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comes back off to the original treatment, which is usually either surgery or radiation and chemotherapy, or a combination of all 3 of those treatments. when the disease comes back, the average life expectancy up until now has been about 10 months. that's a miserable figure for these poor patients. what we've been able to show in this study is that in contrast to chemotherapy, the average survival, the average survival has gone up by 3 months. but for a significant number of patients, it's greater than this. and so in the best responding group, the average survival is as high as 18 months now, which is a very real improvement. and for some patients, for the 1st time, we're beginning to see we can potentially cure their disease so they remain endurable remission for many years after treatment. so there's still a great deal more to do. but we are potentially beginning to get to the point where we can cure this cancer in some patients. ah,
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tell you what challenges here. i'm emily anglin. a reminder of our top story is this alum a. you is pledged a $1000000000.00 for afghanistan as leaders of the world. 20 largest economy is meant to discuss the situation. then the european commission chief says the money will help avoid a major humanitarian and socio economic collapse. will be given to international organizations working in afghanistan, not to the taliban government, which brussels does not recognize. cut, i was invited to the g 20 virtual summit because of its mediation efforts. i mean to me being hammered, al thorny appeared, appealed to the ladies rather to fulfil its obligations to the afghan people. of the tim howard, i see the deal included agreements of dialogue between us gone the partners themselves. in addition to the withdrawal of the coalition forces from the afghan territories, the hope was that there will be peace and no other activities that pose
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a threat to other countries would take place from of county territory. your it is upon of gun histones care. take a government to implement that. the international community has a responsibility towards afghanistan. emma, that includes international and humanitarian aid to afghanistan to experience has shown that isolation leads to polarization and sharp positions. we know that corporation and dialogue could lead to moderation and resolution of conflict last through the u. n's talk court has rejected kenya's claims in a maritime bought a dispute in the indian ocean. somali is lost, served in the international court of justice, accused kenya of illegally awarding exploration rights in waters within its boundary. the u. k. government's delane imposing a lock down at the start of the pandemic is one of the countries worst ever public health failures. that's the conclusion of a newly released parliamentary report. inquiry by employees also found releasing people from hospital into care homes, cost thousands of lives that so from us here in the newsroom states you now for
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earth rise. ah ah boy, in conflict. one of the silent and forgotten casualties is often the environment from the chemical contamination of soil and the collapse of water and food supplies to the habitat damage caused by displacement or has devastating consequences.
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no sign, the man made infrastructures, but also natural ecosystems. a destroyed and animal lives are lost as well as human . but even amidst the most vicious struggles through people fighting to protect the world, we live in and recover what was lost. i'm tanya rashid and bangladesh and the world's largest refugee camps, where people are working to coexist with the elephant for which this region is home . and i'm happy with high lebanon, where group of sciences is rebuilding a seed bag that was displaced by the war in serial i. o. in august 2017. a brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing began in me in march. oh, the military and buddhist radicals claimed the lives of more than $6000.00 bro, hanging in a single month,
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fearing death houses more fled the country for the forest, the bangladesh. oh, the scale of the exodus was enormous. to day they are still unable to return home with a 1200000 ro handle refugees living inside of the falling cats. that bungler bass, this is now the biggest, not meant of refugees in the world. many of them have access to clean water sanitation, or even electricity good. after the arrived, the survivors space to new threats while rampaging through a meeting. and one of them who witnessed the initial episode 1st hand. it came from there with the elephant, came through on the past, from the jungle, read that way, went directly to her home and started beating her with. this was no one on
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elephant struck repeatedly throughout the camp. killing 13 people in the space of 5 months. can you tell me a little bit about what happened a lot of them other by the thought about it with oh, i did. oh i, i do. what do you, what happened after that? that i thought that i did that i will a lot of you, but don't i'm hiding that i use with i didn't i a whole hold on another that the, that the huh. not that i said the whole that have to do with a lot of you. i got a mark on how to do a voice. ah,
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the attack sparked an investigation into what was going on. grecki, i mean, from the international union for conservation of nature. believe the rapid expansion of the settlement had a profound impact on the natural environment. this is the edge of the camp or cave right here. and this is where the forest began. yes. what's been going on? what's the cause behind all of these that you see on the old camps they used to be forest. this used to be an elephant, have habitat. the camp expanded at an astonishing rate of $1500.00 heck. tears of forest were cleared to accommodate the influx of hundreds of thousands of ro hinder refugees. but nobody realised the devastating impact this would have. the growing camp severed a vital lifeline for some among the vicious last remaining wild elephants. blocking a herd of 40 from their only path to essential grazing ground in the east. just
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over there, there is a space we call elephant corridor. now the st. the camp is completely blocking that corridor elephant cannot pass through this camp is in search of his shelter in search of his food in central. his migration pop elephants was trying to come inside the cam. elephant came so many times and thus 13 innocent life was lost. an elephant is not necessarily a violent mammal. it's very intelligent, understands it has resisting motions. and it's just that it's lost, his habitat is desperate. do this analog migration. the syndic dna elephant as a genetic memories have been know exactly where they have been growing. when they have been roaming generation after generation, they take the same pot, the elephants of bangladesh are critically endangered. there are just $268.00 left
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and they're increasingly under threats. $15000.00 hectares of land are already deforested in the country every year. and this cap only adds to the problem. to help me understand what the elephants are up against. i've hired a local guy. so a man in front of me is shawna. mia. his name means golden boy and he's our tracker for the day. i think we're in good hands with it's not long before we find clues that we're on the right path. honda how to set a hot it out. that is it will not have a bottle of mine going to say his edkey and you fell bon globin. give it the color, the net out will thought i will a busy guy. but that idea, the bicycle of anger that we find evidence of hungry elephant everywhere way a kicker typically says it's the skype like the elephant whisper. ready shawna, mia tells me that by the end of the summer,
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much of the elephant's food here will be gone. then they face a nightmare scenario, attempt to migrate through the camp to me and mar, in search of fresh vegetation or risk running out of food. i cannot split his face with the unami guess if they've mambo. disciplinary were following the actual footsteps and elephants. elephants have walked along this path every season for thousands of years. i'm fairly, really excited. i wonder if we're actually going to encounter some elephants. we're being told that just a few steps away that they're there. then against the odd a moment i can't believe ah, a majestic elephant. standing proud on the horizon. i can have her seen an elephant like my 1st time. ah,
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it looked so peaceful in its natural habitat. it's just really crazy to think that before the caps were put in place, that this is what it was. a large forest with animals roaming about. and now there is a human mate crisis at play with sprawling refugee camps and is just a very sad situation. ah, but a select band of refugees is working to solve the problem with the support of the international union for conservation of nature. they have formed a group dedicated to safely shepherding the elephants from the cap. they call themselves the task force. central to their strategy are $94.00 watch towers, which they built around the cap perimeter. mm. they are mad by a team of over 500 brave refugees ready to intervene and protect both the people
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and the elephants. i'm heading up for a birds eye view. oh, okay. so what's going on there? yeah. assimilating what actually happens when an elephant commerce an easy, the yellow shows. yes. and the, at the mention possibles members. so they are using the megaphone. how to respond. and they wanna foreman human, sealed, and slowly move towards allison sheila bailey, from love, the stems deangela head down on the ground. it's clear how committed the tests more sar aphne initial training caught on. mm hm . um, how do i get out of my, the hockey? i see me down there. i grew up with my loud and scary. i think that was certainly shoe and elephant off. mm hm. since the touch
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1st started, there has been no loss of life here. despite $45.00 incursions by elephant, it's an effective temporary solution until a longer term plan is made for managing the animal's migration. ah, the task force has motivated the community with over 500 people signing up to join . and it has the porters throughout the camp. what are you doing over here? what is this bag i live at the the, at the la tampa at the to get that happen except that the layout is of a the, the la la viet love idea. i didn't saw these different patterns, different colors seems like it's a lot of work to do. why go through all this trouble to do it? it out of the home a house 9. my but i had to be sha marsha. miss you the one on my van, only behind with the machine that they ab would it would add the depth of my data for ready machine. did you learn about examine anybody?
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do you feel that there is more danger living on the edge of the forest versus people who live in the interior of that campus? i'm lucky allah was the equity. lucky back that i bought some good money. i sort of philip isn't going as at the did of had i did. i demand onto somebody will love melendez. it wouldn't be on his own. we will, letty. i'd been the luggage and not only do people feel more secure, they are also more sensitive to the elephant situation. saving the animals is now even part of the school's curriculum. i. the objective is now to build on this momentum. rocky is already taking steps to find a permanent solution to the problem. beginning with an in depth scientific study of the elephants migratory happen. we are planning to put radio paula on the elephant kiss when he was a valuable data, valuable science to have
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a better management of the whole situation. once the exact migration route is known, the goal is to clear a path for the elephants so that they can migrate unhindered. once again. of course, we want to open the portal as soon as possible that are so few issues that we need to consider before doing this. it will take about a 100000 people, going get people to move somewhere else. that would be an immense logistical challenge. but as human refugees continue to resettle around the world, bold moves are needed to reduce the impact on local animal populations. what i've seen here gives me hope that animals do not always need to be victims of conflict. and that a peaceful coexistence is possible. ah, ah, there were over 40 armed conflicts happening in the world's day. each of them will leave a dangerous environmental legacy. we can see that's potentially environment is
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a norm, has something which we do. there are standards in place. we had joined conflict. it's almost if anything goes we can cause whatever damage you like and there's no accountability. there's no address. we see very severe found damage to many countries in many different ways. damage to infrastructure such as sewage work, so water facilities, over extraction of resources. attacks on industrial sites causing bust mass pollution. so you can have these impacts. there's going to expire on a last for decades after the conflict times are in iraq in 2016, 2017 islamic states that 4013 wells. somebody's been for 9 months covering hundreds of square kilometers in full outs of pollution. dealing with helped ammunition caused by these fires is going to take years. so for the last 10 or 15 years, we've seen increasing interest from governments around protect the environment and relations conflicts. he's got to me favor. it's got to me, fosdick snow,
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the conflicts of merriment. fan bombs been damaged in many ways and that has consequences for so unless we focus on the environment during contract and it's storing a lot of problems in the future will need to live in a turbulent world where conflicts and climate change are threatening our environments . scary part is that the crops required for food are increasingly finding it hard to survive. and in some cases they're going extinct. crop diversity is essential for food security and has declined by 3 quarters since the 1900. but there is an insurance policy, a global network of seed banks. these are back up repositories of seeds which safeguard their biodiversity and can be turned to in times of crisis. ah, when war broke out in syria in 2011,
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one of these vital stores came under threat. on the outskirts of aleppo, the team of scientists charged with maintaining the seed bank were forced to abandon their work and flee the country. ah, but they never gave up hope. when some of them re settled just over the border and lebanon's because valley they began rebuilding their collection. i'm traveling to the i cart a seed bank to meet one of these scientists. dr. alisha harvey. i ali good to see that to hugh. what happened to the seed bank in aleppo, syria. it became on possible to access to the gym bank. all 3 gather premises in october 2015 because we banned to exist through the center by the armed group controlling the area. they sold the vehicles they stole the lot of equipments. nothing lift in the headquarter except the buildings and the dean by the war forced
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5000000 refugees out of syria right now. it's not safe for a doctor so hot to continue his work at home. how hard was it to leave that seed bank behind? i spent more than 27 years of my life working to the gym back. so it's a like is someone who left behind the babies or in long, long history. we dealt with them day by day. we knew everything about the behavior, all of those plants in the field, in the plastic houses, even in the gym, bangs, time effort made by everybody. both syria and lebanon lie in the fertile crescent, which is where farming began. it makes this part of the world an ideal place. 2 to work on safeguarding future food supplies. this is the center of origins or we can close the center of the domestication because it contains all the forms of our
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crops. like volley, wheat, lentil chick bees. all these crops originated from this area, ah, i want to get a closer look at the operation dr. mariani as big leads a team of 20 scientists, including 3 who have relocated from syria. their task is to painstakingly rebuild the syrian seed collection. the seed vault here has a capacity to store 130000 c varieties for over 100 years. the seeds are preserved by freezing them at temperatures of minus 20 degrees. all right, there we go. with gold. see, you can see here, samples of the french crops that are being conserved, we're looking here at do to meet this is the heart,
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the hard week that is used for pasta making. so we have a big collection of this affair, pasa, save years with that. here again, i from all the crops are here. you have here, barley, a very important cups. when you talk about dry areas and you talk about the 3 main crops, which are we to talk about rice and you talk about corn. so these are 3 main staple food that most of the humanities are using to support in place. this is a treasure. these are important samples that we have to make sure they are surviving that are monitored, they are available to the international community. there are $1750.00 strategically placed seed banks around the world. each keeps a back up copy of their collection at the jewel. in the crown of seed, banks norway's fall barred global vaults of the doomsday vault. it is built into the side of an arctic mountain so that the seeds can be frozen without the need for
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power. and over 1000000 sea variety are stored here. so in the syrian seed bank was abandoned due to the war, dr. yes. mix team were able to recall their back ups. so that decision was made to reconstruct our collection with the 3 debt from small bar. we brought part of it here to lebanon, and you could build our collection here. we could make it available again for researchers. all the seeds that come here are tested in the lab for viability. some are then cross bred to increase their resilience and improve productivity. yes, to make sure of 2 things 1st, that they are free of diseases. second, that they can actually germany. they can produce plaque they are alive and working live. c and working see the each one of those samples should have at least 85 feed out of 100. that's proud and give healthy. that's the threshold that's,
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that's fresh. the seeds are thriving. but back in syria, the war has decimated the countries ability to grow food. one of the goals here in lebanon is to create a healthy seed collections to help ensure the future of agriculture and syria. when the conflict ends up here from the roof, i can see that there are fields, there are green houses, there's even some cattle. and it's not just about saving the seas, but also testing them, trying to find out the best variations that can withstand climate change and secure our food supplies in the future. in this region has been struggling with worsening drought for decades. the dry soil in lebanon is similar to serious by testing seeds in the harsh conditions here, doctor should hardly at his team, can be confidence that the crops will be resilient enough to survive the arid syrian farmland. what are these plants right here?
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this plant is wild we. this is opposed to domesticated wheat. they are very unique and very viable for our genetic useless because they have adapted already to the harsh environment and has very, very useful geez, to overcome climate change effect diseases, drought, frost, heat with climate conditions changing. the biodiversity found here is vital not only for local, but also global food security. already one of the wheat strains, bread here has proven resistant to a disease known as yellow rust, and has been sent to the u. s. where crops were failing to fight it. but with global warming, seed bank themselves can be vulnerable. what's worrying is that melting permafrost
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is even threatening this vol bar doomsday. vault. research shows that the arctic town in which it's based is warming faster than any other which makes the work being done in lebanon, even more critical. 25 syrians and the same number of locals, 10 the farm land here. so it looks like they're doing some really important work over here. can i give them a hand? yes, of course they are doing hand reading. ah, it seems that modern science has, in quite figured out an alternative to getting down your hands and knees and just getting your hands dirty. so we're just looking for the weeds. we don't want weeds interfere with these experiments. i want to make sure that his crops grow right and we have to be careful not to hurt the crops of the weeds kind of grow in between here. he really got to have a good i o l o my have nick need it? i was gone, i should but a sudden my son a but then finished and i had assume less than one im can let is she?
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i missed the feed minova america. my son i was headed by dr. ali has invited me for lunch, meals are of course, the final product of the crops grown here. it's a chance for him to tell me more about the life in syria. he was forced to leave behind. this is actually the nice memory. everybody has a role for weaving because we had the field infested by oral wonky. the unit had decided to go all together. the breeders with the international staff, the scientists that technicians assistant, they the labors, even the t lay, the contributed to that field day. happy days, it was a happy days, one of the most beautiful days. and you're sure you'll go back. yes, i'm very confident that i go back because i shouldn't go back. nothing like home. i it would have been easy to write off the card
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a seed bank as just another casualty of the searing conflict. but the hard work and dedication of ali and his team have ensured that their work transcends the conflict and is able to continue to play a vital role in protecting global food supplies. ah, for the environmental fall out of all can lincoln for decades. but what is being done to heal the damage? the charity halo trust to create nearly a quarter of a 1000000 minds from combo jack. helping to make over 6000 heck tis of land, safe farming. in cameroon, almost 50000 trees. safin we planted on degraded lands around min awhile camp, which shelters refugees escaping violence in nigeria. and after 50 years, the conflict unesco was able to protect columbia to be cafe rain forest,
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a full margarita strongholds. declaring this rich, spite of ass area to be a world heritage site, or in the midst of all the consequential damage to the environment can easily be overlooked. but if we don't act to protect our natural world, so be nothing left to fight for. ah, a manager is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the club 26 climate summit al jazeera showcase is program dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency witnesses
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green films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at the wet report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people empower us why politicians have been so ineffective in fighting climate change. folk lines investigate how rising temperatures are fueling a water war in the u. s. l. just they were world shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the screen takes the fight, the climate justice to our digital community, and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera, joy africa's largest trade and investment in south africa into african trade for it gives you access to more than 1100 exhibitors and 10000 visitors and buyers. and more than $5000.00 conference delegates, more than $55.00 countries,
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participate in trade and investment deals with $40000000000.00 as business and governments come together to explore business ab networking opportunities at the international exhibition brought to you by the african export import. back at the premium partners, the i h t of 2020. what transforming africa ah . blue the european union pledges a 1000000000 dollar a package for afghanistan as world late is made to address a learning humanitarian crisis. ah, hello, i'm emily angry. this is al jazeera alive from dough are also coming up the top you in court sides mostly with somalia in
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a dispute with kenya over coastal waters. but nairobi has already rejected the court's authority. in the case one of the worst public health valley.


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