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this corruption is pulling the island of la paloma out of the ocean. we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. so no matter what moves here with the news and kind of falls that matter to you. ah. taliban officials warn western envoys using sanctions to pressure them. poses a threat to afghanistan. security ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from della also coming up from the storm. compressors sweeps through hong kong bringing heavy rain closing schools, and the stock market can yes, president rejects a u. n. court's ruling that gives somalia control of most of a resource which part of the indian ocean am parts of janae under
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a state of emergency response to a wave of violence. insecurity. forces on the map, peachy interest community. ah, afghanistan's new taliban government is cooling on the international community to en sanctions, which it says risks undermining security. it's acting foreign ministers, meeting u. s. sun, europe, in envoys and cut off the taliban is on a diplomatic push for international support and recognition of taking power in august. stephanie decker reports and a capital kabul. thousands of kilometers away from afghanistan, the political negotiations go on. following their talks to the americans, taliban delegation met european representatives in cat, r as capital doha. afghanistan on the agenda to at this virtual g. 20 meeting, led by italy. prime minister matthew draggy, warned of a humanitarian disaster. the body of bas humanitarian emergency that is unfolding
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is very serious. many people in representative of international can i say sion sigh and the united nations have talk of humanitarian catastrophe. alco gomez. and they have noticed that with the onset of winter, with the situation will get worse in cobble. hardly any one has any money, as wealth can one of the family of all the things, the arrival of these la mc emirates. i believe that all our colleagues have been unemployed. meanwhile, our salaries have not been paid by the government. let us, therefore, my request to the governments of these law mc emerett of afghanistan. he stood by, yes, our seller is 1st home because the people leaving poverty, unpaid salaries, no jobs, a country that has a severe cash flow problem. she g dependent on billions of dollars of international aid that is now being withheld. and there's a growing security problem too. with iceland, afghanistan increasing its attacks. we met the man in charge of cobble security. he says the taliban is more than capable of handling the iso threat. that is good from
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a hot that it by one. if i saw a threat to have gone a son, it will also be a threat to the neighboring countries. talbot have promised the world that it will not let the terrorist groups use have gunnison as a base for launching attacks. as i can see in the past when he days taliban damaged iso capabilities with our security operations against him for the wasn't that iceland, afghan histone is managed to carry out deadly attacks, including here in cobble venting arm groups like it from gaining ground here and using it to attack other countries was one of the top points of last year's doha agreement between the u. s. and the taliban. despite engaging and dialogue with the taliban international community has made it very clear that this does not mean an official recognition of the taliban. as afghanistan's government, that's dependent on things like an all inclusive government and protecting the rights of women. and as that back and forth continues, billions of much needed dollars are being withheld abroad. that's having a devastating impact on the people here. stephanie decor, al jazeera,
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cobble shirt wrong now, where some political parties and groups have rejected sundays parliamentary election results as a scam. early figures show a coalition led by the influential shia cleric mcdonald set up one the most seats. lock one up to why reports on the opposition stronghold of nasiriyah, where reaction the results is divided. for the 1st time in 20 years, the people of nursery will have a voice in iraq's parliament. i larry can be, is $14.00 candidates elected to represent the anti government movement known as to screen or october. that's a reference to the nationwide mass purchased that begin in october, 2019 alert and the 4 others are among 19 candidates elected to represent the southern, the province and its capital. now city. we met him before the election when he told us about his resolve to fight corruption. early results from sundays,
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parliamentary votes had just his party has won the 2nd most seeds in no city year. after popular shia cleric mac to the service coalition of the sky was associated with another side the thoughts marshal were going to join forces with independent candidates in other provinces form a considerable block in parliament, accountability, and combat incorruption are on top of our agenda and also all those related to human rights, freedom of human dignity, and must be verified, wasn't enough enough to have a thought lake other cities in southern iraq, natalie is suffering from neglect. that's mostly 1st in the health sector. in july, several people were killed in a fire that broke out at a government hospital. frustration is widespread. amman gets people, especially younger generations who haven't had many job opportunities or access to services. melvin with glossy black eyes than it leon to have knocked those whom we
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wanted to porn. since 2003 have done nothing for us. they only serve their own inches. so i and my family voted for the opposition to the new monday. the people here in us re, i say, the finally manage it to punish the dominant political parties by voting for their opponents. previous election results have led to anger and protested in this city. but now many people here say they're happy with the outcome of sunday's vote and seat as a lesson for iraq's political establishment. but some is still reject the electoral process and believe coated the election. they believe iraq's entire political system needs to change an awful mock lock shabby. how can we participate in an election set by a political system? we want to remove shock. what can 9 opposition seats do among hundreds of other politicized members? out by the turn out for sunday's vote was 41 percent. the lowest
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of the 5 elections, the country has held since the 2003 u. s. led invasion. many blame this on the largest scale boycotting campaign. among other reasons, the election itself had to be moved up after demands from the to sri movement in missouri. yeah. it was originally scheduled for next year. but now the movement is a split between the boy cutters and those who want to engage in the political process . i know that we're who l g 0 in mostly a city, southern iraq are zeros, alley, hash m, as in baghdad. he has more now and why some political parties are rejecting the results. those a blend of reasons and elements. one is the election itself. they say that there are around a 1000000 votes that were not counted. and they're asking for
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a recount. at the same time, they say that these are other accusations that there were interferences in this election that are going to help the winners to who stay winning and for them to, to get out of the that the whole landscape. this is one, but there's another issue. these groups are also a aiming to have a leverage in the a process of choosing the next prime minister. and with such results, they won't have a big saying that, especially with most of a sudden going it clear on tv and saying that 1st of all, he is not going to allow armed a people on people to be in the streets of baghdad. an om should be with the government alone of the state alone at the same time. also, he said that he's not going to allow any kind of fought intervention, exciting the embassies in the country. so this is a kind of a blend of elements that create a reason for these groups to stand firm and to even go the extra mile by
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threatening to change things like yesterday. yesterday there was a press conference for the, for the ha, a coalition when, as they said, they are going to reject this. these results. however, that's going to be within the law. but the other side was at which is the armed factions. they said they're going to do what ever possible in order to preserve the people's rights. schools and businesses in hong kong had been closed as tropical storm compasses sweeps in, bringing heavy rain and winds authorities of cancelled boning trading on the city stock exchange ports in china. southern province of high, none have been shut down as a precaution head of the storms arrival. 9 people died in flash floods and landslides, when compassion hit the philippines on monday. rob mcbride has more now from hong kong. as it barreled in from the west and pacific compassed to 1st hit the philippines, especially the northern island of luzon,
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which saw extensive flooding and land slides with a number of deaths and injuries. these typhoons often lose some of their force over the philippines as compassed, who did, but it then passed into the south china sea moving westwards over open water. and so maintaining a lot of its strength with its outer rain bands really lashing and soaking much of the southern coast of china, including here in hong kong which wednesday was brought pretty much to a standstill. this is an area that has already been soaked by a similar storm just days earlier. that was storm lion rock which passed into the island in the southern china of hein and, and then into northern vietnam. now this storm can pass who is following pretty much the same route, so those areas are being hit once more as they bear the brunt of compasses landfall . kenya's president to who were kenyatta, says he will not recognize a ruling by the international court of justice. the judgment largely favor somalia,
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a long running maritime border dispute at stake is control of a 100000 square kilometer section of the indian ocean. it's rich and oil and gas, kenya says it's maritime borders should be drawn in a straight line eastwards parallel to the line of latitude. but somalia says the border it should, it should be expanded southwards, extending its land border. for president kenyatta warn the ruling will harm ties between the 2 neighbors. this decision is in the circumstances a 0 sum game, which will only strain the relations between our 2 countries. it will also reverse the social, political, and economic gains and potentially aggravate the peace and security situation in the fragile horn of africa region. malcolm, which has more now from nairobi. the court has ruled largely in favor of malia in
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the area of ocean in question. according to the court ruling mostly goes to somalia, but a leader of it does go to kenya scenarios. see, this widely believed to be rich in oil and gas deposits, and kenya had actually given concessions to international oil companies to start exploring this area that what triggered this maritime, voted dispute in the 1st place, kenya had already rejected the jurisdiction of the court before the ruling it said it wasn't going to accept it. that the court said that kenya con, retroactively put out to the court jurisdiction which had signed up to in the 1960 . they can use legal obligation to hold the ruling still stands. the question is, what are each of these countries going to do next? the malia has now a strong position with this court really ruling to seek diplomatic support from the united nations. from the security council can use position is weaker,
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but it certainly depends what 2 countries choose to do what the allies choose to do . and certainly important to remember that there are international oil companies and foreign government for the behind. each of the countries respected interest in extracting the wealth from the natural resources beneath the sea. time for a short break here now to 0. when we come back, the biden administration puts a stop to mass raids against undocumented workers. we find out what's behind the shifting policy and we meet the searing autism is forced to leave their homeland but determined jackie betral additional croft alive. lauren that stay with us ah the hi there. just a few days ago, bridge been picked up it's heaviest rainfall in about 6 months and now north of
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this city we got almost $34.00 millimeters of rain within 10 minutes, some exceptional rainfall. there is the situation on thursday, some brisk wins through adelaide. we'll look for gus there of about 50 kilometers per hour and unsettled. we'll call it brisbin rate down toward the south. and along this border with the southeast of queensland, we could see some super cell thunderstorm. so what this means, or the potential of hale, about 5 centimeters in diameter and also some damaging winds. things are improving for new zealand and temperatures will rise in the days to come. so let me show the forecast for christ church. don't want to keep your hanging up to 21 degrees on sunday, so that is above average. here's the latest on tropical storm composite rate. now, as it slams into central vietnam on thursday, vane we're thinking you're going to pick up about a 150 millimeters of rain, easy on thursday, and wind gusts. here they back off a bit. as this storm passes over land to 60 kilometers per hour. still, wet weather for the east coast of china's same goes for the south and taiwan
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continues to be battered with that heavy rain conditions are improving across japan . tokyo, up to 23. see soon ah, in the country with an abundance of resolve already. one moment we move to grow and fraud with balance, but really economy blue economy and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let it be possible in his growth and progress in this in here. now, lou
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ah, welcome back a quick amount of the top stories here at this hour of janice don's new taliban government is calling on the international community to en sanctions, which it says, risks undermining security. the acting foreign minister is meeting us on european envoys and council pro uranium political parties and groups in iraq denounced the election results as a scam figure show a coalition led by the influential she had carried more thought elsa, one of those seats holler at schools and businesses and hong kong remain closed as heavy rain of winds from tropical storm compasses hit its financial hub. one person died and several of an injured. now heading towards china's high man, i'm chinese president has imposed a state of emergency in response to a recent conflict with the country's biggest indigenous group are members of the
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map who che, i've been fighting to recover ancestral lambs troops are being sent to southern regions, hit by the violence or latin america editor lucio newman. reports here come up to get them for chillies government. this video posted on social networks by an indigenous my put you rebel group was the last straw to come on. we warned that whatever happens will be the sole responsibility of the forestry institute and the government. at 20, marcia and city held president sebastian vignette. i said he had no choice but to declare a state of emergency in south central chile. is it boldly cook, honestly me because of the grave and reiterated acts of violence linked to drug traffickers, terrorist and organized crime committed by arm groups in the be of you and how can your region go my feel for these violence events have not only taken innocent lively, which is the most painful, i feel that they have their houses, seal up churches in my industrial, our cultural field on commercial installations, and a great deal of public infrastructure for chillies, largest indigenous group,
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the my purchase. this is the latest chapter in a 500 year conflict for control of their ancestral land. in the late 18 hundreds, the chilean state took away most of it and gave it to chilean and european farmers, planting them approaches into poverty until this day. now younger, more radical map witches are taking up arms to expel forestry companies and large landowners. highways are no longer safe. countless agricultural equipment has been destroyed while my poor communities take over land. a trillion farmer was the latest to die last week after his house was set ablaze by an armed group. conservatives applauded the state of emergency saying it was long overdue. gambowski lafitte, ro, situation and south central chile can wait a minute more. there are thousands of people who can't sleep at night because the state has abandoned learning because it doesn't have the operational capacity to
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guarantee their safety. if a but government opponent say dialogue is the only solution level in seattle, violence is the last resort of the incompetent. when a government responds with violence to a political problem, we know the result, the same one we've been seeing for years. the president is allowed to impose a state of emergency for 15 days, with the option of extending it for another 15 days. without congress's approval. it will allow. * the army to provide transportation communications, and the district will support to the militarized police that's already there. as well as patrol alyssa, while many a demanding the restoration of law and order, and what they see as a lawless region. others fear that sending in soldiers will in fact escalate the armed conflict even further. you see in human al jazeera santiago, u. s. immigration agents will no longer carry out mass raids at work places to detain. undocumented immigrants, or audit president joe biden shift towards punishing businesses that violate labor
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laws rather than going after vulnerable workers. the department of homeland security says it wants to reduce illegal labor by handing out harsh penalties to employers. and that also wants to make it easier for workers to report exploitation william frescoes on immigration attorney. he says the change in policy is more humane. well, this is going to make an important difference to the quality of life. the people who are here without that is who are working. because prior to this rule, any given day, you didn't know if you were going to be able to come home just as you left or of the clara rate in your workplace. which would mean that you would be detained and potentially never see your family get that you're going to remove all proceeding. so from that standpoint, knowing that the worst thing that can happen is that your employer can be sanctioned and that the employer would then have to terminate people without that becomes a more humane situation than be actually rounding up people who are not here with
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that actually putting them in detention. what i was saying is they are going to target the employers that not just higher undocumented labor, but actually a bullying that documented labor, meaning they pay them some standard weight. they get them sub standard working conditions. people are constantly having access to it on the work site. people are abused on the work site. so to the extent that those employers don't have a market for a document that immigrant anymore, that's probably on balance, a good thing because you really don't want those employers operating because that's not the system that it both at all. or is it even helpful to america writ large to have employer about their exploiting workers in that manner? chinese property john ever graham has missed another deadline to make a re payment on its debt. the property developer was due to pay $148000000.00 on tuesday. as graham has more than $300000000000.00 in liabilities and could be
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declared in default as soon as monday, it's feared this could be the start of a crisis across the industry. with other property developers in china facing payment deadlines, in the coming months. more than a year after the u. k, left the european union, both sides are still at odds of a trade in northern ireland. the use expected to unveil proposals to try to solve the dispute. northern ireland is the only area where the u. k, and e. u. physically meet a lot of 500 kilometer border or keeping that boat open as a crucial part of the 1998 good friday agreement. the deal ended the long run in conflict in northern ireland that killed more than 3000 people. to avoid an a physical border checkpoint, the protocol created accustomed divide in the iris, see instead which is inside the u. k. and to add to the complicated process. no, that island must follow e. you rules as a condition of briggs it but the u. k. is adamant that must change under simmons
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reports now from belfast. as the case bricks administer prepared to speak in portugal, karen sloane was taking a delivery from the irish republic. it's his main supply line now and without it. his delicatessen in northern ireland would be out of business. his main suppliers used to be in the u. k. but the trade board in the r c means he can't rely on them any more. karen had been hoping that you was about to smooth things out with concessions over regulations on food exposure from the u. k. and streamlined custom checks. but the way the british government is now behaving leaves karen and business people all over northern ireland in doubt. how much of a until now he along with many others, never realize the role of the european court of justice was an issue in the post bricks. it crisis here. no, i was thinking about it was bracket and you know, protocol and this is all you hear and you know and all, and you're just something new. and other thing to worry about. you know,
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i work harder than us personally. you know, for the keep a go on your left hand, you can, i agree with the politicians because they need to go in and need to do something, but it doesn't need to smooth the facts on the grid. there's nothing smooth in what you case breaks it minutes to say he wants to rewrite the law the modern protocol. the device used to avoid a hard border and we now faces very serious situation. the preschool is not working, is completely lost consent in one community north. and now proposal looks more like a normal treaty in ways governs with international arbitration. instead of the system of the law, ultimately police in the course of one of the passes the european court justice. there's problems in belfast on why the u. k. is taking such a hard line when they seem to be more hope of a compromise from brussels. and so is this last minute posturing on the part of the u. k. government. if it isn't, then there's a serious escalation to this crisis ahead. this at a time when it would appear, the majority of people in northern ireland, one to the end,
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to the standoff tess about the sea border had been led by unionists who say that b o, from the u. k. before becoming prime minister boris johnson had told a democratic unionist party 3 years ago that he didn't want to see the northern ireland left in the lurch by a borderless, see no british conservative government could or should sign up to any such arrangement. that assurance fell by the wayside. the people of northern ireland could be forgiven for feeling betrayed. and while the eunice politicians welcomed lahardo line from the british government, there's a feeling of unease for many people living here. andrew simmons al jazeera belfast . the us says it will open its land borders with canada and mexico next month for fully vaccinated foreign nationals. the restrictions for non essential travelers were put into place at the start of the kobe 19 pandemic. the economies of many border communities were badly hurt by closure. russia hit another record number of
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cobit 19 deaths in a single day with 973 on tuesday. but the government's refusing to consider a nation wide lockdown more than $28000.00 new cases all to reported another record in a spike of cases that began last month. the kremlin blames the slow progress of vaccinations . a court and algeria has sent him to the brother the late president abilities, but a flicker to 2 years in prison, prosecutors charge side, but a flicker and other former officials with obstruction of justice, abuse of office, and inciting the falsification of official documents. in september 2019, but if leeker was sentenced to 15 years in jail for plotting against the state. but he was later acquitted on those charges. now the war in syria crated a diaspora of refugees who took their talents and dreams with them to new countries . in jordan, serene artisans have found a way to preserve
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a traditional type of woodworking, revered throughout them. at least, natasha name reports from ama justice trunks and branches are to trees. traditional middle eastern wood working has formed and guided the direction of abdel rough men to banishes life. from the age of 10, the syrian artisan has been fine tuning his craft in the techniques of mother of pearl, and would mosaic in lay 8 years ago. the war forced to banish, to close his well regarded store in damascus and moved to an man. even as the country he knew was disintegrating, he was determined not to let his life's work disappear. wazoo, girl, yarmouth lou louis. when i'm walking and doing something new, the memories fill my mind. i keep remembering the old days when i was young and working with my teacher, old when i was in my shop in damascus. especially when i need the materials to was
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easy to find them because they are originally from syria mega. a non profit organization founded by the prince of wales, called turquoise mountain, is reviving handicrafts of the past and providing artisans like to banish with their future. there's a dwindling number of skilled craft workers and a declining interest in this most arab of styles. so designers recruit and work with artisans to re imagined creations more palatable to contemporary consumers in the region and beyond, and had think faith of sustained their businesses and developing the new products. let's put that into consideration. the importance of a like the significant elements and our culture and had it in terms of teaching craft engendered. so it's a and it's very satisfying, actually seeing for that's come to life, to protect what turquoise mountain describes as endangered handicrafts. it's
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ensuring a new generation learned centuries old skills from wood and metal working to basket weaving. since 2019, it is trained about 250 people and paid both artisans and apprentices. mohammad ibrahim is a palestinian refugee who has been training for 3 years. have been a few hun. hm. small dude. what attracted me most is that this skill is rare in jordan makena can a dud master craftsman. abdul rough man to banish hopes to re open a store and damascus with his sons one day. but by coming to jordan, he has already created a legacy. he may not have anticipated. he sharing his rarefied skills and cultural pride in a country where there's never been a history of this kind of woodworking. natasha, her name el jazeera,
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i'm man jordan. now a hollywood star who inspired generations with the idea of exploring other planets is now heading to space. star trek's william shatner is on board a blue origin spacecraft due to lift off in a few hours. the 90 year old will become the oldest person to go to space. he's traveling on the flight operated by amazon owner jeff bays us his company. it was scheduled to blast off on monday that was delayed because of strongly care. ah, i talked to got the headlines here on al jazeera, afghanistan's new taliban government is calling on the international community to en sanctions, which it says, risk undermining, security. the acting foreign ministers meeting us and european envoys and cutoff pro iranian political parties and groups and iraq have denounced the election results as a scam. only figures show a co.


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