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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm AST

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the world is warming, and green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war past greenland the melting of the frozen nor on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello and welcome. i'm peter darby. you're watching the news. i live for my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. john is he is president. k said, unveils a new government, but gives no hint about loosening his divisive power. grab the rockies await results from an election marked by low turn outs and disillusionment, that anything will change. a highly anticipated assassination trial begins in
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burkina. faso beat, former president, blaze comp peorie, who's among the accused is refusing to attend. and a warning from the us on the you cage that people in afghanistan telling them to stay away from hotels and cobbler. adam javin, ashwin sport lino messy house argentina. so comfortable when either the arch rivals iroquois class, while champions france and fight back to me, it was vain and become the 2nd team to win from nations league. where is francis albright lee? mm janice he is president k u. so he has a proves a new government appointed by the prime minister. the new cabinet was sworn in more than 2 months after the previous government was dismissed. the harding has more when latino tunisia has spent the last 11 weeks without
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a government look at them too low until now said nash la bowden, who was named as tunisia as 1st female prime minister last month has sworn in her cabinet, which includes $23.00 ministers 9 of whom are women, though, had he been dolah, that is the state department's require an assessment, analysis and reconstructing. we aim to rearrange the priorities and regain trust and hope. the objectives of the cabinet team are based on the following points and 1st to regain trust in the state. in july president, i studied suspended parliament and sacked the prime minister. in september, he assumed all executive powers and began to rule by decree, while announcing plans to amend the constitution of commerce were la slodum and the 25th of july was a historic moment. i took that decision after trying all means of reasoning with them, but it was all in vain. saheed says he sees power to tackle tunisia growing economic crisis, but his opponents call it
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a q. parliament should be approving this government according to the new decree that not the case. though i know there will certainly be among the president's critics, the question, the validity of this government. but nonetheless, the, even the supporters of the president fed the something that he needed to do to sort of name a new government sort of set forward in 2011 tunisia was the 1st country to see large anti government protests that became known as the arab spring in recent months, thousands have turned up to those same streets to protest against what they call a power grab by their president. be fear they may lose the democratic rights they gained 10 years ago. what am i gonna? the am annuity router? there's no place for those who have wanted to undermine the sovereignty of the state and the sovereignty of the people. they have plundered a lot of the people's money. they have turned their hopes into despair. i warn all those who entertain the idea of attacking the state and its institutions. we will thwart their plans for the coming days. aside from the economy,
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this new government has many challenges ahead. the president wants to amend the constitution walk to amend the political system and he's planning a election. so i think they, they will be limited by dime and also by that word because the president announced that they will burn only and they're the same exceptional misers for now, tunisia remains under the power of one man with the new government sworn in to back him said leo harding al jazeera, what will staying with us till developing stories simons, speak. when caudle is an independent journalist in tennessee, he says, the biggest thing, many people, a waiting for is a plan to rescue the economy. there is perhaps something of a groundswell against the president, though that remains in the minority was suddenly thousands of protested within the city center yesterday, protesting against his july the 25th. however,
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up i remember i went to the parliament on july, the 26. that's the day after president laid announces extraordinary measures. and i was told by tom of all me office that they were expecting the chief of government that day. you know, we now in october, i'm with finally got a government which might mean that this country can start moving again. i mean, it's sorely needs to join was taught. we talked to politicians, we talked to you yesterday, it manifestation people in the crowd and nobody has really understands what's going on in july, the 25th. we thought we're seeing part of this very sort of 3 dimensional chess intricate check game. and now october, that's not the case. he seems to be moving very slowly until now. he's not mentioned the economy. and that is one of the vital issues. and this was, is his greatest risk. and it's also possibly a great opportunity. ah,
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i think the protest yesterday was a factor, but i would not say a deciding factor. these names these people had all been interviewed long in the past and he had assembled them. it seems as though it's very early days, a fairly reasonable team. results from iraq's parliamentary elections are being released shortly. the election commission has declared initial results in several regions. the turn out for the vote on sunday was roughly about 41 percent. that is the lowest percentage since sadam. hussein was toppled in 2003 that the mid adar models on i didn't follow the yeah, these are preliminary results and depend on what data has been referred to the commission. the commission is investigating some of the ballot boxes where there have been a few problems, and these will be transport to the national center to mora. well, we have to correspondence in the rocky capital baghdad. alhashan has been speaking to people on the streets of iraq capital live before we talked to him. first to mcmurry, abdullah whitehead,
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who's keeping an eye for us on the results are mark mood. what are we to make of such a low percentage turn out? will peter, it definitely reflect this. how people are not agreeing with the political parties are running for this a parliament as you know, only it 10 provinces have presented their turn out and results. emily reserves s as over yet. now it's 6 p. m a but dead lucas, i'm this is the time it is the deadline for the results to be announced today according to the election, low air from air 6 p. m. yesterday until 6 pm. today, 24 hours, it there period, given a for the national election commission to an hour, say the, it is us. but as of yet, this prison has not a started yet, the presser were a head of the high national election commission, is supposed to announce the results at, in old cases, these results are not final,
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meaning that this is just initial results, and they could be subjected to verification or objection, as you know that are by virtue of the election law, the older is, it's a should go through the federal court and the federal court might receive the objections might receive the appeals. it might take several days until we have a final endorse had results certified by the federal court, but concerning the turnout. it's very low by, according to estimations. from what all are observers here up, but that was the least with 32. turn out the whole was the 1st, was it 54 percent. turn out due to hook in, in could this region and the loss. but in all cases, the whole electron process it reflects at some kind of a dis,
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illusion. this illusion meant with the people disillusionment, especially with the opposition, with the boy cutters. and remember, this is one of the top demands of the revolution. the election daily election was one of the top demands of the revolution that outside, for a former prime minister added, added maddie, that's called that the sri revolution. but the irony is, the irony is, at this parliamentary election has been rejected by the same revolutionaries have called earlier for this election. they say that because they believe the election is not going to bring what they hope for because it has been dominated by the same the same old political parties. mcmurry, thanks very much. the moment mcmurry abdulla, they're talking to was out of baghdad. we'll get to alhashan, and other of our corresponds just a moment. we are expecting those absolutely final results. mackwood was saying that the results kind of trickle out between 6 pm and 6 pm. a local times we are
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expecting from that location is inside that the government building in the iraqi capital, the definitive percentage turn out the vote, results region by region, city by city. as soon as we know those final definitive results, we'll bring them to you live here. on the news hour, we should be getting a good sense of where those percentages and all the numbers are stacking up in the next few minutes. alhashan joins us up from the rocky capital as well. and it, you spent a lot of time today on the streets. what's the mood like amongst the voters, particularly those young people who seem to feel more disaffected than their, their parents generation. i guess what with of the iraq is freed, resembles everything in it off. it's just like the one of the calls back from lot else divisions, even among the youth. there are those lot of half feet. you see the election coming out with this low turnout. there are out of those who are anticipating that kind of
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big 34 independent candidates that are going goes a lot and really happy with the whole system and everything that's happening. for example, right now, we are at the higher to spread over it. as we know, this is the place where the demonstrations, the protests during the 2019 uprising were taking place. this is the same place where many of those groups who are thieves, have preliminary results, and they feel that they're having that kind of an advance on all the groups are going to celebrate that it's up. there is something that blan over here in like the coming minutes. what i was, the supporters of more of a sudden, i'm going to fill this square and send it, but a their, their own victory as they call it. because, because the moment a preliminary results the out, i thought i had to other groups in the southern provinces,
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on the southern provinces all the she are strong hold on, you know, that iraq, i mean, a main part of your on she asked you have cindy's on the card so and the in the main she are areas of the south will cover. so that is needing the after him, that are supporters off the former prime minister, laurie medicaid. and all so many independent candidates are showing off in the, in the list as a new the new members will follow will the selection at a change the, the composition of the iraqi parliament. well, it seems that there is going to be a, a spur. the results were hitting and he has these, these are preliminary retinal. now we're sitting waiting for my dad. we're still waiting for the other bigger provinces such as possible. so just nina,
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of it. these are the ones who are going to give us a kind of a picture of the future color. but given what we are hearing, the indications are that is going to be a big blog may be the one that is that bible study. saw that this is at least for now and get out going to be other small blocks. now, what's, what's going to happen in the coming weeks is that despite the fact that it is a big block, this, this big block doesn't have the majority that gives it that chinese food. but it got a prime minister to back it prime minister and devote of confidence. so this issue, this issue is going to cause a kind of situation. what are the same groups will have to sit and talk together and agree on the new prime minister. what it. busy is the same one who is right,
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not the prime minister, that off job, a suffolk, foggy me, or any other prime minister who they might choose. how many, thanks, any hash them keep us posted. we'll come back to later. i'm sure that's bringing. and he and body, he's a political analyst. he joins us on skype early on body. if the turner is indeed 41 percent with perhaps even lower variations in certain areas in regions than that 41 percent threshold figure. does the government such as it will become, have much credibility? well, 1st let's discuss if it is for to fun. if it is a $4.00 to $1.00, really because this is a deceiving factor, it is 41 percent of those who have for just a commission. while there are millions of iraqis will have not registered and updated the election cards for this is for 2nd of those 41 percent presumed by the electoral commission. there are many who have not really
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made any sort of election. they just throw their election cards inside the boxes without any election of any candidate. so they don't count and they were included in the percentage. but generally speaking, yes, iraqis feel and different about this election more even than the election of 2018. they don't trust the electoral process, they don't trust the political parties. they believe that the conditions for, for the entangled election is not a political money. and those weapons malicious are all these forces and play a big role in directing people towards electing the current political parties. so people do not trust the internal process. period is one of the biggest issues here, understandably,
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for the electorate. these allegations of corruption inasmuch as one of the analysts we spoke to here on the news on al jazeera at this time yesterday was seeing this, allegedly, the allegations of corruption. you know, corruption is the lubricant. that was the main claim from that analyst. it is the main lubricant of iraqi politics. so when iraqi politicians say we will rid our political system of corruption, they're never going to do it voluntarily because if they did it, they'd have to sac themselves. absolutely. i totally. i knew you with. ready your analyst to, i mean, iraq is the most corrupted country i believe, although it's not in the, in the last position, but is the most corrupted country taking in concentration. the amount of resources available for this country and the oil revenue was so the income generated of corruption for electric. politicians is huge. and
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a lot of that is used in the election process, which does not give a fair chance for independence. people for new political and they would like to maintain power one way or another, so that that corruption level and the iraqi government. we will not to trust any kind of election to bring her and yoga government to serve the people. very briefly, mr. amber, if you can, are we heading into at least a period of political horse training, perhaps a period of more demonstrations on the streets? it's quite expected. a d calls for a new demonstration on october 25th this year. in order to remember the 2019 october 25th for. ready pricing or evaluation,
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whatever you want to call it. the same groups youngsters who have been for 2019 uprising still feel marginalized, not involved in the political process. and they don't really think that the election has fulfilled their needs. ok, you'll keep us company. i know over the coming hours as we get these final results coming through to us, but i'm boarding for the moment. thank you very much. you're welcome. the rocky prime minister says i saw a finance chief has been captured in the stopper. alchemy says iraqi security forces captured sammy just seem outside iraq's borders without giving any more details. to see was a deputy to the former. i saw a leader abaca alba, dadi, who died in 2019 lost more still to come for you here on the news are including a crackdown in indian administered kashmir. 700 people are arrested after
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a series of targeted killings and celebrations in australia's largest city after a long cove with 19 lockdown is east and in sports, the u. s. finals. layla fernandez, cause is another upsets details a little later on the need to if you up, you know where the to gray people's liberation front says government troops of laws coordinated attacks on all fronts. the rebels say heavy artillery tanks, fighter jets and drones are being used against them. if pensive was launch last week, but appears to be intensifying, has been no immediate comment from the ethiopian government. nearly 2000000 people have been displaced in this 11 month long war. let's bring in the ethiopian based
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journalists, samuel get a job. he's in the northern turn of samarra. samuel, welcome back to the news out. just take us through what we think is happening. barrett right now. a lazy, useless company. they took every 5 minutes that with. ready what you've done, it's not far away. are you looking for some kind of military support? i mean, this made this conflict or this, this property to be that the finding math accomplish that really high, chilled thousands of people that met, that. he said, almost 2000000 people and we are watching it here in november. is that a sense the in the reach and the government forces can sustain what they're doing. when it's on the page, we'd be seeing the story just mobilize in our region. this is supposed to be the defining moment in support of the field. there was times like i said, you don't,
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you're using a lead other by john. and i mean, you know, so this is again a contract then the company is beginning or we start seeing that some of the damages we've been watching from a distance. and again, it's a. busy problem with that you end up saying why people are if you have and this is, this is to continue. we have seen a big exodus of people from this region. if the tempo of what we're reporting now is picking up over the past few days, i'm assuming this situation is going from bad to worse and the flow of humanity is picking up as well. well, it stated to continue,
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i mean there has to be in the world. this conflict were supposed to begin and start back in december. we'll need to apply minister. it has continued on some stuff, not just the region of bad to drive, but still to our region and not body in this lacy philips an open secret. once we've been able to watch it from, you know, and a, just to go there all over yoga, many, many people out of face the kind of plan that we need to find 1. 1984. okay, we'll leave it there. samuel, thank you so much, samuel guest. you're talking to us from the turn of samira. thomas and kara, was a revolutionary pan africa's plan africanist who led burkina faso in the 1980s. he was assassinated in 1987. the trial has just begun for those accused of killing him
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. the former leader, blaze computer, who replace ankara as president along with 13 others are facing charges computing, went on to government for 27 years before being ousted, and a popular uprising in 2014 is now in exile in ivory coast and is boycotting the trial. i just guess i, it's not fair, it's really not fair that he's not here. he should be here. he should have the courage to be here, but you know, not everyone is courageous. they run from the truth that with the, just at the jewish story, this is already a historic day for us because we didn't expect to live a very special day. what are we waiting for? the truth that justice is done and to allow the families of st. kara and his companions to finally mourn. love. nicholas hark, has worn out from deco. absent in this trial is the mean accused form present blessed combo, a currently an exile in neighboring ivory coast. now his lawyers say that they do not recognize the legitimacy of this military tribunal. there is, however,
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his right hand man, general gen dairy, who will be, who will be talking in this trial. he's been in prison for attempted coo and he's one of the main suspect in the killing of toma sanker up. this trial has been 34 years in the waiting. and there is much anticipation to find out who exactly is behind the killing of this iconic figure that goes beyond burkina. faso is border toma san cora. is it mythical figure, perhaps because of the circumstances of his death is shrouded with mystery. with some accusing the former colonial power france of being involved in his killing. nonetheless, this figure that was an environmental as before his time of feminist before his time is revered by millions of people throughout french speaking africa. take a look at this report. a visionary with a revolutionary, the son of a nation,
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for the nation, not just lyrics to his song. 34 years after the south nation of king of fossils president to my son. got he still revered by millions of people across french speaking african 1983. he was described as a feminist and environmentalist than a 33 year old soldier who was ahead of his time. he turned his back on international aid money and loads from organizations like the world bank instead favoring self sufficiency and calling for more equal relationship with france. the countries former colonial power on the 15th of october 1987 soccer was killed by an armed group along with 12 officials. his closest friend and former colleague bless compound took power. now he and 13 others are due to go on trial, charged with murdering soccer. this threat is important folder manifest of the truth. then that's why it's really important that the bless. compare the honest one . even if it's the only time in your life, you stand intended to bless, called by
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a was ousted in 2014, following a popular uprising that brought an end to his 27 year rule. he lives in exile and neighboring ivory coast and has refused to take part in the trial. his supporters see it as a political witch hunt juniper. buck oprah, i don't understand that politicians deputy once worked with young are now so bitter and desperately seeking revenge. and perkins is suffering enough already. this needs to stop, according to official government documents, soccer a died a natural death, but in 2015 authorities exude to his remains from a grave. an autopsy revealed, his body was riddled with bullets in 2017 french president. emanuel mccoy agreed to release secret files on sanker, his death that led to the opening of the trial. there is a desire for justice, not just in burkina faso, but throughout french speaking west africa because there was behind the assassination, sought to silence on carrying his ideals, but it had the reverse effect. millions of people across for,
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in speaking west africa. see in san kara, a symbol of resistance against the powerful he's become a hero. and an icon celebrated in arts, culture and politics. many of those involved in the recess, queen molly and when in guinea, last september half reference soccer, his leadership as an inspiration. these are some of his last words in public. we need to accept. we are africans. it's the only way to live with dignity, soccer. i says, adding, you want to see corrupt government officials or soldiers, then we will get rid of them. this may cost me my life, but we are here to dare. shortly after this speech, sancho rock was shot dead. nicholas hawk al jazeera, the u. s and the u. k. a warning their people of a security threats in the afghan capital cobble american and british citizens have been asked to stay away from hotels in the city. it was a recent rise in isola tax. many foreigners of left afghanistan after the u. s
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withdrawal in august, but some aid workers and journalists have decided to remain stephanie decker has more from cobble the americans. and the british warning against our people, staying away from hotels in the capital. one particular hotel and was mentioned as you know, having a real security threat against we've heard about this in the last 48 hours or so. the taliban is taking it seriously. they beat dr. curt security also using their special forces to cordon off certain roads using sniper locations. the telephone's main card that they played was that they could maintain security in this country, that they were the only ones to be able to maintain security in this country. what we're seeing recently in the last, especially 10 days or so is an escalation, a step up by i sold k, that is the afghanistan branch of iso in terms of attacks. they started more until about in the east of the country than they attacked a mosque here in kabul, just last sunday, and significant breach of security there. because you had senior members of the
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taliban meeting their suicide bomber blowing himself up. then you had that devastating attack on a mosque in canoes on friday. so now we have the security threat herein cobble. so i think a message of defiance and certainly ice. okay. trying to disrupt the taliban. the child about of course. now having to run a country, this wasn't insurgent group until just about 2 months ago, carrying out exactly the kinds of attacks that it's now having to try and prevent. the telephones talks with representatives from the european union in the country capital to haul have ended as the day after wrapping up discussions with a u. s. delegation washington says they talked about security evacuation flights and women and minority rights in afghanistan, while the u. s. still refuses to recognize the taliban governments as agreed to provide humanitarian aid directly to the african people. let's say queue live now to a fee to pictures coming to us out of the afghan capital. what you're looking at right now is the acting taliban. foreign minister. let's just dip in
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to see what he's saying. we're anticipating, there's a chance they might be talking about some of the discussions going on in the country capital. you're planning on being of crossroads and be the main reasons for the economy. revolution i've run. hassan has an islamic country, want with me is law, me, countries and islamic people have was relation. i've run a thought as an important part of the islamic word. and at the same time, from west and from the gulf country. and at the same time will be out of work and with the gulf countries we want special relations with them. understand does not want to engage into either conflicts or.


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