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urged their boys to code and forts and even, you know, just, you know, lego play. lego is definitely embarked on a journey and it's made a lot of commitments to rebuild perceptions and ultimately, or creative empowerment, you know, for all kids. and it's really about ensuring that all of our children have the opportunity to access all types of lay and activities which ultimately can help them develop their full potential, especially if they are thinking about career. ah, take you through the headlines now. the you is pledged a $1000000000.00 to help us kind of stand the money will go to agencies and not the tale. bon international funds have been frozen since the group sees control of the country. schools in hong kong have been suspended as rain and wind from typhoon
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composition hit the financial hub. authorities of canceled morning trades on the city stock market. 9 people died in flash floods and land slides when the high food hit the philippines on monday. but mcbride is following developments from hong kong . this has been a fairly big, impactful typhoon. the 1st place to be effected was the philippines as it came in from the western pacific, effecting mainly the island in the north of lose on it called a quite a lot of flooding landslide, some deaths and injuries there. what often happens is that these storms will lose a lot of air intensity as they move over the philippines, which this one has but compas who has then stayed out in the south china sea moving westwards. and as it does so, it basically has not lost more strength of anything. it may have gained a little. today's president has impose the state of emergency over the so called the put a conflict. the armed indigenous group has been fighting to recover its ancestral
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land. troops being sent to southern regions hit by violence. tens of thousands of governments forces have rallied across bolivia. it follows days of anti government protest against the proposed law. the bill gives authority the power to investigate citizens assets without a court order. us immigration officials will stop carrying out rights at workplace is to find undocumented immigrants. it's part of the president joe biden shift towards punishing businesses that violate labor laws, rather than going off the vulnerable workers. homeland security hopes to reduce illegal labor by handing out harsher consequences to employers. kenny, as president, who can the asset says he firmly rejects and will not recognize the routing by the international court of justice. it's largely in favor of somalia in the long time dispute over the maritime border. as headlines,
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the news continues here now just 0 after the listening post, stay with us incarcerated as a half his life convicted by a known, unanimous jury for a crime in which no one was hunt a black male making eye contact when the white boise could cause him to lose his life, and in this particular situation, it cause him to lose his free flight as the law deemed unconstitutional by the supreme court. still keep people behind bath in the state of louisiana being incarcerated as yet another form of slavery. the gym co convictions on al jazeera, facebook, c. e. o. mark sagamore is strongly defending the company he has apologized to 3 of his social media platforms, including account of the number of times he's been proud of. message from whistleblower branch is hungry is that makes well meant to declare lloyd's bankruptcy. hello. i'm richard gilbert in europe. the listening post where we dig
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into the coverage and look at how news is reported. here are the media stories we're examining this week. a whistleblower, a system crash and the u. s. congress is on its case. facebook is under the microscope, and the me makers are having a field day collaborative journalism strikes again in the form of the pandora papers and expose a on how the rich and powerful hide their wealth and being a social media influence or in egypt. especially if you are a woman can be a dangerous business. facebook and it c o mark sucker berg. i've never had a week quite like it last sunday, 60 minutes and american news institution broadcast an interview with a facebook whistleblower data. scientist francis, how good. we've heard the allegations before that the company puts profits before people. it's corporate well being before the greater good. how going put a face on that story and she had the documents to back it up. the very next day
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facebook's system crashed. ever had a problem updating your saw, where facebook, instagram and whatsapp were all blocked out for almost 6 hours affecting more than 3000000000 users worldwide. the day after that, francis hogan was back in front of the news cameras, telling lawmakers in washington the time has come to act against a company that has become a societal menace through algorithms that can fuel disinformation conspiracy theories and put people at risk. facebook has grown accustomed to defending itself . this kind of scrutiny, however, is on another level. our starting point this week is the moment facebook and its other platforms went down. me. it's 8 40 am in silicon valley, california. 11 40 am in new york, late afternoon in london, nightfall in new delhi,
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users of facebook and other apps owned by the company watch. and instagram are seeing error messages instead of homepages. what was supposed to be a routine update of the routers that make up facebook's backbone. the ones that coordinate traffic between its data centers goes wrong, global, taking down to facebook around the world. well, actually, on the internet all of those platforms crash and for the next 5 hours, the planets dependence on one big tech company is laid bare. i became aware by trying to communicate with my family group shop on what staff, friends and family were based in iran. i thought there was something going on with the internet in iran. and when i realized it wasn't, i went on to twitter,
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which is when i realized that this was actually a global infrastructural issue happening with facebook be as significant. so this particular outage is because it's not just 3 apps, it's loud company, which on the schools how huge this company is probably over a cold have probably near a 3rd of the population on the planet, have a facebook all lot set. and or instagram accounts with us, this is underscoring throwing in to start really the market dominance of this one company. many people run their businesses off of facebook and instagram. they receive orders for shipments through facebook and it's around. they depend on advertising to facebook and instagram to keep their businesses going. i'm just a professor, so i wasn't affected personally in any way, but i was deeply aware of all of the people who are now deeply dependent on facebook and instagram for their livelihood. with facebook, c e o. mark zuckerberg has been dealing with
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a succession of damaging new stories. his company is leaking like a sieve to some big name news organizations. tonight, an explosive report on the wall street journal. the wall street journal revealed facebook was planning to launch an instagram kids zap, despite the company's own researchers concluding the platform already has an adverse effect on the mental health of teenage girls. the new york times then reported that facebook was planning to clutter its own news feed with positive stories about facebook to counter the growing criticism out there. but critics are a dime, a dozen, ex facebook data scientists turned whistleblowers are not ever conflicts of interest. between well is good for the public. and what was good for facebook and facebook this past week, francis hogan. the unnamed source behind the wall street journal story shed her anonymity. facebook on research says it is not just the instagram is dangerous for
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teenagers, they harm's teenagers. is that is distinctly worse and other forms of social media . in her interview on c, b. s. news is 60 minutes. how can said the social media giant should declare moral bankruptcy for putting astronomical prophets before people. facebook has realized that if they changed the algorithm to be safer, people will spend less time on site. they'll click on less ads, they'll make less money, the elderly. this is something that people have known for a while. what is significant is this whistleblower came out with actual research and you know, the, the documentation and words of facebook themselves. outlining these very harmful impacts from their software and from their algorithms. she was on one of the probably most impactful news shows in the united states,
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which is 60 minutes. and so for the 1st time, many things that many internet researchers, digital rights activists have been saying for many years or reaching the ears of, you know, millions of ordinary americans and global citizens. every whistleblower is doing a public service to so francis houghton has gone public because she has very good reason to do so that she got on 60 minutes is indicative of how serious mainstream is. organizations are taking us after all. and i had to compete with these digital services. and now perhaps it's time to settle a few accounts. facebook refused an interview request from 60 minutes issuing a statement, instead of diminishing how guns roll in the organisation, her credibility as a source. the company claimed that algorithmic changes facebook has made, improve people's experience by prioritizing posts that inspire interactions. which
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research shows is better for people's well being. but how good wasn't done? on tuesday, the day after the blackout, she testified before a senate subcommittee on consumer protection, congressional action is needed. they won't solve this crisis without your help as one of the senators put it. she k him armed with thousands of documents, how god had copied before quitting her job. looming over her testimony was the outage the day before it's impact. facebook's dominance and the question of what the u. s. government should do about american lawmakers have an ideological aversion to new forms of regulation and breaking up monopolies is hard to do. i suspect miss hogan will be remembered as one of the most important whistleblowers in american corporate history right up with those who released
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devastating documents on how tobacco causes cancer. this might be in that league ultimately because we can no longer accept the denials and dismissals of facebook leaders. it's all too clear that they've been misleading us, and this is just as important. the significance really lies in re amounts and troves of documents that francis was able to bring out when we're seeing it today. in the hearings in the united states, we're going to be seeing it in the european parliament. the digital service says, act is you know, being formulated as we speak and they're inviting francis to bring her documentation to help inform these regulations going forward. because the question of how it's she really a b c map like facebook has been one of the like questions boggling, digital rights and government. it isn't just regulating facebook is regulating big tick the john tech companies. it's the idea of relationship between our governments
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. ah, our rights and freedoms and the opportunities that being able to connect online using video platforms like when we're using to record this interview. well, they offer us as well, but it doesn't mean it just because something's technically possible. that is actually right. well that it's appropriate either by law or ethically and those are really large debates and we need to start having them an american company. facebook is a much bigger player in other countries than it is at home. india, with its 340000000 users, is facebook's biggest market. and among the most dependent in brazil, almost 150000000 people are on whatsapp. it doubles as a political platform there and helped to bring president bull sonata into office. there's me and mar wherefore, tens of millions, facebook, these, the internet. it's where they live and conduct their business online. so the
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approach that us lawmakers take, whether they decide to call in the regulators, will have even greater implications overseas than it will domestically. what we're talking about here is dependence, a very short period of time, a significant portion of the world has been invited to be fully dependent on one company, one american company that can't seem to run itself well. that's dangerous. it's not just dangerous that it went down, it's not just dangerous that people are dependent on it. it's that combination. we should have resilience and diversity in our communication media systems. so that the whole world is not depended on one or 2 companies to get through our day. sadly, that's what we've created. turning to another media story now that's reverberating through the world of the rich and powerful,
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the largest ever leak of offshore data. flo phillips has been on the case flow, who led this investigation, one of the 4th butcher, the pandora papers are a collection of leaked files revealed by an organization that we've come to know. rather while the international consortium of investigative journalists, based in washington d. it was responsible for wendy sing both the panama and the paradise papers in 20162017 respect the i c. i. j's been working on this investigation for nearly 2 years throughout the pandemic, going through almost 12000000 financial records, and they didn't do it alone. and that's where the consumption bit comes in. they've been sharing the files with more than 600 journalists in 117 outlets across the globe. some big names like the guardian in the u. k. 2 smaller outlets like taller in algeria. but they took, contained information about off shore companies. the kind that can hold assets, properties, boats, stocks, and shares without the owners,
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all those assets having to pay tax in their own countries. basically places where the rich can hide the holdings with so many national leaders named in these documents, $35.00 plus the billionaires, the celebrities, and must be difficult to pick a stand out story from all of this. while we could go with the king of jordan, who's been using some of these actual companies to buy no fewer than 15 properties across the u. s. and the u. k. worth more than $100000000.00. his lawyer said that the king quote has not at any point misused public monies, and they added that he has deeply for jordan and its people, which is an interesting addition given that many jordanians wouldn't have known much about revelations. jordan appeared to block the i. c, i j website, just hours before the pandora papers were released and coverage of the story was know to be absent from news outlets in that country. what tangible change is, what reforms are likely to come of all of this any. so the problem on the paradise
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papers, publications did lead to a variety of arrests and some financial reforms. since these papers were published leaders in countries including mexico, india, spain, germany have all bowed to help strengthen international financial regulations. however, those are leaders who wasn't named in the papers for hiding their own assets off, shall. ok, thanks. it's been more than 10 years now since the arab spring protests swept across egypt and president cc's government has been progressively tightening its grip on cyberspace. several independent new sites and opposition websites have been censored, or blocked, and citizens have been targeted through some sophisticated spyware. this past year has seen the emergence of another disturbing trend. women, some of them university students getting arrested over their social media posts, mostly on tick tock and instagram. the charges tend to be vague, such as violating public morals and undermining family values. neither of which the
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state has actually defined. and those charges seem to be gender specific. they have not been applied to male social media influences. the women convicted have been hit with some heavy fines, even jail sentences. and what the government's critics are calling the intersection of the surveillance and patriarchal state. well listening posts, menache, robbing now on the young women who have come to be known as the kicked talker. ah, shaun expected, it was a shock for a lot of us and scared me. not one course, anything online. that was a voice mail from an egyptian women out of more than 10 people that we contacted, asking to speak about what it's like to be an egyptian woman active on social media . today, she was the only one who would be to speak with us, not on canada,
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but through these recorded voice messages. ah, i'm not the familiar agents are scared to talk about these issues. are society issues into fear changes into sight and what happened was i listen what happened was the sentencing of 2 women hunted hassan and my wife and adam in june. this year they were sent to prison for 10 and 6 years respectively. the video stayed posted on social media platforms like picked up and instagram had brought them to the attention of the authority. so hunting for the r 2 girls who are 20 and 22 years old, there are college students who are very popular on the platforms of tick tock and instagram for each had either one or 3000000 followers. there are posting videos of
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themselves, lips thinking songs, and so they weren't doing anything out of the norm. her name was contracted by like the social media company. and she was an encouraged to establish her own agency and to recruit other influencers. so she went on instagram and she sent her an invitation specifically to young women. and in this video, she says, in order to apply, you need to have a strong internet connection. you need to have a good personality. and if you're successful, you might be able to make a decent monthly income, and then over the how much of the why and, and get that, you know, get them and get them to give me a good a heck of a grade. and the 1st signs that something had gone awry with where that was, that there was thousands of comments from social media users that this was an invitation that i found to encourage sex work online. now the comments on the
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videos, a looted education authorities, and a lot of listed and convicted of quote, violating egyptian family values and human trafficking. theirs are the most high profile cases out of at least 10 instances of women being listed for their online activity over the past year. collectively, they are now known as egypt. ok, good. since 2018 to laws have been used to control the egyptian online sphere, the media regulation law which treats social media accounts and blogs with more than 5000 followers as media accounts and the law the women were tried under the cyber crime law. one specific clause of that law article $25.00, also called the morality clause, prohibits the use of technology to quote, infringe on any egyptian family principles or values. that clause has been used in nearly every one of the cases against the women on picked up. we are not against
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issuing a cyber crime law. however, nobody ever thought that this would be used against women specifically and the article 25 that criminalized late the family morales. we have seen in increasing use of this article, not just by the prosecution, but even when people report crimes on social media. oh, this act, this dancing, this women hurt the family morales but with no definition of what is the family morales while for a very long time, those about journalists and activists and protesters to they, it's about young women who actually have large followings. because what is more threatening to the state than a young person who has millions of people that wake up and every morning and see what they posted. that is deeper reach than the state will ever have. and if they're to, they dancing and whip sinking to morrow,
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they may be talking about there's pot holes, there's open sewage, there's poverty. i don't think i have prospects for a job. once the language moves into that category, then the state has no control over the dissemination of voices of dissent. it is little stretch to say that the addiction state sees young people with online followings in the millions as potential threats. just a decade ago, online active is improved crucial in mobilizing masses of egyptians to protest, the rule of president will seem a body to eventually bring him down. and more recently, in september 2019 activists used social media again to organize demonstrations demanding that a movie of current president of the for thought of c. c. even with that history though, the campaign against egyptian women active on social media seems particularly aggressive. we don't have any cases of using cyber crime law in its
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article of violating family morales used against any man men, dance men use on appropriate language and they're not prosecuted for it. but also i would add that it's not just the cyber crime law that is used against these women. the law on prostitution is only used against women in egypt. so there is a white context of using several laws against women. this was part of what we think about in terms of the gender nature of authoritarianism. but really about state patriarchy. the only way for an authoritarian state, which egypt is to day post military coup, 2013, to continue to socially control. every one is to actually become the patriarch of society. now, the current president, president cc saying, i'm going to lay on you a level of patriarchy, and still in the family of fear of the unknown,
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a fear of cyberspace. a fear of that your children will be taken into the space where you can no longer control it, because you don't understand it as much in the nature of gendered patriarchy or gendered authoritarianism in a country like egypt. and i think another important point to bring into this as well as class is that these women, the tech talk women, they're not from the upper classes of education. society, they weren't educated in foreign institutions, are educated abroad. they come from a lower socio economic backgrounds. and have exploded onto the scene who have avenues for financial independence and those sorts of values and the kinds of dances and songs that these tick tock women were performing. we're just not what is expected for women from there so, so you can all make background. ah,
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we contacted the office of to public prosecutor about the cyber crime law and a few of cases against young women. we received no response. however, in a statement posted on his facebook account on the 2nd of me to 1020, the public prosecutor justified the rest of the women seeing forces of evil, when abusing the new virtual electronic space to destroy our society, demolish values and principles and steel. it's innocent for many egyptians on social media, especially women, the cases have had a chilling effect. her son is a young girl and for her to receive our 10 year cent and all of her youth the stolen away from her. the impact that even then that is that if you are women age, you don't have our platform where you can influence don't, especially for from so sick one on the big round or from middle class. these cases represent part of a like a broader regime of information control be at the censorship websites online via
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the mass surveillance of civil society. the arrests on mass of civil society and human rights activists. the crackdown has gone beyond solely political expression and they are particularly targeting women in this case. and i think that these cases will only become more numerous. and this sort of broader regime of information controls is, is not going anywhere anytime soon. oh. and finally, live by the name die by the me, it's been that kind of week for facebook. imagine having to use a blow torch to get into your server rooms to fix a high tech problem that's locked you out. that actually happened at facebook, a workaround straight out of the industrial revolution van while desperately trying to get your platforms back up and operating in the back of your mind. you just know
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that means are being manufactured at your expense and they're making their rounds on your rival platforms like twitter, which was always going to rub your nose. will leave you now with some of those names. and we'll see you next time here at the list. ah, did, ah, ah, with
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the plan itself is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the cop $26.00 climate summit. al jazeera showcase is program dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency whitney screen films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at the away report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population people and power off why politicians have been so unaffected in fighting climate change. folk lines investigates how rising temperatures of fueling a water war in the us. out there, a world shows how
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a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the screen takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera ah, to. ready time sam is a dan in dora. look at the headlines here now g 0. now the you is pledging a $1000000000.00 to help afghanistan. the money will go to aid agencies and not the tale. bon international funds have been frozen since the armed group seized control of the country. stephanie decker reports from cobble thousands of kilometers away
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from afghanistan, the political negotiations go on. following their talk.


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