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pines, those winds will crank up to about 50 kilometers per hour for the low countries at london an overcast stay for you with a high of 15 degrees. the heat is on for africa, parts of egypt anyway, as $143.00 degrees. that was the highest observed temperature in the world on monday. and as we had to war to say you're at 40 heart tomb. 38, an engine mena getting up to a height of 39 degrees. bye for now. ah, the inequality corruption, repression and re political. it just decided to cut to the piece of cake and shoot me a new documentary, explores the desperate state of democracy and lebanon. wow, ah, through the eyes of those who are losing home every day. oh, teams are becoming blue democracy, maybe democracy for sale on al jazeera,
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indonesia, the country with an abundance of results. great. are and walk indonesia whose firms forming we moved full to grow and frock with balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. investment. let be part linda. this is growth and progress. invest even easier. now, lou ah, hello again. you're watching. the news are on al jazeera with me for the back table . our reminder, our top stories, the un chief,
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is appealing for urgent cash assistance for the g from g $24.00 afghans. leaders of the world's 20 biggest economies are about to hold an emergency meeting to address of ghana sans growing economic, humanitarian and security crisis. early election results in iraq point to a strong outcome for shia cleric locked out outsiders already from a prime minister. new york molecule looked said to have the next largest vote among ship bodies and the u. k. government's delay in imposing along down at the start of the pandemic is one of the countries worst ever public health failures. that's the conclusion of a newly released parliamentary reports. more now on our top story in afghanistan, various un and independent agencies have sounded the alarm on the increasingly di situation in the country. 95 percent of households in afghanistan don't have enough food to eat according to the world food program. and to 1000000 children are man nourish because of acute food shortages. about 90 percent of health facilities have
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been forced to close because of a lack of international aid. and the un says of gannon sands, aid reliant economy will need $600000000.00 in the next few months to sustain humanitarian operations. but international donors have only provided about 35 percent of that. this is what the un secretary general antonio terrorist said about the situation in afghanistan when he appealed to the international committee for help on monday. you meditate even assistance saves lives. but if you lot solve the problem, if the economy of afghanistan collapses, we also need to make sure we do everything we can to prevent the economic collapse of the country. already before the taliban, they covert in august afghanistan's for their child economy, which has been kept afloat by foreign aid over the past 20 years suffered from the impact of droughts and closets, rec, know, with s, it's frozen and development, age pulsed. the economy is breaking down, banks are closing,
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and the central services such as l, scared and been suspended in many places. we need to find ways to make the economy but in the game. and these can be done without violating international laws or compromising principles. we must seek ways to create the conditions that will allow often professionals and civil servants to continue working to serve the african population. i urge lou world to take action and inject liquidity into the african economy to avoid collapse. to believe you now we're anti government. protestors have been demonstrating again say proposed law, they say is a step towards a police state, crowns blocked streets and were met by counter protestors in support of the president legislation being considered would allow authority to investigate the
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assets of any citizen without a court order. but the government says it's essential to tackle elicit earnings and how the economy al jazeera is daniel shambler reports. opponents of the government's proposed new law blocked roads in major cities across bolivia. they were met by police who cleared them to ensure workers could get through the demonstrate to say the law concentrate too much power in the hands of the state which could use it to persecute opposition leaders. the strongest focus was in the eastern city of santa cruz. oh, i beg your own solo that dragging us along a road on which will lose our democracy and our liberty to a communist and totalitarian regime. oh, this government needs to listen to us. we will not return empty handed. there must listen and, and miss repression of the hidden stuff all assumed. in the little dilemma, the lower house of congress passed the law last month is designed to tackle elicit
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earnings and money laundering. the seal elect, the that the government is put off pushing the law group, olivia's upper house, while it carries out further consultations. however, it says is necessary to regenerate the economy in the country. devastated by the pandemic. the government is also called for a counter demonstration. when it cause a celebration of democracy on tuesday at them, and as i thought you had been in our way here, defending our democracy, defending the progress, bolivia has made. it is not right that they are blocking our streets, not letting us get to work. i cannot, we beg the protesters to stop working against the economy, which serves all bolivians. people need to work every day to pay the bills. president louis out of say, said the same actors who organized what he called a crew in 2019 removing his predecessor aver morales from office a leading the current opposition movement dot little austin in business will be
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very busy. it to groups have very different visions of the type of economy and society. they'd like politics doesn't resolve their problems. so they take to the streets to protest in every differ becomes a problem with this kind of polarization. the government called the day of action of failure. the opposition says it will not surrender in a class should expose is that the divisions in bolivia between rich and poor, indigenous and non indigenous east and west van shimla out to 0 turkeys president says his country has run out of patience after a series of attacks on its forces in syria where ship typo on says his government is determined to eliminate threats from the north after a car bomb and a market place killed at least 5 people been targeted afraid, which is under turkish fact opposition. control edwin's comments come a day after 2 turkish police officers were killed by a guided missile attack in a level way. so sedar has more from
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a sample. the escalation is continued in northern syria. a car bomb exploded at the market place in the tone of our friend in our province has killed at least white people and injured 12 others, including as 2 children, often is controlled by the turkish back syrian opposition forces since 2018. and just a day before their spoofing offering to turkey, special force members also have been killed with an 80 g m missile attack. and at least 4 other mortar shells also targeted at the tone of car coming in turkey, alongside the turkish border. so far, no one has claimed responsibility for these attacks, but the turkish official says that y p g has carried out these attacks. so often these attacks prison, i don't said that turkey is determined to eliminate the threats in those areas. either with those who control these areas or with its own means a signal for
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a potential military operation against y, p g in syria. however, here, the key issue, whether russia is going to agree on this operation or not, because the areas that this attacks have been carried out from or under the russian control and exports says that without a russian approval, a unilateral military operation against y, p g equal do apologize, the relations, the delicate relations between on kura more schools, there are tours between russian and turkish officials behind the scenes. but as of now, we do not know the details yet whether moscow will agree on a potential military operation carry, go. barter to him to syria, a judicial investigation into last year's be able to port explosion has been suspended again after a new legal complaint. it comes after the lead judge issued an arrest warrant for
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former finance minister ali hassan helene or failed to appear for questioning. early on tuesday, i'll is one of 2 ministers who finds the complaints. the explosion kill at least 218 people. after a fire triggered the detonation of several tons of ammonium, nitrates, dozens of migrants remain camped outside the u. n. facility in libya seeking re settlement. they escaped the detention center west of tripoli on friday. gods shot dead at least 6 people in the massive cape and some migrants remain in hiding valley. trina reports they've been here for days some for more than a week. they're hungry and thirsty and they've been sleeping on the turret. people give them water as they pass by the crowd of migrants outside this un facility and triple. they each have a story to tell mohammed the woods as he escaped from them, or bernie detention center on friday and has been here ever since. so we are homeless, we have no place to go. the un here is the responsibility. you get to cut it. it
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must be a good bit responsibility because we have no place to go. no, no at or no, you go where we gun go. it follows a crack down by libyan security services. earlier this month in the town of good garish, where at least $5000.00 migrants for refugees were arrested. their temporary homes were destroyed. the government says they were built illegally on public land. those arrested were put in detention centers like the elma bonnie facility, or on friday, 2000 people escaped you and said 6 migrant were killed and at least 24 injured. we began to pilot programs day to provides assistance with emergency really. some of these people continue to do so in these areas around town. next couple days we've been unable to do so at the community center because of the large crowds. libya has long been a transit hub for migrants and refugees attempting to reach european shores by crossing the mediterranean. but with the recent crack down,
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many of them are scared. they gather here in their hundreds, outside this un facility, hoping to be relocated to other countries. women and children are among the crowds were waiting for help. the un refugee agency says it urges the crowds to disperse, so they can help the most vulnerable and need. but most people here tell us they have nowhere else to go, and they refused to leave until they are evacuating. david came to libya from south . suzanne, he says, migrants the refugees are made to wait and live in detention centers because of e u policies and restrictions the european leader who are finding the libyan coast guard. the pardon are intercepted in to see i'm then brought back to libya where the hall held up in different editions in them on the not only does though the mileage as how we might call them. they are that the took this people. i'm surprised them into groups. why, of the ext of them are detained them for ransom,
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or you know, this have got tips towards it repeating itself. there are an estimated 600000 african migrants and libby at the moment. many of them just won a better life for themselves and their families, and they believe they'll find it in europe. my latrina al jazeera tripplet human rights closer calling on countries in southeast asia to do more to end the exportation of migrant fishermen. it follows a string of workers, deaths on ships overseas. jessica washington reports from to gal in central java on his chinese fishing vessel of the waters mc route. these indonesian fishermen prepared to say good bye to one of their crew. after months at sea, so carefully has returned to indonesia, unable to forget his friend, who never got the chance to come home. yeah. long at night, but i love it. oh, he kept working despite his pain. perhaps he was scared. then his whole body became
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swollen. these fishermen have come together to discuss their experiences, sharing stories of exploitation, underpayment, and even physical abuse buffy through the i got everything. i was hit on the back of the head. i almost fell down. others say they would shrieked into working on the ship's garden after gent. it was never my intention to work on a chinese fishing ship. the agency lied to me for several months. i couldn't contact my parents. he says he was promised a manufacturing job in south korea. he never anticipated what was to come down with them so much. they didn't give me any food for a whole week. i became very thin. i couldn't walk like many returned fisherman why he was trying to get back the money he is owed. workers' rights groups in southeast asia say they concerned about the rise in reported cases of poll working conditions, physical abuse, and death at sea. they say governments across the region have
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a responsibility to help and force labor in the international fishing industry. in recent weeks, more than 20 n g o z across the region have signed a letter to was yon calling on the regional block to ratify the work in fishing convention, which calls for the minimum requirements for conditions on board fishing vessels. some se, indonesia, as the country with the largest workforce on foreign ships, must be more proactive adequately. but on the gonna got the affair, we should be an example and show that we want to improve the situation right now. there is no access to justice for fishermen on foreign ships. denisia maritime, ministering, says ratifying. the convention is a priority, but it takes time and was received with our english, chemical boy, or love, or a good retirement for alls. daughter if i like old ration into go central java, some of the fishermen working on these small local boats
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a waiting for their deployments to work on large vessels overseas. uncertain of the conditions they will face when they depart. jessica washington out a 0 to go. teachers in greece or seizure 24 hours strike to protest against the government's education reforms. several 100 staff and students walked on for classrooms on monday to march through central athens. the greek government wants to introduce mandatory evaluations for teachers. but they say what schools need is more teachers and money. tropical storm composite has triggered floods and lance lives in the northern philippines, killing at least 9 people. more than 1600 people have been evacuated from their homes and towns in the north. 11 people are still missing, the storm swept through the country's most populous island of lusan on monday and intensified as it approached the island of parliament. severe flooding in china has killed at least 15 people. it's impacted more than a 1000000 and
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a half in shun g. province, rob mcbride reports with unrelenting rain. since the start of october, shank sea is said to be experiencing the worst autumn flooding in history, resulting in the destruction of dams, rail lines and highways. there have been multiple landslides and the fan, her river, a tributary of the yellow river, has recorded its most powerful flood peak in 57 years. emergency teams helped by heavy equipment, have been racing to shore up defenses to prevent more flooding. but already thousands of hacked airs of farm land have been inundated, 19000 homes, destroyed, and 820000 people evacuated. considered the birthplace of chinese civilization. shang, see as rich in culturally important sites and relics with many now said to be at risk. shang c is also an important coal producing province. and there have been
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fears these storms could worse and china shortage of coal, which has resulted in power outages across the country, around 10 percent of mines in shang c. suspended operations for a time, although most were pushed to reopen to help coal supplies. but this seems to be another example of the increasing frequency and ferocity of extreme weather events to hit china. these floods come less than 3 months after reins and flooding in neighboring hern and province killed more than $300.00 people. again, rainfall records were broken across the province with the provincial capital, experiencing $200.00 millimeters of rain in a single hour back in shang see province, millions of dollars and much needed relief supplies have been provided for people affected by these floods. rob mcbride, al jazeera hong kong i novela santa rosa kona who was awarded the nobel peace. 5
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for literature last week has told al jazeera, he was surprised to hear the news. the towns in the academic is the 1st black, african to win the prestigious price in 35 years. he says his writings have largely been influenced by the lives of lies, of ordinary people. they choose to focus on my work nice, but on my and other great. but that's not my that i was the how we construct their live now both interested in making reading being better and to write all of those. well,
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i think things have changed and things that are changing on the various african american, one the many, many different it's one of the problems of one single object. you know, the other thing. thank you that the problem or the problems of syria problems of the city. and you have to think about the one i time novice forties, jo, fully thank you very much. germany's but will coach hansi flick, says they got what they wanted as quickly as possible after they became the 1st seemed to qualify for the cattle world cup. they beat north macedonia to kill top
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spot in their group. they already go up when teemer berner school 2 and 3 minutes to put them in complete control, and 18 year old sub jamal and marcial and made it for now to become germany. the 2nd youngest ever score, germany making up for their surprised defeat to north macedonia, back in march, and secure their place at the world cup with 2 qualifying games to spare them at a great run and a new coach, henzy flick the man who previously led by munich to 6 trophies in one season. they won all 5 games since he took over from europe, came low after the euro's scoring 18 goals and conceding just one. we spoke to football journalist patty hakes. he works for one football in berlin. he told us that with flick in charge, excitement is building around the german national team. given his history as an assistant in the germany set up to learn for quite some time, he had the benefit of saying the great things that did a but also saying the filings that his predecessor had,
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particularly towards the end of his tenure there. so he'd be able to combine those learnings with his own style, which is, i think some are much more versatile. it's, i've been to experimentation, you know, the fact that he's willing to bring in new blood. i think you can look at the players that he's giving chances to like was yellow like, or you me, there's a real, you know, there's a new blood to this team and i think that's it. that's certainly a real element of freshness. we've still some of the older types like mueller and oil still doing the job there. germany building something nicely here. it's very early. of course, i think, you know, germany is obviously the 1st nation to qualify for results and next, the guitar, the host there as well. and the group that germany went through here was pretty light compared to some of their rivals in there are some, some great teams in europe and the rest of the world who is going to be able to see challenging for that will capture. and i think the one difference that i sense at the moment is very early, and that's the return of a bit of excitement and anticipation. this is something that we really haven't felt
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around the germany national change for quite some time. maybe since shortly after the for 2014 at triumph of course. and i think if we can bring a little bit of that back, there might be a chance that or so if you more people start to buy more attention to the national chain, like i did a few years ago. then mark can join germany by selling qualification, lisa whenever austria and copenhagen would be enough. the bach and stadium is expected to be at full capacity in the danish capital. i have a 100 percent record so, so far after 7 matches and a 7 point lead at the 2nd place, scotland inquiry f. we can't wait to get into our own stadium and it's just been a pleasure him for a long time to, to get in there. and we, we hope we can then make her a great performance with our fans with the population of denmark. and we'll do what it will it takes to make a good result in african qualifying egypt on the brink of winning group f and
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reaching the final elimination rounds. mom, it's sala, help them secure a 3, no. when over closest rivals libya, egypt have 10 points for more than libya and need one when from the remaining 2 fixtures in november to make the playoff. that's sure. i re coast remain top of great dear point ahead of cameroon, in what is widely regarded as the ha, a toughest of the 10 groups, ivory coast beat malawi to one to and their hopes of making it cattle, 2022 arsenals, nickel, epi, got ivory coast 1st, just 2 minutes in an asia, australia ro trying to send their record run to 12 straight qualifying winds, but they're currently trailing japan. one know in the 1st half when, while later on iraq will take on the u. e. and by both struggling, grew pay, having drawn to and last $1.00 of their 3 matches. sitting 3rd behind south korea and leaders, iran a playoff spot might be the best. the 2 teams can hopeful with her. we've agreed
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that this match will be the start of a sequence of victories. i've got confidence that we can reach a high level, and the coach will also have an impact. the still a chance for us to compete for a ticket to cattle. 2022 head coach of nfl team. the las vegas raiders has resigned over a series of offensive e mails. 10 year old messages sent by john gordon, making racist comments surface last week, and on mondays reported more e mails written over 7 year span by gordon, including the sojourn a stick and homophobic language. the 58 road initially held on to his job off to sundays defeat to the chicago bears these now decided to leave on the field. the baltimore ravens were winners on monday against the indianapolis colts. but it was the cold to look the stronger of the 2 sides at 1st. how's this for a run, jonathan taylor completing a 76 yell touchdown for indianapolis who lead to 20 to 3 at one stage. baltimore battle back and with 40 seconds left, completed
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a 2 point conversion to tie the game. it went into overtime in lamar jackson from law cases. brown hand, the ravens, a memorable 3125 when boston red sox are on their way to the american league. championship series off to winning their division series against tampa bay, boston dropped game one to the race but quickly turn things around. the red sox winning 3 straight games, including a $65.00 victory game for on monday, to clench the best of 5 match up. they'll face either the houston astros or chicago white sox next. now to the tennis at indian wells and men's top see, daniel met a bit of is through the last 16, the russian was up against sub, as philip crane of it on monday. but for the f one, the 1st sat comfortably 6th to the us open champion, was tested a lot more in the 2nd, said eventually the well number 2 triumphed. 7 stakes next up faces griego. dimmitt trough. however, medford abs countryman andre brew blip is out, the false seed was eliminated by american tommy pool. 24 year old winning this
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match in 3 set. 6436754 will take on britain's camera nori in the next rounds. and in the women's draw tennessee, as owns, deborah continued her good form in 2021. this year she is can in to the top 20 in the world rankings for the 1st time, and she was too good for american. danielle collins in this match up, the 12 seed winning 6163 rushes on. i colleen sky is waiting for jubal in the next rounds. all right, that's the sport for now fully, joe. thank you very much for. that's not a soul. if there has been observes from the side of the sun that directly faces earth, the sun spot is evidence of a powerful magnetic storm erupting from the sun surface and its effects could be felt here on earth. if lay like the one in this animation can hit navigation systems and communication satellites, they can also cause power fluctuations at high latitude. it also means a northern lights might be visible for people living much further south than usual
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. that's it for this news hour on al jazeera to stay with us. adrian finnegan's got more. the day's news coming up next tuesday. ah mm hm. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home, we'll give you the news and current affairs that matter to you. the world is warming, and green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war passed greenland the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera.
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ah, it's the world's. 2 most populous democracy, diverse dynamic and under lowing momentous scene. context india dixon. in depth. look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me, feel as those are for context, india coming soon. and eyes is either france once had a vast empire spending several continents. but by the 1940s, the french were forced to confront reality and demands for independence. in the 1st part of a documentary series, al jazeera looks at how the colonial unrest grew. conflict to now julia and full scale warn indo china blood and his french tea colonization on al jazeera,
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revealing eco friendly solutions to come back. threats to our planet on al jazeera ah, a childhood in texas. we look at the pledge of afghans and how leaders of some of the world's biggest economies. glad to help them. ah, hello, i'm adrian again. this is al jazeera alive from dough, also coming up celebrations in iraq was the policy of influential sheer.


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