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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2021 4:30pm-5:00pm AST

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program is an act of self defense. he says the build up is necessary to face hostile policies from the u. s. and increasing military forces in south korea. and a newly released parliamentary report has called the u. k. government's response to the sort of the current of iris pandemic, of the countries worst ever public health failures or the report did praise. the u . k. is vaccine program are more now on our top story and various un and independent agencies have sounded the alarm on the increasingly dire situation in afghanistan. 95 percent of households don't have enough to eat according to the world food program and to 1000000 children are malnourished because of a acute food shortages. about 90 percent of health facilities have been forced to close because of a lack of international aid. and the un phase of ganeth sans aid reliant economy will need $600000000.00 in the next few months to sustain humanitarian operations. but international donors have only provided about 35 percent of that. well,
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let speak to mister omar, abdi about all this. he is the deputy executive director at unicef and he's just returned from afghanistan is joining us live from the un in new york. thank you very much for being with us, miss abdi. it's not just, i guess about assets being frozen and money being frozen in afghanistan. it's also about resources running out you've just returned from afghanistan. give us a sense of how your teams are dealing with the crisis and what your messages to g 20 leaders meeting today. thank you. thank you for having me and thank you for reporting on let's kind of as you report it kind of stand is a country facing and huge crisis humanitarian crisis. even before the recent i people, we estimated about 10000000 children were in need of humanitarian support. and at least 1000000 of those were
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a crisco dying with severe mom attrition. i visited their hospital in capital or the manner attrition was what we saw was very shocking. the child, the hospital was still beyond capacity and lot of children. i did break up dying for run leticia and we expect this tuition to even get worse with the winter coming with severe trouts with the collapse of the social service system. as you reported, situation will get worse unless we all want believes quickly to convert a catastrophe. the your commission has pledged an additional $800000000.00 in emergency aid. but at the same time, the e s foreign policy chief has said they want to to give direct support to the afghan population in order to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe, while not recognizing the taliban. so there's talk about creating other channels to bypass the taliban and get the resources directly to the people. how feasible is
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that bill is? is it easy for you to do that without dealing directly with the taliban on the ground? i think it is feasible it so the current though, the mountain now the priorities to our birth, thinking about it, city and crisis, why talk sat on going between the de facto government and the international community. we have had similar situations in yemen and other places where support to protect you went to the population so that you can set up systems where the support can reach people directly. which is the greatest priority right now. is it keeping pressure on the taliban to protect human rights? the rights of women in afghanistan, or is it preventing a humanitarian crisis? i think it's either or we're doing both. we're providing humanitarian support of
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the same time. we are advocating on asking the taliban to the promises that they've made with regard to the rights of women girls and minorities to deliver all it. i was able to discuss about the girl is going to secondary school when i was there. and we've got prom message and we expect that to few weeks that they will deliver. hopefully, it's abdi some n deals working in afghanistan have complained about harris meant and not being able to work in ideal conditions. is that something that you and your teams have faced on the ground? have you been able to conduct your operations as usual? we have also heard does some oh, we've had anecdotal information on our us mentioned as you can imagine i've kind of son is in transition to country and transition in some areas. we have access
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places where we haven't had access for many years in other areas. we face difficulties, so i think these are the issues to be expected that, that then yvonne takes control of the whole country. which brings me back to an initial question that i was asking, you know, the money is being played to european union pledging $1000000000.00. whatever money in aid comes to, how are we sure that it will filter through the people that it will go to the people directly? well, you know, the country there are n g o z that are you and agencies that can deliver reminded stadium support direct but anyone italian support is just part of the bigger issue that we need to address . i think there is no way that 58000000 people can be fed by it by revenue p. at some point the private sector has to come in, the economy has to kick in on. so the international community under
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defacto government would have to find a way of providing preventing the economy to collapse. thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us. our abdi is the deputy executive director of unicef joining us there from new york. we appreciate your time. chinese government is declaring a state of emergency in its south central region of aconia. that's where armed members of chill is indigenous. my poochie group have taken control of force. they've been protests in recent weeks in the capital santiago, my pu chair, demanding self determination and the preservation of an festal lands, largely owned by logging firms. live to our latin america editor lucio newman, who is in santiago for is so why is the government taking this measure now? and what does it imply in the last few months? certainly this year, these armed militants,
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my point to groups have become more and more bold carrying out acts of our sins, sabotage, taking over land and define it just recently. there was an attack on a home that it was set on fire. the couple that was inside was unable to escape. the husband died from the burden wound, the wife is still in hospital. and then finally, the last straw came when another unknown until now armed group of militants, of put, sent out a message on social networks and said that they would not, they would fight to the finish who police tried to expel them. and a community that had taken over to his oldest national reserve, and that is a forestry reserve in the albany region. the president has been under tremendous pressure for months now from conservatives within his own party and even and other groups, including truck drivers to call a state of siege. we had our gun. yeah. but he has been reluctant to do so until
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now. but finally, apparently the pressure has been too great. he is going to make the announcement officially some time today, according to the president of his political party, he's keeping his cards very close to his chest. so far we know that the state of emergency is going to last for 3 weeks, at least, and they did a lot will allow for the army to go in, work alongside the police and presumably really get tough on these groups. and until now, have pretty much been able to do what they like, what's likely to be the reaction to this state of emergency. well 1st of all, the opposition is it says that this is just a ploy, a political ploy on the part of the president to try to, to, to deflect attention from the fact that he is facing a, an impeachment bid in congress which may be voted on as early as tomorrow, others say that it's simply he's caving in tool pressure from the conservatives in
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the country because the electric presidential elections are coming up in 6 weeks time. but certainly, some people in the elk idea region, the chileans, the farmers, especially the truck drivers and the forest companies will be applauding this measure. the question is how effective will it be and how much will this contribute to actually resolving the issue? the problem with them approaches which are it where a cause for dialogue have been completely frozen so i won't solve the problem, but it might make some people happy in the short term lithia. thank you very much. lucy newman is our latin america editor, live there from santiago. in bolivia, anti government protestors have been demonstrating against the proposed law. they say is a step towards a police state grants blocked street and were met by counter protestors in support of the president legislation being considered would allow authorities to investigate the office of any citizen without a court order or the government says it's essential to tackle elicit earnings and
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help the economy. teachers in greece have stage a 24 hour a strike to protest against the government education reforms. several 100 staff and students walked off for classrooms on monday to march. so central athens, a great government wants to introduce mandatory evaluations for teachers, but they say what schools need is more teachers and money. turkeys president says his country has run out of patience after a series of attacks on its forces in syria, russia typo on, says his government is determined to eliminate threats from the north after a car bomb and a market place killed at least 5 people. the bomb targeted are free, which is under turkey. bank composition control at aunt cummins come a day after 2 turkish police officers were killed by a guided miss heart attack in serious aleppo province nigeria government of the noun sweeping measures to contain attacks by armed groups in the north. the restrictions include cutting communication services and
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a ban on marcus and the transportation of certain goods. as amity drill support, some kaduna, some people are getting desperate o defined treatise, display their goods at this weekly market. despite a government order to shut down, like many treaters here is here, cabella says this greens could be confiscated or may even lose his life. if gunman strike would yesterday take the risk. and, well, my know what wildlife, if the markets remain close, how to feed our families. what. what about those who have to go to work daily in order to buy food truck with us? we expect them to get guns and rob, good edge grubby. yeah, i can do as the biggest capital market try to say then able to bring in new stock because of the ban on the movement of capital. much of what you see is all stock and they say because of an 80 percent decline in the number of animals coming in, the prices have increased restrictions of cut, telecommunications,
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and the movement of goods and closed rural markets in many areas of at least 5 states this says the government is hindering the criminal operations of armed men known locally as bandits. they've turned kitten up for ransom into a lucrative business. oh, no wisdom of binding movement of cartoon into or outside the state is to stop that corridor that they get source of funding by selling at russell a cutter. now coming to the weekly market, i have also a splint that, that, that is why that is the markets that i did get, i says, to food and order at logistics. now you also look at the telecoms, the shut down of our telecom services in these on gov and a species. one. communication is very critical. if at the same time of negotiation
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for ransom as we speak yet, interdictions emissions are in progress. and they, in the day out security forces ah, taking the bonded out bad private but then only say to stop the slight, into anarchy. the government was addressed acute shortages among the ranks of security forces because we have quite few and above policemen. quite few and above savage man, this is a country of about 200000000 and we have less than 4 to 500000 military men. please men combine. this is unacceptable. in desperation, some nigerians teach our training in arming, malicious rel white groups but still largely outgunned the militias, through being poorly equipped to confront the threat posed by bandit with superior reverence. how many degrees al jazeera cuba researchers are hailing
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a new treatment for head and neck cancer and tries testing. a combination of immunotherapy drugs showed it may work better than chemotherapy. scientists in london found mixing to medication significantly reduced or kill tumors in temporarily ill. people. survival rate saw the highest recorded in a 1st line therapy child for people with head and neck. cancer patients who took part lived an average of 3 months longer than those receiving chemotherapy, and the new treatment reportedly cause fewer side effects. kevin harrington is a professor of biological cancer therapies at the institute for cancer research and consultant. clinical oncology, said the royal martsen, he explains the aim of immunotherapy. so in contrast to normal treatment with chemotherapy, immunotherapy tries to wake up the patient's own immune system to attack the disease. so rather than trying to poison cancer cells into submission, we actually enlist the help of the patients own immune system to do the heavy
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lifting and to attack the cancer. i think it's important to set this into context so regrettably, for patients who have head and neck cancer, whose disease comes back off to the original treatment, which is usually either surgery or radiation and chemotherapy, or a combination of all 3 of those treatments. when the disease comes back, the average life expectancy up until now has been about 10 months. that's a miserable figure for these poor patients. what we've been able to show in this study is that in contrast to chemotherapy, the average survival, the average survival has gone up by 3 months. but for a significant number of patients, it's greater than this. and so in the best responding group, the average survival is as high as 18 months now, which is a very real improvement. and for some patients, for the 1st time, we're beginning to see we can potentially cure their disease. so they remain in
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durable man remission. for many years after treatment, so there's still a great deal more to do, but we are potentially beginning to get to the point where we can cure these cancer in some patients. for i had in for until be here with action from indian wells that the coffee reaches the next a a with ah
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ah ah ah ah, welcome back tuesday mocks freight. stay in mexico of the holiday originally commemorated the arrival of spanish explorer,
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christopher columbus. but it now so to recognise nations makes indigenous and european heritage money. arapahoe has moved from mexico city. moved the arrival of de larosa or re stay in mexico comes just weeks after the country marked 200 years of independence from spain as thick and as in other latin american countries. such celebrations are prompting renewed debate over the complicated legacy of european colonization, as well as the topic of inequality in a region with stork, ethnic and social divisions. yet nobody met more means the lay there from the start . the idea was for mexico to be a homogeneous country with a single identity. there was a period where the country starts to unify the population under a single language, a single called a single type of gastronomy, and those politics to how much. and i still exist to day i'm permeating to public policy and ah, in recent years, protesters have targeted in vandalized symbols of colonization, like a statue of spanish explore christopher columbus that once stood in downtown mexico
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city. as mexico marks the anniversary of the arrival of columbus to the new world act of the say that some 70 percent of indigenous mexicans live below the poverty line. adding that social inequality is the real legacy of the spanish conquest. there are earnest efforts underway in mexico to lift up indigenous heritage mystic a cow is a restaurant in one of mexico cities, most exclusive neighborhood, and the staff here specialize in indigenous cuisine. the restaurant owner, mar, loan, your cut about you says, bringing visibility to pre hispanic recipes is a way to lift up the voices and languages of indigenous communities. in the 2nd have been seen. i've always said language is an extension of taste. wasn't familiar to mexico. has 68 indigenous languages, typical c, 68 cultures. yet 68. we seen sweat of $68.00 possibilities for those flowers to mix and improve the human palate. the still, we are 68 living communities on the dance to
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a universal rhythm and out at the same time breaking through the efforts to make us him bissell opium for. and i think we're living through a very important moment. it's impossible to follow. ah, mexico's president, under this manuel lopez over to thought often speaks about the rights of indigenous communities and has even requested that spain apologize for the conquest. the president has also been a proponent of large public celebrations that more openly embraced the country's cultural diversity. even often, not that not only about us, long live the universal fraternity, long live the love for one's neighbors. long live the cultures of pre hispanic mexico, galleys, while many in mexico view changing public discourse towards native communities as progress indigenous exact of his see that speeches in public spectacles alone are not enough to correct 5 centuries of discrimination, racism, and neglect. murder will rep, hello al jazeera, mexico city. i 10 members forces jo, fully thank you very much for germany's for or coach. hansi flick says they got
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what they wanted as quickly as possible after they became the 1st team to qualify for the cat hartwell cup. they beat north macedonia to secure top's thought in their group. they were already goal up when team a verna score 2 and 3 minutes to put them in complete control. and 18 year old sub jamal marcial, a made it for knell to become germany 2nd youngest ever scorer, germany making up for their surprised defeat to north macedonia. back in march and secure their place, woke up with 2 qualifying games to spare them into cedar ice sales. we have now achieved our goal of qualifying as quickly as possible. so we are the 1st motion of the cato to qualify the 1st or for the good while when we lacked a bit of determination. but in the 2nd path, we did much better and deserved to windless game, which i may have had a great run under new coach hansi flick the man who previously led by and munich to 6 trophies in one season. they $1.00 oh $5.00 games since he took over from yoke him, lo, after the euros securing 18 goals and conceding just one. we spoke to football,
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journalist, putty hakes, who worked for one football in berlin. he told us that with flick in charge, excitement is building around the germany national team. given his history as an assistant in the germany set up to learn for quite some time. he had the benefit of saying the great things that they did a but also saying the filings that his predecessor had, particularly towards the end of these tenure there. so he'd be able to combine those learnings with his own style, which is, i think some are much more versatile. it's, i've been to experimentation, you know, the fact that he's willing to bring in new blood. i think you can look at the players that he's giving chances to like was yellow like, or you me, there's a real, you know, there's a new blood to this team and i think that's it. that's certainly a real element of freshness. we've still some of the older types like mueller lawyer still doing the job there. gemini, building something nicely here. it's very early. of course, i think, you know,
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germany is obviously the 1st nation to qualify for results and next, the guitar, the host there as well. and the group that germany went through here was pretty lot compared to some of the arrivals. and there are some, some great teams in europe and the rest of the world who is going to be able to see challenging for that will come down. i think the one difference that i sense at the moment is very early, and that's the return of a bit of excitement and anticipation. this is something that we really haven't felt around the germany national chain for quite some time, maybe since shortly after the for 2014 triumph of course. and i think if we can bring a little bit of that back on, there might be a chance that or so if you more people start to buy more attention to the national chain like i did a few years ago. well then my can join germany by ceiling qualifications later, whenever austria in copenhagen would be enough. the parking stadium is a space b at full capacity and danish capital, the high have a 100 percent record. so far after 7 matches and a 2nd point lead over 2nd place,
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scotland in great f. we can't wait to get into our own stadium and it's just been a pleasure him for a long time to, to get in there. and we, we hope we can make her a great performance with our fans with the population of denmark, and we'll do what it will it takes to make a good result. in asia, australia's record winning streak has been ended by japan. they've made it 11 qualifying victories. in a row before coming up against the hosts inside tama australia managed to equalize off to japan, went ahead. but in the dying moments as these bache scored and own go handing japan the to on. when we, while later on, iraq will take on the way in to by both the struggling and group a having drawn to and last one of their 3 matches sitting 3rd behind south korea late as iran a playoff spot might be the best. the 2 teams can hopeful with her, we've agreed that this match will be the start of
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a sequence of victories. i've got confidence that we can reach a high level, and the coach will also have an impact. the still a chance for us to compete for a ticket to catch our 2022 in african qualifying egypt on the brink of winning group f. and reaching the final elimination round mohammed sala helped them secure . 3 no, went over close. his rivals, libya, egypt have 10 points for more than libya and need one wind from their remaining to fixtures in november to make the playoffs with ivory coast remain top of group d, a point ahead of cameroon. and what is widely regarded as the toughest of the 10 groups i've re coast beat malawi to one to and their hertz, and making it to capitol 2022. i'll smells nicolai, peppy, got ivory coast 1st. just 2 minutes. any thoughts? the head coach of nfl team at the las vegas raiders has resigned over series of offensive e mails. 10 year old messages sent from john grew didn't making bryce races comments surface last week. and a monday was reported that more e mails written over a 7 year span by groot and included misogynistic and homophobic language. the 58
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year old initially held on to his job off to sundays defeat the chicago bears. but he is now decided to leave on the field. the baltimore ravens were winners on monday against the indianapolis colts. but it was the colts who look the stronger of the 2 sides at 1st house this for a run, jonathan taylor completing a 76 yard touchdown. for indianapolis, the lead $20.00 to $3.00 at one stage. baltimore battle back with 40 seconds left completed the 2 point conversion to tie the game. it went into overtime in lamar jackson found marquee se brown to hand the ravens, a memorable, $3125.00. when the boston red sox are on their way to the american league championship series off to winning their division series against tampa bay, boston dropped game. wanted you've raised but quickly turn things around. the red sox winning 3 straight gains, including a $65.00 victory and game 4 on monday to clench the best of 5 matcher fell face either the houston astros or chicago white sox. next. that's the tennis,
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that indian wells, and mens topsy dental medford. ab is through to the last 16, the russian was up against serbia. phillip korean, of ich, on monday, medford have won the 1st set comfortably 62. but the us open champion was tested a lot more in the 2nd sat eventually the well number 2 triumphs 76 mixed up faces. griggs demitra in the women's jaw top seed caroline, a placebo was knocked out as was former us open champion, bianca andrea skirt. but tennessee is on stripper, continued her good form in 2021. this is she has broken into the top 20 in the world rankings for the 1st time. and she was too good for american, danielle collins and his match for the 12 seat winning. the 6 on 63 rushes, anna cullen sky is waiting for cheaper in the next round for her to start to look. alright. those are your support for now. more with german later volley. joe, thank you very much for that. that's it for this news hour. but do stay with us, i'll be back in just a few minutes. with more of the days news on al jazeera,
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thanks for watching. ah. question the narrative. you don't have ways to check whether this information is real or not. you don't have any way to verify, identify who is telling the story their motivation. these are multi national corporations that are interested in profit, anticipate the consequences the media was complicit in perpetuating this myth. i'm going to tell you that i think that many people die because of the listening pace deconstruct the media. on al jazeera planetary is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the cop 26 climate summit. al jazeera showcases programs dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency witnesses green films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at the west
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report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people empower us, why politicians have been so unaffected in fighting climate change. folk lines investigates how rising temperatures of fueling a water war in the u. s. l just they were world shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the stream takes the fight, the climate justice to our digital community, and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera in the world's most populous nation, one in every fi women's health is domestic for one east investigates china's battle ground at on one out 0
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o l g 0. with lou. the european union play just a $1000000000.00 aid package for afghan is ban as well. leaders need to address a looming humanitarian crisis. ah, hello, i'm fully back you boy. you're watching al jazeera alive from doha. also ahead. one of the worst public health failures that critical reports by british.


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