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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2021 12:30am-1:00am AST

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and for the other side of the mediterranean temperatures, also above average here list been 30. you should be about $22.00 and a half degrees. it's not going to be record breaking stuff, but still nice for this. and the year northwestern europe, we've got white and windy conditions for the low countries, could see wind gusts here of about 50 kilometers per hour. otherwise, just a few spits in spots of rain across northern parts of the united kingdom. a nice stay in london, a mix of sun in cloud with a hive. 16 degrees, which is pretty well re, should be for the 70 year. okay. off to africa and for areas of cameroon. to walla, over the past 24 hours picking up about 50 millimeters of rain. now, most of the energy, most of the action is hugging that south coastline along the gulf of guinea. but we're seeing some of those bigger storms as we head toward sierra leone. so freetown has a height $28.00 degrees. ok, i'm out of time. i'll see again soon. ah, it's the was most populous democracy. diverse dynamic and undergoing moment is
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seen context, india dixon in depth look at the people and politics of india. exploring how to cope with 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me feed as those are for context, india coming soon. and i, this is eva in the world's most populous nature, one in every fi women's self is domestic, borrow one 0, one east investigate china battleground at horn one out 0 o l g 0, with national chapel. ah
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ah ah reminder, the drug store is how much is it? the afghan economy is lurching closer to collapse and another urgent call has been made to arrest the monetary in crisis. un secretary general says international funds need to breathe life back into the taliban, lead nation primary election results in iraq point to a strong result for the party of shia cleric tedra center. but counting is still on the way with the electoral commission release and initial results. and she does. he has president chi side has unveiled a new government nearly 3 months after he dismissed the previous administration and sees additional powers, new cabinet who ultimately also to him, others and prime minister naturally who did. there been large demonstrations in
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several cities across bolivia, as ango for different issues comes to the surface. o people took the streets to show their anger over government policies protested, say, proposed new laws are designed to stifle political opposition. at least attempted to disperse. some crowds with tear gas in lepers adding to the unrest is an ongoing dispute between of farmers and the powerful coca leaf, growing lobby down. your formula is falling developments from the argentinian capital pointers aries. they represent a wide variety of sectors of bolivian society. they are civic groups, business leaders, newspaper bosses trade unions. the government says as a socialist government of a president that we sort of say, says that they're the very same people, some of them who are behind what he calls a cou in 2019, which deposed it. freed assessor president abel morales from office. they obviously
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deny this, they say that they simply angry. a proposed government law which has passed low, a house has been suspended for now. while the government seeks consultation with the people, they say will put too much power in the hands of the state and allow the states to stifle opposition to persecute opposition leaders. the government says it's a law that is necessary to try to stop elicit earnings. they cite recently discovered on earth, pandora papers, which many around the world are talking about. are these offshore accounts where people have been stashing. there sometimes ill gotten gains. many bolivians were mentioned in those papers. and so the government says that's necessary to stop money laundering money. other people should be paying taxes on being pushed abroad so that they can rejuvenate the economy. the money stays in the country and they
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can try to emerge from there. they've been very hard hit like many countries by the corona virus appendix. they said i need that money to stay in the country and they need these laws to be able to fight that from. or we can speak to political analyst then can bake remote romero. he joins us live from the past as are you and you're there how wide spread word is purchase? well i, i could say that you brought, it locates today. we're not a big success. and they were made mostly in the big cities of olivia. well, as you all know, believe is going for a political pull our station since 2019. when morales resigns as well. and then dictations between the eastern side of believe, you know, where to conservative are governing local governments and this mass party which, which is the biggest party in the country, are tense. so today the molly seizures were throughout the country. not,
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not all of them were as successful as those in santa cruz, which is the wealthiest region and believe yet, and which means it means like a big economy. and when he feels well about, they said that the law that they weren't about to that to controlling money, to explain how that works and what they upset about it. well, as i said, there is a political climate, a really tends political climate in bolivia. but it has to do with also some suspicious movements. doors are very nice and since it justice power is not really independent to executive power. so that is a big suspicion right now. but also there are a lot of indicators that are the mosque. are you trying to intimidate political rivals through a lot of justice processes?
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and so, yeah, last week's a congress which is which has the biggest party in the congress has been passing some laws who try to give more power to the executive branch in order to control the, the elicit profit coming from outside or coming from. well, the just economy is very questionable, since i believe it's economy has like a 70 percent of its interpreters living in the formal economy. so it's a very hard question. a lot. i think it's necessary, but it's going through really difficult to go on our decision and also going since the country is going through our economy, recession for from last year. and you think the government is going to listen to any of these demonstrations or trying to address some of the concerns that people
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have? no 3. i think the 55 percent of the mos party has achieved. and last election is a, i think it's very, you know, that it has a major weight on the decision of the mass party. so i don't think i don't really think so. but what we have to see and believe is that attention or to political, put our station is not between 2 political major parties or to parties who are a governing the congress or in congress like mass party. in, for example, we asked yolanda, the legal issues are mostly between the mass party and local leadership in the major cities of olivia. and this means that most, most of the stations are what did you go and ideological as well? since the most part of your percent left, and this is the region and the local leadership are mostly links to conservative powers. so yeah,
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well i don't really think that our decision is going through. we're going to end and i think that this is measures this political policies are going just to pass on congress then kind of a crew matter. thank you very much. need for talking to thank you. thank you. and i show seneca says it's covered 19 cocktail drug helps to reduce disease in patient trials of the drug show that it kept people from developing severe symptoms. the cocktail produced death by 50 percent of patients who had been symptomatic for up to 7 days. it was tested on people at high risk of developing severe reactions to the virus. millions of people in australia's largest city sydney, the managed optimal, 100 days of locked down. the state of new south wales has reached its vaccination target is 70 percent. with a number of infections. now declining sarah, cock reports, gray skies and rain weren't enough to damp and the spirits of those and sydney came
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to embrace what's being described as freedom, day filing good to get ad and to see baby fray say, my friends and family again. you know, the little things go get a coffee breakfast. very good. yeah. yeah, great to be back out and doing some work and i'll get back in the community with being stuck at home with kids and work and housework. so it's just amazing to have the opportunity now to get out. good. pob, get my hair caught. excellent. on monday, sydney lifted, it looked down. after a few months of stay at home, rules, gymnasiums restaurants, petitions, pump, and head dresses reopened. to fully vaccinated residence, private rules had banned household visits, and travel beyond a 5 kilometers zone, separating many families. those restrictions were also removed with the states premier declaring australians need to learn to live with the corona virus and reopen the economy. it's been
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a very difficult time for else died. and as i said the, this issue is not over. there is a long journey ah, in front of our style there will be challenges that come our wide out. but i, we have to wipe it up and, and we have to get people back in to work well and 70 percent of people in new south wales. i've a 16 years of age have now been vaccinated, wants to target of 80 percent. he's reached mo, regulations will be eas, restrictions are still in place across other parts of australia. here in queensland, the state is trialing home quarantine. but the number of cases here has been minimal. in states like victoria, the lockdown continues with a number of infections continuing to rise. and with your in a state like new south wales that is opening up to die. slight like victoria, that soon will be or arbor in the west or up in queensland, where the impact of coven has not during the sign. but still, we need those vaccines to when so that when time it inevitably comes that in those
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states, you'll be able to continue on as you have the prime minister has that to lift the cap on international flights for those stranded australians wanting to return home with airlines said to return to the air within wait, sarah clock, how does era queensland, australia, thailand's parliament is expected to pass new laws making torture and abduction illegal. but for some people it comes to late. human rights groups have documented allegations of cruel and degrading treatment at the hands of police and the army has held hardly reports from the attorney. it's always been denied. paterny and thailand's deep south has the air of a sleepy town as people begin the day. but there's something more here, something the officials an army, want to keep in the shadows for nearly 2 decades along with 2 other provinces. the military has been fighting an armed separatist movement. the deep south used to be a muslim sultan, it to day. it has
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a population of 80 percent malay speaking muslims, some who have been detained by security forces, say they were tortured activist ismael tate says he was forced at gunpoint to confess to being separatist. the army denies ever using torture. co. oh okay. you laugh. they want to protect themselves. they don't really care about the victims. they deliberately deny all torture allegations have the human rights groups of solid information, about torture cases of her mind, me, me laugh. but he sees some good news coming. even though thailand is a signatory of an international convention against torture, enforced disappearance, as it has no laws against it. but a bill will be tabled in parliament next month, proposing such regulation, military leadership here in the deep south hell us. they welcome the laws and torture and force disappearances. but they think it's mainly to reassure the public . they say that there have been no abuses by the army because their soldiers are
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trained to respect human rights pan man amendment. we have been operating based on a good moral compass. it doesn't matter if we have this law, not. in fact, we have been accused of crimes. we did not commit, but according to mar, these are not just rumors. he says his abductors were careful not to leave marks on him to hide their actions. oh ma'am, one of the offices said, why won't you confess? later they told me that i was part of violence incense, but i told him that i was not there i was kick and slap, but i didn't say anything or they're stripped me naked and tied me up. they put a blind von or did they use a rubber band to had my testicles also for attacks by separatists are still taking place. but the frequency has decreased. ongoing p stocks have started and stopped several times over the years. never fully taken hold. the army has a big footprint in the deep south to combat the separatists and conduct
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humanitarian missions to help a lay suspicions of the local people. you. but marcy, is that for some the damage is already done. it's more of the people who are wrongfully tortures. suffer ongoing consequences. young people can't return to school, they can't get a job. pet song, birds are commonplace here, displayed in small, ornate cages on show for all to see. it's hope that thailand's anti torture bill will afford the well being of it's prisoners. that same transparency, it's got either al jazeera patrone thailand or the 2021 nobel prize for economics has been awarded to debit card joshua angriest. and guido embeds the 3 us based economists, one for their work on drawing conclusions from unintended experiments or so called natural experiments that use real life situations to work out the impact and for economic policy and other events. david card of the university of california at berkeley was awarded one half of the prize. the other half was shared by angriest
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from the massachusetts institute of technology and immense from stanford university . plenty is now david cards, empirical contributions have improved our understanding of labor markets. his initial work challenge conventional wisdom which led to new studies and additional insights. joshua congress, them quito, inbounds, have clarified exactly what conclusions about cause and effect that can be drawn from natural experiments. their framework for estimation validation and interpretation has been widely adopted in applied work. the combined contributions of the laureates have completely read shaped empirical work in the economic sciences poorest as bases from stockholm. this prize, given to 3 economists is in 2 parts. the wants of david called for his work on labor markets. how factors such as minimum wages and immigration effect jobs, and the other 2, joseph unrest, and guido embeds for they work on natural experiments how real life situations can
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help determine cause and effect. in this case, in economics and for current research as the is 20202021. have given them one of the biggest, real life experiments in history. i think we should be very, very excited about this. i mean, so as with many other prices, they've already affected the how many people are doing their research. and those methods to understand causality can be used to study the effects of locked down can be used to study basically any type of effect. and that's what makes it so amazing . it has also understand causality, of course and effects i what are the consequences of luck bounced on on held on a kid, solid cancer cetera. so there are many, then there are many researchers not working on the topic of looked house and that that's not exactly what this price me what this researchers are awarded for, but their methods are being used to address this question. so there we can obviously see a real, real time consequence of their work. so hopefully policymakers and governments and
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others all over the role will be using these insights to sort of make up come up with policies. another question had of this prize was that of equality with only 2 women previously having been given the nobel prize in economics. compare that to the current tale now of $89.00 men. the no well committee has promised to make the nobel prize as a whole more equal with 12 men and one woman being awarded prizes this week. they still have some way to guard polaris al jazeera stalker. u. s. energy john chevron has committed to cut gas emissions to net 0 by 2050. as increasing pressure energy companies when masters activists and government to join the fight against climate change and cut emissions sharply. last month, chevron announced $10000000.00 in investments to reduce its carbon footprint. at the company says the expect to achieve the target partly through adopting renew,
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renewable fuels. larva is bubbling up inside the crater of the killer, where volcano? the ok now on hawaii is big island began erupting late last month. official say the lover is no immediate threat to populated areas. kilowatt had a major roxanne in 2018 that destroyed more than 700 homes and displaced thousands of people and a stream of lava from the con rubia hub. okay. knowns in spanish, canary islands has engulfed a cement plant, causing authorities to implement lockdown orders. people in parts of la paloma have been told to remain in doors and shut their windows to avoid inhaling toxic fumes from the burning plant. that okay, now has been spewing lava for more than 3 weeks. about 6000 people have been evacuated from their homes on the spanish island. and pictures of a solar storm have been picked up by an observatory on grand canaria. this sunspot
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is evidence of a powerful magnetic storm erupting from the sun's surface and its effect could be felt here on earth. the passes can hit navigation systems and communication satellites with impacts possible for a few hours. if not several days. it also means the northern lights might be visible for people living much farther south, unusual in the coming hours. still to come on out, there is news out in sport, country legend edge is closer to yet another big tree in the valley of morocco, geno rehab ah
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ah whole ah ah,
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there was a general with the sport. thank you. lauren gemini, of the 1st team at to join at high scatter at next is wild cup. they beat north macedonia to secure the top spot in that qualifying group with 2 games dispatch team, i voted school 2 goals within 3 minutes to put germany 3 out. the full substituted jim out. marcial that made it for now with his 1st international go. that's now 5 wins from 5 for germany under new coach, home, safely an eventful game of memphis to pi who school twice got to assist. i'm mr. penalty is netherlands of thrash, gibraltar. 6 mill is 1st of the night was his 13th of the if his country the most ever scored. while the dutch play and a calendar year, a 4th, when it arrived, and evans meet them, they remain at 2 points clear. no white and greet g in african qualifying ivory coast remain top of that great for that softer they beat, allow it to and, and their hopes of making it to cats out 2020 to austin. nicholas pe got ivory
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coast fust, just 2 minutes and they remain at one point above cameras in the standings, only the winners of each group in africa progressive to the playoffs. cameron edge cost mozambique one mill, and the fairies. how continues for bikini foster, they now leave their group after a to know in i would you beauty algeria, they retake top salt if they beat nija on tuesday. to crickets in the one of test between australia and i've got to stand is likely to be postponed. the match is due to start on november 27th. last month. the host that threatened to scrap it all together. if the taliban government didn't allow women and girls and afghanistan to play crickets, however, the head of crickets, australia, and nick hawk lease, as it could still happen. but they need to wait until it's clara was impact the taliban takeover will have on sports in the country. how close they confirmed that working hard to ensure the final ashes test takes place in perth ashe had told the
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strict cave in 19 restrictions in western australia has led to the possibility of the final fixture being moved to another city. as for england, by any announced on friday that that players were happy to commit to the tool after they raise concerns about conditions around a chris white's has dismissed suggestions. they were using that as an excuse not to travel. i think if we're living in a normal normal well this wouldn't be a. ready bit, i think there's a group plan along with that it was a cricket which is, you know, what? well, i haven't lived through pretty close, aren't say a lot of us know the state. so going on on season. things also
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kind of been go. so when we want to get a minute, but a good place. so dante wowed as a trainer says the heavyweight boxer has no plans to retire following his loss to tyson fury while it was knocked out in the 11th round of that well championship bout in las vegas on saturday. that was the 2nd time he'd lost it to the british fighter. but it sounds like it won't be the 35 year olds last fight. dionte while to right is, is, is everything people see he is in all of the spice, 4140 to look at the type of fighter it took to really disturb his right. it took a bad ass, tyson fury, hawkins. cooking considerably. b is a legit book a considerably one of the best heavy weights of all time. and that could be any
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error and handle herself well in error in any error. and i feel the same way about the answer. i've been dionte and if you could have handled be self in any or any, are they both in my opinion, possess something that god given jury is a little bit more of a which diverse than the answer you can say. oh, dionte is more dynamic. a powerful on all on all varden really complement each other very well and they was matched with each other very well in this trilogy. should have happened in the major league baseball playoffs. the boston red sox, a one wind from reaching the american league championship series. they've seized the advantage in that a vision series against the tampa bay raised after losing the 1st game of boston, have bounce back to now lead to one with the school as a tide at full full. christina vasquez had a war coffee to run homa to sale a 6 full when boston and speaking of boston. the city is how it is annual marathon
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for the 1st time in october, rather than april. and the pandemic flight events, which was cancelled last year, was dominated by canyon runners. benson could retire when the mens raised in 2 hours at 9 minutes and 51 seconds. there was a 1st time when in the women's race as well. if diana keep yagi, he was competing in just her bud martha winning into i was 24 minutes and 45 seconds. and finally, a cut, sorry legend and nasa ality is on close to in the rally of bar. okay. i would say it and he made so much by mouth at one stage 3, or if not a 13 minutes advantage, i will soundings every 2 stages remaining. allie allison alice has already won this event 5 times before. that is all your support from me more later. shannon, thank you very much. dee turner quick monday can always catch up with our website address that is al jazeera dot com. that's it for me are intended for snoozer. i'll be in a minute with another for on a few days use. thanks for watching. ah
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ah, a manager is approaching a tipping point in the lead up to the club 26 climate summit al jazeera, so cases programs dedicated to one veiling the realities of the climate emergency witnesses green's films documenting the human experience on the front line planet at the wet report from greenland on how the rapid rate of melting ice is having a profound effect on the population. people empower us why politicians have been so
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unaffected in fighting climate change. hold lines, investigate horizon temperatures of fueling a water war in the us. algae, there were well shows how a community in senegal is dependent on the preservation of their natural resources . the screen takes the fight, the climate justice to our digital community and up front. it's hard, demanding environmental accountability. the climate emergency a season of special coverage on al jazeera in germany's capital. there is a barber like no other than what he to, to have them for. i mark not basra cross what year. but as his city changes, he's moving with and going on the roads. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live. the master barber of
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berlin is europe on al jazeera with bowl and untold stories in asia and the pacific analogy. ah, the u. n chief warns the afghan economy is on the edge of collapse with half a 1000000 people at risk. ah, lauren taylor is out there alive from london. also coming up, living in limbo migrants, you fled violence at a detention center in libya appealed to the un for how.


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