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have not been determined yet as 8808. you one level 100 and then the other. the stations are because of technical. i had a few faults with other 3071. but what than what had them rid of that was an all, be a ha ha, we're not really are, we will mean jimmy and bring these results from all provinces. now, and we will examine them in a, in front of the ad that monitors up and walk of them all up. oh, and we'll have of what we can move to that i live in federal. and we can say that, that i shall i am fear in what had originally well, i don't know who that is. 0, one of them methods. yeah. any more than, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. at those reveal annual fall off buffalo this year with the z. my live here
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watching al jazeera, we live in baghdad. we're joining the iraq. he election commission there, 83 constituencies, 18 provinces, 22000000 people registered to vote of that number. only 6000000 took part. that is 41 percent of potential voters. that is a record low. let's go back to events in baghdad was the, i'll have one that i didn't have are what is done with joey work in. i'm natal jamini as it does. we have went on get on it with them as the dark, lenient milan leaves in our morocco. 11 half bath fills. we've always received all the material from the year july like an electoral centers wide wayne in what way we're also received that we own forms. number 411 from that is either old province is. thank you very much. mila. in the name of god, the merciful and the compassionate. are they all okay,
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i'm relieving events in baghdad will take you to the un secretary general antonio terrace, asked the un headquarters in new york. he is talking about afghanistan less listenin to what's going on, left them, but alone. more than the city point 8000000 people received for the assistance. 21000 children and then mule women. 10000 women received treatment for acute malo, finished setting to 1000 people received non food items including blankets and warm clothes for winter. $10000.00 children were reached with community based education activities for and that $50000.00 people were each. the primary and secondary else cares when ender than 60000 farmers. and 3rd of those were provided with lively wood supports. 12000 people received the emergency psycho social and mental health supports went under the 86000 that all defected people received water. and when
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and that it's 50000 people received, i gene promotion and i gene kids last week alone. they've left be conducted cymbalta in his food distributions in kabul, iraq's bizarre and kandahar in a single day. dublin show delivered medical supplies to 310000 people with acute water, the diarrhea and open to new coffee, 19 lamps. more than 170 u. n. f b, a supported family health houses in remote areas were provided medical supplies for services through the end of the year. these facilities on average, enable around 11000 safe, but deliveries each e u n f p 8. also the liver, the emergency room pro vacaville skates for 3100 liam money to in canada regional hospital and google's regional hospital. you and hcr, eunice, seth, and
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n g o partners reached well over 76000 displaced and vulnerable afghans during these week. we've gotten in the fight thems and cash assistance f a yo and n g o partners delivered more than a 10 to the 70 metric tons of concentrated animal food. these is one week alone of work un agencies and humanitarian n g 's in afghanistan, adding a race against time to the lever life saving ace to crisis is affected people and pre position supplies. i have of winters, they won't let up. and they have been acting with the corporation of the taliban. with progressive li granted, accessed the ideas requested and provided security when needed. the number of incidents during humanitarian operations as been in constant decline.
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humanitarian assistance saves lives, but if you log solve the problem. if the economy of afghanistan collapses, we also need to make sure we do everything we can to prevent the economic collapse of the country. already before the taliban think over the norquist, i forgot his status for the child economy which has been kept afloat by foreign aid over the past 20 years. suffered from the impact of that alt and gloves right now with assets frozen and development, 80 pulsed the economy is breaking down, banks are closing, and the central services such as l, scared and been suspended in many places. we need to find ways to make the economy but he again and these can be done without violating international laws or compromising principles. we must seek ways to create the conditions that will
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allow often professionals and civil servants to continue working to serve the african population. i urge the world to take action and inject liquidity into the afghan economy to advise collapse. clearly, the main responsibility for finding a way back from the obese lies we. those that are now in charge in afghanistan sees their takeover. the tale been ev at various times. brom is afghan citizens, including women, children, minority to communities, former government employees that they would protect their rights since all to those promises was the possibility of women to move to work and to enjoy their basic rights. and for girls will be effective, accessed through all levels of education,
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the same as boys gender equality is always been an absolute priority for me. and then my visits left gun is that i was deeply moved by the credit, the resilience and the thin me nation of afghan women and girls. i am. but the clearly alarm to see promise made to f than women and girls by the taliban be broken. broken promises leads to broken dreams for the women and girls of afghanistan. since 2000 and when's city 1000000 girls have enrolled in school and evidence schooling as increased from 6 ears took them. women and girls need to be the center of attention that ability to learn work own assets and to leave with rights and dignity will be fine progress. 80 percent of off guns. the standard economy is in formal with obviously the preponderance role
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of women. without them, there is no way the african economy and society will recover. i strongly a view to the taliban to keep that promise is to women and girls and fulfilled their obligations and that international human rights and humanitarian law. for our parts, the awareness permanently engaging with the taliban on the safety and security of all staff, humanitarian assistance and, and in that is effects for all including female staff and human rights with particularly foreclose on women and girls rights. these is that make or break moments if you do not act until afghans whether these storm and we'd soon not only they but all the world, we buy a heavy price without foods,
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without jobs, without their rights protected. we'll see more and more afghans fleeing their homes in search of about the life. the flow of illicit drugs, any middle and thought or is networks will also likely increase. these will not only badly affect afghanistan itself, but also the region and the rest of the wolves. we all must go apart. thank you. letter associated thank you very much mister secretary general. ah, you said that you were urging the world to take action and eject liquidity into the afghan economy to avoid collapse. are you calling on those western countries that have frozen african assets to release those assets? to help bolster the afghan economy?
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and in the next sentence, you said clearly the main responsibility for finding a way back from the abyss lies with those who are now in charge in afghanistan. are you all so saying in your plea to the tom, a bon, to keep their promise for equal rights, especially for women and girls that, that is a condition that they must fulfill in order to up receive western aid aid from many other countries. well, these one seeing that so me is clear the ask and people can not suffer a collective banishment because the valley burn misbehave. people
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should not die of anger in any circumstance. and so one of my key messages is that the win is in afghanistan to leave very many teddy, an 8th, and to the livery method in aid of the people he needs. and what we ask is an invalid excess everywhere. and what we ask is for women and men to be able to deliver, to may very nice in the same circumstances. this is one question. and he made serenade is based on the humanitarian principles, independence he no fidelity and urn impartiality. second scene there ah, different questions related to the support to afghanistan. the questions of recognition or non recognition of a government. the question related to sanctions, the questions related to frozen assets that are many questions of these that
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obviously the international community will be discussing her with the taliban. and that will require that the taliban abides by a number of important aspects. beads related to human rights and the rights of women and girls in particular be the notion to the questions of federalism b h, b. so there are a number, the incl 0, the of the governments. it's the 2nd aspect. the service is the following. independently of those measures, there are forums to injects cash inside the, the economy, so different entities, so n g o z. so u n. agencies to allow for the people to receive assistance. and these is what we have been asking. we need to find ways respecting international law as i met in respect, think principles, as i said,
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we need to find ways to inject liquidity in the economy for the economy, not to collapse, and the people not to suffer 3 mentors. so there are different aspects that need to be treated differently. and obviously for me, as i said, but slowly, because this is a question that is very important for me personally. the question of women and girls is but equally relevant. james james base al jazeera, as you know, the g 20 leaders are about to meet on this issue. have the g 20 so far? been to hesitant, and how urgent is it they they take action now? i think that sir, that has been a slow reaction of the international community in relation to what is a very complex problem. but i believe that sir, ers, there is
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a consensus in his natural community about humanitarian aids. and i believe the un is leaving this process and as you have sin is doing a huge effort. now, there is another question that is more complex, which is related to avoid the collapse of the economy in relation to that sings have been slow. and then that is a more complex problem, which is the problem of a discussion about the fidget of danny's fan. and though afghanistan relates with the international community. but that will be a lens c complex process. but in relation to the injection of liquidity in the afghan economy, i think the national community is moving to slow making a follow up on a liquidity question. that would imply, to some extent, the i m f and the world bank. how do you inject this liquidity if the world doesn't
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recognize the taliban? and since you, you said some of this is personal to you. do you suggest the countries now recognize the tele mon diplomatically since, as you said, they are in charge. thank you. know that the so things are completely different earn the world bank can create a trust fund and that trust fund can paid violently to people in it ear and the p as a trust funds that then can pay directly to people in the that organizations in it so we need to inject cash in the economy. i'm not saying that i'm asking the national community to give money to her, the taliban, or to the present or thought it is not. we need to cash to inject cash in the economy. we need to make the economy breathe. we need to allow people to survive.
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debt is our concern. the questions of recognition and the questions of dealing with government at totally different and can be dealt with, of course, earth, civil or the principles of international law and other principles. what i'm talking now is to find instruments to inject liquidity in the economy in the people to benefit the people. and there are many non government organizations operating as you know in afghanistan. thank you mister secretary general. you have expressed concern about taliban not keeping their promises to protect the rights of women and girl. we did not see that happening in the past. we're not seeing it happening now . does the you are you and have a plan to make sure that taliban will keep up the dear promises i can tell you when see, this is a method in which we are engaging to taliban. every single day. results are slow, but i give you an example. we want our female stuff
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to live full and any embedded work in relation to humanitarian aid. now, we have been engaging the taliban province by province. they by they and the result of that efforts are in the months of september. is the following. are we managed to reach full agreements with the taliban on this free them in 6 provinces against city in the beginning of the months. we have partial agreement in 20 instead of 16, in the beginning of the months, we have no agreements in 4 against 6 in the beginning of the months. and there are 4 in which we are not yet to have the possibility 3 engaged against 8 in the
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beginning of the months. this is daily work area by area fighting the for the rights of each woman, sometimes when by one. but these is our engagement to our staff and to the women and girls of afghanistan in general engagement. he is not proclamation engagement is daily work. we might have difficulties. we might fe, ian that. but when seeing i can promise we will not give up as quickly are you that thanks so much secretary jerome, this is magically we don't, we don't it's work. i want to ask it, take us up to, to ask you about the other issue, which is a big day in iraq to day a major milestone after the war against isis, which is a relatively successful election with the help of hundreds of united nations observers. the election, according to non partial observers went well,
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so far it's going great. what's your message to the iraqi leaders and the regional players in term of respecting the result of the elections and also not blocking the will of the iraqis. thank you. well, 1st of all, i want to congratulate the iraqi people for the way the elections took place and the need. i'm proud of the work that the, the, when stuff is done, the, to support the process. my appeal is for the people of iraq now to be calm, to wait for the resolved soon as they are proclaimed by bill gallivant entities and to be prepared for the process of political dialogue as it is normal after an election takes place for the formation of the government with different political parties, negotiating among themselves and in an environment that we want to to be an environment of piece of security and offend. clearly that is my appeal to the iraqi people. but
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i think that the elections in themselves are arisen to congratulate the iraqi people already. thank you very much. are the neighboring countries, the regional bars, in term of none intervening in the political fittings. all countries should support iraq, according to the interests of the iraqi people, and serve with full owner sheep from the lack your thought it is, instead of having her as genders that they have nothing to do with the interests of the iraqi people. thank you very much. thank you. sorry. all the best. antonio terrace. they're talking about our 2 big stories today. are story number one that he was discussing was the very latest situation in afghanistan. something very, very significant. there from a un secretary general in effect saying that international financial, fiscal world bodies, perhaps through the prism of the g 20 the i m f,
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the world bank they can in effect, he was suggesting he seemed to be strongly suggesting that they can side step the taliban, and they can inject money directly into the afghan economy because the afghan economy, according to mr. quoterush, is heading towards falling off a cliff. he was also saying we need to breathe some liquidity. his words not mine. we need to breathe some life, some liquidity, into the afghan economy. he was also red lining as well. for us, this idea, the concept that the taliban have still yet to prove that they will respect the rights of women, girls and minorities in 8 taliban run government in a taliban run, afghanistan on the issue of the iraq. he election results. we know now that the turn at was a historical low, the lowest since 2003 went sadam. hussein the then president was toppled following the us led invasion of iraq. he was congratulating the people of iraq. but he was
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also basically saying that whilst the election was in terms of an election, a success, the turn out was low. we know this, we've known this the past 24 hours or so. the actual election result turn out might be lower than 41 percent. if you go down region to region, if you get quite granular about different areas of the country. let's go back to afghanistan because the acting foreign ministers speaking in doha earlier today, just in the last hour or so. but a new phase in his country's relationship with the rest of the world. he led that taliban delegation to qatar for the 1st face to face meetings with the us and the e. u. since foreign for says left. cobble. this methodical with henri, a new chapter of the positive relationship with a world was opened. the door agreement in february 2020 between afghanistan and the united states of america is defined as good relationships. i believe that the full
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implementation of the doha agreement between us and the u. s. can tackle any problems. that is why it is important that both parties remain committed to the doha agreements. we want positive relationships with the whole world. we believe that such a balance international relations can save afghanistan from instability at the same time. that of the artist it is correspondence in bas robbie, following those discussions here in doha. so zane, clearly there is a lack of trust or a trough struck short fall at those discussions. yet the taliban clear. we need to have good relations with the rest of the world. that's exactly right. they've been pushing the same agenda items that they've been talking about for weeks now. engage with us, talk to us, see us as a legitimate government. that's the primary goal of this new afghan taliban govern due to be seen by their negotiating partners. who were there a sworn enemies just a few months ago that they've been fighting for 20 years now?
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they are, they're negotiating partners that they are sitting across the table from and the message from the taliban as you have to negotiate with us, you have to see us as legitimate partners. but there is a major trust deficit here. and we did see the acting foreign minister mister monkey, go a long ways to try to quell some of those fears at a speech he made at a center for conflict resolution. hearing doha, i want to read to you one of the comments he made that i think are very telling, especially considering the meetings that the taliban delegation had with you. officials today he said that of gun a son wants to come out from this chapter of war and does not want its people to migrate to europe. and we don't want europe to be burdened by afghan migrants. afghans should have a good life in their own country, and this is a big deal for european negotiators. their primary goal is to make sure that have gone it's done doesn't become a staging ground for a violent attacks carried out by armed groups again in the future against western targets. but one of their other primary goals is to make sure that there is no major refugee crisis that sees large numbers of people show up at europe's borders
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at europe, stores, and then create a, a bubble effect. essentially, above bolstering the population of refugees, especially from of god has done that already exists within europe. so the afghan taliban saying that they do want the same things, but that comes with a price. there is a price tag attached to trying to make an honest, unstable. and what the taliban want is for the release of, of gone government reserves that have been blocked by the united states and their european allies, to the tune of $9.00 to $10000000000.00. these are assets that bill on to the afghan government that were frozen with the fall of cobble. and the also wants an estimated $351000000.00 in relief that the european union is promising. and there, there still exists problems. logistically the europeans are worried that aid will be seized at airports and at border posts by the taliban. they won't guarantee that . that won't happen. and we saw at the un mr. gutierrez talking about how they're
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negotiating for access on a daily basis. so there is still a large trust deficit, but both sides no, really, it has to be said. every one here that is talking indo knows what's at stake for each of them for the europeans. there, there is an advantage to them inside europe, politically, to maintain a stable of gone, has done it for the taliban. it, it legitimizes their government to maintain a stable of gone on just how they get there is still something that is being negotiated. and by all of by old looks, it seems as though this is going to be a slow process saying many things in basra before as the in the country capital doha, live back now to our diplomatic edison. james bays, who was in that news conference being conducted by the un secretary general. antonia quoterush, sir james, good social again. when mister garish talks about the quantity and breathing life into the economy, how does he think that can happen? well, i don't think it's going to happen. there's going to be no political support for
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our on freezing all of that money, all of afghanistan's funds. so what they're talking about instead is away of the international community community, paying for certain things in afghanistan, supplies salaries, those sorts of things. and he hinted at some of that in the news conference, he said that there's a trust fund for the u. n. a. d p that is a trust fund from the world bank and money could be put into those funds and things could then be directly paid without the money being handed over to the current afghan government, which is clearly at the taliban, which is something i think the u. s. and the western allies would not accept at this time. what's not clear is what exactly the international community would be prepared to fund in afghanistan. i've been speaking to some diplomats about this issue. for example, education. these trust funds could pay the salaries of teachers in afghanistan, but is that something they want to fund at this stage when the telephone are not allowing girls back to school? a lot of range abuse?
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i think even among the g 20 countries, which will be meeting a to discuss this in the coming hours of exactly what to do. and the problem as, as stated by the un secretary general is it's fine to have different views. but there is not time to keep discussing this. he described this moment in afghanistan as the make or break moment. and when you asked him in that news conference, james, i thought your question was really kind of a bull's eye question if you will, inasmuch as, what do you want the g 20 countries to do point number one. i think it was and point number to have the react. it's learning and he didn't pull his punches. he basically said, yes, they have been too slow and dot dot dot we're, we're, we're the guys who are playing catch up. it's our people on the ground who are playing catch up, dealing with these kind of disparate aspects, these disparate groupings that make up the taliban. because now the taliban seems to be this homogenous beast. and yet 20 years ago, any one who is against the government self identified as being taliban. so they've been going region to region, making sure that those regions improve region to region. but at
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the moment, the international response, peter is just a humanitarian response, and there's no way they can stop the collapse of the economy with this humanitarian response. it's interesting listening to the secretary general. now he's speaking very strongly now, but he was saying very much the same things a month ago when i covered the conference in geneva to raise urgent money for afghanistan. then he was warning about the collapse of afghanistan's economy. and some of the experts who you talk to believe that collapse is already happening right now. and that's why i think the 2nd general is pushing on the urgency of the situation. it's very a cleverly time to think he knows why he's talking to the press today about that this because he's going to be behind closed doors, making similar priest to the g 20 leaders when they meet that virtual meeting, which comes with 2 weeks before their big summit in rome. james, as ever many thanks,
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james bayes are diplomatic editor there. let's just up some the headlines for you. as we rapidly approach 6030. ah. our top story, something that the un secretary general touched on in that news conference in new york results from iraq's parliamentary election of being released more than 6000000 people. took part in the vote on sunday. the turn at 41 percent. that's the lowest since adam. hussein was toppled in 2003 at taliban delegations in doha. they be meeting u. s. and e. u officials afghanistan's acting foreign minister, spoke about a new phase in his country's relationship with the world. he said he believes that full implementation of the doe har agreement with the us can help afghanistan get back on track.


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