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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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ah ah ah, oh sh ah, to ms. hughes, newly appointed prime minister, announces the formation of a new government. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up the lowest voter turnout since the fall of saddam hussein. we get the latest from baghdad ahead of results from iraq's parliamentary election. a
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warning from the u. s. and the u. k to their citizens in afghanistan, telling them to stay away from hotels in cobbles and celebrations in australia's largest city after a long herb 19 lockdown is east ah . to museum president chi said has approved a new government selected by prime minister nashua den. it's been a key demand of thousands of protested so accused president chi said of orchestrating a crew in july when he dismissed the government in suspended parliament. these alive pictures of the swearing in ceremony being held in genius, the capital among the new cabinet members is former banker some yet said,
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who will be the economy minister. we can see the prime minister o the president rather watching on these alive pitches of the swearing in ceremony . in tunisia, following months of demonstrations with thousands of protesters accused saeed of orchestrating occur in july. we will bring you more information about the new government as it comes to hint the u. s. and u. k. a warning their citizens of a security threat in afghanistan is capital american and british citizens have been asked to stay away from hotels and cobble it follows a recent rise in the ice sal attacks. many foreigners have left afghanistan up to the us withdrawal in august. but some aid workers and generalists remain. stephanie deca has more from cobble they are both united states and the u. k. issuing warnings of a specific security threat, particularly to high profile targets here in the capital. we've known about this for around 48 hours. now the taliban has increased its security presence,
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particularly with special forces in certain parts, certain infrastructure as of the capital. at some point they will close rose, their snipers on roofs, me. but this is always been a concern, and i think the talks going on in doha, the previous agreement between the taliban and the americans was to ensure that afghanistan did not become a safe haven for what they called terrorism, particularly terrorist attack on foreign soil. now i sell an ice, okay, in particular, which is the iso branch of afghanistan and it, we've seen an uptick in the last couple of weeks now. taliban and an ice. okay. of 40 each other over the last couple of years. this is not new, but we have seen since the taliban taking power, taking control of afghan. this don now really being it's government that ice okay is increasing its attacks on the taliban on civilians and certainly now this is a very specific threat against a particular areas of the capitol. the taliban is expected to meet representatives
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from the european union in cottage capital. after holding talks with a us delegation, washington says they discussed security evacuation flights and women and minority. once in afghan has done while the u. s. still refuses to recognize the taliban government. it's a great to provide humanitarian aid directly to the afghan paypal zane. bez ravi explains the expectation from both sides as they have talks in doha. the europeans want primarily to guarantees the same thing. the americans want to make sure that have gotten his son does not become a staging ground for any kind of attacks by arm groups such as al qaeda or the islamic state. and they'll be one. it guarantees that there won't be another refugee crisis, like we saw in 20152016 where refugees of from, of got us on in syria streamed into european borders. they don't want anything like that. again, how they achieve that is by delivering humanitarian aid to neighboring countries around have gone on and inside have gone on to that end you. the european union will be looking for guarantees of being able to fairly access all parts of august
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on to make sure aid is not seized at airports or at border crossings by the taliban government as it goes into the country. and they'll be looking for a human rights guarantees as well, for minorities and women. things that the taliban is either been unable or unwilling to guarantee. so far as the security situation continues to worsen in cobble, it is becoming more difficult to make those guarantees. what is the taliban going to be looking for? well, they're looking for engagement. they want international legitimacy to be able to shore up the power they seized in cobble. they also want economic guarantees. and what that means is they want assets to the tune of nearly $10000000000.00 that have been frozen by the united states and european allies. they want those afghan government assets and reserves opened up of for what they consider themselves to be, which is the current government of afghanistan. they also want the european union to make good on what many are looking at an estimated $351000000.00 in humanitarian relief aid. they want that to come quickly and come fast inside the country. but european analysts have said that that is likely not going to happen any time soon.
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this is going to be a slow process. there is a trust deficit here. at the taliban have remained enemies for the europeans and the united states for 2 decades. now it's going to take a long time to close that gap. a large fi has broken out at an oil facility in southern lebanon, local media, a reporting, a fuel storage tank of cold fire at the facility in the city of st. on the fire is close to 111 ons main power stations, which stopped functioning 2 days ago because of a few shortage millions of payable in australia's lodge. his city sidney is celebrating. after a month long coven 19 lockdown. that was lifted. taff restrictions have been in place for more than 100 days to curb the spread of the delta variant cafes james and he addresses have reopened for the fully vaccinated. sarah clock has more from brisbin in the state of queensland which seemed st. jubilation across sidney to die and where you could describe the feelings of being alighted as was relieved after
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106 days, the likes of petitions, restaurants, cinemas, he addresses, and they were able to open at midnight. we even so ques outside. some of these venues at midnight because people was so cane up to 106 dies, a locked down to be able to return to life as normal, some level of normality. now basically we've got the that he said boss premier, he wasn't a fan of blocked downs and he was encouraging a state to move forward. and he's pushed his roadmap to declare what he calls freedom day, which was on monday. now 72 percent of the people in new south wales, they have now been fully vaccinated. that those people over the age of 16 when they reach 80 percent, that's when further restrictions will be eased. now the numbers of cases of infections are in use while they're being falling for quite some time. today we had under 500 cases. at the same time, we've had the vaccination rights on the rise. so the new rules that apply only for vaccinated people at mosques must still be worn out inside, but not outside. and the restrictions or the stay home rules where people weren't
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allowed to travel further than 5 columbus from the home. that's now being lifted weddings and funerals can now go ahead, but with 100 people. but i should say not everyone has been able to reopen some members of the hospitality industry. restaurants had said that they can't find fully enough fully backside stuff to help them reopen. so some of those been use will staggered their opening of the coming months. now looking at some of the other states as well. victoria, the numbers are still on the rise. i c, t and victoria still remained and knocked down and hearing quinn said we've had 0 cases again, but they are charging a home quarantine system for international travelers. returning to australia that the prime minister here has been encouraging or sidney, looking forward to resuming international travel and lifting that moratorium on international travel and allowing thousands of australians to be able to return back to australia. malaysia has also eased its travel restrictions for those who are fully vaccinated and ox inoculation rights have reached 90 percent and
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infections have slowed after a severe delta outbreak in august fully vaccinated paypal my travel domestically and with commission overseas. travelers entering malaysia will still have to quarantine though florence louis is in kuala lumpur with the latest domestic travel had by and large been band since january after a surge in corona virus cases. and they were only open to certain categories of people. now that restriction has now been lifted international travel to now that has been restricted to malaysian since the start of the pandemic. those who wanted to travel abroad had to obtain permission from the immigration department. now that restriction has now been done away with people are now free to travel, they no longer have to obtain permission, but they will still have to undergo pcl cove. it tests we're just, we're just going to move now to our top story. the announcement of the formation of a new government into nicea, the president kind said is speaking now let's take a listen in rum dba sierra if you watch out the money to
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confront, are those who water wash? that's not. yeah. well, i'm to attack the state job and it's institutions. and the denisia people, what you have that you to day. what for? you really have you that up, you to list if that a year and within the context of the exception of measures by the horn was shocked with the yacht, didn't work to you. and there comes after the several previous warnings marked all those so wound up. so who, who entertained the idea? yeah, thought oh, what tacking told you i was just, this is steve done. it's institutionally, you know, obama that got the or. busy but people on the property were set up with to him, sean la mark, but do up the thought and the fear that we wait sort the plans for the key coming
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days or less than i or gone it is still being sent to feed the ski leader but it took me a long time to announce a new cabinet. what gun was grateful as if the problem was in forming a new cabinet picked up with what a supplemental woman what sooner slept the colorful woman in the hold would you set up? the sun was it, do you know what to say about the land that my vehicle roku met the kanisha didn't have a government till 1969 canada cook double dollar. they were gonna only senior, a se deficiencies look debit though. and there was a council for these senior officials while mother who hm. with that grievance woman, what have they got to do with forming
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a cabinet to choosing members of the cabinet the or you get we are not controlled by any one that the so what i saw them. but because the constitution stipulated there should be a government, we have announced a new government mark. and we have done that faster than the unexpected them. but the key for say you that i use of the woman that is after giving the mandate to her excellency the head of the government, the what filled out the lobby, the 1st of its kind in tunisia and other arab countries, one month. and it's a great honor to the denisia woman that she me, that that she needed was the set. denise young woman is not a cosmetic, to make the institutions look more not to embellish institutional love. what i'm a sucker. i did not honestly speed up or neither was i li because
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the issue is not related to a cabinet but to the entire, to the entire systems document. and a system that still exists that has been there for tens of years. yes. so each single element consolidate the other on a navarro valls. you see so that the system what he would continue to operate to serve the various lobbies are, are the sharp stop the people wanted to bring down that system. and the ne, i seal the rubber. i am not working through a set up following a mirage bun or without a clear vision and the harmonica to the her you than what that me. it's
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her a national liberation was that on the battle, hold. alexa and god willing we will prevail money. who will marty? yes, and those who fell asleep. car fight should know who are their faithful friendliness, man, before whom, and rather one thou would also stab him in the back and betray him. gun and commerce, while i saw them shot his medial among the 25th of july was an historic moment. do little or use in the full sense of the word to be my sac radical yo. i am i on that evening got food. i took the decision that you're now aware of by the am. i took that decision, little, or sad, after i tried, but only of ill cherished turned them to their reason and wow. you left
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the humble little muscular year. and after urging them to take full responsibility, but it was all in vain. what they you knew of? are you not a? i took that decision alone gave us in front of god law. yo malcay. emma? well, what am i going to still got on the day of judgment today? when i see the tunisian and dying every day, but it will are more of the dishwasher by disease hunger moth. i'm talking of disease mosh denisia as achieved america. thanks to the efficiency and the competency i said within 3 week or so. so all of the higher level below, after people were dying every day, tens of them. what he said, thanks to denisia people, men and women, and it's forcibly one. it's military forces and security forces about frank and
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thanks to its doctors, what be published and the civilian sector and the use of them. then i will never forget my final will you be and others while will had i at the show as a fan, i thought the girl who was no older than 13 years old school at the 2nd to school. what to do, how an m give aro, what you are and how she bought all merged tunisian men and women for work to to get organized and waved, and we couldn't mock i use balloon. and the hammer, she is a, she was a medical, it was a medical that the denisia people by the has achieved this issue all that the after the news, the other than you saw that what be out that it was only about the number of those it was shocked, who had contracted the infection of and those who died. thanks to all those people who contributed to that effort when
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a law civilian officials bear what man he thought he should bet doctors and of you huck i had a little more. is that those who have achieved this medical, you thought it would be to day from where 58 the fun of you bay and want the vaccine. and they can choose which type of vaccine or can look on the on them. what could all of you know, missouri unharnessed on their city lemons. all have even seen what happened. the 25th of july. i have a harsh i'm walked in, or no one walked in. how the people took to the street out. what for last year, that in various what cars oh the country and even abroad, they took to the streets because they felt there was hope again after the nightmares, just that much that out of food, brown, lima had weighed heavily on the minds of the people about them come as what i said,
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i massaged either. after the 25th of july, i noticed with a great deal of pain. what more, how people change positions suassa. remember, were trying to seize various opportunities away from those who were waking or for an opportunity man, but there was so, so she and, and momentarily saw them went on after that on aka, they became an opposition for ha, after their joy, the how and they started they change their joy, host them up to grief and frustration, volleyball better, and they started them out to demand. um, you see what i see them to return to what bear was the 25th of july to a former nominal legitimacy. wanna pass that was tailored to suit the purposes like
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a pair of shoes or the fall. i'm one and they paid the money if the gun lobby, him and they continued to change the position. so william oliver ana, and that is how they portray the situation as if it was a google assembly story. how could it be called it a cool, based on a constitutional was on the constitution. after i had consulted the head of the government and the head of the parliament to school in line with the constitution. and that, that bureaus that there, you must, these were exceptional measures stipulated by the constitution be helped out of that one a can in case there is an eminent ben and jaw you about made dangerous continuous human and sell their home. and that's the other for hum. yeah, she bought another little girl bill out there and i should we leave the country and
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the people go that that god awful ha. i see back you down for the lions of my you know that a little hard to come to attack but it was a dark night or should the them on atkin a but the eye on little we are show. but like i started to emerge, you men on the evening, on the 25th of july, the light has started to shine on the land. i fatal be bothersome to day. i have brought you some pictures for those who wish to forget, sir william. i want the photographer sat deep to turn the cameras you that have you swore. so to this pictures, this is the picture of the parliament don't. have they forgotten that? thought on. oh,
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another pictures. so the parliament and i are kid who can't be see that sort of little another picture. another picture for the column and i can't be see what was going on. another picture for the parliament ally of god who have they forgotten that the man and yet another picture will match this? there was blood inside the parliament, not so at the map of they've got the forgotten the blunt now. so my house sooner we have a in a senate thing and not the forgotten what happened during the past 2 years. ringback yeah, pardon i a shave without anything? saw the car on a bother. was that why fi are you having achieved nothing except try to find some
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changes that are fema sadie aren't going lunch to an a for then got up was and 3 bills stood and michael said little mana dana. and now i met up dorothea. let you set the horse than the hoosier above them. the little left the on the front. we unravel the idea so big on let them look at these pictures on well the harvey, he look at these pictures. well, i set it up pretty much the same. yeah. be yeah, be these that is how would look inside the pollen? yeah, yeah. why? we thought it wouldn't. below that, do you have you out? yesterday they wanted to go back and turn this back to this situation that prevail inside the bottom. what was that one swear words that largest in the a b verbal abuse inside the house of representatives that
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a bother. i'm sure that he may. i told him that a young liam condie ha. and this is what happened to one of the women, members of parliament after it was rescued by the police law, mom, cathy, and they have their own agendas. what fi, ivy of little philharmonic under these dog circumstances? much so you were given this tragic picture men, and that is only a tiny portion of a much bigger picture. one books martinez, miserably omen. bodeo were increasing. day by day. i looked at the soup and the pandemic was killing people. were lum gala and no more mozilla la shop and those so supposed to present the people
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what and i'm not going about every one, but i'm gonna submit the and i said with you on those who stood furna ah order. but those are full and i couldn't know fiddle with spending that day. it is in hotels and believe what they were sending 1000000 anne marie, i bill i'm worldly men and suitcases. that full of money when they are coming from abroad were entering the country every day. do, and i, you know, city without a permission, despite that olden our little b. yeah. the home. yeah. but they found isn't themselves to say they were working well for achieving the goals of the revolution on fighting corruption. that was due
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to museum president chi said, announcing the new government and revealing a new cabinet. the swearing in ceremony has been completed a short time ago in the capital. he says that they've done it in quite a faster than expected time. he also spoke about the selection of women. there are 24 members of his new government, including its 7 women, said abruptly, drew dismissed the prime minister in his assumed all executive, pow is in july 25th. and he said he was taken to side of the country from deteriorating economic, political, and health crisis. for more on this story. now let's bring in our guest as simon statement, who's in chinese. he's an independent journalist, simon, what do you make of this wearing? and sam ceremony and he's picks today well like so much, it's been spring on us with very little warning. i've been going through the list of ministers now and it seems a broadening compton government. a lot of the heavy lifting is gonna have to be done by the finance minister. see him very now. quickly looking at her background,
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she seems to be an economist. she's what the ministry of finance. and she has a lot of work at the head of a i think based on past conversations with various diplomats, they were really looking for the at this position above all else. ah, the appointment to the prime minister is very important. it was a big step forward, but it wasn't the vital part of the puzzle that they were looking for. that was the finance minister. my understanding is that with a good finance minister teamed with the head of the central bank, you, they have faith in that guy coach moran a bossy. that's going to be the team that they will deal with to maybe get an economy moving. told to that i am f, negotiate the international loans, and how to move forward with the economy the chinese yet desperately needs. in the meantime, as we saw yesterday, there is perhaps something of
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a groundswell against the president, though that remains in the minority, was suddenly thousands of protested within the city center yesterday, protesting against his july the 25th power brockovich. simon, thank you for that. or the president said in that space, i'm not sure if he heard, but he said that it was they were chief somewhat of a miracle. what do you think he meant by that? oh that he has actually managed to progress to this that each oh, i remember i went to the parliament on july the 26th that the day after president saved enough extraordinary measures. i was sorry about the noise i was told by, oh, all me on the lower expect to the chief of government that day. you know, we're now in october, i'm with finally got in government, which might mean that this country can start moving again. i mean it's sort of a means to what do you think of the timing?
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i mean you did mention it just brinkley then, but when i this has been happening since july. what's the sort of mood on the ground there from to museum paypal and also from, you know, the likes of fellow journalists and politicians. well, frustration i and impatience, i think would be the key things. i think we could, jo is talk, we'll talk to politicians. we talked to you yesterday, a manifestation people in the crowd and nobody has really understands what's going on in july, the 25th. we thought we're seeing part of this very so the 3 dimensional chess intricate check game and allow tobar that's not the case. he seems to be moving very slowly until now he's not mentioned the economy. and that is one of the vital issues and this was, is his greatest risk. and it's also possibly great opportunity. ah, i think the protest yesterday was a factor, but i would not say
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a deciding factor. these names these people at all when interviewed long in the past and here to assemble them. it seems, i mean, that's very early days, a fairly reasonable team. i would need to do some more study. well, we look forward to more updates. thank you for your insights there. simon's bateman, who's my 1st engine, is an independent journalist. let's move to a rock now where we are expecting results from sunday's parliamentary election in a few hours time for the apathy and a boycott. campaign appear to have contributed to a record low turn out. the election commission says initial attendance in sundays parliamentary vote was about 41 percent. that's the lowest in the 5 elections in saddam hussein was deposed in 2003. the 1st official results are expected later on monday. let's head to baghdad. now, where my mood, abdel, why head is live for us, mama, what more can you tell us about these impending election results?
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will we're just waiting for this conference to be held by the election commission officials. we do know for certain whether or not they're going to announce the results or that are going to announce the actual turnout. because remember at last night and i was had the initial turnout, which is 41 percent. but in all cases, up there is it's have to be announced within 24 hours from the closure of the bullet stations, which was yesterday at 6 p. m. a local time. up in old cases in all cases there. hi, election commission has to go through a manny procedure, sometimes sophisticated legal and constitutional procedures before the final results. the final results are endorsed. today the initial results
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are expected to be answered by the high national election commission. but this is not.


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