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south is domestic carlo, $1.00 0, $1.00 east investigates. john is battleground at on, on out 0. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello. this is in use our on al jazeera. i'm fully back to life my world headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, a childhood in tatters. we look at the plight of afghans and how leaders of some of the world's biggest economies planned to help them celebrations in iraq. as the body of influential shia cleric mocked out outside of winds, the most seats in sundays parliamentary vote. but some question the results. also
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this are one of the worst public health failures. a critical report by british i'm bees into boys. johnson's early handling of the covey. 19 pandemic, m. and as fell abrasion of mexico indigenous heritage and a reminder of the injustice. the community says it's spelled suffers. i'm trying to get your, let's go with the sports germany become the 1st seems a claim to sports at the world cup. joining a host cutter in the 2022 finals. ah, thank you very much for joining us. leaders of the world's 20 biggest economies that are bought to hold an urgent meeting to address the growing humanitarian and security crisis in afghanistan. the u. n. chief has won the afghan economy is near collapse and is appealing for cash assistance from the g. 20
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a. u. s and other countries froze. afghanistan sat that a taliban took power and diplomatic editor james vase begins that coverage with this report. from the imaginations. the u. n. has been spearheading a large humanitarian operation in the 2 months since the taliban took over afghanistan. 3.8000000 people have received food supplies in that period. but aid alone will not help as the countries in tar economy is now at the risk of collapse . the un secretary general antonio terrace says the situation is very urgent. disease that make or break moments if you do not ex, until afghans whether the storm and do it soon. not only day, but although old will pay a heavy price. the telephone's acting, foreign minister, says afghanistan's funds thought to total about $10000000000.00 should be immediately unfrozen, or cat america, and the hanover, the, the shadow, hover. this is so embarrassing that a huge country,
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like the united states of america, is freezing in our assets. instead of helping constructing our country and ensuring order, diplomats tell me there's no way the u. s. and it's western allies will agree to unfreeze afghanistan's assets and hand that money directly to the taliban. but the un believes there's another solution to inject money into afghanistan's economy, and that's using trust funds set up, for example, by the u. n. development program or the world bank. those funds can then be used to pay for vital supplies and sellers. already one such scheme is up and running, allowing a fund of $15000000.00 to be accessed by hospitals and health care workers. james bayes. alger 0 at the united nations live now to al jazeera stephanie decker, who is in capital for his stephanie, the un secretary general, painting of any bleak picture of the humanitarian and economic crisis at afghan. his son is facing, i know you've been speaking to afghans. what do they tell you about the challenges
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they have to to face on a daily basis? well the bottom line is there really isn't any money fully. there are no jobs. and it was already a pretty desperate situation economically before the taliban took over the country . and it's become so much worse at the fact that there's no working 80 ends in the capital. for example, you could only really get hold of cash in kabul in just a handful of other major cities in the countries or people need to travel. and even if you do have cash in the bank and this is not everyone, this is a minority, let's say you're only allowed to access around $200.00 a week. you have to choose for that and not necessary to get that in a day. other people who'd, you know, depend on daily work, so hand to mouth that also that not happening. so people setting off the household goods, world food program, for example, saying that only 5 percent of homes across the entire country are getting enough food. so it's desperate. they're no jobs. people also worried about the security situation recently. folly with an increase in attacks for myself. okay. i was
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talking to someone today and they basically said that, um, you know, we're not sure if the taliban can get a handle on them. and, you know, even though people one to leave the country because they're terrified many of them uh, the tangible many also want to leave because of the dire economic situation because there are no jobs, there are no opportunities, there is no money. so i think what you're seeing is a personal standoff between the taliban and the international community, withholding billions of dollars of funds and as having a direct negative catastrophic impact on the people here on the economy on the health care system. you know, salaries haven't been paid the medical a medical supplies aren't getting in, you know, it's incredibly difficult and i think i don't you dash was right when he said it's a make or break situation. that money needs to be injected into the economy here. because really, over the last 2 decades at this country has become incredibly dependent on that money on international donor money. and the fact that they've now suddenly withheld
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it is having a real, a devastating impact. stephanie, thank you very much for that. stephanie deca reporting their life from capital in other world news, preliminary election results in iraq coin to a strong outcome for the party of shia cleric, more tatt outsider. ah, but none of the political blocks appear to secured a majority. former prime minister noreah molecule looks set top the 2nd largest hold among sheer potties sunday's ball was held several months early, but voter turnout hit a record, no of jests above 40 percent. well, we have to correspondence covering the story in iraq for is mahmud abdullah had is in this southern city of nasiriyah where protest i expected in the coming hours. i traced me go to alley, hush him who is in bagdad ali, tell us about the reactions are to these early resolves and how this could change the balance of power in iraq. that's fully with the looked at
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a sub the roof. securing around 73 seats and to parliament a, an invalid key out on 57 other she r factions you're in baghdad denounced the election actually they lost and they weren't able to secure the number of seats. they hadn't been bust olandt. so they denounced the election as fraud and they wrote to defend the photos of votes under candidates rights. so this is going somewhere maybe towards escalation, both my beer political escalation, what are these groups are trying to secure a kind of a leverage to harvest, say in the future government, because with walk up a father having a $73.00 seats in the parliament and allowing himself all fortune going alliance with maybe the sudanese and the kurtz, he'll be able alone to be the maybe the king maker among the she hasn't. this is
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what the other part is not one treated to see ali. thank you for that. ali hash and in baghdad. let's cross over to my mood. abdougla had now was in the southern iraqi city of nasiriyah mahmoud. some people, as we saw they are celebrating in baghdad. but it's not the case in nasiriyah where you will fully a worry. i've been hearing from people here and nasty as it remember. first, nancy is the stronghold over the rocky revolution. that is called the sri, that house it former prime minister, added up the mattie. and that, that cold for this. a put preliminary order for this early election in 1st place, but as you know, that recently many people from the 3 or many people, many young people have been cutting this election because they do not want to give their votes for the same old purchase. but here in australia, on the other hand,
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many people are now some somehow happy because the opposition their position candidates are have one relative or have achieved relative the victory with 5 seats in the car province. does the big, you know, now 3 is the capital city of the car province. while they're said rest movement achieved 8 seats. 19 candidates for the car prevents 5 of them for the to screen candidates. those who represent the revolution in the car, 8 seats for the sub list movements for seats, for the coalition of a state of load that is led by former pain, mr. murray, l. mckee, one seat for independent candidate and another for worship horn party. so the whole atmosphere in australia is some kind over there is some kind of contradiction because some people are happy because the they have given the votes
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to the independent candid, those who represent the out of lucian. namely those were absent. the empty dead part of that's called resolve, which has been formed by revolutionaries, led by a, one of the revolutionaries in australia. on the other hand, it's kind of a punishment. many people here have expressed birger opinion. they say that at what happened in this election in australia, especially honestly as some kind of punishment to the say to the all the parties they have given their votes to the voluntary candidates. so that the old party candidates cannot, again, the people's votes in nashville. so it's kind of punishment to the old party and supports to the revolutionary candidates. thank you. thank you for that ma'am. would have done what had lie for a say in nasiriyah. ali al nash me is a professor of international relations at most chancery a university. he says this election won't change anything in iraq. i think nothing
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will happen because the same allies, the same. the leaders the same list, the sim. so the schedule and the same a blend of the same goal. then i think nothing will have been on the ground in order that i think you're old, the dreams, all the hopes are the demand of that i q people. it's going with the wind because that many people expect to be some think will change in this election, but i think nothing will change may be just us some a few change. but i think the majority are think that the majority is still in the hand off on sunday. and the same of that, and he's behind the brian minister. and i think, or even if in the, the minute the major bullets are still still in their position and next to i think in on last many, many power been influenced by iraq because of, from the 203 years. because now because unsaturated. he's now he is, he blay,
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a key rule in iraq and i'll sudden he have another plan. he is, maybe he's a middle between the that up and the iranian. and he had, he want to be the only one leader in iraq. and he don't want a boy any, any direction and he wants. and he don't want to any lead them to be behind him because you're on supports and leave them in the villa mobilization on of a militia. then he would, he don't want anyone to stand beside him. then he had some a problem with in order that i think the influence of your aunt would it be loser than before? still ahead on this al jazeera news, i will tell you why traders in nigeria are ignoring government orders to shut down their businesses. we are homeless, we have no place to go. we hear from my grants, who are stuck in libya and desperate to get out. and,
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and nfl coach resides in disgrace, still have the details in scores ah, the u. k. government's delay in imposing along down at the start of the car on a virus pandemic is one of the country's worst ever public health failures. that's the conclusion of a newly released parliamentary report. inquiry by m. p also found releasing people from hospital into care homes, cost thousands of lies. they also criticize the tests and trace process and weak border controls, but they praised the u. k. 's vaccine program life to join a hole who's at the national covered 19 memorial wall in london. one of the worst public health failures in u. k. history, a pretty damning assessment. jonah, tell us more about what's in this report. absolutely. other fitting location. this of course, to talk about this report on the banks of the terms just across from the houses of
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parliament. 2 committees of parliament put this report together, in other words and fees from both major parties looking at the governments early handling, particularly of the cove crisis last year, one in which the u. coco's, fed significantly worse than many other most other developed world countries. it's conclusions you said, where is the britain's early handling of the growth of ours pandemic was one of the worst public health failures in u. k. history. the report criticizes both the government, government ministers and scientists, the scientific advisers. and indeed, the advice that the government was relying upon i'll take you through some of the key findings to expand on your intro there. it looks at forest. johnson's early delay in ordering the 1st lockdown in march 2020. after the initial conversations with scientists and ministers started happening in january 2020. and despite evidence that other countries were using locked downs to some significant effect,
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it says this failure, this delay was part of a deliberate policy aimed at achieving heard immunity as proposed by official scientific advisers. it led to significant additional loss of life. and only when that approach was found to be impossible, did the government change tack? it accused accuses scientists and ministers of quote, group think that lead to a lack of meaningful challenge of decisions made a lack of transparency about those decisions. a lack of knowledge and information sharing with international experts who were trying to cope with the very same thing . it says that despite the u. k. being one of the 1st countries to develop a test for coven, 19 in early 2020. it turned that lead into a situation of perpetual crisis when it effectively abandoned mass testing in march 2020. and when a test trace in islip system eventually did come along some months later, the report cause it's slow, i'm certain often. okay, artic and ultimately a failure. and there's additional criticisms. as you mentioned,
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they're aimed at the government's failure to protect vulnerable groups. note, notably, care home residents and black, asian and minority ethnic groups as well. what was there any upside for the government in this report? jonah? well, the report does celebrate to some extent some of the achievements of the government's response lawsuit. notably, of course, the very rapid development, the rapid approval rollout of vaccines and also effort to predict the universe at oxford university to develop rapidly develop shipments the recovery trial emergency job with that with the treatments and the bumps of other treatments that were being touted at the time, but this is an abundance the critical report. there is no way of getting away from that and short of a full, independent inquiry that's been promised by boys johnson to happen in 2022. this is as bad as it gets jonah. thank you very much for that join a whole reporting their life from london. the u. s. state of texas has banned
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organizations and companies reinforcing covered 19 vaccine mandates. governor greg abbott has been one of the most vocal opponents of making vaccines mandatory in the u. s. is move comes as the biden administration prepares to require employers with more than a 100 workers to be vaccinated or test weekly for the virus. in brazil, president jane bolton arrow has told a journalist, he is bored with questions about his nation surpassing 600000 deaths from colbert 19. that's the 2nd highest number of deaths of any country ball scenario has consistently downplayed the impact of the pandemic. and has been heavily criticized for his handling of the outbreak which included opposing local locked downs and refusing to get vaccinated. opinion polls indicate his support is falling thailand plans to accept vaccinated tourist flying from countries. it says a low risk from next month. it will scrap hotel quarantine for travelers from 10 countries,
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including the u. k. the u. s. germany and china or arrivals will still need to show negative covered 19 test results from minister for your channel. ch are says he'll consider lifting the nighttime curfew and ban of alcohol sales in the capital bank called by the new year. medina says it will not chair, it's covered 19 vaccine formula despite appeals from the world health organization . a company executive say bill instead ramp up production, they say that's the best way to increase global supply within the next 6 to 9 months. the most reliable way to make high quality vaccines and in an efficient way is going to be if we make them. and so i think that the, the appeals are broader assuming that we couldn't actually get enough capacity. but in fact, we know we can, we went from having 0 production to a 1000000000 doses and less than a year. and we think we'll be able to go from one to 3 astrazeneca,
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meanwhile. so if it's covered 19 anti bodies drug significantly reduces the risk of death or disease from the virus. in tribes of more than a 900 adults, the risk of death was cut by half for those who had shown symptoms were up to a week. and the drug prevented high risks. people from developing severe symptoms. pharmaceutical companies are now working to develop treatments beyond vaccines. north korea's leader says his weapons development program is an act of self defense . kim john own made the comments at an exhibition showcasing military hardware. he says, the buildup is necessary to face hostile policies from the united states and increasing military forces in south korea. the 2 sides have been in an accelerating arms race with both sides testing, short range, ballistic missiles, and other weapons. young oak is a professor in military strategic studies. at hannon university. he says kim jones
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words have a familiar ring. his message is constance, that, i mean, the north korea has the like, turbo, nuclear weapons, and wild. why those put you on travel? nuclear? plenty is that because of the u. s. a policy towards new, you know, clear, and i mean, those doubles tend, us cannot be applied to the most korea abil adult agency developing a new weapon system. last, korea has been denouncing the military quality of the south korea. so they on last saying a much about the best couldn't weapon system. but a, what a pew is this house or a vital like half saudi flight. or, i mean the most important brett will be that n a knows korea is the us weapon system, which is the u. s. courses in korea. how have ah, the bell are deployed 15 people who were kidnapped in ne and nigeria several months
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ago. have managed to escape their countess official say the 6 women and 9 children had to walk for 6 days until they reached safety. they were abducted from villages in born or state is not clear who took them, but they escaped from an area known to be a strong hold of i so linked groups and i, jerry is government has announced sweeping measures to contain attacks by arms groups in the north restrictions include cutting communication services and a ban on marcus and the transportation of certain goods. as i'm address reports from kaduna, some people are getting desperate. oh, defiant treatise display their goods at this weekly market. despite a government order to shut down. like many traders here, it's here, cabella says is greens could be confiscated or me even lose his life. if gunman strike what he has to take the risk i'm, i didn't know what it was like if the market, you mean close,
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how to feed our families. what, what about those who have to go to work daily in order to buy food and we expect them to carry guns and rob, good educators here at cadina's biggest kettle market tray to say then able to bring in new stock because of the ban on the movement of kettle, much of what is here is all stock and they say because of an 80 percent decline in the number of animals coming in. the prices have increased restrictions of cut, telecommunications, and the movement of goods and closed rural markets in many areas of at least 5 states. this says the government is hindering the criminal operations of armed men . no locust bandits the turned kit, not for ransom into a lucrative business. oh, the wisdom of binding movement of cartoon into or outside the state is to stop that corridor that they get source of funding by selling at
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russell a cutter. now coming to the weekly market, i have also a splint that, that, that is why that is the my kids that i did get a says to food, an order at logistics. now you also look at the telecoms, the shut down of our telecom services in these on gov and a species. one. communication is very critical. if at the center of negotiation for ransom as we speak here, interdictions emissions are in progress and day in day out. security forces ah, taking the bonded out bad private but only say to stop the slight into anaki. the government was addressed acute shortages among the ranks of security forces because we have quite few and above policemen. quite few and above savage men. this is
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a country of our poor 100000000, and we have less than 4 to 500000 military men. please men combine. this is unacceptable. in desperation, some nigerian states are training in arming, malicious ralph white gloves, but still largely outgunned the malicious 3 being poorly equipped to confront the threat posed by bandit with superior reverence. how many degrees al jazeera, cuba she is, they mocks race day in mexico. the holiday originally commemorated the arrival of spanish explorer, christopher columbus. but it now serves to recognise the nations makes indigenous and european heritage manner rapid reports from mexico city. the arrival of the early larosa or race day in mexico comes just weeks after the country marked 200 years of independence from spain as that and as in other latin american
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countries. such celebrations are prompting renewed debate over the complicated legacy of european colonization, as well as the topic of inequality in a region with stark, ethnic and social divisions. yet nobody made more mean the lay there from the start . the idea was for mexico to be a homogenous country with a single identity. there was a period where the country try to unify the population under a single language, a single culture, single type of gastronomy, and those politics to how much. and i still exist to day, i'm permeates into public policy. and yet in recent years, protesters have targeted in vandalized symbols of colonization, like a statue of spanish explore christopher columbus that once stood in downtown mexico city. as mexico marks the anniversary of the arrival of columbus to the new world act of the say that some 70 percent of indigenous mexicans live below the poverty line. adding that social inequality is the real legacy of the spanish conquest. there are earnest efforts underway in mexico to lift up indigenous heritage mystic
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a cow is a restaurant in one of mexico cities, most exclusive neighborhood, and the staff here specialize in indigenous cuisine. the restaurant owner, mar, loan, your cut value says bringing visibility to pre hispanic recipes is a way to lift up the voices and languages of indigenous communities. in the 2nd have been seen. i've always said language is an extension of taste. wasn't familiar to mexico has 68 indigenous languages to close the 68 culture. so you had at 68, we seen sweater. 60 possibilities for those flowers to mix and improve the human palate system. we are 68 living community on the dance to a universal rhythm and out at the same time breaking through the efforts to make us invisible. be important. i think we're living through a very important moment. it's impossible to follow. ah, mexico's president unbiased. manuel lopez over to thought often speaks about the rights of indigenous communities and has even requested that spain apologize for the conquest. the president has also been
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a proponent of large public celebrations that more openly embraced the country's cultural diversity. he will not let me know when you have a son, long lived, the universal fraternity, long live, the love for one's neighbors. long live the cultures of pre hispanic mexico. he, i live in one, many in mexico view, changing public discourse toward native communities as progress indigenous rights act of his say that speeches and public spectacles alone are not enough to correct 5 centuries of discrimination, racism, and neglect. when will wrap? hello al jazeera, mexico city. i want to show you an awesome live pictures from the spanish island of la palmer's train of lava, from the con brave. yeah. volcano. as in gold, a cement plant, prompting authorities on la pa, my to implement lockdown orders. these are live pictures from the town of to decay . the fumes are engulfing banana plantations and re remaining houses. there are people in parts of the spanish island have been told to remain in doors and shut
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their windows to avoid inhaling. toxic fumes from the burning facility at the korea volcano has been sphere, neva foremost, 3 weeks now about 6000 people have been evacuated from their homes. still ahead on this out as they are in use, our a string of dance on board for in fishing vessels has john attention to the flight of indonesia, migrant fishermen. they tell us fist always of exploitation and abuse when the man said you have one with you must be making a joke. al jazeera speaks with the latest nobel prize for literature. tanzanian warn abdul right back corner. and the boston red sox book fair place, and the next round of major league baseball playoffs still have the sports at the actually ah
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hey there, good to see here is your weather update for europe and africa. we do have some torrential rain for eastern portions of the balkan, so eastern bulgaria, looking to scoop up about 60 millimeters of rain within 24 hours. so the very real risk of seen some flash flooding here. temperature is the other stories. sophia, just a high of 8 degrees and that's 10 below where you should be your pop up a bit on wednesday, but then break back down on thursday because of a ne wind. energy has also crossed over the aegean sea, slamming into western turkeys some heavy bouts of rain is mere rate down to the mediterranean for the other side of the mediterranean, completely different story. plenty of sun and high temperatures. here madrid 25. lisbon could get up to 30 degrees, well above average, north western europe. right now we do have some disturbed weather. the low countries, germany, poland, break down into the alps and at times those winds will crank up to about 50
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kilometers per hour for the low countries london and overcast. stay for you with a high of 15 degrees. the heat is on for africa, parts of egypt anyway, as $143.00 degrees. that was the highest observed temperature in the world on monday. and as we had to war to say you're at 40 heart tomb. 38, an engine mena getting up to a height of 39 degrees. bye for now. ah, inequality corruption, repression and re oh, bullets. if it just decided to cut to the piece of cake, i'm sure i wanted a new documentary to explore the desperate stage of democracy in lebanon. oh no. through the eyes of those who are losing hope every day. oh, dreams are becoming blue. democracy, maybe democracy for.


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