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going on the road. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who lived in the master barbara of berlin. this is europe on al jazeera with bold and untold stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera. ah, the you in chief warns the afghan economy is on the edge of collapse with half a 1000000 people at risk. ah, lauren taylor says al jazeera live from london. also coming up, living in limbo migrants, you fled violence at a detention center in libya. appeal to the un for help. oh, we are homeless,
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we have no place to go. any results suggest shia cleric montez. our sellers party has one big in iraq's election and increase its share seats and parliament engineers. new cabinet unveiled prime minister national bowden says its 1st challenge is to win back the trust of the people. ah hello, before the taliban takeover in afghanistan, international aid accounted for 75 percent of the countries needs. since then, most of that assistance has been put on hold and assets frozen, pushing the economy to the verge of collapse. that's prompted the u. n. to put out another urgent call to try to hope the humanitarian crisis that already engulfed half the population. the un secretary general says international funds are needed right now to breathe life back into the afghan economy. antibiotic editor james
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bay's reports from the united nations. the u. m. has been spearheading a large humanitarian operation in the 2 months of the taliban to cobra afghanistan . 3.8000000 people have received food supplies in that period. but aid alone will not help as the countries in tar economy is now at the risk of collapse. the un secretary general antonio terrace says the situation is very urgent. this is that make or break moment if you do not act until afghans whether the storm and we'd soon, not only they but all the world will pay a heavy price, the taliban is acting. foreign minister says afghanistan's funds thought to total about $10000000000.00 should be immediately unfrozen or kept the american, the hanover, the, the shadow. however, this is so embarrassing that a huge country, like the united states of america, is freezing in our assets. instead of helping constructing our country and ensuring order,
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diplomats tell me there's no way the u. s. and it's western allies will agree to unfreeze afghanistan's assets and hand that money directly to the taliban. but the u. n believes there's another solution to inject money into afghanistan's economy, and that's using trust funds set up, for example, by the u. n. development program or the world bank. and those funds can then be used to pay for vital supplies and salaries. already one such scheme is up and running, allowing a fund $15000000.00 to be accessed by hospitals and health care workers. james bayes al jazeera at the united nations senior taliban officials have been indo hard to meet u. s. and e. u officials, humanitarian aid, women's rights and diplomatic relations have been at the top of the agenda. so miss rob is in the category capital with more acting foreign minister of the afghan taliban government. mr. mckee, here in doha, spoke during a speech at
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a center for conflict resolution about inclusivity inclusivity. he said is not a problem under the taliban. and he boasted about the fact that $500000.00 civil servants there worked under the former government, have not been fired, have not been placed under threat, have been told to come back to their jobs and are currently working. he said that passports are being issued again and women are part of that workforce. he was asked point blank and follow a question. does that $500000.00 strong civil service include women? and he said in one word, yes, he expanded on that then saying that they've been told to come back, those that haven't are still being paid their salaries as a show of good faith, a 100 percent of those that worked in the health care sector are back to work 50 percent of those that work in the education sector are back to work. so again, the rhetoric on point it would seem that the taliban may have turned a page. the rhetoric is very different from what we've seen in the past with regards to the role of women in a government under the afghan taliban. so these are potentially positive signals, but we have to remember that have gone on as a difficult,
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somewhat impossible country to govern from a centralized place. a u. s. in u. k. a warning their citizens of a security threat in afghanistan capital, they've been cautioned to stay away from hotels in cobble, as been a recent rise in iso linked attacks. many foreigners left afghanistan now to the u . s. withdrawal in august. it some aid workers and journalists remain stefany decker has more from capital, the americans and the british warning against our people, staying away from hotels in the capital. one particular hotel was mentioned as you know, having a real security threat against we've heard about this in the last 48 hours or so. the taliban is taking it seriously. they beat dr. curt security also using their special forces to cordon off certain roads using sniper locations. the taliban main card that they played was that they could maintain security in this country that they were the only ones to be able to maintain security in this country. what we're seeing recently in the last, especially 10 days or so is an escalation,
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is step up by iso, okay? that is the afghanistan branch of iso in terms of attacks. they started more until about the east of the country than they attacked mosque here in cobble just last sunday, and significant breach of security there. because you had senior members of the taliban meeting their suicide bomber blowing himself up. then you had that devastating attack on a mosque in canoes on friday. so now we have the security threat here in cobble. so i think it message of defiance and certainly ice. okay. trying to disrupt the taliban. the child about of course. now having to run a country, this wasn't insurgent group until just about 2 months ago, carrying out exactly the kinds of attacks that it's now having to try and prevent. ah, dozens of migrants remain camped outside a u. n. facility in libya seeking resettlement. they escaped from a detention center west of tripoli on friday. gods shot dead at least 6 people in
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the escape, and some migrants remained in hiding. malik trina has more they've been here for days some for more than a week. they're hungry and thirsty and they've been sleeping on the dirt. people give them water as they pass by the crowd of migrants outside this un facility for tripple. they each have a story to tell mohammed the woods as he escaped from them, or bernie detention center on friday and has been here ever since. so we are homeless, we have no place to go. do you and here is the responsibility, you know, cut it most, the target the responsibility because we have no place to go. no, no at or no you don't where we gun go. it follows a crack down by libyan security services. earlier this month in the town of good gosh, where at least $5000.00 migrants or refugees were arrested. their temporary homes were destroyed. the government says they were built illegally on public land. those arrested were put in detention centers like the elma bonnie facility on friday.
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2000 people escaped you and said 6 migrants were killed and at least 24 injured. or we began a pilot program say to provides assistance in emergency really to some of these people and continue to do so in these areas around town. in next couple days we've been unable to do so at the community center because of the large crowds. libya has long been a transit hub for migration, refugees attempting to reach you from chores by crossing the mediterranean with the recent crackdown. many of them are scared. they gather here in their hundreds, outside this un facility, hoping to be relocated to other countries. women and children are among the crowds were waiting for help. the un refugee agency says it urges the crowds to disperse, so they can help the most vulnerable and need. but most people here tell us they have nowhere else to go, and they refused to leave until they are evacuated. david came to libya from south
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sudan. he says, migrants or refugees are made to wait and live in detention centers because of e u policies and restriction the european union who are finding that the libyan coast guard. the bar then are intercepted in to see. i'm then brought back to libya where the hall held up in different detention center. and that not only does though, the millage is housed, we might call them there that the took this people and separate them into groups where the x of them are detained them for ransom. or, you know, this have got tips towards it repeating itself. there are an estimated 600000 african migrants and libby at the moment. many of them just won a better life for themselves and their families, and they believe they'll find it in europe. well, trina ultra 0 triple preliminary election results in iraq point to the strong result for the party of shia cleric autographs. other vote counting is still underway with the electoral commission. releasing some initial results is the 5th
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parliamentary election since the 2003 us led invasion which topple saddam hussein, turn out is believed to be about 41 percent. the lowest in that time. for the prime minister, maria malika looks likely to have the next largest share vote amongst sheer party soccer. in the whole, jo was shop. today is the day of the people and the day of the account of the nation and the day of the security forces. today is the day for the people who have been persecuted and the shiite who have been deprived of the sunni's, who've been left again on the kurdish. the same goal today is the day of iraq. any hash him has more from baghdad. oh, paul goes off carrick with god who sent a blade, the decisive victory. she'd probably about her doctor's note. what that all sort of emerging as one of the key makers about the biggest thing make it in iraq with
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either big say in the choice of the new prime minister. this is, this can't be separated from good reason warden. this other good luck to say, oh i book a case, most of a sudden was able to ally himself with all the iraq reporters because roof more have. 2 season and great, and then your standard there might even be able to improve their choice of the prime minister on regional and international no, in this election or the window. the former prime minister, new model made it come back. according to the earlier result was able to secure on 30 so you see this is a big news, not a big news of the whole lecture. that's a lot with the wrong. they ended up with guns 20 seats from the highest were in by
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dod. avi action adjusted to this year's president guy said, has unveiled a new government in a 3 months after he dismissed the previous administration and seized additional powers. the new cabinet will ultimate down to him, roses and prime minister naturally bowden sides. actions of divided the country and spot wide spread protest, a haunting report. afternoon tunisia has spent the last 11 weeks without a government at them to le, who until now 30 national bowden who was named as tunisia as 1st female prime minister last month has sworn in her cabinet which includes 23 ministers. 9 of him are women. there when he but dolah, it is the state department's require an assessment, analysis and reconstructing. we aim to rearrange the priorities and regain trust and hope. the objectives of the cabinet team are based on the following points and then 1st to regain trust in the state. in july president,
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i studied suspended parliament in sac, the prime minister. in september, he assumed all executive powers and began to rule by decree, and while announcing plans to amend the constitution of commerce were le slodum and the 25th of july was a historic moment. i took that decision after trying all means of reasoning with them, but it was all in vain. saheed says he sees power to tackle tunisia growing economic crisis, but his opponents call it a q. parliament should be approving this government according to the new decree. that's not the case. though i know there will certainly be among the president's critics, the question, the validity of this government. but nonetheless, the, even the supporters of the president said the something that he needed to do it sort of name a new government sort of set forward in 2011. tunisia was the 1st country to see large anti government protests that became known as the arab spring. in recent months, thousands have turned up to those same streets to protest against what they call
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a power grab by their president. be fear they may lose the democratic rights they gained 10 years ago. what america? the minority buddha, there's no place for those who have wanted to undermine the sovereignty of the state and the sovereignty of the people while they have plundered a lot of the people's money. they have turned their hopes into despair. i warn all those who entertained the idea of attacking the state and its institutions. we will thwart their plans for the coming days. aside from the economy, this new government has many challenges ahead. the president wants to amend the constitution, walked meant the political system and he is planning in bremond other year elections. so i think they, they will be limited by dime and also by power because the president announced that they will burn only and they're the same exceptional misers for now, tunisia remains under the power of one man with the new government sworn in to back
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ham. leah harding al jazeera, what model still to come out as era. a contentious mix of unpopular new laws and powerful foaming interests be to purchase in bolivia, plus funds got holler in thailand's deep south home to nearly 20 years of fighting between arm, separatist and the army. we take a look at a proposed law in puerto and how is being received. ah hello everyone, nice to be with you. here's an update on tropical storm campus who as it's making that b line here, striking similar spots that we saw with a line rock. so hong kong is going to be dowse with rain once again on wednesday we're expecting about 70 millimeters of rain and or yeah, winds will be a big concern. is while gusting to 75 kilometers per hour compas who will continue
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over high nan. and then as we heads ward late wednesday in said thursday, it slams into areas of vietnam. so north of da nang and south of hanoi next stop or going a bit further toward the north than that frontal system over japan. while it's now knocked down temperatures in tokyo, you're at $22.00 degrees just a few days ago. you were in the thirty's down under things, so it got some action along that border with the queensland and new south wales. we could see some big storms there. adelaide 23 degrees, but look at this. a frontal system will sweep through. that's going to knock you down to 15 and quite blustery wins is wall about 50 kilometers per hour. heavy falls across the north island of new zealand. and you know, for the capitol region, wellington, this winds are going to crank up. we do have wind warnings in play here. could see got up to about a 120 kilometers per hour. so the risk of some damage, that's it, that's all see soon. ah,
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the stories that me to be told find a way, oh, building a window into another light. these are my babies. my students where i go, where i see them is just like we are in secondary from personal endeavors in epic struggle to colossal sacrificing in individual jenny. witness showcase is in firing documentary that changed the world on al jazeera. ah ah. her one of the top stories, yoga 0,
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the afghan economy is latching closer to collapse and another urgent call is been made to arrest the humanitarian crisis. b, u in texture general says international funds need to breathe life back into taliban, lead nation, preliminary election results and iraq went to a strong result for the party of sheer cleric tedra center. vote counting is still underway with the electoral commission releasing initial results. and john is yours, president guy said is unveiled a new government nearly 3 months after he dismissed the previous administration and seized additional powers. the new cabinet who ultimately asked to him rather than prime minister naturally bowden. the t drive people's liberation front says ethiopian troops are launched. coordinated attacks on all fronts. the rebels say heavy artillery tanks, fighter jet and drones are being used against them. the government offensive was launched last week that appears to be intensifying. there's been no immediate comment from addis ababa. nearly 2000000 people have been displaced in the 11 month
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war. somebody look at you as a journalist in ethiopia, he says this could be a key moment in the conflict. move this was, i mean the i minister with one gun, but it's not far away. are you looking for some kind of military support? i mean, this made this conflict or this, this property to be that the finding my an a conflict that really has killed thousands of people in med, almost 2000000 people. and we are fortunate 1st year in november. we see the story just mobilized recently and not our region. this is supposed to be the defining moment in support of ethiopia was i'm like i said this, you're using some more drones coming from. he might be the defining moment that he saw the other by john, and i mean, you know, so this is again a comp,
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then the conflict is beginning or we start with some of the damages we've been watching from a distance. and again, it's a problem with that you end up saying that people have been and this is support, this is a trick is to continue the trial of several people allegedly involved in the assassination of book in a fast, those former president to my saga has been suspended until later this month, the judges allowing more time for lawyers to go through thousands of pages of evidence. 14 people are accused of complicity and his matter or the 3 decades ago to my soccer came to power in 1083 and was shot dead 4 years later. among the suspects is so cause form allied and lay to president. place compo, hey, he's an exile in neighboring ivory coast. after being asked it in 2014 ashes,
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just over the homepage is, it's not fair, it's really not fair that he's not here. he should be here. he should have the courage to be here, but you know, not everyone is courageous. they run from the truth. a car bomb in the northern syrian city of afrin has killed at least 6 people, and injured many others. one of those killed was a turkey backed rebel fighter. no group has claim responsibility for the bombing turkish president rich of tire bird one says he's determined to eliminate threats from syria. and his military is preparing to watch a new operation and armed attacks. they've been launch demonstrations in several cities across bolivia, as anger over different issues comes to the surface. ah, people rallied in the streets to show their anger with government policies, protested se proposed new laws are designed to stifle political opposition. police attempted to disperse. some crowds with tear gas in lepers adding to the unrest is an ongoing dispute between farmers and the powerful coca leaf growing lobby. daniel
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wireless foreign developments from the argentinian capital one has ari's. they represent a wide variety of sectors of bolivian society. they are civic groups, business leaders, newspaper bosses trade unions. the government says as a socialist government of a president that we thought of say, says that at the very same people, some of them who are behind what he calls a clue in 2019, which deposed it, predecessor, president abel morales from office. they obviously deny this, they say that they simply angry. this proposed government law, which has passed low, a house has been suspended for now. while the government seeks consultation with the people, they say will put too much power in the hands of the state and allow the states to stifle opposition to persecute opposition leaders. the government says it's a law that is necessary to try to stop elicit earnings. they cite recently
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discovered on earth, pandora papers, which many around the world are talking about. these offshore accounts where people have been stashing, there sometimes ill gotten gains. many bolivians were mentioned in those papers, as the government says, that's necessary to stop money laundering money. other people should be paying taxes on being pushed abroad so that they can rejuvenate the economy. the money stays in the country and they can try to emerge from there. they've been very hard hit like many countries by the corona virus appendix. they said i need that money to stay in the country and they need these laws to be able to fight that. thailand's parliament is expected to pass new laws making torture and abduction illegal. but for some people it comes to late. human rights groups have documented allegations of crew and degrading treatment at the hands of police and the army has
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got high reports from that that and he, it's always been denied. paterny and thailand's deep south has the air of a sleepy town. as people begin the day, but there's something more here, something the officials an army, want to keep in the shadows. for nearly 2 decades along with 2 other provinces. the military has been fighting and armed separatist movement. the deep south used to be a muslim sultan. it today, it has a population of 80 percent malay speaking muslims, some who have been detained by security forces, say they were tortured activists. ismael tate says he was forced at gunpoint to confess to being separatist. the army denies ever using torture. co o pacola lab. they want to protect themselves. they don't really care about the victims. they deliberately deny all torture allegations had the human rights groups of solid information, about torture cases of her mind. me, me, you laugh. but he sees some good news coming. even though thailand is
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a signatory of an international convention against torture, enforced disappearance, as it has no laws against it. but a bill will be tabled in parliament next month, proposing such regulation, military leadership here in the deep south hell us. they welcomed the laws and torture and force disappearances, but they think it's mainly to reassure the public. they say that there have been no abuses by the army because their soldiers are trained to respect human rights and man amendment. we have been operating based on a good moral compass. it doesn't matter if we have this law, not. in fact, we have been accused of crimes. we did not commit, but according to mar, these are not just rumors. he says his abductors were careful not to leave marks on him to hide their actions. oh well ma'am, one of the offices said, why one you confess? later they told me that i was part of violence incense, but i told him that i was not remember. i was kick and slap,
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but i didn't say anything or they're stripped me naked and tied me up. they put a blind for on, did they use a rubber band to had my testicles are attacked by separatists are still taking place, but the frequency has decreased. ongoing p stocks have started and stopped several times over the years. never fully taken hold. the army has a big footprint in the deep south to combat the separatists and conduct humanitarian missions to help a lay suspicions of the local people. you but ma, feels that for some the damage is already done. it's more of the people who are wrongfully torches to suffer ongoing consequences. young people can't return to school, they can't get a job. pet songbirds are commonplace here displayed in small, ornate cages on show for all to see. it's hope that thailand's anti torture bill will afford the well being of it's prisoners. that same transparency. it's got either al jazeera patrone thailand. the 2021 nobel prize for economics has been
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awarded to david con joshua angriest. and guido in bens, the 3 u. s. based economists, one for they work on drawing conclusions from unintended experiments or so called natural experiments that use real life situations to work out the impact of economic policy and other events. that kind of the university of california berkeley was awarded one half of the prize. the other half was shad by angriest from the massachusetts institute of technology and embeds from stanford university is now david cards. empirical contributions have improved our understanding of labor markets. his initial work challenge conventional wisdom which led to new studies and additional insights. josh language and kito imbalance have clarified exactly what conclusions about cause and effect that can be drawn from natural experiments. their framework for estimation validation and interpretation as being widely adopted in applied work. the combined contributions of the laureates have
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completely reached shaped empirical work in the economic sciences already has more from stockholm. this prize, given to 3 economists, is in 2 parts. the wants of david called for his work on labor markets. how factors such as minimum wages and immigration effect jobs and the other 2, joseph unrest, and guido embeds for their work on natural experiments how real life situations can help determine cause and effect. in this case, in economics and for current research as the is 20202021. have given them one of the biggest, real life experiments in history. i think we should be very, very excited about this. i mean, so as with many other prices, they've already affected the how many people are doing their research. and those methods to understand causality can be used to study the effects of locked down can be used to study basically any type of effect. and that's what makes it so amazing
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that has us understand causality, of course and effects. i what are the consequences of lockdown sun on hell on a kid? solid comes to cetera. so there are many, then there are many researchers now working on the topic of locked house and that, that's not exactly what this price me what this researchers are awarded for, but their methods are being used to address this question. so there we can obviously see a real, real time consequence of their work. so hopefully policymakers and governments and others all over the role will be using these insights to sort of make up come up with policies. another question had of this prize was that of equality with only 2 women previously having been given the nobel prize in economics. compare that to the current tale now of $89.00 men. the no well committee has promised to make the nobel prize as a whole more equal with 12 men and one woman being awarded prizes this week. they still have some way to guard polaris al jazeera stalker,
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a stream of lava from the cone, maybe a high volcano has engulfed a cement plant, causing authorities to implement locked down orders. people in parts of la paloma being told to remain in doors and shut their windows to avoid in hating toxic fumes . volcanoes, been spewing lava for more than 3 weeks. about 6000 people have been evacuated. fathers bubbling up inside the crate of another active volcano. this time in hawaii, you can aware volcano began erupting late last month. official say the lover is no immediate threat. ah. top stories for you and andrew 0. the united nations has made a desperate plea for international aid for afghanistan, the secretary general said the afghan economy was lurching closer to collapse. and tony, good parish maids and other urgent call to arrest the.


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