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right, how much money did you make for your rural and deliverance? i made that with al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. mm. holding the powerful to account. as we examined the u. s. is role in the world on al jazeera for vladimir putin says russia is ready to boost gas deliveries to europe is energy prices search? ah, i'm not bothers and this is all 0 alive from doe hob. also coming up, the u. s. president, demands as largest port runs 247, the shelves. ly empty, and prices are for stock because of
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a supply chain. log jam and fighters integrated, say they're facing motor tax by ethiopia is military and i'll talk to william sharp the heads towards the final frontier to become the oldest person to fly into space. ah, president vladimir putin is denying russia is behind an energy shortage in europe. saying moscow is standing by to help. prices for natural gas has skyrocketed, but in you says people are going to need support as winter approaches. latasha botha has more from brussels, reducing taxes on energy bills and financial help for poor households. were among the recommendations laid out by europe's energy commissioner to help member states shield consumers across the block from spiraling costs. our immediate priorities to
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protect europe's consumers, especially the most vulnerable 2nd, we have to make our entire system better prepared and more resilient, so that we don't have to face a similar situation in the future. natural gas prices have stored in europe in recent weeks, partly driven by a certain demand, as countries emerge from lock downs, natural gas accounts for a quarter of the european union's energy needs. the majority of that is imported into the block from countries including how jerry a no way and qatar, but mainly russia. some say that the kremlin is fueling the price rise by failing to boost gas supplies in order to pressure the you to prove the controversial nod stream to pipeline. at an energy conference in moscow though, president vladimir putin said russia was ready to increase supply electric enough
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bush, really to do sure. if they ask us to increase deliveries, we are ready to do so. we are increasing them as much as our partners are asking us to avoid future energy crises. the u commissioner says countries must focus on transitioning away from fossil fuels to renewables. some analysts say that would also help your become more self reliant when it comes to energy. if we had had in europe national governments that did 20 years ago, renovate the homes, like we knew how to do that, did roll out solar heating systems as soon as the seventy's, because this is super haul technology, we would be in a much better situation today. would be consuming much less gas. we will be much less reliance on russia. and the current gas prices that we see would have been, you know, fall as impactful for us europeans. some european countries, including from spain, agrees one more from the youth and recommendations. they are pushing for e, you wide measures, including coordinating gas purchases and joint gas storage. the blogs leaders will
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discuss the crisis at summit next week. with the onset of winter pressure is mounting to find solutions. natasha butler, i'll just sarah brussels affairs of the u. k. might start running out of food because of a log jam of shipping containers at the country's largest commercial port. feeding sto in england handles about 36 percent of the countries in ports, but there aren't enough lori drivers to transport the goods and some companies are having to move shipments to other ports. the case economy is struggling supplies of food fuel or one is low. the u. s. government stepping up efforts to fix issues with the global supply chain, which of lead to supplies of many items is running low and higher prices. the slow down and the struggling economy is being blamed on cuts and factory output and bottlenecks. at ports our white house correspondent company hawker reports from washington, dc. each year, almost half of all us imports arrived here at the port of los angeles. but right
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now, dozens of ships are stuck off the coast, waiting to dock and unload. that backlog has led to a shortage of goods and higher prices for you as consumers. you're hearing a lot about something called supply change and how hard it is to get a range of things from a toaster sneakers to bicycles, her bedroom furniture. that's why on wednesday, u. s. president joe biden held a virtual round table with ceos from companies like federal express, u. p. s, and wal mart. to address the challenges, the companies all agreed to increase their overnight and off peak hours. the white house has also brokerage in agreement to expand, working hours at the port of los angeles, making it a 24 hour day, 7 day, a week operation. their commitment to go all in on 247 operations meas,
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at businesses of all sizes, will get their goods on shelves, faster and more reliable. when the global pandemic shut america's economy down, demand for goods went up, store shelves across the us, grew bare. but as the economy opens up, the problems persisted. america's supply chains can't keep up with demand. labor shortages have compounded the problem and fewer workers, stock store shelves, as the holiday season approaches. the white house has been under pressure to resolve the supply chain issues hampering america's economic recovery. some analysts believe wednesday's announcement won't be enough. it's a huge logistic nightmare, and a lot of it is overshoes and therefore, you know what the president's doing. it isn't going to really hurt, but at the end of the day, it doesn't solve the problem, present a vibe and says investments in infrastructure would help ease some of the supply
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chain issues. that's why he's urging the u. s. congress to pass his infrastructure plan to create jobs and to ensure the united states remains resilient to future economic shocks. kimberly helped al jazeera, the white house, and lindsey to bowen arrow to kill 5 people and injures several others in norway. it happened in the town of co spoke south west of the capital, all slow. i suspect it's been arrested. and he said investigating for the the attack was an act of terrorism. or they asked me for data. the arrested person is a man, and that's all i can say about the person suspected. in this case, he's been taken to prison the husband and that will continue to be a large police presence overnight. there are many crime scenes. the perpetrator operated over a large area. these places have been secured by police and not being searched by the crime scene. officials on fighters of killed at least 25 people in the eastern democratic republic of congo over the last 4 days. security forces in north kiva
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province say the attacks were carried out on several villages by the allied democratic forces group, which is linked to isolate the adf was formed in uganda in the 1900 ninety's. it regularly carries out attacks and eastern d, r. see, hundreds of people have been killed by fighters from the adf this year. if you will be, as military is said to be increasing air and ground attacks and on fighters in the northern to guy region, a spokesman that a guy in forces says there have been many casualties. is the 5 government troops on several funds? bottles are also taking place in the neighboring regions of m. hata and a fog. if you, if he has government isn't commenting on the new offences, but to get people's liberation front. says the fighting began with air strikes last week, just after prime minister arianna was sworn in for the new 5 year town. united nations has recalled 2 senior officials working in ethiopia because of concerns about their safety. it comes after an unverified recording surfaced in which 2 un workers had
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saying that some senior officials sympathized with rebels into guy. malcolm lab has more from the roby. the audio recording, which was published online to women, can be heard saying that they work for the u. n. n. e. c. a p s. speaking to a freelance journalist and saying that they believe senior global level, un official, some senior global level, un officials of bias and sympathetic to the to grey and forces. great reason in the north of the country, the fighting, the government troops and a conflict that the gun just under a year ago, un officials obliged to be neutral, an independent now the voices news agency says through other un work, i tend to fight these to you and officials, one who works for the un population funded, another one who worked for the international organization for migration in ethiopia . that view and haven't confirmed the identity of the the people. but it has that
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it is following its own internal mechanism to address this issue. it's been quite a lot of attention over the last few months between the government and not just the u. n, but other international leg, 8 organizations who are working in ethiopia, those 7 officials that the government said it was throwing out there on tanya, tara is the secretary general did reject that explosion. that was just the most recent in a, in a number of statements from the government when it's been very critical of various staff members of international humanitarian organization. or sorry, and so it has been killed and 3 others have been injured in an israeli strike in central syria, according to the state media. and reportedly happened near palmetto on wednesday. it's targeted or communications tower on the reports of damage. the eas top brags it official, says many customs checks between britain and northern ireland should be removed as
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a trade dispute intensifies northern ireland is the only place where there's a physical border between the e, u and the u. k. and there's growing frustration between both sides about how trade over the borders should be controlled. on tuesday, the you case briggs minister talked of tearing up a protocol that created the checks on trade between great britain and northern ireland. the u. k says it will engage fully and constructively with the you, but it wants to see significant change. it appears commission that says the proposals offered unique opportunities for northern ireland. is this robust package of practical imaginative solutions. we can continue to implement the protocol on ireland, northern ireland for the benefit of all communities on the grounds. it not only cement stability and predictability, and in these special ingredient for the local economy to flourish. that also pays the way for and has the opportunities. under simmons has more from belfast.
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the british government is unhappy, nor are the main powers here in northern islands assembly. but the european union executive has gone all the way it can. it would seem to try and smooth out this seaboard a crisis. this was the message from brussels, is this robust package of practical imaginative solutions. we can continue to implement the protocol on ireland, northern ireland for the benefit of all communities on the grounds. it not only semen stability and predictability and in these festival ingredient for the local economy to flourish, and also pays the way for and how stuff opportunities. but nevertheless, the leader of the main pro british unionist party here at the northern ireland assembly had this to say,
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it still leaves in place and irish see border. there will still be checks on the movement of goods within the united kingdom. and that's not something we find acceptable. now this is a welcome. first step, the will be intensive and focused negotiations. so let's see where we get to, ah, but we do need to see more progress. there's falls well short of what we require. so want next. well, european union officials will be in london starting negotiations on friday with british officials. and the u. k. government position is pretty out, right. it's, it's saying that it wants the european court of justice removed from the equation in terms of overseeing things in terms of this deal. and it wants to more or less rip up the northern ireland protocol. now, this is unfathomable, in terms of how the a, you could accept that sort of situation. it isn't going to happen. the you saying it's, it's, is take this, this or not nothing at all. so this is a really tense time. there are lots and lots of negotiations ahead. in the coming
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weeks, still had an al jazeera claims of illegal pushed backs and inhumane treatment from migrants and poland. border with bellows and more questions about a plan by hong kong university to remove a statute that commemorates those killed in china's gentlemen square massacre. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways, boated worlds best air line of 2021. once again, the most violent weather in south trying to see is this. a tropical storm? yes. is the 2nd in a week and another one out in the west pacific between the 2. this is still warm and humid. shanghai should be back 23. but once again, he's back up to near 30, says plenty of energy for the shower in central and southern china is cooler way should be for the north in beijing and 90 degrees in terms of coming down in japan
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. down below the 13 market of brief normally, but the still more rain to come. and here it is on its way through south korea. during friday, by which time the weather in hong kong will picked up again, windy and sherry weather but it will not be the edge of a tropical storm. this time, that given all the actions up here. and there's plenty still to come with retreating. mom assumes rain for me and my thailand and cambodia, there aren't that many shafts. the size of that, there's a good spread of them's wrapped malaysia and indonesia, but that nothing extraordinary. more flooding potential, i think for lose on them as full at southwest monsoon is gone. south fairly quickly, but anywhere from go or south was particularly des, corolla. we'll see more. charles, there was flooding and shad i recently the next i think circulation week there it is gonna be further. ne westbank or, or a dish or the weather sponsored by cut, our airways voted world best air line of 2021. the glamour of bollywood in an unlikely place. mortal pool, you know,
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with my income, and we would have a minute here to. she was brilliant, britain was there again faces. there's a lot of love and affection and respect with the american people. a went away from mom by a nation, has taken indian cinema to a thought out. is you a well revealed the color and passion of morocco's bollywood dream? ah ah, what does it a reminder? what top stories this are russia's president's denying? his country is behind an energy shortage in europe, saying moscow is standing by to help. natural gas prices have skyrocketed when the
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use as people are going to need supporters. winter approaches a man's use to bow and arrow to kill 5 people and injure several others in norway. it happened in the town of kong, sparks south west of the capital. also, a suspect has been arrested. police are investigating whether it was an act of terrorism, armed fighters from northern ticket. i say they're facing increased attacks from ethiopia. is military fighting's taking place in a number of fronts, including enabling regions in libya, the number of migrants and refugees camping outside a un agency and cat. the capitol tripoli is continuing to rise. many of them have escaped from a detention facility, what at least 6 were killed on friday. the un says authorities of suspended humanitarian flights out of the country, and that's slowing down their efforts to evacuate those and need monica china reports from the camp. we're here in front of the community data center. it's a facility run by the un refugee agency. we're normal circumstances. they provide
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cash assistance and emergency relief to those in need. they've had to suspend services for several days now, due to the overwhelming crowds of people that are here. hundreds, if not thousands of african migrants and refugees have been camped out. as you can see, many are sleeping here they. they tell us some, tell us they've been here for days some for nearly 2 weeks, including women, children, and the elderly. libya has long been a transit hub for african migrants trying to reach europe in sore just the beginning of this month. the libyan security services carried out an operation in the town of going to get it would solve the arrest of over $5000.00 african migrants in refugee. they were put in detention center, including the detention facility which thought over 2000 migrants escape on friday. many of them are here, they've been camped outside of here, seeking resettlement from libya, the us refugee agency is a crowd to disperse,
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so they can help the most vulnerable. but people here say they have nowhere else to go. that they, that they don't feel safe to leave the un facility humanitarian flight outside of libya have been suspended according to the un libby authority to spend the flight for most of this year. and that's seen many people unable to leave the country through cooperation with the un refugee agency. poland plans to spend more than $400000000.00 in a wall along as border with bella luce. it follows the surgeon refugees and migrants crossing the border. the polish government, under the e, you say brothers is waging a form of hybrid warfare in retaliation against sanctions. but refugee charities accused poland of illegal push backs and inhumane treatment, or challenge reports from the border. you morning on the me, some
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a little georgia dream and cool speaking spanish the cubans. they say they don't want to be filmed by us, but they're somewhere in the forest scared and hungry. food packed also and the foundation goes to meet them. the refugee charity does this anytime day or night. they also document the push backs, they see the polish batteries border. like this kurdish family returned across the border in a police truck despite allegedly wanting to apply for asylum. temperatures are going for low. we have here, fatalities id and there will be more if the state of emergency will not. and if the polish government will not act according to somewhere else in the board is forests shiver. and uno number of africans, iraqis, syrians, kurds, cubans, and more that traps out in the coals between 2 countries that don't want them. now
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this is interesting, have a look. as soon as our team got close to the border, all of us got a text in english saying, the polish border is sealed, bela russian authorities told you lies, go back to minsk. don't take any pills from bella, russian soldiers, and then there's a link to a polish government website, explaining that people who cross the border illegally might be imprisoned. meadows damn pushing you towards the border to poland footage like this is being released by the punish authorities. it's the only view inside an emergency exclusion zone at the border, 3 kilometers deep journalists and n g o z aren't allowed in poland doesn't deny the push backs. i talked to the board of police spokeswoman about it under the european convention on human rights. that is illegal because migrants needs be given a chance to properly apply for asylum and if they're being pushed back, then they don't get that chance. a little sub menu. so the interests of understanding both, but these people aren't interested in staying in poland. they say they want to go
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to germany or the u. k. logan, i be honestly. but how do you know if they're not wanting to claim asylum if they're not being given the chance to claim asylum because they're being push mark never to use the mile? shall sin when they find out that being covered by international protection means that they have to stay in poland and leave here. they want to go back to their country of origin. so it took a, it's not an argument that convinces the united nations refugee agency, most of them are in direct need of no humanitarian assistance. you cannot leave people to die in the forest because it's simply on it's inhumane. harland wants to tell the world it's responding to this crisis is not the cause of it. alexandra lucas income man creates discount option internet or the movement to banished in to banish iraq ian union. and all that in priority for supporting create
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a position on beller road japan box. this border crisis is a humanitarian one, as well as a political and border security one and lives literally are on the line. rory, challenge out a 0. poland chillin opposition. politicians have lost impeachment proceedings against president sebastian pietro over the sale of a mining company. the details of the controversial deal emerged in a huge leak of documents which became known as the pandora papers. opposition politicians to saipan, yet used his office for personal business. on the domingo mine was sold during his 1st time in 2010 chillies. public prosecutor as already announced an investigation into possible bribery related corruption charges and tax violations. north korea's leader came on and has been treated to an extreme martial arts demonstration to mark the 76 anniversary of the countries bullying party. north korean st. television released video of monday's display exercise is performed by soldiers
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included, lying on broken glass and breaking concrete slams with their fists came commented on his country's weapons development. during the event, he said it's necessary because of hostile u. s. policies and a military build up in south korea in seems like a campaigns under way to preserve a memorial at hong kong university, which marks china as violent crackdown in gentlemen square a deadline to remove the artwork passed on wednesday. but so far, the authorities have not attempted to remove all destroy it. victoria gateway has more of the pillar of shame, statue at hong kong university, built to remember those. he died fighting for democracy in t. animal square. in 1989 university authorities ordered it from the the last week and the deadline passed on wednesday. the artist who created it. fears officials intend to destroy it. i haven't i and hong kong. and he says a sent
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a letter just to see if he could make a solution all of this a problem that we need some more time to take it down. of course, it's a long time to prepare this counseling, but they have good not answer at all. the pillar of shame, statue is estimated to be worth $1700000.00 and has been standing in hong kong for 24 years. students clean it is part of anniversary events, marking the tandem and square massacre. a chapter in history. the chinese government would prefer to forget commemorations of the military, correct down a strictly band on the mainland, on kong, semi autonomous status under the 1997 handover agreement between china and the u. k . permitted freedom of speech and civil liberties under a one country to systems policy. but pro democracy campaign is say, restrictions on this right now apply in hong kong. beijing has imposed a controversial national security law there, which it said was needed to bring oda after months of unrest. oh,
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we don't know exactly to know where we should put her head a, but i think we have because it is in so where i have maybe it was if we had a hospital stay in united states in washington dc, maybe front of the janice or embassy hong kong university says it seeking legal advice to handle the matter in what it calls a reasonable way, but critic see the statues in pending removal as a sign. the city's voice level position is being weakened further. victoria gate and be al jazeera. netflix is an unsolved korean tv show squid game has become its biggest original series. the streaming service, as the drama was watched by a 111000000 people in just under 4 weeks. and i am parts relo, pits, contestants against each other in childhood games, spots with a deadly twist. it's become a world wide sensation, adding to south korea's growing pop culture influence. i think it's definitely
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possible that we're gonna see, am korea become an enzyme powerhouse in the sense that you know the popularity of squid game. how he exploded in just 2 weeks to come. netflix number one and everyone talking about it. you know, especially with the films we've seen, such as parasite and other bands such as b t s in a will really santa interested in what country has to offer. william shatner has gone for no 19 year old has gone before the actor who played captain cook in the original star trek series has become the oldest man to travel into space. and the gallagher has more on shadows. adventure to the final frontier manages that kill one. lasting off in the us state of texas. lew origins, new shepherd, rocket launchers for another journey to the edge of our atmosphere on board, a man known to millions. as captain james t. kirk of the starship enterprise. space
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a final frontier. william shatner 3rd shot to fame in 1966 playing the iconic kirk in star trek. now more than 50 years later, he's boldly gone when new 90 year old's human has been before. what you've given is the most profound experience. i do so filled with emotional about what just happened. i just sure extra i hope i never recover from this. i hope that i can be changed. well, i feel though i don't want to lose once free of the earth's gravity. all 4 crew members enjoyed 3 minutes of weightlessness and a view of our planet, a blue origin zone. jeff bezos hopes will eventually become more accessible to so cool space tourists in a race funded by billionaires. having such
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a relatable crew member on board is being seen as a publicity coup. it's no secret that a lot of people who like on space and space systems are star trek fans for the immediately resonate with captain kirk in the, in, in the seat on the passenger flight. as the capsule and its crew safely returned to earth, fans of an iconic science fiction show that inspired millions celebrated the return of the fictional spaceship captain. well, you can pick anybody better. i think from allah star trek to get to do that in on to be looking at that new frontier. i think really that it's, it's more it's bigger than chattanoog. any in captain kirk is star trek, but really star trek is the thing that has had the impact on space travel right. by presenting this optimistic vision of the future, especially in inclusive vision of the future, the new private space race is now well under way. it may be funded by what some c
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as a billionaires boys club with bays us. richard branson, an e long mosque all jockeying for domination. but his hope the final frontier may now be one step closer for the rest of us. and the gallagher al jazeera, a solar storm has produced, spectacular light shows across northern parts of the globe. the other robbery, alice or northern lights lit up skies in north america and northern europe. over night. the strength of the solar option meant the lights could be seen much further south than usual. ah, this is audra 0. these are the top stories and rushes presidents denying his country is behind an energy shortage in europe saying moscow is standing by to help natural gas prices have skyrocketed. b, you says people are going to need support as the continent heads into winter. a man's used a bow and arrow to kill 5 people and injure several others in norway. it happened
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in the town of kong, spoke south west of the capital, all slow, a suspect has been arrested. but he said, investigating whether the attack was.


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