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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2021 5:30am-6:01am AST

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hi, various up because i think it's one place. there are many, many different groups. oh, it's one of the problems. one single object. no news with home at the same sense. so she with problems or the problems or syria problems with the city. and you have to think in some way, but no one. 0, this is al jazeera, these, your top stories. the un chief says, well, need to find a way of getting money and assistance into afghanistan to prevent a humanitarian crisis engulfing half of the population. and tony,
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good terrorist has praised the efforts of agencies but says it's not enough already before the tale been take over the norquist, i forgot the status for a child economy which has been kept afloat by foreign aid over the past 20 years. suffered from the impact of drought and coffee right now with s, it's frozen and development. 8 pulsed the economy is breaking down, banks are closing, and the central services, such as l squared have been suspended in many places. north korea's later came, john urns says as countries weapons development is an act of self defense. he says the build up is necessary to face hostile policies from the u. s. and increasing military forces in south korea. early election results in the wrong point to a strong outcome for shia cleric mcdonald sawdust party. former prime minister maria mckee looks said to have the next largest vote among shia policies. anti
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government protest. this happened demonstrating across bolivia. they say propose new noise, a dangerous step towards a police state. the government thinks it's essential to tackle, elicit earnings, and bruce, the economy. brazil's president variable sanara, told a journalist, he was bored with questions about the country, surpassing 600 deaths from coven. 19 brazil has the 2nd highest number of deaths in the world. in ethiopia, the t gray people's liberation from says government troops have launch coordinator the tax on all fronts. rebels say, heavy artillery tanks find to jets and drones are being used against them. all the fuss, a years all to bikini found those former president thomas and car died in a coo, his alleged assassins. all standing trial proceedings began on monday, but were postponed for 2 weeks to give lewis more time to prepare. okay, those are your headlines coming up next on out. there is one on one east. stay with
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us here on causing the cost is the world to dependence on coal and our invest is about to get a bailout venezuela, launching the digital volleyball and having to revive its currency and back to the seventy's back place and making an unwelcome with counting the calls on al jazeera they could be anywhere in public toilets, train stations, hotel rooms at your office, even in your own home, tiny cameras, strategically and stool. to fill your most intimate moments with the footage. then put online in south korea, a risk for digital 6 crimes involving hidden cameras are soaring voicemail earlier than just hold heavily on your tongue panel on it. or i'm at a loss to to cut another cable from when he clocked on our eggs. she put on hold,
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the trade has come from all parts of society, from tv and it is a book to so and teaches the impact on victims can be devastating. i have a toyota cowboy toyota align software. take talk built virus on until you until called put on here. you're on the she the right them are the ha, ha ha. contains to find the killer porter. his on them. they car garage over to little porter. joe went to one east join the hummed for self careers, hidden cameras, and meet the women fighting back in one of the world's most connected countries prompt . it's been a long day for some, hey young,
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but his work is an over pump there on time. love her getting her there. and he was, he won't see me all day long. the private detective is tackling a new crime wave in south korea. illegal filming with spy cameras were chavana hungry, and i will quote, unquote, and what any of those helena couldn't were handled. i thought i would go get a snicker question. why should i be even getting you? savannah, won't your what camaro talk to him? she goes to work on it in lincoln with the money. so could i use a man on boats? i should, i should pay to manage on how can the pentagon, which would arm, but don't go doctor con cabella money lower than your telephone. that cheap. don't tell when you had understood i was in there, we couldn't play the trip to his money comes alameda to go, but you certainly don't as a get him wondering vinegar. one answer,
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arthur come to the head that any dog with chicken or po to don't look on an hour or every man's son. hey, yom receives about 500 calls like these according to the police, the number of a risk for spy cameras increased almost 7 fold in the last decade, but the real number of cases is thought to be my child. to day son is media said an apartment in the capital soul, where he'll show is different types of spike cams, called mancha logan, a bank i them to me and they're young push again on i'm with a lot for his manner. seated on on tip a telekinetic. i got the okay. from the situation with a television you put the pelham canada and i put bottle tongue it only. ah, ah done cause a kiss or not could i had to manna. tanveer penny peter had made up in the cool
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gaze. vannador tongue again and what should i come to us? i began and there in man, uncle, god's ambulance hagan, the attorney might put okay. under the cam done equip a tenant time at a ton and their time with him and he thought it, it could a thought the doctor would have to turn on gay. what could happen that unless she was in it and it has fred to love where you are? so i said, i know it's a waiver, as long as it's in votes. careful shannona to prove an air filter though to come in either or get some good equal do will of 100 and an order
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says hello n t occurs man is one of them we were another but i t man the little now another g got i'm just gonna get some dog mazin, or one of the wood on to dress and those with them william elder than his whole heather, danielle, your tag on panel on his door. metella said sheila cannon other than me could. it will turn when a door now impatient, that under pennant on my door kiss would appear to know that yoga pants will come in and out with us. meta, the true when accusatory, he cannot handle them, but you don't should a commitment to the guy. ah my god, all day can you not know so that we get a ticket or the in the punishment yet in and you don't get off the coil has hands had an operator your don't show it okay to with anger, toronto,
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pagan. if they were simply son, how young says he seen the impact that cameras can have them one or johan would have gone one. what would. busy i get on infantry from that there could on the pound it our law on was how i to, to pull it a company's isn't what it gets a going on what he got under linda. and i'm going to switch be thought all good on his hand. i took him up on the, on the audience, ludwig and spy cam offenders face a fine of up to $26500.00 or a maximum prison sentence of 3 years. but most of those found guilty only receive a small fine while for victims. the damage can be irreversible. eugene is still struggling with an incident that happened last year. the young woman is a popular live streaming jokey known as b. j ought born. on a local online platform,
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she has more than 13000 fans following each and every moment of her daily life. in july 2020, she was working at a cyber cafe. when a man took a photo up his skirt with his phone. the incident happened? well, she was live streaming on her channel. it was a viewers who alerted her. she was all in the room. we're particularly
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after seeing the man on cctv footage. she quickly confronted him for you. what affair with him? you don't need it on that. well, i'm, i'm getting rid of these. oh yeah. what's it gonna end up leaving with a take a look at how much impediment logan wiggle. no she well, she doesn't. even though i know, look though i all 3 of all the without i'm with you. jean eventually decided to report the incident to police a but she says she understands why victims often remain silent. that's all i could work on, but i don't want that. so i'll put it in and get her can all get them according to doctor logging on on your lead on they will qualify it, laid on
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a life it all figured out among those certain little little museums from civil law . was that up on a difficult robin that took on can all can help to could that in we've unplugged it all yourself, although it really was helpful. she took up one article of role she wore the origins of the other walking literally on the top of reading women other main targets of these digital crimes. between 20122017. there were 26000 reported spike ham victims. 84 percent of them were women. ah ah, when it was the liberties the sharing of intimate videos on the internet can be
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when linked lists. play pop star grew hara learned this 1st time after rising to fame. at the age of 17, the superstar saw her life fall apart. just 10 years later. i will group hodson sin. yes. hi me. understand why it is and all. so what else? you got you young, go in 2018 after her ex boyfriend threatened to destroying her korea by releasing her sex videos filmed without her can. it's saying that she filed a lawsuit against him after news of her video became public. the 28 year old celebrity became the target of online vitriol castle quasi on don't. how year a year later grew haro was found dead in her apartment in an apparent suicide. ah, ah,
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a brutal glue. even he still ensures jonae run 2 of 5 p. m that until the paternal queen, waker yvonne thunderbird. anon bonnie talking to albany, him the royce they will man tight. she got up on her in ethel by them i get to sleep barinello. i'm flung i me to chris on. i've got other things going on with i'm saying a pipe or the haggard of them all around i deal with with the letters of or close up on you on, on that, that i realized on us or kinda the time monday, you know, with the world killer with ah you easy tune up with
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you in the 900 and pen bonded or so but you take i tonya honor that bowl ah pushed her guns and cooking ah ah ah ah, do here is ex boyfriend you since to one year in prison with no parole, he pleaded guilty to assault black male coersion and destruction of property. but
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he denied the charge of a legal filming o'neill or credit like cook county, chicago across the meadow, taser on it, that when you got it was pulling it out for when convenient. jonathan and cookie window came out. all. yeah, and i get back to jonathan and that's way header, a clear casual sheet of doing an opening when i send them a chance i wasn't gonna do who in appealed to increase the sentence, but in vain. however, the families lawyer believes this case stands as a wake up call for women in south korea. to go out a whole bunch from today till one can go on for me. one of the one i see i need is one building crystal. how much will needed to interest was following do horace death.
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more than $200000.00 south koreans signed a petition, demanding harsher penalties for filming, and distributing sexual acts without consent. lou easy young activists to has been fighting against the proliferation of hidden cameras for years. but that didn't stop her from becoming a victim herself. oh, whatever 100. let's go on to get it handled. how dante, young up, doggie, do not want to go. good. huh. oh, oh. not pin number will turn it in on
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monday to it and one pounds on its own router and the weight on how much a year with a overdue nicaragua. awesome. so i to john lopez, are they on j r choice? we will look at it. it's you got to be another way to conclude what i'm going out of under a john to move out on. you got what you were on the internet is over to can on our own. you don't, you don't want to go out and wait on it. quick easy or to condone you're getting is how are they so cool? will we not? i hope you want us to dying it up with doesn't you can know what's up to new
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taking some offset or don kowal kiel with the police managed to find the culprit, a young man whose parents described him as a good boy who took the wrong path the party settle the matter out of court. this incident only makes 2 young more determined to eradicate hidden cameras. a torn, nope, town, closer, kettle take, abandon, border kind of change anyway. but don't wanna go to get us from run. a girl walked out of all. no kidding, all toy video or paul found out when gong ready to read on terrible target thought america when su yawn and fellow activists began campaigning in 2015. there were the only people talking about this problem. openly. she settled on her bar when
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summer mom boy talk we'd on the one colored high caught it. are they going to day sue yawn and her friends are searching the capital, looking for shops, selling hidden cameras. ah a . are you in the other ban though you're living? i thought some of these shops display their merchandise openly. we're going to take a look at them or do you, could you show them comment? i talked with d. b, a, your provider,
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a woman should with people go no longer here with multiple scandals and bad pris. have led most of these shops to shut down, put on the internet. all these devices are still cheaply available. as technology evolves, glenda stone filming has become more and more easy in south korea. well, it's becoming harder and harder for police officers to find the hidden cameras. mean to jean is an expert in criminology and digital sex crimes.
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a higher though, that can go ahead and take that off. i think it hail accused her with whom gooey luther won't eat one. no one. dig away at all. when did everybody? i said i know well the honey. okay. daniel. diet daniel hale, i know you don't day from for the hold on. come on it and but i'm going caputo his are now gay. my proposal needed to pass on your pro take will go on the phone and call it a week or a one. and what thought honey, you don't pay about us all on talk with a little when says new pro have with his r as in video, a call, or eco cargo? or because they are, you know,
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me only i which and older me that she says south greece, conservative culture is also partly to blame because i knew that when you thought i sail there crochet. aw, well, you have it on in this home. no clue on the all over here at the leg of whatever the ventilator with is a while ago. cadillac grave. i didn't. i usually didn't boil either day. flexible, night or 20th. i thought i was looking at all or when in that it has about when you got it. okay. it comes on. okay, go pulling up the recall label fail number. the other one does a positive again, j, you, alma, and what that end over yoga would be over with you. to tackle digital 6, grimes and a legal filming the government adopted a comprehensive set of measures in september 2017. 3 months after his wearing in the south korea's president moved j in made it
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a national priority war car from there, the on cobra kong, iowa peers up already on financial chiva, shiranda mall columns. homewood home, she kiddos hated. pierson, general camaro young. would you put a get to rome was hoc jeep you on were planning on don't jone bonnie, didn't tell me, try me. ah, some citizens a helping take up the fight. oh, you've done it all the time to get it. what we've done and whether you bought it all one day with housewives k young soon. and joan mean me, 3 hours south, a soul in the district of del, so good. once a month, these volunteers team up for
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a specific mission to hunt for hidden cameras in public toilets and also, oh, it talk to what i'm telling him you can going now. i mean, i know with him that somebody now you're 13 in the lab for mobile. now. number one, able now michael, toyota for go live. they that a different old order. how can, how can i add to pagan they're wanting to answer that so that i have went over isaac regina angela. wasn't there good use of it to know a little bit a little dante the program has. it's all going there has actually had to go back there and either ward, again, you get funds, i would the lower lindsey odds on yeoman who was in a car, get in and put on the k young says a doing important work for off. how about that one out of all would have had up or
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down. what if alum out her so that it can do it? she don't, ended up was, and i couldn't, i knew it always all handed, all my, all in the that could, i was in south korea has been rocked by a recent space to spike and scandals and municipal authorities are on high alert in this district. 34 teams, some paid by local government, are dedicated to keeping public spaces free from hidden cameras. local official lease on me says they are needed now more than ever. now the water v until piss out is why couldn't you, chris, are things i need to look good was on a sugar thing. if i ever oh, you're falling in that on your tongue from the title. yeah. yeah, sagar to dillman, gar, pulling it done, and i thank you your answer channels laquia could i saw chunks on voice or door
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where they were me and i took a hug. all taken tuple, she thought i'm only actually, she's a toggle. i'm getting dirty, jonathan. i think i ah, in sales 3, there is a growing awareness and anger about hidden cameras. women are taking to the streets to fight for their rights and speak out against gender discrimination. mm. ah, ah, ah. for eugene, who was illegally photographed while she was working in a cyber cafe. life is not the same with hunger color
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democrats. what if it stays? it'll give all all the warning, rick, look, it got her of all havoc. no one i ok from on top of it all after she reported him to the police, the spy cam perpetrator was arrested the following day for attempting to film illegally. the case is ongoing. all day for monica garden, the work that i all travels have all we're lena, california car gay. i got the one i went and then from coggan i got that wasn't like at all are putting i don't wanna cov, oh we have i had on car gay. laughable. no, they eugene says her experience is a warning for women everywhere. and that silence is no longer an option in the face of self grees spy, cam epidemic laid off the phone with her. ok it on god. you know,
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they don't you don't like a saw in the couple when you call me while need on. ah, the venezuela, columbia borgia has become a stamping ground for trespasses as desperate people transgress an illegal passage to feed an emerging fuel trafficking market. we follow that perilous journey unguarded, through the line of fire. risking at all then his wailing columbia on al jazeera. when the news break, regardless of what's available available to people that have the other,
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when people meet to behind, oh, with exclusive interviews and in depth reports, they're choosing those sites because their civilian target al jazeera, has teens on the ground to copy and say their numbers are barely a 5th of what they were before the 2003 and measured because of iraq security did. when you were award winning documentaries and lied needs. ah, if you do not take until afghans whether the storm and lead soon, not only day, but all the world by a heavy price, the un wants action must be taken to stop a humanitarian crisis in afghanistan. ah, i'm sammy's a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up north korea's leda
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again blames the u. s. for tension in the region saying his military build up is self defense.


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