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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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trish with his northern but we're not most p ah an unknown data and under the top stories on our 0, united nations has made a desperate plea for international aid for afghanistan. the section general said the african economy was lurching closer to collapse. and tony, good cherish, made another urgent call to rest the humanitarian crisis. that's already engulfed half the population. he said international funds need to breathe life back into the taliban. lead nation. already before the taliban take over the norquist. i forgot his status for the child economy, which has been kept afloat by foreign aid over the past 20 years. suffered from the
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impact of drought and governance. rec, know, with s, it's frozen and development. 80 pulsed the economy is breaking. don. banks are closing and the social services such as l scared had been suspended in many places . the cry for assistance coincided with taliban officials emerging from high level talks with u. s. officials and representatives from the e. u. every meeting in the country, capital doha, afghanistan's acting foreign minister says his government is entering a new phase in his country's relationship with the rest of the world. preliminary election results in iraq point to a strong result of the party of shia cleric lump ted elsa. vote counting is still underway with the electoral commission releasing some initial results is the 5th parliamentary elections since the 2003 us led invasion which toppled saddam hussein turn out is believed to be about 41 percent of the lowest. in that time. to this
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year's president case said has unveiled a new government nearly 3 months after he dismissed the previous administration and seized additional powers. but the new cabinet will ultimately answer to him rather than prime minister naturally boden. every mass protests against sides moved to suspend parliament and sweep aside much of the constitution. he says the changes were needed to rescue the economy. mckellar categorize people's liberation front, says ethiopian troops have launched coordinated attacks on all fronts. the rebels say heavy artillery tanks, fighter jets and drones are being used against them. the government offensive was launch last week. it appears to be intensifying. nearly 2000000 people have been displaced in 11 month will flood and tears french t colonization continues. now, i'll be back straight after that with an usa jewelry. then if you can, bye for now. ah,
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in may 1945 victory by the allies over nasty germany in the 2nd world war was a cause of wild celebration across the rest of europe. the liberation of france from german occupation tasted especially sweet for the french who shared it across the vast empire. but it also left a bitter taste in countries expecting the dawn of a new era of independence. men from the colonies had fought hard for the golds free french on the promise of a better future. but west africans had been gone down by french machine gun fire in synagogue. nationalist unrest in algeria had been brutally put down in a new reign of terror. and syria and lebanon had been set ablaze. the
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goals promise of independence to them had only been half kept. even though france recognized their sovereignty is still hoped to maintain control, then the french air force his answer to revolt was to bomb, damascus. and the airstrikes with devastating thousands were killed and many more wounded in attacks that were especially pointless. france was about to withdraw completely from the middle east, under pressure from the british aim to dominate the region. by 1946, lebanon, and syria had both gained full independence. the foundation stones of the empire were beginning to crumble. but france had no choice because 10000 kilometers away. another front was opening up. in indo china after world war 2,
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the nationalists movements re emerge in what was considered the jewel of the empire vietnam led by the 55 year old. oh, she mean, the communist leader proclaimed his country's independence. on the 2nd of september, 1945, with his declaration resigned people's homes. so where should the larger bay say his own good goza le hook g, b, g, b? good minot a fully bit, a, the be equal sassy las glove. last usa own dna. it and boom, give yoga. cambodia and laos immediately joined the power struggle with the french
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. in response, the government dispatched the experienced shanella laclare to the region along with 35000 men. to deal with the nationalists from the north of the aetna known as yet mean ah regulated. you think you'll be good. what was that? is that your megan ala? a well, it is with me as on the bears at dawn level than with ms. any more defeat, the, lose the vanity. nobody please. as soon as i get this, all that do feel well go, do you know yale in, if we are of oral mean, of course all underneath it under military pressure. oh, she mean agreed to negotiate? the goal had left power a few months before. so new prime minister shocked be door welcomed the vietnamese leader to paris. but during hoshi mean stay in indo china,
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the french governor general proclaim south vietnam an independent state affiliated to france. how she mean, signed a franco vietnamese agreement, but considered he'd been betrayed. paul returned to vietnam, but the official south vietnam ceremonies could not disguise a double dealing by the french. beneath his smiling demeanour, he knew that more was inevitable. on the 23rd of november 1946, the french made you shout a ne, in vietnamese ford of high home, causing several 1000 casualties. for survivors,
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the memory is still vivid. no toys. i found where he thought detail daddy come, little willow, holloway won't boy good yet. i got it all talk eating poor long time ago. i from her new toilet. ah, our numbers up. so you often go out laughing, boyfriend, the louis i love family. more logical are for we numer payroll. i will really go through like i but goc very full of cock come off of the queue hall a few weeks later, the north vietnamese nationalists. army retaliated the 1st indo china war had begun . it would last 7 and a half long years. frances
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political class stubbornly refused to recognize the spread of mass liberation movements. this willful blindness continued another 20 years back home. people had other things on their mind than indo china. in 1946, france still bore the wounds of the 2nd world war cities remained badly scarred and there was still rationing. the french were much more preoccupied with supplies and reconstruction than the future of the colonies. but they would be apprised to be paid for preserving the empire in the shape of reform and bloodshed. the government of the force republic had already started to change, even by 1946. there were already around 30 members of parliament representing the colonies on the benches of the pony before they had never been so many ah, in march 1946,
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amy suzanne and b for martinique. initiated a change to french long to make what loop martinique diana and re union island french overseas did back to month. meaning areas of governments in san in africa. several and bees also pushed for reforms the ivory coast and p. phillips. so for one ye voted to abolished force labor. while thanks to the senegalese and be lemon gay, the status of citizen was granted to everyone in the colonized territories. ah, a new era was dawning. the false republic finally promised equality for all its subjects. for many, not before time, ah, in october 1946, the term on peace was replaced by union forces. the idea was that they
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would no longer be french colonies, but that france, he overseas department and territories would combine to create one france, regardless of race or religion. officially, at least with that, what's your name on the glare? they all be as you go to memory blown, john w a members, was everything else just i've shown the opposite, relatively off album invaluable or spam ib. we thought male fever woollen at your steel. so i may please you it was a nice image. by beneath the surface, the same inequalities remained and france and the colonial authorities still called all the shots fed, uniform failure. moore left you to imagine why mad said to zoom down farm.
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i made a deal. they, they got the law men, neither. she'll say p african will say, do you know by fit in, you know, all that and guess euro and photos you ok, that would have been a lot. it shouldn't, i would it was you back of the party down set, you know? yup. i began today a but on a battle lament what a dishes you don't that you know what weapon for shall move, centered up with was able to help with france had not abandoned its imperial strategy. quite the opposite. to appease the people and win over hearts and minds. it invested in large infrastructure projects. i think he denied that went me leg, did amendment deal in a new belkin, electricity. dr. images of audrey o'neill, i want you to one this construction was not our tourism, but self interest. the investment was mainly in infrastructure that enables raw
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materials to be transported to mainland france. colonial wealth was pouring back into france. in return news schools were opening, but only around 8 percent of the children in the colonies attended them. and the curriculum was not tailored to their needs. was really kind of a pre math purity, seizure not publish m, f, i s all bring me here. my here on was up in the art of gwinnett bootleg flu de la foot lyric, debbie longo navigate, believe it or my mom took are from come in the loop. what does that material parental fit? allow me as you like on savannah through continental coastal, he would call on apple to show level to condemn down so mod pd trans people, dental and affiliating, govern. you'll news have i will go to trial to my on plan. it would show bridge of
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football. you'll know by providing little shows on direct that he was classic of woodcock, a general. no on up political condo, vale, new york city, good desk, the snap bubble cache ogletree. and while the school children of the empire were learning about volcanoes, the meal value, one of the worst instances of colonial repression of the postwar iraq was taking place off the east coast of africa. one that didn't appear in the history books. for decades, madagascar had been colonized by the french half a century before, but by 947 people had had enough of the colonial regime. the democratic movement for malagasy rejuvenation was founded by 2 m p. 's joseph russet on the left, and joseph revo hunch, and it now demanded more freedom,
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but without success. russia that brought to mascara, warren alone authority shore. armika was our cornel, different one, it's much government virginia. they flew theory through t for all 3. who put soccer figure from newton. we're looking on thunder hooks. so not from going out. on the 29th into the 30th of march, 1947 nationalists, unrest broke out. armed with spears, knives and offices. the insurgents attacked the houses of french settlers and colonial officials. the number of attacks increased in the town of more among the rebels attacked the french army camp they murdered more than a 1000 settlers and local malagasy,
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accused of collaborating with the french moroccan and comorin reservists and senegalese rifle. men were shipped in with a mission to impose peace at all costs. a clear signal must be sent out. as in cities, terror must reign what started as a local rebellion turned into a full scale war. soldiers appeared in more a manga and set it on fire. dozens of prisoners were dragged into the forest and fearing for their lives, local people left their homes. and hint, you must believe in love, a government in it made no one. but get him up at ballard and thrust him in didn't or not yet hum vocals walter wandered. don, do for love,
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one young non supervisor to true for for ha, forms mobile proven norms. law new quote, new not german military aggression turned into judicial repression. 3 madagascar, members of parliament were arrested and were denied the immunity of elected representatives. there was sentence either to death or life imprisonment with hard labor. although their sentences were later commuted to life imprisonment. after months of violence, camrys were allowed into the villages. the message was clear, don't mess with the french. will the fury thorn la la la la is younger than i finally find a future. then london will. it's like
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a fil. is it good afternoon? good. let me also not him. and i guess go with i don't even you don't you let me miss your, the cryptic i be for it is like if you're going with, what is your with michelle, janice, all gonna be with well, just like with little folders like to get well, if again if you on hold, let me know if you've been in your process of review, it was really good on it. i think it was a victory for strength and terror. the uprising was responsible for the loss of a round, 40000 local lives. the massacre is inscribed in the collective malagasy memory. the 29th of march
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is an annual public commemoration day in madagascar, but not in france. ah. 3 weeks later, france welcome the whole world to paris for a session of the united nations. ironically at the palace to show you the 50 at you and member states voted to adopt the universal declaration of human rights. there's no, there's not thought level the deal shop yet the the browser adopt the upcoming lay big lovick last your big was long look, portion of your own, your asset. fill your last minute badge go, math, order fall figured literally fall,
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se barbershop. the good faith vinnie defense ah, in the 5 years since the 2nd world war by 950 france had succeeded in keeping a tight great over its empire. north africa and madagascar had fallen into line that kept the lid on the caribbean. only indo china had caught fire, so the french still fall. they had everything under control. but the tide of global history had turned in the cold war. washington and moscow now wanted independence for countries of the old empires to weaken them and build their own. it was already happening as the british gave up, india, ceylon, and burma, and the dutch withdrew from indonesia. but while other empires were collapsing,
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france went against the grain and would not let go. meanwhile, in sub saharan africa, several political parties in different countries combined in the early 19 fifties to form b, r d, a of an african movement with communist affiliations in france. one of its leaders was the ivory coast and b phillips, so fed winey, who openly wanted to end the colonial period. france could not possibly accept this, particularly at this time of the cold war. paris decided to try and break these rebels who were a little too close to moscow, floyd slightly in ivory coast. the french army action was brutal. on the 27th was january 1915. the lexical, fed, whiny narrowly escaped imprisonment. the next day sen, victoria bianca boda,
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was found decapitated in the woods. thousands of their supporters were arrested, and hundreds of villages destroyed. a cloak of secrecy was spread over this abuse. silence on the side of the executioners, and among the victims. no writ of warfare, sick, estrada. my uncle to them. if um you know, stories to our defeated on the panels. the record is wrong. cecilia costello matches all to come the bliss. surely allah, bowden, her door. lucy sibley's, shola lash crossing them or as national guard ball would no longer children. she's was for to us on zone. and if some of you to verbally do fish was epis, christine, this was the only record of these events is the theme as makes icons, africa, 50 shops, secretly by young, 21 year old filmmaker and communist party member or naval
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t. a . a a, a a fleet sank on was the 1st french anti colonial fill. it was banned for nearly 40 years. 40 was arrested and jailed. but he managed to distribute aversion of the film secretly, which shocked left wing at in paris, the communist party demanded the release of the ivory coast prisoners
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to avoid a new front opening up in africa, the french government shifted its strategy and offered who fed one ye a deal the charges against him and his body would be dropped if he cut his length with the french communist party. if not, the ivory coast would go the same way as madagascar who fed when ye accepted and fell into line even became a government minister. and ivory coast enjoyed a privileged relationship with the mother mad france that achieved its short term goals in africa. but after madagascar and ivory coast the caribbean felt the most attention. the 3 years since becoming french department had seen a very little change. the large families descended from the 1st european settlers.
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the bouquets remained firmly in charge. the black population was underpaid and was kept on the edge of society in extreme poverty. even you just give us a clue or so at the bottom of that is assume that the length of it pee, me in that to the bah, la capacity this a federal disco. so the deal to it to show back up barbara duff were an ebony mentor fossil e g mazin supplement, low hurled doll at the least pleaded ball give. were those or for the buck worked it for you? okay. it of was, it was one the little the can social conflict was deepening. people were beginning to realize that being at the back to more of one france was only a smoke screen to keep their islands within the republic. in
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1950 the m p for martinique, emmy, caesar wrote a long se called discourse on colonialism. the colonialists may kill in, in the china. he wrote torture in madagascar in prison, in black africa and cracked down in the west indies. but the colonized now know that they have an advantage over the colonizers. they know that their temporary masters are lying, therefore, that their masters all week in the next episode, frances grape on. it's in high a week, much, much more in algeria. but 1st in asia, it's hold on indo. china was on the brink
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after world war 2, frances great empire began to unravel and vietnam do more. so everybody was throwing themselves into the streams, bursting with joy, kissing each other. and algeria, she listened, or she knew as if the indo chinese that managed to beat the french army. why not that the decline continues and episode 2 of blood and tears, french di colonization on al jazeera. ah ah, ah, hello everyone, nice to be with you. here's an update on tropical storm campus,
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who as it's making that b line here, striking similar spots that we saw with a line rock. so hong kong is going to be dowse with rain once again on wednesday we're expecting about 70 millimeters of rain and or yeah, winds will be a big concern. is while gusting to 75 kilometers per hour compas who will continue over high net. and then as we heads ward late wednesday in said thursday, it slams into areas of vietnam. so north of da nang and south of hanoi. next stop, we're going a bit further toward the north in that frontal system over japan, while it's now knocked down temperatures in tokyo. you're at 22 degrees just a few days ago. you were in the thirty's down under things. so it got some action along that border with that queensland and new south wales. we could see some big storms there. adelaide 23 degrees. but look at this. a frontal system will sweep through. that's going to knock you down to 15 and quite blustery winds is wall about 50 kilometers per hour. heavy falls across the north island of new zealand and, you know, for the capitol region. wellington,
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this winds are going to crank up. we do have wind warnings in play here. could see got some to about a 120 kilometers per hour, so the risk of some damage. that's it, that's all susan. ah, incarcerated the other half his life convicted my unknown unanimous julie for a crime in which no one was obliged mail. maybe i can sag when the white parson could cause him to lose his life. and in this particular situation, it caused him to lose his freedom. why did the lord deemed unconstitutional by the supreme court? still keep people behind boss in the state of louisiana. being incarcerated is just another form of slavery. the gym co convictions on al jazeera, the world is warming, green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now
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even exposing the remnants of a cold war, paused greenland the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah. lauren taylor. this is the amazon news i live from london coming up un chief warms, the afghan economy is on the edge of collapse. with half a 1000000 people at risk. living in limbo migrants, you fled violence at a detention center in libya. appeal to the un for help. well, we are homeless, we have no place to go. any results suggest shia cleric tedra sent us.


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