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the world is warming, and green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, paused greenland the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah. lauren taylor. this is the amazon news i live from london coming up un chief warms the afghan economy is on the edge of collapse. with half a 1000000 people at risk. living in limbo migrants who fled violence at a detention center in libya. appeal to the un for help for we are homeless rehab
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law. last to go early results suggest shia cleric looked hydro santos party has one big in iraq selection and increase its share seats and parliament. and to news is new cabinet unveiled prime minister naturally who den says its 1st challenge is to win back the trust of the people. and i'm devin, ashwin sport. germany have secured their place. that next is a world cup in cats are after a foreigner when either north macedonia qualifying ah, for the taliban takeover in afghanistan, international aid accounted for 75 percent of the countries needs. since then, most of that assistance has been put on hold and assets frozen, pushing the economy to the verge of collapse. that's prompted the un to put out
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another urgent call to try to hold the humanitarian crisis that's already engulfed half the population. the inspector general says international funds are needed right now to breathe life back into the afghan economy. want to promote to get to the james base reports from the united nations for you and has been spearheading a large humanitarian operation in the 2 months of the taliban. to cobra afghanistan, 3800000 people have received food supplies in that period. but aid alone will not help as the countries in tar economy is now at the risk of collapse. the un secretary general antonio terrace says the situation is very urgent. this is that make or break moment if you do not ex, until afghans whether the storm and we'd soon, not only day, but although old will pay a heavy price. the telephone's acting, foreign minister, says afghanistan's funds thought to total about $10000000000.00 should be immediately unfrozen, or cat diameter, kang, hanover, the, the shadow,
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hover. this is so embarrassing that a huge country, like the united states of america, is freezing in our assets. instead of helping constructing our country and ensuring order, diplomats tell me there's no way the u. s. and it's western allies will agree to unfreeze afghanistan's assets and hand that money directly to the taliban. but the u. n believes there's another solution to inject money into afghanistan's economy, and that's using trust funds set up, for example, by the u. n. development program or the world bank. and those funds can then be used to pay for vital supplies and salaries. already one such scheme is up and running, allowing a fund $15000000.00 to be accessed by hospitals and health care workers. james bays al jazeera at the united nations senior tele beneficial so been in doha to meet with us and e. u officials, humanitarian aid, women's rights and diplomatic relations have been at the top of the agenda. so mr.
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avi is in the country capital with more acting foreign minister of the afghan taliban government. mr. mckee, here in doha, spoke during his speech at a center for conflict resolution about inclusivity inclusivity. he said is not a problem under the taliban. and he boasted about the fact of $500000.00 civil servants there worked under the former government have not been fired, have not been placed under threats, have been told to come back to their jobs and are currently working. he said that passports are being issued again and women are part of that workforce. he was asked point blank and a follow up question. does that $500000.00 strong civil service include women? and he said in one word, yes, he expanded on that then saying that they've been told to come back, those that haven't are still being paid their salaries as a show of good faith, a 100 percent of those that worked in the health care sector are back to work 50 percent of those that work in the education sector are back to work. so again, the rhetoric on point it would seem that the taliban may have turned
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a page. the rhetoric is very different from what we've seen in the past with regards to the role of women in a government under the afghan taliban. so these are potentially positive signals, but we have to remember that have gone on as a difficult, somewhat impossible country to govern from a centralized place. the u. s. and u. k. a warning their citizens of a security threat in afghanistan, capital a pin cushion to stay away from hotels in campbell. if it is a recent rise in iso linked attacks, many foreigners left afghanistan up to the u. s. federal in august. but some aid workers and journalists remain, stephanie decker has moved from capital the americans and the british warning against our people staying away from hotels in the capital. one particular hotel was mentioned as you know, having a real security threat against we've heard about this in the last 48 hours or so. the taliban is taking it seriously. they beat dr. curt security also using their special forces to cordon off certain roads using sniper locations. the taliban main
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card that they played was that they could maintain security in this country that they were the only ones to be able to maintain security in this country. what we're seeing recently in the last, especially 10 days or so is an escalation, a step up by i so okay, that is the afghanistan branch of iso in terms of attacks. they started more until about in the east of the country than they attacked a mosque here in cobble just last sunday, and significant breach of security there. because you had senior members of the chat about meeting their suicide bomber blowing himself up. then you had that devastating attack on a mosque in canoes on friday. so now we have the security threat here in cobble. so i think a message of defiance and certainly ice. okay. trying to disrupt the taliban in the chat about of course. now having to run a country, this wasn't insurgent group until just about 2 months ago, carrying out exactly the kinds of attacks that it's now having to try and prevent grease is increasing the number of guards patrolling its border with turkey, because a fizz there will be
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a spike and the number of afghan migrants trying to reach to you an additional 250 offices will join the 1500 strong border force over the next few months. last year there were about a 1000 offices along same border 12 e u. countries including greece, poland and lithuania of sent a letter to the european commission, asking for tougher measures to stem the flow of migrants crossing that borders. dozens of migrants remain camped outside a u. n. facility in libya seeking resettlement. they escaped from a detention center west of tripoli on friday. gods shot dead at least 6 people in the mass escape. and some mach migrants remain in hiding. i'd like trina has more they've been here for days some for more than a week. they're hungry and thirsty and they've been sleeping on the dirt. people give them water as they pass by the crowd of migrants outside this un facility for triple. they each have a story to tell mohammed the woods as he escaped from them, her bony detention center on friday and has been here ever since. so we are
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homeless, we have no place to go. do you any better responsibility? you get to pick up? it must be peggy bitter spoke about it because we have no place to go. no, no, no, you don't where we can go. it follows a crackdown by live in security services earlier this month in the town of good goddess, where at least 5000 migrants or refugees were arrested. their temporary homes were destroyed. the government says they were built illegally on public land. those arrested were put in detention centers like the elma bonnie facility on friday. 2000 people escaped you and said 6 migrants were killed and at least 24 injured. or we began a pilot program say to provides assistance in emergency really. some of these people continue to do so in these areas around town in next couple days we've been unable to do so at the community center because of the large
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crowds, libya has long been a transit hub for migration, refugees attempting to reach you from chores by crossing the mediterranean with the recent crackdown, many of them are scared. they gather here in their hundreds, outside this un facility, hoping to be relocated to other countries. women and children are among the crowd who are waiting for help. the un refugee agency says it urges the crowds to disperse, so they can help the most vulnerable and need. but most people here tell us they have nowhere else to go, and they refused to leave until they are evacuated. david came to libya from south sudan. he says, migrants or refugees are made to wait and live in detention centers because of e u policies and restrictions the european leader who are finding the libya costa guard. the pardon are intercepted in to see and then brought back to libya where the house held up in different detention center. and that not only does though, the millage is housed, we might call them, they are that the took this people and separate them into groups where the x of
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them are detained and for ransom. or, you know, this have got it through it repeating itself. there are an estimated 600000 african migrants and libby at the moment. many of them just want a better life for themselves and their families. and they believe they'll find it in europe. well china, l g 0, triple preliminary election results in iraq point to a strong result for the party of shia cleric knocked out of our santa boat. counting is still underway with the electoral commission releasing some initial results. it's the 5th parliamentary elections since the 2003 us led invasion which toppled sadam hussein turn out is believed to be about 41 percent of the lowest. in that time, a former premier stood around malik. he looked set to have the next largest share of the vote. among sheer parties in the hall. we own was shop. today is the day of the people and the day of the account of the nation and the day of the security
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forces. today is the day for the people who have been persecuted and the shiite who have been deprived of the sunni's who've been left again on the kurdish. the same rule to day is the day of iraq. ali hash him has more from baghdad. seems that we have a clear list of windows the main and the biggest winner of the moment is walkable saga. now it's projected that he is going to, he gets more than 70 seats and then you fall in the holding queue, preliminary results. so this is, this is one he won more than $23.00 in the southern provinces. and this is this from google. the she was on the other side, a newly married to the former crime in the says, driving the says making a come back with 37 seats still good moment. this is at least till now. and these are also, after listening to the preliminary results announced by the electoral commission,
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also big noses and the selection model hakim, i'm the father coalition that says that it's no student. so these are, these are the, do their vendors in this election, tennessee, as president guy said, has unveiled a new government. and he, 3 months after he dismissed the previous administration and seized additional powers, the new cabinet will ultimately answer to him rather than prime minister, nudged wooden sides actions of divided the country and spot widespread protests. now haunting the port when loyalty noun, tunisia has spent the last 11 weeks without a government look at them today until now. 30 nozzler bowden who was named as tunisia as 1st female prime minister last month has sworn in her cabinet, which includes $23.00 ministers. 9 of whom are women. though had he been dolah, there's the state department's require an assessment analysis and reconstructing.
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we aim to rearrange the priorities and regain trust and hope. the objectives of the cabinet team are based on the following points and when 1st to regain trust in the state. in july president i studied suspended parliament in sac, the prime minister. in september, he assumed all executive powers and began to rule by decree, while announcing plans to amend the constitution. commerce were law short on the 25th of july was a historic moment. i took that decision after trying all means of reasoning with them, but it was all in vain said he'd says he sees power to tackle tunisia growing economic crisis, but his opponents call it a qu, parliament should be approving the government. but according to the new decree that not the case, though, i know there will certainly be among the president's critics that question the government. but nonetheless, the, even the supportive of the president fed something that he needed to do to sort of name a new government sort of set forward in 2011 tunisia was the 1st country to see large
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anti government protests that became known as the arab spring in recent months, thousands have turned up to those same streets to protest against what they call a power grab by their president. they fear they may lose the democratic rights they gained 10 years ago. what america? the am, i'm the only daughter, there's no place for those who have wanted to undermine the sovereignty of the state and the sovereignty of the people. they have plundered a lot of the people's money. they have turned their hopes into despair. i warn all those who entertained the idea of attacking the state on its institutions. we will thwart their plans for the coming days. aside from the economy, this new government has many challenges ahead. the president wants to amend the constitution, want to amend the political system and do use the planning in bremond other year elections. so i think they, they will be limited by dime and also by power because the president announced that
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they will burn only and they're the same exceptional misers for now, tunisia remains under the power of one man with the new government sworn in to back him leo. hardin al jazeera, what a model coming up on our 0, that is our i'm most afraid when it's evening and it's dark, goes as children left traumatized by air strikes and the efforts to help them grow up without fear. like inland, leads to a security crack down in indian, administered kashmir and sport. we got the latest on afghanistan's historic cricket match in australia. ah, the team, people's liberation front says ethiopian troops have launched coordinated attacks on all fronts. rebel, say, heavy artillery tanks, fighter jets and drones are being used against them that are government offensive
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was launched last week, but appears to be intensifying. does mean no immediate comment from addis ababa? the 2000000 people have been displaced in the 11 month old. okay. samuel guitar choose a journalist in ethiopia, he says this could be a key moment in the conflict you. this was, i mean they go 10 minutes that with. ready one of the, it's not far away, are you looking for some kind of military support? i mean, this made this conflict or this, this property to be that the finite math and a conflict that really has killed thousands of people in med, almost 2000000 people. and we are 14 1st year in november. we see the story just mobilized. traditionally in our region. this is supposed to be the defining moment in support of ethiopia. and like i said, you don't, you're using a key point being the defining moment that he saw the
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other by john. and i mean, you know, so this is again, then the conflict is beginning or we start with some of the damages we've been watching from a distance. and again, it's a problem with that you end up saying that people have ac hammond and this is what this is to continue the trial of several people allegedly involved in the assassination of book in a facet. as former president thomas soccer has been suspended until later this month. the judge is allowing more time for noise to go through thousands of pages of evidence. 14 people or q to complicity and his mad at more than 3 decades ago to my son car came to power in 1983 and was shot dead 4 years later among the suspects is so cause for my ally and later president place compile, hey,
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i says emphasis, it's not fair, it's really not fair that he's not here. he should be here. he should have the courage to be here. but you know, not everyone is courageous. they run from the truth. with just at the jewish stood it. this is already a historic day for us because we didn't expect to live a very special day. what are we waiting for? the truth had justice is done and to allow the families of st. kara and his companions to finally mourn. levine, nicholas harkins, following the trial from decor. absent in this trial is the mean accused for president bless combo, a currently, an exile in neighboring ivory coast. now his lawyers say that they do not recognize the legitimacy of this military tribunal. there is however, his right hand man, general gen dairy, who will be who will be talking in this trial. he's been in prison for attempted coo and he's one of the main suspect in the killing of toma sanker up. this trial
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has been 34 years in the waiting, and there is much anticipation to find out who exactly is behind the killing of this iconic figure that goes beyond burkina faso is border till my son, kara, is it mythical figure, perhaps because of the circumstances of his death is shrouded with mystery, with some accusing the former colonial power france of being involved in his killing. nonetheless, this figure that was an environmental as before his time of feminist before his time is revered by millions of people throughout french speaking africa. take a look at this report, a visionary with a revolutionary, the son of a nation for the nation, not just lyrics to his song 34 years after the assassination of mckinney fossils president to my son got. he still revered by millions of people across french speaking africa. 1983, he was described as a feminist and environmentalist than
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a 33 year old soldier who was ahead of his time. he turned his back on international aid money and loads from organizations like the world bank instead favoring self sufficiency and calling for a more equal relationship with friends, the countries former colonial power. on the 15th of october, 1987 soccer was killed by an arm group along with 12 officials. his closest friend and former colleague bless compound took power. now he and 13 others are due to go on trial, charged with murdering soccer. this is important for the manifest of the truth, then that's why it's really important that the bless gomberg, the honest one. if it's the only time your life you stand intended to bless, called valley was ousted in 2014, following a popular uprising that brought an end to his 27 year rule. he lives in exile and neighboring ivory coast and has refused to take part in the trial. his supporters see it as a political witch hunt,
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juniper buckle brown. i don't understand that politicians deputy once worked with young are now so bitter and desperately seeking revenge. chicken perkins is suffering enough already. this needs to stop. according to official government documents, soccer a died a natural death, but in 2015 authorities it gives you his remains from a grave. an autopsy revealed. his body was riddled with bullets in 2017 french president. amendment mccoy agreed to release secret files on sanker. his death that led to the opening of the trial. there is a desire for justice, not just in burkina faso, but throughout french speaking west africa because there was behind the assassination, sought to silence on carrying his ideals, but it had the reverse effect. millions of people across french speaking west africa, the in song, kara, a symbol of resistance against the powerful he's become a hero. and an icon celebrated in arts, culture and politics. many of those involved in the recent coon,
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molly and when in guinea, last september half reference soccer, as leadership, as an inspiration, these are some of his last words in public. we need to accept. we are africans. it's the only way to live with dignity sanker. i says, adding, do you want to t corrupt government officials or soldiers? then we will get rid of them. this may cost me my life, but we are here to dare. shortly after this speech, sancho rock was shot dead. nicholas hawk al jazeera a combo man. the northern syrian city of afrin has killed these 6 people and injured many others. one of those killed was attack he backed reval fighter. no group has claimed responsibility for the bombing turkish prison rich up to add. one says he's determined to eliminate threats from syria, and his military is preparing to launch a new operation to end armed attacks. police in indian administered kashmir, say they killed 2 rebels on monday. they've linked to one of them to the murder of
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a taxi driver. last week he was one of 7 civilians killed by gunmen and separate attacks in recent weeks. a group called the resistance front has claimed responsibility. it says it's targeting hindu nationalists and government informers . elizabeth corona has more from new delhi soldiers conduct spot checks on the streets of shinagle, the main city of indian administered cush mead. there is increased security in the region after government killed 7 civilians including minority hindus in one week. something that hasn't happened in years. it has however, led to an all too familiar event. the detention of hundreds of people accused of having links to band muslim organizations when neither boardman, half of it is the duty of security forces to instill confidence among minorities that they are safe in cash meet. as far as their 2nd cern doors who have been detained, to have a criminal record or links to militants and look at the gum and wants to make clear
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that no such thing will be tolerated. good enough. as funerals were held last week, a group called the resistance front relief statements taking responsibility for the killings of 3 hindus, 3 muslims, and to seek the victims include a school principal, a teacher, a taxi driver, and well known pharmacist, mac, and large. been through with his up in the attack on been drew's on the entire society on every kashmiri. he always used to help war people. it's very heartbreaking. what wrong had he done to any one? how can you justify his killing or of the st vendor killed him? a separate attack was the resistance from said it was targeting government, informers, or agents of the hindu nationalist organization that ashley s y m save ax sung or r. assess the resistance front was formed after the indian government revoked kashmir autonomy in august. 2019 i think is just the fact that the normalcy that was being said that the normalcy has her darned english reinforced august 9th. 2019
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is not really affect the militancy has still been there, and it is largely i think growing last week's killings have led to protests by hindus and seeks and srinagar and other indian cities of the 28 civilians killed by separate us rebels in the indian administered could meet this year 21 when muslims are the worse violence by rebels against the regions, minorities in years, has seen some hindus leaving the kush, meet valley and going to the hindu majority. jemma region out of concern for their safety, while muslims fear being wrongfully accused, entertained something that human rights organizations say is common. and indeed administered, could meet elizabeth moran on al jazeera, new delhi. mental health is a huge concern in the occupied palestinian territory. the fighting between israel and hamas, and on the on groups in garza, in may, was one of the most intense the strip has experienced in years. experts say many children have been left traumatized. you know sad reports from gaza.
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oh, terrified by the sound of bombs. emma withdrawn to hide in her mother's lap. other times she would look for safety at her grandparents home. yet they were often forced to flee their house in the hopes of finding shelter in safer place. and i was a kind ahead get there early. the memories that stick to my mind a sounds of drones and strikes and ambulances, i'm most afraid when it's evening and it's dark joke out. the conflict between god, st. israel in may, was one of the most intense in the region in years. during israel's 11 day will bard meant of the enclave. and those aunts and uncles, so to refuge at her home. but the family was forced to flee during a bomb attack, and members became separated and was so her mother go one way as she went another.
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they all reunited later. but she isn't able to forget the screaming of children as they ran from their homes, as bombs fell. she's still petrified by the thought that she might one day lose one of her family members, or end up alone without a roof over her head. other children are also traumatized. enzo classes was an id. a neighbor's house was bombed at 6 o'clock in the morning. i couldn't sleep because it was so intense. i cannot forget the scenes of the dead and the injured been pulled out from under the rubble. oh got of it. yes, the international committee of the red cross is running project st. god. so to save car children's mental health since 2014 the i c has been running healing the wounds program, which is a psychosocial program and cooperation with the minister of health to support the facilitator of the minister of health to take care of a provision of mental health support to a population in garza,
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in specific, those who witness or heart memories or incidence. during the a conflict with no underground shelters in garza, children were forced to hide under tables and wait to hear sirens of ambulances to mark the end of the bombardments eliza cars. if glares of cupboard that of the bombing was close by and very strong. se i would sit under the table with my hands on my head when it was over, my dad would come. he tried to calm me down and comfort me now and many other children in garza struggle every day with the experience of trauma. amid all this feelings of fear, anger, panic, and loneliness, the children of godsa dream of becoming artist, football players, engineers in professional swimmers. and they also dream of waking up one day to find god, the restrictions have been lifted and they can move freely and travel the world.
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unit c, l g 0 gazda helen out there is he is at a contentious mix of unpopular new laws and powerful foaming interests lead to protest in bolivia, thus got hyler in thailand's deep south home to nearly 20 years of fighting between armed separatist and the army we take a look at a proposed law in torture and how it's being received and spoke to me, but later on the future plans of dionte wilder following that knockout loss at the weekend. ah, hello everyone. good to see you. most of the energy that we had over western parts of the balkans has now shifted toward the east, were seen some solid bands of rain set up over bulgarian that what weather is diving down slamming into western parts of turkey. we'll call it pretty much it
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stumble right through to on talia. we do have disturbed weather on tuesday. temperature is that popped up across the la vance. ramallah $29.00 degrees fall above average, and for the other side of the mediterranean temperature is also above average. here liz: been 30, you should be about 22 and a half degrees. it's not going to be record breaking stuff, but still nice for this sub the year. northwestern europe, we've got white and windy conditions for the low countries could see wind gusts here of about 50 kilometers per hour. otherwise, just a few spits in spots of rain across northern parts of the united kingdom. a nice stay in london, a mix of sun in cloud with a hive. 16 degrees, which is pretty while we should be for this have the year. okay. off to africa and for areas of cameroon. to walla, over the past 24 hours picking up about 50 millimeters of rain. now, most of the energy, most of the action is hugging that south coastline along the gulf of guinea. but we're seeing some of those bigger storms as we head toward sierra leone. so freetown has a height $28.00 degrees. okay, i'm out of time. i'll see again soon. ah
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