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ah ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, this is in is our on al jazeera, fully, but to go live from our world headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. a warning about our warming planet, c, international energy agency says trillions must be spent now on clean energy to limit climate change. taliban officials fell. western envoys using sanctions to fresh of m poses a threat to afghanistan. security also this our,
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the european union and the u. k tried to solve the impasse on trading agreements in northern ireland and boldly going where no 90 year old has gone before a canadian actor william shatner is heading into straits. i'm joanna roscoe with the sports the international and pick committee rules out putting pressure on china over their human rights record out of the aging winter games saying it's not in their remit. ah, thank you for joining us. progress towards clean energy is far too slow and governments must triple, they're spending as the urgent calling from the international energy agency in its latest report. as it stands, the world is 60 percent short of its target to cut emissions to net 0 by 2050. that's what's needed to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius. the i. e. a
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says the use of fossil fuels like call and oil is increasing. and as a result, energy prices have risen to record levels. the organization describes this as advance warning of the risk of moving too slowly towards renewables. is calling $44.00 trillion dollars of investment in the next decade, which it says could create $26000000.00 jobs. now the u as being badly hit by the soaring energy prices, it's been laying out a plan to protect people facing huge bills or answer do what should be done is to thought 1st, our immediate priorities to protect europe's consumers, especially the most vulnerable. second, we have to make our entire system better prepared and more resilient, so that we don't have to face a similar situation in the future. the short term member states are best placed and equipped duct, and as in going to barbara done, protecting consumers is
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a longstanding you priority. so it means that our rules already allow and in fact encourage the member states take action. live to al jazeera natasha butler, who's at the european commission in brussels forest. natasha. tell us more about the recommendations. the e energy commission is making to member of state on how to cope with his energy crisis. yes, you heard from kataria simpson there the i'm you, the, a europe, sir. energy commissioner laying out that list of recommendations for member states or who want to try and shield consumers from those rising costs. bills will be going up. are they worn? and of course we are heading into winter here in europe. so there is a lot of concern about how people are gonna be able to keep their homes, for example. now some of the recommendations of from the commission were things like reducing tax on energy bills or helping poor households with financial aid to
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checks of vouchers that kind of thing. anything that can help people, whether the storm, if you like, in some cases, i said simpson, or the bills should be frozen altogether for the most vulnerable people. i in the block. now, across europe, governments have been trying to decide what to do to try and shield their own populations from the energy crisis. we've seen, for example, in countries like france and italy, they are considering these tax cuts already on energy bills. and frogs has already been put a cap on energy bills, but other countries are also saying that what is needed is much more of an e wide response. these recommendations might not be enough. what they are pushing for are much larger responses to this course. as spain, for example, i says it would be a good if the you were to be able to jointly buy a natural gas and then distributed amongst the block or, or work on joint storage of natural gas,
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all things which could help more vulnerable member states. i the way those issues are all going to be on the table when you leave. does meet next week a for some of the energy crisis, very much. one of the main things on the agenda. yes. and what is behind that? the spike in natural gas prices in europe. natasha and, and what can be done to prevent such spikes? when you talk to energy analysts, they talk about a perfect storm. there are a number of reasons for this energy crisis among them. of course, the fact that so many countries are emerging from long cove, it locked down. so of course that's as pushed up demand or so demand is rising in asia, in china, there has been a lack of wind power over the last few months in europe, a cold winter. all these things have really come together to create this energy crisis and really a fuel it now what can be done as say, most european leaders, including at the energy commissioner a here in brussels, is much more of
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a focus on a renewables, a shift away from these fossil fuels where we are seeing these a spikes and falls in the cost of energy to renewables. things like wind power, solar, bio gas, all the things that could baps make energy or something the europeans could provide to themselves if you like. so they are less reliant on outside sources because natural gas in europe, you have to know quarter a quarter of year, but she relies on natural gas. but most of our natural gas is imported from countries like algeria, norway, and mainly russia. so in order to make europe less reliable on outside sources, more sovereign for its own energy needs, the has to be much more focus on renewable energy. thank you for that. natasha butler reporting their life from brussels. and it's not just the energy shortages many countries are grappling with as a merge from the corona virus. pandemic,
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global supply chains have been disrupted, and many goods remain off the shelves reduced factory output over the past 18 months and shipping long jobs are being blamed. now u. s. president joe biden is intervening to help ease some of the pressure as bringing our white house correspondent kimberly hawk. it was live in washington. so kimberly tell us about the problems the u. s. is experiencing 1st well, the port of california in los angeles is a really good example of where the problems lie. that is a poor that accounts for in terms of unloading container ships from overseas, about 40 percent of the goods that americans buy. and right now, it is at a backlog. now adding to the problems, the fact that there are containers that need to be unloaded is there is a shortage of truck drivers to take those containers across the country to fill the stores and pack the shelves of american stores. and there's another problem too.
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there is a shortage of workers to unpack those container boxes and put them on the shelves. and so you see what's happening happening here. there's a bit of a ripple effect and the treasury secretary says that this is something that they believe is temporary. what has happened, what is created, this sort of backlog that is turned into a shortage of goods for consumers. is that when the economy shut down, due to the coven, 19 pandemic, people stop needing goods, or rather they needed more goods and they stop needing services. and so that's what created the shortage, that's what created the backlog. and now this is an administration working hard to turn this economy back on and get this backlog worked out. so what, what is president biden hoping than to do when he intervenes? well, there's one thing that is already been done, and that is, is that the by the administration has worked out a deal with the union that is involved with unloading these containers and
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container ships. for example, in los angeles. what we now know is that these crews are going to be working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. in other words, they're going to be 3 shifts in order to get all this done. something that didn't happen before. that's one of the things that is being done, but also the u. s. president will be talking about some of the other measures that the he is going to be taking with his, his ministration, including meeting with some of the top ceo of major companies like federal express u. p. s. and even major retailers like wal mart in order to try and figure out what more needs to be done. so we're expected to hear from the president about that following his meeting. we're also expected to hear from the press secretary, but i should point out that one of the other problems that is nagging this administration is inflation. the things that americans buy most need most, for example, gasoline or petrol as well as housing prices. those are really spiked and the
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president's critics say that in large part because with policies including that 1.9 trillion dollar relief package to help people that were dealing with covet 19. so there is some argument about whether or not the biden administration solutions are really working. so we'll be hearing from the president later on as a defensive strategy and insist that what americans are experiencing right now is only temporary, or i can be thank you very much for that. kimberly hopkins is on white house correspondent. in other world news, the taliban is calling on the international community to end sanctions, which it says risk undermining. security. it's acting foreign minister is meeting us and european envoys here in kata and has warned sanctions could lead to a new wave of economic refugees is growing concerned. also over humanitarian crisis . as i've got some remains cut off from much of the world with its assets frozen abroad that go live to stephanie decker was incredible for his stephanie, the tiny bon. desperately seeking some form of legitimacy from the joshua community
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. are they making any progress at all? well, there is dialogue, but at the moment, the message from all the players that have been talking to the taliban, that those talks don't mean that they're recognizing their mazda, legitimate government, and not because of certain amendments they want to taliban to make. when it comes to a more inclusive cabinet and also particularly the rights protecting rights of minorities and women. but you know, there's the warning there from the acting foreign minister saying that there could be an increase again in migration, particularly when it comes to the economic situation. here, i mean, this is accurate from what we're seeing. there is no money. there's no money in the country. people don't have access to money. people haven't paid their salaries in months, even the bureaucracy here the little broker, see that remains seems to be crumbling. people don't have enough to eat, so you have that and accurately as well. yes. many people want to leave because of the taliban. but many people also telling us that because of the economic situation and they want to leave when you're ready, how to wave the backend refugees before the taliban took over this country. so that
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gives you a sense of the complexities of what withholding billions of dollars of aid is doing here is having a real severe impact to interesting me the security situation is an issue. ice. ok, i still and i've gotten a started stepped up its attacks over the last 2 weeks or so coming from the north to the east of the country. also here in cobb, there remains a very active security threat against one of the main high profile targets here. and also interest, we've just had a press conference in the spokesperson of the interior minister for the 1st time addressing the taliban and saying that they cannot be taking matters into their own has like going house to house. but significantly, when it comes to security, saying that anyone is found to be part of isolate, so have infiltrated the taliban that they will be held to account under shady law. and that the whole unit that they are part of including the commander will be dissolved that this is the 1st time that they're publicly addressing. what could be an issue of infiltration? so i think yes, security issues moving forward. and again, even the taliban haven't been paid their salaries police,
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so people will tell you that over time, that could also be an issue when it comes to defections towards ice. ok, thank you for that, stephanie deck. i live there in campbells must morehead on this news hour, including kenya's president to reject say you and course ruling that give somalia control of most of the resource rich part of the indian ocean. article storm composite, sleeps through hong kong bringing heavy rain closing schools and the stock markets and denmark keep a clean sheet to join the whole scatter and germany in the welcome. final details with joe ah are more than a year after the u. k. left the european union, both sides are still at odds over trade in northern ireland. the e u is unveiling proposals to address a dispute. the u. k has asked the blog to rewrite the part of the brakes it deal
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that's created custom checks between great britain and northern island. it says these calls challenges in the region. the repulse changes are expected to ease the flow of goods including meet plants and medicine. so what exactly is the protocol that the you and britain are divided about while northern island is the only area where the u. k. and the blank physically needs is a 500 kilometer border. keeping that open is a crucial part of the 1998 good friday agreement. the accord ended the long run in conflict in northern ireland that killed more than 3000 people. to avoid any physical border, checkpoints or protocol created a customs, divide in the irish c instead, which is inside the u. k. and to add to the complicated process on an islands must follow e rules as a condition of rex it or was seen by the european court of justice. but the u. k is adamant that must change, that to under simmons in bras are a bit belfast for as andrew do we know what the e u is proposing at the stage?
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ah, yes, we've got a very good idea. diplomats have been breathing journalists and brussels and, and also the e. u has also been briefing in various areas. we don't have full details but. busy serv. maroe sift cove ich the vice president of the european commission said that these are very far reaching changes in the whole procedure which is governed by the northern on protocol for checking goods on the c border. not seeing the customs post such as up the coast from here, lawn and, and others as well. in terms of checking things over all the hold ups. the bureaucracy, which had caused such controversy and disruption at to supplies and, and did the medical supplies food supplies of the goods calles in some cases. in some cases, the as shown says, are expected to be that this will all be streamlined and, and also
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a number of other changes in the way that the, as i say, the medical supplies. and that will be guarantees that any, any drugs, products of fleet from great britain will come out to northern ireland, it with it without any holdups. now, the big problem will be that the u. k. position if anything has changed at to be a much more i'm demanding on the european union. i'm some describe it as a quite an aggressive stance in that there. busy are demands now for the european court of justice, not to have any any oversights, any bearing any judgments on, on any of the, of the parts of the bricks. it's a treaty. so therefore, that demand that is likely to be met with, with a, with a very thumb, no, the you sees that as a red line. so what is the reaction a hearing though,
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that on one of the people who has been very active sums of processes, a jamie bristle, he's a loyalist activist, and the house was pushed hard against the sea border. what do you make of all these assurances to the business community in particular that things will be smoothed out? well, a number of issues with a firstly the fact that the european union are bringing forwarding proposals. make a nonsense of our position over the last 2 years to the protocol. couldn't be the open plainly. they oddly open that on their banging for d proposals. these proposals may very well deal with the tactical issues on the bureaucracy that's attached to the non to recall. but even if they do succeed in doing not, then f, northern ireland means laughed within the single market for goods and northern ireland. constitutionally, estelle carved off from the last of the united kingdom. so there's 2 component parts to this. and the proposals from the you may be very packed to go and terms of the day, the most little tactical day to day economic issues. but they will not,
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from what i see out what's being late to much been based. they will not deal with the core constitutionally, she which is that northern ireland will be treated like a 3rd country in relation to last with united kingdom are not fully unacceptable, but, but surely, you must buy into the argument we're hearing now from a business people in northern ireland, look, you could have the best of 2 worlds. you could have 2 more because you've got the u . k. market, you've got the european union market. business can be a more profitable. it does not necessarily mean a irish unity, but more irish corporation and current coherent strategies towards business. well, a couple of points on relations out firstly, as we all know. and if we look at the model of the european union itself, it's but a small staff from economic union to political union. and that, of course, is the whole issue with leon, hidden after he had bought the the active union itself in the united kingdom, as, as about all of the citizens in the united kingdom been on an equal footing. and those matters of trade unevenness. best of both worlds argument, which would sat, northern ireland and
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a better position than the last of the united kingdom would undermine the united. because a site core b as is of the united kingdom, as it all constituent parts, should be on an equal footing in relation to trades or as a unionist, even of northern ireland were to be treated better than the rest of the united kingdom. i wouldn't support that because i simply want to be on an equal footing with my fellow citizens across all united kingdom because i was the very on the pending b as is also off the united kingdom and off the active union. it will all on equal footing jimmy browse and thank you very much for explaining what you've been protested about a little the hefty levels throughout. almost thank you. back to you in the studio. thank you for that. andrew simmons line for us there in belfast. and the united nations, as recalls to senior officials working in ethiopia because of concerns about their safety. it comes after an unverified recording surface in which to you and workers say you an official, sympathize with rebels in te gray investigation into that recording comes days
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after ethiopia. expelled 7, un employees, accusing them of meddling. the un secretary general is calling on ethiopia to allow unrestricted access to deliver humanitarian aid to te gray, where the government is fighting rebels. live to markham way poor joining us from my ruby or kenya with an eye on that story for as there's been tension. we know malcolm recently between the u. n. n e t o p. and government. what more do we know 1st about these un officials of had to leave if you're here who, when the audio recording, which was published online to women, can be heard saying that they work for the un in ethiopia, speaking to a freelance journalist and saying that they believe senior global level, un official, some senior global level, un officials of biased and sympathetic to the to grey and forces to great region in the north of the country. the fighting. the government treats the conflict that they've gotten just under a year ago who un officials with lies to be neutral,
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an independent. now reuters news agency says through other un work because it's identified these 2 un officials, one who worked for the you and population funded. another one who worked for the international organization for migration in ethiopia that the you and haven't confirmed the identity of these 2 people. but it has said it is following its own internal mechanism to address this issue. as he mentioned, there's been quite a lot of tension over the last few months between government not just the u. n, but other international leg, a organization who are working in ethiopia, those 7 officials that the government said it was throwing out there on tenure. tara is the 2nd to general, did reject that explosion. that was just the most recent in a, in a number of statements from the government when it's been very critical of various staff members of international humanitarian organization. and the job in government,
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meanwhile, has been intensifying. it's offensive in t great. what's the latest you're hearing about that? with a grain for his folk person is said that the government began an offensive just days ago that it started with a strike, a staggering number of casualties. and that it's a great 4th is have been fighting, pushing back against the success. we haven't had any comment yet from ethiopia inside on this offensive. they haven't confirmed that it's taking place, and it's very difficult to verify any claim coming out of that because restricted access to press the difficulty with the communications that this, this follows just on tuesday, the u. s. saying once again, it was considering targeted economic sanctions against individuals involved in this conflict, which according to some sources,
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seems to be escalating. thank you for that updates malcolm web live fair in nairobi . kenny as president who will kenyatta, says he will not recognize the ruling by the international court of justice. a judgement luxury favors somalia in a long running maritime border dispute as stake is control of 100000 square kilometers section of indian ocean. it's rich in oil and gas, kenya says it's maritime borders should be drawn in a straight line eastwards parallel to the line of latitude. but somalia says the border should expand southwards, extending its land border. kenya shouldn't see the decision of the court as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship of the 2 countries and the collaboration of their neighboring people. somalia did not choose to be a neighbor with kenyana, but it was the willing of the almighty god so that we're forced to live as peaceful neighbors. somalia was committed to that forever and welcomes it. now. this decision is in the circumstances a 0 sum game,
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which will only strain the relations between not 2 countries. it will also reverse the social, political, and economic gains, and potentially aggravate the pizza security situation. in the fragile horn of africa region al jazeera katherine sawyer has more now from nairobi. this statement by kenya's present to hooking out a comes as no surprise even before the court fooling our government officials had been seen. the will not respect if somewhat anticipating the outcome of it, they say, as that they will defend kenya, will defend its territory. that will not give up an inch of it. we've also heard from president of somalia for module who says that this is an opportunity for the 2 countries to sit and talk very unclear to see with a can is willing to take that position right now because they have held a very hard line position. if you remember, can you withdrew from this case back in march,
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and now it has said that it will not suspect the decision of the court. the court does, it does not have the decision to enforce it's ruling so it could be very difficult to see what's going to happen going forward. the court's ruling, however, is final. and that the decision of the court is final. but then any group country can go a place, it's grievances to the un security council. so lot of people are waiting to see what's going to happen going forward a, is that going to be a push for more talks between the 2 countries? is kenya going to soft and it sounds a bit, but at this moment, kenya says it will not respect the quarter to court decision, and it will do anything to protect its boundaries. schools in businesses in hong kong has been closed as tropical storm compasses. we've seen bringing heavy rain and winds. authorities have cancelled morning trading on the city stock market force in china's southern province. have hainan have been shut down as
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a precaution ahead of the storm. his arrival 9 people dined in trash, lads, and landslides, when compasses hit the philippines on monday. route mcbride has more from hong kong . as it barreled in from the western pacific compassed to 1st hit the philippines, especially the northern island of luzon, which saw extensive flooding and land slides with a number of deaths and injuries. these typhoons often lose some of their force over the philippines as compassed, who did, but it then passed into the south china sea moving westwards over open water. and so maintaining a lot of its strength with its outer rain bands really lashing and soaking much of the southern coast of china, including here in hong kong which wednesday was brought pretty much to a standstill. this is an area that has already been soaked by a similar storm just days earlier. that was storm lion rock which passed into the island in the southern china of hine and,
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and then into northern viet nam. now this storm can pass who is following pretty much the same route, so those areas are being hit once more as they bear the brunt of compasses landfall, and jeff, foul weather present to his falling head, the path of the storm, his an update. hey there, thanks for joining in. here's an update on tropical storm compas following a very similar pattern. what we saw less than a week ago with tropical storm line gates slants rate into central vietnam. and so being looking to pick up about a $150.00 millimeters of rain on thursday, we got here about 60 kilometers per hour. so we looked toward the east coast of china the same through the south. it's still unsettled hong kong, got a drenching courtesy of tropical storm compas, who as well, issuing its 3rd highest storm warning. and taiwan also affected by compas to the southeast corner more than $250.00 millimeters of rain. and it is still raining on thursday through japan that front has pushed out toward the pacific. so more
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settled conditions. tokyo 23 degrees. and for the 1st time in about a month, cargo shima is below 30 degrees after the sub continent right now in the southwest monsoon has withdrawn for the most part as we head toward the north, but still weather alerts in play. i pronounce calibrate into tamela, do so the risk is seen some flooding, but again, talking more nor through the areas marashi by risk of thunderstorms on thursday. but we're in the sunshine as we hit toward friday and saturday, and temperatures pretty well where they should be for this year soon. jeff, thank you very much for that. still ahead on the news are we made? the syrian art isn't leaving in jordan who found a way to preserve their traditional would work. and other trick for now, go as the house force you go to the latest. well kept quantifying when that's coming up and forthwith to stay with ah,
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how many nukes has too many new america had in many ways driven the arms race parties are much more like the british parties. now, there are fewer regulations to own a tiger than their our own a dog. how can this be happening? your weekly take on us politics and i see, and that's the bottom line. the world is warming, green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what lucy, al jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you, al jazeera up.
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ah ah ah, you're watching the news are on al jazeera with me fully battle. a reminder of our top stories of danny sans new taliban government is calling on the international community to end it's isolation, which it says, risks undermining. security. reacting foreign minister is meeting us and european envoys in ca, top the united nations as recall to senior officials working in ethiopia because of security concerns. it comes after and i'm very find recording surface in which to you when workers say you want officials sympathize with rebels intake, right.


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