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for either thanks for joining a we're going to begin your weather story in the middle east where there is plenty in the way of sunshine humidity starting to bump in once again for places in guitar . so that includes for doha with the high $35.00, but feeling in the low fourties, a clear conditions across pakistan, karachi getting up to $38.00 degrees that is above average. next stop, we're going to turkey and we do have some active whether it's crossed over the g m, but it's starting to move further east across the country, especially a long turkeys black sea coast. this is a cold friend, so it snapped her temperatures down in it, stumble to 17 degrees through the tropics of africa. we've got our storms, ethiopia got south sudan into the central african republic, and especially round gabon, cameroon, and into southern sections of nigeria. further toward the south look at some of this heat for cape town. 32.7 degrees on monday,
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but your temperatures have come crashing down thanks to a switch in the wind direction there. in time, as we looked toward that east, co, stepdaughter's a popped up here. so my put so 31 degrees. now let's go back to cape town for a 2nd because your temperatures will continue to slide here like this, just 17 degrees on friday. so that is below average for the sum of the year that you're up, they soon ah, the camera body with model cool, you know, with a mother here she was really impressed with there's a lot of love and affection and respect to morocco, people a well to wait for mom by a nation has taken indian cinema to with reveals the color and passion of morocco's hollywood dream in the country with an abundance of results
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for the road and walk indonesia whose firms forming we moved full to growth and fraud. we balance for reno, economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let's pause with his growth and progress. invest in here. now, lou ah ah, hello, you're watching al jazeera, i'm emily anglin, a reminder of our top stories. this our a you is pledged
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a $1000000000.00 in aid for afghanistan. the money is to help avoid a humanitarian and so. so socio economic collapse will be given to international organizations working in the country, but not the taliban governments. the un top court has rejected kenya's claims to a maritime border dispute in the indian ocean. somalia filed the lawsuit after kenya awarded exploration rights in waters somali. it says that within its boundary, disputed area has been identified as potentially rich in oil and gas. and the newly released parliamentary report is called the u. k. government's response at the start of the corona virus endemic one of the countries worst as a public health values. however, the report price, the u. k. vaccine program or now on our top story in various un and independent agencies have sound of the alarm when the increasingly di, a situation in afghanistan,
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95 percent of households don't have enough to 8 according to the world food program . and to 1000000 children are malnourished because of acute food shortages. about 90 percent of health facilities have been forced to close because of a lack of international aid. and the un says afghanistan's age reliant economy when need $600000000.00 in the next few months to sustain humanitarian operations. but international darn is have only provided about 35 percent of that. for more analysis, let's bring in that look full a look. a who is a research and political analyst who is in cobble? hello, there, look fuller, just tell us, give us a sense of what it's like on the ground in afghanistan. we just heard a bunch of numbers there, but what's it actually like for the people in cobble and around both these infusions on the false hobble. we'll tell you that we are heading toward a humanitarian catastrophe and honest on. i'm only talking about all the live alone
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data from the country and people are in dire need of the humanitarian assistance. according to i see, i see 10000000 people are in need of assistance. at the point 5000000 not internal displaced. people have no access to cash, but on the harold in the bench in the a lot of problems do you have on the word of collapse because the many of the international donors and we're going to get to this sector which is critical. any of these, if the situation remains the same, i think we are, we are to see how many cars is a containing and controlling which will be very, very difficult for the community for i think and hunger food insecurity are also the issues. one in 3 are, are hungry in a 103 and 4 people in a while you're on, don't have a picture to eat and many are,
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are reducing your comes up with consumption of august on. so if you combine all these together, i think the for the will be dire situation in the future, but it is upon the international community to 20 different. but in supply the critical import in enough for fun because don't forget that winter is love is arising soon. and during the winter it will be very difficult for a logistical speaking, difficult for the international organizations and going to reach the air in the system. so that people, they deserve a need in the, in the role or in the other one is done. look hello, what kind of taliban do to help give the international community confidence in the group and then therefore supply aid for the afghan people? well, i think the many of the international organization law still on the ground being on
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the farm they are made. many of them have been talking to the taliban and the some kind of forward in, from the, the, i've been given to do is we're going to return from the study. but that would be given to the deserving people, you know? and i think what they can do is to put it on to ensure that the air is just really like to arrive to the people in a smooth, inconvenient way. without that we don't us up what i think there will be another problem for that. and this is a genuine concern of the international organization, just because in the past, you know that many of the, when you large part of the poor, like i do can't do for the i've got people who are not like used to the do the developing people so on this part, i think yesterday or the day before, the the have given the assurance that we would be willing to have the initial are going to vision to, to supply, do a critical air in the forces today,
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people are going to run the sun. well, we appreciate your insights. look full a lot that who is a research based in cobble? thank you for your time. think about me. preliminary results for parliamentary elections in iraq show a positive outcome for the party of shia cleric todd al sada the despite that good showing none of the political blocks and p to have secured a majority of prime minister nori al molly keys, affection, look, set to have the 2nd largest vote among ship parties, sunday's pole was held several months early, but voter turnout have a record low of just above 40 percent. a judicial investigation into last sees at bay rouge port explosion has been suspended again after new legal complaint. it comes just after the lead judge issued an arrest
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warrant for former finance minister ali hassan carly, who failed to appear the questioning earlier on tuesday. karl is one of the 2 ministers who filed the complaint. the explosion killed at least $218.00 people after a fire triggered the detonation of several tons of ammonium night trench. chili's government is declaring a state of emergency in its south central region of around can nea. that's where i'm members from chillies indigenous, my pu che, group have taken control of forests. there have been protests in recent wakes in the capitol santiago, the man who che, are demanding self determination and the preservation of ancestral lands, largely owned by looking firms. let's go live now to our latin america editor lucy
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newman, who's in santiago, tell us a little bit about why the government is taking this mission now and what does it imply they're doing it now because the, the, as the conflict has escalated tremendously this year, particularly and in the last 2 months, especially, we're talking about arson attacks against churches. there was one just about 2 hours ago of homes of glasses. all sorts of forestry equipment being set on fire attacks against police and others. it goes on and on and probably the, the final straw was a video that was posted on the social networks by a new armed my put a group where it's challenging the chilean police and the government to come and get them. basically they've taken over of the say they're given protection to a my push a community that has now install
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a gone to live in the country's largest an oldest bars through reserve in the country. it's basically a park and so people are on the bus drivers, for example. and the truck drivers have now blocked the main highway in chile, saying that they need protection, that they are now living in the wild west. the government has responded now because it's been honored from and is pressure to do something about that. what this implies, we don't yet know the details president is supposed to make the announcement at any time explaining just what this will entail. we know that it's supposed to last for a minimum of 3 weeks. the president also has the option to extend it for another 3 weeks after that it would have to go to congress. but whether he will use the army, which is what that, what a state of emergency allows you to do to actually go in and fight my point to armed groups, or whether they will assist the police. we don't know the details yet. he's keeping his card very close to his chest that this point can you tell us
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a little bit more about this forest region and its significance to the map who che people and then also what difficulties that forest brings in terms of having that conflict between say, the military and this group the my pushes are, have been in chinney. they are the original settlers of this country. they fought a very bloody war 1st against the spaniards and then the chilean state. and they were, they pretty much had their land taken away from them as has happened in many parts of the world, and especially here in latin america to indigenous communities. but they are now, if you'd like reorganizing fighting back and demanding to take that to gain some of their ancestral land again, they've been there the poor segment of society. they are also there's a lot of discrimination against them as well. so this has been boiling up boiling up on a new generation of map which is have actually taken up arms while others prefer to
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try to reach in a negotiated settlement, some kind of a dialogue with the chilean state. and that is what is really a play right now, because if this, if the army is sent in to fight this area, if they, if they actually take over the central southern zone of chile, this could escalate the conflict even further and make up the possibility of a negotiation, a peaceful settlement to this, even more difficult devoted to many people. okay, well keep us posted. let's hope that doesn't happen. lucy newman, our latin america editor there, thank you. and he government protest is have been demonstrating across bolivia against a proposed law. they say is a step towards a police state crowds block straits and were met by counter protested in support of the president. the legislation being considered would allow authorities to investigate the assets of any citizen without a court order. and the government says it's essential to tackle elicit earnings and
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help the economy. al jazeera is daniel schwein. law has more opponents of the government's proposed new law, blocked roads in major cities across bolivia. they were met by police who cleared them to ensure workers could get through the demonstrate to see the law concentrate too much power in the hands of the state which could use it to persecute offers if and leaders the strongest focus was in the eastern city of santa cruz oh, i beg your own so long that dragging us along a road on which will lose our democracy and our liberty to a communist and totalitarian regime. oh, this government needs to listen to us. we will not return empty handed. there must be sent an end vis repression. the hidden was put up all assumed in the little dilemma. the lower house of congress passed the last month is designed to tackle elicit earnings and money laundering, lithium elect. the that the government is put off pushing the law super libya's
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oper house, while it carries out further consultations. however, it says is necessary to regenerate the economy in the country, devastated by the pandemic. the government is also called for a counter demonstration. would it cause a celebration of democracy on tuesday at them? and i thought i'd like it. and you know, we're here defending our democracy, defending the progress. bolivia has made. it's not right that they are blocking our streets, not letting us get to work. yes, i am coming, we beg the protesters to stop working against the enemy, which serves all bolivians. people need to work every day to pay the bills. president luis, out of say, said the same actors who organized what he called a coup in 2019 removing his predecessor, even morales from office, a leading the current opposition movement dot little or stealing business will be very busy in 2 groups. have very different visions of the type of economy and society did like politics doesn't resolve their problems. so they take to the
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streets to protest in every difference becomes a problem with this kind of polarization. the government called the day of action a failure. the opposition says it will not surrender in a class should expose is the deep divisions in bolivia between rich and poor, indigenous and non indigenous east and west. dan shimla, alto, 0, still head on al jazeera. we have all the sports news with gemma, including action from indian wells as the top. se battles in the round of 16? ah.
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a whole ah
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ah, tuesday mocks rice, stay in mexico. the holiday originally commemorated the arrival of spanish explore at christopher columbus. but it now says to recognize the nations mixed indigenous in european heritage than while rap aloe has more from mexico city. the arrival of the other latter asa, or race day in mexico comes just weeks after the country marked 200 years of independence from spain. as that and as in other latin american countries, such celebrations are prompting renewed debate over the complicated legacy of european colonization, as well as the topic of inequality in a region with stark, ethnic and social divisions. yet nobody made more mean the lay there from the start . the idea was for mexico to be a homogenous country with a single identity. there was a period where the country tried to unify the population under a single language,
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a single culture, a single type of gastronomy, and those politics to how much and i still exist to day. i'm permeates into public policy. yet in recent years, protestors have targeted and vandalized symbols of colonization like a statue of spanish explore christopher columbus that once stood in downtown mexico city. as mexico marks the anniversary of the arrival of columbus to the new world act of the say that some 70 percent of indigenous mexicans live below the poverty line. adding that social inequality is the real legacy of the spanish conquest. there are earnest efforts underway in mexico to lift up indigenous heritage mystic a cow is a restaurant in one of mexico cities, most exclusive neighbor and the staff here specialize in indigenous cuisine. the restaurants owner, marathon jacobo says bringing visibility to pre hispanic recipes is a way to lift up the voices and languages of indigenous communities. the 2nd have been seen. i've always said language is an extension of taste. must have been built
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on mexico has 68 indigenous languages, took was the 68 cultures. you had 68. we seen the sweat of 68 possibilities for those flowers to mix and improve the human palate. though we are 68 living community on the dance to a universal rhythm and out at the same time breaking through the efforts to make us invisible. be important. i think we're living through a very important moment that she and possibly, although ha, mexico's president under this manuel lopez over to thought often speaks about the rights of indigenous communities and has even requested that spain apologize for the conquest. the president has also been a proponent of large public celebrations that more openly embraced the countries cultural diversity. he will not let me know when you have a son, long lived, the universal fraternity, long live, the love for one's neighbors. long live the cultures of pre hispanic mexico realities, while many in mexico view changing public discourse towards native communities as
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progress. indigenous rights act of his say that speeches and public spectacles alone are not enough to correct 5 centuries of discrimination, racism, and neglect. men will rep hello al jazeera mexico city. it's time now is 40 is gemma. thanks emily and japanese for okay, it's has a flex as there so much more to come from his team after they became the 1st i to qualify for next years. wildcat, a base north macedonia, to secure tops force in that great. they were already a goal at 20. my van escort 2 in 3 minutes to put them in complete control. and 18 year old savage am out in the z all. it made it for now to become jamie's a 2nd youngest abas gora jammy then making up for that surprised a faint scent of macedonia back in march, and to kill that place at cass start 2022 with 2 qualifying games. dispatch them also see the ice sources we have now achieved our goal of qualifying as quickly as possible. we are the 1st motion of the cato to qualify the 1st officer but wild and we lacked a bit of determination. but in the 2nd half,
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we did much better and preserved to windless game. germany are in great form under new coach for a man who previously led by nina to 6 trophies in one season. a $1.00 oh $5.00 games since he took over from y'all can love after the euros scoring 18 goals and conceding and just one we spoke to fit with analyst at patty higgs. he works for one football in berlin. he says with a 3 in charge. excitement is building around the german national team, given his history as an assistant in the germany set up to learn for quite some time. he had the benefit of saying the great things that they did and, but also saying the filings that his predecessor had, particularly towards the end of his tenure there. so he'd be able to combine those learnings with his own style, which is, i think some are much more versatile. it's, i've been to experimentation, you know, the fact that he's willing to bring in new blood. i think you can look at the players that he's giving chances to like was yellow like, or you me, there's a real, you know, there's
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a new blood to this team and i think that that's certainly a real element of freshness. we've still some of the older types like mueller and know you're still doing the job there. gemini, building something nicely here. it's very early. of course, i think, you know, germany is obviously the 1st nation to qualify for results and next, the guitar, the host there as well. and the group that germany went through here was pretty light compared to some of the arrivals. and there are some, some great teams in europe and the rest of the world who is going to be able to see challenging for that will capture. and i think the one difference that i sense at the moment is very early, and that's the return of a bit of excitement and anticipation. this is something that we really haven't felt around the germany national change for quite some time. maybe since shortly after the for 2014 at triumph of course. and i think if we can bring a little bit of that back, i'm there might be a chance that or so if you more people start to buy more attention to the national chain, like i did a few years ago, i went over austria later and you're a 2020 semi finalist denmark will be joining jeremy in cats. are the parking
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stadium in copenhagen is expected to be a full capacity for this one. the hey, i have a 100 percent record say far after 7 matches and a 7 point lead a, the 2nd place, scotland inquiry path. we can't wait to get into our own stadium and it's just been a pleasure room for a long time to, to get in there. and we, we hope we can make her a great performance with our fans with the population of denmark, and we'll do what it will it takes to make a good result. in asia, australia's record winning streak has been ended by japan. they'd made it 11 qualifying victories in a row before coming up against the host inside tama australia managed to equalize off the japan went ahead with 5 minutes ago as his badge is good and own. go to give japan a to one when later on, iraq will take on the you a in dubai, both a struggling and group a haven't drawn to and last one is there 3 matches, a 3rd place,
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a playoff spot might be the best. the 2 teams can hopeful, with we've agreed that this match will be the start of a sequence of victories. i've got confidence that we can reach a high level, and the coach will also have an impact. the still a chance for us to compete for a ticket to catch all 2022. i heard on an african qualifying egypt on the brink of winning group half and reaching the final elimination rounds. mohammed santa helps them as secure a 3. no. when ever place is, why was libya, egypt says 10 points for more than that attendance and need one window from my remaining 2 fixtures in november to make the playoff itself with the head coach of nfl team at the las vegas raiders has resigned over a series of offensive e mails. 10 year old messages is sent by john greedy making racist comments surfaced last week. and on monday it was reported that more e mails written over 7 years bound by griffin, included at massage in istic and homophobic language. the 58 year old initially hold on to his job off to sundays defeats. the chicago bez is now decided to leave
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on the fail to the baltimore ravens, a winners on monday against the indianapolis colts. but it was the colts who looked the stronger of the 2 sides of us. how about this for a run, jonathan taylor completing a 76 yard touchdown, indianapolis who leaded 20 to 3 at once age baltimore battled back by one with a 40 seconds left, completed a 2 point conversion to tie the game. it went into overtime in the mall jackson, the found ne brown, the had the ravens, a memorable $3125.00. when the boston red sox are on the, on their way to the american league championship series off to winning that division, series against tampa bay, boston dropped game. want to raise but quickly on things around the red folks winning 3 straight games, including a sick, 5 victory and game for on monday to clinch the best of 5 match up. they'll face either the houston astros or chicago white folks next. now to the tennis at indian
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wells and men's top seat, a demo medford of is through to the last 16, the russian was up against a sub is a flip crane of it. on monday, met ford f one the 1st that comfortably 60 usa champion tested a lot more in the 2nd set, but the was number 2, took it 76 next step, who faces it? go a different however, madame a fellow countryman andre group lab is out the full seat, eliminated by american tommy pull. the 24 wrote a winning mismatch in 3 sets for will take on britain's cameron nori in the next round. in the women's draw top seat carrying a police cuz i was knocked out i was was for my us open champion at bianca and rescue. but tennessee his algebra continued. how grateful mon 2021. this year. she's broken into the top 20 in the world rankings for the 1st time, and she was too good for america. danielle collins in this match up the 12 seat winning 6163 brushes. anna collins sky is waiting for her in the next round. that is, will from me, emily, be james boy, thank you very much,
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jama. that's all for me here for this news. i was dig around that i'll be back shortly with more of the days news. ah mm. and every war leaks a devastating impact. show me environment. earth rises, explore some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientist. safeguarding one of our most valuable results is these are important samples. we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees. striving to co exist with nature. okay, so what's going on there? we are simulating what happens when an elephant commerce life off to conflict on al
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jazeera. it's the world's. 2 most populous democracy, diverse dynamic and under lowing moment, is seen context, india dixon, in depth. look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me fade as those are for context, india coming soon. and ours is either inequality, corruption, repression and re, oh, but it, it just decided to cost to the piece of cake. i'm sure i won't be a new documentary to explore the desperate stage of democracy and lebanon. wow, look through the eyes of those who are losing hope every day. oh james, i'm going to democracy. maybe democracy for sale on al jazeera ah,
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bold, and i'm told stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera ah . ready the european union pledge is a 1000000000 dollar aid package for afghanistan as well laid is made to address a looming humanitarian crisis. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera live from dough house that coming up the top you and court sides mostly with.


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