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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2021 1:30am-2:01am AST

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she's to implement lockdown orders. people in parts of lapel mob been told to remain in doors and shut their windows to avoid inhaling. toxic fumes. volcano has been spewing larva for more than 3 weeks. about 6000 people have been evacuated. chavez, bubbling up inside the crater of another active volcano. this time in hawaii, we kill aware volcano began erupting late last month. official say the lover is no immediate threat. ah. top stories for you and andre zororor, the united nations has made a desperate plea for international aid. for afghanistan, the secretary general said the afghan economy was lurching closer to collapse. and tony good harish made another urgent call to arrest the humanitarian crisis. that's already engulfed. half the population, he said that he internationally said international funds need to breathe life back into the taliban. let nation already before the tale of antique already norquist.
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afghanistan's for a jailer economy, which has been kept afloat by foreign aid over the past 20 years, suffered from the impact of drought and governance. right now with assets frozen and development, a to post the economy is breaking down. banks are closing and the social services such as l scared have been suspended in many places. the cry for assistance coincided with taliban officials emerging from high level talks with u. s. officials and representatives from the e u. they re meeting in the category capital. doha, afghanistan's acting foreign minister says his government is entering a new phase in his country's relationship with the rest of the world. preliminary election results in iraq point to a strong result for the party of sheer cleric, mach tedder, asada, vote counting and still underway with the electoral commission. releasing some initial results. it's the 5th parliamentary election since the 2003 us led invasion
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which toppled saddam hussein. turnout is believed to be about 41 percent of the lowest in that time to lose you as president k. so ye, it has unveiled a new government nearly 3 months after he dismissed the previous administration and seized additional powers. the new cabinet will ultimately answer to him, rather than prime minister natural abode n. well, they've been mass protests against sides. moved to suspend parliament and sweep aside much of the constitution. the t gray peoples that liberation front says ethiopian troops have launched coordinated attacks on all fronts. rebels say heavy artillery tanks, fighter jets and drones are being used against them. a series of letters explains how an innocent man survived 21 years on death row. that's next in witness inequality corruption, repression and race bullets. again,
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it just decided to cut to the piece of cake answered a new documentary explores the desperate state of democracy and leben oh. through the eyes of those who are losing home every day, i'm going through democracy, maybe. democracy for sale on al jazeera mod vermillion go deal was to gather your book. the golden theatre top wall generally was
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mobile. they saw georgia, the bottles case party martha m, but it was shot in the gated wallace, arkansas. delicate. on their, bought their muddy dirty men happening to day to leans, lukea no matter manifested. he then mickey was still on the head as he got in there. the columbia i see clearly that the gibbon was a chima video for middle as of june, nissan little got the loaner ah . 2 ah ah
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i'll seen digital vasa politically vehicles old t pass javion composite data for yard because he or catalog got the old testing. gotta give wagner, wizard, alleghany, f i on me. medical model, a bill, colin, job dog for smart and you have a dog been bother with at bestowing mid anita ok, go my buckets on. got but they in k do. pretty strong. i was gitane getting their bill whiskey, s and y u d r a double that was got even checked on the fuzzy and i bought another will the yay tag. yeah, the mirror tightened stool. god kiss mid had been below that shot deal gay. but he was young up, it could be going. he saw duncan with his lime although j dice on this i more than either you can get a get bog and he did as a meaning to get ah,
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ah ah, um ah anaki the a doggone galico, a massage summit trucking i'm john b. would you say montague? yeah. auto b a b. hi. code man. lucky who? hi. god may come us. come joss opposite ballet a beef. cough i slot nails. tom operation bill could. may yonah into locky dorsey? my buddy, who is younger or is her take omitted without god. what is it all on
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said dogmas. fido decent i mod block nobody center. jill. good luck, but law. oh oh. oh oh oh. oh. oh, oh oh, oh my god, i only see that hair. a month i did have another de la aah! i manage at the end of the day again. luck is gonna block off is on up it all. gonna kick in any i've gotta give it. i gotta a medical burdick acid marcus as large made at a dancing tour. diesel. moderate jane mitch elijah. ah, well said the dounia,
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the key about nicholas chevy's. thighs. sorry, bother. if she dick you up an economy, a ballast go school they do. ok. honestly, it was gone. they had left he's had 0 days, can put jail. ah, monica g sunday chicken. the mars me mad as for me or my you lose me on that. i am all booked out the whole. the lord god the yeah. nick in the morning. good on the bargaining in mud. somebody. my use me alone. does. i'm all doing that. i'm enough. i don't know yet. that fellow didn't go. i got that job by a needle in mm job. he's got a millionaire. it got up on it. i love that lock, it will be i've got it. got my youngest,
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had it up on that on monday. monkey in up and down on the got a did he'll gun. i think us mana, who did the boston lat loss, but really i met a boy that absolutely like that. but in order to get him to get on to kill them, they will put it on duty and with the got, then adobe did it on your vehicle. i'm not gonna lie with the vehicle. i'm going to look at that. mm hm. well the piece but nick, when they go mom not so good below the thought. so decided this bob smith had got
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bad so i could not build a peg got mm hm . we're not gonna not take that obvious hopkins at them out. give me a moment. why. oh with professor hop. santos family. come ma'am. of the federal money shall come in opposite bottom. he shall come. it of alice hop catalog. oscar bon widget. dutempo limits. vi mortal gay maps he yanked and fun, camacho up, effie, albeit good, large team,
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as i mean boss can lead to hand up guy phoebe actually it was either medi than my for my mid ag, those 1000 belie jarquin, donnelly, car, thorpe, ne study johnny turkle. the many bicycle club, emily pittman, if he b. m. a political science maker in cuba. matthew, the ocoee can me jen menam in the ran it but many a may bother early caught back a ye up get either mid i'm affiliated of locker room to do that. he'd get the a didn't go quick put on our leah, took them will take years home, gave all,
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and we'll go from little 3 me i doesn't get handled about something or what are my number is by or bina. a man will have that a, b, b, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a,
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a a b, u johnny b, a. mad that's and done, you know, i'm ok that for me, my name is alada. lincoln is the fact that the, that the evelyn being is that of god, the god of a yay. map may mess up d w. that's what that meant. it boom move. and that, that got, that goes up sub, got a minute that get, tie dog lum at any a coffee log diesel. da da diana mean they have cameras. hoffer, we'll put it on act. we just aren't gonna dump
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critical more than others. i don't become a, ah, a putty already been on with all of our game, which i thought in the hearts out again. mm. with all those follow 8th images and it says i've got all of them nibbled the middest orthodontal of god, font of the love blood. yvonne neil was come within
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a full hour with his mom that i live in, michael. that was what it was monumental to the app now banana politic donald. and is this all of that? sorta in subsidized, meaning that in a minute i've got that. i have to be done with soccer. oh no mm a
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bab bose that operational that on my search i got a little less up. tica was it would i you can actually manage a lot, but he always on the top of the break it down though, amicus on lock up, but on which symbolically a much gloss, the psalm fishing log that us or gotten what each of these little bunker lana ok of a saddam. as a photo, candy said i'm well center did go luck with the boy. a
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subsidy. 9 se could do in soft, mid the heel. once on the do off with the keys of a keys. hello. get it in the middle. be lucky to put those on m and would much rather he ought to put on the cat. jesus was gonna pick up the leg the mom man. but if i saw thought i'd say t, yahoo, the abena many escobar though when they don't on their policy, be that on the bus to the luggage for the lithia lmi . so pakistan and we'll get it key sol, data mail, go ahead. just keep a dusty man. i put anton gallic him with oz. can it be nice even with ta settle go
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. he said that he be men at aku hot to the king. ye immediately beat hat committee kiss coff has like he has a made us hot and soft. he has a hello mazar funneled. cat. this is i'm all this frontier should've hulu with. mm ah, he'd customer legal, took them about it, buddy or natalia t a. m. cuz she missiles, gardner is algebra,
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mother of obey. cusack bought a few g from somebody could you could call in the honda love. so maybe on the got the ball the luxury got mother get her able to scan the 100 people. she didn't even get to her mother. i got to do dan's whiskey juggling. a darling the yahoo! as in the utah media, would you were looking to move a few told you who she a binding can get the most highly the near a building horrible fuji's in the care job garfield. i like about it, but it'll all over lick and give you a liberal level to medical mozilla. you do got b e r trying to basically hold the state responsible for the negligence that they have done to him in the sense that the delayed justice and the process that has caused
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him so much trouble. a person will suffer 21 years in jail. let's see how quickly now. the state can readdress is grievances she saw a laundry like her mother followed. stupid is alyssa do this system can be up to now with jia ward, ga, ga. the warsaw jail got a b r. i got a copy got off the mean, the other big key thought that a be sort of got a similar you should have got a maybe the place my week. is that a yes. what was that? i couldn't think about it handing up. would it not updated or get there to get a good back to the gap within that they gave thank them to me. might have just a minute. i think an article beginning of school is and is they me, they got bought the medical and the little girl that you bought with them a little that it might have been
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a big demand. justice will hurt to was couple months school or tiny buddy, give them a database that i got to deal with that to put 9 top in yoga. i'm going to start all national adapted to live goldman go path and then it brought it down to the principal and he got a guy with his thought. the way you don't mind to pass any vehicle or school does problem at all the do the password in my own good job. well, no medical job affect our school led us after the fact that there gave the val gone manila via the i'm i'm old. go up, i'm going to go, my god ma'am, but they're near me, says the deans laconia. but oh, do you not old model of the it can go really good. the video and good god of hon.
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the admitted in with a, a t pick up where doable god a, a game tomorrow or they come with it can can ma'am. okay, not johnny. i turned on them on them because all of them on the lego will that again, the bus will go to some dog litigate a went got the maybe i think given the
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mom and i just thought it was because they can. so can we what they can for you to get aboard a got there a be a tv meeting with them. you know, if you knew the who i don't know, i mean with maybe just say you will get them to be the biggest that you were that a
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made up of the minimum i didn't get a job in it to or so an up on 40 bar above on long then a reason how many big device you live at home, but it will feel much or my celebrity be here a while ago. and man, i gotta be ready so far they can hear like only the cinema. so good george telling terminal harvey they looked at bob ma'am, all glittering accommodate. g o t cannot yema america. but alice, ma'am, she should get there. but all the years that ah
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ah, madame con, adding a high thought when they go to also look me, i'm adding because she can't say bother. lena is india. how push a bob cause a bull just a minute with
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a yard carrying a block or a bundle deal with licked a miracle shortly. okay, well school yard, long old doll, hot and todd. good deal. good with what else will bustle? a fellow libra, lack it. god, you'll get hot tub with all the other. bugger, will i tell you that day? ah
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ah! when ask and filmmaker has san facility catches the taliban? attention? a bounty on his head forces him to flee with his family, desperately seeking sanctuary. they journey across continents chronicling their multi year saga on their phones, midnight travellers, an odyssey of hope resilience and ultimately one family's love for each other. witness on out his era, incarcerated for over half his life convicted by a known, unanimous jury for
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a crime in which no one was hut obliged mail making icons that when the white horsey could cause him to lose his life. and in this particular situation, it cause him to lose his freedom. why did the law deemed unconstitutional by the supreme court? still keep people behind boss in the state of louisiana. being incarcerated is just another form of slavery. the gym co convictions on al jazeera, the world is warming, and green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, paused greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera ah, [000:00:00;00]
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ah, al jazeera. where ever you, why? oh, if you do not take until after this weather the storm and we'd soon, not only day, but all the world by a heavy price, the united nation sexy general says the well must take action to stop a humanitarian crisis, engulfing the people of afghanistan. ah and i why money inside of this is out there


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