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tv   [untitled]    October 13, 2021 2:30am-3:00am AST

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newton is in prime ministers as the main focus of her government is to create economic reforms as the country continues to fend off a growing financial crisis. now, sla bowden is comments come to the day after a new cabinet. so 23 ministers was sworn in. could you say any moves bowden tries to implement will face toughest scrutiny from president k said in september, say they assumed all executive powers and began ruling by decree. had the blue this is all to see that these are the top stories. the e u has placed a $1000000000.00 to afghanistan, but the money will be given to international aid groups. not the taliban government . international funds have been frozen since the groups take over worsening the country's humanitarian crisis. tens of thousands of pro government demonstrators have rallied across bolivia. it follows days of anti government protest against a proposed law that would allow authorities to investigate assets of any citizen
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without a court order. that is, formula has more on the situation in bolivia, from the argentinian capital, want to status. the rallies is still going on. they been staggered throughout the day to allow president luis, are to say, to fly from katya bomba in the center of the country to le pause. and then over to the eastern city of santa cruz, where, where he is now bringing out tens of thousands of his supporters of government supporters across the country. and it very much is an attempt to the show of strength to show the country to show the opposition that there are more government supporters than they were. and he government support that he government protested out in the streets on monday show his government has declared a state of emergency after armed members of the indigenous mar, put shape. people took control of forests from logging companies, demanding the preservation of ancestry. lyles kenya's president who had kenyatta, says he firmly rejects and will not recognize the international court of justice
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ruling largely in favor of somalia and a long wanting dispute over the maritime border at stake is control of potentially vast oil and gas deposits. chinese property giant ever grand has failed to pay a $148000000.00 of its debts due on tuesday and the 3rd round of missed payments. unless a warning ever ground could be declared in default. as soon as monday liabilities of around $305000000000.00, the newton is in prime minister, says the main focus of her government is to create economic reform since the country continues to fend off a growing financial crisis. as our burdens commons come just a day after a new cabinet, which includes $23.00 ministers, was sworn in and critic say. barton will face staunch screening from president high side. yes. those are the headlines. these continues here. ronald is either after one or one east. goodbye in germany's capital. there is a barber like no other that are quite a tip. we haven't form,
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i marked knocked or struck ross whittier. but as his city changes, he's moving with and going on the roads. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who lived them. the master barber of berlin, as is europe on al jazeera, ah, they could be anywhere in public toilets, train stations, hotel rooms, at your office, even in your own home, tiny cameras, strategically and stool. to fill your most intimate moments with the footage. then put online in south korea, arrests for digital. 6 crimes involving hidden cameras are soaring wish melody then his whole head was unreal. your tongue panel anatole madeleine to cut another could
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it will turn when he don't know. it pays for something perpetrators come from all parts of society from tv and it is a book to so and teaches the impact on victims can be devastating. i have a toyota cowboy toyota align. take talk. no power on until he and taco put on here on the she that i have them are. the homeopathic contains, the kill porter has on them. they car garza little non technical porter. joe went to one east, joined the honda for south korea's hidden cameras and meets the women fighting back in one of the world's most connected countries prompt . it's been a long day for son, hey young,
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but his work is an over pip there on time. love her getting her there. and when he came home, he won't see me all day long. the private detective is tackling a new crime wave in south korea. illegal filming with spy cameras were chavana hungry, and i will quote, unquote, and ordinary attends her anna couldn't were handled. i thought i would go get a sneaker. should i be even your fingers? simona won't be able to come in to talk to him. she goes to work on it and lincoln with the money. so could i use a man on boats? i should, i should pay to manage on hack, into a panic on which her arm couldn't go. doctor con cabella money lower than your telephone that she turned tell when you had understood i was in there, we couldn't play the children. the money comes alameda and he to go. but you certainly don't as a get him wanting than
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a girl. when i asked her to come to the head that in which i am the po, to don't look on our way. oh, every month sunday yom receives about $500.00 calls like these. according to the police, the number of a risk for spy cameras increased almost 7 fold in the last decade. but the real number of cases is thought to be my child. to day son is media said an apartment in the capital soul, where he'll show is different types of spike cams, called mancha logan. a bank hadn't in there young push again on i'm with the north for his amana citizen on deer foot for telecom eradicate on the saturday, some of her television. you put the talent, canada, and i put bottle, tongue it on, gonna are done cause kiss or not could i had to mana tanveer the man peter had made
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up in the colgate, unadorned tongue again. and what should i come to us a bit bigger and there in man, uncle, go down, bill hagan, he has an image to donate from the other book and done it with a tenant candidate and and there to missing him and he thought it, it could a thought the doctor, one up to 10 anger. what in a given that angus? she was in it and it has for a to latoya. so i said, i know it's a woke others who it is careful shanina to prove an air filter at all to come in either or get somebody to call the will of canada an order
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says hello occurs man is here one of them. boom another. but i t, man that a little now another g got i'm just not gonna get him dog one mazama. one underwood on to dress and those who tend voicemail order than his whole. heather dana, your tag on panel on his door. amidala said sheila cannon other than me could it will turn when a door now impatient that under pen. under my door, keith would appear to know that yoga pounds will come in and out with a smith or 2 when accusatory kit cannot handle them. but you don't shoot a commitment to the guy suit. ah my god, all day can you not know so that we get a ticket or the in the pentagon yet in and you don't give sequoia as hands hanging up after your don't show it. ok to with anger toronto, pagan,
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if there were symptom. son, how young says he seen the impact the cameras can have them one or johan would have gone morning. what would. busy i get on infant isn't and they're good on the power natal war. almost how i took all that accompanies isn't what it is going on. what he got under warranty, and i'm going to switch be thought all good on. and i took him up on the, on the audience, ludwig spy, cam offenders face of fine of up to $26500.00 or a maximum prison sentence of 3 years. but most of those found guilty only receive a small fine while for victims the damage can be irreversible. eugene is still struggling with an incident that happened last year. the young woman is a popular live streaming jokey known as b. j oc boone, on a local online platform,
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she has more than 13000 fans following each and every moment of her daily life. in july 2020, she was working at a cyber cafe. when a man took a photo up her skirt with his phone. ah, the incident happened while she was live streaming on her channel. it was a viewers who alerted her. oh oh oh oh oh. after seeing the man on cctv
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footage, she quickly confronted him for you. what affair with him? we don't muted on that well. on and didn't even of these. oh yeah. what's it gonna end up like it's leaving with a take a look at how much impediment logan wiggle. no video. oh, she doesn't. okay. now look though, i all 3 of of the or how do you, jean eventually decided to report the incident to police. ah, but she says she understands why victims often remained silent at all. i could work on the time of the talk, put it in and get her can all get them a pony one to dr. logging on on. you know, at least on the, on
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a recorded i had laid on my for all 3 of them hung on certain little little music of them. civil law was that up on a difficult robber. they took on can all can help. it could been very long without us at all. you're not reading was a lot of talk one on your goal of all. she was origin together for literally all don't have a routing and one women are the main targets of these digital crimes are between 20122017. there were $26000.00 reported spike ham victims 84 percent of them were women. ah ah. when it lands us, the liberties the sharing of intimate videos on the internet can be relentless.
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play, pop star grew hara learned this 1st hand. after rising to fame. at the age of 17, the superstar saw her life fall apart just 10 years later. either group, hard for sin. ah yes, honey. um that's why it is in the middle. got you young? go in 2018 after her ex boyfriend threatened to destroy her career by releasing her sex videos filmed without her consent. she filed a lawsuit against him. the mcmurry potter after news of her video became public. the 28 year old celebrity became the target of online vitriol castle quasi on don't . how year a year later grew horror was found dead in her apartment in an apparent suicide.
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ah, her brutal glue even is still in shows go. ne run. she loves 5 pin that unpaid turned in a queen a week or every month. thunderbolt on and about me talking to albany. the royce they will mentality to got a couple marine ethel by them. i get to sleep around and complain guy me to chris on the godaddy. it hangs in your pipe or the high get to fail the menorah i old with the letters of or close on you on, on that or you watch on us or in the time monday, you know, with the world killer. ah
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you easy i with you in the 900 and pen bonded or so but you think i tanya, on that it bowl ah pushed her burns and cooking ah ah ah do here is the ex boyfriend was sentenced to one year in prison with no parole he pleaded guilty to assault blackmail coersion and destruction of property. but he denied the charge of
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a legal filming nino or credit away cook county chicago across the meadow taser on it that way you got it. where she'd have to, you know, poignantly convenient jonathan and cookie window k. a lot. all. yeah, and i get back to jonathan and that's way header to clear hollywood. she'd have to open the notes on them by chance. i wasn't gonna do who in appealed to increase the sentence, but in vain. however, the families lawyer believes this case stands as a wake up call for women in south korea. she don't go out. we've been doing it all in one did. he told me one of the one i see i need is one golden critical. how much will needed to interest with? nobody was following do her is death. more than $200000.00 south koreans signed
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a petition, demanding harsher penalties for filming, and distributing sexual acts without consent. ah, easy young activists to has been fighting against the proliferation of hidden cameras for years. but that didn't stop her from becoming a victim herself. oh, whatever 100, let's go wrong to get is chantelle. how dante young kupta, maggie, do not want to good. oh oh.
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not pin number. we'll turn it in on it. please don't say. busy to it, but i'm doing pounds on its own router and i don't want a year with a key or would it make robot awesome. so i to john low audio phone j song choice. he will get up, get it, it's you got to be another way to confirm what i'm going out of under junk tab. move out, which on you got what you want on the internet is over to give our own, you don't use the home phone and going home either way. okay. quite easy. what you want to condone you're getting is how are they so cool? we'll, we're not, i hope you put it on you guys as any com. now, what i turned on,
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taking so long so long keoki in the police managed to find the culprit, a young man whose parents described him as a good boy who took the wrong half the party settle the matter out of court. this incident only makes 2 young more determined to eradicate hidden cameras. a torn in town closer. carol, take abandon, border kind of change anyway, my tomato to kill us from one a grown to opt out of the all new kid areas all tale video or paul founder, alton gong to we don't therefore target archival went to yawn and fellow activists began campaigning in 2015, there were the only people talking about this problem openly should settle progress
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apart. when summer more boy talk we'd on the one hand colored higher course it on a way to day soon and her friends are searching the cap a millions of others. then though you're living, i thought some of these shops display their merchandise openly. we're going to figure that got any goto, or do you could use your own comment? i talked with a young i read are they are in love with
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a woman. she with multiple scandals and bad pris, have led most of these shops to shut down, put on the internet. all these devices are still cheaply available. as technology evolves, glenda stone filming has become more and more easy in south korea. well, it's becoming harder and harder for police officers to find the hidden cameras. mean to jean is an expert in criminology and digital sex crimes. a higher though that can go ahead and take that off. i say it hail
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accused her between gooey luther ward, eat one. no one take away at all. when did everybody? i said i know well the hon. yoga daniel diet. daniel a highlander? you don't they put a hold on one of them to put on. i'm going quick joe. his are now gay. my proposal needed to pass on your pro take will go on the phone and call it a call. a thought hung up on talk with a little a new pro. haven't heard of with his all with you a call or eco cargo or because him, i don't know, you know me only i was in the overly that she says south korea's conservative
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culture is also partly to blame me for hungering land. i knew that when what boat i sail there, there could gay. aw, well you have it on in this home. your quote, are you on the old over here that they will neg, whichever date that will be done until it opens on wednesday. casanya laughed grave eyes and anti uses it on the boil. is i did. he slept all night or 2 as i thought, as long as all all went in that it has i would have when you got it. okay. it comes on the vehicle pulling up the recall label fail number, the other one does a positive. again, j, you, alma, and what that end over you is number would be the one to tackle digital 6 grimes, an illegal filming. the government adopted a comprehensive set of measures in september 2017. 3 months after he swearing in his south korea is president moon j in made it a national priority war car from there, the on checkbook on our peers up order young to finish or chimera. shiranda mall
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columns hum would only duprang's she kiddos hated. pierson, general camaro young tongue. would you put a good drummers have jeep young we're planning on don't jone bonnie didn't tell me try me. ah, some citizens a helping take up the fight. oh you for all the time to get it will be done with you bud. all one in santa fe worthy we one day or have a still about with housewives care young soon. and john mean new 3 hours south of soul in the district of dell. so good once a month, these volunteers team up for a specific mission to hunt for hidden cameras in public toilets.
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and i talked to him and hopefully we can get going there. i mean, i know with him that somebody now your 13 is denied. global mail. number 1, april. now michael, the caller id a different old order. i can have all proof of that. i had to pagan there one, and it tells me that i that i have over isaac regina angela was and i was let go use of it. in our little little dante, the program has it's all going to has, i should have to go back there. another ward again, because once i went to lower, lindsay on its own human who was insignificant, haggard, didn't, couldn't, gave k young, says a doing important off. hi basil. now it all as it off with that alum, without, without him out or so they can do it on my little boy that i couldn't. i knew i thought, had ended up or in the back cause i was allowed to live at south korea has been
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rocked by a recent spite of spike and scandals. and municipal authorities are on high alert. in this district, 34 teams, some paid by local government, are dedicated to keeping public spaces free from hidden cameras. local official lease on me says they are needed now more than ever. now, the water vio county, his art is why couldn't you? chris thought he did to of course was on his sugar thing. if i ever oh yes, i mean that on at home from the fatal. yeah. um mm hm. yeah. saga, put on our planet. gonna hunker your answer channels. laquia chris antoine conquistador, there were me and i took a hug all taken tuple. she thought i'm only actually, she said,
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how go come get interior designer? can i think my house ah, in sales 3, there is a growing awareness and anger about hidden cameras. women are taking to the streets to fight for their rights and speak out against gender discrimination. ah ah ah. for eugene, who was illegally photographed while she was working in a cyber cafe. life is not the aim but hunger color the color such as says it'll give all, all the warning like look at her of all ever. will one eye yokels from america,
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philip? all ah, after she reported him to the police, the spy cam perpetrator was arrested the following day for attempting to film illegally. the case is on going all day for money for garden, the war like that. i all of all were lena, california. ha gay. i got the y o n and then from ca get i i get that wasn't like at all are putting i had on water on cov, oh we have i eat on ca, gay. laughable. no, they eugene says her experience is a warning for women everywhere. and that silence is no longer an option in the face of self grees spy. cam epidemic. isn't it off the phone with iraq? it on god, you know, a fancied on like
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a saw in the couple when you call me while need on. ah, in the world's most populous nation, one in every 4 women suffers domestic violence. while one east investigates china's battle ground at hon. one out 0. ah, a, the u. s. is always of interest to people. all right, the world people pay attention to work with on here and i'll just, he was very good at bringing the news to the world from here.
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ah, the european union says it'll give a 1000000000 dollars to age groups in afghanistan to try to stop the humanitarian crisis, getting worse. ah, i'm not madison. this is all 0 alive from doha also coming up. 2 till i declares a state of emergency after indigenous peoples, his control of the ancestral lions of public health failure which cost thousands of lives are you.


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