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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2021 5:00am-5:31am AST

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but children are being used to beat the rising demand from around the world. the island has increased in land map. it's as if rivera with this corruption is pulling the island of la paloma out of the ocean. ah, if you do not take until afghans whether the storm and we'd soon, not only day, but all the world we buy, have you brought united nations secretary general says the world must take action to stop the humanitarian crisis, engulfing the people of afghanistan. ah ha, why money inside this is al jazeera alive from dough. also coming up. north korea's lead us as the u. s. is the root cause of tensions and claims his nation's military
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buildup is an act of self defiant. oh, national strike in bolivia is opposition. groups protests against a new law, which they say is a step towards a penny, state rights groups cool for better protection for fishermen and southeast asia after a series of debts etc. and claims of abuse. ah, the afghan economy is latching closer to collapse, leading to more urgent calls to end the humanitarian crisis. that's already engulfed half the population. the un secretary general says international funds need to breathe life back into the taliban. lead nation as health care grinds to a halt on diplomatic as a james based reports from the un. the un has been spearheading a large humanitarian operation in the 2 months since the tele and to cobra. ask on
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a stone 3800000 people have received food supplies in that period, but aide alone will not help as the countries in tar economy is now at the risk of collapse, the un secretary general antonio good terrace says the situation is very urgent. disease that make or break moment if we do not act until afghans whether the storm and we'd soon, not only they, but although old will pay a heavy price, the taliban is acting. foreign minister says afghanistan's funds thought to total about $10000000000.00 should be immediately unfrozen or kept the american the hanover, the, the shuttle. however, this is so embarrassing that a huge country, like the united states of america, is freezing our assets. instead of helping constructing our country and ensuring order, diplomats tell me there's no way the u. s. and it's western allies will agree to unfreeze afghanistan's assets and hand that money directly to the taliban. but the
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u. n believes there's another solution to inject money into afghanistan's economy, and that's using trust funds set up, for example, by the u. n. development program or the world bank. and those funds can then be used to pay for vital supplies and sellers. already one such scheme is up and running, allowing a fund of $15000000.00 to be accessed by hospitals and health care workers. james bayes al jazeera at the united nations. north korea's leader kim john and says his country's weapons development is an act of self defense. he says the build up is necessary to face hostile policies from the united states and increasing militia forces in south korea. the 2 careers have been in an accelerating arms race with both sides testing, advanced short range, ballistic missiles and other hardware. joining us now from sol as young oak, a profess, and military strategic studies at hammond university. many thanks for joining the program. kim johnson has made remarks like this before has an a. what should we
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read and to what he's saying this time? you know, i'm in this message is custom, but i mean the knowledge could here has the light terrible nuclear weapons. and laura, why not put you on travel nuclear? plenty? is that because of the u. s. policy tools, you know, clear and i mean those doubles term. those cannot be applied to the most korea eval natalie joseph developing a new weapon system. could he also be playing to his domestic audience, deflecting blame for the countries economic problems, which as i understand, are very acute at the moment. yes, of course. i mean, well, kim jones says that they're there that i mean, he saw chew. mountain bird. it depends ariel or is the only i only or 2 months he have made since i mean a while,
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2011. what when he, when he became the leader and a the 8th party, a congress in generally worlds war warner. warranty he can say is that, i mean the defense is thee a depends transfer is the only way that north korea baked through this, you know, hardship from intentional. so say p o, a south korea has been stepping up its own military capabilities and testing out as fast submarine launch, ballistic missile. how genuinely worried is north korea about the south military capability? well, i mean, last quarter has been denouncing the military capability of the south korea. so they are not seeing a much about the passport in weapon system. but what they pill is this house or a vital like saudi 5. or, i mean,
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the most important bread for b and those korea is the us weapon system, which is the u. s. courses in korea. how have, ah, people are deployed many thanks for joining us. our profess and military strategic studies. young oak, as speaking to us that thank you for your time. thank you. for 11 preliminary election results and iraq point to a strong outcome. the shia cleric month ta that all starters party election commission revealed the partial figures early and also confirmed a low turn out of just over 40 percent. that is the lowest since iraq introduced its democratic system after the 2003 us led invasion. the former prime minister, murray, al malik. he looks that to have the next largest vote among ship posses on a hash m, as the latest from baghdad. quote goes off p r guy rick, with god. we celebrate the decisive victory. he, i,
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cheap at the bottom of your doctors. note what that all sudden it's emerging as one of the key makers about the biggest thing make it in iraq without the big sharing the choice of the new prime minister. this is, this can't be separated from good reason warden this other good national say oh book a case. most of a sudden was able to ally himself with all the iraq reporters, the roof more have season and great. and then your song there might even be able to improve their choice of the prime minister on regional and international. no, in this election, got other windows, the former prime minister mother, she made a comeback, according to the earlier result, was able to secure around 37 seats. and this is
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a big news. not a big news of the whole lecture. that's a lot with the wrong. they ended up with 20 seats, tennessee. as president chi psi aid has unveiled a new government nearly 3 months soft a dismiss. the previous administration on seized additional powers. the new cabinet will ultimately onset to him rather than the prime minister. not la bowden, by his actions have divided the country and spoke to widespread protests. lay a haunting hospital when wealthy noon tunisia has spent the last 11 weeks without a government look at them too low until now said nozzler. bowden, who was named as tunisia as 1st female prime minister last month, has sworn in her cabinet, which includes $23.00 ministers. 9 of whom are women. though, had he been dolah, there's the state department's require an assessment analysis and reconstructing.
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we aim to rearrange the priorities and regain trust and hope. the objectives of the cabinet team are based on the following points and 1st to regain trust in the state . in july, president, i studied suspended parliament in sac, the prime minister. in september, he assumed all executive powers and began to rule by decree, while announcing plans to amend the constitution of commerce were la shorda and the 25th of july was a historic moment. i took that decision after trying all means of reasoning with them, but it was all in vain said he'd says he seized power to tackle tunisia growing economic crisis. but his opponents call it a que parliament should be approving this government according to the new decree. that's not the case, though, i know there will certainly be among the president's critics, their questions of religion, if this government. but nonetheless, the, even the supporters of the president said this is the something that he needed to do to name a new government sort of set forth in 2011. tunisia was the 1st country to see
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large anti government protests that became known as the arab spring. in recent months, thousands have turned up to those same streets to protest against what they call a power grab by their president. the fear they may lose the democratic rights they gained 10 years ago. what am i gonna? there is no place for those who have wanted to undermine the sovereignty of the state and the sovereignty of the people. they have plundered a lot of the people's money. they have turned their hopes into despair. i warn all those who entertained the idea of attacking the state and its institutions. we will thwart their plans for the coming days. aside from the economy, this new government has many challenges ahead. the president wants to amend the constitution walk to amend the political system and he is planning in bremond other year elections. so i think they, they will be limited by dime and also by power because the president announced that
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they will govern only and they're the same exceptional misers for now, tunisia remains under the power of one man with the new government sworn in to back him leo. hardin al jazeera and think alman protest has happened demonstrating across bolivia. they say a proposed new law is a dangerous step towards a police state. the government thinks it's essential to tackle elicit earnings and boost the economy. daniel schwein, the reports. opponents of the government's proposed new law blocked roads in major cities across bolivia. they were met by police who cleared them to ensure workers could get through the demonstrate to see the law concentrate too much power in the hands of the state which could use it to persecute offers if and leaders the strongest focus was in the eastern city of santa cruz oh, i beg your own so that dragging us along the road on which will lose on democracy and our liberty to
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a communist and totalitarian regime. oh, this government needs to listen to us. we will not return empty handed them as he sent an end vis repression. the hidden with the pole assumed the legal dilemma. the lower house of congress passed the last month. it's designed to listed earnings and money laundering, the seal elect. the that the government is put off, pushing the law through, believe is upper house, while it carries out further consultations. however, it says is necessary to regenerate the economy in the country. devastated by the pandemic. the government is also called for a counter demonstration when it cause a celebration of democracy on tuesday at them. another idea, indiana, we're here defending our democracy, defending the progress. bolivia has made. it's not right that they're blocking our streets, not letting us get to work. i have done that, we beg the protesters to stop working against economy, which serves all bolivians. people need to work every day to pay the bills.
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president louis sort of say, said the same actors who organized what he called a coup in 2019 removing his predecessor, even morales from office, a leading the current opposition movement dot little or stealing business will be fed in business to groups. have very different visions of the type of economy and society. they'd like politics doesn't resolve their problems. so they take to the streets to protest in every difference becomes a problem with this kind of polarization. the government called the day of action of failure. the opposition says it will not surrender in the class should expose is that the divisions in bolivia between rich and poor, indigenous and non indigenous east and west. done formula out 0 still ahead on out as era. the long away to trial over the assassination of one of africa's most revered revolutionary leaders.
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ah, it's another beautiful sunny day, a 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways, boated world's best air line of 2021. hello, everyone. good to see you. even though this southwest monsoon has exit it from northern parts of india, we are still seeing its effects toward the south. we'll talk about that in a sec, but 1st the good stuff under the sunshine deli getting up to a high of 35 degrees. we do have what weather will call it pretty much for maharaj shrubbery, into karnataka care law and into tamela. i do, in fact an amber weather alert in play for careless state warning of the risk potentially to see some flooding you consider rainfall amounts about a 100 millimeters of rain, not out of the question. then we have a band of rain stretching from one end of the bed, then go to the other slamming rate into thailand and jamar than on the other side of indo china. we've got this incoming tropical storm compresses. so late tuesday
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into wednesday, it's going to dallas hong kong with some heavy rain. we can expect about 70 millimeters of rain and to see those winds up to 75 kilometers per hour. it will continue on its journey through high nan province and then eventually into vietnam, just north of denying and south of hanoi 10200 millimeters of rain. certainly a possibility here further toward the north that frontal system sliding north to south across japan. so that's knocked down temperatures in tokyo, with some showers and a high of 22 degrees c. soon. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best air line of 2021. the venezuela columbia. buddha has become a stamping ground for trespasses as desperate people transgress and illegal passage to feed an emerging field trafficking market. we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking at all
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and his wayland columbia. on al jazeera lou lou, welcome back, he watching al jazeera reminds of our top stories. the sour view and chief says the world nice to find a way of getting money and assistance into afghanistan to prevent a humanitarian crisis engulfing half of the population. antonio good terrace has praised the efforts of 8 agencies, but says it's not. north korea's lead kim jones says his country's weapons development is an act of self defense. he says the build up is necessary to face hostile policies from the u. s. and increasing ministry forces in south korea an
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election results in a wrong point to a strong outcome for the shia cleric data outside those parties. the former prime minister, no re, our molecule looks that to happen next largest buyers among she of brazil's president variables. nora told a journalist, he was bored with questions about the country, surpassing 600000 deaths from coven. 19 brazil has the 2nd highest number of deaths in the world. all snar has consistently downplayed the impact of mars, has been heavily criticized as handling of the pandemic. and opinion poll show his popularity is falling. coven 19 job manufacturer? madonna says it will not share its vaccine formula despite appeals from w 8. show company executive say, bel, instead ramp up production, which according to them, is the best way to increase global supply within the next 6 to 9 months. the most
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reliable way to make high quality vaccines and in an efficient way is going to be if we make them. and so i think that the, the appeals are broader assuming that we couldn't actually get enough capacity. but in fact, we know we can, we went from having 0 reduction to have been doses in less than a year. and we think we'll be able to go from one to 3. astrazeneca says it's coven 19 antibodies. drug helps reduce the risk of a disease or death in patients. it mocks a boost in the drug, make his efforts to develop corona virus medicines beyond vaccines. launch scale trial show the drug kept people from developing severe symptoms. the treatment reduce death by 50 percent and patients who happened symptomatic for up to 7 days. it was tested on people at high risk of developing severe reactions to the virus. joining us now from raleigh, north carolina, as doctor krishna who day you come our director of global health innovations center
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. and he, thanks for joining the program, that seemed to be a number of new coven treatment options in the pipeline. now like this antibody drug, also mac is working on a coven pill. how effective could these new treatments be in the fight against cove it yet the good news here is that we have a really strong pipeline of therapies which are going to be a game changer when they do come online. we know that in the long term vaccination is incredibly important, but as we see, day after day, vaccines are not going to be enough in their current form. even when we increase supply, we know that we're not gonna cover everybody that needs to be covered. so increasing the tools we have to use, especially therapies are going to be really important. and what's exciting now is that we have oral medications like the one from merck that was just announced in terms of its clinical efficacy. so more and more our tools are really what we're
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going to need to turn the tide. and presumably this cove and pale, for example, could have been massive range, easy to take at home, easy to transport, to poor countries, potentially. how beneficial could it be? yes, it really could drastically reduce the depths and hospitalizations that we're seeing . so while we work on other public health measures and vaccinations to try to reduce the overall rate of infections, we can augment that by using therapies as they become available. we know that the ones that we've had so far are really hard to use, hard to scale, and the more that we get that are easier to use was cheaper and scalable. the better off will be, of course we do have to be really careful that we don't go down the same pathway as with vaccines where we concentrate the availability to just a few rich countries that the rest of the world doesn't benefit fast enough. that is, the issue isn't at this equitable access of vaccines at which there seems to be necessary
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nation for, i mean, we know companies like madonna have been under pressure to share at the formula which they've refused. but it is that the solution to making everyone have access to the vaccine. yeah, i think we need an all of the above approach, which includes increasing manufacturing anywhere in the world. but over time we have to have a more distributed global system for manufacturing. so we've got a stand up in parts of africa in latin america in asia. more or a vaccine manufacturing capacity because we've learned in the last 12 months that having manufacturing either locally or in the region makes a big difference in terms of early access to those life saving interventions. it's a while for the next few weeks and months. we can focus on increasing supply any where it's available. when we think 6 months a year, over the next few years,
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we really do have to stand up more manufacturing capacity. really interesting to get your views. dr. christner day a come our director of duke global health innovations center. thank you. thank you . human rights groups are calling on countries in southeast asia to do more to end the exploitation of my gun fishman, follows a string of death on ships in the region. jessica washington reports from tag al, in central java on this chinese fishing vessel of the waters mc route. these indonesian fishermen prepared to say good bye to one of their crew. after months at sea, so carefully has returned to indonesia, unable to forget his friend, who never got the chance to come home. yeah, i got, i got my la it'll. he kept working despite his pain. perhaps he was scared. then his whole body became swollen. these fishermen have come together to discuss their
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experiences, sharing stories of exploitation, underpayment, and even physical abuse buffy through the i got everything. i was hit on the back of the head. i almost fell down. others say they were tricked into working on the ships. bernard gently was never my intention to work on a chinese fishing ship. the agency lied to me for several months. i couldn't contact my parents. he says he was promised a manufacturing job in south korea. he never anticipated what was to come up with them to run what they didn't give me any food for a whole week. i became very fin. i couldn't walk like many returned fisherman why he was trying to get back the money he is owed. worker's rights groups in southeast asia say they concerned about the rise in reported cases of poor working conditions, physical abuse, and death at sea. they say governments across the region have a responsibility to help and force labor in the international fishing industry. in
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recent weeks, more than 20 n g o z across the region have signed a letter to was yon calling on the regional block to ratify the work in fishing convention, which calls for the minimum requirements for conditions on board fishing vessels. some se, indonesia, as the country with the largest workforce on foreign ships, must be more proactive adequately. but on the gun like i'd be a fan, we should be an example and showed that we want to improve the situation right now . there is no access to justice for fishermen on foreign ships. denisia maritime ministry says ratifying the convention is a priority, but it takes time and was received with our english, chemical boy, or love, or good requirement for all dora fy recommendation into go central java. some of the fishermen working on these small, local boats a, waiting for their deployments to work on large vessels overseas. uncertain of the
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conditions they will face when they depart. jessica washington out a 0 to go to ethiopian. now where the tea, gray people's liberation front says government troops have launch coordinated attacks on all fronts, rebel se, heavy artillery tanks fly to just some drones are being used against them. the offensive was launched last week, but appears to be intensifying, has been no immediate comment from the therapy in government. nearly 2000000 people have been displaced in the 11 months all in 30 years after booking of fossil, his former president, thomas on car died and a crew. his alleged assassins are now standing trial. his successor, blaze gum boy is among those facing charges, but computer is now an exhaust the ivory coast on is boycotting the trial. nicholas hack has more from want to do is in this banquet hall, normally a place of celebration that the toil of thomas hunker, as
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a ledge assassins has begun. brooklyn, if us as president and 12 others died during a coup in 1987 inside the mood of somber. it's the 1st time the accused are facing the families of the victims, sanker, his wife, miriam, as waited 34 years for this moment, hoping the military tribunal will finally provide answers. her questions. why did sancho, as closest and most trusted friends betray and kill him? who was behind the plot was france, the former colonial power involved. and if so, why sitting smiling in defiance in the dock of the accused 12 aging officers among them. janelle had sheed belgian did. absent is a man perhaps who was able to answer miriam's questions. former president blessed co bowie. he took over power after sanker as killing and ruled for 27 years until a popular uprising deposed him in 2014, comparing now lives in exile in ivory coast. it is refusing to take part in the trial how they differed it. it is unfortunate and unfair that compel ray is not
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here. he should have the guts to be present, but you know, he lacks the courage. he is trying to escape the truth. officially sancho died of natural causes. it's only after campanari was ousted from power. that sunk or his body was exude and found to be riddled with bullet holes said fall visual. flushed . michelle, i never thought the stay would come. i want to see justice and i want the truth to prevail. in 2017 french president in my room, my corner visit to walk a do promised to declassify information related to some chorus murder, but lawyers from his family say they were only given access to a 3rd of those documents. soccer i promised access to water in 2 meals a day to a country and poverty. he brought hope. he turned his back on the international aid, money celebrated pan african ism, and called for more equal relationship with france. this long awaited truck comes
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out of out time for current president, hot cowboy, with a country facing deteriorating security situation and arm groups associated to iso, increasing attacks. but for many young people, it's also moment of hope and opportunity for a new start. and to revive those ideals that to my son, car embodied nicholas hawk al jazeera walker. do burkina faso a number of green guards patrolling the board with turkey is going up and because of fears, they could be a spike in the number of afghan migrants trying to enter the e. u. an additional $250.00 offices will join the $1500.00 strong border force over the next few months. and the result, gordon are the winner of the nobel prize for literature has spoken to al jazeera. the tanzanian born novelist is the 1st black african to win the award in 35 years. he says his writings have largely been influenced by the lives of ordinary people.
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they choose to focus on my work. now is another great but last time the a b. i b r b, how we construct their life result. how will that mean interested in making a reading interesting and then to write all of those as well. i think things have changed and things are changing on my various people, africa as it is one place. there are many, many different, you know, it's,
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one of the problems will be some kind of one single object that no news will come at the same in the sense. so if you have a problem on all the problems or syria problems with the city problems and you have to think in some way what countries not, not just one. 0, this is out there at the top stories. the un chief says, well, need to find a way of getting money and assistance into afghanistan to prevent a humanitarian crisis engulfing half of the population. and tony, good terrorist has praise the efforts of agencies but says it's not enough already .


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