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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2021 7:30pm-8:00pm AST

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a rather than young ha, them yesterday didn't follow the a banana, be electoral commission as issued a statement. and that statement should be that true? yes. what are they on the commission? mccarthy for them to have yet that the issue sat close date are all stations electro station open at 7 o'clock, 100 block. well not there was lucky. one when there was never any delay, we rectified it to pull out. i mean, by the and the united nation. oh, inspectors and other observers can justify to that was hardly any job with general law. no, but i did need another advocate with me. i would like to go now be because because we don't have much time and we don't want the same questions asked again, no,
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she gone just here in the hall. thank you very much thanking voters, candidates, political parties, and observers. the woods there of july. i had none had of the election commission chief there who was addressing the elections which took place in iraq to day. he said the results will be announced within 24 hours. he said any complaints about violations will also be addressed in a transparent manner. he thanked security forces for providing protection and sufficient security for people to come out and vote. i'm not sure if we have mac moved up there. why had now? oh, we don't. all right, so we'll try and come back to this a bit later. obviously,
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very fluid situation there in baghdad, as they're still counting up the votes, but the indications are at this point that it hasn't had a massive turn out. right. outgoing german chancellor, angular merkel has been meeting israeli prime minister enough talley bennett in west jerusalem in our last official visit to the country. and it praised merkel and germany for what he called uncompromising support. but his opposition to palestinian statehood and the 2015 iran nuclear deal of put him at odds with germany and west and allies. hundreds of indigenous protesters have turned out in july to oppose the celebration of the spanish conquests 500 years ago. indigenous people in latin america say so cold day of the race is a racist commemoration. place in santiago, use tear gas and water cannon against protesters. ah
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and they could be anywhere in public toilets, train stations, hotel rooms, at your office, even in your own home. tiny cameras, strategically and stool to fill your most intimate moments with the footage. then put online in south korea, a risk for digital 6 crimes involving hidden cameras are soaring. push american is hold heavily on l. your title panel on at all i'm it took on him other than credible from what i don't know if he should put on hold. the traders come from all parts of society from tv and it is about how young i'm able to so,
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and teaches the impact on victims can be devastating. i have a toyota cowboy, we are allowing software. they talk about often until young tucker got on here and she would write them other honey, a bizarre contains by the killer porter. his on them, they car got over to the reporter. joe went to one east join the hunt for self careers, hidden cameras and meet the women fighting back in one of the world's most connected countries. ah pumps . it's been a long day for some, hey young, but his work isn't over. pip live, i'm done with her getting her there. and when he came home,
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he won't see me all day long. the private detective is tackling a new crime wave in south korea. a legal filming with spy cameras were chavana hungry, and i will quote, unquote, and what any of those helena couldn't were handled. i thought i would go get a snicker question. there was i able to even get fingers? semana won't care what a camera tucked on chickens awoke, editing lincoln with the money. so could i use a man on boats? i should, i should pay to manage on how can the panic, which would arm couldn't go dark, yoko cabella money lower than your telephone. the cheap turn tell when you had understood i was in there, we couldn't play the trip to get the money comes alameda to go, but you certainly don't as a get him wanting to go on on the chair to come to the head that in which i am the po to don't look on an hour or every mum son. hey, yom receives about 500 calls like these
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according to the police, the number of a risk for spy cameras increased almost 7 fold in the last decade. but the real number of cases is thought to be my child. to day son is media said an apartment in the capital soul, where he'll show is different types of spike cams, called mancha logan, a bank i them to mean they're young push again on amazon latoya, manor citizen on deer foot for telecom eradicate on the saturday. some of her television it put propellant caruana purple tongue. ah, ah, done cause kissin of could i do manner tanveer many people had made up in the court gay as an adult tongue again. and what should i come to us? i began and there in manacled goat amber's hegan. the ethan in medford obeyed from the other
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book and done it with a tenant candidate and and there to missing him. and he thought it, it a good a thought the doctor one up to 10. and guess what? in a quick upon that unless she was in it and it has for a telephone demand scenario, it's a waiver, as long as it's in votes for shanina to prove an air filter at all to come in either get some get equal the will of canada and an order says hello n t occurs man is how one of them boom another, but i t man the little now another g got i'm just not gonna get him dog. one.
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mazama will underwood on to dress and those attendant william elder than his whole headed anna. your tongue, panicking on his door, i met a circular cannon other than me could. it will turn when a door now impatient, that under penance on my door, keith would have pattened elijah penzel. come in and out with us. meta the true, an accusatory tick cannot handle them that you don't should a commitment to the guy suit. ah, my god. all day, can you not know so that you the cricket or the in the pentagon? yet another young girl. sequoia has hands had an upper your don't show it. ok to with anger toronto, pagan, if they were simply son, how young says he seen the impact that cameras can have them one or johan would have gone morning? what would any that info on this and then they're good on the power natal war?
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almost. how i took all that accompanies isn't what it is going on when he got under wounded linen. goodness wish be thought all good us and i took him up on the weekly spy cam. offenders face a fine of up to $26500.00 or a maximum prison sentence of 3 years. but most of those found guilty only receive a small fine. while for victims the damage can be irreversible. eugene is still struggling with an incident that happened last year. the young woman is a popular live streaming jokey. no one is b j off born. on a local online platform, she has more than 13000 fans following each and every moment of her daily life. in july 2020, she was working at a cyber cafe. when a man took
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a photo up her skirt with his phone. ah, the incident happened while she was live streaming on her channel. it was a viewers who alerted her. oh, oh oh . oh oh oh, after seeing a man on cctv footage, she quickly confronted him for you. what of her reverie we don't muted on it. well
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and, and then even if there is, oh yeah, article now and that one could even look at take a look at how much impairment look in waco. no video. oh, she doesn't. okay. no, i know. i'm not though. i ultimately of all the or how do you, jean eventually decided to report the incident to police a but she says she understands why victims often remain silent with all that could work all the time with it's around, i'll put it in and get her can all get them according to doc and logging on on the lead on. they will qualify it, laid on a life it all figured out among those certain little human museums of them. civil law was that up on a different role it took on can all can help to could that is very long,
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long as it all will. you're not on the reading was her like a stock of one on your goal. of all. she was origins of the other walking literally on the top of reading and women are the main targets of these digital crimes are between 20122017. there were 26000 reported spike ham victims. 84 percent of them were women. ah ah, when it was the liberties the sharing of intimate videos on the internet can be when limplin play pop, star grew hara learned this 1st time after rising to fame. at the age of 17,
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the superstar saw her life fall apart. just 10 years later, i will get up hodson sim. ah yes. hi lee. um that's why it looks almost middle. got you younger in 2018 after her ex boyfriend threatened to destroy her career by releasing her sex videos film without her going insane. she filed a lawsuit against him. after news of her video became public. the 28 year old celebrity became the target of online vitriol castle quasi on don't. how year a year later, to haro was found dead in her apartment in an apparent suicide. ah, a brutal glue even is still ensures jonae run 2 of 5 p. m. the anti the
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turning of queen away are reuben thunderbird. anon bonnie talking to albany, the royce they will mentality she got up on her in ethel by them i get to sleep on an compton guy. me to chris on of got out from group and thanks empire or the hygienist there on the menorah iowa total areas of clothes on yield on on that i don't watch them all in the time and i know with of the world killer ah, you easy to do with you know mean 18900 and pen blended osho by to 20 right tanya
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on that ball aah pushed her guns and got broken ah ah ah do here is the ex boyfriend was sentenced to one year in prison with no parole. he pleaded guilty to assault black male corrosion and destruction of property. but he denied the charge of a legal filming nino or credit away. i conceded tucker on finding a teresa meditated on it that way you got it was sheet of talking,
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you know, when convenient, jonathan and cookie window k yang. that all. yeah. and a bunch of jonathan, and that's way, it's a clear, valuable book of don't open. one is on a chance with another do who in appealed to increase the sentence, but in vain. however, the family's lawyer believes this case stands as a wake up call for women in south korea. she doesn't go out, we've been doing it for anybody on duty till one can go for me. one of the one i see i don't need is a little higher mileage when you too much to interest with. nobody was following go higher, is death. more than $200000.00 south koreans signed a petition, demanding harsher penalties for filming, and distributing sexual acts without consent.
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ah, easy young activists to has been fighting against the proliferation of hidden cameras for years. but that didn't stop her from becoming a victim herself. oh, whatever hung go wrong to get it handled. how dante, young up, doggie, do not want to go. good. oh, oh, not pin number will turn it in on monday to it and one pounds on its own router and the weight on how much
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a year will roll over. okay, over nicaragua. awesome. so i to john lopez, other phone j r a choice. we will go up it, it's, you got to be another way to conclude what i'm going out of under junk. tab, move out which on you got what's going on. the internet is over to can on our own digital phone and going home either way. okay. quite easy. what you want to condone you're getting is how are they so cool? we'll, we're not, i hope you put it on it. all right. it says any com. now what's up turned on tenants unlocked, so don kowal kiel with the police, managed to find the culprit, a young man whose parents described him as
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a good boy who took the wrong half the party, settle the matter out of court. this incident only makes 2 young more determined to eradicate hidden cameras. a torn in town closer carol take abandon border, kind of change of i to tomato to kill us from one a girl. walked out of all. no kidding. all tale video or paul sounded open gong to read on dirt or target america when sue yawn and fellow activists began campaigning in 2015. there were the only people talking about this problem. openly had several grandpapa when summer mark boiler it's awkward on the one
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colored high caught it on a day to day su, yawn, and her friends are searching the capital, looking for shop selling hidden cameras. i mean, a little you in the mother who has been go yodi, i got some of these shops, display their merchandise openly. are you going to figure good any go or do you, could you show them comment? i looked at them clearly up with tv or your prefer a
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woman. she with multiple scandals and bad pris, have led most of these shops to shut down, put on the internet. all these devices are still cheaply available. as technology evolves, glenda stone filming has become more and more easy in south korea. well, it's becoming harder and harder for police officers to find the hidden cameras. mean to jean is an expert in criminology and digital 6 crimes higher though. that noel a day. he said,
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hell will cause her to gooey. we won't eat one. no one take away at all. when did everybody? i said i know well the honey. okay. daniel. diet. daniel a highlander? i don't, they put a hold on one of them, but i'm going caputo his are now gay. might have needed to pass on your protocol door on the phone and call it a call. a thought hung a thought on talk with a little a new pro have with his all with you a call or eco cargo or because him, i don't know, you know me only i would go over me that she says south korea's conservative culture is also partly to blame me for hunger,
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they learn about it when what thought i sail there, there could gay. aw, whatever's on in this home. no clue on the all over here at the leg of whatever the rental with in hawaii does is a gay, cadillac grove. i didn't, i used it on the oil is either day flexible night or 2 as i thought i was looking at all of when in that it has about when he got it. okay. it turns on the vehicle pulling up the recall label, fail number, gooder one does a poverty call. again, j, you, alma, and we're getting the over years number will be over with you to tackle digital 6 crimes and illegal filming the government adopted a comprehensive set of measures in september 2017, 3 months after his wearing in his south korea as president, moon j in made it a national priority. war car from jersey on chic, on our piers up order. young financial, chiva, shiranda,
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more columns. hum would only duprang's sickness hated. pierson. general camaro young tongue. would you put a good drummers? huck cheap young. we're planning on don't. jone bonnie dragon, tell me, trying, ah, some citizens a helping take up the fight. oh, you've done it all together. what we've done and whether you bought it all along with housewives care. young su woon and joe, mean me 3 hours south, a soul in the district of dell. so good. once a month, these volunteers team up for a specific mission on say, hidden cameras in public toilets. a lot
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of talk to what i mean. you can going now, i mean, i know it turns out some value. now your 13, it denied it for mobile. now, number one, able now a little bit, a different overall. how can, how are people as pagan, they're wanting to answer that. i told that i have went over isaac regina angela that wasn't there. good use of it to now and on it on to the program is, has, it's all going there has actually a throwback there. another ward, again, it turns out with the lower lindsay on its own yeoman who was she'd sing it came in and couldn't get k young says a doing important work off how by so allow it all as if all that alum, without, without them out or over the cans and under saddam ended up was and i couldn't, i knew i thought i had a little my. oh, in the back because i was in south korea has been rocked by
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a recent spite of spike and scandals. and municipal authorities are on high alert. in this district, 34 teams, some paid by local government, are dedicated to keeping public spaces free from hidden cameras. local official lease on me says they are needed now more than ever. now the water v until piss out is why couldn't you chris are bringing to of course was on his sugar thing. if i ever oh yes, i mean that on at home from the title. yeah. somebody. yeah. doug ha, put on our planet or no, i don't care your answer channel. ok? well, chris antoine conquistador, with a woman, yanna tutoring, a hug all taken chip, or she thought, oh my, actually, she's a terrible i'm can do it is anna can i think
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ah, in sales 3, there is a growing awareness and anger about hidden cameras. but women are taking to the streets to fight for their rights and speak out against gender discrimination. ah ah ah. for eugene who was illegally photographed while she was working in a cyber cafe life is not the same. ah, but hunger color, the color which is chisel, give all all the only way cook it got her of all however we are one
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i ok from on top of it all after she reported him to the police, the spy cam perpetrator was arrested the following day. for attempting to film illegally, the case is ongoing. all day for manufacture, dog in the world. i said i all, i don't have all were lena california. ca gay. i got the one i went and then from coggan i guess that wasn't like at all or putting i don't want to read on cov oh, we have a you don't wanna ca get laughable. know they eugene says her experience is a warning for women everywhere. and that silence is no longer an option in the face of self grees spy. cam epidemic are the fellow with iraq. it on god, you know, a fancied on august saw in a couple when you call me while need on. ah,
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in the world's most populous nation, one in every 4 women suff is domestic by law. while one east investigates china's battle ground at hon. one out 0 ah i in the country with an abundance of results for the red bar and walk indonesia whose firms for me, we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy,
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and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let's be part linda. this is growth and progress. invent indonesia now . ah, iraq say like jen appears to attract glo voter interest despite being called early and response dangling calls with change. ah, hello, i'm sammy zaden. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up, taught him on, begins talks with e, you represent.


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