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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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pull let's say q live now to a few pictures coming to us out of the afghan capital. what you're looking at right now is the acting taliban. foreign minister. let's just dip in to see what he's saying. we're anticipating, there's a chance they might be talking about the discussions going on in the country capital. you're planning on being of crossroads and be the main reasons for the economy, lucian. i've run his son as an islamic country. want with years law, me countries and islamic cleveland, how closet relation i've run a thought is an important part of the islamic word. and at the same time, from west and from the gulf country. and at the same time would be out of words. and with the gulf countries we want special relations with them understand does not want to engage into other conflicts. so we want
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a positive relationship with all the countries. it is that we want lots of relationships with all the countries at the same time with the european union. we want to have some of that relationship. i've run a found wants to come out of this chapter of war and now wants to develop positive relationship with the new government does not one for me, but to be more rated or forced to migrate to europe. this is not in the interest of anyone, and we do not want for europe or to be under the burden of our migrants. atkins, have to have a good life in your own country of honest, on distinguished participants. we believe in political diversity. local mosier, we believe that there are different different different political parties and there are different languages spoken. there is diversity in it is a fact, and we accept that fact on a sunday who wants to go of on
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a sun as a country and afghans as a nation. you know, with the, i have, have it's different says, with the or with the, with the other countries as we understand the differences of the other countries. we hope for our differences to be understood as well. and then we'll also shoot model models. i really need to generate a little credit on a more thing or other models on afghanistan have not given targeting results like it is, it is not given a result of least imposed the monitors on the other countries on a one what we want in atlanta, family is a political structure as such that as responsive to our, to our country's needs and at the same time is able to, when it's a sponsibility on the international level as well level understand no, much the new government of harnessed army dinner. so to punish them. the cabinets, other than you will dominate of us man. a son is acting as an acting,
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the minister shift, like we see the different personalities. in fact, what government engine last to start, our leadership have identified and patching cabinet at the cabinet level. and at the same time, at the ministry level reforms are happening in our government or why $100000.00. the 7 service stuff started working with us and we've already started processing salaries. we're working with the biggest government duty. we have not removed the previous civil servants from their job. you don't wanna no, he started hopeful not to get osley. the new as army government is going to benefit from this against that and from the affinities that you got. honda is trying to make sure that without any discrimination we utilize the kids of the afghans and she and, and it's important that we give share to all he afghans, particularly to the youth in florida. distinguished colleagues. oh my god, i think you know, we have been in cato together with
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a high rank delegation and we have had many youth leading the u. s. and representatives and with the representatives, the other countries we, our hope would that be the meetings will have positive, positive results. i would like to mention that the chapter of law and pressure has engine harness on has now entered into a new chapter, which in this new chapter has new demand cycle. it's important that we all work on the commonality here. and at the end, once again, i would like to thank the government of authority that has the book for many years been the host of our negotiation. and at the same time, would like to thank the center for conflict in vidalia 30. then the director of the center, respected football, but i got thorough go riding movie or with the opportunity and to be with you for a few minutes. and i'd also like to thank all the distinguished guests do have
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joined us here today. i thank you all. thank you very much. i hope that you will have a beautiful rest of the day. ok, anderson's acting foreign minister there american were tarkey speaking of the doha institute of graduate studies reiterating the message that we've had from the taliban over these past few days of talks in the catholic capital. seeing we value good relations with our neighbors in central asia. we want good relations with everyone. we particularly one good relations with the european union or a bit of realpolitik going on here. of course, on the part of the taliban, because the taliban want access desperately to all the aid money that has been frozen. in the aftermath of the taliban having taken over afghanistan and indeed having pretty much walked in to the afghan capital unopposed. more than
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a few weeks ago now that happened what 2 months ago now, when they took over afghanistan, when the then president was appearing on national television in afghanistan saying i will basically face on we fight on to win. and then he left the country unexpectedly because he was saying he was going to hang around, then he disappeared. or we will go back to that news conference that's taking place in dough heart just a little later here on the news are for you ah, the police in indian administered cash. me it say that killed 2 rebels. they blinked one of them to the murder of a taxi driver last week. she was one of 7 civilians killed by gunman in separate attacks in recent weeks. elizabeth parent has more for us from new delhi soldiers
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conduct spot checks on the streets of sheen. again, the main city of indian administered cush mead. there is increased security in the region after government killed. 7 civilians including minority, hinders in one week, something that hasn't happened in years. it has, however, led to an all too familiar event that attention of hundreds of people accused of having links to band muslim organizations when years old war america, it is the duty of security forces to instill confidence among minorities that they are safe in cash meet. as far as their 2nd cern doors who have been detained, to have a criminal record or links to militants, look at the gum and wants to make clear that no such thing will be tolerated. as funerals were held last week, a group called the resistance front release statements taking responsibility for the killings of 3 hindus, 3 muslims, and to seek the victims include a school principal, a teacher, a taxi driver, and well known pharmacist. makin lab been do that with his up in the attack on been
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true, is on the entire society on on every kashmiri, he always used to help war people. it's very heartbreaking. what wrong had he done to any one? how can you justify his killing or the st vendor killed in the separate attack? the way the resistance france said it was targeting government, informers, or agents of the hindu nationalist organization that ashley, s y m save ac sung, or r. assess the resistance front was formed after the indian government revoked kashmir autonomy in august 2019. i think it does the fact that the normalcy that was being said that the normal he hasn't done english, reinforced august 9th, 2019, is not really a fact the militancy has still been there and it is largely i think growing last week's killings have led to protests by hindus and seeks and shaneka and other indian cities of the 28 civilians killed by separatist rebels in indian. administered. cush meet this year. 21. when muslims are the worst violence by
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rebels against the regions, minorities in years, has seen some hindus leaving the kush, meet valley and going to the hindu majority. jamel region out of concern for the safety, while muslims fear being wrongfully accused, entertained something that human rights organizations say is common in indeed, administered kesh meat. elizabeth moran and al jazeera new delhi, china and india. blaming each other for fail talks about the tensions along their disputed himalayan border not last year. the deadliest clashes and decades took place in a strategic area between tibet and india's le dak region. senior military officials from the nuclear armed neighbors have been holding their 1st round of talks in 2 months. india says it put forward constructive, so unreasonable yield on the relevant remarks with the indian side or groundless at the 13th round of china
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. india military to military talks, the chinese side, bearing in mind the overall interest relations between the 2 countries and the 2 militaries make great efforts to ease the tension along the border and fully demonstrated sincerity. however, at the indian side persisted and unreasonable and unrealistic demands which has made negotiations difficult on china's resolve to safeguard national sovereignty is unshakable. there are concerns about the race for dominance between china and the u . s. when it comes to the use of artificial intelligence in the digital age, the pentagons, former software security chief, quit his job last month, saying the u. s. is too far behind china in artificial intelligence. nicholas chill lands departing message, was that the u. s. military's technological transformation is too slow. jolaine says china is heading towards global dominance. it's already advanced and emerging cyber technologies and capabilities. catalina go on top, is assistant professor in law and technology at the mastery university. she says she is not surprised by these worries. so if we look at one of the greatest top
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tier conferences in artificial intelligence, your i p s. we look at some data from 2019 and we see that researchers coming from china have most paper is around 25 percent compared to 20 percent. and for both the u. s. and the you have, you actually had 18 percent. but we also see that top tier ai researchers have been predominantly working from the united states. so perhaps the battle is not that last yet. i think the biggest danger for, for the u. s. is basically trying to engage in this and this entire race to the top that actually turns into a race to the bottom. because engaging in leadership and artificial intelligence should be done. also a, with keeping in mind fundamental rights. so human rights, and this is what the european union has been trying to do in not only promoting this new a regulation on a i, and that is now on the table for the european parliament. but also earlier this
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month, the european parliament has been looking at a, creating an in and re a re assessing a ban on of try a private facial recognition data basis. and also behavioral policing or citizens scoring. in saying that we need to really take into account fundamental rights. and that can also be a drawback. and this entire race for developing ai dominance. iran has confirmed holding talks with regional rival, saudi arabia, in a news conference on monday, the iranian foreign ministry. so the talks would continue more to hardwood rod at his phone. so far we have held full rounds of talks with saudi arabia and beck did . the last round was when we were in new york, attending the you in general assembly. and as i sit there in an interview, talks are being seriously pursued rotney contacts being made non stop, and we are exchanging messages without interruption. this will continue. the issue of human has definitely been part of that talks, but allow me to emphasize one thing. the fight of human must only be determined by
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humanities themselves and through the own will appellate. what we are doing is facilitating negotiations. what saudi arabia has to do is stop the war and this cru, sage, and the conditions that have lead to a humanitarian tragedy via tens of thousands of residents in the australian city of sydney have emerged optimal than $100.00 days of locked on. the states has reached its vaccination, target 70 percent, with the number of infections now on the decline. his sarah clock, gray skies and rain weren't enough to damp and the spirits of those and sydney came to embrace what's being described as freedom, day filing good to get ad and to see baby fray say my friends and family again. you know, the little things go get a coffee breakfast. very good. yeah. yeah. glad to be back out and doing some work and get back in the community. being stuck at home with kids and work and house work. so it's just amazing to have the opportunity now to get out. doug. pop,
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get my. he caught excellent. on monday, sydney lifted, it's locked down. after a few months of stay at home, rules, gymnasiums restaurants, petitions, pump, and head dresses reopened to fully vaccinated residents. private rules had banned household visits and travel beyond a 5 kilometers zone separating many families. those restrictions were also removed with the states premier declaring australians need to learn to live with the corona virus and reopen the economy. it's been a very difficult time for else died. and as i said the, this issue is not over. there is a long journey. ah, in front of our style there will be challenges that come our wide out, but i, we have to wipe it up and, and we have to get people back in to work. well, that 70 percent of people in new south wales. i've a 16 years of age have now been vaccinated, wants to target of 80 percent. he's reached mo, regulations will be eased. restrictions are still in place across other parts of
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australia. here in queensland, the state is trialing home quarantine. but the number of cases here has been minimal in states like victoria, the locked down continues with a number of infections continuing to rise. and with your in a style like new south wiles, that is opening up to die a slight life victoria that soon will boot or arbor in the west or up in queensland where the impact of coverage has not during the sign. but still, we need those back sites to when all that, when tired inevitably comes that in those states, you will be able to continue on. as you have, the prime minister has that to lift the caps on international flights for those stranded australians, wanting to return home with airlines said to return to the air within wait. sarah clark, how does 0 quinn's dad, australia? thailand's parliaments is expected to pass laws making torture and abduction illegal. it's move viewed as long overdue by human rights groups. issues gained
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renewed attention recently after a senior police officer was caught on cctv, appearing to torture suspects who later died in scot jaila. paterny and thailand's deep south has the air of a sleepy town as people begin the day. but there's something more here, something the officials an army, want to keep in the shadows for nearly 2 decades along with 2 other provinces. the military has been fighting an armed separatist movement. the deep south used to be a muslim sultan. it today, it has a population of 80 percent malay speaking muslims, some who have been detained by security forces, say they were tortured activists. ismael tate says he was forced at gunpoint to confess to being separatist. the army denies ever using torture co co, ala. they want to protect themselves. they don't really care about the victims. they deliberately deny all torture allegations had the human rights groups of solid
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information, about torture cases of her mind. me, me, you live. but he sees some good news coming. even though thailand is a signatory of an international convention against torture, enforced disappearance, as it has no laws against it. but a bill will be tabled in parliament next month, proposing such regulation, military leadership here in the deep south hell us. they welcome the laws and torture and force disappearances, but they think it's mainly to reassure the public. they say that there have been no abuses by the army because their soldiers are trained to respect human rights pan man amendment. we have been operating based on a good moral compass. it doesn't matter if we have this law, not. in fact, we have been accused of crimes. we did not commit, but according to mar, these are not just rumors. he says his abductors were careful not to leave marks on him to hide their actions. oh well ma'am, one of the offices said, why one you confess?
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later they told me that i was part of violence incense, but i told him that i was not room until i was kick and slap, but i didn't say anything. they stripped me naked and tied me up. they put a blind for on, did they use a rubber band to had my testicles also ha attacks by separatists are still taking place, but the frequency has decreased. ongoing p stocks have started and stopped several times over the years. never fully taken whole. the army has a big footprint in the deep south to combat the separatists and conduct humanitarian missions to help a lay suspicions of the local people. you but mafioso that for some the damage is already done. it's more about people who are wrongfully torches, suffer ongoing consequences. young people can't return to school, they can't get a job. pet songbirds are commonplace here displayed in small, ornate cages on show for all to see it's hope that thailand's anti torture bill will afford the well being of it's prisoners. that same transparency,
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it's got either al jazeera paterny thailand. the 2021 nobel prize for economics has been awarded to david cod, joshua angriest, and guido inbounds, the 3 us based economists, one for their work on labor economics. their research includes the economic impacts of immigration on local people. card of the university of california, berkeley was awarded one half of the price, the other half was shared by angriest from the massachusetts institute of technology and inbounds from stanford university. david cards, empirical contributions have improved our understanding of labor markets. his initial work challenge dimension wisdom, which led to new studies and additional insights. joshua congress and quito emblems have clarified exactly what conclusions about cause and effect that can be drawn from natural experiments. their framework for estimation validation and interpretation as being widely adopted in applied work. the combined contributions
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of the laureates have completely read shaped empirical work in the economic sciences, jenna's waiting in the wings. she'll be here in a moment with the sports news. she'll tell us about the unusual go from the anal messy as how continues will come qualifying run continuous. ah, france once had a vast empire spanning several continents. but by the 1940s, the french were forced to confront reality, and demands said dependence. in the 1st part of a documentary series al jazeera looks at how the colonial unrest grew. conflict to now jerry, up and full scale war and indo china blood and tears french t colonization on al jazeera indonesia,
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the country with an abundance of results for the trade bar and walk indonesia. is this firms for me? we move pool to grow and frog. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let be part when denise is growth and progress, invest indonesia. now, lou ah was better than jemma in london, jemma. doha was disposed welcome. jennifer, thank you very much for on strike. a killing and buffet was apologizing and jane
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after missing the decisive penalty, which shall his country knocked out of the race. but he's now celebrating after scoring the winner again, spain to help his side clench the nations lake. peters dammit, reports ah, to both falling short had euro 2020 france and spain would determined to lift the european nations the trophy. in milon, it was the spaniards who opened the scoring when miko or jacobo method in the 64th minute, luis enriquez men were 26 minutes away from the 1st trophy since the euros in 2012 . but the lead lost a just 2 minutes. carrying ben's ama who plays his club football in spain for rail madrid, equalized for the reigning will champions, water job covering bands. and then gillian and bob, a school with 10 minutes to go to the debate over whether or not he was
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outside. but the gold stood and the french were nearly there. they did need captain and goalkeeper who go laurice to help them get there. not once, but twice else and he nearly won the ada. wonderful side jump on a race with bronze, splitting the disappointments of the last 16 exit at the euros behind them. by winning the nation fleet. ah, the sun too sore or new von flew of what is behind us? it stays behind it. okay. the players proved that they are still performing at a high level. we can have some matches which we cannot manage from a to z. and in september we drew to matches. but the balance was still positive. oh. and the fans could not contain made joy on the streets after the game. well, dick were very happy friends one. thank you benjamin. thank you to jump. thank you
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. grease men. thank you. in pappy long live friends. and we're splitting away from the sports bulletin with jemma. we'll go back to jemma if from when we can, we're going to take you to bagdad because the final results of iraq's parliamentary election of being. and i was let's listening to the head of the head electoral commission, julio at ma'am hello. in baghdad. ready what kind of, i think a bit of our that he couldn't did judy. okay. yeah. i oh, sure can efforts joined hands together. dody, it is sunny day. thanks to the international organizations and what off of it w. m international monitoring groups. and what i put in my head, i'm the local monitoring groups, one, developing what up of it's and out of a year. and thanks to the out of monitoring groups. thanks everyone. natalie. all today come out there and on and met, that is in a when he, we are at the drum confess to announce the class. the result of the election had no
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fees, as we had drawn women feed on. it is amina, at bmo, for dothan, bonham, and at gordon swivel, i said a lovely deli judge up galard and then our local. neither neither ship maddie and phil marsher up the ladder. missionary, i'm with the head of the john operations. oh, the i didn't. if i bought and then head of the supreme security council for the elections to address you. ah, motioning mama. no,
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not at my elaine. i say that was either a lot of national and the compassionate. good evening it is arman and will follow the another. and we'll stop in the in line. i want our commitment from the independent electoral commission department is in the lobby appeal and in line with the law. busy of the parliamentary elections for the rocky bottom a year, we announce a preliminary results for the parliament election and bonded out the door. the latter were the number. this 60 of montage. 83 constituency in 18 provinces, had a shot as it has been. busy displayed in front to be on the screen where you can see that enough was and that he had the number of boats russia, men and when i shaheen. and by that either don't h a candidate for me, a theme of the whose numbers, if and 3223 could. i also have year one,
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the number of those who took part in each constituency and the results on their own was at varying usage in the number of our registered to vote. it never actually in manion is 22000000 with live mia with manion city of 1638 sigma zayna 1000. if mother drove, does i love with sammy, with eons over the are 8900 chicago and 6 to do the same meal about my voting office icon and either the quality then the total number 4 to only allow fall while our voters who did actually day but was of hours of 6000000 me and 77000 and between and do are by in the mia. the percentage was 41 percent the and the number of complaints i for me election was 251. and the complaints only our to see shaquanna and $94.00 complaints for the general was voting. why her the
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actually my mon yasamin i the tough, the bus 78. the one complains that yet to be categorized, yet we have not received any red complaint. so far i'll harm with them how to know diana. at 5 o'clock this did today was the deadline for. busy would you been submitting complaints according to article 20, from the law this involving and if no, dia complaints had been submitted out of that within 3 days id. then that started from the 2nd day year and job would be on and commission would address all be complained submitted to her to the commission or to the judiciary institutional the election. the father, starting from the date of the complaint plan, philip burrell went as to, shall well have to a young man study other the complaints of within 10 days on the date of all
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the complaints and young that they electoral commission has submitted. i'm the results of the general and the private why the voting and also the this the my on social media platform that is at that max harvey went to jimmy at the and 9 gene electoral officer and old robinson, the data that starting probably up tuesday and the electoral commission will start receiving complaints over yet, and for the bidding of 3 days, the commission would like to announce funded yet. we meant that the manual with the counting of most of it was we've been around the board, you will find one and into 5, you will get it out and line with the electoral law. kind of this with him above, near the man what that article them above away than that that is that he them and up the half. oh, but i was there was the laugh of that. can i walk on of in the barbara near the
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premier collation, when all the results were 100 percent on that either the number of station since results have not been money determined yet is 8808. you one never had 100 and then the other, the stations are because a technical or how does the faults with other 3071. but what than what had that rid of? that was an all be a ha, ha ha, we're not really are, we will mean jimmy and bring these results from all provinces now, and we will examine them into an on front of they add that and monitors what of them all r. oh and what do i have of what we can move to that i live in settling something like that. i feel i am fear in what had originally what alan, without his 0, one of them are those yet to me, more than
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a far as our market will have back to the film at those refill annuals or for one of the caea or with the 0.


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