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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, ponce greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera, the u. s. is always of interest to people. all right, the world people pay attention to walk with one here and how did he was very good at bringing the news to the world from here. oh, a warning that afghanistan faces a make or break movements, the un cheapo just the international community to prevent the collapse of its economy. ah, i'm adrian setting up. this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up. ah,
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the celebration is in parts of iraq is the party of influential shia cleric, wakata asada wins most seats and sundays parliamentary elections. north korea's leda accuses the u. s. a, causing tension in the region. a vast to build an invincible military to defend its territory. and by cheeriest government avails a plan to stop violence by all groups in the north. the new measures faced resistance ah, leaders of the v 20 are about to hold an extraordinary meeting to the to address the growing humanitarian and security crisis in afghanistan. the un secretary general was warned that its economy is near collapse and is appealing for cash assistance. afghanistan is low on money out of the u. s. and other countries froze assets. when the taliban took power or diplomatic editor james bay's reports from
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the united nations. the un has been spearheading a large humanitarian operation in the 2 months since the taliban took over afghanistan. 3.8000000 people have received food supplies in that period. but aid alone will not help as the countries entire economy is now at the risk of collapse . the un secretary general antonio terrace says the situation is very urgent. disease and make or break moment. if you do not ex, until afghans whether the storm and we'd soon, not only day, but all the world will pay a heavy price, the taliban is acting. foreign minister says afghanistan's funds thought to total about $10000000000.00 should be immediately unfrozen or kept the american, the hanover, the, the shadow. however, this is so embarrassing that a huge country, like the united states of america, is freezing in our assets. instead of helping constructing our country and ensuring order, diplomats tell me there's no way the u. s. and it's western allies will agree to
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unfreeze afghanistan's assets and hand that money directly to the taliban. but the un believes there's another solution to inject money into afghanistan's economy, and that's using trust funds set up, for example, by the u. n. development program or the world bank. and those funds can then be used to pay for vital supplies and salaries. already one such scheme is up and running, allowing a fund of $15000000.00 to be accessed by hospitals and health care workers. james bayes al jazeera at the united nations preliminary election results, her rock point was strong outcome for the party of sheer cleric, montana asada. ah, but none of the political blocks appears to have secured a majority for the prime minister. l'oreal monarchy looked sent to have the 2nd largest vote among ship horses. sunday's pole was held several months early, but voter turnout had a record low,
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just above 40 percent. and the hash hm is following developments in the capital bank that looked at a saw that a getting his a majority in the fall, lamentable a new remedy key to these people. what able to mobilize dirt supporters base and get them to the falling station. a secured their majority in the parliament and now start thinking of the day after. however, it wasn't. it wasn't the same for other parties. forbes, those traditional islamic groups also in the, in the country who most of them lost a lot of the presence of the following a lot of observers yet, but that are a, highlighting this possibility that people, especially those who were in the 2019, brought us lights tend to get back to the streets at to the streets and, and a show their own dismay with the whole situation. however, a major or
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a part of the she, i a political spectrum here. and in this country, i had a meeting yesterday and the voice there, and they cast their doubts over the whole election and the fairness. and it's clear that they want to take things as to what's a point of a confrontation, maybe with more of a sudden video. there aren't happy with this. with this sir. results and derrick and they're, they're showing doubts over the whole a process. so we'll have to wait and see how these people are going to develop their own stance towards the situation that sent bringing ali al nash me, his son, professor of international relations at lawson. soleah university just now live from baghdad. professor, good savvy with us, is the selection got to make any difference to the lives of impoverished, frustrated iraqis. no, i think nothing will happen because the same allies, the same. the leaders the same list, the sim services schedule, and the same
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a blend of the same goal. then i think nothing will have been on the ground. and or does that, i think you're all the dreams, all the hopes of the demand of that i q people, it's going with the wind because that many people expect to be some think will change in this election. but i think nothing will change, may be just us, some a few change, but i think the majority or, or think that the majority is still in the hand off on sunday. and the same of that . and he's behind the brian minister and i think, or even even the minute the major bullets are still still in this position. and next to just the result mean professor that's at the very least a rom will have less influence of iraqi politics in the future. no, i think in on last many, many power, many influence found and iraq because of from
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a 2 or 3 years because it now because unsaturated. he's now he is he play a key rule in iraq and i'll sudden he have another plan. he is, maybe he's a middle between the a that up and the iranian. and he had, he want to be the only one the leader in iraq. and he don't want a boy any, any direction and he wants. and he don't want to any, be there to be behind him because iran supports another leave in babylon, mobilization on of a militia than he would. he don't want anyone to stand beside him. then he have some a problem with it in order that i think the influence of your aunt would it be looser than before then. but i think also, you know, they're very clever in this game. they don't want to be a struggle with them because they want him, the main goal for it. i'm to relieve that order to withdraw of my medical syndrome
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. you know, this is very important for a medical analysis. and a sudden he have that, that he had the same goal in order that they still with him for the this school that he did not. they are not to eat yet to fight him or to lose them. and this very important goal for them. so what needs to happen to change the status quo to, to satisfy the, the demands of the 60 percent of voters who, who stayed away from the polls. yes, i think man, nothing will i because you know now the power in the hand who he have the power in the streets, then nothing will happen. then if you say they are under that one. but then a sudden then i think we can say there may be the street goes us before they did in the iraqi people. they did didn't but speak to the in the election. and after they goes the 3 to change that government now they didn't also but so baited and they
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want to change, but they can not white because the polar minutia, the followers of us on the, on the ground that nothing will happen. they can count on, on the ground, the 3 that they can abolish to any kind of abuse in albert protested, brought this thing against the government, then i think nothing will happen. and the people, the majority of the bill, they didn't but say they will up boy because they don't have any choice could talk to professor many thanks. indeed for being with us. professor ali al nash me then baghdad. thank you. north korea's leader says that his weapons development program is an act of self defense. kim john own made the comments at an exhibition showcasing military hardware. he says the build up is necessary to face hostile policies from the united states and increasing military forces in south korea. the 2 careers have been in an accelerating arms race with both sides testing, short range, ballistic missiles, and other weapons. young oak is
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a professor in military strategic studies up to hanami university. he says that kim dragons words have a familiar ring. his message is constant that, i mean, the north korea has the light travel, nuclear weapons and lot. why those pony won travel nuclear one is that because of the u. s. a policy to was new, you know clear and i mean those $1.10 thus cannot be applied to the most korea an adult agency developing a new weapon system. no school year has been denouncing the military public realty, south korea. so they, unless sing and much about the dust couldn't weapon system. what a, what a pew is this test or a fighter like ap sonic life. or, i mean the most important brett will be a nose. korea is the u. s. weapon system,
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which is the u. s. courses in korea. how have, ah, people are deployed, antique government protest has been demonstrating our cross bolivia against a proposed law that they say is a step towards a police state. crowds blocked streets, were met by counter protectors, in support of the president. and legislation being considered would allow authorities to investigate the assets of any citizen without a court order. of the government says that it's essential to tackle elicit earnings to help the economy out. serious daniel shribel reports opponents of the government's proposed new law blocked roads in major cities across bolivia. they were met by police who cleared them to ensure workers could get through the demonstrate to see the law concentrate too much power in the hands of the state. which could use it to persecute offers the from leaders the strongest focus was in the eastern city of santa cruz who line by the room so low that dragging us along
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a road on which will lose our democracy and our liberty to a communist and totalitarian regime. oh, this government needs to listen to us. we will not return empty, handed them as he sent an end miss repression. the hidden with the approval assumed the legal dilemma. the lower house of congress passed the law last month is designed to tackle elicit earnings and money laundering. lithium elected that the government is put off pushing the law through bolivia, opera house, while it carries out further consultations. however, it says it's necessary to regenerate the economy in the country, devastated by the pandemic. the government is also called for a counter demonstration when it cause a celebration of democracy on tuesday at them. and i thought i'd like it. and you know, we're here defending our democracy, defending the progress. bolivia has made. it's not right that they are blocking our streets, not letting us get to work. i,
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we beg the protesters to stop working against the economy, which serves all bolivians. people need to work every day to pay the bills. president luis, out of say, said the same actors who organized what he called a coup in 2019 removing his predecessor, even morales from office. a leading the current opposition movement dot little or stealing business will be very busy in 2 groups. have very different visions of the type of economy and society did like politics doesn't resolve their problems. so they take to the streets to protest in every difference becomes a problem with this kind of polarization. the government called the day of action a failure. the opposition says it will not surrender in a class should expose is the deep divisions in bolivia between rich and poor, indigenous and non indigenous east and west. dan shimla al jazeera, a weather update next to on houses here up, then we are homeless. we have not left alone. we hear from my room so stuck in
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libya and desperate to get out. then the man said, you have won the nobel prize. you must be making a joke. with 0 speaks with the latest widow also nobel prize from literature unto rosa. ah hey there, good to see you getting going on your weather forecasts for australia and asia. brisbin. this 35.2 millimeters of rain. that was the most strain you have seen in half a year or so. certainly welcome in a few spits in spots of rain still on wednesday, unsettled for that se, and our next weather maker moving across the bite. watch what it does to adelaide.
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we'll see those winds crank up to about 55 kilometers per hour. winds also a factor for new zealand capitol region. we do have some rain really for both islands, but wellington, you could see those winds clipper to 88 kilometers per hour. so the risk of seen some damage here on to an update now for a tropical storm campus who had dropped about 250 millimeters of ranges north and manella. it's going over a high nan on wednesdays, striking hong kong with some heavy rain, and also hanoi rate down to denying, getting down with rain as well. but the landfall won't come until we head toward thursday in this same zone now around china, for the se, coastline and southern coast finds a lot of rain here. so this back on wednesday, hong kong looking at about 60 millimeters of rain and wind gusts. here of 85 kilometers per hour and our france is moving across japan. so that's knocked down temperatures in tokyo to a high of 20 degrees. bye for now. ah . in the country with an abundance of results,
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trade bar and walk indonesia whose business firms forming. we moved full to growth and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part linda. this is growth and progress. invest indonesia. now lou ah, hello again. this is l 0. the may news. the south un chief antonio garage has asked
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patients to urgently inject cash into afghanistan's economy in order to prevent a humanitarian crisis. as, as g 20 leaders prepared to meet later to address the situation in afghanistan, early election results and iraq point to a strong showing for shia cleric, montana all sawdust party, former prime minister muriel marquee with said to have the next largest vote among ship policies. at north korea's leader kim jong or the says that his country's weapons development is an act of self defense. he says that the build up is necessary to face hostile policies from the united states and increasing military forces in south korea. took his president says that his country has one out of patience after a series of attacks on its forces in syria. recham, ty, budwani says that his government is determined to eliminate threats from the north after a car bomb at a market place that killed at least 5 people. the bomb targeted our freedom, which controlled which is controlled by turkey backed opposition. oh,
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to one's comments come a day after 2 turkish police officers were killed by a guided missile attack in aleppo. as al serra has more from his time. yes, collation is continued in north him, syria, a car bomb exploded at the market place in the tone of athene in a leopard province has killed at least white people and injured 12 others, including as 2 children often is controlled by the turkish backseat in opposition. forces since 2018 and just a day before the exposing our freen to turkey special force members also have been killed with an 80 g m missile attack. and at least 4 other mortar shells also targeted a dead. the town of car coming in turkey alongside the turkish border so far, no one has claimed responsibility for these attacks, but the turkish official says that abd y p g has carried out these attacks. so
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often his attacks prison. i don't said that turkey is determined to eliminate the threats in those areas. either with those who control these areas or with its own means a signal for a potential military operation against y, p g in syria. however, here, the key issue, whether russia is going to agree on this operation or not, because the areas that these attacks have been carried out from or under the russian control. and export says that without a russian approval, a unilateral military operation against y, p g equals jewel per dies, the relations the delicate relations between ankara and moscow. there are tools between russian and turkish officials behind the scenes. but as of now, we do not know the details yet whether moscow will agree on a potential military operation carried on by turkey into syria. by jerry,
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as government has announced, sweeping measures to contain attacks by armed groups in the north. the restrictions include cutting communication services and the ban on mark and the transportation of certain goods. and as ounces here, as i'm at at risk reports now from could do not some people are getting desperate. oh, defiant traitors, display their goods at this weekly market. despite a government order to shut down, like many traders here is here, cabella says is greens could be confiscated or may even lose his life. if gunman strike. but he has to take the risk. i'm, i didn't know what it was like if the market, you mean close, how to feed our families. got it. what about does will have to go to work daily. no . do to buy food, not to expect them to carry guns and robs good educating. yeah. at cadina's biggest kettle market traders se then able to bring in new stock because of the band on the movement of cattle. much of what is here is all stock. and they say because of an
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80 percent decline in the number of animals coming in. the prices have increased restrictions of cut, telecommunications, and the movement of goods and closed rural markets in many areas of at least 5 states. this says the government is hindering the criminal operations of armed men . no locust bandits that turned kidnap for ransom into a lucrative business. oh, no wisdom of binding movement of cartoon into or outside the state is to stop that corridor that they get source of funding by selling a russell cutter. now come into the weekly market. i've also, i explained that that, that is why that is the markets that i did get, i says, to food and order logistics. now you also look at the telecoms,
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the shut down of our telecom services in this on gov and as spaces one. communication is very critical. if at the center of negotiation for ransom as we speak here, interdictions emissions are in progress and they in the day out security forces ah, taking the bonded out bed private. but analysts say to stop the slight, into anarchy. the government was addressed acute shortages among the ranks of security forces because we have quite a few and number of police men quite few and above ivy's main, this is a country of all my poor 100000000 and we have less than 4 to 500000 milli fi, man please man, combine. this is unacceptable. in desperation, some nigerians tita training in arming, malicious val white gloves but still largely outgunned the militias through
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being poorly equipped to confront the threat posed by bandit with superior weapons . ahmed edris al jazeera cuba, texas has banned organizations and companies from enforcing coven 19 vaccine mandates in the state. governor gregg albers has been one of the most vocal opponents of making vaccines mandatory in the u. s. his move comes as the bible administration prepares to require employers with more than $100.00 workers to be vaccinated or test weekly for the virus thailand. plans to accept vaccinated tourists flying from countries that it says a low risk from next month. it was crap hotel, quarantined for travelers from 10 countries that include the u. k. the u. s. germany in china. all arrivals will still be to show negative covet 19 test results . prime minister prior shaneka says that he'll consider lifting the nighttime curfew and ban on alcohol sales in the capital bank called by the new year.
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madonna says that it won't share its curve at 19 vaccine formula despite appeals to do so. from the world how folk organisation, company executives say that instead, they'll ramp up production. they say that's the best way to increase global supply . within the next 6 to 9 months, the most reliable way to make high quality vaccines and in an efficient way is going to be if we make them. and so i think that the, the appeals are broader, assuming that we couldn't actually get enough capacity. but in fact, we know we can, we went from having 0 reduction to a 1000000000 doses in less than a year. and we think we'll be able to go from one to 3. a judicial investigation into last year's bay route port explosion has been suspended again after a new legal complaint that comes after the lead judge issued an arrest warrant for the former finance minister. ali hassan. how little who failed to appear for
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questioning. earlier on tuesday, the explosion killed at least $218.00 people after a fire triggered the detonation of several tons of ammonium nitrate. tropical storm. com passed through has triggered floods and bland slides and little than philippines, killing at least 9 people. more than 1600 people have been forced from their homes and towns. 11 people are missing. a storm swept through the most populous island of luzon on monday and intensified as it approached the either the palawan. dozens of migrants remain camped outside a you and facility in libya seeking re settlement. they escaped a detention center west of tripoli on friday. gods shot dead at least 6 people in the mass escape and some migrants related hiding al jazeera malik trailer reports. they've been here for days some for more than a week. they're hungry and thirsty and they've been sleeping on the dirt. people
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give them water as they pass by the crowd of migrants outside this un facility and triple. they each have a story to tell mohammed the woods as he escaped from them, or bernie detention center on friday and has been here ever since. so we are homeless, we have no place to go. the un here is the responsibility you get to cut it. it must be a good bit responsibility because we have no place to go. no, no at or no, you go where we gun go. it follows a crack down by libyan security services. earlier this month in the town of good garish, where at least $5000.00 migrants for refugees were arrested. their temporary homes were destroyed. the government says they were built illegally on public land. those arrested were put in detention centers like the elma bonnie facility, or on friday, 2000 people escaped. the un said 6 migrants were killed and at least $24.00 injured . we began to pilot programs day to provides assistance in the emergency release.
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some of these people, i'm a continue to do so in these areas around town. next couple days we've been able to do so at the community center because of the large crowds. libya has long been a transit hub for migrants and refugees attempting to reach your pin shores by crossing the mediterranean. but with the recent crack down, many of them are scared. they gather here and there are hundreds outside this un facility, hoping to be relocated to other countries. women and children are among the crowds, were waiting for help. the un refugee agency says it urges the crowds to disperse, so they can help the most vulnerable and need. but most people here tell us they have nowhere else to go, and they refused to leave until they are evacuating. david came to libya from south sweden. he says, migrants to refugees are made to wait and live in detention centers because of e u policies and restrictions the european union who are finding the libya coast
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guard. the pardon are intercepted in to see i'm then brought back to libya where the house held up in different detention center. and that not only does though, the merely just how we might call them. they are that the took these people and separate them into groups where the x of them are detained and for ransom. or, you know, this have got it through it repeating itself. there are an estimated 600000 african migrants in libby at the moment. many of them just won a better life for themselves and their families, and they believe they'll find it in europe. my latrina al jazeera triplet novelist until ross are gunner who was awarded. they'd nobel prize for literature last week as told al jazeera. but he was surprised to hear the nears attorney and academic is the 1st black african to win the prestigious prize in 35 years. he says his writings have largely been influenced by the lives of ordinary people. they choose to focus on that. my work 9 is
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i was on my another great. ok you that. but let's not 90. 0 my a, b i. so you but you can a d r b. how we construct their lives. results of will's. i mean interested in making reading. interesting and and, and to write as means we have all of those as well. i think things have changed and things that are changing on my various people, african as it is one place. there are many, many different things. oh, it's one of the problems. whether it be some kind of one single object that
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you know we'll have home or the same in the sense. so if you have a problem or the problems or syria problems of the city, and you have to think in some way what problems, countries not, not the one. ah, it is good to be with us. hello adrian. so they can hear it though, are the headlines on al jazeera, you and chief antonio garage has asked nations to urgently inject cash into afghanistan's economy. in order to prevent a humanitarian crisis that says g 20 leaders prepared to meet later on tuesday to address the situation in afghanistan. early election results and iraq point to a strong outcome for the shia cleric, martina outsiders party,
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former prime minister dorion marquee looks, sent to have the next largest vote along sheer parties. i'll just heroes, ali hash.


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