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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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the risking at all the offenders wayland columbia on al jazeera. oh, i know that this and, and don't on the top stories are 0 russians, president is denying his country's behind an energy shortage in europe saying moscow is standing by to help natural gas prices have skyrocketed. b, u says people are going to need support as the continent heads into winter and used a bow and arrow to kill 5 people and injures several others in norway. it happened in the town coast, south west of the capital, all slow, a suspect has been arrested. piece of investigating that. it was an act of terrorism. was made for later. the arrested person is a man,
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and that's all i can say about the person suspected. in this case, he's been taken to prison that has been and that will continue to be a large police presence overnight. there are many crime scenes. the perpetrator operated over a large area. these places have been secured by police and not being searched by the crime scene. officials and the u. s. government stepping up efforts to fix global supply chain issues. half a 1000000 containers are currently stuck on cargo ships, waiting to be offloaded at the club ports of the signagees in long beach. the backlog has led to higher prices and shortages of goods. the secretary of state says the biden administration will go ahead with its plan to reopen a consulate, an occupied east jerusalem. even though israel as against it onto the brain concerns the move aims to deepen ties with the palestinians. the taliban says a block on billions of dollars in international funds is undermining security in afghanistan, it's acting foreign minister is meeting us and european envoys and hotter and says
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banks need to operate freely in order for people to be paid. there's growing concern about his humanitarian crisis. as many of ghana stanz foreign assets have been frozen. kanyes president says the country has lost one of its sporting heroes after long distance runner agnes tit of was found stabbed to death. please say her husband is a suspect till opera was a 2 time a world championship bronze medalist. she broke the woman only 10 kilometer road world record in germany. just last month. the actor who played captain kirk in the original star trek series as become the oldest man to travel into space. 90 year old william shatner spent around 3 minutes in 0. gravity before coming back to work is describe the experience as the most profound of his life. those are the headlines. the news continues. he had on all 0 after alger 0 worlds good by ah.
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kill lin. what's the year leo, or meant to like a better life, auto confident general hint. oh will had thought i had a m a p and she said he could she that le bonnie machine and i found somebody said his glass charges there so it's dead. i love, i had it. dear leon ah, in america has a knee with her. i mean him d r. i rodney, she can him until or door or wholly lenin has to be any further clear up those st spout st. me as im gonna miss you and i'm what i hope you haven't received them yet . okay. nasdaq going home. all cable hill, cinnamon him d r, who is jeremy, who when you say you need back all the city and the clue sharmen the car dime. and if you heard him gave him a great can you and g,
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when you feel hired lashed hazard. me here, i'm also see a lot are be i'm pushing near me. neither missouri, so she might be able to but she, we're going to be out to be in that some glass top cub. but our latino, the owner had to martinez said if jelly needs oh i like it says a sri fleming's girl didn't commit from she to la blanche is intimate and ship, idaho. mackenzie says, yeah, oh wow. cookie can ss her chicken if they shook? couldn't some cut them out? so she did, they needed with a little muddy b o. m zoom and he had shared with the model and they let us know. we had had this
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from a foreign and i just did miss lula. your mom for watching the limb clips fled the la fleur met, and anthea was from hats avon roughly certain will me sultani? well, lee nora had said he, let's see. it seems one minute limit. india juarez, that seems more it's familiarly loves and um, so we're all clear to the deal. he also does say again nearly done. it was been very sad to home. he my got a cup, not try the about a thought to hokey, let it be our son, maddie, lucky i. zara. destiny is the to make on the case a
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go because he immediately in me to my got him to read you the out is was words jane the way it out. any of do i did it, dennis cinema or tanya? and we could hook it up to the cinema and india kanaka also get her to many ger. discordance of this. got also to much. i looked back meeting chicago thing we did on to him of the could be a did cinnamon india her gotten to bed a lamp cutter, inner yamuna had that craven urban spin, nerve fir or sardine tom or look at for you may have seen him and him dio, all will hustle been did in kabir are typically have. tell maddox. what is of duck, duck? clean the put it of done. the a new? yes. you don't? good. oh. muted the i. e m. jennifer will akin a tenant lieutenant metal him, evelyn? or have her shallow a 2nd of his social. ah said rogan chung,
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with that. hm. a national a yes. and it's a, it's a, it's a could recency, soccer field, india but all right. it's, i'm cheaper, most seo or a was in the middle in the month and, and the money be a little says it was a nation in center at the hell. it's belinda m m m m c. can they bought the can they have the se, melissa?
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belabor, a heineken, how not a consumer is in a new young trophy, or i sorry to keep the can, you can so many people can guess already keep track of some of the consortia now, which i now wish that was you can fellowship or she can in all she kinda has with dynamic jeremy, the manager might be john sinbad. it came up
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with . 6 pushy, but you comes in beacon jeanine's. hum didn't the fisma didn't what is it? i'm looking from the curb you to one in the when you have my head de la come but you should not come to me. i want you to look her soul unesco. nick jr with somebody and they called observe talking about some she talk, museums is you will, can this hipaa room she was, she has a mixture which i mean not so much have a zip
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with . ah, the had it would you be very little to have the hint, leo, or bon bait dinner next at the hunch? cow. carbon. yes, there's a wife. i saw elvis co off down to reconnect the chemical bone b dot org. i love had to put a mission can hand me a long time on the n g close
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b o me. if i had already become a hands, what are we going masses of? see the project that already fission pencil. higher search hasn't been new. i think there are so many story that we hear about morocco 1st, that comes to my mind. definitely my friend of mine who is from morocco and in bombay. she's. she's a representative for morocco for me, because she tells me about her culture and uncle about the food there, about the indians there also about the beautiful places that one should with the. and she insists that i should wizard morocco in the coming years from now. the nice when heard him, jim, what are be hand but he healed hand. cain jack missouri. i remember when he became
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the spectrum bell at all, came bucklin secondino. mister total missouri bargaining live concealed. kane lee. we know how to manage. hm. how your la mattress we have many had you can see that she has her plan. when bed miss i better she told me it's going to buy food from home. oh no sir. no. what else had she he yeah, rocky saw rocky. some jazz r o e c o b o o, i didn't say i oh,
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cinnamon. the india is cinema. adam. yeah. when akin a then the see me money be you or hold of you know, we're that adams. why didn't reason venue matalin? submitted dick a little mcclellan cheenam kelly, and we're on the scene from then came. see them do come? i mean, lamar, we can, what is you ma, had he been lee and one had less a camille senior 1000000 view avenue to the in the tenant. and what is your money became a carmel, and what the somebody be some body. and he came, they can't, i can't hold on seaman. and if so, cinnamon, what have you? should the jim i commissioned me to hell you from who? sorry to miss ne of corona california to come to us. ah,
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and it ain't doing it to be that it is disaffected. i'm sure, but that i think that's what i did, jimmy didn't disco dancer. she's had to think his math conscientiousness of a starting to look ha, with savannah for so many nuts and what are some debit seen in your clue and a know we did. one of the film will go off if you feel just like is gc meeting yesterday and then at some of his apologies could also seem dear. you're cutting wood wood, helicopter j. honda roughly not had awful cassandra in us get actually had extra was harder because they couldn't most of us 0 little bizarre. yeah. well it will, it will, it will, that will of some of the up i just come in can in any she and not the little yellow . her only catch i, he does, he did yoshika or you seen control stability. coordination only was any thought. push it out for less money will have just air. well, if a human well, if it was
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a lot on you for looks in, had a hold of her does not, or it is you can michel murray put off missile to for a few minutes of su, yetter any l. a holder had near smith's dominion. it's commodity, 8th islam. the legend give the bar, dane one 0, [000:00:00;00] i need those mahogany means when i'm in an integer to cinema, univision of young woman vini, hers, cinnamon, india viet, had another,
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another lou had lose my the lower mainland. dina ha, and marriage and s f. as in the csr. awesome. yeah. you do. the madi, vio, anakin, and pillar. meanwhile, i'm in my regina's while she had medicine, rakish liddy, could remar, ma'am, in any learned missouri her sims, you've seen him in india. you had a minute for them, so let us when i love to see her, of course miss ellen. as when he nod, we're feeling that it can take a z, a lady can, i mean, let's a handy. well, you know, can it to india method. okay. the holy what,
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what got it a. busy little was it a lot to level below the level? the weight alone leave is definitely a when i had to wait lately with the way the holy,
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what a mess will had been seen with like i said, i'm very thankful to the people there. morocco it'll, they've shown us great love, great affection, great respect. thank you. i do appreciate december rob, but any noise it is so shocking in such a big surprise that indian villains, you know so far away from you, traditionally and culturally so far and you know, yet you people have, you know, embraced as you, people have given us. so much a love just to lagrangian phones. i mean, to prove it was last night. you know, when i went to the premier of student of the year, there were thousands of people just standing in the cord standing and seeing the film in total silence. i mean, this shows how it, engine venzano and captured an enraptured a d audiences. so that's, it is the magic of cinema. you know,
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it's not only indians in my is the magic of all kinds of sort of with awe is due to the matters in this system is doing a really good to hitch. ah
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ah ah ah ah ah
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ah ah there's the usual to snow in arizona in october, isn't it? partly no, but the matter, so it's kind of this system here that's been wrapping, that's a really cold air, all the way from wyoming southwards has been quite surprising. and that's going to continue. this whole area is cold and i was mighty. this is miss lee. but it's really much colder than it should be. it's going to roll through casper 32 degrees . when you see it's the dakotas, whether it's a blizzard warning, or east and wyoming that'll probably disappear. but the stormy system goes up into the north, east, or central part, all for canada than the tail end, which is what we rather more used to fed by moisture and was a cold above means thunderstorms for texas and arkansas for example. tales of time to mexico. it's an improving situation, but he's cold behind. you'll notice still he to,
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to be in casper 8 in helena. about 12 in denver, and the hint of snow showers still in the mountains for the south. one brief thing, pamela was a hurricane is now still on thursdays forecasts a tropical revolving storm as it goes for cross from mexico to the u. s. take most the energy out of the shower regime of mexico, which otherwise looks quite dry. just look fairly sherry for places like haiti, and cuba. ah, the china has been very strategic in the ways expanding it's reaching the indian ocean. what is it? and we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we living without the international aid. what do you think is going to happen? the afghani common?
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counting the coast on al jazeera a
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. ah ah vladimir putin says russia is ready to boost gas deliveries to europe as energy prices search. ah, i know about this and this is obviously alive from doe hob, also coming up. the u. s. president demands its largest port ones, 247 shelves lie empty and prices are for stop because of


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