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that columbia, portia has become a stomping grounds for trespasses as desperate people transgress an illegal passage to feed an emerging fuel trafficking markets. we follow the perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking at all venezuelan columbia on al jazeera for vladimir pierson says russia is ready to boost gas deliveries to europe as energy prices such ah, hello money inside this is al jazeera alive from dough hall was so coming up. the you, as president, demands its largest pool, runs 247, a shelves. loy,
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empty and price is a full stop because of the supply chain. log jam armed fight as integrity, say they're facing more tag, spike, ethiopians, military and type in composter, leaves a trail of destruction along china's southern coast. to storm is heading to with no ah, president vladimir putin is denying russia is behind an energy shortage in europe saying moscow is standing by to help rises for natural gas have skyrocketed east, as people are going to need support as winter approaches. natasha butler has moved from brussels, reducing taxes on energy bills and financial help for poor households. were among the recommendations laid out by europe's energy commissioner to help member states shield consumers across the block from spiraling costs. our immediate priority is
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to protect europe's consumers. especially the most vulnerable 2nd. we have to make our interests them better prepared and more resilient, so that we don't have to face a similar situation in the future. natural gas prices have stored in europe in recent weeks, partly driven by a sergent demand, as countries emerge from loc, down's, natural gas accounts for a quarter of the european union's energy needs. the majority of that is imported into the block from countries including how jerry or no way and qatar, but mainly russia. some say that the kremlin is fueling the price rise by failing to boost gas supplies in order to pressure the you to prove the controversial nod stream to pipeline. at an energy conference in moscow though, president vladimir putin said russia was ready to increase supply electron enough push to really to do sure. if they ask us to increase deliveries,
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we're ready to do so did you? we are increasing them as much as our partners are asking us to avoid future energy crises. the commissioner says, countries must focus on transitioning away from fossil fuels to renewables. some analysts say that would also help europe become more self reliant when it comes to energy. if we had had our in europe national governments that did 20 years ago renovated the homes, like we knew how to do that, did roll out solar heating systems as soon as the seventy's, because this is super whole technology, we would be in a much better situation. today would be consuming much less gas. we will be much less reliance on russia and the current, the gas prices that the c o would have been, you know, fall is impactable for us europeans. some european countries including frauds, spain, grease, one more from the youth and recommendations, they are pushing for e u wide measures, including coordinating gas purchases and joint gas storage. the blogs leaders will
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discuss the crisis at a summit next week. with the onset of winter pressure is mounting to find solutions . natasha butler al jazeera brussels. there are a phase that the united kingdom might start running out of food because of a long jam of shipping containers on the country's largest commercial port. phoenix dough in england handles about 36 percent of the countries and ports, but there aren't enough lori drivers to transport the goods. and some companies are having to move shipments to other ports. the u. k. economy is struggling as supplies of food and fuel are running low and supply challenges in the u. s. where the government is stepping up efforts to fix issues with the global supply chain, which have led to many items running low and higher prices. the slow down in the struggling economy is being blamed on cuts in factory output and bottleneck supports kimberly hawk. it has a report from washington, dc. each year,
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almost half of all us imports arrived here at the port of los angeles. but right now, dozens of ships are stuck off the coast, waiting to dock and unload. that backlog has led to a shortage of goods and higher prices for you as consumers. you're hearing a lot about something called supply change and how hard it is to get a range of things from a toaster to sneakers, to bicycles, her bedroom furniture. that's why on wednesday, u. s. president joe biden held a virtual round table with ceos from companies like federal express, u. p. s, and wal mart. to address the challenges, the companies all agreed to increase their overnight and off peak hours. the white house has also brokerage in agreement to expand, working hours at the port of los angeles, making it a 24 hour day, 7 day,
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a week operation. their commitment to go all in on 247 operations meas, at businesses of all sizes, will get their goods on shows faster and more reliable. when the global pandemic shut america's economy down, demand for goods went up, store shelves across the us, grew bare. but as the economy opens up, the problems persisted. america's supply chains can't keep up with demand. labor shortages have compounded the problem and fewer workers, stock store shelves, as the holiday season approaches. the white house has been under pressure to resolve the supply chain issues hampering america's economic recovery. some analysts believe wednesday's announcement won't be enough. it's a huge logistic nightmare, and a lot of it is overseas and therefore, you know what the president's doing. it isn't going to really hurt, but at the end of the day,
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it doesn't solve the problem. present abide and says investments in infrastructure would help ease some of the supply chain issues. that's why he's urging the u. s. congress to pass his infrastructure plan to create jobs and to ensure the united states remains resilient to future economic shocks. kimberly held it al jazeera, the white house. the man has used a bow and arrow to kill 5 people and in just several others a new way. it happened in the town of cones, big south, west of the capital, also suspect has been arrested police investigating whether it was an act of terrorism or disk of mere for data. the arrested person is a man, and that's all i can say about the person suspected. in this case, he's been taken to prison. the husband and there will continue to be a large police presence overnight. there are many crime scenes. the perpetrator operated over a large area. these places have been secured by police and not being searched by
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the crime scene. officials on to find his killed at least 25 people in the eastern democratic republic of congo over the last 4 days. security forces in north keyvi province say a group link to i so carried out a tax on several villages. the allied democratic forces group was formed in uganda in the 19 nineties and regularly carries out a tax. easton, d. all c. unders of people have been killed by the groups vices this year. if europe, his military is said to be increasing air and ground the tax on, on finances in the new will than to grind region, a spokesman for the to grind forces says they've been many casualties as they find government troops on several fronts. battles are also taking place in the neighboring regions of am hora on a fall. if european government isn't commenting on the new offensive thought, the t gray people's liberation front says the fighting began with asked strikes last week, just off to prime minister abbey. that was sworn in for
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a new 5 year term. united nations has re cool to senior officials working in ethiopia because of concerns about their safety. it comes often on verified recording surface in which to you and work as a heard saying that some senior officials sympathize with rebels into gray. malcolm weapons. the story from nairobi, the audio recording, which was published online to women, can be heard saying that they worked for the u. n. in ethiopia, speaking to a freelance journalist and saying that they believe senior global level, un official, some senior global level, un officials of bias and sympathetic to the to grey and forces to great region in the north of the country. the fighting, the government troops and a conflict that the gun just under a year ago, un officials obliged to be neutral, an independent now voices news agency says through other un work,
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i tend to fight these 2 un officials. one who works for the you and population funded. another one who worked for the international organization for migration in ethiopia that the you and have you confirm the identity of the the people. but it house that it is following its own internal mechanism to address this issue. it's been quite a lot of attention over the last few months between the government and not just the u. n, but other international leg, 8 organizations who are working in ethiopia. those 7 officials that the government said it was throwing out there on tenure. tara is the secretary general, did reject that explosion. that was just the most recent in a, in a number of statements from the government when it's been very critical of various staff members of international humanitarian organization. can use president says the country has lost one. if it's sporting heroes after long distance runner,
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agnes to rome was found. stab to death. police say her husband is a suspect. her up was a 2 time world championship bronze med list. she broke the women's only 10 kilometer road weld record in germany. just last month. typhoon composite has left a trail of destruction in china's island province of hey, nun heavy rains and strong winds brought down trees and power lines throughout south china. the storm is now heading towards vietnam. 9000 people died in flash floods and landslides. when the typhoon hit the philippines area this week, robert bride has a notice. this long track of compact who continues and seems to be now getting to its end. but say yes it vietnam is now feeling the effects elevated passed over the southern chinese island of high 9, where again when he came ashore, it was still packing. winds well over 100 kilometers per hour at the chinese authorities that raise the orange alert level. that's the 2nd highest level on it's
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that storm warning scale. it meant the cancellation of a lot of flights suspension of some high speed rail services that has been a quite a lot of damage. and also localized flooding goes with the philippines, the bowl, the brunt of this job, especially the islands of lose on, at the philippines. always tends to be the 1st in the track of these typhoons as a barrel in from the western pacific. and the northern island of lou zone, so extensive flooding land slides, and that's where they has a number of deaths and also injuries. what has been surprising about the storm is that while some of the fierceness was taken out of the storm over the philippines, it tends to lose some of its strength. it then passed into the open south china sea . so it is battled along the southern coast of china, not losing any of its strength. and it won't be when it started that within monday, when he was impacting the philippines when i 1st day it,
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it won't be until friday and the weekend that this thing finally actually dies out in the highlands of loud. so that is a large, sway the east and then south these days that has been impacted by this long living typhoon. and a lot of a lot of asian neighbors will be very glad to see the back of campus. who still ahead on al jazeera phase, yvonne and iran, cas political parties refused to accept on election results and the track act when him shot and i had to as the final from hey gang, when no 90 else has gotten the phone with it. another beautiful, sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways, voted world's best airline of 2021. right,
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it's all quite down in yemen. and oh man, there is action weather wise in turkey, or at least it looks like it isn't even throwing cloud briefly and little light band here, potential showers across levant, into iraq. so that's the full cross for thursday is dry elsewhere. there's not much of a breeze blog temperatures look about, right. so if you just look at it for a 2nd, you see baghdad at about 40 degrees, which looks on the high side and it's not coming down either. and there is that the potential line of very light showers picked up on friday. well, let's show you baghdad, the average here, this time you should be 33. once again, it's hot in iraq. $41.00 does come down, but still $36.00, even as that breeze picks up. it's been hot all summer throughout iraq. and ashby bit for the south in kuwait and the temps, the revived for the north, where you saw snow about 5 days ago. it's nothing just sunny skies down through afghanistan as well and throughout pakistan. so things are back down to normal
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where it's a stormy stuff you saw further west, which is going to affect grease and the edge of turkey really keeps all the weather this far. wes very light on possibly off shore breezes full of answer temperatures . here on the high side, the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world best air line of 2021. frank assessments is likely to change my gear. it's not going to change their behavior and they're going to continue to do what they do. and in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera, the world is warming, and green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, ponce greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera. ah
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ah, welcome back to watching out as a reminder of our top stories, this allen, russia's president is denying his country is behind an energy shortage in europe saying moscow is standing by to help natural gas gas prices have skyrocketed on the e says people going to need support as winter prices on sizes from northern tank ry say they're facing increase the tags from ethiopia. military pricing is taking place on a number of fronts, including in neighboring regions. typhoon composite has left a trail of destruction in china's island province of high. nun storm is now heading to as vietnam. 90 people died in flash, floods and landslides. when the typhoon hit the philippines. any of this week pro iranian factions in iraq have rejected the results of sundays,
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parliamentary elections, and warn they will defend their voting rights. as ali hashem reports from baghdad, there are many political issues that have caused this escalation intentions. the celebrations up come join at baghdad is now racing for the day after. the biggest task now is choosing a prime minister would have to put together a cabinet that suits all those who would have id, say in the process, inside and outside iraq. well, there are some who are unhappy with the results of sundays parliamentary elections . women have them, i hear them, it's our people's rights to reject the results and voice their dismay with it. but within the legal ways and without violating the laws. i'm protocol issue represents the popular mobilization forces. and although she are political and paula military groups close to iran, they're refusing to accept defeat. well, this is not oh, yeah. about the election. the coalition wants to have a say in the choice of the next prime minister without winning many seats. the
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leverage will be limited. this is just for, but if it just, they won't, the bridge was, but it was on the around and the next government. and they, they, they say they have a right, and we lose that right and ready to ship and you're the government. and then i think this is a speak. this is, this is part of the game a football game they want to do. that's only to take another privileges and the next government. but this can't be separated from the old rivalry between the iranian factions and the lead of the largest block in parliament. influential shack, larry southern, southern ross, condemned foreign interventions and the rocky domestic politics, namely, by iran in the united states. he said, it should be up to iraq, you to form the next government the fight thought was born. so like, you know, the process of choosing a new prime minister, go ahead. you got to find the say, from iran on one side of the united states on the washington rule. that the iranian groups are, they happy should
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a statement reject the results and vowing to confront what they described. my line attempts that only serve the interest of the us occupation. there are serious fears . the rejection could hurt iraq's already unstable security. they said, if it is happening when another it will go forward for to use weapon. if the results of the i hack of the electra committee was not right. you some of the solder yesterday made a tweets sink. okay, it's our iraq. let's negotiate, let's talk into the, into the interest of iraq. well, now there is mounting tension among iraq's political rivals, who seemed to ignore the fact that nearly 60 percent of the population. why trotted that action on the actual jersey that the eas top brags that official says many custom checks between burson and northern island should be removed. northern
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ireland has a border which separates the you and the u. k. and there's growing frustration on both sides about how trade across the border should be controlled. on tuesday, the u. k is breaks that minutes, that talked of tearing up a protocol that's created checks on goods between great britain and northern ireland. the u. k says it will engage fully and constructively with the you, but it wants to see significant change. the european commission says the proposals offer unique opportunities for northern ireland with this robust package of practical imaginative solutions. we can continue to implement the protocol on the island northern ireland for the benefit of all communities on the grounds. it not only sermons stability and predictability, and in these festival ingredients for the local economy to flourish. that also pays the re for and has the opportunities. the u. s. secretary of state says the barden
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administration will go ahead with its plan to reopen the consulate an occupied east jerusalem. even though israel is against it as the blank and says it's aimed at deepening ties with the palestinians. the consulate had been a base for palestinian affairs, but was absorbed into the u. s. embassy when it moved to west jerusalem in 2018. we are unwavering. in our commitment to israel security and we will work to strengthen all aspects of the u. s. israel partnership to advance the goal. ah, that i that i mentioned, we will work closely with israel deep in our diplomatic ties with the palestinians, and consult with partners in the region and beyond to have a common interest in supporting efforts to advance lasting piece. and as i said in may, i will be moving forward with the process of opening a consulate as part of deepening those ties with the palestinians. reson jordan is
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in washington dc with more the story. really, the big question now is almost 5 months after 1st deciding that it was going to re open the consulate, she was served palestinians and to engage with housed indian officials. why hasn't the united states done so? and that was really driving the question at wednesday's press. conference, the secretary of state made this announcement back on may 25th, but it would certainly go a long way towards re establishing of direct us howl standing in discussions on a number of issues. namely, trying to get the 2 state solution process back on a firmer footing as well as reaffirming the u. s. is ongoing support for the palestinian economy for educational opportunities for cross cultural exchanges. but the problem is that the israeli government, led by natalie bennett, the foreign minister is steadfastly opposed to
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a separate consulate is being re established. they consider it inimical to israeli security of issues. and. and there's also of the analysis coming from those who study the israeli palestinian conflict. that this could be a threat to a ben, it's doug coalition, government. and so the crowley, the question is, how soon is the u. s. actually going to make good on its promise. the taliban has warned its own members that any one found to be linked to isolate in afghanistan will be punished on straightest countries. new government is struggling to contain the threats from the armed group. i so has claimed responsibility for several attacks across afghanistan since the taliban takeover back in august. the whole digital or they'll agree, barry sort of that the low. so, but if someone is found to be linked to, i saw there will be punished under the shari'a law of treason and spreading terror of their actions will be taken as betrayal against the assault emerett of
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afghanistan. if someone is found in any of our army units linked to iso, let it be known that the unit commander will be interrogated and the unit will be dissolved. meanwhile, the taliban says that a block on billions of dollars and international funds is undermining. security in the country is acting foreign minister, is meeting with us and european envoys and casso and says banks need to operate freely in order for people to be paid. there is growing concern about a humanitarian crisis, is many of afghanistan's foreign assets have been frozen. stephanie deca has the latest from couple those talk don't mean that they're recognizing the mass, legitimate government, and that because of certain amendments they want the taliban to make. when it comes to a more inclusive cabinet know, stickly the right protecting rights of minorities and women. but the warning there from the acting foreign minister saying that there could be an increase again in migration, particularly when it comes to the economic situation here. i mean,
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this is accurate from what we're seeing. there is no money. there's no money in the country. people don't have access to money. people haven't paid their salaries in month, even the bureaucracy here, the little broker, see that remains seems to be crumbling. to interesting me the security situation is an issue. ice ok. iceland got started, stepped up its attacks over the last 2 weeks or so coming from the north to the east of the country. also here in cobb, there remains a very active security threat against one of the main high profile targets here. and also interestingly, we just had a press conference in the spokes person of the interior minister for the 1st time addressing the taliban and saying that they cannot be taking matters into their own has like going house to house. but significantly, when it comes to security, saying if anyone is found to be part of vital to have infiltrated the taliban, that they will be held to account under shady law. and that the whole unit that they are part of including the commander will be dissolved ready. this is the 1st time that they're publicly addressing. what could be an issue of infiltration? so i think security issues moving forward and again,
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even the taliban hasn't been paid their salary. the people will tell you that over time, that could also be an issue when it comes to distractions towards isolate filled grey as leader kim john and has been treated to an extreme martial arts demonstration to mount the 76 anniversary of the countries ruling party. north korean state television release video off mondays, display and concise performed by soldiers included lying on broken glass. i'm breaking concrete slabs with their fists came commented on this country's weapons development. during the event, he said it was necessary because of hostile us policies and a military build up in korea. netflix has announced south korean tv shows. squid game has become its biggest original series. the streaming service as a drama was watched by 111000000 people. and just on the 4 weeks, the 9 policy for pitts contestants against each other in childhood games thought
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with a deadly twist. it's become a world wide sensation adding to south korea's growing pop culture. influence shows focus on characters in financial trouble. trouble has struck a chord in south korea. i think it's definitely possible that we're going to see korea become an empower house in the sense that you know, the popularity of squid game, how he exploded in just 2 weeks to become netflix number one and everyone talking about it. you know, especially with other films we've seen, such as parasite and the bombs such as bts. you know, we're really scientific interested in what country has to offer. william shatner has gone where no 92 year old has gone before the actor who played captain cock in the original star trek series has become the oldest man to travel into space. and the gallagher has more sharpness. adventure to the final frontier. manages that kill one blasting or from the us state of texas lou origins
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you shepherd, rocket launchers for another journey to the edge of our atmosphere on board, a man known to millions as captain james t. kirk of the starship enterprise. space a final frontier. william shatner 3rd shot to fame in 1966 playing the iconic kirk in star trek. now more than 50 years later, he's boldly gone when new 90 year old's human has been before. what you've given me, what is the most profound experience? i do so filled with emotional about what just happened. i just extra extra i hope i never recover from this. i hope that i can reach him. well, i feel though i don't want to lose it once free of the earth's gravity,
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all 4 crew members enjoyed 3 minutes of weightlessness and a view of our planet. a blue origin zone. jeff bezos hopes will eventually become more accessible to so cool space tourists in a race funded by billionaires. having such a relatable crew member on board is being seen as a publicity coup. it's no secret that a lot of people who like on space and space systems are star trek fans for the immediately resonate with captain kirk in the, in, in the seat on the passenger flight. as the capsule and its crew safely returned to earth, fans of an iconic science fiction show that inspired millions celebrated the return of the fictional spaceship captain. well, if you can pick anybody better, i think from allah star trek to get to do that in on to be looking at that new frontier. i think really that it's, it's more it's bigger than chatting. i mean, captain kirk is star trek, but really star trek is the thing that has had the impact on space travel right. by
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presenting this optimistic vision of the future, especially in inclusive vision of the future, the new private space race is now well under way. it may be funded by what some c as a 1000000000 as boys club with bait sauce, richard bronson, an 11 bhaskar old joking for domination. but his hope the final frontier may now be one step closer. for the rest of us. at the gallagher al jazeera ah, this is al jazeera, these you tube stories. rushes president is denying his countries behind an energy shortage in europe saying moscow is standing by to help. natural gas prices have skyrocketed on the east as people are going to need support as the winter approaches their phase that the u. k. might start running out of food because of a log jam. a shipping containers that the country's largest commercial port finnic
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sto in england handles about 36 percent of the countries in ports bought. they aren't enough. laurie drive is to transport the goods and some companies i have.


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