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tv   [untitled]    October 13, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm AST

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ah, ah, all jessie with ah. ready hello, i'm barbara, sarah london. these are the top stories on al jazeera. russia's president has denied his country is behind the energy shortage in europe saying moscow is standing by the help. natural gas prices of sky rocketed prompting b e u to recommend a series of support measures. natasha butler reports now from brussels. reducing taxes on energy bills and financial help for poor households. were among the
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recommendations laid out by europe, the energy commissioner to help member states shield consumers across the block from spiraling costs. our immediate priority is to protect europe's consumers, especially the most vulnerable 2nd, we have to make our entire system better prepared and more resilient. so that we don't have to face a similar situation in the future. natural gas prices have soared in europe in recent weeks, partly driven by a certain demand, as countries emerge from locked downs, natural gas accounts for a quarter of the european union's energy needs. the majority of that is imported into the block from countries including how jerry, a norway and qatar, but mainly russia. some say that the kremlin is fueling the price rise by failing to boost gas supplies in order to pressure the you to prove the controversial north
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stream to pipeline. at an energy conference in moscow present, vitamin putin said russia was ready to increase supply enough stability. sure. if they ask us to increase deliveries, we are ready to do so. we are increasing them as much as our partners are asking us to avoid future energy crises. the commissioner says, countries must focus on transitioning away from fossil fuels to renewables. some analysts say that would also help us become more self reliance when it comes to energy. if we had had in europe national governance that did 20 years ago, renovate the homes, like we knew how to do that, did roll out solar heating systems. as soon as the seventy's, because this is super haul technology, we would be in a much better situation today would be consuming much less gas. we will be much less reliance on russia. and the current gas prices that we see would have been, you know, fall is impactful for us europeans. some european countries,
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including from spain, agrees one more from the youth and recommendations. they are pushing for a wide measures, including coordinating gas purchases and joint gas storage. the blogs leaders will discuss the crisis at a summit next week with the onset of winter pressure is mounting to find solutions . natasha butler, i'll just sarah brussels. well, meanwhile, the u. s. government is stepping up efforts to fix global supply chain issues which have led to shortages of many goods and higher prices. president joe biden says his administration will work with companies and ports to alleviate bottlenecks with some to start operating 24 hours a day. this is across the board commitment to going to 247. this is a big 1st step and speeding up the movement of materials and goods through our supply chain. but now we need the rest of the private sector chain to step up as well. this is not called
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a supply chain for another. this means the terminal operators, railways, trucking company, shippers, and other retailers as well. several people have been killed after a man used a bow and arrow to carry out a series of attacks in norway. several others were injured during the attacks in the town of cons. bag, police say a suspect has been arrested and offensive by a few of his military against forces. from the northern t great region is reported to be intensifying. a spokesman for the degree enforcers say that there have been many casualties as government troops battle them on several fronts. the actor who made a career out of exploring the cosmo says return from his verse that real life mission their 90 year old william shatner known for playing captain james kirk and star trek has become the oldest person to make the journey to space at 19 those are the top stories witness is next one use and half an hour?
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little boy will do that to get other government. good bye. my little doubled up. you'll be able to get hold of it when i pick it up from school and we've got that by me. if you're around, let me see someone, let me get a hold of somebody that i can get him set up with the names the
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the guy that go my stuff. i gotta say i did. i mean, the other thing, the thing i, i wonder i shall not without a momento li, normally a sort of ecstasy. basil is if what but a little no, no, i mean yes. i think that one below that it's another law my whole with
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. 6 6 6 eva dot com. it says that my brother in law, i ended up nearly my, your cady atlanta. when we got up there, when i called the other local mental k u n 3 and the honda on talking 0 point us. yeah, yeah, i am the mother of this actor or yes, he gail, coming to the near they what a you think like 34 young gala. you see me and i said will not make the secrecy on this new life so that there was
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a man to go home in the butt. but give me a 2nd to put your son guinea at home in carmel, if you saw the 4 bye bye, get to know that video, setting it as it was. yeah. so that, that's what i could do to help them go, go to the local mentor, the father to see who doesn't look at that. i guess let's see what get out there. let me go on to the main to but it doesn't end up or get a honda spin, deal on the law. and don't say it. so then after school band dinner tonight, okey dokey draw on a fence. you don't expect moving forward with that? being said, ma'am, yes, i think so. i mean to get the blunder necessarily. okey sound bland,
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blank m. in the book on the in them i meant there are no negative. like on the, at the ending, you see a lack of lemma o. and if in the, in dahlonega public trouble, many con, a lot. the problem that you see lam, we luck yet, or better, you look here to get to be in the loop. those congress e, f, e, nor boy b b. but who? elaine the 50 and the key. so you will need to hear it open the door nessie. are you to see her to spit out of any kind of a to us? you know, i mean, what, i'm sure that the book casa a sir, you can fill it out. i mean, your legal will not that. yeah. well, i thought i could, i saw the think is one of them. i look at the, the next, you know, see how that he'll dominate up on me. see who you are. then when i go and if you don't get one, you're looking to get it in your lucy. dora could bet on me that was emitted with
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alco more. cannot you email to look at me about emmy season it up for them? i mean, got it, got to be a month and if they bought them, but it was like that in order for him to be up on the on which will be a lot of other stuff to get is that you love to meet up on the other if not, look at them with general and i feel like i'm willing to hop on a feel for lead in no way to see. and then when i get on board on what we need to know, a little more of it from way to norway sandal castle ferry,
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of me okay. maybe see going on. i could have been done with a book on monday, but yeah, i don't know. moment i come on up. what do you think? maybe he's up. what is the number to record? it got caught off guard. we're able to print a single. since i'm here before a
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time or thought, i'm kind of like i'm by now. i'm, you know, maybe nice signs there doesn't make any sales will come up with you. definitely don't figure out what's going on this silly. i said that'll last for school i see on comma can lead out that the fidel by their me a song but some way broadband in me reader. come on my that they look here. they had a, me a ha, it out of finance, yet lack of pena, jaw, know, not good ear, and we're playing savior. but i will, they, they will hear this a good of course said well, already gone. dare say kid, only me,
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along with me because i mean you've got to get emma hung up on a new been on there, but the thing i'd warners i'm is more than their stuff. i mean, i stand on my to read a cake. i love it. it's a kid. oh, then my medical center in the north in this think the game. thought us like david is on the thing to it, but i think it but it's for them on it up. it'll look good. so i think that i sent that sort of ball should look at the name of yes, it is not a local level. meaning you wouldn't
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have to get enough of them when they can associate them at all. so after the moment of the year, about as soon as speaker don't up. well, so i don't know what let me say to book him. and i mean, like i said about, but i go in the supplements do all the way up where they did the because if i meant to say on black or gun the know about they, if they're not going to go, i mean from the stands. i mean, at the we are selling me one. i will set up at all, but i can let you know to me in that'll leave me. after world war 2, frances great empire began to unravel and vietnam, who wants to stay close and the stream bursting with joyce kissimay each other and
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jerry lives and seeing if the chinese managed to beat the french army. why not? the decline continues and episode to bludgeon tis french. the colonization on al jazeera canada is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the cop 26 climate summit. al jazeera showcase is program dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency witnesses green films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at the wet report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population people and power off why politicians have been so ineffective in fighting climate change. folk lines investigates how rising temperatures of fueling a water war in the u. s. l just they were world shows how
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a community and then a goal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources. the screen takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera lou. hello on barbara sarah london. these are the top stories on al jazeera. russia's president has been denied his country is behind the energy shortage in europe, saying moscow was standing by to help natural gas prices of sky rocketed to around 6 times higher than this time. last year. the european commission has recommended a series of support measures as the continent heads into winter including tax.


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