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gravity, and then cut my guns worth all very safely. so lots of people watching. attracted by, of course we're shutting a doing all that. so for, for bay sauce, i bring a huge coo and something everyone's going to watch that i can tell you that a lot of excitement in our news from now more excitement than bizarre, went into space himself. thank you very much on the for now. and gallagher life or a say in miami, live pictures again from texas, where we are waiting for star trek or actor william shatner to launch into space. there's been a slight delay, but we're expecting it to happen very so. ah hello again. i'm fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera progress towards clean energy is far too slow, and governments must triple spending. as the car from the international energy agency is as the world is set to miss it's net 0 target by 2050, by 60 per cent. or the e was being particularly badly hit, it's been laying out
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a plan to protect people facing huge bills be done is to fault. first, our immediate priorities to protect europe's consumers, especially the most vulnerable. second, we have to make our into system better prepared and more resilient, so that we don't have to face a similar situation in the future. the short term member states are best placed and equipped duct and as in going to barbara and protecting consumers is a longstanding you priority. so it means that our rules already allow and in fact encourage the member states take action in avenues. the taliban is calling on the international community to unblock billions in funds, which it says risk undermining, security. it's acting foreign minister is meeting us and european envoys here in kata and says banks need to operate freely in order for people to be paid. there is
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growing concern of a humanitarian crisis. as i've gone is found remains cut off from much of the world with its assets are frozen abroad. schools and businesses in hong kong have been close as tropical storm composite sweeps through bringing heavy rain and winds. 9 people died in flash buds and land flies when combat so hit the philippines on monday. more than 200 emergency cool. is it trying to contain yet another wildfire in california? it's the most destructive season. the u. s. fate has seen intense winds driving the flames in rural santa barbara. and hollywood star inspired generations with the idea of exploring how the pan it is about to head into space phosphate william shot that is on board a blue origin spacecraft, which is due to lift lift off shortly from van horn in texas. the 19 year old is said to become the oldest person to go into space, and we will be back with that live event for you on the dra 0 when it happens next
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year though, the stream stay with this. i care about healthy us engaging with the rest of the world. i cover foreign policy, national curity. this is a political im house here to paul ford or with how only good story we're really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise. it actually feels if you were there. i hi, i'm semi ok. stay on the stream. the mistreatment of asylum seekers in europe. i will it take a look at this video taken by undercover jonas on the crecia bosnia border so what you are seeing here are refugees being beaten. this technique is used to
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discourage people from entering european union. it's known as pushback, and it is a needle. in this episode of the stream, the ask is europe abandoning refugees? if you're on youtube right now, the comment section is live, put your thoughts or comments or questions right here in the chat section. and you can be part of today's episode at the st. ah, let's get this conversation started with nicole massimo. can me, you're very welcome to the stream nicole festival. please introduce yourself now to our internet audience. tell them who you are, what you do. hi, my name is nicole figler and i am an investigative journalist working for swiss national television. and together we have lighthouse reports and a lot of other european journalists. i published this footage that you just saw last week, which was quite the bus in the you know,
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nice to have you will talk more about that, which is in the story. thank you. you and other colleagues and partners put together massey mo, nice to see. welcome to the spring, please introduce yourself to audience. i know that he has. well, my name is national mark the. i am a deputy director of honesty, europe at a job office and is on misty. we have been following the show for migration and bush backs in the for the past years, and i think i've been for english grisham inquiry shop at least for about 2 and a half years. and i'm very glad this. you know, the b service are great because when we came out, thank you for making time for us down the street and can me, you're very welcome to the string. please introduce yourself. i wouldn't who you are. what you do. hi, my name is kimberly, cuz i'm a senior policy analyst at the migration policy institute year thinking base in brussel. and we focused on the analysis of migration and asking policies as their di, blah here in brussels. i would love all if you get to talk to me about this assignment,
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this piece of journalism that so many people put together. but i'm going to start with nicole. what was the assignment? what were you trying to prove? so i've been working on this issue for almost 3 years already. so it was like, for me as a journalist, it was quite hard to see on a daily basis when i was in the field that people are pushed back like every day, very often, very brutally out of the european union into bosnia herzegovina, and unable to collect it is still there, all still able to deny, say this are all lies. this is just not happening. well, no one ever showed us any proof. and so we recorded pushback and went on and on. but what we were never able to record is these really wide and pushback stats are done by masked men. we heard a lot about them, they are in hidden remote areas. and we also saw the wounds. we saw people with our
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keys, we saw them beat them up coming out of the of the forest, but the burned able to catch them on a video till this tune when we finally managed to get the video that you just saw before. so we were finally able to prove that these men are existing and that they belong to the creation police that they are law enforcement members. and this was a very important step also to prove that they were financed partly by the you, by you and funds. so we had that missing piece that had the evidence video that we you may, will be denying it, but this is actually happened. happened exactly from a right to human rights perspective. pushback is a legal can you explain to us in what way it is a legal people as i to seek cuz i don't mean companies. so, i mean this is this bit so very simply data being denied the possibility of seeking
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us. i don't mean question. this is in 1st place, you know, but i mean, the, what we see these pictures, i mean, we see brutality of police forces. you know, we see behaviors that those are, unless you had no problems in defining as ill treatment, any set of on cases even amounted to torture. so yes, that is the pushback that, that the for, and people died on from making their own eyes. but then this is happening in a way that goes through, you know, it really makes it completely illegal any can, you creates an either a set of human rights violations as well. can we? i'm just going to show something here. the title of this video is pushed back using a life raft to way in the g and c, and what we have ah refugees in a life raft. and they just pushed out to see they're not rescued. they that we speaking the video up so you can see what happens and they just left. so this is this manslaughter says attempted murder. what, what would you say this is kimmy happening here? yeah, i think what we're saying is that best practices are now you and,
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and they've already been last year volition of angio. that really is black books about all the little pushback where we're seeing may be is less and less public were despite the fact that yes indeed, they're illegal. and on this side of the european commission, ab is been coal for investigation by human proceed. crecia, i believe, has already announced that they will do an investigation into the lighthouse report reporting. but we also know that, you know, we should also see that the commission is non do a lot of pressure to deliver when it's new practice migration. in asheville, im especially given the limited progress that has been done in the past years. and so they may refrain from publicly condemning the member states ahead of what they see as very sensitive negotiation. i'm just wondering what little vibrant is right now. marcella. at back in 2015, we saw a migrant crisis, and then countries were feeling like we can, we can't handle these migrants. but now we're seeing actual
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quick science and disgraceful behavior. where are we right now in the psyche of europe and migrants and refugees and asylum seekers? we are in a very warding situation. let's. let's be clear about this. i mean, you know what? we see what the police creation police force is up, climb the door, is trying to practice the 3rd to discourage people from our seeking that i am seeking as i don't you know, and this is a, this is really, really concerning at this point. you know, that then we spoke research began about creation. we spoke about the grease then like $1000.00 coverage or manian. but this is a practice that is quite widespread in europe at the moment that the moment we have the older people on the ball on ballot was ball. that was tack. what about that? i'll it when the, then the ball on the and also, you know, it's, it is not as boring. is that if there isn't there also off your mind,
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i stand that. yeah. you know, we are honestly, that is lope and this is what really, what we really would like to make people alerting on because he said, getting out of danger thing. what's really important that when it adds nicole, is that set in the creation situation, the people doing that beating are they not identified? it's not a force that is very open about the work that they are doing. and yet they are funded by the you tell us more. yeah, i guess what um what is that i wanted to to add something on to a to marcy my what, what choked me the most is the normalization of it. like it just became, it just became a daily thing to do and not, you know, as something shocking that happens sometimes. so and what we see on the creation busing board, there is the system behind it. so it is, it is organized from the top, we were able to speak to several insiders who work inside the christian
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police are used to work there. and they told us that they really get to come on from the entire ministry directly from bush in which was the interior minister to proceed with push back to when they find a set of seekers in their territory to just take them, put them in the van and literally, like, i often get this feeling like human trash, just throw them out of the european union. and this is a, let's say, a governmental order. and what they, they do, they take like these special forces increase or they're mostly a part of the intervention police. they are taught to deal with hooligans to deal with, like violent football games. so they use their techniques that they've learned to a unified hooligans just to fro out, migrants out of the you and, and yeah,
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this was really shocking. also to see it on which level and on which side is practices are, are spread already. i wouldn't bring in a new voice can be i'm gonna, i'm gonna put this video to you. this is helena han. she's a policy analyst, european policy center. and she draws a connection between pushback and you funding. i would like you to react to the video and tell us what you think, who she is, the recent investigations and to push back that the use extra borders are shocking . but in many ways, do not come as a surprise. and this is because they form part of a larger trend of increasing to turns towards migrants and people seeking international protection. at the same time, it is also a reflection of the fact that the disproportionate burden faced by countries. the 1st arrival is an issue that remains unresolved at the you level. we see this in the new pac negotiations, where members states have been unable to find common ground and how to best address the situation. looking forward, it seems that public pressure may not be enough to truly change the practice is on
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the ground. it is therefore important that there be more transparency in terms of how you funding is used for border control purposes. but also that accountability mechanisms at the national level are improved things. the things are the video and helena sets, i think on this we, it's an interesting point because this happened just one week or a few days after 12. a you members state of ask that you funding couldn't be used, you know, not only on the 4 civilians purposes, but also to build to build walls which is not the case at the moment. and so we're seeing this conversation in a way, moving giver for their, of what you funding and a low to do an ice for the monitoring of what you money is spent on. i mean, this has been a concern for a number of years. and there's been discussion, for instance, at the moment on the monitoring of the work of front x, which we haven't talked about yet. you know,
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and how do we better monitor the work of these to i didn't see and, you know, had this human right mom for them until reichman tours that are being deployed the european in parliament as also try to be active on this topic. and so that those are a lot of the efforts that are ongoing. i think the difficulties often that the commission may advice or something and then reaching a consensus among all the different e members. kate, i remains very difficult given how sensitive this topic has become. i'm, i'm looking here of my laptop at junior and with his wife and child. they were abandoned in the a g and c. so pushed back at c. nicole, can you tell us about some of the experiences the asylum seekers had had that are now in your reporting? i think i'm really sorry. i have a very bad connection at the moment. can you?
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yeah, yeah. tell us about the experiences of some of the people that you spoke to who've been free push back. what's happened to them? what's been done to them, and sorry, i cannot hear you at them. all right, we're gonna, we're gonna send you, but we're going to send you back state. we're going to reconnect with you my son. i know you heard me ask that question twice. go ahead. help me out. yeah, well i mean, you know, the issue is where there will start this, those piece for lower trying to reach a grease, you know, but a lot of people who are in greece, i mean very often are held in the, in the islands, in very difficult situations. you know, and may have been tried to continue the job and so their job to me, i mean, a lot they buy companies for life is a continuous. he story off bush backs of trying to cross the border and facing the police. my name's at every board that, so this is what, what is happening. so there yeah, the images that we see right now. i mean,
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it is exactly what in the way they, the greek course got out of behaving and this is nothing new. we also need to remember that the same scenes happen at the border between greece and turkey at all, setting that bridge on, that's where i missed the authors documented about exhausted. so it's a continuous struggle for people to at all fade they're facing constantly right? earnings by police forces that they're trying to see, cuz i don't ah, let's take, he live now to van horn in texas, where star trek active. william shatner is just a minutes away. from launching into space, the star trek actor, we're both boldly go away. no 92 year old has gone before becoming the oldest ever person to fly to space. the new shepherd n as 18 flight was originally scheduled for tuesday, but there's been a number of delays june,
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too windy weather at the texas launch site. while we're waiting for that you lift off. let's cross in advance cross till our reporter andy gallagher. we who ease live for us in miami. hello there, andy. it's just minutes away now until the launches. it's been a long time coming. just how significant is this mission? for luck, it's captain james, ty barriers, kirk going to the edge of our atmosphere. you can't really underestimate the influence that star trek had as a show. remember william shatner 1st appeared on my screen back in 1966, 3 years before we even landed on the moon. and here we are more than half a century later. one of the most iconic science fiction starship captains is about to meet science fact the entire journey will only last about 10 minutes. they'll get blasted up to about a 100 kilometers. they'll experience around 3 minutes of no gravity. so they'll be floating around inside that new shepherd caps. you'll also get an incredible view
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of our planet. the new shepherd rocket has the biggest windows of any spacecraft in space flight history. so i think for jeff bezos, this is been something about publicity qu because william shatner is a highly relatable character. somebody that many of us grew up watching someone who the engine is, who worked on blue origin, said that the show star trek really influenced them. and guided their careers towards science and engineering, etc. so the other important thing to remember is this is a 90 year old man. he will be the oldest human to reach space. now, space nodes might argue with me that they're not technically in place because they're only a 100 kilometers above the atmosphere. the space station, for instance, is about 4 times higher than that, but it is still a massive achievement for some on of his age. no doubt this is getting people watching all over the world, but let's just listen in and see this launch. alright, everybody,
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chris, when debris audrey williams are about to go are very few. have gone before. ladies and gentlemen. it's time to launch with rockets. god speed, news shepherd minutes . 1987654. to manage a q one ah. a space with the 2nd human space like through
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or with the space in you could follow along obviously with the ultimate or the base of the screen as well as the speedometer they are gaining speed on their climb to space. we have confirmed max q. this is when the mat, the, the aerodynamic stresses on the vehicle were at their maximum. de, okay, you are watching live pitches there of the blue origin. launching william shatner and 3 other passengers into space aboard. it's new at shepherd rocket. the star
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trek acta is 90 years old and he's the oldest person to go to space. it appears that launch has lifted off with very little issues and it seems to have gone very smoothly. the flight is he came back in for last that a little longer than 10 minutes. shatner is flying with 3 other passengers and lift off was scheduled for 930 or 13. so he jam tape, but there was some issues with the wind, and so therefore they had to delay that launch, but it seems to have gone off without a hitch. let's keep watching the rock it is climbing towards an altitude. we're aiming just over the carman line. the internationally recognized line of space of a 100 kilometers. that is about 328000 feet. and a gorgeous view down the rocket. and now we've had main engine cut off the b e 3 engine has shut off. and in just a moment,
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we're going to separate the capsule from the booster. and at that point our astronauts will have the opportunity to get out of their harnesses and enjoy the beauties of 0. gee, let's wait to listen. and there you can see a clean separation between the capsule and the booster. and there you can see the capsule from the top of the booster. they are continuing their ascent over the carman line. you'll know when they hit apogee when the speed hit 0. and there they are,
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over 328000 feet over a 100 kilometers. welcome to space the new us astronauts on board our crew capsule . and there they are. they have hip just about hit their apogee at about 351000 feet. and while we don't have apogee, i can just imagine, jackie, they are having the time of their lives. ok,
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you're watching live pictures there of a rocket built by jeff bezos launching into space with william shatner on board and 3 other passengers. william shatner is 90 years old and the oldest person to ever fly to space. let's bring in andy gallagher, who's lived for us in miami, and has been covering the launch. andy, what did you make of it? oh well so far so good. we're about halfway through the journey, which will last about 10 minutes. i would imagine looking at the pictures were at that point where the 4 crew members will experience around 3 minutes of gravity. they are about to look out of those huge windows shepherd rocket and see the curvature of the earth. but i think, you know, we were watching jeff pays off when he did this in july. and, you know, we did something of an ego involved when these 1000000000 as lost themselves up into space. but this is william shatner james type areas. kirk of the starship enterprise, i think that's given this thing a whole new dimension. of course,
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millions of people around the world grew up with that show and shot it didn't even appear on our screen. still 966, that's 3 years before we landed on the moon. and here is more than half a century later. taking this incredible journey at the age of 90. that can't be underestimated because a journey like this i think was huge pressures on the body. he's obviously been through the astronaut training here, but i think jeff phase offers blue arching company. this is a huge public speak to because it's going to generate so much interest around the world. of course the aim here is to get the space tourism business up and running and of course says not just blue origin, you've got a lot mosque and richard branson both all competing but dominance in this space race. and the idea is to make this more affordable. and of course, since the private sector took over and the kinds of operations, the costs have gone down, the rockets are re usable. so there is a point in time, i think when we could see perhaps in years to come,
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where ordinary people could potentially afford to do this. but the fact that william shatner captain kirk has done this is really science fiction meeting science 5. so i think in about 5 minutes or so, the new ship at rocket should slowly come back down through the atmosphere. the parachutes will open it. hopefully, everything will go well, but i'm sure the entire world is waiting to see william shatner has to say about the 6 barrier. yes, andy, that launch certainly went off without it. and let's hope that the landing goes much the same. beyond the publicity of this mission, what do you think shatner in the company behind this trip or hoping to get out of it and hear rick well, i think they're getting it now. they're getting lots of eyes on this mission that watching to see some on that many people grew up with. a lot of the scientists who work on blue origin on the engineers were all influenced heavily by star trek. remember, just because it's actually landing at this stage,
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sorry. and it's just landed and he's landed without any troubles at all. so the blue origin has launched william shatner into space aboard it's news ship it rocket . i'm fortunately, i'm just being told from my reduce the boosted it's landed not the actual rocket itself. we're waiting for that rocket to low land shortly. but just repeating about 7 minutes ago, a launch without a hitch from the new ship it in it's a to flight, which was originally scheduled for tuesday that was delayed and launched with no issues from the texas skype. and there were 3 other passengers on board, along with william shatner. he's become the oldest person to be launched into space . let's continue watching on call. all right, let's bring him out. yes. now layer and right, he's a space commentator and joins as from dublin hello. that layer, you've obviously been watching this with great interest. what do you make of what's
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happened this afternoon? well, so far so good. i believe there are still high. open the sky coming back from there . you only ride if i may call it that in your space. what we saw a few moments ago was the new shepherd rocket that carried them up there. it landing successfully and now we see the capture live as it pirates shoot down to the desert in west texas. there were, there are 2 sets of parachute. the droves were the 1st set. we saw it to release those groves a few moments ago. and now it's amazed as they would say, emission control, they are now safely on the free parachute that will generally lower them on to the desert floor in texas. so it is undoubtedly been a successful mission. it's been safe, but it was badly,
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badly needed by jeff being off. he needed the publicity, the free publicity that were giving him today for this business venture. while they, i'm glad you're here explaining what's going on, cuz clearly i didn't know the difference between a parachute and also whatever it was that landed beforehand. we do want to cross back to you very shortly, but let's just watch now and tap into the live fate. and here comes our crew back into the desert. everybody. newest astronauts 596979899. with like anything ever a can by touch down, stand by touch down and the capsule touch down. welcome back. the new is to astronauts audrey.


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