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a concerned is about the 7 following generations, what we're going to live for them. so that's why i am here. just give me a little bit of a noise from the amazon with less than a month to go until word leaders gather in glasgow for the you and cop $26.00 summit. climate acted as a calling for more protests in the weeks to come. step, fasten al jazeera in brussels, slow small, still to come on this news hour, including an exclusive look at the military hardware and left behind it of canister . and what the taliban has to do with it. lesson sport, the east african nation, looking to reach the world hub for the very 1st time for collection coming out. ah, thanks for checking in. hello everyone. here's your weather update for europe and
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africa. we have some potent cells, still southern parts of italy right through the balkans. and this energy has really been stalled out over this area for the last few days. so that's allowing the rain to pile up in the very real risk of seen some flash flooding. then there's temperature is belgrade, 9 degrees just a few days ago you were about $28.00. the storms are also pulsing across greece. so that's gonna throw bit more cloud cover and it stumble, the risk of a scattered shower as well. and then across the levant, some spots temperatures are above average. so ramallah high of 28 years should be about 24. we're going to lock your temperature in there. but then a northwind is gonna dial back your temperature a few notches, other side of the mediterranean, also above average. here in madrid, 23 lives been a high of 27 degrees off to the northwest slice of europe. right now, bris, when through the nor see wrapping around into the baltic sea and we've got some outbreaks of rain really wide spread across scandinavia night. stay in london with the sunshine in a high of 16,
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which is pretty well where you should be for this time, the year old and his weather broadcasts in africa right now, where we've got our storms across the gulf of guinea, mostly hugging that south coastline. so what day in lagos, that sure update. bye for now. see you soon. ah. the on air or online be part of the debate or pacific people. the ocean is our identity as the source of well be week of the ocean when no topic is off the table. it's as children say atmosphere, people are demoralized. they're exhausted and many health care workers are experiencing p t s d like symptoms jump into the stream. and julian, our global community. if you're on right on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation is wealth this street. oh, now to sierra incarcerated for over half his life convicted by a non unanimous jury for a crime in which no one was hut,
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or blackmail making eye contact when the white forces could cause him to lose his wife. and in this particular situation, it cause him to lose his freedom. why does the law deemed unconstitutional by the supreme court still keep people behind bath in the state of louisiana being incarcerated as yesterday now the farm of labor, the jim crow convictions on al jazeera mary lou. ah, a reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera poles have closed in the racks. parliamentary election with officials saying the vote could have drawn one of the smallest turnouts on record. the election was brought forward in response to 2019
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mass, anti government demonstrations, thousands of tennesseans that protested into this against president case said, who sees that near total power 2 months ago, that was preachers accused him of carrying out to representatives of the taliban say they've wrapped up what they're calling positive talks with the us in cat. in a statement, the group said the us agreed to provide facilities for organizations to deliver aid unaffected by political issues. i'll jazeera has obtained exclusive access to vast amounts of military hardware left behind by us and coalition forces in afghanistan. much of it was destroyed, but the taliban believes some can be salvaged. as it looks said, to build an air force when some a bunch of aid has worn out from couples military air field. the gobble air strip is home to a variety of of gone miller, trees hardware from american black hawks to russian helicopters are all lined up
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here and many of them are inoperable. oh is it? yeah, they can it from yours leg this banner that my glasses broken and we can be clear, we can resolve that. i'll our, i'll curved because about 2 or 3 in my 17. as a result of it and they restarted in the ground in flight. also like this helicopter yard, so we completed that up lance, but for some most lands me be messing to that just not started. who really tried to me be in 2 days with sort of the row after row scattered all over this air fields destroyed helicopters. this even holes in the fuselage or in the bodies, the ones that are intact, good to come inside them. and you entered the cockpit. there's nothing here but
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shattered glass and destroyed equipment. although many of these technicians have not been paid for months, they returned to fix what they can. they found some essential items in storage and the rest was salvage from other aircraft. they continued to turn up for work regardless of who's in the government. balaban fight to say they've inherited hangers full of helicopters, which have been destroyed beyond repair. but what they have been able to do is recruit engineers, aviation experts, pilots and convert doors. fuselage is beyond repair and use the parts to pin wrote helicopters like this. a balaban commander in charge of 10 year feel stored on the 0 at the strength. dear craft, including helicopters and fixing sisters, have been rebuilt. most pilots trained by us forces of left, but some have stayed in their found dozens of others trade before the u. s. envision in 2001, some and java delta 0. couple. ty,
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ones president says here government will not bow to pressure from beijing speaking during national day celebrations at saying wang promised to increase. ty, once the fences is, comes a day after chinese president, she jim paying insisted there will be peaceful re unification as he called that with the island. rob mcbride reports in the face of increasing pressure from china, including recent incursions by chinese war planes. this was ty, ones, response, ah, the national day celebration, intended to show to its mighty neighbour and the world that it continues to be a vibrant democracy, determined to maintain its freedoms, with sophisticated military hardware of its own. including you types of missiles being put on show for the 1st time tie once president saying when was typically resistance to china's renewed pledge the re unification will happen. thank j
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day. well, the relationship between taiwan and china will be achieved by negotiation. we will keep negotiate in and will show the world that we are committed to self defense. no one can force us to go to the pathway that is designed by china because that road will not lead to solidarity and freedom for the people of taiwan. and so i also said hong kong where tough restrictions have been introduced to quell months of scream, protests and riots should serve as a warning. thank many people in taiwan have looked on with alarm at the way hong kong is national security law has been implemented quickly. eroding many of the freedoms and rights. the city had enjoyed fearing their island would suffer. a similar fate, if it was reunited with china, eat earlier that answer, we are faced with a complex or severe challenge. beijing authorities have shown what they have done to hong kong and suppressed hong kong. china's presidency. jim ping has made re
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unification. his mission to achieve what none of his predecessors have done. his latest call promises re unification can come peacefully. but threats in the past to use the people's liberation army or korea lay to achieve it by force. one have rallied support for saying when's defines. 4 she's very successful, we use the mainland china, the threat of she, j, k, and the p o to wake people. and i want after the fact that they are racing and to mobilize that population round it's, i want consensus that i wants democracy is we're united or it is. we're struggling to protect it, sees the more china pushes, the more pushback it gets from an island, determined to follow its own path. rob mcbride, al jazeera hong kong, dozens of refugees, including 17 children, have been rescued in the mediterranean sea. a pregnant woman was among the 59
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people helped by an italian n g o ship operated by their rescue. charity. that was sailing on a wooden boat that left from libya 24 hours earlier. syrians, yemenis and jerry ends were among those rescued thousands of haitian immigrants who have been living in chile for years are now leaving the country. faced with discrimination and strict are visa rules. many want the head to the us. our latin america editor lucien human reports from santiago. ah, these men and women make a part of the largest haitian expect community in latin america. after their countries, 2010 earthquake chile opened its doors to tens of thousands of haitians many online . but to day, even as thousands of undocumented venezuelans, colombians and peruvians are flocking to chile. huge numbers of haitians are actually leaving on the us mexico border. hundreds of haitians have discarded their
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chilion id cards as they risked their lives trying to reach you assures the question is, why would they leave chile the country with the highest per capita income in the region and throughout the northeast? know, but i love me under faith, yelton's, religion and the treatment that haitians receive here from chiles. current president is indecent. if that's why they decide to journey to el dorado, even if they die on the way because they are sure they will be treated better. lisa must, the death of a young haitian mother shook the community to the core 2 years ago. 27 year old john flawed well, who did not speak spanish was arrested and later taken from the police station to the hospital in a coma. her sister says that florida had been accused of abandoning her 2 month old baby at a municipal office, when in fact, she had only left her in her stroller with a guard for a few minutes. while she tried to find someone to translate for her, samantha agreed to speak to us for the 1st time about what her sister told her
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before she died a month later, including charges that she was badly beaten by police when i fulfilled with a yolanda, that's why she cried so much, she told me the police, another st. haitians badly here. she said they treat haitians like dogs, but actually that's not true, because here they treat dogs quite well. samantha nevertheless, wants to remain in chile to be near her deceased sister's child who lives with her father. she adds that not all chilion so bad that such is roxana, her brother's girlfriend. but racism and discrimination of haitians. a widespread was eloquent, bassoon, in chile, many associate haitians with compassion. they are seen as people who are socially degraded, defenseless, inferior in some ways. but racism isn't exclusively about the color of one's. skin discrimination is based on class. it's poverty that makes a difference in the room when at a migrant assistance center in santiago,
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we me to another haitian migrant who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisals. she says the main problem isn't racism. it's the government refusal to issue or when you work in documents for most haitians, quando dorothy harper going from polk county. if you want to work, you have to have an id card at to have an id card you need to work on. so if you can't get papers, how can you work? you can't live decently. that's why the majority of my friends have left the country. i have no friends. luckily, i'm approximately 90. percent of haitians in chile don't have valid residency papers, which makes them open to rampant abuse from landlords and unscrupulous employers and ineligible for social services to the current government has become more hostile towards undocumented migrant. especially those for example, are working in the informal sector. could say that it has done little or nothing to promote social inclusion, nor to craft down on a legal exploitation of patience,
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all of which is keeping them at the bottom of the social and economic ladder in this country. and until that changes, the majority of haitians who came here thinking they had reached the promised land will continue to live in squalor and suffered discrimination. she and human al jazeera santiago government forces has detained at least 500 people in a sweeping crack down in indian administered kashmir. it follows a string of targeted killings in the disputed region. assailants fatally shot 3 hindus and a seek person in the regions and main city of synagogue this week, in a sudden rise in violence against the civilians. a group of palestinians are starting a local campaign to protect farmers from israeli settlers ahead of the olive harvest season. this week. they say settler attacks are increasing and farmers fear they'll face more violence during this year's harvest. neither abraham reports now
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from the occupied westbank. oh good am i'm wrong, can only go on his land 4 times a year. israel declared this area and breen village north of the occupied west bank . i closed military zone in 2016 if near and illegal is really settlement and he needs and his really permit to enter that the look before was been on user unripe all oh, so they don't generate much oil, but i am forced to pick them now, which means i will lose this season, he hired workers to help him because many olives as possible. in the short time his given his absence from the land prevents him from tending his crop. but he says, what's worth is that he sees settlers attacking his trees and can't stop them. even when i'm gone saw his land being burned 2 months ago. he couldn't access it when he was finally allowed to visit his plantation earlier this month. he says, more than half of his trees were damaged while is really authority site security
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concerns for not allowing farmers in amazon says the goal is to push palestinians out young hope you are old and they want to take it from us. our neighbors who were here left their lines after continuous settler attacks. now they took it over and planted grapes instead of olives. just before his permit ended for the day. and john sent us this video of sutler groups attempting to attack him and his workers. human rights organizations have documented a dramatic increase in violent attacks by settlers this year activists. abdullah bereft mrs. new generations of settlers are more violent, so they formed local committees to protect farmers. law mil. oh god, jesse, most of the time the israeli army partakes the settlers even when they are taking palestinians. that's why we want farmers to be in groups and not alarm us. palestinian officials said there is an imbalance of power and of called on other states to put settlers on their list of so called terror groups locked at humbler
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and phyllis to this campaign, aims to provide protection to palestinian people from settlers terror. we want states to change their domestic laws, so satler's will be held accountable in the meantime and on hopes his to his will be safe until he is allowed to go back to his land need abraham l just ita he occupied left flank. the com revere heavily k no in spain is continuing to spew lava after a series of tremors, measuring up to magnitude 3.8, the volcano has been erupting on the island of la paloma for almost 3 weeks. magma streaming down the hill side, has destroyed more than 1100 buildings and surrounding land. about 6000 people have been evacuated from their homes on le lush, which has around 84000 inhabitants. still ahead in this news hour. an uneasy co existence on one indian river where a conservation success story is putting lives at risk. and then sport. disaster
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strikes 14 great britain during a race in spain. faro, we'll have that story, and much more coming up ah, inequality corruption, repression and rapes, the political, it just decided to come to the piece of cake and sure i wanted a new documentary explores the desk for the state of democracy and lebanon lou through the eyes of those who are losing home every day, dreams are going blu democracy. maybe democracy for sale on al jazeera. it's the political, the british show that's challenging the way you think. i want to know where you to stand on, cancelled culture is decreasing the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic. and everything in between. if tech companies are
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the ones with all the power, what do we do? what the solution or get organize? what are what leaders and governments missing? we're talking about targets in like 2040 or 2050 when we need targets. we're now up front with me working on hill on al jazeera lou ah ah. in eastern india, the government has been able to successfully re populate salt water crocodiles and protect them in national parks. but as their numbers increase, they have started to encroach on local villages that depend on the river for their livelihoods. leah harding has why,
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just the simple task of washing dishes can be dangerous here, doing laundry, catastrophic and a personal lives in the eastern indian state of odessa. she shows us her feet and where she was once attacked by a salt water crocodile. her friend, part about the remembers her brother who was pulled under the umbrella to lugging her door villages, started shouting when the crocodile took my brother. but it is such a powerful animal. what could we have done? suffice string. every one for delake, something. what happens is their numbers are rising, it took my brother away. i just don't understand why. a nearby national park is known for having one of the highest number of salt water crocodiles in the world. after the government introduced conservation efforts in the 1970s, the number of crocodiles increased from fewer than a 100 to nearly 2000 during india's monsoon season. this river swells making it easier for the crocodiles to encroach on the villages nearby. but now
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when the water levels go down, the crocks don't leave. instead they stay and lay their eggs, hosing a serious threat to people. you will have started boy distinguish soccer. what i'm but good news, but from kind of mitigation measures, even with the predators looming in the water. daily chores must go on. something mainly done by women and children. but everyone faces the threat. at some point. people come here to wash up and cattle weight and daily as vivian lighting up finally got to be on the low dependency. we are completely dependent on this river for drinking water, an oven anemia. for the past one and a half years, the terror of crocodiles has seed on among the villagers. i believe that we are afraid to come near the liver loving mother. but we have to god that because we are dependent on it from the nearly 200000 people who depend on this delta life now involves a constant fear of what's lurking underneath the muddy waters. leah harding al
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jazeera, kate's time for all the sport. now here's far barbara, thank you so much. world champions, france have added another trophy to their collection. they've won the way for nations league. did it a sham side beat spain and the final but they had to come from behind in italy, macau lozano wall, opening the scoring in the 2nd half. but just moments later, kareem pansy mount leveling things up with an amazing goal. and then francis star player finish the job, killing him. bobby a p. s g, getting the winner file score to one. tanzania had visited their chances of reaching the 2022 world cup in catera. the east african nation are looking to reach the finals for the 1st time on sunday. they beat beneath one know away, and the 2nd round of african qualifying the result means tens and ias, that top of group j, with benign level on points, with very time african champions,
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nigeria beat central african republic to nail away. this super eagles top group see and have a 2 point cushions. katara has become a major transit point for refugees playing the taliban takeover of afghanistan. many who left the country on evacuation flights are now being assisted by the organizers of next year as football world cup. and he richard st. reports. football is providing some much needed rest might for afghan refugees in cancer. hundreds have found a temporary home and accommodation built for next year's world cup it last month, fee for president johnny and francine. i was a guest player at a coaching session that had been organized by cattle, 2020 two's generation. amazing legacy project. 23 year old saw eat works in afghanistan for an american c. v. network he right into her in august, but had to leave his parents and younger brother behind football has always had
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this effect on me. i don't, i know it, it has effects on everybody that whole offspring footballs, just playing football when the boys were here before that they were depressed, there were thinking about what will happen to, to them, what are they going to do? and then we played football for a couple of hours actually for myself, for me. i thought everything is fine. i'm back home. i'm playing football since it began over a decade ago, cats are 2020 two's generation. amazing project has reached more than half a 1000000 people in countries all over the world. and it's not just football facilities being provided here. setting up a routine for the children involving informal schooling was just as important. did you know that these trees grow in salt water in holland? a lot of these children and families are their final destination is an english speaking country, which is totally understandable. so we started by offering english classes and different art and music activities. the fact that they're in such
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a chaotic time in their lives, we'd like to offer them some sort of routine. it took a few days to establish this faith. but now that they know that we're here, every day, we care about them and we're meeting their needs. we're listening to them. step one, i feel with all of the kids as come in, sit with me let to draw something. that's why you have find so much artwork, because that's sort of like the most primal form of self expression, right? almost everyone who sits down to draw for me, their 1st drawing is a drawing of a house or a home, or some sort of structure. so i think that speaks to the idea that they're looking for home, that they're in a transitional state. this may not be a permanent home, but for now that so is providing these children with a safe place to play and learn. on the richardson al jazeera though max for sap and his re taken the lead and the race to win the for middle one world championship after finishing 2nd to at the turkish rom pre. so rival lewis hamilton
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started in 11th because of an engine violation. and also managed a 5th place finish after a late race tire change. hamilton's mercedes teammate voucher boat has one ahead of her stop in the red bull driver now holding a fixed point advantage at the top of the sanity. everything. but yeah, to seemed like felt you had a bit more base, it could look off to the tires, maybe a bit better as well, but i'm a personal, happy to to finish 2nd because in these conditions and it's also easy to, to get it wrong. and you draw back, so overall, a very, very nice in theory has retained his heavy way boxing title. he knocked out dante while during the 11th round of a dramatic contest, theory was put down twice in the 4th round, but went on to dominate the fight. in las vegas, it was appears 3rd meeting in the ring. the 1st bout ended in a draw, sir, is now one against the american. twice the britain remains unbeaten and holds on to his w. b. c. title that i can only be the best of my day and i've done mom the best fighter
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in my era. i'm the generation fighter. i actually feel sorry for all these guys who sought to fight me because, i mean, i'm not in the just the home. i'm not nervous. you don't watch. invite to me. i feel i feel sorry for them because i fight and fight through the generation. not special and disaster struck for team great britain as their boat capsized during the spain sail grown pre. haven't just a few seconds after this start of these 3 boat grand final and and in lithia, cada's, benny's leagues crew had been leading ahead of australia in the united states when the sail tipped over all their force to retire. nobody on board was injured in the accident. okay, and that is all your sport for now. now back to barbara and london. far. thank you very much for that. and that is it for this news? i will do stay with us phones. i will be back in just a few moments with more debases for watching.
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ah aah! france once had a vast empire spending several continents. but by the 1940s, the french were forced to confront reality and demands for independence. in the 1st part of a documentary series, al jazeera looks at how the colonial unrest grew. conflict and algeria and full scale warn indo china blood and his french, the colonization on al jazeera,
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with more than 200000000 cases of coven 19 worldwide governments. a batting to fight fresh waves of the virus. a new barrier. there has been a surge and the number of people will, can vaccination appointments from human cost to political and economic full out. i'll just there brings you the latest on the pandemic vessels had vaccinated more than 1100 people here, all of them migrant farm workers. people on how does thing because they think that there is the risk. the democracy, special coverage on al jazeera stories that need to be told, find a way of getting a window into another life. these are my babies, my students where i go way of i see them. it's just like we are in secondary, from personal endeavors in epic struggle to colossal sacrifice it in individual, johnny, witness jo cases in firing documentaries that changed the while on al jazeera,
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we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you with . ready a chance for electoral change in iraq, but his votes are counted. it's clear. many people stayed away. ah, hello barbara, sarah, you're watching al jazeera life from london. also coming up, calling for the president, the step down, thousands of museums take to the streets of the capital in bo, her talks between the taliban and us officials appeared to afford the agreement on the delivery of humanitarian. a.


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