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but as his city changes, he's moving with and going on the road. the stories don't often here told by the people who live the master barber of berlin. this is europe on al jazeera. ah. ready if you do not pay until afghans whether the storm and we'd soon, not only day, but all the world, they haven't brought, the united nation sector general says the world must take action to stop a humanitarian crisis, engulfing the people of afghanistan. ah, i money in sight, this is al jazeera alive from day or so coming up. ah,
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the results in iraq selections suggest a strong result for shia cleric my father. all sawdust party. oh, the national strike in bolivia is opposition groups protest against a new law which they say is a step towards a police state. living in limbo, migrants who fled violence at a detention center in libya, appeal to the un for help. ah, the afghan economy is lurching closer to collapse, leading to more urgent calls to end the humanitarian crisis. that's already engulfed half the population. the un secretary general says international funds need to breathe life back into the taliban. lead nation as health care grinds to a halt, are diplomatic as a james based reports now from the un. the un has been spearheading
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a large humanitarian operation in the 2 months since the taliban took over afghanistan. 3.8000000 people have received food supplies in that period. but aid alone will not help as the countries in tar economy is now at the risk of collapse . the un secretary general antonio terrace says the situation is very urgent. disease that make or break moment if we do not act until afghans whether the storm and we'd soon, not only day, but all the world will pay a heavy price, the taliban is acting. foreign minister says afghanistan's funds thought to total about $10000000000.00 should be immediately unfrozen, walk out the american, the hanover, the, the shadow. however, this is so embarrassing that a huge country, like the united states of america, is freezing in our assets. instead of helping constructing our country and ensuring order,
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diplomats tell me there's no way the u. s. and it's western allies will agree to unfreeze afghanistan's assets and hand that money directly to the taliban. but the un believes there's another solution to inject money into afghanistan's economy, and that's using trust funds set up, for example, by the u. n. development program or the world bank. and those funds can then be used to pay for vital supplies and salaries. already one such scheme is up and running, allowing a fund of $15000000.00 to be accessed by hospitals and health care workers. james bays al jazeera at the united nations. you, as i knew, k, a warning, their citizens of a security threat in afghanistan's capital. american british citizens have been asked to stay away from hotels in kabul, follows a recent rise in eisler tags. many foreigners have left after the u. s. with all in on august, some aid workers in general as do remain. staffing deka has the latest front cover
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. the americans and the british warning against a people staying away from hotels in the capital one particular hotel was mentioned as you know, having a real security threat against we've heard about this in the last 48 hours or so. the taliban is taking it seriously. they beat dr. curt security also using their special forces to cordon off certain roads using sniper locations. the telephone's main card that they played was that they could maintain security in this country, that they were the only ones to be able to maintain security in this country. what we're seeing recently in the last, especially 10 days or so is an escalation, a step up by i sold k, that is the afghanistan branch of iso in terms of attacks. they started more in jail about in the east of the country than they attacked a mosque here in kabul, just last sunday, and significant breach of security there. because you had senior members of the chat about meeting their suicide bomber blowing himself up. then you had that devastating attack on a mosque in canoes on friday. so now we have the security threat here in cobble. so
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i think a message of defiance and certainly ice. okay. trying to disrupt the taliban in the chat about of course. now having to run a country, this wasn't insurgent group until just about 2 months ago, carrying out exactly the kinds of attacks that it's now having to try and prevent north korea's leader kim jong own says his country's weapons development is an act of self defense. he says the build up is necessary to face hostile policies from the united states on increasing military forces in south korea. the 2 careers have been in an accelerating alms race with both sides testing increasingly advance short range, ballistic missiles and other hardware. preliminary election results in ra point to a strong outcome for shia cleric mckuddle santos party election commission revealed the partial figures earlier and also confirmed a low turn out to 40 percent. that is the lowest since iraq introduced its democratic system off of the 2003 us led invasion. the former prime minister moody
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mckee looks set to happen next largest bait among ship. and he has been at the latest from baghdad. oh, okay. i got rick with doug who sent the decisive victory. he achieved the parliamentary, a doctors note what that all sort of emerging as one of the key makers about the biggest thing make it in iraq without a big stay in the choice of the new prime minister. this is, this can't be separated from good read. you know, warden this on the national say, however, in case most of a sudden was able to ally himself with all the iraq reformers because groups who have season and way and then your some of them are even be able to improve their choice of the prime minister on regional and international oh,
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in this election, although winter, the former prime minister mother, if you need to come back according to the earlier result, was able to secure around $37.00 seats and this is for newton market. big news are all big news us for the whole lecture. that's a lot with the wrong. they ended up with 20 c, tennessee. as president chi saeed has unveiled a new government nearly 3 months, solved a dismiss. the previous administration on sees additional powers. and he cabinet will ultimately onset to him rather than the prime minister not to la bowden sides . actions have divided the country and spoke to widespread protests. lay haunting has more tunisia has spent the last 11 weeks without a government look at them too low until now said noah. bowden, who was named as tunisia as 1st female prime minister last month has sworn in her
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cabinet, which includes $23.00 ministers. 9 of whom are women, alyssa, though, had he been dolah, the state department's require an assessment analysis and reconstructing. we aim to rearrange the priorities and regain trust and hope. the objectives of the cabinet team are based on the following points and 1st to regain trust in the state. in july, president, i studied suspended parliament in sac, the prime minister. in september, he assumed all executive powers and began to rule by decree, and while announcing plans to amend the constitution of commerce were la shawna and the 25th of july was a historic moment. i took that decision after trying all means of reasoning with them, but it was all in vain. said he'd says he sees power to tackle tunisia growing economic crisis. but his opponents call it a q. parliament should be approving this government according to the new decree. that's not the case. though i know there will certainly be among the president's
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critics to a question of legitimate if this government. but nonetheless, the, even the supporters of the president said this is the something that he needed to do to sort of name a new government sort of set forth in 2011. tunisia was the 1st country to see large anti government protests that became known as the arab spring. in recent months, thousands have turned up to those same streets to protest against what they call a power grab by their president. be fear they may lose the democratic rights they gained 10 years ago. what am i gonna? there is no place for those who have wanted to undermine the sovereignty of the state and the sovereignty of the people. they have plundered a lot of the people's money. they have turned their hopes into despair. i warn all those who entertain the idea of attacking the state and its institutions. we will thwart their plans for the coming days. aside from the economy, this new government has many challenges ahead. the president wants to amend the
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constitution, walked a meant the political system and he is planning in bremond other year elections. so i think they, they will be limited by dime and also by power because the president announced that they will burn only and they're the same exceptional misers for now, tunisia remains under the power of one man with a new government sworn in to back ham. leah harding out a 0 model, anti government protested, have been demonstrating across bolivia. they say propose new law is a dangerous step towards a police state. and the government thinks it's essential to tackle elicit earnings and based economy and your schwab reports. opponents of the government's proposed new law blocked roads in major cities across bolivia. they were met by police who cleared them to ensure workers could get through the demonstrate to see the law concentrate too much power in the hands of the state which could use it to
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persecute offers if and leaders the strongest focus was in the eastern city of santa cruz oh, i beg your own solo that dragging us along the road on which will lose our democracy and our liberty to a communist and totalitarian regime. oh, this government needs to listen to us. we will not return empty handed. them must be sent an end vis repression. the hidden with the approval of human delete below the lower house of congress passed the last month. it's designed to tackle elicited things and money laundering. the seal elected that the government is put off pushing the lawsuit. olivia's upper house, while it carries out further consultations. however, it says is necessary to regenerate the economy in the country, devastated by the pandemic. the government is also called for a counter demonstration. would it cause a celebration of democracy on tuesday at them? and i thought i'd give indiana were here defending on democracy,
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defending the progress bolivia has made. it's not right that they're blocking our streets, not letting us get to work. oh, they are coming. we begged the protesters to stop working against the economy, which serves all bolivians. people need to work every day to pay the bills. president louis sort of say, said the same actors who organized what he called a crew in 2019 removing his predecessor able morales from office a leading the current opposition movement dot little or stealing. be sure that we be fair in business. the 2 groups have very different visions of the type of economy and society did like politics doesn't resolve their problems. so they take to the streets to protest in every difference becomes a problem with this kind of polarization. the government called the day of action a failure. the opposition says it will not surrender in the class should expose is that the divisions in bolivia between rich and poor, indigenous and non indigenous east and west. dan shimla al jazeera,
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a car bomb and a market place. northern syria has killed 6 people. it targeted a free, which is on the turkey bank opposition control least one of those killed was a rebel fighter. the turkish president recham tape. edwin says he's determined to eliminate the threats and syria and that his military is preparing to launch a new operation that dozens of migrants remain outside un facility in libya, seeking resettlement. escape from a detention center west of tripoli on friday. gone shot dead, at least 6 people in the master scape and some limit, migrants remain and hiding on a china as well. they've been here for days some for more than a week. they're hungry and thirsty and they've been sleeping on the turret. people give them water as they pass by the crowd of migrants outside this un facility and triple. they each have a story to tell mohammed the woods as he escaped from them,
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or benny detention center on friday and has been here ever since. so we are homeless, we have lot less to go, do you any better responsibility, you know, copy it must have a good bit responsibility because we have no place. a to go, no, no letter, no, you don't where we gun bo it follows a crack down by libyan security services. earlier this month in the town of good gosh, where at least $5000.00 migrants or refugees were arrested. their temporary homes were destroyed. the government says they were built illegally on public land. those arrested were put in detention centers like the elma bonnie facility, or on friday, 2000 people escaped. the un said 6 migrants were killed and at least $24.00 injured . we began to pilot program say, to provides assistance in emergency really some of these people i'm how continue to do so in these areas around town. next couple days we've been unable to do so at the community center because of the large crowds. libya has
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long been a transit hub for migrants and refugees attempting to reach your pin shores by crossing the mediterranean. but with the recent crack down, many of them are scared. they gather here in their hundreds, outside this un facility, hoping to be relocated to other countries. women and children are among the crowd who are waiting for help. the un refugee agency says it urges the crowds to disperse, so they can help the most vulnerable and need. but most people here tell us they have nowhere else to go, and they refused to leave until they are evacuating. david came to libya from self . suzanne, he says, migrants to refugees are made to wait and live in detention centers because of e u policies and restrictions the european leader who are finding that the libya uncles to god the pardon are intercepted in to see. i'm then brought back to libya, where the house held up in different detention center on that. not only does though
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the mileage is how we might call them. they are that the took this people and separate them into groups. why, of the ext of them are detained them for ransom or you know, this have got tips towards it repeating itself. there are an estimated 600000 african migrants in libby at the moment. many of them just want a better life for themselves and their families, and they believe they'll find it in europe. my latrina al jazeera triplet still ahead on out is around rebels and ethiopia, t gray region say, govern forces have launched an all out ground offensive against them. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best air line of 2021. hello, everyone. good to see you. even though this southwest monsoon has exit it from northern parts of india,
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we are still seen its effects toward the south. we'll talk about that in a sec, but 1st the good stuff under the sunshine deli getting up to a high of 35 degrees. we do have what, whether we'll call it pretty much from maharaj shrubbery, into karnataka care law and into tamela. i do, in fact an amber weather alert in play for careless state. at warning of the risk potentially to see some flooding you consider rainfall amounts about a 100 millimeters of rain, not out of the question. then we have a band of rain stretching from one end of the bay had been called to the other, a slamming rate in to thailand and jamar than on the other side of indo china. we've got this in coming tropical storm compresses. so late tuesday into wednesday, it's going to dallas hong kong with some heavy rain. we can expect about 70 millimeters of rain and to see those winds up to 75 kilometers per hour. it will continue on its journey through high nan province and then eventually into vietnam, just north of denying and south of hanoi 10200 millimeters of rain. certainly of possibility here further toward the north that frontal system sliding north to
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south across japan. so that's knocked down temperatures in tokyo, with some showers and a high of 22 degrees c. soon. the weather sponsored by cut, our airways voted wills, best airline of 2021. when afghan filmmaker has san for silly catches the taliban, attention. a bounty on his head forces him to flee with his family, desperately seeking sanctuary. they journey across the continent, chronicling their multi year soccer on their face. midnight traveller, an odyssey of hope, resilience and ultimately one family's love for each other. witness. i'm out there . ah .
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oh oh, come back. he watching al jazeera minds about top stories. this our b, u and chief says the well need to find a way of getting money on assistance into afghanistan to prevent a humanitarian crisis engulfing home. lation on tanya thomas has praised the efforts of agencies on says it's not enough early election results in a wrong point. 2 strong outcome for shia cleric looked either all saw those posse, wilma prime minister, moody on magic. he looks set to have the next largest vote. mom, she anti government protest is up and demonstrating across bolivia. they say a proposed new law is a dangerous step towards a police state. the government things it's essential to tackle elicit earnings. and the 2, if you, if you're now where the te, gray people's liberation from, says government troops have launch coordinated attacks on france, the rebel, se,
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heavy artillery tanks fine to jets and drones all being used against them. the offensive was launched in last week, but appears to be intensifying to spend no immediate comment from the ethiopian government. any 2000000 people have been displaced in the 11 month rule. so we'll get to choose a journalist in ethiopia. he says this could be a defining moment in the conflict you. this was on the, the i minister with. ready one gun, it's not far away, are you looking for some kind of military support? i mean this, this company or this, this property to be that the finding my a conflict that really has killed thousands of people that met almost 2000000 people. and we are fortunate 1st year in november we see the story just mobilized, especially in our region. this is supposed to be the defining moment in support of
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the deal with, like i said that you're using a key point b a. so this is again, then the conflict is beginning or we start seeing some of the damages we've been watching from a distance. and again, it's a problem with that you end up saying why people are if you have and this is support. this is a tricky to continue. brazil's president giant boston are i told the journalist he was bored with questions about the country. so passing 600000 debts from caving 19 . brazil has the 2nd highest number of deaths in the world. but both in our has consistently downplaying the impact of the highest and heavily criticized phase
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handling of the pandemic opinion polls show his popularity is boiling the cave in 19 job manufacturer. madana says it will not share its vaccine formula despite please from the w h. i company, executive se, they'll instead ramp up production, which according to them, is the best way to increase global supply within the next 6 to 9 months. the most reliable way to make high quality vaccines and in an efficient way is going to be if we make them. and so i think that the, the appeals are broader assuming that we couldn't actually get enough capacity. but in fact, we know we can, we went from having 0 production to a 1000000000 doses and less than a year. and we think we'll be able to go from one to 3 residence. and the australian says he has said may have emerged on to more than a 100 days of locked down. the state has reached its vaccination target of 70
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percent with the number of infections now on the decline. sarah clark report, gray skies and rain weren't enough to damp and the spirits of those and sydney came to embrace what's being described as freedom, date, filing good to get out and to see baby fray say my friends and family again. you know, the little things go get a coffee breakfast. very good. yeah. yeah. glad to be back out and doing some work and i'll get back in the community being stuck at home with kids and work and house work. sorry. it's just amazing to have the opportunity now to get out. good. pob, get my. he caught excellent. on monday, sydney lifted, it looked down after a few months of stay at home, rules, gymnasiums restaurants, petitions, pump, and head dresses reopened. to fully vaccinated residence. private rules had banned household visits and travel beyond a 5 kilometers zone, separating many families. those restrictions were also removed with the states
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premier declaring australians need to learn to live with the current of ours and reopen the economy. it's been a very difficult time for our style. and as i said, the, this issue is not over. there's a long journey ah, in front of our style, there will be challenges that come out. why are but i, we have to wipe it up and, and we have to get people back in to work. well that 70 percent of people in new south wales i've a 16 years of age have now been vaccinated. once the target of 80 percent is reached, mo regulations will be eased. restrictions are still in place across other parts of australia. here in queensland, the state is trialing home quarantine. but the number of cases here has been minimal. in states like victoria, the lockdown continues with a number of infections continuing to rise. and with your in a state like new south wiles, that is opening up to die a slight life victoria that soon will be or arbor in the west or up in queensland
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where the impact of covered and has not during the sign. but still, we need those back sites to when all that, when charlotte inevitably comes that in those states, you will be able to continue on. as you have the prime minister has vowed to lift the caps on international flights for those stranded australians, wanting to return home with airlines said to return to the ear. within weeks 0 o'clock, al jazeera queensland, australia. and then, as she caught in bikini found, so began a trial in the killing of the former president, thomas and kara. he was ousted in a coup in 1987, his successor blaze. gunpowder is among those facing charges. come what a went on to govern for 27 years before himself being ousted in a popular uprising in 2014. he's now in exile in ivory coast on is boycotting the trial. he denies any involvement in the killing. i was used to do so, but i'm on pages. it's not fair,
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it's really not fair that he's not here. he should be here. he should have the courage to be here, but you know, not everyone is courageous. they run from the truth about nicholas huck has more from deco. absent in this trial is the mean accused for present bliss composure currently in exile in neighboring ivory coast. now his lawyers say that they do not recognize the legitimacy of this military tribunal. there is however, his right hand man, general gender, who will be who will be talking in this trial. he's been in prison for attempted coo and he's one of the main suspect in the killing of toma sanker up. this trial has been 34 years in the waiting and there is much anticipation to find out who exactly is behind the killing of this iconic figure that goes beyond burkina. faso is border: toma, san cora is a mythical figure. perhaps because of the circumstances of his death is shrouded
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with mystery. with some accusing the former colonial power france of being involved in his killing numberless. this figure that was an environmental as before his time of feminist, before his time is revered by millions of people throughout french speaking africa . take a look at this report. a visionary was a revolutionary, the son of a nation, for the nation, not just lyrics to his song and 34 years after the assassination of bikini fossils president to my son got he still revered by millions of people across french speaking african 1983. he was described as a feminist and environmentalist than 833 year old soldier who was ahead of his time . he turned his back on international aid, money and loans from organizations like the world bank instead, favoring self sufficiency and calling for a more equal relationship with friends, the countries former colonial power. on the 15th of october, 1987 soccer was killed by an arm group along with 12 officials. his closest friend
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and former colleague bless compound took power. now he and 13 others are due to go on trial, charged with murdering sanker abuse. friday's invoke unfolded, manifestation of the true, then that's why it's really important that the bless gone, power, the honest one, even if it's the only time your life, no stem intended to blows, cold by a was ousted in 2014, following a popular uprising that brought an end to his 27 year rule, he lives in exile in neighboring ivory coast and has refused to take part in the trial. his supporters see it as a political witch hunt zucker buckle brown. i don't understand. the politicians that once worked with young are now so bitter and desperately seeking revenge. chicken perkins is suffering enough already. this needs to stop. according to official government documents, soccer a died a natural death, but in 2015 authorities assumed his remains from a grave. an autopsy revealed,
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his body was riddled with bullets in 2017 french president. a menu in my core agreed to release secret files on soccer as death that led to the opening of the trial. there is a desire for justice, not just in burkina faso, but throughout french speaking west africa because there was behind the assassination thought to saline, sancho in his ideals, but it had the reverse effect. millions of people across for, in speaking west africa, thi and thong, kara, a symbol of resistance against the powerful he's become a hero. and an icon celebrated in arts, culture and politics. many of those involved in the recent coo and molly and one in guinea last september. half reference soccer as leadership, as an inspiration. these are some of his last words in public. we need to accept, we are africans. it's the only way to live with dignity. sancho, i says, adding, do you want to see corrupt government officials or soldiers? then we will get rid of them. this may cost me my life,
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but we are here to dare. shortly after this speech, sancho rock was shot dead. nicholas hawk al jazeera, with a number of green guards patrolling the border and turkey is going up. it's because of fears, they could be a spike in the number of afghan migraines trying to enter the e. you an additional $250.00 officers will join the $1500.00 strong board of force over the next few months. ah, this is out, is there a these you top stories? the you and chief says, well, need to find a way of getting money on assistance into afghanistan to prevent a humanitarian crisis engulfing half of the population. antonio terrace house, praise the efforts of 8 agencies but says it's not enough.


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