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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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ah, ah hello am barbara sarah london with the top stories on al jazeera poles have closed in iraq's parliamentary election with officials at the same. the vote could have drawn one of the smallest turnouts on record. the election was supposed to be held next year, but it was brought forward in response to 2009 teens math anti government demonstrations . nearly 25000000 people were eligible to vote. but many iraqis say they don't think the election will change anything. and others have called for a boycott. speaking just moments after the pause closed, the head of iraq's electoral commission promised that fair election outcome come
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off on the yeoman from crush over to let you down. we have been open and honest with the public and counting the boats manually in line with the law, and we've been transparent and all aspects of the electoral process. all the measures have been taken. there is evidence for any fair minded person about the management of the electoral process to declare the final results of the declaration of results will take place within the next few hours. the next 24 hours, thousands of tennesseans have rallied against their president, accusing case said of a power grab, ah, demonstrations have been taking place across the country since they either assume the executive authority and suspended parliament 2 months ago. there are fear, as the growing protests could cause to noisiest political divisions. the spiral in the civil unrest. representatives of the taliban say they've wrapped up, would there calling positive talks with the u. s. in catheter?
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in a statement, they said the full implementation of that though her agreement was considered to be the best way of resolving their problems. the u. s. delegation stated they would provide facilities for organizations to deliver aid, unaffected by political issues. and thousands of people had protested in cities across poland in support of the countries. membership of the european union valleys were prompted by a constitutional court ruling that the polish constitution overrides some u laws. donald tusk, the former president of the european council was one of several opposition leaders defending the country's place in the block. those are the top stores. i'm going to have more and all those stories on the out to 0 and use our that's coming up in just under half an hour coming up next. witness continues. oh,
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stripped of their citizenship, thousands of haitian dominicans, a penalized for the heritage, a state sanctioned racism, forces them into legal limbo. a young, a tiny mouth, the grass roots political campaign, advocating for social justice. but can she shine a light on the racial hatred and institutionalized depression that plagues the dominican republic stateless. a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah, ah, ah. and away we go with your weather update for asia pacific. hello everyone. we've got
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a frontal system move in across japan, so toward the north of it, look at those low temperature support 19, but to kill locked into the high heat with high of 30 degrees, lot of tropical activity. the further south we go. so line rock will dissipate as we head toward monday, but still a lot of rain for vietnam, eventually moving into allows and thailand so annoy on monday easy. we can expect another 40 millimeters of rain and wind gusts here of about 40 kilometers per hour to the more serious storm compared to it's going to move across lose on island, on monday and goes, it's going to spread its effects across taiwan as well. so the northernmost portion of lose on island, that $205.00 millimeters of rain and wind gusts here, 80 kilometers per hour, then it makes a beeline follows pretty much the same path is line rock striking hong kong with some more heavy rain high nan province as well, and then central and northern portions of vietnam come wednesday down under a frontal system here as well. so look at this and north of it brisbin $31.00,
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but toward the south. now been just has a high of 15 and our next system pulls in to w 8. in time for new zealand, the rain is filling in across the south island. but a nice stay in gibbon with a height of 21 season. ah, the venezuela, columbia borgia has become a stomping grounds for trespasses, as desperate people transgress an illegal passage to feed an emerging fuel trafficking market. we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking at all venezuelan columbia on al jazeera, the latest news, as it breaks, free democrats and the creams of talking to each other, trying to ionize that differences because together they form
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a large block in parliament with detailed coverage. we had the world's largest producer of low to seats, but children being used to meet the rising demand from around the world. the island has increased in land masses. as if rivera with this corruption is pulling the island of la paloma out of the ocean. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is the al jazeera news, our live from london. thank you for joining us, coming up in the next 60 minutes. a chance for electro change in iraq, but as votes are counted, it's clear and many people stayed away. calling for the president to step down,


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