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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm AST

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are headed towards the climate crisis, which is the biggest crisis that humanities faced. and up till now government response has been highly appropriate and not enough. and also in belgium, we've seen the effects now with the terrible floods that are costing billions um that are, are causing a lot of hardship and many people, even. so we need to address this. now that's the message of this our march. a series of tremors, measuring up to magnitude 3.8 if shaken the spanish island of la palmer as a volcanic eruption enters its 3rd week. these are life pictures of the lava spewing from the con bray b. r. a volcano which has destroyed over a 1000 homes in the area about 6000 people have been evacuated since the eruption began. still had an al jazeera nom group in nigeria continues to disrupt daily life. new tactic being used to help turn the tide. plus. i'm the
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father with gabby, the double that i'll tell you how done about fight is a good wording destroyed helicopters, what they're falling on air force and in sports we'll hear from fox. so tyson fury you says is latest wind through sees the greatest heavy weight of his era. ah the hello there. let's look to the middle east down. it's sunny, it's dry and it's rather settled for much of the region. we have got a bit of a brisk wind blowing down from iraq into q weight could tar and the u. a that's going to kick up a lot of dust bringing with it the hazy sunshine. we're also going to see the temperature down slightly in this area. and with that the humidity will pick up the temperature in riyadh sitting at $35.00 degrees celsius where we expect it to be.
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it's down in the south that things are looking a lot cooler. 20 degrees in selah. we're seeing a bit of cloud covers wealth of western and southern areas of yemen with a few showers coming into play. now as we move to central africa, the storms aren't as intense as we have seen recently. it's been rather warm in western areas of the democratic republic of congo. kinshasa has seen the temperature above average, but we are going to see the weather weather come back with a vengeance by tuesday, some of those heaviest storms affecting gabon and cameroon. we could see some localized flooding. now as we move to southern africa, we've seen a lot of warms in angola, namibia and parts of south africa, cape town, seeing lots of sunshine come through. it is looking wetter in the east for mozambique. and for them, bob, where we have seen attempt to below average in her are it, but it is gonna pick up by wednesday. ah, every war needs a devastating impact. tell me environment. earth rises,
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explore some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientist. safeguarding one of our most valuable results is these are important samples. we have to make sure they are surviving. each of the refugees striving to co exist with nature. ok, so what's going on there? we have simulating what happens when an elephant comes life off to conflict on al jazeera. it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think. i want to know where you stand on cancel culture. it is decreasing the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic. and everything in between. if tech companies are the ones with all the power, what do we do? what the solution. ready we get organized, what are, what leaders and governments missing? we are talking about targets in like 20142015 when we need targets for now up front with me, mark lamond hill on al jazeera blue
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. ah, welcome back here watching al jazeera time to recap our headlines, poles of closed across iraq and a parliamentary election that looks to have a low turn out. the election was supposed to be held next year, but was brought forward in response to mass anti government protests. protests are taking place in the polish capital against a controversial court ruling that says you institutions cannot interfere with the national judiciary. it's raising questions about poland future in the walk. representatives of the taliban say they've wrapped up what they're calling positive talks with the u. s. in cutter. and now sitting down with
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a delegation from the european union, al jazeera has obtained exclusive access to vast amounts of military hardware left behind by us and coalition forces. much of it was destroyed, but the taliban believes some can be salvaged. as it looks to build an air force was our been debate has more from cobbles, military airfield. the gobble air strip is home to a variety of of gone miller, trees hardware from american black hawks to russian helicopters are all lined up here and many of them are inoperable. oh, it made the country. yeah. they can it from years leg this banner that on black is broken and we can, we can resolve that i'll out of i'd craft because about 2 or 3 in my 17 as a result of it. and that he started in the ground in flight also like this
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helicopter yard. so we completed that up lance, but some met lens. mimi messing to that, just not started. who really tried to me be in 2 days with sort of that row after or scattered all over this air field destroyed helicopters. this even holes in the fuselage are in the bodies, the ones that are intact to come inside them and you entered the cockpit. there's nothing here but shattered glass and destroyed equipment. although many of these technicians have not been paid for months, they've returned to fix what they can. they found some essential items in storage and the restless salvage from other aircraft. they continued to turn up for work regardless of who's in the government. balaban fight to say they've inherited hangers full of helicopters, which have been destroyed beyond repair. but what they have been able to do is
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recruit engineers, aviation experts, pilots, and convert doors. fuselage is beyond repair and use the parts to convert helicopters like these. a taliban commander in charge of thin air feels told out the 0 at the strength. dia croft, including helicopters and fixing system as have been rebuilt. most pilots strained by us forces have left. but some have stayed, and they've found dozens of others trade before the u. s. envision in 2001. summer majority of the 0. couple. now at least 6 people have been killed by a car bomb in yemen, southern port city of aiden. the governor and lamb las and the environment minister both survived the blast, which happened as their convoy was passing. aiden is the seat of the emmonds, internationally recognized government. the lebanese energy minister says the electricity grid is operating again after severe fuel shore to juice, forced to major power plants to shut down the closures of lead to blackouts. across
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the country level and central bank is approved the $100000000.00 in credit to import fuel. there are concerns. it's not enough to solve the crisis center holder reports from bay route. the state electricity network has again collapsed a lack of fuel, forest lebanon's largest power stations to shut down. it's the 4th time in the past month. that shortage is caused 8 country wide blackout. a deep economic crisis means a cash strapped state is struggling to import energy resources. the sunny got it because we used to have electricity for an hour daily. now it is totally cut. we are spending our time out, sought out harms. so our children can have fun. the total power outage has practically been the case for months. states electricity in most places has been available for an hour or 2 a day. the company is now trying to use the armies reserves to operate its power plants temporarily before the expected arrival of
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a fuel shipment. but this daytron plants have run poorly for decades. well, hello, murphy. there's been no electricity in beirut since yesterday, and private generators are too expensive. how can we survived? the energy sector has been a huge drain on the states finances for decades. it's annual losses reach $1500000000.00. successive governments have continued to sustain this system instead of fixing it. they've subsidized fuel and maintained a bloated workforce, as part of the political parties, patronage networks. the international community has been demanding the restructuring of the sector before it approves financial assistance. there has been no political will. instead, the authorities made a deal with iraq to swap fuel for medical services. and the new government is negotiating supplies of electricity from jordan and natural gas from egypt via syria. but those deals are likely to take months and it may help ease the crisis,
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but it won't resolve it. lebanese households have had to put up with daily power cuts since the end of the civil war in 1990. but now the local currency has lost 90 percent of its value. it means only a few are able to afford private generators, while hospitals bakeries and other essential services are in crisis mode. for many here the electricity company has come to symbolize the corruption and mismanagement blamed for the economic collapse that has all but paralyzed the country. santa claire elgin's eda, beirut, now at least 20 people have been killed in nigeria. so carto states of the gun, the attack to market armed groups are continuing to disrupt life for millions in the northwest. and as happened, edris reports from kaduna, state governors are arming people to fight back. wow, please. a members of what's called the kaduna state visual service and they ought
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to protect their communities from other gangs. they soon see people with motor bikes. the often used by armed groups and i banned by the state government. they attempt to make arrests that are forced to retreat in the last 3 years. criminal gangs have over on communities in nigeria, especially in the north and with federal forces overstretched, local people like these are being trained and equipped by state government that to provide security. bid under 10 in the have with the police and with us or ever ready to go with it because it as effect had them that at louis that italy they have lost religious. they have less properties. they have lost their houses. so you can imagine this an angry man can do anything when he's 1st, so they're not deterred because of what they were physically bonded. thousands of
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people have been killed by armed groups in the region. in recent years, thousands more have been kidnapped, including school children, ransoms of hundreds of millions of dollars are estimated to have been paid by state governments and relatives of the victims states in nigeria, i increasingly turning to vigilantes to help secure their communities. but as the number and sophistication of criminal and growth grow, there are concerns that lightly ambridge atlantis like this may not be a match for groups armed with anti aircraft guns. people also divided over whether to help malicious get better weapons. experts warn, creating local militias or so called vigilantes may prove counterproductive. because by the time you are drawn was an a bomb banditry and a kid now thinks they will turn to be volatile against the state by a fight in another cause for them to survive. because it's not sustainable. the
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armies deployed in nearly all of niger us 36 states, dealing with criminal gangs. that work usually undertaken by police. but state governors have little control over federal police and the military. and many say, despite the risks building up local malicious is there all the way to protect vulnerable communities. ami edris al jazeera, kaduna, thousands of young people in el salvador, held what they're calling a reverse caravan protest. well, this particular group was headed away from a border crossing. they say they want the government to improve conditions. so i have to emigrate rights group, say, hundreds of salvadorans, leave the country every day to seek work in the u. s. thousands of haitian immigrants who have been living in chile for years and now leaving the country faced with discrimination and strength of these rolls. many want to head to the u.
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s. to our latin america added salisia newman reports from santiago. these men and women make a part of the largest haitian expect community in latin america after their countries, 2010 earthquake chile opened its doors to tens of thousands of haitians. many are mine, but to day, even as thousands of undocumented venezuelans, colombians and peruvians are flocking to chile. huge numbers of haitians are actually leaving on the us mexico border. hundreds of haitians have discarded their chilion id cards as they risked their lives trying to reach you assures the question is, why would they leave chile the country with the highest per capita income in the region and throughout the north big no, but i love me enough to say delta religion, in the treatment that haitians receive here from chillies current president is indecent. that's why they decide to journey to el dorado, even if they die on the way with him, because they are sure they will be treated better. lisa must, the death of
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a young haitian mother shook the community to the core 2 years ago. 27 year old john flawed well, who did not speak spanish was arrested and later taken from the police station to the hospital in a coma. her sister says that fraud will had been accused of abandoning her 2 month old baby at a municipal office, when in fact, she had only left her in her stroller with a guard for a few minutes. while she tried to find someone to translate for her. samantha agreed to speak to us for the 1st time about what her sister told her before she died a month later, including charges that she was badly beaten by police. but i for fin brother yolanda, that's why she cried so much. she told me the police and others treat patients badly. here, she said they treat haitians like dogs, but actually that's not true, because here they treat dogs quite well. samantha nevertheless, wants to remain in chile to be near her deceased sister's child who lives with her
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father. she adds that, not all. chileans are bad since his roxana, her brother's girlfriend. but racism and discrimination of haitians. a widespread was eloquent bethune in chile, many associate haitians with compassion. they are seen as people who are socially degraded, defenseless, inferior in some ways. but racism isn't exclusively about the color of one's. skin discrimination is based on class. it's poverty that makes a difference and available at a migrant assistance center. in santiago, we meet another haitian migrant who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisals. she says the main problem isn't racism. it's the government refusal to issue or when you working documents for most patients on the 2 of us have a hybrid went from polk county. if you want to work, you have to have an id card and to have an id card you need to work on. so if you can't get papers, how can you work? you can't live decently. that's why the majority of my friends have left the country. i have no friends,
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luckily i approximately 90 percent of patients in chile don't have valid residency papers which makes them open to ramp and abuse from landlords and in scrupulous employers and ineligible for social services. in his current government has become more hostile towards undocumented migrant, especially those who for example, are working in the informal sector could say that it has done little or nothing to promote social inclusion. nor to crack down on a legal exploitation of haitians. all of which is keeping them at the bottom of the social and economic latter in this country. and until that changes, the majority of haitians who came here thinking they had reached the promised land will continue to live in squalor and suffer discrimination. she and human al jazeera santiago. now russian military plane has crashed in the thought of stan region, killing at least 15 people. the craft was carrying a group of parent troopers when it went down. 7 people have been pulled from the
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wreckage. been at least 2 similar plane crashes in russia in the past 2 months. and then a called the of han, known as the father of pakistan's nuclear bomb has died at the age of 85. he passed away after being admitted to hospital with a long problem. the scientists was hailed as a national hero. but it was accused by western countries of smuggling technology to so called rogue states. in east, in india, the government had succeeded in protecting salt water crocodiles and restoring their population in national parks. but as their numbers increase, they've started to encroach on local villages that depend on the river for their livelihoods. blair harding has more just the simple task of washing dishes can be dangerous here, doing laundry, catastrophic anna persona lives in the eastern indian state of odessa. she shows as
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her feet and where she was once attacked by a salt water crocodile. her friend potter body remembers her brother who was pulled under normality, lagging a door village is started shouting when the crocodile took my brother. but it is such a powerful animal. what could we have done? suffice streng everyone for delake something. what happens is their numbers are rising, it took my breath away. i just don't understand why. a nearby national park is known for having one of the highest number of salt water crocodiles in the world. after the government introduced conservation efforts in the 1970s. the number of crocodiles increased from fewer than a 100 to nearly 2000 during india's monsoon season. this river swells making it easier for the crocodiles to encroach on the villages nearby. but now when the water levels go down, the crocks don't leave. instead they stay and lay their eggs, hosing a serious threat to people. people have started boy distinguish saga would i but
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would need to have some kind of mitigation measures, even with the predators looming in the water. daily chores must go on. something mainly done by women and children, but everyone faces the threat. at some point. people come here to wash up and cattle, wade and daily, as we begin lending up by legal. but to me, i'm low dependency. we are completely dependent on this river for drinking water, an oven anemia. for the past one and a half years. the terror of crocodiles has seed going among the villagers. i believe that we are afraid to come near the liver loving mother got. we have to and got that because we are dependent on it from the nearly 200000 people who depend on this delta life now involves a constant fear of what's lurking underneath the muddy waters. leah harding al jazeera for us here next with all the sold ah, getting back into
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a routine child refugees from afghanistan find a safe place to play alone. ah, the venezuela, columbia. portia has become a stamping ground for trespasses as desperate people transgress an illegal passage to feed an emerging fuel trafficking market. we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking at all venezuelan columbia. on al jazeera indonesia, the country with an abundance of results with great power and water, indonesia, whose firms for me, we move full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy,
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blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let me pause when denise is growth and progress in indonesia. now, lou ah, catch up on all the schools news would follow sammy thank you so much. max for shopping is re taken the lead in the race to win the formula one world championship after finishing 2nd at the turkish graham pre inside arrival. louis hamilton started in time because of an engine violation and only managed to 5th place finish after late raced higher change. hamilton's mercedes,
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he made valerie bolt as one ahead of her shop in the red bull driver. now holding a 6 point advantage at the top of the stabbing windows open. yeah. to seem like, well, you had a bit more pace. could look also new tires, maybe a bit better as well, but i'm a personal, happy to to finish 2nd because in these conditions it's also easy to, to get it wrong and you draw back. so overall, a very, very boost my gut feeling was this day and i shouldn't, i feel that's what i feel done. so frustrated myself and not fully my gut. um, but i work as a team, so did the best i could with myself getting football now and 10 zeniah had boosted their chances of reaching the 2022 world cup. and qatar beast african nation are looking to reach the finals for the 1st time on sunday. they beat beneath one know away, and the 2nd round of african qualifying result means tons. and he asked at top of group j with the new level on points with them. the counter is become
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a major transit points for refugees fleeing the taliban. take over, have afghan stan, many who left the country on evacuation flights are now being assisted by the organizers of next year's football world cup. and the richardson reports. football is providing some much needed rest might for african refugees in qatar. hundreds have found a temporary home and accommodation built for next year's world cup. huh. last month . fee for president johnny and francine. i was a guest player at a coaching session. had been organized by cattle, 2020 two's generation. amazing legacy projects. 23 year old. so he'd worked in afghanistan for an american tv network. he rocked in toe hall in august, but had to leave his parents and younger brother behind cornwall has always had this effect on me. i don't, i know it. it has effects on everybody that whole offspring footballers, just playing football when the boys were here before that they were depressed,
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there were thinking about what will happen to us today and what are they going to do? and then we played football for a couple of hours actually for myself, for me. i thought everything is fine. i'm back home. i'm playing football since it began over a decade ago, kathy 2020 two's generation amazing. projects has reached more than half a 1000000 people in countries all over the world. and it's not just football facilities being provided here. setting up a routine for the children involving informal schooling was just as important. did you know that these trees grow in salt water indian hoa? a lot of these children and families are their final destination is an english speaking country, which is totally understandable. so we started by offering english classes and different art and music activities. the fact that they're in such a chaotic time in their lives, we'd like to offer them some sort of routine. it took a few days to establish this faith. but now that they know that we're here every day and we care about them, were meeting their needs, we're listening to them
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a step one. i feel with all of the kids as come in, sit with me let to draw something that's why you have find. so much artwork, because that's sort of like the most primal form of self expression, right? almost every one who sits down to draw for me, their 1st drawing is a drawing of a house where a home or some sort of structure. so i think that speaks to the idea that they're looking for home, that they're in a transitional state. this may not be a permanent home, but for now. what so is providing these children with a safe place to play and learn. on the richardson al jazeera jo tyson furious retained his heavyweight boxing title is knocked out. he knocked out dante wilder and the 11th round of the dramatic contest theory was put down twice in the 4th round, but went on to dominate the fight in las vegas. it was appears 3rd meeting in the ring. the 1st boat ended in a draw and fury has now one against the american. twice the britain remains
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unbeaten holds on to his w. b. c. title, belts. and i can only, i can only be the best of my day and i've done mom, the best fighter in my era. i'm the generation fighter. i actually feel sorry for all these guys. he's not to fight me. because i mean, i'm going to just over the home, i'm not nervous, you know, it's a box invite to me, i feel, i feel sorry for them. because i fight and fight through the generation melts for sure. and disaster struck for team great britain as their boat capsized during the spain sail grand prix. it happened just a few seconds after the start of the 3 boat grand final. in amberly's ca cada's ban . ainsley's crew had been leading ahead of australia in the united states. when the sales have dover air force to retire, nobody on board was entered in the accident. okay, and all that's all you support, flap family back to you. thanks so much for that said for this news hour. but i will be back in a moment with our colleagues from london with another full show. so to stay with us
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here on out to 0. ah, ah and i talked to al jazeera, we ask what gives you hope that it is going to be peace because the situation on the ground seems to be pointing, otherwise we listened. we were never on the whatever road to off migration we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that imagine on al jazeera, ah, pitches don't lie. that's the beauty of television. journalism i've always wanted
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to make the audience feel something to create an emotional connection with the story. ah, sometimes you have to go to great lengths to do just that. ah. when we made a film on the right of ours, we covered it without fear or fiber. we. so 1st hand the fee, the pandemic, of course, and the behavior late on the truck. when you realize what's going on, the police investigated and write it out with the government expelled me by couldn't hide from the truth as a tax on press freedom escalate. i worked the al jazeera because i hold the line, mom drew ambrose mm. on causing the cost is the world to dependence on coal and dollar and best is about to get to bailout venezuela, launching the digital volleyball,
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and that attempt to revive its currency. and back to the seventy's dark lation making an unwelcome counting the calls on al jazeera ah, a chance for electoral change in iraq, but his votes are counted. it's clear that many people stayed away. ah, hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is al jazeera, alive from london, also coming up, calling for the president, the step down, thousands of tennessee and speak to the streets of the capital. in doha talks between the taliban and us officials appear to afford the agreement on the delivery of humanitarian aid.


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