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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2021 10:00am-10:31am AST

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wayland columbia on al jazeera. you know, you can watch out to see we're english streaming live on like youtube channel, plus thousands of all programs award winning documentaries. and in did news reports subscribe to you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah . a warning from the u. s. sam u k, to their citizens in afghanistan, telling them to stay away from hotels in cobbled ah, hello. i mainly anglin, this is al jazeera alive from dough house, or coming up the lowest voter turnout since the fall of saddam hussein. we live in the iraqi capital ahead of the results from sunday's parliamentary election. a
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crackdown in indian administered kashmir. 700 people are arrested after a series of targeted killings in the past week. and in during the traumas of war, we report on the lasting psychological scars of children in gaza. ah, the u. s. and ukiah warning, the citizens of a security threat in afghanistan's capital, american and british citizens have been asked to stay away from hotels in cobble. it follows a recent rise in the i sal attacks. many foreigners have left afghanistan after the us withdrawal in august. but some aid workers and journalists remain shortly. we'll hear from zane and bab ravi, who's monitoring talks between e, you officials and the taliban here. enjoy. but 1st,
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let's get the latest with stephanie decker, who's in cobble, hello there, stay for what more do we know this morning? we add this to our security alerts overnight from the state department and the british foreign office, something that we've been aware of here over the last 48 hours or so of specific threats, attacks against high profile targets, but it clea, one where foreigners are present. there's been a beefing up by the taliban with their special forces across certain areas across the capital, and they're on high alert. and of course, this is always been a concern. and you mentioned there, the talks in doe how we had a statement by the state department yesterday following the conclusion of the us part of the talks with the town about in the 1st thing they mentioned was security and terrorism. you had present head of delegation, the deputy had a, b, c i a so i think it gives you an indication that the american so very much concerned about what was one of the key agreements when it came to the doe agreements between the taliban and the americans to not allow of janice on to
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become what they call a safe haven for terrorist. so i, so k certainly has increased its, its attacks across the country over the last couple of weeks and what you're seeing now in cobble with this heightened security threat alerts is part of that pattern. and of course, it is a concern, although, you know, have to tell you talking to people here in cobble. they will tell you that this is almost just part and part of the same narrative of the last 2 decades. when it comes to the security situation. it's only the actors that change or have the taliban that used to be the insurgency. they're now having to secure the country and, and deal with the type of threats that they used to carry out themselves. steph, thank you very much for the update. stephanie dick alive for us in cobble. the taliban is expected to meet representatives from the european union in cotton capital. after holding talks with the us delegation, washington says they discussed security evacuation flights and human rights in afghanistan. while the u. s. still refuses to recognize the taliban government. it's agreed to provide humanitarian aid directly to the afghan people. sign up as
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ravi has been following the talks ross and his live indo hello design. what's likely to be the focus of today's discussions between the you and the taliban? well we have to start by saying this is the 1st time that members of the e. u. delegation from the european union will be meeting with officials from the taliban since the government and taliban was able to sort of put pen to paper and make sure that the a world knows that these are the taliban leaders, that the world will be dealing with going forward we can look back about a month or 2 and things were far more unstable. now, the europeans will be sitting face to face for the 1st time with people they know that they will be dealing with for, ah, far into the future. in terms of these negotiations, what are they likely to be talking about? will the europeans want primarily to guarantees the same thing? the americans want to make sure that he got his son does not become a staging ground for any kind of attacks by armed groups such as al cai the or the
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islam state. and they'll be one. it guarantees that there won't be another refugee crisis, like we saw in 20152016 where refugees are from afghanistan in syria, streamed into european borders. they don't want anything like that. again, how they achieve that is by delivering humanitarian aid to neighboring countries around afghanistan and inside have gone on to that end. you know, the european union will be looking for guarantees of being able to fairly access all parts of, of gone. it's done to make sure aid is not seized at airports or at border crossings by the taliban government as it goes into the country. and they'll be looking for a human rights guarantees as well for minorities and women. things that the taliban has either been unable or unwilling to guarantee. so foreign as the security situation continues to worsen in cobble it is becoming more difficult to make those guarantees. what is the taliban going to be looking for? well, we've seen many times the many spokesmen that have spoken to our colleagues about 0 said the same thing. they're looking for engagement, they want international legitimacy to be able to shore up the power they seized in
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cobble. they also want economic guarantees. and what that means is they want assets to the tune of nearly $10000000000.00 that have been frozen by the united states and european allies. they want those afghan government assets and reserves opened up for what they considered themselves to be, which is the current government of afghanistan. they also want the european union to make good on what many are looking at an estimated $351000000.00 in humanitarian relief aid. they want that to come quickly and come fast inside the country. but european analysts have said that that is likely not going to happen any time soon. this is going to be a slow process. there is a trust deficit here at the tall about have remained enemies for the europeans in the united states for 2 decades. now it's gonna take a long time to close that gap or i zane. thank you for that. as an baz ravi, like pressing doha, cape is updated tens of thousands of people have rallied across poland, angry and a court ruling which said parts of a new law are incompatible with the polish constitution. the borders of b,
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a. u. a worried their government is pushing poland towards an exit from the block or a challenz reports from also a large crowds and e. u flags. plenty in central, russo and real fears for the countries future. we would like to stay in the european union and we are very afraid that we are going to to the pol exit together with the government, officer coaches. he and the others there is like, you know, a magician who is playing a young magician who is playing with fire and he doesn't know how to her how to stop so it can explode. so i think he's the same here. they don't really know what they did since the constitutional tribunal ruled on thursday. that foundational part of law don't apply in poland, thomas, opposition, politicians on and you, supporters of in mobilizing the turn out here reinforces
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a central point. support for the european union in poland is overwhelming, some 75 to 80 percent of the population, not even the ruling lauren justice party. really questions pollings membership of the european union. sir begs the question, why is the government picking such a potentially dangerous fight with brussels? we did invite poland government and supporters in the media to explain their position, but none took the opportunity. so i put the question to adam bordner until being ousted by the same tribunal that ruled against the e. u. he was poland, human rights ombudsman. it seems to me that government would simply like to accept . okay, we can take the money, we can take all those benefits, but please leave us alone when it comes to and the pressure concerning the compliance with and the european standards. but it is impossible simply because you cannot be at the same time member of the european union and ignore basic rules of
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european integration. the you is thinking about its response. it neither wants to let this slide nor worse, and the dispute. we will react of calls like we're like we have done in the last weeks or and most you have seen that again, we already know false new decisions of the court of justice about the situation in colon also possible, a daily financial sanction. the constitution now joins issues like judicial reform, abortion, and l g b t writes connected fronts in a power struggle between poland, government and the e u. that's getting worse, not better. rory, challenge how to 0. so in iraq voter apathy and boycott campaign appeared to have contributed to a record. lloyd sent out the election commission says initial attendance and sundays parliament who died about 41 percent. that's the lowest in the 5 election since saddam hussein was deposed in 2003. the 1st official results are expected
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later on monday for more and this ma mode abdullah had to ease live for us in baghdad. hello there my mode. why has there been such a low turn out will emily, a murder that's basically attributed to the boy cutting campaigns. 9 that have been launched dead over the past 2 years of, namely by the revolutionaries known as the screen out of ocean news it, they belong to the, a nationwide movement that started back in 2019 against corruption against mismanagement and against a corrupt or politicians. they wanted a change, they wanted early elections, but recently the had been boycotting this election because they strongly believe that it is not going to change anything. it's not going to bring that change the wanted or the hope for because the same all the politicians are again running for
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this parliament. the turn out as it initial or turn out that allison by the high national lecture commission, is 41 percent. but it says, the lecture commissioner also says this is just an initial turn out announcement because has been collected from only 95 percent of the pulling the stations. and only 9000000 iraqis over my immediate iraq, iraq is just voted in this election out of 25000000 who are eligible to vote. emily murmured, honestly, different tact. we're hearing that a high ranking member of i saw sammy just seem, has been arrested by security forces. what more can you tell us about that? well, this is their breakthrough news that are causing me the iraqi prime minister are alluded are about a week ago before the election, he announced that they would announce a breakthrough news. good news after the election. so this is the news
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he alluded for before. the election of this is a tough commander of eisley. in fact his the deputy deputy chief, our commander of a, a so known as a jazz sim eligibility, or had g hamid a. he has, he has also an alias named like a b, a bull as yet his earliest name. it was the financial coordinator of the, of the armored group. there's been a wanted by the u. s. department of treasury and debt that i've been news about, sir, that he was responsible for illicit our oil, a monument, and there are minerals, or are there smuggling and illegal trades of or are you and did, minerals and monuments in fact. but the government of most of us casa me here in iraq. consider this a great achievement, as he was responsible for
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a lot. he was operative in the armored group and he was responsible for a lot of operations in iraq and syria. my would keep us updated as to what else you hear about that unfolding story. thank you for the update live for us in about out . a large fire has broken out at an oil facility in southern lebanon, is alive pitches at the moment. and local media reporting that a few storage tank or the fire at the facility in the city of saint john. the army is evacuating the area and traversing traffic. still head on al jazeera o celebrations in astrology, as largest sea after long 19 lockdown east plas once got hiler in thailand's deep south home to nearly 20 years of fighting between arm, separatist, and the army. we take a look at
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a proposed lawn torture and how it's being c. awe. thanks for checking in. hello everyone. here's your weather update for europe and africa. we have some potent cells, still southern parts of italy right through the balkans. and this energy has really been stalled out over this area for the last few days. so that's allowing the rain to pile up in the very real risk. i've seen some flash flooding. then there's temperature is belgrade, 9 degrees just a few days ago you were about $28.00. these storms are also pulsing across greece. so that's going to throw a bit more cloud cover and it's double the risk of a scattered shower as well. and then cross sil event, some spots, temperatures are above average, so ramallah high of 28 years should be about $24.00. we're going to lock your temperature in there. but then a north wind is going to dial back your temperature a few notches, other side of the mediterranean,
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also above average here in madrid. 23 lives been a high of 27 degrees after the northwest slice of europe. right now, bris, when through the nor see wrapping around into the baltic sea and we've got some outbreaks of rain really wide spread across scandinavia. they stay in london with the sunshine and a high of 16, which is pretty well where you should be for this time the year. well then this weather broadcasts in africa right now where we've got our storms across the gulf of guinea, mostly hugging that south coastline. so what day in lagos, that sure update. bye for now. season. ah, the end of the country with an abundance of results for the road and walk indonesia whose terms forming we moved the ball to grow and froth. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs.
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invest. let me pause when denise is growth and progress. invent indonesia. now, lou ah ah. hello, you're watching out here. i'm emily anglin, a reminder of our top stories this hour. the u. s. m. u k. a warning they citizens of a security threat in afghanistan is capital. they have been asked to stay away from hotels in kabul. it follows a recent rise in hostile attacks. a rock selection commission says initial turnout and sundays parliamentary election was about 41 percent. that's the lowest in that
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the 5 election since saddam hussein was deposed in 2003 official results are expected in the coming. alex and tens of thousands of people have rallied across poland in support of the european union. they're angry about a court ruling which said, pa to me you lot are incompatible with the polish constitution. security forces in the indian administered kashmir have detained at least 700 people in a crackdown. it follows a series of targeted killings. gunman killed 4 people from minority communities in the main x city of shouldn't a guy in the last few days. police say around $25.00 civilians have been killed and politically motivated attacks in the regions so far this year. for more on the store, let's bring in the elizabeth parent, m a and she's live for us in new delhi. hello there late. what's the latest on the situation today? hello, emily. we've had kush me as director general the police saying on monday morning
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that they have killed to what he called terrorists and to separate security operations. and he said that one of them was linked to one of the civilian killings last year. that of a taxi driver. now as well as that, as you say, hundreds of people have been detained in relation to the killings of 7 civilians. and just 6 days, including a prominent hindu pharmacist who was known to many people. and she and i go a street vendor, a school principal and a teacher as well. now a senior police officer has said that the people that they are detaining have linked to band islamist organizations and that they are trying to break the chain of attacks in the push meet valley. now there has been a claim of responsibility from a relatively, relatively new group called the resistance from to after each of these civilian kennings, they released statements elaborating on why these victims had been chosen. they
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said it's because they were agents of the new nationalist organization the i assess or that they were government informers. they said that they killed the school principal and the teacher because the 2 of them had forced parents to put pressure on students to attend india's independence day celebrations. 15th of august, now the resistance font was form shortly after the indian government revoked the regions autonomy in august, 2019. and the government says that it has links rather that it's an offshoot of the pakistani group lecture, a thorough. but there are many, many unanswered questions about this group about these killings. but what does undeniable as the armies and the region? as a result, we have reports of some hindus who left the region out of fear for their safety. 6 marched, people belonging to the sick, faith marched in the capitol. she and i go on friday after the funeral of the sick
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principle, and of course, many muslims are afraid of being wrongfully accused and detained as human rights organizations say, is very common indeed administered. kush me. thank you for the update. elizabeth. the parent may live for us in new delhi. millions of people in australia's largest city sydney is celebrating. after strict coven 19 locked down, was lifted. tough restrictions had been in place and more than 100 days. to curb the spread of the delta variance cafes, gyms and hair dresses have reopened for those who have been fully vaccinated. sarah clark has more from brisbin in the state of queensland that we've seen scenes of jubilation across a great, a city as of midnight tonight, which is, i should say on monday, the restaurants, the, jim's, the head dresses, and they've all been opened, but only to cleave vaccinated residence now that he south wells premise, he doesn't like lock downs and this is the new new south wells premier. he's only
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elected a couple of weeks ago. he said on monday that they can't stay closed for ever and they must learn to live with it. so all these retail hospitality venues have reopened and he has accept, consider, i should say dominic, her type in his health premier, that he does expect the coven numbers to increase and will find out what numbers are on the rise at a fortnight and the hospitalizations. but as i said, he wants to state to move food, and i look at the vaccination rights in sydney, 72 percent of people over the age of 16 has been fully vaccinated when they reach 80 percent. the premier says he's those restrictions are even more when the numbers to die of cobra cases in new south wales. busy australia's biggest state, they're under 500. once again, we've seen these numbers of total cases dropping. and the vaccination light has been on the rise. and the new rules, as i mentioned, the only apply to those people who have been vaccinated over 16 years of age. you've still got masks being worn inside, but not outside. and people are now able to travel further than the,
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the boundary of 5 kilometers in what these areas are called at the local government areas. but not everyone has been able to reopen one, a criticism or complaint has been from the hospitality industry. i still can't get enough fully vaccinated staff. malaysia has eased travel restrictions for those who are fully vaccinated. inoculation rights have reached 90 percent in the country. and infections have slowed after a severe delta outbreak in august fully vaccinated paypal my travel domestically and with permission overseas. travelers entering malaysia will still have to quantum. thailand's parliament is expected to pass laws making torture and abduction illegal. it's a mood viewed as long as the g by human rights groups. the issues gained renewed attention recently after senior police officer was caught on cctv, appearing to torture. a suspect to later died. it's got jaila ripples patrone and thailand's deep south has the air of
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a sleepy town as people begin the day. but there's something more here, something the officials an army, want to keep in the shadows. for nearly 2 decades along with 2 other provinces. the military has been fighting and armed separatist movement. the deep south used to be a muslim sultan. it today, it has a population of 80 percent malay speaking muslims, some who have been detained by security forces, say they were tortured activists. ismael tate says he was forced at gunpoint to confess to being separatist. the army denies ever using torture. co pacola, hulu. they want to protect themselves. they don't really care about the victims. they deliberately deny all torture allegations had the human rights groups of solid information about torture cases and her mind. me, me, you live, but he sees some good news coming. even though thailand is a signatory of an international convention against torture, enforced disappearance,
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as it has no laws against him. but a bill will be tabled in parliament next month, proposing such regulation, military leadership here in the deep south hell us. they welcomed the laws and torture and force disappearances, but they think it's mainly to reassure the public. they say that there have been no abuses by the army because their soldiers are trained to respect human rights pan man amendment. we have been operating based on a good moral compass. it doesn't matter if we have this law, not. in fact, we have been accused of crimes. we did not commit, but according to mar, these are not just rumors. he says his abductors were careful not to leave marks on him to hide their actions. oh ma'am, one of the offices said, why won't you confess? later they told me that i was part of violence incense, but i told him that i was not robert until i was kick and slap. but i didn't say anything. they stripped me naked and tied me up. they put a blind for on,
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did they use a rubber band to had my testicles, also heart attacks by separatists are still taking place, but the frequency has decreased on going peace talks have started and stopped several times over the years. never fully taken. hold, the army has a big footprint in the deep south to combat the separatists and conduct humanitarian missions to help allay suspicions of the local people. you but ma fios that for some the damage is already done. it's more people while wrongfully tortures suffer ongoing consequences. young people can't return to school the can't get a job. pet song, birds are commonplace here, displayed in small, ornate cages on show for all to see. it's hope that thailand's anti torture bill will afford the well being of it's prisoners. that same transparency, it's got either al jazeera patrone thailand, on sunday, thousands of tennesseans held demonstrations against president chi saeed, protest his fort places they tried pushing through barriers despite heavy security,
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presence to his ear is divided on the president's move to assume more powers in july he dismissed the government and suspended parliament. one person has been killed during protest by indigenous groups in chile to oppose the celebration of the spanish conquest. 500 years ago. police in santiago, used to gas and water cannon to disperse, protest is from them my per cheat. community chile is in the process of drafting a new constitution, and many didn't miss people hope it will respect their rights. dozens of refugees, including 17 children, have been rescued in the mediterranean sane. a pregnant woman was among the 59 people, helped by an italian n g r ship. there was sailing on a wooden boat that left from libya, syrians, yemenis, and nigerians were among those rescue. mental health is one of the largest in yet
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least acknowledged problems in the occupied palestinian territory. the fighting in may was one of the most intense the gaza strip has experienced in years. experts say many children have been left traumatized, una l said reports from gaza. terrified by the sound of bombs. emily drawn to hide in her mother's lap. other times she would look for safety at her grandparent's home, yet they were often forced to flee their house in the hopes of finding shelter in safer place. and i was, i couldn't get there early. the memories that stick to my mind a sounds of drones and strikes and ambulances, i'm most afraid when it's evening and it's dark, joke out. the conflict between god's st. israel in may, was one of the most intense in the region in years. during eas, rails 11 day will, bard ment of the enclave. animals, aunts and uncles,
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so to refuge at her home. but the family was forced to flee during a bomb attack and members became separated. emily so her mother go one way as she went to another. they all reunited later, but she is unable to forget the screaming of children as they ran from their homes, as bombs fell. she's still petrified by the thought that she might one day lose one of her family members or end up alone without a roof over her head. other children are also traumatized as their end so closely was an id. our neighbor's house was bombed at 6 o'clock in the morning. i couldn't sleep because it was so intense. i cannot forget the scenes of the dead and the injured been pulled out from under the rubble. oh got of it. yes, the international committee of the red cross is running projects in god's so to save car children's mental health. since 2014 the i c has been running healing the
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wounds program, which is a psychosocial program and corporation with the minister of health to support the facilitator of the minister of health to take care of a provision of mental health support to earn the population and garza in specific, those who witness or heart memories or incidents during the a conflict. with no undergrad shelters, in garza, children were forced to hide under tables and wait to hear sirens of ambulances to mark the end of the bombardments eliza. cuz if gwinnett has come but that the bombing was close by and very strong, i would sit under the table with my hands on my head when it was over, my dad would come, he tried to calm me down and comfort me. now live many other children in garza struggle every day with the experience of trauma. amid all this feelings of fear, anger, panic in loneliness, the children of godsa dream of becoming artist, football players,
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engineers in professional swimmers. and they also dream of waking up one day to find god, the restrictions have been lifted and they can move freely and travel the world. unit c, l g 0. godsa, a volcano on the canary islands is continuing to spew love, or after a series of tremors has been rotting on the palm of nearly 3 weeks. magma has been dreaming down the sides of the volcano, as you can save from these life pictures, destroying more than 1100 buildings. thousands of people have left their homes. ah, hello, you're watching out here. and these are the top stories. this our, the taliban is expected to meet representatives from the european union in cut us capitol, after holding talks with the us delegation, while the us still refuses to recognize the taliban government, it's agreed to provide humanitarian aid directly to the afghan people. the us and
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u. k. a warning their citizens of the security threat in afghanistan's capital. they have been asked to.


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