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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2021 4:30am-5:00am AST

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to your soccer on their phones, midnight traveler, an odyssey of hope resilience and ultimately one family's love for each other. to witness on al jazeera. ah ah, i marlene site and dough home with the headlines on al jazeera turnout was low and sundays parliamentary election in iraq. the vote was supposed to be held next year, but was brought forward in response to mass anti government protests. the electoral commission is promising furnace, and transparency is ballots. all tallied early result should start coming out late on monday. go off on the yeoman from. gosh, over to let you know, we have been open and honest with the public and counting the boats manually in
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line with the law. and we've been transparent and all aspects of the electoral process. all the measures have been taken. there is evidence for any fair mind person about the management of the electoral process to declare the final results of the declaration of results will take place within the next few hours. the next 24 hours that are representatives of the taliban say they're finished. what they're calling positive talks with the u. s. and capital. you should have statement saying that while the you are still refuses to recognize the taliban government, it's agreed to provide humanitarian aid to help afghanistan. the u. s. says the talks were candid and professional. a month long cove in 90 lockdown in australia's largest city is being lifted. tough restrictions have been in place and sidney for more than a 100 days to cut the spread of the delta variance, cafes, gyms and hair dresses have reopened to the fully vaccinated. tens of thousands of people have rallied across poland, the angry at a court ruling which said that part of the law are incompatible with the polish constitution. supporters of the european union,
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all worried that they government is pushing pony to as an exit from the block rally is taking place into nicea against president case said, accusing him of power, grab that, been demonstrations across the country since he assumed executive authority and suspended parliament 2 months ago, governmental forces have detained, at least 500 people in a sweeping crack down indeed, administered kashmir. was a series of targeted killings gum and killed 4 people from minority communities in the main city of st nigga. and the last few days, one person has died during protest by indigenous groups in chile to oppose the celebration of the spanish conquest 500 years ago. many across last in america say the event is racist. police in santiago use tear gas and water cannon to discuss protesters from the map, put che community. those headlines back now to out of their world. ah, the full
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a much more goes to the communities they live in. no matter how much i need to present titian as much as anyone else is going to like the main one of the most of the police. that's part of the night that delta and now it's people say they want a clean up all that is potent bottom and with the media lance, that coverage or covers you just when you suffer calamities. i don't think that's right. and that is what i wanted to change. i wanted to go further to cover story stuff, impact the lives of people, to truthfully, tell the story that i was really passionate about. stories with fucks that governments would rather keep him in story stuff, drop the fixed narrative and only depend on the reality on the ground. that is why i became a youngest mhm and i book mm
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divided into months. the 1st one is yes,
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no questions. a w h word press. okay. on your yes i am. not really. no, i'm not really good. so since you are the teacher, you are a no you own a. so i'm blah. i hope no no i assume but other than with how long. busy is it the same for many of us to wander? lemme, lemme would look and if you need it, because i'm a law appear, leo, simon vm and barton. but if she understood, if she'd be able to nominate the picnic landlord, i'm at the end wasn't how she again li, that's certainly i would say, i'm a fairly gmc, our sit that i understand is engine light's smoke and the shirt carryover
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with a snap. and when will, isn't it kind of shit, willis sticking me? is it a can do that or something? is that still committed the blow, much better when in the miami and man wellness undetermined here, my was calling because when the best here with that it was i live in love with the ones that i thought mother want. what i am by the hell, hobbies are different in almost the word going through a lot all blame last martini has. if you know your son are a lot of how and this will help with here. uh huh. the i'm well i don't have to let them gamma says yeah, kim, i was just more than i thought a symphony. me or city me a symphony. me going
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a symphony. me a little bit. yeah. so i mean, i'm not pushing you way this, that was the window that doesn't mean with it. is it a mac mall? kim with that little comes in with you.
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b u. tracy doing with my source vision. half a dozen. i'm with a guy who's been with the with with troy. what want hey, you know, just with show that steph got
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you some idea of some idea for stand if that comes with a one with head on? well, a snowman one. a, a a, a a,
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a, a, a a, a for my mid brisk se mcneil my coach them she said all of she eclipse young had j. m
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. either way i had diesel premonition. somebody might take one, i'll do a little 50. my yeoman day old kid, educational for thought or for her yourself or for them. the numerical mother of elizabeth m gleaton garrison. my name the be enough, a fellow with enough of fill mine a tell was you meet there or do you me in send me an like a more clear commit that kind of hard enough a film of i'm not quite sure you are looking for. so they are, and you must go learn more and look him up, glue shift, fabica by theodore. then you know you must, mcnair more so a definitely and so and up because he should what he went to them occasion walks. liam was in his mind a week if you skiing on this one doesn't want to lucy and you have members with national men or him in my movie
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was the pay now was the goodness that the money had learned that i had deficient them as lose money had the to mill, maybe it was slow back on the money they did, they did it block the had become a merced if give cut, the middleman i would be both going to lose money hung up. now, all my time has to be in the 100 was worth. it hasn't been exit. you mom. no m m as in an announcement i, i should only convey before it went on. if not. mm hm. it's not sonoma live or combine it has i mean the mac in hot mission from i'm already more from the and come up from earth, graham, and as a man am, as am corner, go, don't look at his manhood, lent him. she, nickelodeon went out as soon as the doom had him. if i look in his room, johonson denied, or let her dears me telephone a squad, little more in an initial and endeavoured fishery when deborah simon was very bell,
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rosamille oliver olivia are eligible. maybe i will not be in one of them are canada . anyway, my nikki dea were larger in house of era. we use feel closely as believe the lips or the up is the they were full or mulatto. mentally. they will talk ha, case that he given and sessions did help her corral are up there. nipple, alarcon, doc radical, polluted him up with that guy who the she, it, he id, bad news abruptly don't cover, do blocked, ought to be hard for him to shut up message here, or hey, you know what, when he must, has it open for the had it honey on can had any was my hand coming up, but i had the hallmark and haven't gone to my fake of day and had burst out in order to hadn't mentioned the man, the baron did alone hadn't b m m ha me and my uncle had a handicap, me look now and
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he did have you will. that is matt seymour the vienna, early war. i shall i are those such as them was whether it has them or go to the are you really been who your roof? my my learn more. i think i own will be done with all of a sudden i use it gives you an afternoon and i get a bite and a half hour. i should have money in a movie. i swear heavily to look him on because he had to look where the hell. i mean, definitely had i think a she helen semanski a part of my we had a big disabled lead teach couple are much higher. her say it is huge. so was 10 motion chairman, man, but we had to wish everything we'll get it need when you moment mother. she sure stamina, man, money getting up in the 2nd ticket to school today and this much of these who are
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the boost mobile? well, good had they had numbers here through a month. okay. sure. came in montage. yet why they did. we had a coolard. wish it were. you know, what do you and this was back i, if you my alarm from the live can i say yeah, he lived in a 124. live that in a manner that a might acting with some say live. but i'm, she obviously we're like last year when she got it and she thought of somebody at the, at the address of house, anybody belie i'm yeah. and belmont currently when you had to leave for the again, did you another many? i'm a big one, but thought, well dog adults, he says via to love it, but some brilliant out of buttons. it should be fun. and i've already seen it which d dot on demand on which i'm the one that was deal with an ocean. and if
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you've been, if you looked on the guns, i don't want them color, i've oconee buell, mac tuba and him. how you g. marsha, this is a good division. i'm thinking of you hook for your home. you're not listening. well, my mom and i'm going to be over me and the harold, only bizarre. actually miss vallejo, who has mental, been about giving money to paddy who got a smart one. 0 and i do you have a really blessed you. she's happy talk. when a man i you can ma'am, would i eat the most of no cushioning and i hope we will. one. how did she look to her name is lisa. i don't even use madison's. even any busy one on my own chick, the new home and hand him a truth. when do we in a huge, not ruling on you know she meds anywhere new sheep area or allah. the 30th day to book it to her brother machine for her. i did my mom,
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i'm on dallas and share a gig. that was you. she was good. and then i've seen this a lot, and pub is marcial cesium. i'm the another book with the book. this is so many. if you're not there, my more and more on when it year need so. so be good. hospital min clinic musson stefan. you amended meek if you fear who milliken hon. jaime at i believe i'll be out in his office than what i've been. i don't the missionary mormon msm knowledge from a msm n. as in student, olivia
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b r an m. sheila gwinnett was on from a $1000.00 a 1000 dollars month and i am nas unit num. lucky with one isn't. is enough with her, but i will it to come upstairs. man packard. i was milder. i look i had to disclose the shortest rustic suppose like mr. medina kid chance i was with the de martha rogers. i lobby was month average now our madras'. i'm glad to do a live clarity. hi, i'm okay. let me ask you this. a name's jim mckay. mother who's been standing in one has zana by the she was
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from her many others. not funding. she said that they are, but i
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am with god. i'm a quarters with a well being and i'm coming because i've been a whole you be you're to come out of the base. i have never had an i'm had that i can get a hold of you. i'm with
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get a little bit of a whole with all of the stuff. oh shit. again. i don't have our model of your local not a, a lot with hackers and back pack from a statement that'd be a mission to cut. or if they got a, a dumb, ideally we haven't shed eroding back to, along with them for mission a synonymous. yeah. that kind of from michelle and i went up against it. and when i, when i filled out a bank account with
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a full time with in ah, ah in ah,
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ah, ah me, ah, in, [000:00:00;00] ah, me in,
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in, ah, in the cameras bollywood. in an unlikely mortal cool you know, with her and, and the little blame wasn't here. she was brilliant, brilliant visits, there's a lot of love and affection and respect over the world. people, a world away from mom, by a nation, has taken indian cinema to it. out. is you a well revealed the color and passion of morocco's bollywood dream?
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ah . thanks for checking in. here's your weather story for the americas. hello everyone . we do have about a 5050 shot. this could turn into something tropical, will continue to watch it and it can vary belts of warmth. then humidity is going to spark some storms through the mid west into the great lakes. spin gloomy for toronto over the last few days, but hay temperatures fall apart for they should be average 15. we've got yen for 23 on monday. a few spits in spots of rain across the canadian prairies, mostly confined towards central and northern parts of the area. come monday, i'll tell you what,
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we've seen some snow through the sierra nevada and just look at some these low temperatures here. reno 8 degrees salt lake city, just a high of 14. you know those storms in the mid west. they're also joining up with that activity further toward the south texas into louisiana on monday. central america rain is starting to peter out across many areas of mexico, but still heavy falls across the bahamas. nasa, with the high of 27 agrees top end of south america. our rain is falling where we would expect, but particularly intense through that west coast of columbia, through the colombian andes. on monday, then a frontal system sliding across paraguay right through to the southeast of brazil. this could spark some serious charts that show up. they ah, with more than 200000000 cases of coven 19 worldwide governments, a batching to fight fresh waves of the virus. a new barrier, there has been a search and the number of people will,
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can vaccination appointments from the human cost she to political and economic full out. all just era brings you the latest. on the pandemic, visuals had vaccinated more than 1100 people here. all of the migrant farm workers . people on how does thing because they think that there is a risk to democracy. special coverage on al jazeera, preventable disease, accounts 15 percent of all debts, children under the age. a promotion was rob. i agree to receive early childhood education in the booth
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with ah. ready disillusioned vows his eyes, poles close in iraq, signs turn out in the parliamentary elections. could be one of the lowest on record . ah, my money and say the sound is there


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