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our identity and the source of well being. we are the ocean when no topic is off the table. it's as children say atmosphere, people are demoralized. they're exhausted and many health care workers are experiencing p t s d like symptoms jump into the stream and doing our global community. if you're online on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation. is wealth this dream? oh, now to sierra, ah a warning about our warming planets, the international energy agency says trillions must be spent on clean energy to limit climate change. ah, they're watching al jazeera live from doha with me fully by table also ahead. taliban officials urge west an invoice to unfreeze funds, which they say pose
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a threat to afghanistan, security, more conflict around ethiopia to gray region. the un recalls to officials after they were said to have sympathized with rebels and boldly going where no 90 year old has gone before. canadian actor william shatner is about to head into space. his just arrived at the launch site in texas. ah, progress towards clean energy is far too slow and governments must triple. they're spending that the urgent call from the international energy agency in its latest report. as it stands, the world is 60 percent short of its target to cut emissions to net 0 by 2050. that's what's needed to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius. the i. e. a says the use of fossil fuels like coal and oil is increasing. as a result,
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energy prices have risen to record levels, or the e. u is being particularly bronte badly here. it's been laying out a plan to protect people facing huge belts or answer do what should be done. is to thought 1st, our immediate priorities to protect europe. consumers, especially the most minor. second, we have to make a system better prepared and more resilient, so that we don't have to face a similar situation in the future. the short term member states are best placed and equipped duct. and as in going to barbara, den, protecting consumers is a longstanding u priority. so it means that our rules already allow and in fact encourage the member states take action. natasha butler has more now from brussel. your energy commissioner laying out that list of recommendations for meant the states
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who want to try and healed consumers from those rising cost bills will be going up . they warn, and of course we are heading into winter here in europe. so there is a lot of concern about how people are going to be able to see their homes. for example. now some of the recommendations from the commission with things like reducing tax on energy bills or helping poor households with financial aid to checks vouchers, card thing, anything that can help people, whether the storm, if you like, in some cases i said simpson, the bill should be frozen altogether for the most vulnerable people in the block. now across europe, governments have been trying to decide what to do to try and shield their own populations from the energy crisis. we've seen, for example, in countries like france and italy, they are considering these tax cuts already or the energy bills in france is already been put a cap on energy bills. but other countries are also saying that what is needed is
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much more of an e. u. wide response, these recommendations might not be enough. what they are pushing for a much larger responses to this course is spain. for example, i says it would be good if the you would be able to, jointly by natural gas and then distributed amongst a block or, or work on joint storage of natural gas or things which could help more vulnerable member states. i the way those issues are all going to be on the table when you lead me next week for some of the energy crisis. very much. one of the main things on the agenda early i spoke to will stephan, who is the climate change expert, the truly national university. and he, he explains why the world must move fast on renewable energy. this is a very important report. it saying that if we want to make the paras climate goals, we have to move very quickly and very decisively now toward renewable energy. or there's a lot of interest course in net 0 emissions by 2050. but i think the real focus and
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this report makes it clear that we have to think of the near term targets. we need to think about getting our emissions down by 2030 very rapidly and very deeply. so this is a report from the sector itself saying we've got to move fast and decisively now these pledges are need to be moved up. i mean, shortest of as a pledge for reaching net 0 before 2060, that's pretty far down the track. a lot of western countries have nets due by 2050 targets. i think we really need to focus on 2030. and i think globally, we've got to get emissions down at least by 50 percent, cut them in half in this decade. if we are to have a chance of keeping temperatures to well below 2 degrees. so i think this really is the crunch time is the i said it's can take a lot of investment. it has to happen now. we can simply talk about it or kick the can down the road. we actually have to act on it now. it's not as energy shortages that countries are grappling with as a nice from the current of our span. demik global supply chains have been disrupted
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. and many goods remain missing from shelves. reduce factory output across the past 18 months and shipping backlogs are being blamed. now, u. s. present, joe biden is intervening to help ease some of the pressure i white house correspondent kimberly huck it has the details. the port of california in los angeles is a really good example of where the problems lie. that is a port that accounts for in terms of unloading container ships from overseas, about 40 percent of the goods that americans buy. and right now, it is at a backlog. now adding to the problems, the fact that there are containers that need to be unloaded is there is a shortage of truck drivers to take those containers across the country to fill the stores and pack the shelves of american stores. and there's another problem too. there is a shortage of workers to unpack those container boxes and put them on the shelves.
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and so you see what's happening happening here. there's a bit of a ripple effect and the treasury secretary says that this is something that they believe is temporary. what has happened, what is created, this sort of backlog that has turned into a shortage of goods for consumers. is that when the economy shut down, due to the coven, 19 pandemic, people stop needing goods, or rather they needed more goods and they stop needing services. and so that's what created the shortage, that's what created the backlog. and now this is an administration working hard to turn this economy back on and get this backlog worked out. in the world news italy bonnie's calling on the international community to unblock billions in funds, which it says risk undermining, security. it's acting foreign minister is meeting us and european envoys here in ca . time says, banks need to operate freely in order for people to be paid. there is growing concern of a humanitarian crisis as of county san remains cut off from much of the world with
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its assets frozen abroad. stephanie deca has more from campbell. those talk don't mean that they're recognizing the legitimate government and that because of certain amendments they want the taliban to make when it comes to a more inclusive cabinet, particularly the right protecting rights of minorities and women. but the warning there are some reacting foreign ministers saying that there could be an increase again in migration, particularly when it comes to the economic situation here. i mean, this is accurate from what we're seeing. there is no money. there's no money in the country. people don't have access to money. people haven't paid their salaries in month, even the bureaucracy here the little broker, see that remains seems to be crumbling. to interesting me. the security situation is an issue. ice. ok iceland? i've got to start as stepped up. its attacks over the last 2 weeks or so coming, you know, from the north to the east of the country. also here in cobb, there remained a very active security threat against one of the main high profiles targets here. and also interestingly, we've just had
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a press conference from the spokesperson of the interior minister for the 1st time addressing the taliban and saying that they cannot be taking matters into their own has going house to house. but significantly, when it comes to security, saying if anyone is found to be part of vital to have infiltrated the taliban, that they will be held to account under a law that the whole unit that they are part of including the commander will be dissolved. this is the 1st time that they're publicly addressing, what could be an issue of infiltration. so i think security issues moving forward. and again, even the telephone hasn't been paid their salary. the people will tell you that over time, that could also be an issue when it comes to defections towards ice. okay. the united nation has recalls to senior officials working in ethiopia because of concerns about their safety. it comes after and unverified recording surfaced in which to you and workers say officials sympathize with rebels integrating the investigation into that recording comes days after easy. ok expelled. 7 un employees accusing them of meddling un secretary general is calling on
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a few appear to allow unrestricted access to deliver humanitarian a to the gray, where the government is fighting rebels. small come web has more from they will be the audio recording which was published online to women can be heard saying that they work for the u. n. n. e. c. a p s. speaking to a freelance journalist and saying that they believe senior global level, un official, some senior global level, un officials of bias and sympathetic to the to grey and forces. great reason in the north of the country, the fighting. the government treats the conflict that the gun just under a year ago, un officials obliged to be neutral, an independent. now the voices news agency says through other un workers, it's identified these to you. and officials. one who works for the un population funded, another one who worked for the international organization from migration in ethiopia,
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that view and haven't confirmed the identity of the the people. but it has said it is following its own internal mechanism to address this issue. it's been quite a lot of attention over the last few months between the government and not just the u. n but other international leg 8 organizations who are working in ethiopia, those 7 officials that the government said it was throwing out there on tanya terry, as the secretary general did reject that explosion, that was just the most recent in a, in a number of statements from the government, when it's been very critical of various staff members of international humanitarian organization can use president who are kenyatta says he will not recognize a ruling by the international court of justice. the judgement largely favors somalia in a long running maritime border dispute as fake is control of a 100000 square kilometers section of the indian ocean is reaching oil and gas.
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kenya says it's maritime borders should be drawn in a straight line eastwards parallel to the line of latitude. but somalia says the borders should expand southwards, extending its land border. hulma aliya kenya, should instead see the decision of the court as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship of the 2 countries and the collaboration of their neighboring people. somalia did not choose to be a neighbor with kenyana, but it was the willing of the almighty god. so that were forced to live as peaceful neighbors. so marya was committed to that for ever, and welcomes it. now. decision is in the circumstances, a 0 sum game, which will only strain the relations between our 2 countries. it will also reverse the social, political, and economic gains and potentially aggravate the piece a security situation in the fragile horn of africa region, arduous airs. catherine saw he has worn out from nairobi. this statement by kenya's
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present or working at a comes as no surprise. even before the court fooling, our government officials had been seen the will not respect if somewhat anticipating the outcome of it. they say that they will defend kenya will defend its territory. that will not give up an inch of it. we've also heard from president of somalia from maggio who says that this is an opportunity for the 2 countries to seat and talk with very unclear to see with a can is willing to take that position right now because they have held a very hard line position if you remember, can you withdrew from this case back in march, and now it has said that it will not suspect the decision of the court. the court does, it does not have the decision to enforce it's ruling. so it's good to be very difficult to see what's going to happen going forward. the court's ruling, however, is final that the decision of the court is final. but then any, a group country can go a place, it's grievances to the un security council. so
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a lot of people are waiting to see what's going to happen going forward a, is that going to be a push for more talks between the 2 countries? is kenya going to soft and it sounds a bit. but at this moment, kenya says it will not respect the caught a court decision, and it will do anything to protect its boundaries. still ahead on al jazeera, why a group of palestinian prisoners in israel jails have gone on a mast hunger strike a show of support for, believe us government, it's under pressure about a new law. criticize as a step towards a police fate. ah hello everyone. thank you for joining in the southwest monsoon has exit it from northern parts of india,
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but still toward the south. we're getting striped with some heavy rain. so go as we head toward karnataka, caroline, right into html. now do the threat of flooding still exists and we still have this fire hose of rain stretching from one end of the bay. i've been gall, slamming right into the other impacting thailand and beyond bar than for the other side of indo china. we do have an incoming tropical storm campus who looking right into central vietnam. so thing on thursday alone looking to get about a $150.00 millimeters of rain and wind gusts of 60 kilometers per hour. still solid bands of rain for that east coast of china. right toward the south and taiwan, still blanketed in brain that southeast corner. we had campus to roll by here and dropped about 250 millimeters of rain and it's still coming on thursday. the front has slid across japan, the bulk of the energy. now out toward the pacific, but the for the 1st time in about a month, cargo shima will not hit 30 degrees. so we've got you in for $23.00 and it's
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looking fairly settled across the korean peninsula. sol has a high of 23 degrees with a mix up sun in cloud, in the forecast on thursday. that's it. that's all. see you soon. ah! in the country with an abundance of results. lauren, one moment we move to grow and fraud, we balance. real economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part of the his growth and program with. now, lou
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lou, they're watching al jazeera, a reminder of our top stories, progress towards clean energy is far too slow and government must triple spending. that's the calling from the international energy agency. it says the world is set to miss its net 0 target by 2050, by 60 percent. the united nations as recall to senior officials working any feel peer because of concerns about their safety. it comes after an unverified recording surfaced in which to work is say, un officials sympathize with rebels intake, right? and a, hollywood star who inspires generations with the idea of exploring how to plan it is about to head into space. contracts. william shatner is on board a blue origin spacecraft, which is due to live tom very shortly from van horn in texas. william shatner will
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become the oldest person to go to the edge of state. we're bringing that live event as it happens here on out here. mr. good, are the world news in the meantime, and more than 250 palestinian prisoners from islamic jihad to have started a hunger strike. prisoners say they have been facing further punishment after 6 inmates tunnel their way out of a maximum security jail. last month, neither ibrahim has more from ramallah islamic jihad, the saying that this batch will be joined by more and more prisoners and some of them, or even from different political parties, with the hundreds of them intending to stop drinking water athletes, or sage. in addition to that hunger strikes dirty man is that they want their situation inside is really prison, to return back to how it was in september before 6000. you prisoners escape and his we prison. 5 of them are from the slamming, had movement, and members of that movement say that they've been singled out by israel,
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by solitary confinement, as well as interrogation. now, over the years since the 1900 sixty's, we're talking about more than $23.00 hunger strikes and a 70 percent of them according to observers, have been successful. now the success is very when it comes to how much of these demands, where much, by the way the prison service, and sometimes the is ready for the service back tracks on those demands that were agreements that were made earlier, prompting more prison, those to go into hunger strike and it is still seen as the most powerful tool prisoners have inside this room prison. now when it comes to this strike, this time, prisoners say that israel is affecting the way prisoners. specifically, those from atlanta to had are dealing with their live inside prison and organizing their life. they are and this has been one of the demands that was met in previous
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hunger strike. the us secretary of state is said to meet the foreign ministers of israel and united arab emirates on wednesday. they are expected to discuss their progress in strengthening relations. the u. e. along with a few other nations began normalizing ties with israel last year was in jordan has moved from washington. well they're going to be a couple of a bilateral meetings as the secretary of state, antony blinkin will meet with his israeli counterpart. mr. lockheed. and then he will also have a separate meeting with his i am radi counterpart, then they'll have a trilateral meeting, all 3 men in the same room. they're going to be discussing of the raft of issues confronting middle eastern countries. everything from the political and economic instability in lebanon to the ongoing, a civil war inside yemen. the ongoing situation with libya, the ongoing, a civil war in syria, as well as looking at the ongoing efforts to broker peace between the israelis and
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the palestinians. but a senior state department official did indicate and a background briefing worth reporters on tuesday afternoon. that the binder ministration is interested in seeing whether more countries in the middle east would be willing to open diplomatic ties with israel. certainly from a regional security standpoint, the more hours you have, the more treaty partners you have, the lower the chances there are of a regional war and certainly given that to both you and israel are concerned about ongoing efforts. a suspected within the iranian government to develop a nuclear weapons program, if it's in washington's benefit, to have more countries on the same page, diplomatically and try to confront a security threat than it is to have lots of countries looking at each other as potential enemies. islands, foreign minister says the
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e u is to remove the majority of customs checks between britain and northern island . it comes as the u. k asks the block to rewrite the part of the brakes it deal that's created checks between great britain and northern ireland. it says these calls challenges in the region. the ear will officially unveil its proposals later . police in kosovo have scuffled with ethnic serbs during an operation to crack down on smuggling. raids were held in 4 areas. police use tear gas as the ethnic serbs through stones and other objects. and they blocked the main road of north mitrovica south with trucks, kosovo declared independence from serbia in 2008. but large communities of ethnic serbs still live within cosello's quarters. protestors in peru have gathered around a statue of christopher columbus in the capital to call attention to the treatment of indigenous people. they say colonization created deep inequities on the continent. the protest comes during hispanic heritage month,
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which commemorates the arrival of columbus in the america. a 2nd group gathered to protect a statue. tens of thousands of government supporters have been rallying in some of bolivia as big as cities. it follows days of anti government protest against a proposed law. the bill gives authorities the power to investigate citizens assets without a court order, daniel shamela report, and when his house, ah, it was a show of strength to the socialist government, a direct response, the anti government protest across bolivia or monday, priscilla louis sort of see a dress crowds and believe you 3 main cities coach of amber, santa cruz and la bus, or if they don't respect the election results, if they don't respect democracy, if they don't respect the popular vote, them will make sure they respect us in the streets. i go, he's promoting a lot designs at sac elicits earnings that he says will help the fight against drug
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traffickers and money laundering. the lower house of congress passed it last month . however, the government is put off, pushing it through. bolivia is up a house like that. that was not good, but i looked at the women are here to fight. we won't rest. will defend our country more united beneatha or that we believe paula. there is no garage if we here to defend democracy in for the unity of the bolivian people. we reject separatism and division. and those who don't represent our country opponent say the law will give the authorities unprecedented powers and is a step towards the totalitarian state. they include business owners in small traders, but also some trade unions and indigenous groups in the country divided mama we are against this law because it means we will be inspected. they will inspect what we sell every day and also the assets we've obtained. our houses are cars and years of
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earnings, so we don't agree they are threatened to resume their protest if the government does not scrap the law in the next 3 days. the challenge is clear, both sides. the said they will not back down one bill sec. the by like, are you learning when they take to the streets? unfortunately, means the institutional spaces have shrunk. this is not a good sign. both the government and the opposition are showing their force. while the law they're fighting over has been put on hold. move with divisions in bolivian society, again visible on the streets, a return to the social and political term all the plague. the country throughout much of its history now seems inevitable than china out to 0. 2 schools and businesses in hong kong have been close as tropical storm compare. so sweeps through bringing heavy rain and winds authorities of council to morning trading on the city stock market force in china's southern province of hanan,
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have been shut down ahead of the storms arrival 9 people died in flash, drugs, and landslides. when composites will hit the philippines on monday, more than 200 emergency calls are trying to contain yet another wildfire in california is the most destructive seas in the u. s. seaters seen, intense winds are driving the flames in rural santa barbara. 55 square kilometers has already been burned and a major highway has been forced to close. now, hollywood star inspired generations with the idea of exploring our, the planners is about to head into space start trex. william shatner is on board a blue origin spacecraft, which is due to liftoff shortly from van horn in texas. the 90 year old is set to become the oldest person to go to space. his launch was scheduled for monday but it was delayed because of strong winds. live to andy gallegos, covering the story for us from miami's to launch has been delayed again to day by at least a half an hour. now, do we know what's going on while we're on
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a hold patent at the moment we were down to t minus 15 minutes, but for about the last 10 minutes, we're on whole blue origin hasn't said why, but i have been some concerns about high when the initial launch was supposed to happen on tuesday that was delayed for the very same reason. but william shatner, also known as captain james t. kirk is on board inside that new ship at rocket. he was driven out to the pad by jeff bay's off himself, looking pretty relaxed. remember, this is a 90 year old man. once this happens, once the launch gets on the way, he will be the oldest human being to get into space. although people will argue about whether the blue are actually reaches space, it goes about a 100 kilometers above the earth. the crew on board, all 4 will experience about 3 minutes of weightlessness before they get power. shoot it back down to the ground and all this entire trip will last about 10 minutes. but in terms of publicity, just phase offs is really hit this one out the park because there is no one on this
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planet that is more relate to bowl that has had more of a cultural effect on science fiction than william shatner. so he is strapped in looking pretty relaxed at the moment, but we are on hold for now. yeah, and as you say, millions of people have grown up watching william shatner on the star trek tv show and films, but beyond the publicity this mission will bring. what do you think shot and the company behind this strip jeff basis is company hoping to achieve you to get out of well look what we've got here in the big picture is a 1000000000 as boys club race to space. both jeff pathos, a lot mosque and richard branson are all fighting for dominance in this race to get people like you and i up into space to make it cheaper to make it more accessible. and there's no one more accessible, i think, than william shatner, who, you know, a lot of people working on the blue origin project site. they were highly influenced by star trek as a tv show and remember shot net 1st hit,
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the screens in 1966 that 3 years before we landed on the moon. and here we are half a century later. and william shatner is actually taking the journey for himself. so in terms of this space rates between these 2 and 3, johns, yes, the so me go involved here, but getting shatner on board. the blue origin i think is a huge to for bays off. it's got lots of people watching lots of people saying what shatner's reaction will be when he gets back down to earth. but right now, we're on this holding patton's. he can only imagine what bill shatner is feeling strapped into this new shepherd capsule. remember, there's no pilot is all automated about to be blasted up into the atmosphere while fully i'll get one of the best views. you can simply imagine the blue origin. the new shepherd rocket has some of the biggest windows of any spacecraft in the history of space flight. so we should get an amazing view of the planet. see the curvature of the earth variance that got that sense of being with no gravity and
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then come back down to earth all very safely. so lots of people watching. attracted by, of course we're doing all this. so for, for base also, i think a huge coo and something that everyone's going to watch. i can tell you that a lot of excitement in our news from now more excitement then baseball went into space himself. thank you very much on the for now. and to gallagher live for his day in miami, live pictures again from texas, where we are waiting for thought, trick actor william shatner to launch into space. there's been a slight delay, but we're expecting it to happen very soon. ah, hello again, i'm fully berty boy, with the headlines on al jazeera progress towards clean energy is far too slow and governments must triple spending. as the car from the international energy agency is as the world is set to miss it. net there are target by 2050 by 60 percent.


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