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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm AST

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ah, ah touch before half past the hour, these are your top stories, the you and chief says the world needs to find a way of getting money and assistance into afghanistan now. and tony parish says, agencies doing their best, but wouldn't be able to cope if the economy collapses. meanwhile, afghanistan's acting foreign minister has been speaking in dough her off talks with the u. s. and e u delegates, i me a con. we're talking said instability in afghanistan. is not in any one's interests and he called for engagement preliminary election results and iraq point to a strong results for the shia cleric motor the al saturday party. the election commission says turner was about 41 percent just under 41 percent as the lowest since sat in the same topic back in 2003. let's bring in our alley and body. he's a political analyst in iraq. alli, welcome back to this 2nd edition to night of the news hour. so the pro iran parties
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are doing not very well, but look to that al satyrs party is doing quite well. what does that mean for iraqi politics? well, it doesn't mean a lot of difference with respect to her. the current situation. i mean, not everybody expected her. the results and no, nothing is astonishing with respect to that keep politics not and it has been her working a lot to game or a great lead with respect to the results are for 2020 to one election. and they have a good election machine, or they use all kinds and me insert to achieve their goals. so it was very much expected. and when we say about a group swadell supported by your and not that it's not so far away from you in on
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himself. so eventually or all of these groups will sit together and will form a government under that umbrella for there. i mean, is it your opinion that he will now genuinely be able to set the political agenda in iraq for the next? what for almost exactly 4 years. but if he does try to do that, the political agenda is already set by the people have been demonstrating since 2019 agenda issue number one, get rid of corruption agenda. issue number to give us an economy that works a gender issue. number 3, get the country up on its feet again in a way so that we don't need millions and millions of dollars from external donors. the 1st of all knocked her there has been the main political player in an arch since 2005. and he was like her. you may call him as that kingmaker and nor prime minister in iraq has been in his place without that proven of knocked at our
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support. so eventually whether that prime minister comes from under his umbrella, directly or indirectly use the key player with respect to that she had political, her blocks. second of all, he has be part of the production himself and his group. so he cannot or presume her having reforms or genuine and talking about 2 forms while he has been has group and through ministers. parliamentarians, sir, are the different employ, shall players within his group, or has been a choose of corruption and have been part of the huge corruption accusations in iraq. so we're going back to the uprising program pricing. i don't think that generally mocked her. there were a or come to her agreement with
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the people is asking for and to maintain the power as he used to do for the last the 15 years. do you think those people have now been elected into the parliament truly represent all the regions of iraq we, we, we've spent a couple of days on this program on this channel discussing how for example, the people of mosul continually and constantly almost they say the same thing again and again to us here in al jazeera and it's this, we are not represented by our political masters down there in baghdad. oh well it's not only the people they know other people are more so i think the people that feels there are misrepresented by the parliament, not this part, not the previous parliament, but for the whole process since 2005. yes. and 2005 people will get sick about the change at that democracy at about electing fractions which they feel i sent them
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in that respect. whether she or whether it's on your other calls. but as time goes by with the level of production her mismanagement where there are no drops poverty. and tracy, people feel frustrated with this, sir, with these people like a couple blogs, and nobody really feels that they have been represented in the parliament on all in the government. allie, really good to get your thoughts over the 1st few hours here on al jazeera. many thanks ali and body talking to us or political analysts out of iraq. the police in indian administered kashmir, say they've killed 2 rebels. they've linked. one of them's the murder of a taxi driver last week he was one of 7 civilians killed by gunman in separate attacks in recent weeks, elizabeth parent m has more now from new delhi soldiers conduct spot checks on the
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streets of sheena, the main city of indian administered kush mead, there is increased security in the region after government killed. 7 civilians including minority, hinders in one week. something that hasn't happened in years. it has, however, led to an all too familiar event that attention of hundreds of people accused of having links to band muslim organizations. when neither board america, it is the duty of security forces to instill confidence among minorities that they are safe in cash meet. as far as that is set concerned, those who have been detained have a criminal record, or links to militants and look at the common wants to make clear that no such thing will be tolerated. good enough. as funerals were held last week, a group called the resistance front relief statements taking responsibility for the killings of 3 hinders 3 muslims, and to seek the victims include a school principal, a teacher, a taxi driver, and well known pharmacist. makin lab been do with the attack on ben drew on the
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entire society on on every kashmiri, he always used to help poor people. it's very heartbreaking. what wrong had he done to any one? how can you justify his killing or of the st vendor killed in the separate attack was the resistance from said it was targeting government, informers, or agents of the hindu nationalist organization that ashley s y m save ac sung, or r. assess the resistance front was formed after the indian government revoked kashmir autonomy in august 2019. i think it does the fact that the normalcy that was being said that the novelty has her darned english may boast. august 9th, 2019 is not really affect the militancy has to in there, and it is largely i think growing last week's killings have led to protests by hindus and seeks and srinagar and other indian cities of the 28 civilians killed by separate as rebels in indian administered, could meet this year 21 when muslims,
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but the worse violence by rebels against the regions, minorities in years, has seen some hindus leaving the cash meet valley and going to the hindu majority. jam region, out of concern for their safety. while muslims fear being wrongfully accused, entertained some thing that human rights organizations say is common in indeed, administered kesh meat, elizabeth moran and al jazeera new delhi, china and india. blaming each other to day for fail talks to resolve tensions along their disputed himalayan border. last year or the worst violence in decades between 2 baths and india's le dark region senior military officials have been holding their 1st round of talks into monster. india says it put forward constructive suggestions, but china said its demands were unreasonable. even the relevant remarks at the indian side are groundless, at the 13th round of china. india military to military talks, the chinese side, bearing in mind the overall interest relations between the 2 countries and the 2
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militaries, made great efforts to ease the tension along the border and fully demonstrated sincerity. thought, however, the indian side persisted and unreasonable and unrealistic demands which has made negotiations difficult. china's resolved safeguard, national sovereignty is unshakable. top story in europe this hour, the newly elected leadership in germany has resumed. coalition talks with 2 other parties, the vice chancellor olla schultz, of these, sent to left social democrats, met the green party and the free democrats. the center left s d p beat chancellor anglo merkel. conservative party in elections last month. but they fell short of a majority and you report is given a stark take on the curb of 19 vaccination imbalance between men and women, the care international aid organization says in some countries, just one woman is being vaccinated for every 3 men. it's research points out, india were only 36 percent of people who've received jobs or women,
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and south sudan where it's 26 percent. the report points to several reasons, including women being prevented from accessing vaccines, but also says women can be less likely to trust that the vaccines are safe. let's bring in christina wiggs. she is global advocacy, director of health equity and rights at care international counseling that produced the report. she joined us from new york. christina, good to have you here on the news, our on our 0. why is this happening? thank you so much for having us. yes, this is a really out stark report that's revealing some really profound gender and balances in terms of who's getting vaccine. and i think we set back, we have to look at our fortunately the storm was getting coded. the story was getting, having best use globally is increasingly a story of the equity cost the board. right. so we know that 78 percent of vaccines have that in liberal, in wealthy countries. 42.3 percent of people who received at least one dose.
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that's, that's the, the total number of people across the board. we've received one day. but if we look at the numbers for 4 countries, but it is very, very sorry. only 2.5 percent of people in low income have received one dose. and as a report shows, these inequities are not just due to despair, half based on wealth or geography. what we're seeing is really chris's in gender disparities you showed, or you shed some really start data that we're seeing from sal, sudan, we're 70 percent of people who are testing positive, proven, or women. but women only receiving 26 percent of accidents. and if we think about why this is, honestly those of us who've been working on health equity for years or not, that's the price that isn't unfortunately, because we know in the context of health systems where resources are scarce, oftenest people who experience social margins, asian, and discrimination who are served last on what we're seeing is that even before the
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coven pandemic, in many places, women experienced pretty profound barriers to access and health information and health services. so for example, even before coven women in many places experienced restrictions on their mobility, they might need to ask family members for permission to travel. they might not have access to money to pay for transport. it could be that transport was not safe. come, christina ryan mitchell couldnt limit level, told me for interrupting. but when we talk about women, i mean women the world over in rich countries and poor countries, i guess as well. they are, the carers, aren't they, they are the nurses, they are, the care is at home for younger members of the family and older members of the family. if anything, they should be front and center, they should be at the front of the line to get vaccinated, not at the back of the queue. so who are the who or what are they being controlled by? is it just their men folk saying no, you're not getting vaccinated? or is it the systems that operate in these different countries that you're talking
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about? that mean that it, that means it's kind of stacked against them. that's a great question. you know, and as, as you said, you know, across the glow folks that we called frontline show think care workers. those are the community health care workers. the nurses as a community, outreach workers, 70 percent of them are women. and you're right, if we're thinking that those are the people in the community, outreach roles are the direct patient here, roles who are most at risk for co. then we would see the numbers of women being vaccinated being much, much higher. you know, i, i think i think that we have to think of these as systems including social systems like you asked, once restricting women from, from traveling from and, you know, accessing covered vaccine. as i mentioned, there are social restrictions around women's nobility. there can be economic restrictions around women's ability to have money to access the coven. bessie. we also see that for women globally, there,
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they're less participating in the public sphere. they may have less access to technology, the phones internet. so they may get less information about the vaccine and we're seeing when people get less information about the backs, the, there's increased vaccine hesitancy. so for example, in malawi, we did a survey that showed that women are 4 times less likely to trust the vaccine than that, right? so those are pretty profound ginger inequities. so, you know, to answer your question, i think this is being driven by systemic factors of all these levels, social systems, economics systems, but also our health care systems which, you know, we know that the majority of helping her workers are women. but we know that 50 percent of women health care workers globally are not paid at all. don't receive, save, and supported work environments are not being prioritize for the vaccine. in some places don't even have the personal protective gear. so we really need to see those changes in terms of addressing gender and equity. ringback of the social level, women's gender equity of economic decision making,
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but also the equity. a healthier workers in the health care system. majority for women. christina, this is a story on aspects of coven. i guess the get lost in amongst the old, the white noise of the rest of the cove conversations going around the world, but it is good of it's come on and, and take us through this very real issue for so many people around the world. christina works that many thanks for talking to was out of new york. thank you so much for tens of thousands of residence in sydney in australia have emerged after more than a 100 days in lockdown. the state has reached a vaccination target 70 percent with the number of infections. now on the decline is sarah clark, gray skies and rain weren't enough to damp and the spirits. and those and sydney came to embrace what's being described as freedom, date, filing good to get ad in to see baby fray say my friends and family again. you know, the little things. go get a coffee breakfast. very good. yeah. yeah, great to be backing out and doing some work and i'll get back into community with
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being stuck at home with kids and work and housework. so it's just amazing to have the opportunity now to get out. got pob, get my hair caught. excellent. on monday, sydney lifted it looked down after a few months of stay at home, rules, gymnasiums restaurants, petitions, pump, and head dresses reopened. to fully vaccinated residence. private rules had banned household visits and travel beyond a 5 kilometers zone, separating many families. those restrictions were also removed with the states premier declaring australians need to learn to live with the current of ours and reopen the economy. it, spain, i very difficult time for else died. and as i said, the, this issue was not over. there is a long journey ah, in front of our style there will be challenges that come our wide out, but i, we have to wipe it up and, and we have to get people back in to work. well that 70 percent of people in new
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south wales i've a 16 years of age have now been vaccinated, wants the target of 80 percent is reached. mo, regulations will be eased. restrictions are still in place across other parts of australia. here in queensland, the state is traveling home quarantine, but the number of cases here has been minimal. in states like victoria, the lockdown continues with a number of infections continuing to rise. and whether you're in a state like new south wales, that is opening up to die site like victoria that soon will be or arbor in the west or up in queensland where the impact of coven um has not during the sign, but still we need those vaccines to when so that when time it inevitably comes that in those states, you'll be able to continue on as you have the prime minister has vowed to lift the caps on international flights for those stranded australians, wanting to return home with airlines said to return to the air within weeks 0, clock out 0, queensland, australia. mental health is
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a huge concern in the occupied palestinian territory. the fighting between israel and hamas and other armed groups and garza, in may, was one of the most intense in the strip. most intense of the strip his experience in years experts, how many children have been left cromer tires dreamily. elsie reports now from gaza . ah, terrified by the sound of bombs, emily drawn to hide in her mother's lap. other times she would look for safety at her grandparents home. yet they were often forced to flee their house in the hopes of finding shelter in safer place. and i was a kind of help get there early. the memories that stick to my mind a sounds of drones and strikes and ambulances, i'm most afraid when it's evening and it's dark joke out. the conflict between god, st. israel in may, was one of the most intense in the region in years during israel's 11 day will,
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bard ment of the enclave. animals, aunts and uncles. so threat huge at her home. but the family was forced to flee during a bomb attack. and members became separated and must so her mother go one way as she went another, they all reunited later. but she isn't able to forget the screaming of children as they ran from their homes as bombs fell. she's still petrified by the thought that she might one day lose one of her family members or end up alone without a roof over her head. other children are also traumatized and sound closely with sadie. our neighbors house was bombed at 6 o'clock in the morning. i couldn't sleep because it was so intense. i cannot forget the scenes of the dead and the injured been pulled out from under the rubble. oh gotta it. yes, the international committee of the red cross is running project st. god. so to save car children's mental health, since 2014,
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the i see has been running healing the wounds program, which is a psychosocial program and cooperation with the minister of health to support the facilitator of the minister of health to take care of a provision of mental health support to the population and in gaza in specific those who witness or heart memories or incidents. during the conflict with no underground shelters in garza, children were forced to hide under tables and wait to hear sirens of ambulances to mark the end of the bombardments eliza cars. if glad of come, but acted by the bombing was close by and very strong. after i would sit under the table with my hands on my head when it was over, my dad would come have you tried to call me down and comfort me now and many other children in gaza struggle every day with the experience of trauma. amid all this feelings of fear, anger, panic, and loneliness,
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the children of godsa dream of becoming artist, football, players, engineers and professional swimmers. and they also dream of waking up one day to find gaza restrictions have been lifted and they can move freely and travel the world. unit c l 0 gossip. the 2021 nobel prize for economics has been awarded to david car, joshua, and grist and guido inbounds, the 3 us based economists, one for their work on labor economics. their research includes the economic impacts of immigration on local people. there are warnings, a solar flare hitting us today could disrupt power grids and satellites. the flare, like the one in this animation, was 1st found observed on saturday. it causes was described as a g o magnetic storm. it could also mean the northern lights, the scene in the sky is as far south as new york. up next here on the news, i the sports news for you. with jama,
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including the latest on afghanistan's historic critical match in australia, will have details for me, come back. ah ah. ah
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lou ah oh, going from sports news is jim bank, he pizza. we start with cricket and the one off test between australia and afghanistan is likely to be postponed. the match is due to start on november 27th. last month the host threatened to scrap it altogether. if the taliban government didn't allow women and girls in afghanistan to play crickets, however, the head of crickets, australia, and nick hawk lease, as it could still happen. but they need to wait until it's clearer what impact the
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taliban take about? take a but we'll have on sports in the country. hopefully also confirmed. they're working hard at to ensure the final ashes test takes place in perth as scheduled. the strict coping 19 restrictions in western australia has led to the possibility of the final fixture being moved to another city. as for england, they only announced on friday that their players were happy to commit to the tool after they raise concerns about conditions around a chris wakes has dismissed suggestions. they were using that as an excuse not to travel. i don't think there's any hiding on it one bed super nice if we're living in a normal normal well this wouldn't be the case. it will. ready be a bit, i think as a group plan same still on a friday or, and i've been in ash it's you still anything that no one knows that i missed this morning and then cricket, which is you know, what,
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what's that? well, i think, you know, haven't lived through pretty close aren't say, i haven't a law states in the states still going on, but on season and things also kind of been discussed. so when we're trying to get actually, it will be out to put it on at the minute when a good place. so dante is trina says the heavyweight boxer has no plans to retire following his loss to tyson fury, while debt was knock sounds. in the 11th round of that wild championship bout in las vegas on saturday, that was the 2nd time he'd lost it to the british fighter. but it sounds like it won't be the 35 year olds last fight. dionte wilder, right, is, is, is everything people see he is in all of the spice, 4140 to look at the type of fighter it took to really disturb his run. it took a bad airs. tyson fury, hawkins. cooking considerably. b is
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a legend looking considerably one of the best, heavy weights of all time. and it could be in any error and handle herself well in error in any error you're in. i feel the same way about the answer. i've been dionte in. if you could have handled the self in any or any, are they both in my opinion, possess something that god given jury is a little bit more r. o which diverse then the answer you can say, oh d answer is more dynamic. a powerful ball or no virus really compliment each other very well and they would match with each other very well. and is truly you should have happen. in major league baseball, the boston red sox have seized advantage in that a vision that series against the tampa bay rice off the leasing the 1st game of boston have bounced back now leading to one with the schools tied up for kristin vasquez hit a walk off to run her emma, to seal a $64.00. when for boston, the raining of cbo champions at the tampa bay buccaneers had
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a comfortable win against fellow florida franchise. the miami dolphins stock quarterback tom brady was in fine form. and a 45 is 17. when brady has actually been beaten by miami more times than any other team. the dolphins are struggling this season with both that starting. i'm back up, quarterbacks injured. grady took full advantage is all contributed to 5 touchdowns in the game. and it was a bad night for patrick the homes on the 2019 super bowl champions. the kansas city chiefs behavior was intercepted as the chief to slit to the 3rd defeat of the season. the impressive buffalo bills winning this 13820 for that full window of the season. for the 1st time in history, the boston martha was held in october rather than april. and the pandemic delayed event, which was cancelled last year. it was dominated by canyon rudders. benson kip retired when the mens rice in 2 hours at 9 minutes and 51 seconds. that was a 1st time going in the women's rights as well. it was diana kip yogi,
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who was competing in just how bad martha winning into. i was at 24 minutes and 45 seconds. and that is all useful. i'll be back with more later. jim, a thank you so much. that's it. from me, peach adobe in the late team london. this next we'll see you soon. ah, ah. and in the country with an abundance of resources trade, already won indonesia, his firms. for me, we moved bull to grow and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law,
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indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let's be part linda. this is growth and progress. invent indonesia now on air or online. be part of the debate or pacific people. the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the ocean when no topic is off the table, it's as children site atmosphere, people are demoralized. they're exhausted and many health care workers are experiencing p t s d like symptoms jump into the stream. and julian, a global community of heal allied on you to right now, you can be part of those conversations. wealth, this stream are now to sierra we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what you see out is laura will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. out as in
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europe, the world is warming, and green lands ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, paused greenland the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera. ah, you in chief warns the afghan economy is on the edge of collapse and half a 1000000 people are at risk. ah, lauren tenant says al jazeera, alive from london, also coming up early results suggest shia cleric mac toyotas party has one big in iraq's election and increased it c.


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