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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what lucy winter been used and kind of calls that matter to you a wrong selection appears to attract low voter interest despite it being held early in response to angry calls for change. ah, i'm sammy's a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up here, a show all false against that soon as the president accused of seizing power to week, after thousands rallied in his support. the thought upon begins talks with
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e u representatives in carter after meetings with the us, they described as positive and a conservation. dr. becomes a matter of concern after rising number of crocodiles frightens people's lives in east in india. ah, now paul's of closed across iraq in a parliamentary election that looks to have a low turn out. the election was supposed to be held next year, but it was brought forward in response to mass anti government protest. nearly 25000000 people were eligible to cast ballots. hundreds of thousands of security personnel have been deployed across the country. ali hashem reports from bank that for some of the people heading to vote here and but that this election may not change much. what for the government and it's deeply divided quality can
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establishment. it's about legitimacy. the turnout will likely decide that. and that's why senior government officials and political leaders rushed to pulling stations early in the morning to cast their votes. a you and the some jamie, unbeatable. i know we all has to contribute to change our reality. i want to tell a rockies that we still have time ahead of us to day go out and vote change or reality for iraq and for the future. there are more than 3000. busy candidates running for the selection, only a quarter of them are independent. this is another reason why some voters say they are skeptical of the forces despite take important election. but there are others who hope for real change. with a 1000000 olivia issue, we look to vote to make the changes we're after. i hope it's going to be for the good of our people and beloved country and shall iraq's electronic voting system makes the process easier. what it doesn't always work in the southern city of basra
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loan, more than 20 pulling stations, have reported technical issues that are kind of commission wants to declare the results within 24 hours to prevent it might be possible. what with electron accounting and with such force, it's also possible that there will be many reasons for some candidates to cast doubt on the furnace of the election. i. li, i shall 0. now the rocky prime minister just tweeted saying, thank god we did our job. we've promised fair elections and we provided all the means for it. he's thanking all vote, his candidates, political parties, and the election commission. and other of our correspondence, and ron con, has been at the polling station in the northern city of mosul. way says only a fraction of eligible voters showed up. despite this heavy security, it's been a very disappointing day here at the ballot box. now this polling station behind me is one of the main ones in mosul. a 1000 people are registered to vote here. so for
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just over a 1000 people have voted across new or province. we're hearing that the vote turn out will be around 21 to 25 percent. that's incredibly, incredibly low. now, what's the reason for that? well, they say that all politics is local. one of the driving issues of the anger and the frustration that residence of mosul fil is the fact that i feel that central baghdad, the government that has completely ignored them. this was sent the scene of some the most intense fighting against iceland, 2017. i'll just give you an example. you can see just often the distance there. that's one of the houses that was always completely destroyed all along the street right. the way down for miles, you can see destroyed houses, bullet holes, and just complete destruction the residence of very angry the central baghdad hasn't given them the money to rebuild their homes. a lot of people still living in displacement camps because they can't come back to mosul because there's nothing to
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come back to their houses, the and if the work, there's a running water, there's no gas, there's no electricity that's driving or the lack of voting, hey, what's most residents are saying is that actually what's the point? nothing ever changes and we're very angry. so that boycott the vote movement that we've been talking about over the last few days does seem to have translated into a lack of action at the polling station. thousands of tennesseans are back on the streets of the capital, protesting against their president. ah, there been demonstration since place i had seen near total power 2 months ago. and he came out and supposed to the president, this latest protest is the biggest so far by those who accuse him of carrying out of 2 sam kimball in tune. it says there were a few scuffles, but overall the atmosphere was calm. what happened here in tunis to day was a gathering a demonstration of several 1000 people on tunis. his main thoroughfare avenue have
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been able to give a look to be several 1000 people from different parts of tunis and they had a very emotional and intense slogans such as the people want the removal of the president. no fear power is with the people also chanting the chinese national anthem and, and there was a heavy, heavy police protest. and in the demonstration, there were some skirmishes between protesters and police. there were some notable political figures, including the opposition politician jail had been embark, who originally called for this protest last sunday, who got up and made speeches. and, and it should also be said that a crew from tunisia, national broadcaster, and what the nia was assaulted during the protests. and all of this, after the location for the protest was suddenly changed to the last minute warning
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by authorities and who, who moved it down to a more tightly constrained spot on the central avenue or be able to give up. now at least 6 people have been killed by a car, ballman, yelman's port city of aidan, the governor and the environment minister both survived the blast, which happened as the convoy was passing. aiden is the seat of yeomans, internationally recognized government representatives of the taliban say they've wrapped up what they're calling positive talks with the u. s. in carter. and now sitting down with a delegation from the european union, the u. s. bond talks were the 1st faith held in person since its takeover of afghanistan in august dash, or when i am joins us now, live from dallas, so they're describing them as positive. what happened
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well. 1 if you look at the language, here's where we're going to have to infer read between the lines here because the americans at this point are offering any details. as the talks conclude though, i expect they will a, in the coming hours, if not tomorrow, but we are from the acting of foreign minister and the information ministry in afghanistan getting what they describe as a positive news, which is by their characterization, the to day meetings the 1st time meetings were quote positive, and that they hope it paves the way for recognition of the afghan government, not only by the united states, but the international community. this afghan delegation led by the acting foreign minister, came to doha, seeking international recognition. but really, most importantly, the financial assistance that comes with it, what concessions were made to get financial assistance. what a, what deals might be made between the 2 sides?
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we don't know as of yet, but what we do know is that the afghan delegation was asking the united states to end economic sanctions to unfreeze assets. the united states had frozen about $10000000000.00 in afghan assets as a kind of leverage. once the taliban took over, the united states coming into these meetings, underscoring the fact that they did not believe these talks were recognition of the government or conferring any kind of legitimacy to it. but again, that was at the onset of the talk. so the united states has made clear that it's looking to the taliban to have a judge it by its actions. the taliban for its part has said that it needs to pay government employees. it needs to provide services for afghans. and of course, it's dealing not only with a looming humanitarian crisis, but also an economic one. just today, the un refugee agency is saying as winter approaches, 3 and
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a half 1000000 afghans remain displaced. half the population relies on financial assistance and if they don't get it, the you had refugee agency was predicting quote, a catastrophe on the security fraud. here is where i think it's reasonable to speculate that there may have been some common ground between the american and the afghan delegation. though publicly the taliban has said, it does not need assistance from the united states to squash iso in afghanistan. iceland, afghanistan has been responsible since august for several deadly bombings. but, you know, the united states, of course, is very concerned about eiffel and other armed groups being allowed a safe haven to operate in afghanistan. the united states is also very concerned about a 100 americans and thousands of african allies who they say are fearing reprisals by the taliban and desperately want to leave the country. u. s. senator saying
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today that these talks needed to be a can dition of allowing these people to leave afghanistan 1st and foremost before anything else. but at this point, from what we're hearing, at least on the afghan side, it was a positive meeting, which again, i think one can infer that perhaps this means that maybe some financial assistance, humanitarian assistance, might be on route to cobble time will tell, i guess thanks so much and special name women in afghanistan are urging other women around the world to rally for their rights ah, activists. the clad october, the 10th international day of women, solidarity with afghan women to protest against thought about rules. the group has already imposed numerous restrictions on women and girls, including limitations on schooling and work. the thought yvonne has promised to
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respect women's rights. i'm always anita on, just have to shut down today. women from over 100 nations should raise their voice and support us. women came under pressure soon after the taliban government came into power in afghanistan, we have gathered here to raise our voice and demand our rights. the still ahead on al jazeera a campaign to defend palestinian olive grows under attack from israeli settlers. why haitian migrants are leaving latin america. we hear that tales of discrimination, racism, and police brutality. ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather, sponsored by cattle airways, boated world's best a line of 2021. hello there. the southwest monsoon is continuing its retreat from northern areas in south asia,
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leaving behind lots of heat and humidity for northern parts of pakistan and india. the temperature in new delhi and the horse sitting in the mid thirties, so it's lots of fun and dry weather up here. but down in the south, we are seeing those showers pick up and the rain is going to intensify around mom by on monday. and it will be carol that sees the intense falls come tuesday. we have got an amber warning at fisma that heavy rain chop a showers and thunderstorms for the maldon, an sri lanka. but a lot of that wet and windy weather is blowing across the islands into parts of indo china. some more rain on the way for thailand. now, southern parts of china likely to see the wet and windy weather pick up thanks to another tropical system that's going to blow by. it's moving towards hein, an island and intensifying, we are expecting winds of up to a 120 kilometers per hour. and with that rough season, a bit of a storm surge, but further north it is looking a lot finer and dry a beijing coming in at 18 degrees celsius. lots of heat up here to rise up for the korean peninsula. but it is going to get wet for japan. you can see that where,
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where sweeping through the north tokyo is going to get a drenching by the time we get into tuesday, with the temperature at 24. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best air line of 2021. would swanner will be part of the greatest global gathering in history, the expo 2022 by woods one. i will be there to showcase her investment opportunities, her unique culture and heritage, economic diversity and pristine wildlife and natural resources. so look out what woods wanna at the expo 2022 by spectacle, where we will unleash our potential botswana, all pride, your destination. ah
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ah oh, come back here watching al jazeera time to recap, all headlines halls of closed across iran can a parliamentary election that looks to have a low turn out. the election was supposed to be held next year, but it was brought forward in response to my santa government protests thousands of, to his ends of back on the streets of the capital, protesting against the president would have been demonstrations since cassandra had seized near total power 2 months ago, representatives of the thought, bon say they wrapped out what they calling positive talks with the u. s. in hotel. they now sitting down with the delegation from the euro. p and union check presented me last salmon as been admitted to intensive care a day off the parliamentary elections. he was taken to hospital shortly after he met the prime minister and very baptist, who was naturally defeated by the sent to write the lines on saturday. despite the
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last, the price that had offered bobby's a chance to form the government 1st. president examine, cast his ballots at his residence due to ill health protest. so, gathering pace in the polish capital against a controversial court ruling that created a major dispute with the european union. holden's top court ruled institutions can't interfere with the national judiciary. the supremacy of european lore over national law is one of the use key principles. raising questions about poems future in the block. let's go to brussels now where thousands of people are holding a climate march ahead of next month un summit. the event has been organized by the climate coalition, a non profit group of around $85.00 organizations. in november, the u. k. together with italy, will house the you and climate change conference known as cop 26 in glasgow. now that the cove is nearly under control,
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it's time to move for our heads towards the climate crisis, which is the biggest crisis that humanities faced. and up till now, government response has been highly unappropriate and not enough. and also in belgium, we've seen the effects now with the terrible floods that are costing billions arms that are causing a lot of hardship and many that people, even. so we need to address this. now that's the message of the sir march. a russian military plane has crashed in the thought of stan region, killing at least 15 people. the air craft was carrying a group of paratroopers when it went down. 7 people have been pulled from the wreckage. there have been at least 2 similar plane crashes in russia in the past 2 months. the lebanese energy minister says the electricity grid is operating again after severe fuel shortage is forced to major power stations to shut down. the closes lead to blackouts across the country, lebanon central bank,
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approved a $100000000.00 in credit to import fuel. there are concerns, it's not enough to solve a crisis. dana holder reports from beirut. the state electricity network has again collapsed a lack of fuel, forest lebanon's largest power stations to shut down. it's the 4th time in the past month. that shortages caused a country wide blackout. a deep economic crisis means a cash strapped state is struggling to import energy resources. the sunny got up again. we used to have electricity for an hour daily. now it is totally cut. we are spending our time outside our horns, so our children can have fun. the total power outage has practically been the case for months. state electricity in most places has been available for an hour or 2 a day. the company is now trying to use the armies reserves to operate its power plants temporarily before the expected arrival of
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a fuel shipment. but the state run plants have run poorly for decades. well, hello murphy, there's been no electricity in beirut since yesterday, and private generators are too expensive. how can we survived? the energy sector has been a huge drain on the states finances for decades. it's annual losses reach $1500000000.00. successive governments have continued to sustain this system instead of fixing it. they've subsidized fuel and maintained a bloated workforce, as part of the political parties, patronage networks. the international community has been demanding the restructuring of the sector before it approves financial assistance. there has been no political will. instead, the authorities made a deal with iraq to swap fuel from us. thank you. live down to baghdad, where julie lag band had of the head of iraq's electoral commission is speaking, outlets beside me. one of them with an obvious even going to ha,
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i've kind of thought that on hold up in another base 1st message to the lecture. and i wanted to ha, oh is a huge responsibility on omaha. why them their vote is respected? like we don't want to happen? what will happen? oh, our law walker, which we ascertain. yeah. you're in reality health. you're on the day of the election to la. are the young and the general election to day health today. and the whole vietnam to hover. i'm electro commission on that. you know, a thanielle has a study, how was it i couldn't many, you know, i'm a year and then in an unambiguous language to all those concerned of, of the, at the shortcut i've had in them. one of them and to all other partners when i, oh, local and arab and international organizations that our organization is precise and transparent. we do not hide anything from the people. we have
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taken the initiative to declare that that has been at the technical errors on and some provinces early this morning and it has been sorted out very quickly tomorrow off on the yeoman crash ever thought. you know, we haven't been opened an honest with the public opinion of the unknown and i'm counting the votes manually in line with the law. i with my daughter, how many, and we have been transparent in all aspects of the electra process with our now the not in equilibrium live been all the measures have been taking our evidence for any fair minded person. nothing about the management of the electoral process. and if not my to declare the final results. when jimmy angleton i was, you know, that the iraq is st. an early fall competitors. yes. the electoral commission and
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it's council and i couldn't one would like to thank all the officials and the general manager's either them or my for all the efforts. okay. um and i do the fidmar and l. r. in order to serve a rhode island would like also to thank like the supreme judiciary council, which has supervised the operation and mccarthy in all electoral districts. what is our national and centers in the i would like to thank the sick guess have been security council for election while on top of whom is miss sarah, that hamid sure, mary. and the general commander of the armed forces. we also like to think all the rock is follow. oh yes, and i will go to it and those who did not vote or who couldn't vote, admitted was that and the civil society organizations, my health,
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and then to have on that and with enough all what is pertain to election. the candidates at the international organizations army and the u. n. was delegation obama to harvey international organizations for electro systems. one would like to thank the european union and their representatives who come to supervise electoral process and what they're among them the you and supervisors who have you know, high. another job would like to say at the end of today and that, and i, and how about the city kind of that when did the, what the way to read, she job election was very difficult and not the challenging. but even it was a work of roses that lasted for 2 years. and we only have to invite you to respond back to non start the re as the result of the election that will be
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available to within the next few hours. what is the percentage of uh, participation in the boat, are you going to put it out for the media and on social media platforms? a lot of the 4th of july and come out on the moon. and if you can lay this adjustment on, i mean, as you know, there are cars monitors in every station now. and there is a box for complaints for the home on the home and i'm, we will go through the installation side and we'll let you know within 24 hours on enough between $24.00 to $40.00. not everyone was gonna ask for the percentage old bud spacious worlds at their age and writing and we'll add it out, you know,
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with a, with a, with no one. huh. one them, or have you been to our, it's not considered a mistake, but the even of measures were put in place in order to be able to declare the results at the appropriate moment. but as you mentioned, to one least measure another one, the modern calabi convert to this measure and i'm kind of fishing and then we can never be worried about that. measure the smartest here and that i want to tell you sometimes i would like to be a piano. it will be printed and handed out, not enough machine. and the presence of monitors
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a not in the touch of long suit. when beside the declaration of results, we take place within the next few hours either up to 24 hours and that will not affect the result because the measures are or within 24 hours. that's not a cool thought of one. miss more lee and each one my lation go, well i whoever seen a violation should submit a complaint michigan and shall fall with an yep. honor what? buffy and follow the active. why. and so in a transparent way, i'm in a secret way and that has been done and secure way. 1 oliver
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didn't know what is the impression of our representatives from the u. n and other international organizations. now, in fact, i'm not, i don't want them as we know. and as you know, i'm, i'm from the b u n and the company. what somebody else. and i will eventually arrived up, but it brought it in. and that will be made public in due course. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, a with a one. and that the one the fall, the app, and you're not going to leave. either you're asking a judge to give you an approximate number of them not going to be in the false one . we will submit a detail report so that it is only one rhythm charter
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hasn't been shot within the next 2 hours with a mother that couldn't have been to far cuz we couldn't mccarthy elections in all happy district. mama was in fact something to be proud of you on the ball and then what evidence of how discipline and the officials of the monitors southern us and i, our institutions that support them to be frank. and i do a non chicata now who genuine. and then we have sang in our word toma, b, security disability, curity counsel which ejected the electoral procedures that i wanted to. so that was i thought it was dogs by projecting the process and
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a 12 meg maintain the safety of the ballot boxes. i how do you one, how do i know on the swan brothers? i dont please do not repeat the same questions. i already addressed that question. oh, i guess i should have it on a year half acre of land in fact, couldn't hold, but we haven't already said the wrong old violations of them down off of arnold. i'm on my bill will be my decision taken by the appeal hasn't gone so order for a g a
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has been young, has been yesterday, didn't follow the banana, be electro commission as issued a statement. and that statement should be that true. yes. and they are one of the commission mccarthy going to have yet that the issue sat close statement. i sat all station this electro station open at 7 o'clock. i'm not, it was lucky on when there was never any delay. we rectified it to a lot. i mean, by the, and the united nation, well, inspectors and other observers can testify to that plan. how do you new job in the dental law office and in november. okay, what i'll do, i would like to go now be because because we don't have much time and we don't want the same questions.


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