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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2021 9:30pm-10:00pm AST

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ah, the planetary is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the cop 26 climate summit. al jazeera showcase is program dedicated to one baling the reality of the climate emergency witness screen films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at the wet report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population people empower us, why politicians have been so unaffected in fighting climate change. folk lines investigate how rising temperatures are fueling a water war in the us. algae, they were world shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the screen takes the fight for climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard, demanding, environmental accountability, the climate emergency
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a season of special coverage on al jazeera lou. oh, hello, are you watching out 0? i'm emily anglin, or mind ravenna, help stories this our m. b. u has pledged a $1000000000.00 in aid for afghanistan. the money is to help avoid a humanitarian and socio economic collapse. it will be given to international organizations working in the country, but not to the telephone governments. the u. n's of top court has rejected kenya's claims in a maritime border dispute in the indian ocean somalia fall the loss or enough to kenya, awarded exploration rides in waters. mogadishu says within its boundary,
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the disputed area has been identified as potentially rich in oil and gas. chiles government has declared a state of emergency in its south central region of a road can. yeah, that's way indigenous fighters have taken control of forests. they're demanding self determination more. and i have top story now and various un and independent agencies have sounded the alarm on the increasingly di, a situation in afghanistan. 95 percent of households don't have enough to 8 according to the world food program. and to 1000000 children are malnourished because of acute food shortages. about 90 percent of health facilities have been forced to close because of a lack of international aid before the telephone take over international aid that accounted for 75 percent of state spending. but now assets remain frozen in the us and the countries look fuller look is
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a researcher and political analyst. he says the humanitarian crisis in afghanistan needs an urgent response. ease, sensations on the keyhole. hobble will tell you that we are heating, poor, a humanitarian catastrophe, and understand. i'm only talking about carbon, let alone, dearest on the country. and people are in dire need of the humanitarian in the system. according to i, c. r. c, 18000000 people are in desperate need of the assistance of the why 5000000 are in printer display this people have no access to kish, but all the hell in the bins in the are a lot of problems. the health is on the word of collapse because the many of the international donors and we're going to vision for your a to 6, which is critical. any of these for him? if the situation remains the same, i think we are, we are to see him in
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a period causes a containing and controlling look, which will be very, very difficult for the international community for i think and hunger food in see could be are also the issues one in 3 are hungry in a 103 and 4. people in a phone don't have sufficient food to eat, and many are, are reducing, get comes up with consumption in the song. in a change of pace now, and lego has pledged to make its toys, gender neutral, the world's largest toy make it says it will no longer target different products that girls and boys, and in years of gender based marketing, the danish company says it made the decision after a serv, i found parents and children still influenced by what it called ingrained agenda stereotype. i could never assume that something is just for boys or something is just for girls. i think we should not be making those assumptions that we should continue to develop products that are happening. and so the passion points of kids
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and then played veterans that they really like and building parents that they really like. but we need to add them to that. madeline de nano is the president and chief executive officer at the gina davis institute on gender in media. that's the organization that conducted the global survey on behalf of lego. thanks for joining us, madeline. how big of a role to toys play in creating and perpetuating these gender stereotypes? thank you so much for having the ways are one of the 1st things that children engage in, in addition to traditional popular culture that they may watch and it definitely nursing them. your potential pathways to work or aspirations about creativity, though it has a tremendous amount of influence and metal. and how much have these ingrained stereotypes that we talk about have?
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how much of a held back children, both boys and girls wait around is died and this was heartening to find that no 82 percent of girls are ready and believe that sure i can play football and sure boys can do ballet. but we found bad. 74 percent of the boys were actually like, now there are some things that are just for girls. and what was very surprising is that, you know, with regard to parents is that they were 5 to 6 times more likely to encourage their rules or suit more mormons base activities. i'm traditional domestic activities like cookie a big, where they would encourage their boys code and sports and even, you know, conduct, you know, lego play. so it's really society that's holding back girls. how will legos decision positively impact the development of children?
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both boys and girls going forward in terms of their study i, they education and then their future employment. well, i can only speak a to our involvement with the study is that lego is definitely embarked on a journey and have made a lot of commitments to rebuild perceptions and ultimately to support creative empowerment for all kids. and it's really about ensuring that all of our children have the opportunity to access all types of lay and activities which ultimately can help them develop their full potential, especially if they start thinking about careers. madeline, do you think that now that legos made this decision that are the toy companies will follow search? you know that have you good? what do we need to ultimately just let children decide what they want to play with? absolutely,
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we need to be gender agnostic with what we need to let children decide what they want to play and how they want to express themselves. well, it's a fascinating study and we appreciate your time. madeline dinner, the president and chief executive of the jane davis institute on gender media. thank you. the u. k. bricks at ministers says the northern island protocol is doing more harm than good, and he's revealed a proposal for a new amended deal. david frost said the agreement is creating serious challenges in the region. the 2019 protocol came as a result of a bricks, a deal that allowed northern ireland to stay within the a you single market. to avoid a hard border with ireland. both sides are said to begin talks on fixing the deal later this month. let's take a closer look now at exactly what's happening here in northern ireland is the only area where the u. k. and a you physically mate with a 500 kilometer border keeping that border open is a crucial part of the 1998 good friday agreement which ended the long running
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conflict in northern ireland. the killed more than 3000, painful to avoid any physical border. checkpoints, the protocol a created accustomed divide in the irish c instead which is inside the u. k. and to add to the already complicated process, northern ireland must follow e. you rules as a condition of bricks. it overseen by the european court of justice, the u. k. is adamant that must change for more of an explanation. andrew simmons filed this report from belfast. it was, sir, really caught an extraordinary sequence of, of events with his speech because he started off about to talk about the differences between the you a follow up with britain and saying, you know, it takes 2 to actually do things and we want to prove relations and then a few minutes later he was talking about basically changing beyond recognition. really this, tracy, this, this part of the treaty of the northern ireland protocol,
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which is a problem. there's no doubt about the major issues involved, which is the slowness of checks, the, the regulations which stop various products from being imported from the u. k. businesses having a really difficult time, especially in the role up to christmas and getting their products on really a major issues. but, but the general consensus in nevada is though they're just wanting smooth though. but know what we're hearing from david frost is, is, is explicit. but expect a real fights over this, the supposed to be negotiations, but this is really going to be a pretty brittle battle between the european union and the okay, potentially is going to be one of the biggest riffs we'll have seen between the year and the u. k preliminary results for parliamentary elections in iraq show a positive outcome for the party of shia cleric mac tada. alice sada.
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ah, despite that good showing none of the political blocks appear to have secured a majority. former prime minister norie al marie keys faction looks said to have the 2nd largest vote among and she a parties. sunday's po was held several months early voter turnout. he had a record low of just above 40 percent to lebanon now and, and judicial investigation into last he is by wrote port explosion has been suspended again after a new legal complaint. it comes after the late judge issued an arrest warrant for former finance mina ali hassan car lil, who fell to a p for questioning earlier on tuesday. kalil is one of 2 ministers who filed the complaint. the explosion killed at least $200.00 and anxious paypal after a fire triggered the detonation of several, several tons of money and night. trench teachers in
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grace have stage a 24 hour strike to protest against the government's education reforms. several 100 staff and students walked off their classrooms on monday to march through central athens. the great government wants to introduce mandatory evaluations for teachers, but they say what schools need is more teachers and money. a convicted rebel fighter has apologized for his role in destroying a world heritage site. in molly, back in 2012 ahmed al at mardi was sentenced to 9 years in prison, a desecrating religious monument sent him back to al mahdi is now asking judges at the international criminal court to release him from prison. if what american will young i stand before you to day to express to you and to the entire world through you, my deepest remorse, sadness and regretful, all crimes that i committed in the past. i deeply regret all my crimes,
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and i feel deep, sincere, and genuine remorse that awakened my heart and my conscience and prompted me to repent and change. not nigerian government has announced sweeping measures to contain attacks by armed groups in the north. the restrictions include a cut in communication services and a ban on markets and the transportation of certain goods. as i'm and interest reports from kaduna, some people are getting desperate. hello defiant traders display their goods at this weekly market. despite a government order to shut down. like many traders here is here, cabella says is greens could be confiscated or may even lose his life if gunman strike. but he has to take the risk and well, my didn't know what it was like if the markets remain close. how to feed our families. what, what about dos, we'll have to go to work daily in order to buy food truck with a loo, expect them to get guns and rob, good edge grabbing here at cadina's biggest cattle market traders. so been able to
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bring in new stock because of the ban on the movement of cattle. much of what is here is all stock and they say because of an 80 percent decline in the number of animals coming in, the prices have increased restrictions of cut, telecommunications, and the movement of goods. and closed rural markets in many areas of at least 5 states. this says the government is hindering the criminal operations of armed men known locally as bandits. they've turned kitten up for on some into a lucrative business. the wisdom of binding movement of cartoon into or outside the state is to stop that corridor that they get source of funding by selling a russell cutter. now come into the weekly market. i have also a splint that, that,
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that is why that is the markets that i did get, i says to food and odon logistics. now you also look at the telecoms, the shut down of our telecom services in these on gov and a species one. communication is very critical, if at the same time of negotiation for ransom as we speak here, interdictions emissions are in progress and day in day out. security forces ah, taking the bondage out bad private. but analysts say to stop the slight, into anarchy. the government was addressed acute shortages among the ranks of security forces because we have quite few and above policemen. quite few and above 5. his men. this is a country of over 200000000 and we have less than 4 to 500000 milli fi man. please man, combine. this is unacceptable. in desperation,
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some nigerians tita training in arming malicious val quite of course, but still largely outgunned the militias, through being poorly equipped to confront the threat posed by bandit with superior weapons. ahmed edris al jazeera cuba cd flooding in china has killed at least 15 people. it's affected more than a 1000000 people in total in chance shape province out there is rob mcbride has moved with unrelenting rain since the start of october, shang sea is said to be experiencing the worst autumn flooding in history, resulting in the destruction of dams, rail lines and highways there have been multiple landslides and the fan, her river, a tributary of the yellow river, has recorded its most powerful flood peak in 57 years. emergency teams helped by heavy equipment, have been racing to shore up defenses to prevent more flooding. but already
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thousands of hacked airs of farm land have been inundated, 19000 homes, destroyed, and 820000 people evacuated, considered the birthplace of chinese civilization. shang see as rich in culturally important sites and relics with many now said to be at risk. shank, c is also an important cold producing province and there have been fears these storms could worse and china's shortage of coal, which has resulted in power outages across the country, around 10 percent of mines in shang c. suspended operations for a time, although most were pushed to reopen to help coal supplies. but this seems to be another example of the increasing frequency and ferocity of extreme weather events to hit china. these floods come less than 3 months after reins and flooding in neighboring hern and province killed more than $300.00 people. again,
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rainfall records were broken across the province with the provincial capital, experiencing $200.00 millimeters of rain in a single hour. back in shang, see province, millions of dollars and much needed relief supplies have been provided for people affected by these floods. rob mcbride, al jazeera hong kong, tropical storm composites who has triggered floods and landslides in northern philippines, killing at least 9 people. more than 1600 have been forced out from their homes and towns 11 missing. the storm swept through the most populous island of lazar on monday and intensified as it approached the island of palawan. still ahead on al jazeera in sports, and nbc superstar is banned for not wanting the covert vaccine. all the details coming out with jemma ins folder
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ah ah
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oh ah ah, tuesday marks race day in mexico. the holiday originally commemorated the arrival of the explorer. christopher columbus but now says to recognize the nations mixed indigenous in european heritage man, while we're palo as more from mexico city. the arrival of the early larosa or race day in mexico comes just weeks after the country marked 200 years of independence from spain. as back and as in other latin american countries,
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such celebrations are prompting renewed debate over the complicated legacy of european colonization, as well as the topic of inequality in a region with stark, ethnic and social divisions. yet nobody made more means delay there from the start . the idea was for mexico to be a homogeneous country with a single identity. there was a period where the country tried to unify the population under a single language, a single culture, a single type of gastronomy, and those politics to how much and i still exist to day, i'm permeating to public policy. yet in recent years, protesters have targeted in vandalized symbols of colonization, like a statue of spanish explore christopher columbus that once stood in downtown mexico city. as mexico marks the anniversary of the arrival of columbus to the new world act of the say that some 70 percent of indigenous mexicans live below the poverty line. adding that social inequality is the real legacy of the spanish conquest.
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there are earnest efforts underway in mexico to lift up indigenous heritage mize. the cat cow is a restaurant in one of mex, to city's most exclusive neighborhoods and the staff here specialize in indigenous cuisine. the restaurants owner, marathon jacobo says bringing visibility to pre hispanic recipes is a way to lift up the voices and languages of indigenous communities. the 2nd have been seen. i've always said language is an extension of taste. must have been built on mexico has 68 indigenous languages, took was the 68 culture. so you had at $68.00, we see the sweat of $68.00 possibilities for those flowers to mix and improve the human palate. though we are 68 living communities on the dance to a universal rhythm and out at the same time breaking through the efforts to make us invisible. the info. and i think we're living through a very important moment that she impossible to follow. ah, mexico's president, under this manuel lopez over to thought often speaks about the rights of indigenous communities and has even requested that spain apologize for the conquest. the
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president has also been a proponent of large public celebrations that more openly embraced the country's cultural diversity. even often not that we are only marcel long lived the universal fraternity, long live the love for one's neighbors. long live the cultures of pre hispanic mexico, yet is at least one, many in mexico view, changing public discourse toward native communities as progress indigenous rights act of his say that speeches and public spectacles alone are not enough to correct 5 centuries of discrimination, racism, and neglect manuel rap, hello al jazeera mexico city. it's time now is fought, he has gemma. thank you, emily. while big news coming out of the m. b a. the brooklyn that's of decided kyrie, irving won't play or practice with the team. and so he's vaccinated against covet 19 she to kind of virus restrictions in new york, the nets players must have had at least one jap to be allowed to play their home games. having was clear to train at the home facility as it's considered
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a private building, and he is eligible for some away games for the naz on irving fully involved. so until he gets the job all rules in neil change, he isn't allowed. take part in any team activities. cypher martinez for now joined vie and be able at cost at brandon robinson and washington. brandon, thank you for joining us. can i just 1st get your reaction to this decision? thank you for having me. i was really surprised with everything going on in new york city as well as just the nuts and their quest to potentially when a championship of those. and i spoke with simply feel as though they want to be on one accord and carry irving has not been vaccinated having one shot or both. and they don't really want to part time player there g m. so mark saw issue in the statement today, and here we are now to think it's fast for the next to take this starts it's there. it's their prerogative from our perspective of 95 percent of the m. b a
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. i vaccinated as reported by multiple outlet. so you know, the nets are, are moving in this way as a week before the season begins and they're big 3 of james hard and kevin duran and kyrie irving, in our, our expect it to make it to the big nansen championship. so i wasn't really surprised as their prerogative, it's a business and some feel as though he needs to conform to that and had to expect curry will react to this decision to think this is going to force him to get the job which is in kill samsung will you not covered kind of research 2013 when he was a member, the cavaliers have a lot of mutual friends and family and we know each other as well. so and knowing kyrie and the type of person he is particularly as it relates to not necessarily subscribing to think and moving to the beat of his own drum and really analyzing things and not jumping to something just because everybody else is doing it. my gut says no, but i also think that, ah, what happens with mere de blasio as well as kyrie and the nets and everything going
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on with the mandates could, could dictate a change. so from our perspective and cover inquiry and knowing the type of person he is and i say no. so i think if you think he might not get this job, where does that leave his future? atlanta is to think of a possible trade in the future as being focused on well, i think when you look at carrier vics trade value, arguably one of the best handlers of the basketball mbm b a. but if he can't play because of various mandates, even traveling or what have you, it leaves his trade value kind of obsolete. so i think kind of similarly to been simmons who's now returning to philadelphia after sitting out train the care if you play your value can go up. but carry situation is a lot different. i think it's a matter of whether he gets the vaccination or not. and like i said, knowing him, i don't see it happening, and it's quickly finding us moving away from kyrie of the season starts next week. we can't let you go without getting your tip. he's going to win the championship. i
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like the los angeles lakers up easy and i'll just go buy the car to very quickly and how much of a play will that be to the nets if he, if he doesn't get this job like the chances of the championship is, is going to you know, i mean even a lot of construction now that the roster construction is built with a 3 headed massive car re katie and james hard. it gives them a chance to go to championship. they have some ada pieces that they added over the summer. i really like the young roster, but i don't like their chances without career everyone the best one in a 1000000 talent. and here we are. as fascinating the story, this one is laid out, going to roll on. thank you so much for joining us. brandon, emily, that is all your support from me. i'll have more a little bit later. great interview. thank you very much, jim, and welcome to durham. thank all right, that's it from us here at the news hour. i'll be back. all i won't be back. will have one news at the top of the hour, and if you need, you can get more information on the stories on our website, al jazeera dot com,
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take care bye for miss. ah, ah, a inequality corruption, repression and re, political. it just decided to cut the piece of cake. i'm sure i won't be a new documentary to explore the desk for the state of democracy and lebanon. oh, new through the eyes of those who are losing hope every day. oh, teams are becoming blue. democracy maybe democracy for sale on al jazeera,
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indonesia, the country with an abundance of results for the trade bar and walk indonesia whose firms for me, we moved the ball to grow and froth. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let's be part when denise is growth and progress. invest indonesia now incarcerated the over half his life convicted by a known unanimous jury for a crime in which no one was hurt or blackmail making eye contact. when the white parson could cause him to lose his wife. and in this particular situation, it caused him to lose his freedom. why did the law deemed unconstitutional by the supreme court? still keep people behind boss in the state of louisiana. being incarcerated is just
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another form of slavery. the gym co convictions on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world center might have when you call home will. but you can use in current affairs that matter to you. oh, the ear pledges a $1000000000.00 of emergency a trap. gaston, despite refusing to recognise the taliban government, ah, nor entails this is al jazeera, alive from london. also coming up for you any top court rules largely in somalia as favor. it's no running dispute with kenya over.


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