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a lot of commitments to rebuild perceptions and ultimately, or creative empowerment, you know, for all kids. and it's really about ensuring that all of our children have the opportunity to access all types of les and activities, which ultimately can help them develop their full potential, especially as they start thinking about careers. ah, don't forget, check the top stories here on al jazeera, afghanistan's new taliban government is calling on the international community to en sanctions, which it says risk undermining, security. the acting foreign ministers meeting us and european envoys and cut off pro iranian political parties and groups and iraq of denounced the election results as a scam. early results show a coalition led by the influential shia carrick. mcdahl sada won the most cease and parliament on his ear was alley hush, him is in bagdad. explains why some political parties are rejecting the results.
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they say that there are around a 1000000 votes that were not counted under asking you for a recount. at the same time, they say that these are other accusations that there were interferences in this election that are going to help the winners through to stay winning and for them to, to get out of the that the whole landscape. this is one, but there's another issue. these groups are also aiming to have a leverage in the a process of choosing the next prime minister. and with such results, they won't have a big saying that schools and businesses and hong kong remain closed as heavy rain and wind. some tropical storm compasses hit its financial hub, one person died and several of been injured. the typhoons now heading towards china's high nan island, can his president to who re kenyatta says that he firmly rejects and will not recognize a ruling by the international court of justice. the judgment largely favor somalia
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in a long running maritime border dispute at stake is control of vast oil and gas deposits . genies president has imposed a state of emergency in response to a recent conflict with the country's largest indigenous group. are members of the man who che, i've been fighting to recover ancestral land. troops are being sent to southern regions. the u. s. says it will open its land borders with canada and mexico next month, a fully vaccinated foreign nationals. the restrictions for non essential travelers were put into place at the start of the coven, 19 pandemic. the economies of many border communities were badly hurt by the closure. and while fires, i'd intensified in southern california to strong winds, power companies of war that supply could be cut to tens of thousands of customers to prevent further fires. so those were the headlines. the news continue is he on al jazeera after the stream statement. thanks a watching. i cannot inequality corruption, repression and re, oh political, it just decided to cost to the piece of cake. i'm sure i want
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a new documentary explores the desperate states of democracy and lebanon. wow. look through the eyes of those who are losing home every day of dreams coming true democracy, maybe democracy for sale on al jazeera. i . hi, on sunday. okay, day on the stream, the mistreatment of asylum seekers in europe. i want you to take a look at this video taken by undercover jonas on the krisha bosnia border so what you are seeing here are refugees being being said,
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this technique is used to discourage people from entering european union. it's known as pushback, and it is an goal. in this episode of the stream we ask, is europe abandoning refugees? if you're on youtube right now, the comment section is live, put your thoughts, your comments or questions right here in the chat section. and you can be part of today's episode at the street. ah, let's get this conversation started with nicole. my smoke me. you're very welcome to the stream, the co festival. please introduce yourself. hello to our internet audience. tell them who you are, what you do. hi, my name is nicole federally and i am an investigative journalist working for swiss national television. and i, together with lighthouse reports and a lot of other european journalists. i published this footage that he had just saw last week, which what was quite the bus in the, you know,
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nice to have you talk more about life, which is in the story then you, you and other colleagues and partners put together massimo, nice to see you welcome to the spring, please introduce yourself to audience. i noticed that he as well. my name is much more at the i am a deputy director of amnesty euro buddy john office and his honesty. we've been following the show for migration and bush backs in the for the past years in but because i have been for english grisham inquiry shop at least for about 2 and a half years. and i'm very glad that this you know, the piece of geography. so generally some came out. thank you for making time for us down the street and can me, you're very welcome to the string. please introduce yourself till i wouldn't who you are. what you do. hi, my name is kimberly, cuz i'm a senior policy analyst at the migration policy teacher here at o thinking base in brussel. and we focused on the analysis of migration and asking policies as dary blah here in brussels. i would love all if you get to talk to me
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about this assignment, this piece of journalism that so many people put together. but i'm going to start with nicole. what was the assignment? what were you trying to prove? so i've been working on this issue for almost 3 years already. so it was like, for me as a journalist, it was quite hard to see on a daily basis when i was in the field that people are pushed back like every day, very often, very brutally out of the european union into bosnia herzegovina. and on a political level, it is still there, all still able to deny said this are all lies. this is just not happening. well, no one ever showed us any prove. and so we recorded pushback went on and on. but what we were never able to record is these really wide and pushback stats are done by masked men. we heard a lot about them there and hidden remote areas. and we also saw the wounds. we saw
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people who is our team. we saw them beat them up, coming out of the, of the forest up the burned, able to catch them on a video till this tune when we finally managed to get the video that you just saw before. so we were finally able to prove that these men are existing and that they belong to the creation police that they are lo, enforcement members. and this was a very important step also to prove that they were financed partly by the you, by you and funds. so we had that missing piece that had the evidence gas, a video that you may, will be denying it. this is actually happened happening exactly from a right to human rights perspective. pushback is a legal can you explain to us in what way it is a legal people as i to see, cuz i don't mean to come through. so i mean this is this bit so very simply data being denied the possibility of seeking us. i don't mean great. this is in 1st
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place, you know, but i mean the, what we see in this picture, i mean, we see brutality of police forces. you know, we see behaviors that there's an armless, you had no problems in defining as ill treatment, any sort of on cases even amounted to torture. so yes, that is the pushback that, that the friend people i don't from making their own eyes. but them, this is happening in a way that goes through. you know, it really makes it completely illegal any can, you creates an either a set of your minds. my only chances work can be, i'm just going to show something here. the title of this video is pushed back using a life raft to way in the a g and c. and what we have ah refugees in a life raft. and they just pushed out to see they're not rescued they, they were speeding the video up so you can see what happens and they just left. so this is this man slow to say, attempted murder. what, what would he say the face can me happening here? yeah, i think what we're saying is that best practice or not you and,
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and they've already been last year, a relation of antonio. that really is black books about all the little pushback where we're seeing may be is less and less public were despite the fact that yes indeed, very legal. and on this side of the european commission, ab is been coal for investigation by human proceed. crecia, i believe, has already announced that they will do an investigation into the lighthouse report reporting. but we also know that, you know, we should also see that the commission is non do a lot of pressure to deliver on its new practice migration in asheville, im especially given the limited progress that has been done in the past years. and so they may refrain from publicly condemning amanda states ahead of what they see as very sensitive negotiation. i'm just wondering what little vibrant is right now . marcella. and back in 2015, we saw a migrant crisis. and then countries were feeling like we can, we can't handle these migrants,
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but now we're seeing actual i was quite violent. disgraceful behavior. where are we right now in the psyche of europe, a migrant refugees and asylum seekers? we have a very warning situation. let's, let's be clear about this. i mean, you know what, we see what the police creation police forces have time to do is trying to practice the 3rd to discourage people from seeking that i from speaking as i don't you know, and this is a, this is a really early concert. i mean this by, you know, the day we spoke this or speaking about creation, we spoke about greece, then like 1000 remaining, but this is a practice that is quite widespread in europe at the moment. the moment we have the people on the ball and bella was born, that was what i'm up. and when dan the ball on the, you know, so, you know, it's, it's not is warding,
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is that there isn't there. all of you my standards here. you know, we are honestly, that is lope and this is really what we really would like to make people i love, you know, because it's getting at danger thing. what's really important at nicole is that in the creation situation, the people doing that beating all their know, identify age. it's not a force that is very open about the work that they are doing and yet they're funded by the use. tell us more. yeah, i guess what, um, what is that i wanted to, to add something on to a to mostly mobile, what choked me the most is the normalization of it. like it just became, it just became a daily thing to do. and not, you know, as something shocking that happens sometimes. so, and what we see on the creation, bosnian border is the system behind it. so it is, it is organized from the top. we were able to speak to several insiders who
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work inside the christian police are used to work there. and they told us that they really get a command from the entire ministry directly from washing which who is the interior minister to proceed with pushback to when they find a sadam seekers in their territory to just take them, put them in van. and literally, like, i often get this feeling like human trash, just throw them out of the european union. and this is a, let's say, a governmental order. and what they, they do, they take like these special forces increase or they're mostly a part of the intervention police. they are taught to deal with hooligans to deal with, like, while and football games. so they use their techniques that they've learned to a unified hooligans just to throw out migrants out of the, you know, and yeah,
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this was really shocking. also to see it on which level and on which side these practices are, are spread all ready. i would have bringing a nice voice can be, i'm gonna, i'm gonna put this video to you. this is helena hahn. she's a policy analyst european policy center. and she draws a connection between pushback and e u. funding. i would like you to react to the video and tell us what you think, who she is, the recent investigations and to push back with the use extra borders are shocking . but in many ways do not come as a surprise. and this is because they form part of a larger trend of increasing to turns towards migrants and people seeking international protection. at the same time, it is also a reflection of the fact that the disproportionate burton faced by countries. the 1st arrival is an issue that remains unresolved at the you level. we see this in the new pac negotiations, where members states have been unable to find common ground and how to best address the situation. looking forward, it seems that a big pressure may not be enough to truly change the practices on the ground. it is
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therefore important that there be more transparency in terms of how you funding is used for border control purposes. but also that accountability mechanisms at the national level are improved things. the things are the video and helena sets, i think on this we, it's an interesting point because this happened just one week or a few days after 12 a you members state of ask and that you funding couldn't be used, you know, not only on the 4 civilians purposes but also to build a to be a walls which is not the case at the moment. and so we're seeing this conversation in a way, moving giver for their, of what you funding and a low to do an ice for the monitoring of what you money is spent on. i mean, this has been a concern for a number of years. and there's been discussion, for instance, at the moment on the monitoring of the work of front x, which we haven't talked about yet. you know,
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and how do we better monitor the work of these to i didn't see and, you know, had this human right mom fundamental reichman tours that are being deployed the european in parliament as also try to be active on this topic. and so that those are a lot of the efforts that are ongoing. i think the difficulties often that the commission may advice or something and then reaching a consensus among all the different you members, state i remains very difficult. gibbon how sensitive this topic has become. i'm, i'm looking here of my laptop at junior amber with his wife and child. they were abandoned in the a g n c. so push back at c. nicole, can you tell us about some of the experiences the asylum seekers had had that are now in your reporting? i think i'm really sorry. i have a very bad connection at the moment. can you?
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yeah, yeah. tell us about the experiences of some of the people that you spoke to who, who've been free push back. what's happened to them? what's been done to them? i'm sorry, i cannot hear you. all right, we're gonna, we're going to send you, but we're going to send you back stage. we're going to reconnect with you maxima. i know you have me all set question twice. go ahead. help me out here. yeah, well i mean, you know, dizzy and is there old stuff? this is paula. we're trying to reach greece, but a lot of people who are in greece. i mean very often they had in the, in the island very difficult situations. you know, and may have been tried to continue their short and so their job to me, i mean, along the bible company is a continuous history of push backs of trying to cross the border and facing the police violence at every board. so this is what, what is happening. so the images that we see right now, i mean,
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it is exactly what the way the greek goals got out of behaving and this is nothing new. we also need to remember that the same scenes happen at the border between greece and turkey at every study in the region. that sweater, also documented c mat instances. so it's a continuous struggle for people to, to say they're facing constantly by earnings by police forces at the time to see cuz i don't have the money on that pushback and they keep insisting to join me that can last years. in some cases we spoke to people who had been on the route for 23. yes. and that's, that's happening to korea is an associate professor and comparative european politics. he's at university of birmingham. he spoke to us just a few hours ago. whoa, have been seen for some time now in european borders is a class between 2 diverging policies. on the one hand, the european union, which is which, which it has developed our so called fortress europe policy,
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where basically they do not want to have any big numbers of him. again, sorry, fuji's or asylum seekers coming into europe. and on the other hand, neighboring countries such as turkey, where they won their 2. bo passmore migration flows towards europe. and because number one, they want to elevate their own problem button number 2, they can use, it is migration flows as a negotiating directed against some more financial compensation from europe. and so basically we end up having a big number of people caught in the middle between iraq and a hard place where they're trying to cross the border. and they're being deborah encouraged or helped to cross the border. so what i'm song was on the little chap is at some concern, but i also a lot of anti migrant thoughts right now. maybe mirroring what is happening in europe and he put some ideas and thoughts team. can me help me out with this one? how miss us, what right or legal case the country is invoke when accused of pushing back my
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rights. i think so far and number of them i've been a been denying them. i think i've been denying it and, and i think this is why this investigation or also other mechanism like independent human right monitor ring mechanism are important and will need to be establish and moving forward. and what we're single say is like we were invest, i mean the you is invest in bit, investing more and more in, you know, protecting you border which in turn put, i think you're up in a vulnerable position because it will never make or border or medic and this someone back fired because these shows a partner enemies that you know, this is a button that they can press on that when they're not happy with a policy or decision that has been made brussel. and i think that's exactly what we've seen in the case of belarus of what we're seeing regularly was morocco or turkey. lastly, just a quick response to glory b who has watch a light now on youtube. glory says all immigrants need to be vetted. what is the
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difference between that situation of being that it, inc lollies terminology and what you are seeing in the way that you of his count is dealing with refugees and asylum seekers. i mean, people need to be, or york cases need to be assess individually each case need to be assessed individually. if we are taking people, finding them in the forest, putting them in their bass, beating them and then standing them across the border. i mean, this is not in the beaver consideration of cases. so, i mean, what is she in is an empty and that the new is just pure pure violence. you know, this is what we are. see, what we are seeing is impunity. one thing we need to remember is that, i mean, the pushback in this case is a perfect time because you don't even have the body of the victim, the person, because a person is across the board of that. so that person cannot even go to
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a normal institution and complain about this, you know, because they either go across the board of that or so it's really, i mean the dial of the majority, right? so i have shown an audience i have sent you pictures from greece, the crow set bosnia border at the picture just beside me here. this is poland to pick one behind me is a poland along this bob, why here is lithuania. is multiple countries. multiple countries in you do not want asylum seekers in their country. i want to take you into the forest of poland, where polish and geo are assisting a group of iraqi men who were hiding in the forest. i will give you just a little sample of their cohen lifes. ali duck beauty of him. i do and had a secluded volunteer. the final water in our below see the polish border. police pushed us back to bell roofs. they didn't beat us, but then again, they didn't give us water and food. we asked for water, but we didn't get any. they pushed us back and said,
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don't come back here. go back to bell roofs and on the phone it had to walk human plan just as i have no idea what will happen to them. i hope that we will succeed very quickly and providing protection application to the european court of human rights, which will protect these migrants if it succeeds. sonya go seldom because good to have you back into the conversation. we reached out as a show to authorities in greece and authorities in romania, and we talked about your reporting and the impact reporting and pushback. this is what the greece ministry, maritime affairs and insula policy told us, i'm just going to go right down here to the bottom. as for the 10 dishes allegations of supposed illegal actions, we must emphasize of the operation practices of the greek authorities have never included such actions. even though we showed you video earlier. and we to see what's happening with the romanian border police 1st sentence. romanian border
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police applies a 0 tolerance policy against abuse of any kind applied to migrant. so you did the reporting, it took so long and now you're getting. i was gonna say pushback about pushback right now. yeah, i mean it's what we are used to this was my, i think florida, a big report about pushback. it was the 1st where we were able to prove that while in to used on which you in it's are involved. but it's, yeah, it's shocking to me as a person, but also as a journalist that you can bring approve and prove and prove. and there's always this supposedly, or we deny any, you know, any of these allegations. so it's very clear what is happening here. it's a political decision. so the way also people are politicians just closed their
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eyes is for me a way of also completely being complicit. like in between the lines, you always get this feeling as everyone just wants to to be happening. let's just hope it stays in the close forest and no journalists get there and can see it. so yeah, we, the only thing that we turn those are left with is just to keep going and i can tell you, we will keep it go and we will be able to prove more and more because they also felt too safe in doing that. and yeah, but the rest, this politics and love journalism, unfortunately, let me just go to one more voice into the conversation. guess this is antonius does that case? he is a member of the anti races industry affects a long and he talks about addressing the root cause. he says, why a scientific is seeking asylum in the 1st place here is also, it is also investigation by lead housing board senior. we're not really surprised
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because most kids, when the product this happened more and more bothers in order for this ranges, factors to stop, you don't realize that the same. so you guess i'm not really a threat for you, but people in need of support and ensuring long to all these people to say to me, you don't then think about the media, make them feel congress estimates i guess in the closing few minutes of the show one thought one sentence about now, what is your needs do about pushback? can you start? i think maybe i'll go back to point that, that you guess just made on the need to do more in the country for urging as well. i think we're seen a lot of discussion in the past few days, but humanitarian assistance in afghanistan in country now bring up possibly turkey as well. we know, i mean beyond pushback, we know that they,
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they go to all the question of like, how can we support people you know, in this country to begin with. ok, massimo, gasoline it is. it is concern. i mean of people who do not leave the houses unless that they fade. and this is just something that is happening. i mean, we are, i mean, we need to remember that it's to what the state are saying now, but i mean the previous that they sign their respects and the professionals before this needs to happen in compliance with my flow. so you know, these 3, these are not the people, the states cannot be, can choose what they liked, implement, they need to respect to their, their, their rights. they have to call yes, i can just, i mean you go with the point that must be most just underlined. i mean, for me as
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a journalist, i love to see that fundamental human rights international laws and national laws are implied. again, like that state value is something that you can rely on them. and if a law says something that this person has to write to seek asylum has to ride for a fair procedure that this is implemented again and not just, you know, step with a foot on these things. so this is what i'm hoping for. going to be one more voice into this conversation and that is the voice of over johannes. and she's been reacting from you to some of the downing evidence that we've been talking about in the last 25 minutes. hey, she is. these reports are honda too, that people are being victims of violence are still on the borders as well. if that is true, it's totally acceptable. and that's why i think it's so important now that this need to be investigated. and especially also if i've been there,
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this is a special part of course also need to be investigated. nicole, my smoke a me. thank you so much. thanks for watching everybody see you next time. ah. incarcerated for over half his life convicted by a non unanimous jury for a crime in which no one was hut obliged mail making icons i. when the white horses could cause him to lose his wife. and in this particular situation, it cause her to lose his freedom. why did the law deemed unconstitutional by the supreme court still keep people behind bath in the state of louisiana being incarcerated? there's just another form of slavery. the jim crow convictions on al jazeera ah al jazeera, with every
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o stripped of their citizenship, thousands of haitian dominicans, a penalized for the heritage, a state sanctioned racism, forces them into legal limbo. a young attorney mats, a grassroots political campaign, advocating for social justice. but can she shine a light on the racial hatred and institutionalized depression that plagues the dominican republic, stateless. a witness documentary on al jazeera, the latest news as it breaks free them abrupt and the dreams of talking to each other, trying to i and i. difference is because together they form a large block in parliament with detailed coverage because the world's largest producer of low to sleep. but children are being used to meet the rising demand from around the world. the island has increased in land map is as if rivera with
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this corruption is pulling the island of la paloma out of the ocean. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures, the cost, the amount of what we've been using kind of for that matter to you. a ton about officials warn western envoys using sanctions to pressure them. poses a threat to afghanistan. security ah, hello, i'm diamond jordan, this is al jazeera die from dell are also coming up from the storm. compressors sweeps through hong kong bringing heavy rain, closing schools on the stock market. kenya's president rejects, are you in courts routing that gives somalia control of most of a resource which part of the indian ocean.


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