. as winter approaches natasha. butler has moved from brussels, reducing taxes on energy bills and financial help for poor households. were among the recommendations laid out by europe's energy commissioner to help member states shield consumers across the block from spiraling costs. our immediate priority is to protect europe's consumers. especially the most vulnerable 2nd, we have to make our anchor system better prepared and more resilient,
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so that we don't have to face a similar situation in the future. natural gas prices have soared in europe in recent weeks, partly driven by a certain demand, as countries emerge from locked downs, natural gas accounts for a quarter of the european union's energy needs. the majority of that is imported into the block from countries including how jerry a no way and qatar, but mainly russia. some say that the kremlin is fueling the price rise by failing to boost gas supplies in order to pressure the you to prove the controversial nod stream to pipeline. at an energy conference in moscow though, president vladimir putin said russia was ready to increase supply electron last bush, really to do sure. if they ask us to increase deliveries, we're ready to do so literally, we are increasing them as much as our partners are asking us to avoid future energy
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crises. the commissioner says, countries must focus on transitioning away from fossil fuels to renewables. some analysts say that would also help your become more self reliant when it comes to energy. if we had had our in europe nashville, governments that did 20 years ago renovated the homes, like we knew how to do that, did roll out solar heating systems as soon as the seventy's, because this is a super old technology, we would be in a much better situation today would be consuming much less gas. we will be much less reliant on russia. and the current gas prices that we see would have been, you know, fall as impactable, force europeans, some european countries including fraud, spain, grease, one more from the youth and recommendations. they are pushing for e wide measures, including coordinating gas purchases and joint gas storage. the blogs leaders will discuss the crisis at a summit. next week with the onset of winter pressure is mounting to find solutions
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. natasha butler al jazeera brussels, their affairs that the u. k. might start running out of food because of a log jam of shipping containers and the country's largest commercial port calixto in england handles about 36 percent of the countries imports, but there aren't enough lori drivers to transport the goods and some companies are having to move shipments to other ports, the u. k. economy is struggling as supplies of food and fuel are running low and supply challenges in the u. s. where the government has been stepping up efforts to fix issues with the global supply chain, which have led to many items running low and high prices. the slow down in the struggling economy is being blamed on cops and factory output and bottlenecks at ports and white house correspondent can we help get reports from washington, dc. each year, almost half of all us imports arrived here at the port of los angeles. but right
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now, dozens of ships are stuck off the coast, waiting to dock and unload. that backlog has led to a shortage of goods and higher prices for you as consumers, you're hearing a lot about something called supply change and how hard it is to get a range of things from a toast to the sneakers or why she calls her bedroom furniture that's why on wednesday, u. s. president joe biden held a virtual round table with ceos from companies like federal express, u. p. s, and wal mart. to address the challenges, the companies all agreed to increase their overnight and off peak hours. the white house is also brokerage in agreement to expand, working hours at the port of los angeles, making it a 24 hour day, 7 day, a week operation. their commitment to go all in on 247 operations meas, at businesses of all sizes, will get their goods on shelves,
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faster and more reliable. when the global pandemic shut america's economy down, demand for goods went up, store shelves across the us, grew bare. but as the economy opens up, the problems persisted. america's supply chains can't keep up with demand. labor shortages have compounded the problem and fewer workers, stock store shelves, as the holiday season approaches. the white house has been under pressure to resolve the supply chain issues hampering america's economic recovery. some analysts believe wednesday's announcement won't be enough. it's a huge logistic nightmare, and a lot of it is over. she's and therefore, you know what the president's doing. it isn't going to really hurt, but at the end of the day, it doesn't solve the problem. present abide and says investments in infrastructure would help ease some of the supply chain issues. that's why he's urging the u. s. congress to pass his infrastructure plan to create jobs and to insure the united
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states remains resilient to future economic shocks. kimberly held it al jazeera, the white house hummed phases, have killed at least 25 people in the east, in democratic republic of congo, over the last 4 days. security forces in north kiva, proven say, a group link to i so carried out a tax on several villages. the allied democratic forces group was formed in uganda in the 1990s, it regularly carries out attacks and eastern di. i'll see. hundreds of people have been killed by the groups. fight is just this year. if you have his military, you said to be increasing air and ground attacks on armed fighters in the northern think ry region. a spokesman for the to grind forces says they've been many casualties as they fight government troops on several fronts. battles are also taking place in the neighboring regions of hora and fall is europe is government
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isn't commenting on the new offensive thought. the gray and people's liberation from says the fighting began with as strikes last month, just off to prime minister abbey was sworn in for a new 5 year term. the united nations has recall to senior officials working in ethiopia because of concerns about their safety. comes often on verified recording surface in which to you and workers ahead saying that some senior officials sympathize with rebels in to grey. malcolm webb has the story from nairobi. the audio recording, which was published online to women, can be heard saying that they work for the u. n. in ethiopia, speaking to a freelance journalist and saying that they believe senior global level, un official, some senior global level, un officials of bias and sympathetic to the to grey and forces. great reason in the north of the country, the fighting, the i think government troops and
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a conflict that the gun just under a year ago, un officials obliged to be neutral. an independent voices, news agency says that through other un work, because it's identified these to you and officials, one who works for the un population funded. another one who worked for the international organization for migration in ethiopia. that view and haven't confirmed the identity of the the people, but it house that it is following its own internal mechanism to address this issue . it's been quite a lot of tension over the last few months between government and not just the u. n, but other international leg, 8 organizations who are working in ethiopia, those 7 officials that the government said it was throwing out there on tenure. tara is the secretary general, did reject that explosion. that was just the most recent in a, in a number of statements from the government when it's been very critical of various
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staff members of international humanitarian organization. jerry and media is reporting security forces have intercepted an armed attack designed to be stabilized. the country local media says 17 members of a separatist group was arrested documents and weapons were also sees number of migrants and refugees camping outside a un agency. and the libyan capital tripoli is continuing to rise. many of them have escaped from a detention facility where at least 6 people were killed on friday. the you on says authorities have suspended humanitarian flights out of the country. i'm not slowing down the efforts to evacuate those in need. malik china reports from the camp. we're here in front of the community data center. it's a facility run by the u. n. refugee agency. our normal circumstances. they provide cash assistance and emergency relief to those in need. they've had to suspend services for several days now. due to the overwhelming crowds of people that are
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here, hundreds, if not thousands of african migrants and refugees have been camped out. as you can see, many are sleeping here they. they tell us some hotels they've been here for days. some for nearly 2 weeks, including women, children, and the elderly. libya has long been a transit hub for african migrants trying to reach european shores just the beginning of this month. libyan security services carried out an operation in the town of good get it would solve the arrest of over $5000.00 african migrants and refugees. they were put in detention centers including the elma burney, a detention facility which sought over 2000 migrants escape on friday. and many of them are here, they've been camped outside of here, seeking resettlement from libya. the you and refugee agency says it urges the crowd to disperse, so they can help the most vulnerable
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a. but people here say they have nowhere else to go. that they, that they don't feel safe to leave. other un facility humanitarian flights outside of libya have been suspended according to the un libyan authorities suspended the flight for most of this year. and that's seen many people unable to leave the country a through cooperation with the un refugee agency. and man has used a bow and arrow to kill 5 people, an inch of several others in no way. it happened in the town of cones bag southwest at the capitol, on sleigh suspect has been arrested police investigating whether it was an act of terrorism, or they ask of mir for later. the arrested per is a man. and that's all i can say about the person suspected. in this case, he's been taken to prison that has been and that will continue to be a large police presence over night. there are many crime scenes. the perpetrator operated over a large area. these places have been secured by police and not being searched by
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the crime scene. officials. so head on al jazeera, why hunger strike by george's form? the president has been called a political pizza by the government. and more questions about a plan to remove a statute that commemorates those killed in china's gentlemen square massacre. ah right, it's all quite down in yemen. oh man, there is action, weather wise in turkey where at least it looks like it isn't even throwing cloud briefly and middle light band here, potential showers across levant, into iraq. so that's the full cross for thursday is try elsewhere. there's not much of a breeze blog temperatures look about, right. it's like if you just look at it for a 2nd, you see baghdad at about 40 degrees,
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which looks on the high side and it's not coming down either. and there's a potential line of very light showers pick up on friday. well, let's show you baghdad. the average here, this time you should be 33. once again, it's hot in iraq. $41.00 does come down, but still $36.00 even is that breeze picks up. it's been hot all summer throughout iraq and a bit for the south in q 8 and the temperature revived for the north where you saw snow about 5 days ago. it's nothing just sunny skies down through afghanistan as well and throughout pakistan. so things are back down to normal. where as the stormy stuff you saw further west, which is good to affect grease and the edge of turkey really keeps all the weather this far. wes very light on possibly off shore breezes. levant attempts to hear from the high side with
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france once had a vast empire spending several continents. ah, but by the 1940s, the french were forced to confront reality. a demands for independence. in the 1st po, to the documentary series, al jazeera looks at how the colonial unrest grew. conflict to no jury and full scale war and indo china blood and his french. the colonization on al jazeera lou, lou holcomb back, he watching out. as a reminder, on top stories this hour, russia's president is denying his country is behind an energy shortage in europe
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saying moscow is standing by to help natural gas prices have skyrocketed on the east as people are going to need support as winter approaches. on fighters from northern to grind, say they're facing increased attacks from ethiopians. military fighting is taking place on a number of fronts, including in neighboring reaches, a man's use to bow and arrow, to kill 5 people and just several others in no way happen in the town. back south, west of the capitalist, a suspect has been arrested lease on investigating whether it was inactive terrorism. they use top brakes, it official says many custom checks between burson and northern ireland should be removed. northern ireland has a border which separates the e on the u. k. but there is growing frustration on both sides about how trade across the borders should be controlled. on tuesday, the u. k brings it minister talked up about tearing a protocol that's created checks on good to moving between great britain and
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northern ireland. the u. k says it will engage fully and constructively with the ear, but it wants to see significant change. well, the european commission says the proposals of a unique approach him sees for northern ireland with this robust package of practical imaginative solutions. we can continue to implement the protocol on ireland, northern ireland for the benefit of all communities on the grounds. it not only sermons, stability and predictability, and in these festival ingredients for the local economy to flourish, that also pays the re for and has the opportunities. george's opposition is set to hold a rally on thursday to protest the imprisonment of the former president mackelfresh . really, the government says he illegally entered the country from exile. he now faces 6 years in prison on allegations of abuse of power. while in office. i've been far
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sha walker reports from the city of ross stubby lehigh circus. really considered by many to be george's most maverick and divisive politician is being held at rest. every prison. he calls himself a political prisoner and has been on hunger strike since being detained 2 weeks ago . really, his lawyers say his health is deteriorating. he has problems with a moment. he is moving a little before i aint this is of the situation is worsening or every day it will be almost summer with burger. some of it came back to me that earlier this month, seconds really reappeared in georgia after 8 years in exile. i'm calling on a georgians to take to the streets and reject the current government. he's alleged to have taken a ferry from ukraine, hidden inside a truck carrying dairy products. eventually he was arrested for convictions in
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absentia of abuses of power in office. the government says sac ashville is hunger. strike is political theater. ahead of 2nd round marrow elections at the end of the month. i so suki like the circus, and show that we've seen going on these last few days, of course serves only one purpose. it's the task of prisoner sarkis philly to raise the temperature in some way. his party noticed that in the 2nd round of elections, they'll lose everywhere, so they try to show the public their prisoner. soc ashville is seriously ill, editor of that will tempered lagoon. second, smitty still enjoys the support of a significant minority of georgians. oh, they remember him as a reformer and they fear those reforms of being undone by the present government and its ties to the country's richest oligarch. wicker sack has really says he's prepared to die for his countrymen, but he's made
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a gamble that his countrymen want to see him freed rather than remain behind bars in prison. some analysts think seconds philly's return was ill timed. so everybody know, these are out there powered hungry, and i think that's also scared. some water fluctuate to support him. and so far what we've seen, he doesn't have that much support to either to initiate me or some sort of right or something of a revolution here. or, and also importantly, he doesn't have so much international support like to be used to have george's western allies. worry that suckers for these arrest is politically motivated today also warned him about returning home and destabilizing and already devoid electron rubbing for a steel walker. al jazeera, we're study spain's prime minister has gone back to the island of la palmer,
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as residents continue to flee a volcanic eruption. petro sanchez has wound, there is no sign that volcanic activity will end. soon. scientists are concerned that they come wherever her eruption is getting worse. emergency services have ordered another 800 people to evacuate their homes this week. as rivers of lava continued to flow. at least 9 people have been killed in a fire in southern taiwan. another 44 were injured in the place. authorities are investigating whether the fire in a 15 story building was deliberately let their reports, the lower levels of the building were abandon and the upper levels. we used as apartments and the news is top holiday destination has reopened. to foreign tourists for the 1st time since the corona virus pandemic began. but a spokesman for barley's international airport says no flights have been shad your to land tours from 19 countries happen cleared to travel to the popular holiday
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destination. tropical storm compact, who has left a trail of destruction in china's island province of hey, nun heavy rains and strong winds brought down trees and power lines throughout. southern china. storm is now heading towards fit nom 19. people died in flash floods and land sides. when it hit the philippines earlier this week, rob bryan has been following developments from hong kong. the long track of compact to continues and seems to be now getting to it. but say yes it vietnam is now feeling the effects of a to past over the southern chinese island of high 9, where again when he came ashore, it was still packing. winds well over 100 kilometers per hour at the chinese authorities that raise the orange alert level. that's the 2nd highest level on it's that storm warning scale. it meant the cancellation of a lot of flights suspension of some high speed rail services that has been quite
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a lot of damage. and also localized flooding goes to the philippines, the bowl, the brunt of this job, especially the island of lose on, at the philippines. always tends to be the 1st in the track of these type moves as a barrel in from the western pacific. and the northern island of new zone, as extensive flooding land slides, and that's where they had a number of deaths and also injury. what has been surprising about this storm is that while some of the fierceness was taken out of the storm over the philippines, it tends to lose some of its strength. it then passed into the open south china sea . so it is battled along the southern coast of china, not losing any of its strength. and it won't be when it started that was in monday when he was impacting the philippines were now thursday. and it won't be until friday and the weekend that this thing finally actually dies out in the highlands of loud. so that is a large,
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sway the east and then south these days that has been impacted by this long living type soon. and there's an awful lot of asian neighbors. we'll be very glad to see the back of composition. a campaign is under way to preserve a ma, loyal at hong kong university, which marks a violent crack down on protesters in china's tellerman square and deadline to remove the artwork passed on wednesday. and so far, the authorities have not attempted to remove it or destroy it. victoria gayton b has more the pillar of shame, statue at hong kong university, built to remember those who died fighting for democracy in tiana mon square. in 1989 university authorities ordered its removal last week and the deadline passed on wednesday. the artist who created it, fears officials intend to destroy it. i had an eye in hong kong, and he says, a sent a letter just to see if i could make a solution all this a problem. i need some more time to take it down. of course, it's
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a long time to get his counseling. ah, but they have not answer at all. the pillar of shame, statue is estimated to be worth $1700000.00 and has been standing in hong kong for 24 years. students clean it is part of anniversary events, marking the tenement square massacre a chapter in history. the chinese government would prefer to forget commemorations of the military. correct down a strictly band on the mainland, on kong, semi autonomous status under the 1997 handover agreement between china and the u. k . permitted freedom of speech and civil liberties under a one country to systems policy that pro democracy campaign is say, restrictions on these rights now apply in hong kong. beijing has imposed a controversial national security law there, which it said was needed to bring oda after months of unrest. oh, we don't know exactly. know where she put her head a, but i think we have
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a possibility or where i have maybe a united states in washington dc. maybe a front of the jobs are embassy. hong kong university says it's seeking legal advice to handle the matter in what it calls a reasonable way. but critic see the statues in pending removal as a sign, the city's voice of acquisition is being weakened further. victoria gay to be al jazeera kenya's president says the country has lost one of its forcing heroes off to long distance runner. agnes to rome was found stamped to death. elisa, her husband as a suspect tear up was a 2 time well championship bronze med list. she broke the women's only 10 kilometer road world record in germany. just last month. my marsh lance half flourished an afghan, a star over the past 20 years with both men and women taking part in different disciplines. under the taliban government,
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the men have little hope that matches will be televised. all that they'll be able to compete abroad while for women, their participation looks like it's finished. stephanie deca has a report from couple zacky wants to keep a low profile these days furring to train at home. he was due to attend to mixed martial arts or emma may match in russia before the taliban took over. now, it's no longer possible. i mean these 2 months i've been through hard thought griffin fall to tom. i mean, i couldn't even sleep. i'm thing, this is not going to happen again like broadcasting from p b because it's all under the glory control of the, this group of all the bonham and this is, this needs to be asparsa thought. isn't as possibly as no, as far as sponsorship is no invest. he's one of afghanistan's most famous emma may fighters recognized on the street and with matches televised across the nation. but there are no matches now. oh. and it's
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a different audience. tooth zacky battles with himself to stay calm. he tells us it's the uncertainty that's hardest on his mind. his coach tells us that he's lost around 80 percent of the students, mostly due to the very few having money to spare these days. and with no latches, the few who can afford to train have little motivation. men's gyms remain open, but they are empty. people are wary, were told. ah, i mean this 20 years have been like her. like fixing the story, i can say you like her. a photo like on a realistic thing like i woke up to zane yesterday was balaban after 20 years like day came and go to control. and all i've been dreaming for, but you know, boy, on the ground for marcia, a member of the national c multi quando team. her dreams of making the 2024
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olympics appear to have ended over night. she had a male coach. something to taliban forbids. and womens gyms have all been told to close as salsa, but i have a bad feeling. i have no hope. that this situation all, that spect of wood changed. most movements with stretching were legs and that's why the difficult them to allow girl them to do like one to marcia was born after the taliban was forced from power 20 years ago. her generation has grown up more globally connected or educated. more independent of this sudden change in rules is difficult for them to grasp. my pocket, as most of my friends have cut their hair off, that's the psychological impact from the outside. we look fine, but on the inside it's all sadness. as her answer is being translated to me. and i ask her if she still has hope. oh me. hope she asks.
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oh, how me ma normally go through right now. all of us are hopeless. she tells us bank as well i, but i believe in one thing we had thrown your boy. no cruelty is permanent. her dreams and everything she's worked hard for are on hold for now. and possibly over for good stephanie decker, al jazeera cobble. ah, this is our desire, these you top stories, rushes president is denying his country is behind an energy shortage in europe saying moscow is standing by to help natural gas prices have skyrocketed and the ease as people are going to need support as winter approaches.


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