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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2021 1:00am-1:31am AST

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changed the wall on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. oh, a chance for electro change in iraq, but his votes are counted. it's clear. many people stayed away. ah, hello, i'm barbara sarah. you're watching al 0 live from london. also coming up, calling for the president. the spec down thousands of to museum speak to the streets of the capital. in doha talks between the taliban and us officials appeared to afford the agreement on the delivery of humanitarian aid and an uneasy
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coexistence on one indian river where a conservation success story is putting lives ah, book counting is now underway in iraq following parliamentary elections called early in response to mass anti government protests, 2 years ago, disillusioned by corruption and mismanagement, demonstrators said the time had come for the country's political elite. the step down 25000000 people were eligible to vote on sunday, but many polling stations were empty and turn out is expected to be its lowest since 2003 at the root of this voter apathy and calls to boycott an election which may not bring the change that so many crave. ali hashim has more from baghdad. it seems, yes,
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i would said the indications right now that the turnout was far below 50 percent, even maybe a below 40 percent. the moment are no clear numbers and we are expecting the iraqi a commissioned electoral commission to issue the, the numbers. but it seems yes, according to many sources around the country everywhere, especially in the, in, for example, in the south. the hearing back that there was a lot of m t pulling stations. people had no interest in going to the polling stations in voting and taking a class in this election. and this is barsha partially related to the white caught a campaign. and at the same time, it's related to the 2019 brought us loss. that the legacy of the political factions and the political parties in this country isn't that positive. and maybe
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that's why people didn't want to renew the mandate to them. there are a lot of complains on the electron london electronic electron system. and the, the high commission for election here in iraq said that they sold these spa gms anyway. in the coming 24 hours, the results are to be announced. i spur the, the commission and then a new task was thought which is choosing the new practice in lung can, meanwhile, is in mosul outside a main pulling station in the city that still recovering from years of war. despite this heavy security is been a very disappointing day here at the ballot box. now this pulling station behind me is one of the main ones in mosul. a 1000 people are registered to vote here. so far, just over a 1000 people have voted across new or province. we're hearing that the vote turn out will be around 21 to 25 percent. that's incredibly, incredibly low. now,
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what's the reason for that? well, they say that all politics is local. one of the driving issues of the anger and frustration that residents of mosul fil is the fact that they feel that central baghdad, the government that has completely ignored them. this was sent the scene of some the most intense fighting against iceland. 2017. i'll just give you an example, you can see just often the distance there. that's one of the houses that was almost completely destroyed all along the street right. the way down for miles, you can see destroyed houses, bullet holes, and just complete destruction the residence of very angry the central baghdad hasn't given them the money to rebuild their homes. a lot of people still living in displacement camps because they can't come back to mosul because there's nothing to come back to their houses, the and if the work, there's a running water, there's no gas is no electricity that's driving or the lack of voting hey, what's most residents, the saying is that actually what's the point?
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nothing ever changes and we're very angry. so that boy caught the vote movement that we've been talking about over the last few days does seem to have translated into a lack of action at the polling station. a little earlier i spoke to as a mustafah pro democracy activist based in the kurdish region of northern iraq. she spent the day trying to encourage people to vote. we were never told about the importance of democracy. the importance of voting these were, i think that we need to have in our educational system, but we did not have that. so one of the reasons why 2 years ago there was the protest because because young people want to basically just clean water, electricity, mental health conditions, when they were not able to receive it. and not only that, when they protested 600 people were killed and thousands were injured. and many journalist and activists went missing. in fact, 3 days ago and journalist how go moving in iraq. so these are also points that
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people are concerned about. some use like me, are scared to speak up because they do not know what will happen to them in both data. i mean, other parts of your out, you very well. so that people, there are really scared of speaking, not because they, they have in their loved ones, their family and their friends go missing or dead. so this is also another factor that stops the youth from speaking up and from losing hawk ah. representatives of the taliban say they've wrapped up what they're calling positive talks with the u. s. and catheter in a state, when they said the full implementation of the agreement was considered to be the best way of resolving their problems. and the u. s. delegation stated they will give humanitarian assistance the afghans providing facilities for going to zation
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to deliver aid on affected by political issues. if also met with a delegation from the european union, natasha game as more now from doha. the afghan ministry of information characterized the to day talks as quote, positive and says, the hope is this will pay the way for recognition of this transitional afghan government, not only by the united states, but by the international community. the afghan delegation led by the acting foreign minister, came to doha, seeking international recognition and the much needed financial assistance that accompanies it. the country is in the midst of economic and humanitarian crises with the un refugee agency warning that if the country doesn't get that much needed assistance, come winter, there will be a quote catastrophe. the acting un ambassadors to hail shaheen says the 2 sides
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dove into political issues and came to the consensus that the full implementation of the doha agreement is the only way to resolve political differences going forward. he says the us vow to provide humanitarian assistance to the afghans will work with nonprofit organizations and helping to facilitate the delivery of that aid. and that humanitarian assistance will be decoupled from political issues. the afghan delegation says that it will cooperate with humanitarian groups to get that humanitarian aid to the afghans, and that it will continue to normalize diplomatic relations. it did say that future meetings with the american delegation might take place if warranted. thus far, the united states is not commenting on these 1st ever to day talks. thousands of tennesseans have rallied against their president, accusing k said of
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a power grab demonstrations, have been taking place across the country since a either soon executive authority and suspended parliament. 2 months ago. there are fears, the growing protests could corston easiest political divisions, the spiral into civil unrest and are chappelle reports. ah, on this sunny day in tunis, thousands came out to protest against their president. they were responding to a call for action from a group known as citizens against the qu. they believe president case. so you broke the law by suspending parliament and sacking the prime minister in july and they want him to step down the future junior. he's really skating for now we don't know what are we gonna have? we don't ever with them. okay. i am really protesters used to familiar chance the people want
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removal of the president. they also urge security forces to remain neutral in this constitutional crisis. many support and the largest block in the suspend parliament situation is very critical and it is time promise of christ. i was taught listening to the people and sitting on the table. ready and getting an a dialogue with those who are living with him in this country as i say is that because he is the president of and isn't a public. ready so he is a president of, or to news years, not all of those who are there to support him. president high said is now ruling by decree. after assuming nearly all executive power, he's pledged to fight corruption and revive along stagnant economy. he's defended his move, saying it was to save the country, but his critics call it a coo. and while say ye broke ground by appointing the 1st female prime minister, he's yet to provide a road map out of this crisis. and she's yet to name
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a government a week ago, it was the president supporters who were on this very st, endorsing the policies and power grab so many are against thousands rallied in tunis and other cities, according to interior minister figures. yet seed was filmed, telling his prime minister, designate that 1800000 had turned out nationwide to back him. the discrepancy is perhaps a reflection of how divided tunisia has become eligible. now, dizzy power is being restored across lebanon, following saturdays total, black out. the country which is struggling with a crippling economic crisis. so it's 2 biggest power stations shut down because of a fuel shortage. the energy ministry says it's received approval for a $100000000.00 in credit to secure fuel imports. santa holder has more now from beirut. the state electricity network has again collapsed a lack of fuel,
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forced lebanon's largest power stations to shut down. it's the 4th time in the past months. that shortage is caused a country wide blackout. a deep economic crisis means a cash strapped state is struggling to import the energy resources the sunny got it again. we used to have our trusty for an hour daily. now it is totally cut. we are spending our time out, sought out harms. so our children can have fun. the total power outage has practically been the case for months. states electricity in most places has been available for an hour or 2 a day. the company is now trying to use the army reserves to operate its power plants temporarily before the expected arrival of a fuel shipment. but the state run plants have run poorly for decades. will hello, murphy capital. there's been no electricity in beirut since yesterday. and private generators are too expensive. how can we survived? the energy sector has been a huge drain on the states finances for decades. it's annual losses reach
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$1500000000.00. successive governments have continued to sustain this system instead of fixing it. they've subsidized fuel and maintained a bloated workforce, as part of the political parties, patronage networks. the international community has been demanding the restructuring of the sector before it approves financial assistance. there has been no political will. instead, the authorities made a deal with iraq to swap fuel for medical services, and the new government is negotiating supplies of electricity from jordan and natural gas from egypt via syria. but those deals are likely to take months and it may help ease the crisis. but it won't resolve it. lebanese households have had to put up with daily power cuts till the end of the civil war in 1990. but now the local currency has lost 90 percent of its value. it means only a few r able to afford private generators, while hospitals bakeries and other central services are in crisis mode. for many
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here, the electricity company has come to symbolize the corruption and mismanagement, blamed for the economic collapse that has all but paralyzed the country. seneca there alger cedar b route and jerry, as president says, the return of the countries ambassador to paris is conditional on france showing it fully, respects algeria, the north african country, recalled its envoy last week citing comments in a french newspaper. the report claimed that the french president believed algeria as rulers, had written the history of its color colonization, based on a hatred of fans. the following day, algeria closed its air space, the french and military plains, still to come in this half hour. a controversial poor cooling brings thousands out in poland to rally in support of the countries membership of the you with
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with and away we go with your weather update for asia pacific. hello everyone. we've cut a frontal system moving across japan. so toward the north of it, look at those low temperature supports 19, but tokyo locked in to the high heat with high 30 degrees. lot of tropical activity that further south we go. so line rock will dissipate as we head toward monday. but still a lot of rain for vietnam, eventually moving into allows and thailand so annoy on monday easy. we can expect another 40 millimeters of rain and wind gusts here of about 40 kilometers per hour to the more serious storm compared to it's going to move across lose on island, on monday and goes, it's going to spread its effects across taiwan as well. so the northernmost portion of lose on island, but $205.00 millimeters of rain and wind gusts here, 80 kilometers per hour. then it makes a beeline follows pretty much the same path. is line rock striking hong kong with
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some more heavy rain high nam province as well. and then central and northern portions of vietnam come wednesday down under a frontal system here as well. so look at this side, north of it, brisbin 31, but toward the south. now been just has a high, a 15 and our next system pulls in to w. h. in time for new zealand, the rain is filling in across the south island. but a nice stay in gibbon with a height of 21 soon. ah, the venezuela columbia, buddha has become a stamping ground for trespasses as desperate people transgress and elite passage to feed an emerging fuel trafficking market. we followed the perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking at all
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is wailing columbia on al jazeera blue. oh, a reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera poles have closed in iraq's parliamentary election with officials of saying the vote could have drawn one of the smallest turnouts on record. the election was brought forward in response to 2009 teams and mass anti government demonstrations, thousands of to museums that protested into this against president k said, who sees the near total power 2 months ago. demonstrators accuse him of carrying out a crew representatives of the taliban say they've wrapped up what they're calling
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positive talks with the us in cat. in a statement, the group said the u. s. agreed to provide facilities for organizations to deliver aid and unaffected by political issues. ty, once president says, her government will not bow to pressure from bay ging, speaking during national day celebrations, exciting when promised to increase tie one's defenses. this comes a day after chinese president eugene ping insisted that will be a peaceful re unification with the island. rob mcbride reports in the face of increasing pressure from china, including recent incursions by chinese warplanes. this was tie one's response ah, the national day celebration intended to show to its mighty neighbour and the world that it continues to be a vibrant democracy, determined to maintain its freedoms,
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with sophisticated military hardware of its own. including you types of missiles being put on show for the 1st time tie one's president saying when was typically resistance to china's renewed pledge the re unification will happen. bank j day when the relationship between taiwan and china will be achieved by negotiation . we will keep negotiate in and will show the world that we are committed to self defense. no one can force us to go to the pathway that is designed by china because that road will not lead to solidarity and freedom for the people of taiwan. and so i also said hong kong where tough restrictions have been introduced to quell months of screen protests and riots should serve as a warning. thank many people in taiwan, have locked on with alarm at the way hong kong. national security law has been implemented quickly. eroding many of the freedoms and rights. the city had enjoyed fearing their island would suffer. a similar fate if it was reunited with china.
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edith earlier than said, we are faced with the complex or severe challenge. badging authorities have shown what they have done to hong kong and suppressed hong kong. china's president, she jin ping has made re unification his mission to achieve what none of his predecessors have done. his latest coal promises re unification can come peacefully, but threats in the past to use the people's liberation army. oh yeah. lay to achieve it by force. when have rallied, support assigning. when's defines she's very successful. he used the mainland china, the threat of she didn't pay him the p o a to wake people and i want after the fact that they are racing and to mobilize the population round it's, i want consensus that i wants democracy is we're united or it is we're struggling to protect it, sees the more china pushes, the more pushback it gets from an island, determined to follow its own path. rob mcbride,
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al jazeera hong kong tech president that me lush as a man has been admitted to intensive care and hospital a day after parliamentary elections. it was taken there shortly after he met prime minister andrade by the shoe was narrowly defeated by the center right alliance on saturday. despite the last, the president offered by they shall chance to form a government 1st. semen cast this ballad at his residence due to ill health. tens of thousands of people have rallied across poland angry at a court ruling that parts of e u. law are incompatible with the polish constitution. the pro e u. crowds are worried that they are nationalistic government is pushing colon towards an exit from the block or challenge reports. now from the demonstrations in the capital. not large crowds in the e. u. flags are plenty in central war. so and real fears for the countries future
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we would like to stay in the european union and we are very afraid that, that we are going to, to the pol exit together with the government of mr. kuchinski. and the other is like, you know, a magician who is playing a young magician who is playing with fire and he doesn't know how to know how to stop so it can explode. so i think he's the same here. they don't really know what they did since the constitutional tribunal ruled on thursday. that foundational parts of new law don't apply in poland, damage or position politicians on you. supporters will be in mobilizing the turn out here reinforces a central points support for the european union in poland is overwhelming, some 75 to 80 percent of the population, not even the ruling. lauren justice party ready questions ponens membership of the european union. so begs a question, why is the government picking such
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a potentially dangerous fight with brussels? we did invite poland, government and supporters in the media to explain their position, but none took the opportunity. so i put the question to adam, bought anna until being ousted by the same tribunal that ruled against the e. u. he was poland, human rights ombudsman. it seems to me that government would simply like to accept ok. we can take the money, we can take all those benefits, but please leave us alone when it comes to and the pressure concerning the compliance with and the european earth standards. but it is impossible simply because you cannot be at the same time member of the european union and ignore basic rules of european integration. the e u is thinking about its response. it neither wants to let this slide nor worse on the dispute. we will react of calls like we are like we have done in the last weeks
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or, and most you have seen that again, we already know false new decisions of the court of justice about the situation in colon. oh, so possible a daily financial sanction. the constitution now joins issues like judicial reform, abortion, and l g b t writes connected fronts in a power struggle between poland, government and the e u. that is getting worse. not better, rory, challenge how to 0. also. dozens of refugees, including 17 children, have been rescued in the mediterranean sea. a pregnant woman was along the 59 pupil helped by an italian angio ship operated by their rescue. charity. it was sailing on a wooden boat that left from libya 24 hours earlier. syrians, yemenis, and nigerians were among those rescue hundreds of indigenous protests to his have rallied in chile to oppose the celebration of the spanish conquest. 500
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years ago. indigenous peoples and latin america say the so called day of the race is a racist commemoration. police in santiago use here gas and water cannon to disperse professors from them. a poacher community indigenous demands for a multinational state is one of the key issues facing chill is that you constituent assembly. in eastern india, the government has been able to successfully re populate salt water crocodiles and protect them in national parks. but as their number is increased, they have started to encroach on local villages that depend on the river for their livelihoods. leah harding has more just a simple task of washing dishes can be dangerous here, doing laundry, catastrophic and a persona lives in the eastern indian state of odessa. she shows us her feet and where she was once attacked by a salt water crocodile. her friend potter body remembers her brother who was pulled
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under. no merlin, to lugging her door villages, started shouting when the crocodile took my brother. but it is such a powerful animal. what could we have done? suffice string. every one for delake, something what happens is their numbers are rising, it took my brother away. i just don't understand why a nearby national park is known for having one of the highest number of salt water crocodiles in the world. after the government introduced conservation efforts in the 1970s, the number of crocodiles increased from fewer than a 100 to nearly 2000 during india's monsoon season. this river swells making it easier for the crocodiles to encroach on the villages nearby. but now when the water levels go down, the crocs don't leave. instead they stay in lay their eggs hosing a serious threat to people. people have started, boy, just being with saga would anybody would need to have some kind of mitigation measures even with the predators looming in the water?
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daily chores must go on something mainly done by women and children, but everyone faces the threat. at some point. people come here to wash up and cattle, wade and daily, as vivian lighting up a legal but to me i'm low dependency. we are completely dependent on this river for drinking water, an oven anemia. for the past one and a half years. the terror of crocodiles has seed on and among the villagers, i believe that we are afraid to come near the liver loving mother. but we have to god that because we are dependent on it from the nearly 200000 people who depend on this delta life now involves a constant fear of what's lurking underneath the muddy waters. leah harding al jazeera tens of thousands of protests are as have taken to the streets and brussels ahead of the climate summit and glasgow in november the urging world leaders to increase climate ambitions and cut more emissions. steadfast than reports from
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brussels. o brussels, the heart of the you being you filled with protesters, while organizers had predicted around 20000 would take part lisi, at least 50000 turned up. we see that the effects of climate change are already among us. not only in the south of the world, but also in europe. we've seen terrible floods in belgium and in germany. and there are many, many people ever got the effects and the, and are seeing now what, what the effects of climate change are. last july, days of torrential rain caused severe flooding in western parts of europe, including in belgium. with dozens of people died. the government was criticized for its late response. this is the message from brussels, glasgow coming from jail run from family, from climate act. the 5th, they say the time for talking is gone. now we need some action. the you recently increased its climate emissions aiming to cut emissions by 55 percent by 2030
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instead of 40 percent. but protest to say setting goals is one thing. implementing them is another, we've already achieved a lot. all these protests at the european level they led to the european gree, nailed the lead to quite a lot of ambition and being of that. so any 30 emission started for example, which was a really big deal. something that we've been working with for for years. and this is where we come out on the streets and especially tell our belgian leaders who are not as ambitious. you need to get back to work out for you. but i came as a student because it's important to have our voices hold on, and if we are given the possibility to express ourselves, we meant to take him among the crowd and activities from the amazon and brazil. i am so thrilled to be here with this people. what they are given their voice probably saying what they want for their fruits, future generation. what is very important to me. my concern is about the 7 following generations,
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what we're going to leave for them. so that's why i'm here. just give me a little bit of noise from the amazon with less than a month to go until word leaders gather in glasgow for the u. s. cop 26 summit. climate acted as a calling for more protests in the weeks to come. step, fasten al jazeera in brussels, lou, and our reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. paul's have closed in iraq's parliamentary election with officials saying the vote could have drawn one of the smallest turnouts on record. the election was supposed to be held next year, but it was brought forward in response to 2009 teens mass anti government demonstrations. nearly 25000000 people were eligible to vote. many iraqis say they don't think the election will change anything and others have called for a boycott. speak.


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