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exhausted and many health care workers are experiencing t t s d like symptoms jump into the stream, enjoying our global community. if you're online on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation is wealth this street. oh, now to sierra, ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, this is in use our on al jazeera, i'm fully bachelor, lie from our world headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. a warning about our warming planets, the international energy agency says trillions must be spent now on clean energy to limit climate change. taliban officials tell western envoys using sanctions to pressure them poses a threat to afghanistan. security. also this,
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our kenya accuses a un court of bias after a rules in favor of somalia, in a maritime border dispute about a resource which region and carving out a new life. we need the syrian refugees who found a way to preserve their traditional class. i'm trying to get her oscar with the sports crowd, trouble his to work up qualifies europe while denmark keep a clean sheet to join the host scatter and germany in the finals next year. ah, thank you for joining us. progress towards clean energy is far too slow and governments must triple, they're spending. that's the urgent call from the international energy agency in its latest report. as it stands, the world is 60 percent short of its target to cut emissions to net 0 by 2050. that's what's needed to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius. the r e a says
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the use of fossil fuels like coal and oil is increasing. as a result, energy prices have risen to record levels. the organization describes this as advanced warning of the risk of moving too slowly towards renewables. it's calling $44.00 trillion dollars of investment in the next decade, which is says could create $26000000.00 jobs as bringing natasha butler joyce. this lie from brussels. you at the european commission in brussels, natasha, or the rising energy prices, of course, very much a concern in europe right now. and the commission is you to make recommendations to members face to cope on how to cope with the energy crisis. what can we expect? yes, we're waiting to hear from at the energy commissioner here i had the european union headquarters. she is expected to outline some a recommendations guidelines for member states on how to cope with this energy crisis. things are like a tax cuts on energy bills, all financial support,
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and the help energy checks for poor households across the block. now some of those tools and systems are already in place in some countries, for example, in france, where energy bills have been frozen to try and help consumers. because we are going to be heading into the winter here in europe or those energy bills are expected to get higher. people of course, very worried indeed on how they're going to get through the winter months. and pressure is mounting on government to do something to help are those people, as i said, particularly the poor households. it is clear that european union leaders have been divided on exactly how to go forward. some had wanted the european union to be much more involved to come out with babson, e wide measures france the spain, for example. spain has called on the you to put in place a joint purchase of natural gas stocks across the european union,
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a system where the european union would buy natural gas jointly then distributed across member state. very similar to what we saw with the covey vaccine or rollout here. that hasn't happened yet, but we understand it is on the table. it will be on the table next week when you lead as me to for a summit and the energy crisis will be one of the main top topics then. so what is exactly behind this spike in, in the natural gas price in europe, and what's going to be done to prevent such hikes in the future? well if you talk to, unless they will tell you that it is something of a perfect storm, a number of contributing factors all coming together. you've got countries across the european union emerging from locked down. so of course that's pushed up a demand for energy for natural gas, combined with other factors, there hasn't been much wind over the past few months. so wind power is down. in
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china in asia, demand for natural gas is surging. all these different factors that come together, and that is what is pushing up our energy bills. now, natural gas accounts for about a quarter of energy consumption in the european you and the 80 percent of that is imported. many from russia, but also from norway and from algeria. so what i'm the say, and what we can expect also i might hear from the energy commissioner, is that members phase need to do much more to move away from their relies on fossil fuels are much more a focus on investing in renewables, in wind technology, in solar and that kind of thing, because that is the only way say some that the european union in the future can become more sovereign when it becomes to its own energy needs. thank you for that. natasha butler reporting their live from brussels. while a less discuss this further, now with that will, stephanie who's a climate change expert at the australian national university is joining us from
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cambra. thank you very much for being with us. so what do you make of this? i year report to day it says 4 trillion dollars of investment in clean energy is needed in the next decade. is that achievable? i think it has to be achievable because this is a very important report. it saying that if we want to meet the parents climate goals, we have to move very quickly and very decisively now toward renewable energy. but there's a lot of interest course in net 0 emissions by 2050. but i think the real focus and this report makes it clear that we have to think of the near term targets. we need to think about it getting our emissions down by 2030 very rapidly and very deeply. so this is a report from the, the sector itself saying we've got to move fast and decisively now. the report talks about a new energy connie, but says the clean energy progress is far too slow. as we said, what is it down to? is it just down to policy setting?
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i think it's down to policy settings. it's down to the lack of incentives, right? it's down to a lack of policy, leverage and so on that countries can use. so i think it's up to nations now they're going to get together in glasgow in a couple weeks time. i don't think that's going to be an extremely important meeting to really galvanized action. now it's going to require investments, going to require policy settings and so on. but to really push this transition much, much faster. but many governments including china, have made pledges to reduce emissions. what difference has that made if any? and what has he had, what is it meant for the energy sector and climate? well, i think these pledges are need to be moved up. i mean, shortest of as a pledge for ridging. net 0 before 2060, that's pretty far down the track. a lot of western countries have done nets due by 2050 targets. i think we really need to focus on 2030. and i think globally, we've got to get emissions down at least by 50 percent, cut them in half in this decade. if we are to have
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a chance of keeping temperatures to well below 2 degrees. so i think this really is the crunch time is the i said it's can take a lot of investment. it has to happen now. we can simply talk about it or kicks the can down the road. we actually have to act on it now. and how of developing countries fair? especially those who have depended on coal. how they fared in the, in a clean energy transition. i think they are lagging behind for good reason. they don't have the resources of the wealthier countries. and that's another thing that this glasgow meeting needs to address is the transfer of funding and support from the wealthy countries to the less developed countries to help them with their energy transition. this has to happen across the board and we need to deal with the inequities which are built into our economic system and help countries or who need help to transition out of fossil fuels. that's a big, that's a big ask that we have to do there as well. it is a big ask because 8th, if you look at issues like of it, for example, inequities are,
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are really an issue and the world doesn't seem to be able to move past them. so what more needs to be done to move beyond the pledges from, from developed countries and, and wish to 0 emissions target by 2050. what incentives can be given to these rich countries? what is it? what does rich countries need to do is to live up to their pledges? there is a fund being developed under the auspices of the climate convention and that needs to be adhered to by the wealthy countries. a lot of the pledges haven't actually been carried out properly, so we're lighting behind in the money that's already been promised, but hasn't yet been delivered to the developing countries. and i think the wealthy countries need to realize if there are investment opportunities in the developing world that benefits both them and the wealthy countries in terms of renewable energy resources. good examples here in australia where we could generate hydrogen, for example, using renewables, not gas, but renewables and have
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a cheap export industry that could help our neighbors in southeast asia. so a lot of examples of where partnerships can develop that would benefit both sides and we need to be innovative. we need to be forward thinking that we need to invest in the sorts of, of new technologies as fast as we can. thank you so much for talking to us and sharing it with us. we'll stephan from the australian national university joining us a lie from camber. i thank you for your time. thank you. last calls and businesses in hong kong have been close as tropical storm compasses sweeps through, bringing heavy rain and winds. authorities have cancelled morning trading on the city stock market force in china. southern province of hay not have been shut down ahead of the storms arrival. 9 people died in trash fights and landslides when can pass, so hit the philippines on monday. rob mcbride has more from hong kong. as it barreled in from the western pacific compassed to 1st hit the philippines, especially the northern island of luzon,
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which saw extensive flooding and land slides with a number of deaths and injuries. these typhoons often lose some of their force over the philippines as compassed, who did, but it then passed into the south china sea moving westwards over open water. and so maintaining a lot of its strength with its outer rain bands really lashing and soaking much of the southern coast of china, including here in hong kong which wednesday was brought pretty much to a standstill. this is an area that has already been soaked by a similar storm just days earlier. that was storm lion rock which passed into the island in the southern china of high land and then into northern viet nam. now, this storm capacity is following pretty much the same route, so those areas are being hit once more as they bear the brunt of compasses. land for more than 200 emergency calls are trying to contain. yet another wild fire in
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california is the most destructive seas. in the us state has seen intense windsor driving the flames in rural santa barbara. 55 square kilometers has already been burned and a major highway has been forced to close people in the area in order to leave their homes and ranches. in other world, news of danny stands. new taliban government is calling on the international community to end sanctions, which it says, risks undermining. security is acting foreign minister is meeting us and european envoys here in cutter. the taliban is on a diplomatic push for international support and recognition after taking power in mid august. stephanie decker reports, some campbells, thousands of kilometers away from afghanistan, the political negotiations go on. following their talk to the americans and taliban delegation met european representatives in cat, ours capital, doha. afghanistan on the agenda to at this virtual g. 20 meeting led by italy. i minister matthew draggy warned of a humanitarian disaster. a variety of bras,
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humanitarian emergency that is unfolding is very serious. many people in representative of international organizations, i and the united nations. i've talked of humanitarian catastrophe, algoma. and they have noticed that with the onset of winter, with the situation will get worse in cobble. hardly any one has any money as wealth . again, one of the flaw me, i want to think the arrival of these la mc emirates. i believe that all our colleagues have been unemployed. meanwhile, our salaries have not been paid by the government. let us, therefore, my request to the government of these law mich emerett of afghanistan. he stood by . yes, our seller is 1st because the people leaving poverty, unpaid salaries, no jobs, a country that has a severe cash flow problem. she g dependent on billions of dollars of international aid that is now being withheld. and there's a growing security problem too. with iceland, afghanistan increasing its attacks. we met the man in charge of cobble security. he
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says the taliban is more than capable of handling the iso threat. that is good from a hot that it by one if i so as a threat to have gone to sean, it will also be a threat to the neighboring countries. taliban have promised the world that it will not let the terrorist groups use have gunnison as a base for launching attacks. as i can see in the past when he days taliban damaged iso capabilities with our security operations against them. but iceland afghans dawn is managed to carry out deadly attacks, including here in cobble venting arm groups like it from gaining ground here and using it to attack other countries. was one of the top points of last year's doha agreement between the u. s. and the taliban despite engaging in dialogue with the taliban international community, is made it very clear that this does not mean an official recognition of the taliban as afghanistan. government, that's dependent on things like an all inclusive government and protecting the rights of women. and as that back and forth continues, billions of much needed dollars are being withheld abroad, not having
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a devastating impact on the people here. daphne decor. i'll just there are a couple more head on this news hour, including supporters of iraq, shia cleric not cut out celebrated bodies when in sundays elections, but not everyone is happy with the result. the world's largest story make a lego promises to make its products more gender neutral. and another hot trick for now, do i have to go to the latest world cup qualifying when that's coming up in force? later when i do you rock way, some political parties and groups have rejected sundays parliamentary election results as a scam. early results show a correlation led by the influential shia cleric, mac todd asada, one the most seats. mom would have had reports from the opposition stronghold of nasiriyah, where reaction to the results is divided. for the 1st time in 20 years,
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the people of nursery will have a voice in iraq's parliament. i larry can be, is one of 4 candidates elected to represent the anti government movement known as to screen or october. that's a reference to the nationwide mass protest that begin in october 2019 alone and the 4 others are among 19 candidates elected to represent the southern, the province and its capital. now city article, we met him before the election when he told us about his resolve to fight corruption. early results from sunday's parliamentary votes had just his party has won the 2nd most seeds in our city year after popular shia cleric mocked other service coalition because of the skin was associated with another $5.00 marshall. we're going to join forces with independent candidates in other provinces to form
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a considerable block in harlem and accountability and combat incorruption are on top of our agenda and also all those related to human rights, freedom of human dignity, and must be verified, wasn't enough enough to have a thought lake other cities in southern iraq, natalie is suffering from neglect. that's mostly 1st in the health sector. in july, several people were killed in a fire that broke out at a government hospital. frustration is widespread among its people, especially younger generations who haven't had many job opportunities or access to services with loss, it is going to have not those whom routed poor since 2003 have done nothing for us. they only serve their own interest. so i, in my family, voted for the opposition. monday. people here in austria say they finally
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manage it to punish the dominant political parties by voting for their opponents. previous election results have led to anger and protests in the city. but now many people here say they're happy with the outcome of sunday's vote and seat as a lesson for iraq's political establishment. but some is still reject the electoral process. and blake quoted the election. they believe iraq's entire political system needs to change an awful mock lock shabby. how can we participate in an election set by a political system? we want to remove shock. what can 9 opposition seats do among hundreds of other politicized members? what the turn out for sunday's vote was 41 percent. the lowest of the 5 elections, the country has held since the 2003 u. s. led invasion. many blame this on the largest scale boycotting campaign. among other reasons,
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the election itself had to be moved up after demands from the to sri movement in missouri. yeah. it was originally scheduled for next year. but now the movement is a split between the boy cutters and those who want to engage in the political process . we're mostly a city, southern iraq. one of the now speak to army jewish de, in baghdad. he is the director of the house of iraqi expertise foundation, which is a think tank. thank you very much. if there were she for being with us on, are you there again? how concerning is it that certain blogs, the pro e radian bronx, among them has one that has been a brigade rejecting the election results. and all the accusations that all found, it well fully will know that the political process in iraq is based on the parliament. we have a parliamentary system, so no one can make any decision in a way or another to the faith of the iraq. if,
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if this polity co blocked doesn't have any other presentation inside the parliament . so you can imagine from 48 until now, 14 and now it's pushed until maybe 18 or something. it show you that those blocks i'm talking about the effect there, which is more or less back by the, by iran, is it actually try to manage the last by saying the elections are be the results of the elections are not right? it's pro rate. they are managing their there, there. they are actually manipulate our voters votes and it show you how much they become. curious about that in those previous 2 days and also show you too many things. number one is that i have the electro committee, it try to manage some sort of putting some sort of seats for them. this is 1st, the 2nd one is the what said the other sad yesterday about. ok guys that's talk,
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which means that maybe in another they're going to read some sort of a compromise, right? well, how likely is that the, when the head of the fat correlation says, we will defend the vote of our candidates with full force. do you expect that this strike it is, i mean, could, this is concerning. i mean, using language right? that is concerning. but is it just fostering you think or could they be violent, perhaps wilfully. it's succeeded. well, what, what, mr. how the army said something like that or something like that, or even the, the law said something like that. it was before today's now again about let's say 4 seats. i think there are no more happy then before 2 days. okay. and also they are more happy what, what they said is that okay, let's talk, let's try to many things. let's see the future of iraq in another way,
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rather than to go to the weapon. ok, so now the other issue here, of course, is also the low turnout. as we said, we kind of thought as bronk has, has become, as the biggest winner as emerge is the biggest win win in parliament. but there is the issue of low turnout. how will that affect the legitimacy of these elected people? well, it's not legitimate. honestly speaking, we're talking about 70 percent of the people didn't go to the election. it show you how much people desperate from this political process. on another hand, it show you how much the burden, the challenge that on the shoulder of said to the southern and the others to have a successful executive government which, which is now doubt that it's not easy to have a successful executive government, especially with the problems that your rock has and especially on the economy, coal sector. so we need to manage the economy, coal sector with, with
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a very professional iraqi government and try also to many of the future of iraq in the, in the turning day. but i'm my, my doubts on maybe the iraq is also doubt when it will happen when the iraqi government will be form, which show you maybe until the next year. we're talking about january, february, it may be then we're going to expect the formation of the new government and also the, the 1st thing that it's supposed to be the new government will do is that managing the budget, try to manage the budget and try to make some sort of a new budget for 2022, which at at least going to happen. and about that say 4 and 6 months. much how much then? there are mation of a government. very good talk to you as always. i'm a jewish. the thank you for joining us there from back that you must come from not caught in, algeria has sentenced the brother of late president ability to flake at 2 years in prison side with a fleet has been charged alongside other former officials for obstruction of
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justice, abuse of office and inciting the falsification of official documents. in september 2019, he was sentenced to 15 years in jail for plotting against the states. he was later acquainted of those charges. kenny, as president a horror kenyata says he will not recognize that ruling by the international court of justice. a judgement largely favors somalia in a long running maritime border dispute at stake is control of a 100000 square kilometer section of the indian ocean. it's rich in oil and gas, kenya says it's maritime borders should be drawn in a straight line eastwards parallel to the line of latitude. but somalia says the border should expand southwards, extending its land border. alma la kenya should instead see the decision of the court as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship of the 2 countries and the collaboration of their neighboring people. somalia did not choose to be a neighbor with kenyana, but it was the willing of the almighty god. so that we're forced to live as
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peaceful neighbors. somalia was committed to that forever and welcomes it. now. this decision is in the circumstances a 0 sum game which will only strain the relations between our 2 countries. it will also reverse the social, political, and economic gains and potentially aggravate the pizza security situation in the fragile horn of africa region al jazeera katherine, so he has more now from nairobi. this statement by kenya's present to who looking at a comes as no surprise, even before the court fooling our governmental officials had been seen. the will not respect if somewhat anticipating the outcome of it. they say that they will defend kenya will defend its territory. that will not give up an inch of it. we've also heard from president of somalia for module who says that this is an opportunity for the 2 countries to seats and talk very unclear to see with
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a can is willing to take that position right now because they have held a very hard line position if you remember, can you withdrew from this case back in march, and now it has said that it will not suspect the decision of the court. the court does, it does not have the decision to enforce its ruling. so it's going to be very difficult to see what's going to happen going forward. the court's ruling, however, is fine. all the that the decision of the court is final, but then any group country can go a place, it's grievances to the un security council. so a lot of people are waiting to see what's going to happen going forward. i use that going to be a push for more talks between the 2 countries. is kenya going to soft and it sounds a bit. but at this moment, kenya says it will not respect the quarter to court decision, and it will do anything to protect its boundaries. still head on the news, our, the land border that held that breaks it,
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europe and the u. k. try to solve the impact on the northern ireland protocol. i want to see space. i want to see the earth. fiction becomes fact as star trek actor and hollywood legend william shatner prepared to blast off into space. and crowd tremble well kept qualifies in europe. she'll have the details in order to stay with us. we're back after this, very short a . ah. hi there, good to see you over the past 24 hours, southeastern bulgaria, picking up more than 60 millimeters of rain. but here's what we have our eye on this intensifying bundle of energy through this central med. this is a snapshot today. let me show you thursday it's quick move in, shoves right into the balkans. look at the white there that some high elevation snow. if we look at the forecast for sophia, look how low temperature is,
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are here. and the potential of seen some snow here is while 8 degrees on friday. that's a good 10 below average. now for turkey, we've got a run of rain through the boss 1st, so this is plaguing it's stumble and temperatures have come down here to as wall. now below average, where temperatures are not falling is a period some of the best weather on the continent on madrid, 25 degrees lose been wall to wall sunshine and the high of 26. now for the northwest spice of europe, and northerly wind is pressing down temperatures oslo rate down to paris. you're about a degree or 2 below where you should be and our next, whether makers plans into western scandinavia, some high elevation snow here as well. now for western africa, we'll see some intense bursts of rain as we had towards southern areas of nigeria. and same goes for gone, just spilling into the ivory coast average on has a high 27 degrees. that's it. see soon. ah,
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the end of the country with an abundance of results for the road waller and walk indonesia, whose firms for me, we moved full to growth and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let's be part when the this is growth and progress in indonesia. now, the venezuela, columbia borgia has become a stomping grounds for trespasses as desperate people transgress an illegal passage to feed an emerging fuel trafficking market. we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking at all venezuelan columbia. on al jazeera
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lou. ah, they are watching the news hour on al jazeera with me fully batch bull, our reminder of our top stories. of gad, he stands new taliban government discounting on the international community to end sanctions, which it faced risk undermining security. the acting foreign minister is meeting us and european envoys in cats, pro iranian political parties and groups in iraq have denounced the election results. isaiah.


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