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trickle every day with the experience of trauma. amid all this feelings of fear, anger, panic, and loneliness, the children of godsa dream of becoming artist, football players, engineers in professional swimmers. and they also dream of waking up one day to find god, the restrictions have been lifted, they can move freely and travel the whirl unit, c l 0 godsa. ah, so again, i'm fully back to bo with the headlines on al jazeera, tenacious president chi psi has approved and you guffman sales 3 months after he fired the last one from mr. national would then was appointed to was appointed by fade. last month. says the administration's main priority will be talking corruption. what are makayla? lima mudy daughter. there's no place for those who have wanted to undermine the sovereignty of the state and the sovereignty of the people. what they have
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plundered a lot of the people's money. they have turned their hopes into despair. i warn all those who entertained the idea of attacking the state and its institutions. we will thwart their plans for the coming days. good karma swore law should order him. the 25th of july was a historic moment. i took that decision after trying all means of reasoning with them, but it was all in vain. results from iran spawn entry election are being released. the election commission has declared initial results in several regions. the turnout for sunday's vote was about 41 percent. so the lowest in saddam hussein was deposed in 2003. and the rocky prime minister says i thought financed chief has been captured with suffer academy says iraqi security forces, candid sammy ger theme outside. iraq's borders without giving further details. jessie was a deputy to former isolator apple because out by daddy who died in 2019 in ethiopia, the t grey people's liberation francais government troops have launch coordinated
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their talks using heavy artillery tanks and fighter jets. there's been no immediate coming from the ethiopian government, the u. s. and you care wanting their citizens of a security threat in afghanistan, st. capital. they've been asked to stay away from hotels in kabul. it follows a recent rise in ice will attacks. the taliban is meeting representatives from the european union in cut us capital out to holding talks really us delegation. washington says they discuss security evacuation flights and women and minority wide snuff, ganeth son in wilkin, a fossil the trial has begun for those accused of involvement in the assassination of former a revolutionary leader to my son, kara had been president for 4 years when he was shot dead in 1987 former president bless. comparing is one of the people accused of his murder. coming up next on al jazeera, talk to al jazeera to stay with us on causing the cost is the world to dependence on coal, and our investors about get
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a bailout. venezuela launches the digital voice. i'm an attempt to revive its currency and back to the seventy's, this dank lation, making an unwelcome return. counting the cost on al jazeera ah the tale bands. takeover of afghanistan in august sent shock waves around the world . the speed of the afghan national army is collapsed and the disintegration of president a shuffle and his government took even the u. s. by surprise. now the international community is trying to figure out how to deal with the new realities on the ground. that taliban is now empower, determined to implement. it's vision for afghan. is dan and cement ties with the rest of the world. i am hash him i had
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a bottle in kabul. and this week i will be talking to the spokesman of the taliban minister of foreign affairs about the group spectacular rise to power and his plans for her which will reach out to women, minorities and its opponents. is the taliban opened for with wall and with the duke abandoned it. strict interpretation of islamic law with was that to abdel for her bell, he as the spokesman of the taliban minister of foreign affairs, jewels to al jazeera beside the co, harder but here. thank you very much. indeed for talking 200. you've recently accused the united states of america flying drones over afghanistan airspace. and you won't have consequences. how would you describe tally bones relationship with the us? ah, miss miller, a man at a theme? oh, a relationship with the united states her currently as
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her, as her, we're trying to see was seeking positive relations with the united states at the sir moment in time. dear violation of our territorial integrity of afghanistan, it is a blatant and a clear violation, or it is against the commitments that the united states of america made her in the doe, her agreement. the doha agreement clearly stipulates her that her, the united states and the other countries as well. its allies will not interfere in internal affairs offer other than this time. they are not only violating their own commitments, but they are also violating international law by flying drones and aircrafts are in our airspace. ah. yet we still seek
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dialogue. we still seek engagement, her and that has been our policy from the very beginning to hold her each other accountable for our actions and her let this relation develop her, let this relation develop and any problems and any issues that we might have with one another. it should be solved or resolved rather through dialogue and not through provocative actions or her that could lead to even creating even further problems. for, for avalon, a stand for the people out of line, a sun and, and for the security of the, of the world. is there any direct channel of communication between you and the americans, or is it through a 3rd party? no, we have her not only with the united states, we are engaging,
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we are interacting her with every one with the, with the wider international community or with the you, with the united states, with our neighboring countries. or we have a direct contacts with them and are we are, are advocating dialogue and engagement. you spent quite some time with the americans to work out the details of the doha agreement. so you should be knowing each other. and the general feeling was basically that up as after the door ha agreement the us and the taliban would be able to turn the chapter of decades of mistress mutual mistrust. i don't see that happening anytime now that has, that actually very unfortunate, as you alluded, we held very long in negotiations and dialogue with the united states. and both parties are made commitments or after very,
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very detailed discussions. it was not tentative agreement or was a very detailed and very, or a very close to very close interaction we arrived at to, at that agreement. but her, again, it's unfortunate. are there to when the administration's changed, the new administration decided not to stick her to the timeline of the agreement or the contents of the agreement and veered off in another direction. or we will also hopeful that her we would enter a new chapter following the agreement. a chapter that brings peace, prosperity, stability to afghanistan, and it brings us and the world closer together are, but unfortunately, again, it is, there. it is. the united states that has sir, taken a stance and a mass times better. that is in opposition to all law international norms by
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the us itself. president joe biden said that the u. s. is long way off from recognizing the taliban again, sir, we want positive relations. we want positive relations. we want engagement, people to people engagement, diplomatic, economic or to tackle common challenges that ter, are not only affecting us, but earlier it is that they are also affecting the united states and the wider international community that are related to understand. the matter of recognition or a sir, it's the prerogative of the united states of america. but we want and we seek positive relations or with all countries here, but with the local how you do understand that there's a huge political diplomatic problem now because when you swept through the country across the country in august, the world was grappling with how to deal with the fast moving events in afghanistan,
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and they were hoping that the taliban, when they took over zeal, would be sending some reassuring messages to the world that you are genuine about forming an inclusive government. now when i look at the you, government is predominantly hard line bashed tool leaders who were part of the government in the past. when the taliban was in power in afghanistan in 1996 to 2001, you didn't change. and you are side lining people in afghanistan. or the 1st point her that i want to clarify and make known to everyone as or that this new government that has her taken control in afghanistan. it has not through her military force or we made an agreement that we will not enter through military force. and i stress again that this was not
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a military takeover, or it was the blunder. oh, and the missteps by, by the previous administration there was present in cobble or we gave everyone a chance we signed an agreement we we wanted to hold dialog precisely because we did not want to see of wanston or in a state where it is left in a vacuum our take over or our coming to power was, was so one of the, the unparalleled in history. it was a phenomenon was her and parallel in history and have a witness where we have, we have been fighting for 20 years with the united states. and the government they had imposed, we had been fighting them for 20 years. yet when we wanted to hold dialogue and to form an inclusive government with all political parties that were present here,
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or the other side, decided that they did not want to see a peaceful and stable afghanistan. they wanted to live and in stable than, than with different power brokers. which when you say the other side, you're talking about awful down people or the international community. the, i'm talking about all sites that that were opposing yet. there's a problem here, miss her belfy. so you met with armed alabama, you met with hammet carzillo. you met with different members of the former government or clerics, tribal leaders. and the help was basically that you would form a government that includes all the different voices of the afghan society, even those who are opposed to the taliban. that would have sent a positive signal to the international committee. that is not a single woman. this government, somebody that is not a single member of the opposition, that is not a single member of the former establishment. for many,
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this is an indication that only one does not want to do business with the other voices of avalon is the avalanche people. again, i want to emphasize the fault is not with us, but with the parties that did not want to engage. that is the main problem that as the source of the problem, we committed ourselves to dialogue with the people that you mentioned. and we sincerely and genuinely her wanted to start negotiations and it was part offered the agreement that we signed as well. her that they scuttle the talks and her tried to delay the process. that is their problem. we genuinely wanted to sit and talk and we committed ourselves to it in the agreement and we stuck by it all the way till the
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end. but the events that unfolded her will not driven by us, but it was them. they did not want to engage in dialogue. that was the main problem mister bulky. this is 2021. and you say that you're generally willing to open after the international community. but when you take decisions like imposing restrictions on girls education, you're sending the wrong message here. her, what we have to understand here is that there is a, a lot of sensitivities, customs, restrictions in our own society. her and her, this her issue of women education. we have committed and we have guaranteed all the rights that have been afforded to women in islam. that is the right to education, their right to health care,
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the right to work. and are they the, the process that the world wants us are the steps they want. want us to take. we are taking them. we have seen progress in them. we had on ours is not happening because girls not girl. our government is all girls. us are going to schools, we are only work to see making secondary students are yet to go to school. yes, we are working on mechanism. there are 4 or 4 of bringing them opening up all schools, but it is a gradual progress we appropriate process because we've been talking about these issues. you're very young. by the way. a mr. bulk of madison today is different than afghanistan of 1996 to 2001. when the taliban, the 1st came to power, when the taliban leaders meet, didn't do the talk about the need to re adjust to the new reality of the need to change the need to implement reforms. do they understand that the young afghan
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people, boys and girls in missouri said if under har, cobbled by dosher and her are different with different hope, different aspirations and not necessarily some people who are loyal to the taliban? yes sir, it is not her. only us. our society that has changed, but the entire world has progressed, has advanced. we understand all the complexities, offer off the of the current world. we understand it very well and we are working. but again, i must emphasize that as the saying sit or goes, the room was not built in a day. what we are asking is the for time, or even when her countries that have governance models implemented like the now to says, there was an electoral system and even then when one administration changes and
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the other one comes there have at least a 10 week window of transition, we have not even been given a month and the demands that are being imposed on us are things that need time and we that's what we are asking for that the process will happen. but gradual, let, let's gradually i understand but arrive with it. but the taliban has been ambivalent about many issues, sending very conflicting messages. some of them are very vague and this i would appreciate if you could give me a straightforward answer when it comes to what kind of understand you would like to see. would you, are you committed to building a vibrant democratic afghanistan where freedoms of thought expression will be protected? or what people will be given a chance to say whatever they want to say, even if what they are going to say is totally different to what the taliban embraces as an ideology, again, this sir concept has been misunderstood. and this concept of freedom of expression
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has been misunderstood. it is not related to a democratic order. islam itself allows freedom of expression. and are we, i have to clarify one point. after 40 years of conflict, of death of destruction. this country has seemed the chaos that was prevalent or the system that of governance that has taken hold. it is the 1st time in nearly 40 years. that all opposition, whether in the government or outside the government, every individual has the right to express his opinion. you sitting here and interview me the media that is present, the vibrant media that you yourself are witnessing that is present in cobble and across of einstein as also a testament of our commitment to freedom of expression to freedom of speech. or this our priority at this moment,
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or is that stabilizing this country. we have been at war and conflict for 40 years . and i have to emphasize this point again and again, 40 years is a very, very, very long time for a country to be mired in constant and constant conflict and war. but i have to say that journalists afghan jewelers up very much concert. they say that you are imposing restrictions on them and that they are telling them we have to follow the agenda of the taliban. you've been very critical of the former government, but at least in the, in, during the last 20 years there was a constitution which was adopted in 2004. there was a parliament and there were political parties trying to vie for a bigger say, you know, was the biggest concern is that when, if you to more of this i to talk to the europeans, they will tell you we need to see political parties contesting lashes we would like to see women given biggest sand, the government, and you're not given the world an indication that you are willing to implement
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those political reforms. her coming to your 1st point about restrictions on a local media. that to the fears are irrational. they are unfounded. no one has ordered or instructed any journalist to take a certain stances to follow a certain policy. i'll freedom of expression that they have the freedom offer, expressing their voices that has to be within the bounds of islam. it must not transgress against the honor and dignity of individuals. it must not, it must not violate and rouse emotions, islamic emotions, or religious or emotion sin. it must serve the expressions, the freedom of exhaustion that to have the advantage. it must not across certain bounds or that is the only restrictions when you talked about those boundaries of all the muslim countries. the taliban are internationally known for their strict
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interpretation of islamic laws. where you go to countries in the muslim world, they have very relaxed codes. or are you still stuck in the mindset of 219962001 where you are weld view was different than the rest of the world. or are you, are we likely to see some changes here? again, i have to say that to each country and each country has its own laws and regulations are for running or the governance structure of running the government are for giving her liberties to the people. we are committed and we guarantee every single right that islam has given to the people of afghanistan. we will give it to them. but we do not want interference in our internal affairs. i see a bite. let's go to retirement just just as we do not interfere and do not demand
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certain things from, from the or from others. we would also like the same ok treatment. let's go to regional politics. i would like to start with your neighbor tajikistan president, him or anybody. raman has accused the taliban of human rights abuses in punchier and said, there's absolutely no way does he, his son will recognize your government. are you in touch with them? the reports. i have not seen any of the human rights violations because we have sent media to the pantry valley. there have not been any human rights violations committed in pension. we are in and talk to her and her with her with tajikistan and her again. we want good relations, we want positive relations with, with all our countries that are neighboring countries or regional countries, the international will. we want engagement, we one dialogue and that is our policy and we'll continue to be our policy to,
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to iron out any differences or any obstacles or any concerns they have through dialogue and engagement. do you see iran as a potential ally of of gunnison? oh, we see all our all neighboring countries her with tajikistan was focused on iran, pakistan. all these countries are we want good relations with them. we want positive relations. we are neighbors. we have rights on one another, but you know, you're the spokesman or the minister of foreign affairs. you know that the iranians are pretty much concerned about you side lining the. she has other planets that you're not giving them a bigger say. no, we have not side lender, she her has our community. her. as you might have also read reports that there has had been no fighting and the has outage at regions of afghanistan or the hand over off security of governance toward nerd, the islamic emerett or was through peaceful means through understanding. and oh,
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we have even included a has ada i. she has ada as a minister and in a, in our cabinet. if you feel together recognition from the americans and the europeans. do you think that china and russia could be the potential partners up on the taliban? will be ready to do business with again, her and i want to emphasize this point over and over. we seek engagement. we seek engagement with the united states, with the e, you, with russia, with china. we do not want understand to be a play ground of competition. we wanted to be an economic corridor and a space of co operation between all world countries. or we do not want a supposed great game being played out on our poor people and against apple available or so again we,
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we want engagement and positive relations with every single country around the world. one of the sticking points here is, are these like state of hot sandwiches, an affiliate of our iso, and al qaeda. the americans made it clear, and the europeans, the russians himself, the chinese. you realize also that they don't want, they don't want to see those girls operating in your country using your country as a platform to launch attacks. i guess the europeans of the americans, are you determined to clump down or i'll hide and ice gay? her eyes this phenomenon. that term took root in afghanistan was during the time of the united states of america when it had occupied our land. we have fought against isis, our people, the people of afghanistan do not accept the ideology, the extremist interpretation of islam, of fur, isis,
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or any such groups. and we have made commitments. and we have are proven through our actions, proven through our actions from our inception. as the taliban movement to the estimate, emerett or in the ninety's and through the stage of our for fighting for our freedom against an occupation that we will not allow any one to threaten the security of any other country you from the soil of afghanistan. we have made that commitment in the doha agreement as well. mister butler, you understand that winning war is one thing. building a country is something else. now, when you look at the future of, of lanissa, what kind of country do you have in mind? like let's say in 510 years from now we envision and afghanistan,
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that is a, is an, it is a country that serves as an economic corridor for, for between the east and the west. a space of engagement, a country of prosperity. ah, a country that is at peace with itself and the world that is our vision for a, for a future other than is that where we are an open society, a diverse society, we're where people have freedom of movement, freedom of expression, and are all the other rights that islam has given to every single individual while he spokesmen of them in a sale for enough as of up a lot of stuff. thank you very much for your time. ah frank assessments. what's the point of the un if multilateralism isn't part of
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indiana? we need somewhere, we're sovereign states can exchange informed opinions is focus likely to change biking behavioral. it's not going to change their behavior. they're going to continue to do what they do when it's going to be more in trade and less in terms of trying to match with this more games mentality. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on out jazeera incarcerated for over half his life convicted by a non unanimous jury for a crime in which no one was a black male making eye contact. when the white parson could cause him to lose his life, and in this particular situation, it caused him to lose his freedom. why did the lord deemed unconstitutional by the supreme court? still keep people behind boss in the state of louisiana. being incarcerated is just another form of slavery. the gym co convictions on al jazeera, the latest news,
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as it breaks, free democrats and the creams are talking to each other, trying to ionize that differences. because together they form a large block in parliament with detailed coverage behind the world's largest producer of low to sleep. but children being used to meet the rising demand from around the world, the island has increased in land masses as if boom rivera with this corruption is pulling the island of la paloma out of the ocean. the venezuela columbia border has become a stamping ground for trespasses as desperate people transgress and illegal passage to feed an emerging field trafficking markets. we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking at all the venezuelan columbia on al jazeera,
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the world is warming, and green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, passed greenland the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello and welcome. i'm peter darby. you're watching the news. i live for my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. john is he has president, k said unveils a new government but gives no hint about loosening his divisive power. grab.


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