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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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ah, al jazeera the world is warming, and green lands ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, paused greenland the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera. ah, you in chief warns the afghan economy is on the edge of collapse and half a 1000000 people are at risk. ah, lauren, tennis is out there alive from london, also coming up early results suggest shia cleric knocked out on saturday party. his one big in iraq's election and increased it seats in parliament. to his years,
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new cabinet unveiled by means to naturally buddhist, says its 1st challenge is to win back the trust of the people. and the government offensive continues in norman a few peer to grind rebels report. drone and artillery strikes have escalated ah, under the afghan economies lurching closer to collapse and another urgent call has been made to arrest the humanitarian crisis. that already engulfed half the population. the u. n t extra general says international funds need to breathe life back into taliban, lead nation, as health care grimes to a holt humanitarian assistance saves lives. but if you lot solve the problem, if the economy of afghanistan collapses, we also need to make sure we do every scene. we can to prevent the economic collapse of the country. already before the taliban takeover, the norquist,
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i forgot his son. as for the child economy, which has been kept afloat by foreign aid over the past 20 years, suffered from the impact of their alt and confidence. right now with s, it's frozen and development, age pulsed, the economy is breaking down banks at closing and the central services such as l scared and been suspended in many places. we need to find ways to make the economy. but again, let's go to how to put that together to james base at the united nations and james, that does about st. significance in the timing of this call from good cherish. well, the g 20 r meeting in an emergency session. it's a video conference with g 20 leaders that's happening in just a matter of hours, or they'll be talking specifically about afghanistan trying, i think, to get a, a joint position on afghanistan ahead of the big g 20 summit, which is just 2 weeks away. and of course,
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these are the richest countries on earth, the ones that have the power to, or perhaps help the people of afghanistan, which as you heard, the 2nd general say there is facing what he says a make or break moment with the economy potentially collapsing. now what is clear to me from speaking to diplomats is there's no way that those g, 20 countries, and certainly the western countries, the u. s. in its allies, are gonna allow all of afghanistan's money estimated be about $10000000000.00. it's currently frozen to be unfrozen. and given to the taliban, but the you and have another plan and that is to set up trust funds. are trust fund run by the world bank for example, the u. n. development program. and then the money could go into those trust funds. those trust funds could then pay themselves for salaries for vital supplies rather than the money going to the taliban. that is certainly the idea that the 2nd general is going to be pushing. he's going to be attending that g 20 meeting. he's got to try and convince the other countries of the g 20 to do this as he says it, it's got to happen now. they can't wait any longer because he,
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he fears the situation is going to get very much worse soon. james bass, thank you very much. all this is happening is time and officials emerged from high level talks with u. s. officials and representatives from the you. speaking in doha, afghanistan's acting foreign minister says his government is entering a new phase in the countries relationship with the rest of the world. so the article on would agree. a new chapter of the positive relationship of the world was opened. the door agreement in february 2020 between afghanistan and the united states of america is defined as good relationships. i believe that the full implementation of the doha agreement between us and the u. s. can tackle any problems. that is why it is important that both parties remain committed to the doha agreements. we want positive relationships with the whole world. we believe that such balanced international relations can save afghanistan from instability at the same time that are the same as rob is in the category capital capital with more acting foreign minister of the afghan taliban government. mr. mckee, here in doha,
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spoke during a speech at a center for conflict resolution about inclusivity inclusivity. he said is not a problem under the taliban. and he boasted about the fact of $500000.00 civil servants there worked under the former government have not been fired, have not been placed under threat, have been told to come back to their jobs and are currently working. he said that passports are being issued again and women are part of that workforce. he was asked point blank and follow a question. does that $500000.00 strong civil service include women? and he said in one word, yes, he expanded on that then saying that they've been told to come back, those that haven't are still being paid their salaries as a show of good faith, a 100 percent of those that worked in the health care sector are back to work 50 percent of those that worked in the education sector are back to work. so again, the rhetoric on point it would seem that the taliban may have turned a page. the rhetoric is very different from what we've seen in the past with regards to the role of women in a government under the afghan taliban. so these are potentially positive signals,
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but we have to remember that have gone as son as a difficult some would say impossible. true to govern from a centralized place ah, to new jersey as president guy's side has unveiled a new government nearly 3 months after he dismissed the previous administration and seized additional powers. the new cabinet will ultimately answer to him rather than prime minister, nudged bowden said's actions have divided the country and spot widespread protests their harding fort. when wealthy noon tunisia has spent the last 11 weeks without a government look at them too low until now said nozzler. bowden, who was named as tunisia as 1st female prime minister last month, has sworn in her cabinet, which includes $23.00 ministers. 9 of whom are women. also, though, had he been though law, there's the state department's require an assessment analysis and reconstructing.
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we aim to rearrange the priorities and regain trust and hope. the objectives of the cabinet team are based on the following points and 1st to regain trust in the state . in july president, i studied suspended parliament in sac, the prime minister. in september, he assumed all executive powers and began to rule by decree, while announcing plans to amend the constitution. commerce were law short on the 25th of july was a historic moment. i took that decision after trying all means of reasoning with them, but it was all in vain. said each says he sees power to tackle tunisia growing economic crisis, but his opponents call it a qu. parliament should be approving this government according to the new decree. that's not the case, though i know there will certainly be among the president's critics that question the government. but nonetheless, the even supporters of the president fed something that he needed to do to sort of
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name a new government sort of set forward in 2011 tunisia was the 1st country to see large anti government protests that became known as the arab spring. in recent months, thousands have turned up to those same streets to protest against what they call a power grab by their president. be fear they may lose the democratic rights they gained 10 years ago. what america? the amelia buddha. there's no place for those who have wanted to undermine the sovereignty of the state and the sovereignty of the people when they have plundered a lot of the people's money. they have turned their hopes into despair. i warn all those who entertained the idea of attacking the state on its institutions. we will thought their plans for the coming days. aside from the economy. this new government has many challenges ahead. the president want to amend the constitution, want to amend the political system and he's planning new another year elections. so i think they, they will be limited by dime and also by power because the president announced that
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they will burn only and they're the same exceptional misers for now, tunisia remains under the power of one man with the new government sworn in to back ham. leah harding al jazeera wouldn't model the ticker people's liberation front says ethiopian troops of launched coordinated attacks on all fronts. the rebels, a heavy artillery tanks, fighter jets and drones are being used against them. the government offensive was launched last week, but appears to be intensifying. there's been no immediate comment from addis ababa . any $2000000.00 people have been displaced in the 11 month rule within several get i choose a journalist in ethiopia. he says this could be a key moment in the conflict you. this was coming. i minister with. ready one gun, it's not far away, are you looking for some kind of military support? i mean, this made this conflict or this,
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this property to be that the finding my accomplish that read the higher killed thousands of people that met almost 2000000 people. and we are watching it 1st year in november. we've been seeing the story just mobilize, especially in our region. this is supposed to be the defining moment in support of the field. there was, i'm like, i said that you're using a key a sense . so this is again, then the conflict is beginning or we start seeing some of the damages we've been watching from a distance. and again, it's a problem with that. you end up saying that people are if you have and this is support, this is to continue still to come out. is it
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a contentious mix of unpopular new laws and powerful farming interests? need to protest in bolivia and leads to security down in indian with hello everyone. good to see you. most of the energy that we had over western parts of the balkans has now shifted toward the east for seen some solid bands of rain set up over a bulgarian that wet weather is diving down fleming in so western parts of turkey, we'll call it pretty much it stumble right through to on talia. we do have disturbed weather on tuesday. temperature is that popped up across the la vance. ramallah 29 degrees fall above average, and for the other side of the mediterranean, temperature is also above average here liz been 30 at you should be about 22 and
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a half degrees. it's not going to be record breaking stuff, but still nice for this. had the year northwestern europe, we've got white to and windy conditions for the low countries. could see wind gusts here of about 50 kilometers per hour. otherwise, just a few spits in spots of rain across northern parts of the united kingdom. a nice stay in london, a mix of sun in cloud with a hive. 16 degrees, which is pretty while we should be for this have the year. okay. off to africa and for areas of cameroon. to walla, over the past 24 hours picking up about 50 millimeters of rain. now most of the energy, most of the action is hugging that south coastline along the gulf of guinea. but we're seeing some of those bigger storms as we head towards the air. the own, so freetown has a height 28 degrees. ok, i'm out of time. i'll see again soon. ah, france once had a vast empire spending several continents. but by the 1940s,
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the french were forced to confront reality and demands independence. in the 1st part to the documentary series, al jazeera looks at how the colonial unrest grew. conflict and no diarrhea, and full scale war and indo china, blood and tears french. the colonization on al jazeera ah ah, among the top stories, hello, jazeera, the afghan economy is lurching closer to collapse and another urgent call has been made to arrest the humanitarian crisis. you infect, you general says international funds to breathe life back into the taliban,
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that lead nation. jesus present case said has unveiled a new government nearly 3 months after he dismissed the previous administration and seized additional powers. the new cabinet ultimately also to him other than prime minister naturally prudent for him re election results in iraq point to a strong result for the party of shia cleric motel solder vote. counting is still underway with the electoral commission releasing some initial result is the 5th parliamentary elections since the 2003 us led invasion which toppled sadam. hussein turned out as believed to be about 41 percent, the lowest in that time. a foreign prime minister in the rear molecular set to have the next largest boat among sheer parties. soccer in nagoya, we'll shop today is the day of the people and the day of the account of the nation and the day of the security forces. today is the day for the people who have been
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persecuted on the shiite who have been deprived of the sunni's who be left again on the kurdish the same to day is the day of iraq, a trial of several people allegedly involved in the assassination of book in a facet, former president, thomas ankara has been suspended until later this month. the judge is allowing more time for lawyers to go through thousands of pages of evidence. 14 people are accused of complicity in his murder. more than 3 decades ago, thomas ankara came to power in 1983 and was shot dead 4 years later. among the suspects, his anchorage form ally and later president blazed combo, hey, nicholas hack has more. a visionary was a revolutionary, the son of a nation, for the nation, not just lyrics to his song 34 years after the assassination of working of fossils president to my son got he still revered by millions of people across french speaking african 1983. he was described as a feminist and environmentalist than
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a 33 year old soldier who was ahead of his time. he turned his back on international aid, money and loans from organizations like the world bank instead, favoring self sufficiency and calling for a more equal relationship with friends, the countries former colonial power. on the 15th of october, 1987 soccer was killed by an armed group along with 12 officials. his closest friend and former colleague bless compound took power. now he and 13 others are due to go on trial, charged with murdering sanker abuse, fridays, and book unfold the manifestation of the true. and that's why it's reading bourbon . the bless gomberg, the honest one. if it's the only time your life you stand and tended to bless, called valley was ousted in 2014, following a popular uprising that brought an end to his 27 year rule. he lives in exile and neighboring ivory coast and has refused to take part in the trial. his supporters see it as a political witch hunt, juniper buckle,
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bram. i don't understand that politicians deputy once worked with young are now so bitter and desperately seeking revenge and porky not is suffering enough already. this needs to stop. according to official government documents soccer, i died a natural death, but in 2015 authorities it gives you his remains from a grave. an autopsy revealed his body was riddled with bullets in 2017 french president. amendment mccoy agreed to release secret files on sanker. his death that led to the opening of the trial. there is a desire for justice, not just in burkina faso, but throughout french speaking west africa because there was behind the assassination thought to solidly in san carrying his ideals. but it had the reverse effect. millions of people across from speaking west africa see and song, her, a symbol of resistance against the powerful he's become a hero. and an icon celebrated in arts, culture and politics. many of those involved in the recent coo and molly and one in
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guinea last september half reference soccer as leadership, as an inspiration. these are some of his last words in public. we need to accept, we are africans. it's the only way to live with dignity, soccer i says, adding, do you want to see corrupt government officials or soldiers? then we will get rid of them. this may cost me my life, but we are here to dare. shortly after this speech, sancho rock was shot dead. nicholas hawk al jazeera to bolivia now where they have been anti government protests and strikes in cities across the country. oh, was mounting anger over proposed new laws which protest cecia designed to stifle political opposition. adding to the rest is an ongoing dispute between farmers and the powerful coca leaf, growing lobby. irish one, bedrooms and sat 9 from the argentinian capital beneficiaries. oh said sometimes
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more about these anti government protest isn't what they want. well, on their own, they represent a wide variety of sectors of bolivian society. they are civic groups, business leaders, newspaper bosses, trade unions. the government says, as a socialist government of a president, we sort of say, says that they're the very same people, some of them who are behind what he calls a cou in 2019, which deposed his predecessor, president abel morales from office. they obviously deny this, they say that they simply angry. this proposed government law which has passed the lower house has been suspended for now. while the government seeks consultation with the people that they say will put too much power in the hands of the state and allow the states to stifle opposition to persecute opposition leaders. the government says it's a law that's necessary to try to stop elicit earnings. they cite recently
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discovered on earth, pandora papers, which many around the world are talking about. these offshore accounts where people have been stashing. there are sometimes ill gotten gains. many bolivians were mentioned in those papers that the government says that's necessary to stop money laundering money. other people should be paying taxes on being pushed abroad so that they can rejuvenate the economy. the money stays in the country and they can try to emerge from there. they've been very hard hit like many countries by the corona, virus, pan dentist. they say they need that money to stay in the country and they need these laws to be able to fight that. and as a strike or death purchased, had it much impact well that all depends which side you speak to the protesters say yes, aids had a great impact. they have a slogan which they use back in 2019 and they're reusing,
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again saying we will not surrender, that they represent a large, large sways of the live in society. and they will go on the bolivian government says, no, it was an abject failure. that 95 percent of the roads in the major cities were passive, all the people managed to get to work that the crowds out on the streets were very, very small. and that there were plenty of counter protested pro government supporters out there, supporting them. and the government is also caused for a show of strength on tuesday in the central city of gotcha bomba as a counter protest to show what kind of support they have and to try to push through this law against elicit earnings. so very much a divided country, the divisions, the long standing divisions in bolivian society really being shown up again in this current conte, a conflict between rich and poor, indigenous non indigenous and the east of the country and the west of the country. then you find the thank you very much, need a car bomb in the northern syrian city of afrin, his gal,
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at least 6 people, and injured many others. one of those killed who is attack backed rebel fighter. no group is claim responsibility for the bombing turkish president. wretch up to a bad one says he's determined to eliminate threats from syria. and his match is preparing to launch a new operation and armed attacks police in indian admins, kashmir, say they kill 2 rebels on monday and they've linked one of them to the murder of a taxi driver. last week, he was one of 7 civilians killed by gunman in separate attacks in recent weeks. a group called the resistance front who's claim responsibility. it says it's targeting hindu nationalists and government informers, as before, anime has more from new delhi holders conduct spot checks on the streets of chicago . the main city of indian administered kush mead. there is increased security in the region after government killed 7 civilians, including minority hindus in one week. something that hasn't happened in years. it
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has however, led to an all too familiar event. the detention of hundreds of people accused of having links to band muslim organizations when the thought boardman. half of it is the duty of security forces to instill confidence among minorities that they are safe in cash meet. as far as their 2nd cern doors who have been detained, to have a criminal record or links to militants and look at the gum and wants to make clear that no such thing will be tolerated. good enough. as funerals were held last week, a group called the resistance front relief statements taking responsibility for the killings of 3 hindus, 3 muslims, and to seek the victims include a school principal, a teacher, a taxi driver, and well known pharmacist, mac, and large. been through with his up in the attack on been drew on the entire society on every kashmiri. he always used to help poor people. it's very heartbreaking. what wrong had he done to any one? how can you justify his killing more of the st vendor killed him? a separate attack was the resistance from said it was targeting government,
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informers, or agents of the hindu nationalist organization that ashley s y m save ax sung or r. assess the resistance front was formed after the indian government revoked kashmir autonomy in august 2019. i think it does the fact that the normalcy that was being said that the normalcy has her darned english reinforced august 9th. 2019 is not really affect the militancy has still been there, and it is largely i think growing last week's killings have led to protests by hindus and seeks and srinagar and on the indian cities of the 28 civilians killed by separate as rebels in the indian administered could meet this year 21 when muslims, but the worse violence by rebels against the regions, minorities in years, has seen some hindus leaving the kush, meet valley and going to the hindu majority, jemma region out of concern for their safety. while muslims fear being wrongfully
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accused, entertained something that human rights organizations say is common. in indeed, administered kush meat. elizabeth foreign on al jazeera new delhi. astrazeneca says it's covered 19 cocktail drug helps reduce disease and patients. trials of the drug show that it kept people from developing severe symptoms. a cocktail reduced death by 50 percent in patients who had been symptomatic for up to 7 days. it was tested on people at high risk of developing severe reactions to the virus. millions of people in australia's largest city sydney have emerged after more than a 100 days of locked down. the state of new south wales has reached its vaccination target of 70 percent, with a number of infections. now declining. sarah clark report, gray skies and rain weren't enough to damp and the spirits of those and sydney came to embrace what's being described as freedom, date, filing good to get out and disobey with fray, say, my friends and family again. you know, the little things go get
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a coffee breakfast. very good. yeah. yeah. glad to be back out and doing some work and get back in the community. being stuck at home with kids and work and house work. sorry. it's just amazing to have the opportunity now to get out. good. pob, get my hair caught. excellent. on monday, sidney lifted, it looked down. after a few months of stay at home, rules, gymnasiums restaurants, petitions, pump, and head dresses reopened. to fully vaccinated residence. private rules had banned household visits and travel beyond a 5 kilometers zone, separating many families. those restrictions were also removed with the states premier declaring australians need to learn to live with the current of ours and reopen the economy. explain, i very difficult time for our style. and as i said the, this issue is not over. there is a long journey ah, in front of our style there will be challenges that come our wide out. but i,
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we have to wipe it up and, and we have to get people back in a work. well that 70 percent of people in new south wales. i've a 16 years of age have now been vaccinated, wants to target of 80 percent. he's reached law regulations will be eased, restrictions are still in place across other parts of australia. here in queensland, the state is trialing home quarantine. but the number of cases here has been minimal. in states like victoria, the lockdown continues with a number of infections continuing to rise. and whether you're in a state like new south wiles, that is opening up to die a slight life victoria that soon will be or arbor in the west or up in queensland where the impact of cove it has not during the sign, but still we need those back sites to when all that when ty, but inevitably comes that in those states, you will be able to continue on as you have the prime minister has vowed to lift the caps on international flights for those stranded australians, wanting to return home with airlines said to return to the ear within weeks. sarah
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clark, how da 0. queensland, australia. the 2021 nobel prize for economics has been awarded to david card, joshua angriest, and greta immense. the 3 u. s. based economists, one for their work on drawing conclusions from unintended experiments or so called natural experiments that use real life situations to work out the impact of economic policy and other events. david card of the university of california at berkeley was awarded one half of the prize, the other half was shared by anguish from the massachusetts institute of technology and immense from stanford university. david cards, empirical contributions have improved our understanding of labor markets. his initial work challenge dimensional wisdom, which led to new studies and additional insights. joshua congress, them quito in bones, have clarified exactly what conclusions about cause and effect that can be drawn
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from natural experiments. their framework for estimation validation and interpretation has been widely adopted in applied work. the combined contributions of the laureates have completely read shaped empirical work in the economic sciences. a stream of lava from the columbia. her volcano has engulfed a cement plant, causing authorities to implement lockdown orders. people in parts of la palmer have been told to remain in doors and shut their windows to avoid inhaling toxic fumes from the burning plant. volcano has been spewing lava for more than 3 weeks. about 6000 people have been evacuated from their homes on the spanish island. lovers bubbling up inside the crater of another active volcano. this time in hawaii, the kid away volcano on hawaii's big island, began erupting late last month. vishal say the lava is no immediate threat to populated areas can aware at major eruption in 2018 for destroyed more than 700
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homes and displaced thousands of people. the northern lights might be visible for people living much further south than usual than the coming hours. it's thanks to a burst of solar activity known as a corona mass ejection. it has the potential to alter the earth's magnetic field, and there are warnings of weak fluctuations which could effect power supplies. it were a borealis could be seen in new york and washington state in the us as well as parts of northern england, weather permitting ah, it up for israel 0. united nations has made a desperate plea for international aid for afghanistan. perception general said the afghan economy was lurching closer to collapse and another urgent call has been made to arrest the humanitarian crisis. it's already engulfed half the population.
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