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suitcases programs dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency witnesses green films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at the wet report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people empower us why politicians have been so unaffected in fighting climate change. folk lines investigate how rising temperatures are fueling a water war in the u. s. l just they were world shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the screen take the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera. ah
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ah. ah. i know top stories, yoga 0 is dredged a $1000000000.00 to afghanistan, but the money will be given to international aid groups. not the taliban government . international funds have been frozen since the groups take over worsening countries. humanitarian crisis, international court of justice has ruled largely in favor of somalia in a long running maritime borders. dispute with its neighbour, kenya, mistake at stake is control of potentially vast oil and gas deposits. and today's government is dakota, state of emergency, in the era cammie, a region where armed members of the indigenous my portrait. people have taken control of forests from roving companies. florida has issued its 1st
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find to a county for violating a new state law. banning current virus vaccine mandates. the state health department issued a $3500000.00 fine. de leon county, after 14 workers were fired for not being inoculated. florida's new law prohibits businesses and governments from requiring people to show proof of a coven 19 vaccination. it comes a day out, a texas governor greg albert reg issued an executive order blocking president biden's vaccine mandates for private employers. the white house press secretary gave this reaction. i think it's pretty clear when you make a choice that's against all public health information and data out there that you're, it's not based on what is in the interests of the people you are governing. ah, it's perhaps in the interest of your own politics. the u. k government presided over one of the countries worst ever, public health failures, as the pandemic to cold, costing thousands of lives at so in a report by 2 parliamentary committees, which has criticized prime minister bursts,
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johnson's government and its key scientific advisers turn the whole reports from london, m. p. 's from across the political spectrum have delivered a damning verdict on the government's handling of the coven 19 pandemic. in the words of a parliamentary report, it was one of the worst public health failures in u. k. history. it left vulnerable groups exposed and led to one of the worst outcomes among developed world economies. from this evening, i must give the british people a very simple instruction. you must stay at home for his johnson's delay in ordering the 1st lockdown in march 2020. the report says, cost many lives, it was part of a deliberate policy based on scientific advice aimed at achieving heard immunity, something the government has always denied, and a so called group think among ministers and government scientists. the report says, lead to a failure to learn lessons from what other countries were doing. we took too long
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to make that decision. i think everyone recognizes that. now we should have been out avoid a locked and altogether, if we'd follow the muddle taken in taiwan or south korea, ah, whither much expanded testing trace program? right from the outset? or we could have avoided locking down in that 1st year as those countries did. so that, that is a big lesson. despite being one of the 1st countries to develop a test for coven 19 in january 2020. the report says the u. k. squandered that lead, turning it into a situation of permanent crisis when mass testing was halted in march. by the time a test trace and isolate system did come along in the summer, it was say, m. p, 's slow, uncertain, often chaotic. there are moments of praise for the vaccine rollout and the development of life saving treatments, both involving scientists from oxford university. but that does not exonerate the government or its advisors for a litany of criticism set out in what is an almost universally scathing report
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lobby akin. ola lost his dad phemie to coven 19 in april last year. he wants an apology. this moment here isn't about politics. another saving face, it's about understanding the pain that people are going through and doing what we can to ameliorate her and then prevent it from happening. jen. i think you can convey all of that in 2 simple words of, i'm sorry, so the decision to not do that, i think, sense a different, another fortunate messrs quite loudly. the national cove at memorial wall. opposite parliament bears vivid testimony to the pandemic. and parliament has now lay bare the extent of government responsibility for those losses. a public inquiry is due in 2022 journal whole al jazeera london. this is more than a year and a half since the u. k. left the european union. but this week, both sides are on a collision course over how their relationship should work. now the u. k is hoping
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to have 2 to 3 weeks of intensive talks with a block over a key issue and or concerns northern ireland. the only area where britain and the union physically meet with a 500 kilometer border and was a fear that a return to security and customers checks could lead to violence and scenes like the state of near civil war known as the troubles which ended with a peace deal in 1998. so to avoid physical border post on land, the northern ireland protocol instead created a customs divide in the irish c and inside the u. k. something that proved politically toxic. people though favor the region remaining part of the u. k. feel they're being set apart from the rest of the country and fear it could boost those who wanted to join island. unlike the rest of the u. k, northern ireland must follow e. you rules on standards with a european court of justice overseeing dispute and reserve and travel to belfast in northern ireland to see what effect the rogers having as the u. k is breakfast
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minister prepared to speak in portugal, karen sloane was taking a delivery from the irish republic. it's his main supply line now and without it. his delicatessen in northern ireland will be out of business. his main suppliers used to be in the u. k. but the trade board were in the irish c means he can't rely on them any more. karen had been hoping the you was about to smooth things out with concessions over regulations on food exported from the u. k. and streamlined custom checks, but the way the british government is now behaving leaves karen and business people all over northern ireland in doubt. how much was the lack of it her until now? he, along with many others nettle, realize the role of the european court of justice was an issue with the post bricks of crisis here. no, i was thinking about has brackson them, you know, protocol and as, as all you hear and um, you know, an old and your to so as a something new. another thing to worry about, you know, i walk damm,
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harness business like, you know, for the keep are gone. you're left hanging because i agree with the politicians because the need to coordinate the need to do something about us any the smooth hazard ground, but there's nothing smooth in what the you case breaks it minister has to say it was he wants to rewrite the northern ireland protocol, the device used to avoid a hard border on the island of ireland and we now face a very serious situation. the protocol is not working, is completely lost consent in one community, not knowledge. now proposal looks more like a normal treaty in ways governs with international arbitration. instead of a system of the law ultimately policed in the courts of one of the parties. the european court justice, there's puzzlement in belfast on why the u. k. is taking such a hard line when there seem to be more hope of a compromise from brussels. and so is this last minute posturing on the part of the u. k. government. if it isn't, then there's a serious escalation to this crisis. i had this at a time when it would appear. the majority of people in northern ireland want an end
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to their standoff. tess about the c border had been led by unionists who say that been cut off from the u. k. before becoming prime minister boris johnson had told a democratic unionist party 3 years ago that he didn't want to see the northern ireland left in the lurch by a borderless sea. no british conservative government could or should sign up to any such arrangement. that assurance fell by the wayside. the people of northern ireland could be forgiven for feeling betrayed. and while the eunice politicians welcomed lahardo line from the british government, there's a feeling of unease. for many people living here, andrew simmons al jazeera belfast 15 people who were kidnapped in ne nigeria several months ago managed to escape. officials say the 6 women and 9 children had to walk for 6 days until i reached safety. they were abducted from villages in bruno state, escaped from an area known to be a strong hold of isolate groups. and here is government has brought in sweeping
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measures to contain attacks by om groups in the north. the restrictions include cutting communication services and a ban on markets and the transportation of certain goods and as amended. rece reports who can do net is leaving some people battling to cling on to their livelihoods. defiant traders display their goods at this weekly market. despite a government order to shut down, like many traders here, it's yucca, bella says is greens could be confiscated or may even lose his life. if gunmen strike what he asked to take the risk, i'm, i didn't any know what it was like if the markets remain closed. how to feed our families. what. what about those who have to go to work daily in order to buy food with lew? expect them to carry guns and rob, good edge worthy here at cadina's biggest kettle market traders se then able to bring in new stock because of the ban on the movement of cattle. much of what is
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here is all stock. and they say because of an 80 percent decline in the number of animals coming in, the prices have increased restrictions of cut, telecommunications, and the movement of goods and closed rural markets in many areas of at least 5 states. this says the government is hindering the criminal operations of armed men, no locally, as bandits. they've turned kitten up for on some into a lucrative business. the wisdom of binding movement of cartoon into or outside the state is to stop that corey door, that they get source of funding by selling at russell a cutter. now coming to the weekly market, i've also, i explained that that, that is why that is the my kids that i didn't get, i says to food and order at logistics. now you also look at the telecoms,
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the shut down of our telecom services in this on gov and a species. one. communication is very critical. if at the center of negotiation for ransom as we speak here, interdictions emissions are in progress. and the in the out security forces ah, taking the bonded out bad private but only say to stop the slight into anarchy. the government was addressed acute shortages among the ranks of security forces because we have quite few and above policemen. quite few and above savage men, this is a country of our poor 100000000, and we have less than 4 to 500000 military men. please men combine. this is unacceptable. in desperation, some nigerian states are training in arming, malicious ralph white armed groups, but still largely outgunned the malicious 3 being poorly equipped to confront the
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threat posed by bandit with superior weapons. how many degrees al jazeera, a convicted rebel fighter, has apologized for his role in destroying a world heritage site in marley in 2012 am at our mardi was centers to 9 years in prison, for desecrating religious monuments in tim back to his now asking judges at the international criminal court to release him from prison up before remarkable young i stand before you to day to express to you and to the entire world through you have my deepest remorse, sadness, and regret for all crimes that i committed in the past. i deeply regret all my crimes, and i feel deep, sincere, and genuine remorse that awakened my heart and my conscience and prompted me to repent and change investigation into the bay route port explosion has been suspended again after 2 politicians wanted for questioning, filed a complaint against the judge,
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former finance minister ali her son halle complained after an arrest warrant was issued for him. he is close to his bala as his former public works. mister garcia, zeta who's also wanted for questioning. judge terry bitter has faced repeated obstacles as he tries to talk to some of lebanon's most powerful figures over what they knew about the poorly stored chemical stockpile, which exploded, killing 1200 people. human rights groups are calling on countries in southeast asia to do more to end the exportation of migrant fishermen. it follows a string of workers, deaths on ships overseas from tig allen central java. jessica washington report on this chinese fishing vessel of the waters near peru. these indonesian fishermen prepared to say good bye to one of their crew after months at sea, so carefully has returned to indonesia, unable to forget his friend, who never got the chance to come home. yeah, i get over by law. it was,
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he kept working despite his pain. perhaps he was scared, then his whole body became swollen. these fishermen have come together to discuss their experiences, sharing stories of exploitation, underpayment, and even physical abuse buffy through the i got everything. i was hit on the back of the head, i almost fell down. others say they were tricked into working on the ships. bernard gently was never my intention to work on a chinese fishing ship. the agency lied to me for several months. i couldn't contact my parents. he says he was promised a manufacturing job in south korea. he never anticipated what was to come gama panorama. they didn't give me any food for a whole week. i became very thin. i couldn't walk. like many returned fishermen why he was trying to get back the money he is owed. workers' rights groups in southeast
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asia say they concerned about the rise in reported cases of poll working conditions, physical abuse and deaths at sea. they say governments across the region have a responsibility to help and force labor in the international fishing industry. in recent weeks, more than 20 n g o is across the region have signed a letter to was young calling on the regional block to ratify the work in fishing convention, which calls for the minimum requirements for conditions on board fishing vessels. some se, indonesia, as the country with the largest workforce on foreign ships, must be more proactive adequately. but on the gun like i'd be a fan, we should be an example and showed that we want to improve the situation right now . there is no access to justice for fishermen on foreign ships. denisia maritime ministry says ratifying the convention. that is a priority, but it takes time and was received with our english chemical boy. of course italy,
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recovery prov, dora 5 recommendation into golf central java. some of the fishermen working on these small, local boats a waiting for their deployments to work on large vessels overseas. on certain of the conditions they will face when they depart. jessica washington out a 0 to go. well then, $700.00 people have been ordered to abandon their homes on the spanish island of la palmer as lava advances towards them. they contribute. her volcano has destroyed almost $1200.00 buildings since it began erupting nearly a month ago. will them 6000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes? on monday, emergency services ordered around 3000 locals to stay in doors to avoid toxic fumes created when the larva hit a cement plant. for thought gallery, my can she or my unit to be here? it is terrible. i'm feeling more and more attention. there's a lot of stress the suffering when it was a spectacle of phenomenon like this can generate, like a little heat,
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little we're getting things out of my aunt's house before this demon arrives here. because the path that flows is expected to lead here, we're at least taking what we can because you can't hide against to nature. an elk that's been roaming the hills of colorado with a tire stuck around its neck for 2 years is finally been freed. rangers 1st noticed it 2 years ago, but it was difficult to track because then or disappear for long periods in winter . after 3 failed attempts, this week, wildlife officers managed to tranquilize the elk and remove its antlers. as they were unable to cut through the steel in the tire. so had this news out. ah, mexico uses race day to celebrate its mix of european and indigenous heritage as its native people fight from end to inequality. and in support, the co with vaccination the saga in the n. b a takes another twist with a superstar told she went to playing ah
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cool. ah ah, tuesday is race day in mexico holiday originally commemoration, the arrival of christopher columbus. it is now used to recognize the nations mixed indigenous and european heritage on your up arrow as more from mexico city. the arrival of the other larosa or race day in mexico comes just weeks after the country marked 200 years of independence from spain. as that and as in other latin american countries, such celebrations are prompting renewed debate over the complicated legacy of
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european colonization, as well as the topic of inequality in a region with stark, ethnic and social divisions. yet nobody made more mean the lay there from the start . the idea was for mexico to be a homogenous country with a single identity. there was a period where the country tried to unify the population under a single language, a single culture, single type of gastronomy, and those politics to how much and i still exist to day. i'm permeates into public policy. yes. in recent years, protesters have targeted in vandalized symbols of colonization, like a statue of explore christopher columbus that once stood in downtown mexico city. as mexico marks the anniversary of the arrival of columbus to the new world act of the say that some 70 percent of indigenous mexicans live below the poverty line. adding that social inequality is the real legacy of the spanish conquest. there are earliest efforts underway in mexico to lift up indigenous heritage mize. the cat cow is a restaurant in one of mexico cities, most exclusive neighborhoods,
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and the staff here specialize in indigenous cuisine. the strong's owner mar, loan, your car by you says bringing visibility to pre hispanic recipes is a way to lift up the voices and languages of indigenous communities. in the 2nd i've been seen, i've always said language isn't extension of taste must have been built on mexico has 68 indigenous languages, took off the 68 cultures. yet at 68, we seen sweat of 68 possibilities for those flowers to mix and improve the human pallets the still. we are $68.00 living communities on the dance to a universe algorithm, and out at the same time breaking through the efforts to make us invisible. be important. i think we're living to a very important moment. it's impossible to follow. ah, mexico's president, under this manuel lopez over a lot often speaks about the rights of indigenous communities and has even requested that spain apologize for the conquest. the president has also been a proponent of large public celebrations that more openly embraced the countries cultural diversity. even often, i don't, you know, when you have a son,
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long lived the universal fraternity, long live, the love for one's neighbors. long live the cultures of pre hispanic mexico realities. while many in mexico view changing public discourse toward native communities as progress, indigenous rights act of his say that speeches and public spectacles alone are not enough to correct 5 centuries of discrimination, racism, and neglect. manuel rap, hello al jazeera mexico city. have his partner, his jeff. thank you, lauren, we start with big news coming out of the n. b a. the brooklyn ets have decided to carry. irving won't play or practice with the team and that he's vaccinated against cove. 19 shooting current of ours restrictions in new york. the next place must have had at least one job to be allowed to play the home games. having was clear to train their home facility as it's considered a private building, and he is eligible for some away games. but the next one irving
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a fully involved. so until he gets the job or rules in new york change, he isn't allowed to take part in any team activities. well, you not covered charisse, it's 2013 when he was a member of the cavaliers. have a lot of mutual friends and family and we know each other as well. so knowing kyrie and the type of person he is particularly as it relates to not necessarily subscribing to think and moving to the beat of his own drama and really analyzing things. and not jumping to something just because everybody else is doing it. my gut says no. but i also think that what happens with mere de blasio as well as kyrie and the nets and everything going on with the mandates could, could dictate a change. so from our perspective and cover inquiry and knowing the type of person he is and i say no. but if he can't play because of various mandates you've been traveling or what have you, it leads his trade value kind of an obsolete. so i think kind of similarly the been
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simmons who's now returning to philadelphia after sitting out trying to get if you play, your value can go up. but carry situation is a lot different. i think it's a matter of whether he gets the vaccination or not. and like i said, knowing him, i don't see it happening for go now in the wild co qualifier between albania and poland was marked by crowd trouble. charles, the dusky put put into head on 77 minutes. but as he celebrates it, he was struck by a bottle of thrown from the stands. he and his teammates said then walked off the pitch, which led to the game of being suspended for around 20 minutes. the stadium announcement and set the match what regime but warns the crowd that are buying it would have to forfeit if more objects of fine. and it finished one nail, poland in the same great hungry fans clash with police at wembley during that qualify with england. it was the wayside who took a surprise, lead by john signs equalized to england with his 1st international vote for 3 years as it finished one. 0, and then a 3 points clear at the top of the standings with receive games to play at denmark
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have books that place alongside hey scatter. i'm jim many at next as woke up now soft a one know when i have all straightened copenhagen. you know kim may look all the only goal of the game in the 2nd half for the euro. 2020 semi finalists. that's the 8th successive victory and qualifying, which means they can't because it's at the top of that great. christie on even nowadays go to hat trick is portugal b, luxembourg. he put away 2 penalties in 5 minutes as his side went to up and it was 3 note not long after. thanks his manchester united teammates renee fernandez, went out by his 3rd of the night late on as it finished 5 mail. there was a hat trick in africa qualifying to as far mirage as you insured synagogue made it into the playoffs. his goals, helping them at 2, a 31 when i haven't namibia, the game was played in south africa, which was movie, as home stadium was declared unfit to host matches,
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algeria extended the unbeaten run to 31 games with a full no. when a man says to cities and react morris among the scores, the african champions are ahead of bikini fossil go difference and play them on the final match date. and next monday in asia, australia is a record winning streak has been ended by japan. they've made it 11 of qualifying victories in a row before coming up against the host inside sama australia minus to equalize off to japan. went ahead. but with 5 minutes ago, as is a bay, it scored an own. go to give japan a to one when and the other grades of asian qualifying the top 2 seems a round and south korea fight out of one will rule them forward as sonya can men school the i've been up for south korea before the home side equalized in the 76 minute around that man on top of the group, why 2 points and just some tennis needs from indian wells. a little bit to lena has
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been eliminated. this one, i'm a bit of a shock. losing is 6161 for american a jessica beauty who moved into the core to files. that is a real sport from the from that was back to lauren and london. and that's it for me for the news. i will be back in just couple minutes with more news fifa ah and a inequality corruption, repression and re holistically it just decided to cost to the piece of cake. i'm sure i want to be a new documentary to explore the desk for the state of democracy and lebanon. oh,
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new through the eyes of those who are losing hope every day. oh james, becoming blue democracy, maybe democracy for sale on al jazeera, all be the hero. the world news right ah washer for incarcerated, the other half, his life convicted by a known, unanimous jury for a crime in which no one was obliged mail, making eye contact when the white forces could cause him to lose his life. and in this particular situation, it caused him to lose his freedom. why did the lord deemed unconstitutional by the supreme court? still keep people behind boss, an estate, a rosanna, being incarcerated is just another form of flavor. the gym co convictions on al jazeera, a $150000000.00 trees disappear every year into the clothing that we all wear from
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up cycling to save the forest. the famous yellow dress fade from blue jeans law to conserving the wealth. dwindling wetlands. 3 of the eights worlds global bird migration white intersect right? where we are basic discovered a treasure chart is one of the most special lead labs on the plan. i for ice ecosystems and light analogies. sarah, ah, the you pledges a $1000000000.00 of emergency aid for afghanistan while still refusing to recognize the taliban government. ah, i'm orientate of his alger 0 live from london. was like coming up. the you ends top court rules largely in somalia is favor and it's no running dispute with kenya over
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there. maritime border or chilly is declaring a state of emergency of the indigenous poochie season.


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