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we saw them conference delegates, more than $55.00 countries, participate in trade and investment deals with $40000000000.00 as business and governments come together to explore business ab networking opportunities at the international exhibition brought to you by the african export import back at the premium partners i 80 of 2020. what transforming africa? ah . the european union pledges a 1000000000 dollar a package for afghanistan as word late is made to address a looming humanitarian crisis. ah, hello, i'm emily. ang, when this is al jazeera alive from dough are also coming up the top. you in court sides mostly with somalia in
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a dispute with kenya over coastal waters. the nairobi has already rejected the court's authority. in the case, one of the worst public health valley is a critical report by british m pays into bars. johnson's early handling of the cove at 19 pandemic plas tensions escalate. in southern chile, as indigenous fight has seized forests from logging companies. the governments expected to declare a state of emergency. ah, b e u has pledged a 1000000000 dollars for afghanistan as late as of the world's 20 largest economies . met to discuss the situation ma'am. the european commission chief says the money will help avoid a major humanitarian and socio economic collapse. it will be given to international organizations working in afghanistan, not to the taliban government, which brussels does not recognize. the un has warned the nation is facing
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a possible humanitarian crisis and its economy is on the brink of collapse. katara is invited to the g 20 virtual summit because of its mediation efforts and near term im being hammered. al fanny appealed to the ladies and the taliban to honor commitments made at the doe, had talked and took the opportunity to remind the international community of its obligations to the afghan people. if i had the tim, how will i see her? the deal included agreements of dialogue between afghani partners themselves. in addition to the withdrawal of the coalition forces from the afghan territories, the hope was that there will be peace and no other activities that pose a threat to other countries will take place from afghani territory. your it is upon of gun histones k. take a government to implement that. the international community has a responsibility towards afghanistan. emma, that includes international and humanitarian aid to afghanistan to j. experience has shown that isolation leads to polarization and sharp positions. we know that
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corporation and dialogue could lead to moderation and resolution of conflict last quarter. that june, 20 meeting comes as delegations from u. s. u. k and european union gathered here in dore ha, with representatives of afghanistan's k. take a government, the afghan acting foreign minister says his administration is entering a new phase in his country's relationship with the rest of the world. the tele, barney is on a diplomatic push for international support and recognition. stephanie decker has more from cavil. the one leverage the international community has, is this recognition, recognizing the taliban as the official government here in afghanistan. so this is what they're using to put pressure on them to form an all inclusive government. at the moment the interim government is made up only of taliban members. there are a few minorities, but certainly there are the women, women also women's rights. a major issue talking about allowing particularly girls between the ages of 12 and 18 to return to school and university. that hasn't
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happened yet to taliban says they are looking into it. they will do it. but it takes time to sort out the logistics in terms of segregating boys and girls from going to school. so this is a back and forth when it comes to the politics politically. but it's really causing a major impact on the ground. as you've been saying, as countries become fully dependent on international aid, on the international influx is of cash over the last 2 decades of war here, and that's suddenly been withheld. so what you see is a, is a, you know, we'll talk about the economy in free for what does that mean? it means that people cannot feed their families. it means they don't have money, it means, or no jobs. it means that you know, they're selling their household goods. it means that people who work on a daily basis hand to mouth, can no longer feed themselves. that translates to 8 organizations, giving severe warnings about what's happening here, particularly world food program, say only 5 percent. i'm just imagine that of households are actually eating enough and people have large family, so is incredibly difficult. salaries haven't been paid. the security situation is
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difficult with an increase of ice. okay. and that's something that the international community in particular is very worried about. so i think at some point, something is going to have to give, but yes, i mean this international recognition is the only leverage the international community has. and they're hoping that that's going to put pressure on the taliban to make some kinds of concessions to their demands. then figure out a way forward the deputy executive director at unicef, pharma abdi visited afghanistan last week, is, is the humanitarian crisis, will likely continue to, to, to rearrange even before the recent i, people, we estimated about 10000000 children were in need of humanitarian support. and at least 1000000 of those were crisco dying, severe mom attrition. i visited their hospital in capital or the money. attrition was what we saw was very shock chill. the hospital was chill beyond capacity and lot of children did break of dying for boundary tricia. we expect this tuition
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to even get worse with the winter coming with severe trouts with the collapse of the social service system. as you reported, situation will get worse unless we all get out quickly to attest. sort of the priorities to humanity and crisis while talk sat on going between the de facto government and the international community. we have had similar situation in yemen and other places for support to protect you went to the population. so the you and can set up systems where support can reach people directly to the rest of the day's news in the u. n's top court has rejected kenya's claims in a maritime borders fusion in the notion. so money have filed the lawsuit with the international court of justice in the hague. it accused kenya of
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a legally awarding exploration rights in waters. my dish is, is, and within its boundary, kenya has already said it will not recognize the court's ruling. malcolm web has moved from nairobi. the court has ruled largely in favor of the malia in the area of ocean in question. according to the court ruling mostly goes to somalia, but a leader of it does go to kenya scenarios. see this widely believed to be rich in oil and gas deposits, and kenya had actually given concessions to international oil companies to start exploring this area. that's what triggered this maritime borders. dispute in the 1st place, kenya had already rejected the jurisdiction of the court before the ruling. it said it wasn't going to accept it, that the court said that kenya, con, retroactively pull out of the court jurisdiction which had signed up to in the 1960 . they can use legal obligation to hold the ruling still stands. the question is,
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what are each of these countries going to do next? the malia has now a strong position with this court really ruling to seek diplomatic support from the united nations. from the security council can use position is weaker, but it's certainly depend what 2 countries choose to do what the allies choose to do. and certainly important to remember that there are international oil companies and foreign government for the behind. each of the countries respective interest in extracting the wealth from the natural resources beneath the sea. let's take a look at the claims being made by kenya and somalia, that malcolm touched on at stake is control of that 100000 square kilometers stretch of the indian ocean with prospects of vast oil and gas deposits. can you says it's maritime borders should be drawn in a line east parallel to the line of latitude. somalia, however, says it should be expanded for the south as an extension of the land border. the
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dispute has further strained relations between the neighbors. george, why jack is an expert on maritime and international law. he says, can you conte appeals against the decision? the impact is great. the inbox is great given the fact that, so mine has been given and i got junk of land, which means that it's going to reduce it into a landlocked country, even if it will have us more positive, not have an excuse if enjoyment of an exclusive economic zone, which means that, that the king and economic future in the see in the blue jeep economics is going to be reduced to some extent. secondly, the book or so i've got 5 inches consequences. whereby both by this now i have to find out the solution of addition when they want to never see it
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deals separately from building one of the want to have some kind of an acord. well, it can, has got in a way every evening which i don't see because they walked out of the court. we don't know. there are so many mechanisms of enforcement. number one, this is an international law, and you're dealing international court to find what you stitched. and you're also dealing the court by the say, come by to say, she's diction, which is actually step which stands his spouse from the united missions. where the guiding must say, this is the united national security council, with the international monetary fund, is wanting the family to a clean, distribute cobit 19 vaccines worldwide is darkening prospects for developing nations. it's cut it's global growth for cons to 5.9 percent this year. slightly
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lower than what it predicted 3 months ago. it's also calling on banks to be prepared to act quickly in the face of worsening inflection. you can't government's delay in imposing a lock down at the start of the pandemic. is one of the country's worst ever public health failures. that's the conclusion of the newly released parliamentary report. the inquiry by impede is also found to releasing people from hospital into care homes, cost thousands of lives, jonah hel, reports from london mph from across the political spectrum. have delivered a damning verdict on the government's handling of the coven 19 pandemic. in the words of a parliamentary report, it was one of the worst public health failures in u. k. history. it left vulnerable groups exposed and led to one of the worst outcomes among developed world economies. from this evening, i must give the british people a very simple instruction. you must stay at home for his johnson's delay in
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ordering the 1st lockdown in march 2020. the report says, cost many lives. it was part of a deliberate policy based on scientific advice aimed at achieving heard immunity, something the government has always denied, and a so called group think among ministers and government scientists. the report says, lead to a failure to learn lessons from what other countries were doing. it took too long to make that decision. i think everyone recognizes that. now we should have been able to avoid a locked and altogether, if we'd follow the muddle taken in taiwan or south korea. ah, whither much expanded testing trace program? right from the outset? or we could have avoided locking down in that 1st year as those countries did. so that that is a big lesson. despite being one of the 1st countries to develop a test for coven 19 in january 2020. the report says the u. k. squandered that lead, turning it into a situation of permanent crisis when mass testing was halted in march. by the time
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a test trace, an isolated system did come along in the summer. it was say, and peace, slow, uncertain, often chaotic. there are moments of praise for the vaccine roll out of the development of life saving treatments, both involving scientists from oxford university. but that does not exonerate the government or it's advisors for a litany of criticism set out in what is an almost universally scathing report lobby akin. ola lost his dad phemie to cobit 19 in april last year. he wants an apology. this moment here isn't about politics. navarre saving face, it's about understanding the pain of people going through and doing what we can to ameliorate that and, and prevent it from happening again. i think you can convey all of that in 2 simple words. i'm sorry, so that decision to not do that. i think, sense a different unfortunate messrs quite loudly,
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the national coven memorial wall. opposite parliament bears vivid testimony to the pandemic. and parliament has now laid bare the extent of government responsibility for those losses. a public inquiry is due in 2022. jones, how al jazeera london, the u. s. state of texas, his band organizations and companies from enforcing over 19 vaccine mandates. governor greg abbott has been one of the most vocal opponents of making vaccines mandatory in the us. his move comes is the bad and administration proposed to require employers with more than $100.00 work is to be vaccinated or test weekly for the virus. still head on al jazeera, the celebration of mexico's indigenous heritage, and to remind her of the injustice that can be. and he says he still suffers. and why a plan by nigeria, government and violence by armed groups in the know is facing resistance.
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ah, i there thanks for joining a we're going to begin your weather story in the middle east where there is plenty in the way of sunshine humidity starting to bump in once again for places in guitar . so that includes for doe hot with the high 35, but feeling in the low fourties, a clear conditions across pakistan, karachi getting up to 38 degrees that is above average. next south, we're going to turkey and we do have some act of whether it's crossed over the gm, but it's starting to move further east across the country, especially a long turkeys black sea coast. this is a cold friend, so it's snapped her temperatures down in its stumble to 17 degrees through the tropics of africa. we've got our storms, ethiopia got south sudan into the central african republic,
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and especially round gabon camera route and into southern sections of nigeria. further toward the south look at some of this heat for cape town. 32.7 degrees on monday, but your temperatures have come crashing down thanks to a switch in the wind direction. they're meantime as we looked toward that east coast pictures, a popped up here. so my put so 31 degrees. now let's go back to cape town for a 2nd because your temperatures will continue to slide here. look at this just 17 degrees on friday, so that is below average for this time of the year that show up they soon ah, in the country with an abundance of resource, rude and walk indonesia whose firms former we move to growth and froth. we balance for reno, economy, blue economy, and the digital withdrawn with the new job creation law,
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indonesia use progressively ensure the policy reform to create all of your jobs invest. let's be paul. going to lose his growth and progress in indonesia. now, lou lou. hello, you're watching out a 0. i'm emily anglin, a reminder of our top stories this alum a. you is pledged a $1000000000.00 in aid for afghanistan. the money is to help avoid a humanitarian and so so economic collapse it will be given to international organizations working in the country, but not to the taliban government. the u. n's top court has rejected kenya's claims
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in a maritime border distribution. the notion jamalia fall, the los or shop to kenya awarded exploration rights in board. his dis, shoot, says that with him it's boundary. the disputed 100000 square kilometer area has been identified as potentially reach in oil and gas. new parliamentary, nearly released parliamentary report has called the u. k. government's response at the start of the pandemic. one of the countries worst of public health values. however, the report price, the u. k. vaccine program chili's government is declaring a state of emergency in its south central region of iraq kenia, that's where i'm to members from chillies indigenous mabood. j group have taken control of forests. there has been protests in recent weeks in the capital santiago, the men who che, demanding self determination and the preservation of ancestral lands, largely owned by logging firms. a latin america editor at lucy,
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a newman has more from santiago in the last few months. certainly this year, these armed militants, my poacher groups have become more and more bold carrying out acts of our sins, sabotage, taking over land and define it just recently. there was an attack on a home that was set on fire. the couple that was inside was unable to escape. the husband died from the burden wound, the wife is still in hospital. and then finally, the last straw came when another unknown until now armed group of militants put, sent out a message on social networks and said that they would not, they would fight to the finish of police, tried to expel them, and a community that had taken over 2 years old national reserve, and that is a forestry reserve in the albany region. the president has been under tremendous pressure for months now from conservatives within his own party and even and other
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groups, including truck drivers to call a state of siege. and we had our gun. yeah. but he has been reluctant to do so until now. but finally, apparently the pressure has been too great. he is going to make the announcement of visually sometime to day, according to the president of his political party. he's keeping his card very close to his chest so far. we know that the state of emergency is going to last for 3 weeks, at least. and they did a lot will allow for the army to go in, work alongside the police and presumably really get tough on these groups. and until now have pretty much been able to do what they like. tuesday mark's re stay in mexico time. the holiday originally commemorated the arrival of explorer, christopher columbus. but it now says to recognize the nations mixed indigenous in europe pain. heritage men, while rap hello has mo, from mexico cities. the arrival of the early larosa or race day in mexico
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comes just weeks after the country marked 200 years of independence from spain athlete. and as you know, other latin american countries, such celebrations are prompting renewed debate over the complicated legacy of european colonization, as well as the topic of inequality in a region with stark, ethnic and social divisions. yet nobody made more mean the lay there from the start . the idea was for mexico to be a homogenous country with a single identity. there was a period where the country try to unify the population under a single language, a single culture, single type of gastronomy, and those politics to how much and i still exist to day, i'm permeating to public policy. and yet in recent years, protesters have targeted in vandalized symbols of colonization, like a statue of spanish explore christopher columbus that once stood in downtown mexico city. as mexico marks the anniversary of the arrival of columbus to the new world act of the say that some 70 percent of indigenous mexicans live below the poverty
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line. adding that social inequality is the real legacy of the spanish conquest. there are earnest efforts underway in mexico to lift up indigenous heritage mystic a cow is a restaurant in one of mexico cities, most exclusive neighborhood, and the staff here specialize in indigenous cuisine. the restaurant owner, mar, loan, your cut value says bringing visibility to pre hispanic recipes is a way to lift up the voices and languages of indigenous communities. the 2nd i've been here on, i've always said language is an extension of taste, wasn't familiar to mexico has 68 indigenous languages, took off the 68 culture. so you had at $68.00 receipts, $68.00 possibilities for those flowers to mix and improve the human palate system. we are 68 living communities on the dance to a universal rhythm and out at the same time breaking through the efforts to make us invisible. be important, i think we're living through a very important moment. it's impossible to follow. ha,
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mexico's president under this. manuel lopez over a lot often speaks about the rights of indigenous communities and has even requested that spain apologize for the conquest. the president has also been a proponent of large public celebrations that more openly embraced the country's cultural diversity. even not for not letting me know when you have a son, long lived, the universal fraternity, long live, the love for one's neighbors. long lived the cultures of pre hispanic mexico yelling at me while many in mexico view changing public discourse toward native communities as progress. indigenous rights act of his say that speeches and public spectacles alone are not enough to correct 5 centuries of discrimination, racism, and neglect. men will rep hello al jazeera mexico city survey flooding in china has killed at least 15 people. it's affected more than a 1000000 people overall in the sions she province. how does eras rub? mcbride has moved with unrelenting rain since the start of october,
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shang sea is said to be experiencing the worst autumn flooding in history, resulting in the destruction of dams, rail lines and highways. there have been multiple landslides and the fan, her river, a tributary of the yellow river, has recorded its most powerful flood peak in 57 years. emergency teams helped by heavy equipment, have been racing to shore up defenses to prevent more flooding. but already thousands of hacked airs of farm land have been inundated, 19000 homes, destroyed, and 820000 people evacuated, considered the birthplace of chinese civilization. shang see as rich in culturally important sites and relics with many now said to be at risk. shank, c is also an important cold producing province and there have been fears these storms could worse in china's shortage of coal,
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which has resulted in power outages across the country. around 10 percent of mines in shang c, suspended operations for a time, although most were pushed to reopen to help coal supplies. but this seems to be another example of the increasing frequency and ferocity of extreme weather events to hit china. these floods come less than 3 months after reins and flooding in neighboring hern and province killed more than $300.00 people. again, rainfall records were broken across the province with the provincial capital, experiencing $200.00 millimeters of rain in a single hour. back in shang see province, millions of dollars and much needed relief supplies have been provided for people affected by these floods. rob mcbride, al jazeera hong kong north korea's lay to says his weapons development program is an act of self defense. kim john own, made the comment, sat, an exhibition showcasing military hardware. he says,
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the build up is necessary to face hostile policies from the united states and increasing military forces in south korea. the 2 science have been in an accelerating arms race with both of them, testing, short range, ballistic missiles, and other weapons. young oak is a professor in military strategic studies at hannah university. he says, owns words have a familiar ring. his message is constant that i mean the nose claudia has to like terrible nuclear weapons and laura, why not call you on travel nuclear plenty. is that because of the u. s. host or policy towards new, you know, clear and i mean those doors fenders cannot be applied to the most korea able adult agencies developing a new weapon system. last korea has been denouncing the military quality of the south korea. so they on last saying much about the pass code and weapon system,
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but what they pew is this class, a fighter like half saudi class. or, i mean, i'm the most important bread for the last korea is the u. s. weapons system, which is the u. s. courses in korea, how have ah developed deploy nigeria government has announced waving measures to contain and taxed by armed groups in the north. the restrictions include cutting communication services and a ban on markets in the transportation of certain goods. as ahmed interest reports from kaduna, some people are getting desperate, o defiant traders, display their goods at this weekly market. despite a government order to shut down. like many traders here, it's yucca, bella says is greens could be confiscated or may even lose his life. if gunman strike but he has to take the risk i'm,
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i didn't know what it was like if the market, you mean close, how to feed our families. what. what about those who have to go to work daily in order to buy food with lew? expect them to carry guns and rob, good edge worthy here at cadina's biggest kettle market traders se then able to bring in new stock because of the band on the movement of kettle, much of what is here is all stock. and they say because of an 80 percent decline in the number of animals coming in, the prices have increased restrictions of cut, telecommunications, and the movement of goods and closed rural markets in many areas of at least 5 states. this says the government is hindering the criminal operations of armed men, no locally, as bandits that turned kidnap for ransom into a lucrative business. oh, the wisdom of binding movement of cartoon into or outside the
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state is to stop that corridor that they get source of funding by selling a russell cutter. now come into the weekly market. i have also a spill in that, that, that is why that is the markets that i did get, i says, to food and order a logistics. now you also look at the telecoms. shut down of our telecom services in this on gov and as pieces one. communication is very critical. if at the center of negotiation for ransom as we speak here, interdictions yeah. me shows are in progress. and they, in the day out, security forces ah, taking the bonded out bed private but then only say to stop the slight, into anarchy. the government was addressed acute shortages among the ranks of security forces because we have quite a few and above policemen. quite
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a few and above ivy's man, this is a country of over 200000000 and we have less than 4 to 500000 military men. please men combine this is unacceptable. in desperation, some nigerians teach our training in arming. malicious val, quite of course, but still largely outgunned the malicious, through being poorly equipped to confront the threat posed by bandit. with superior weapons. ahmed edris, al jazeera cuba. ah, hello, are you watching al jazeera? these are the top stories, this our m a u has pledged a 1000000000 dollars for afghanistan. as late as the world's 20 largest economies meant to discuss the situation, then the european commission chief says the money will help avoid a major humanitarian. and so so a.


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