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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm AST

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in going on the road, the stories we don't often hear told by the people who lived the master barber of berlin as you are now to 0. ah, the final hour of election day in iraq, the votes was brought forward to satisfy protest to us, but turn out looks to have been low. ah, hello, welcome, i'm peter toby. you're watching al jazeera life and also coming up ah thousands, filling the streets of june as he is capital to denounce what they see is a power grab by pressmen. kay, said iran on the agenda. the german chancellor,
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anglo merkel meets israel's new prime minister, as she prepares to leave office. and after his death at 85, we look back on the life of abdul cutty, a con knowns, the father of pakistan's nuclear program. ah. bookings underway in iraq to elect a new parliament. the pull was brought forward in response to mass protests. nearly 25000000 people are eligible to cast a ballot. there are concerns many, it will stay away because of widespread apathy towards the political establishments . alhashan reports now from baghdad for some of the people heading to vote here and but that this election may not change much, but for the government and it's deeply divided political establishment. it's about legitimacy. the turnout will likely decide that. and that's why senior government officials and political leaders rushed to polling stations early in the morning to
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cast their votes, him and the som, jamie unadilla. i know we all have to contribute to change our reality. i want to tell a rockies that we still have time ahead of us to day. go out and vote change or reality for iraq and for the future. there are more than $3000.00 candidates running for the selection on the quarter of them are independent. this is another reason why some voters say they are skeptical of the forces despite take important election. but there are others who hope for you change. with a 1000000 olivia ish, we look to vote to make the changes. we're after. i hope it's going to be for the good of our people and beloved country and shop. iraq's electronic voting system makes the process easier, but it doesn't always work in the southern city of basra alone. more than 20 pulling stations have reported technical issues. then a little commission wants to declare the results within 24 hours to prevent it
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might be possible what made it act when accounting and with such force. it's also possible that there will be many reasons for some candidates to cast doubt on the furnace of the election. i. li, i shall 0 by that. let's get more now from mcmurry. abdullah had also in baghdad, mcmurry, we seem to be talking about a trickle of a turnout as opposed to a torrence of people wanting to cast a boat. we're live. peter had started very low early in the morning and then we saw this state or the head of the president of iraq about homicide. and did that prime minister was still caught the me casting their votes early in the morning as a kind of trying to encourage people to go to the pulls. but a treat at its peak by at 2 p. m. local time here, mid day. and then it went down again. now as you can see it's it's, it's is getting quiet, it's getting really very quiet. and there early results suggesting that it's about
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around 19 percent. the whole turn out during the day here in this pulling center where i'm standing at now, there are an 8 pulling stations. we counted all the votes throughout the day. it's between 13 and 17 percent in all the pulling stations here. and by the way, this is one densely populated neighborhood in baghdad. this is some here neighbourhood, a densely populated that neighborhood, let alone the fact that there are many other, or they're not density populated areas around by that. and also remember that the far areas that they don't have as many population as as here. so at the biometric cards machine the as you can see here, behind me, this is the biometric machine that is testing the payment records for voting process. this going to be a deactivated in about one hour from it at 6 p. m. local time. all the machines will be closed. all the biometric cards would be confiscated,
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will be deactivated. so that as the election commission to prevent a vote at rigging and residents will be announced within 24 hours after the closure of all the pulling stations and at centers. now, up, as you can see, the political parties are many people tell us that only those supporting the political parties are going to the pulling stations together votes. however, the boy cut of what's out there majority, as we can see, including their pollution, is the revolutionaries. those young people who rose up against corruption in 2019 those who demanded the irony as the illusion fishery revolution. it demanded the early election. but recently those, but a voucher is, had been rejecting this election, saying that it is just a re producing the same old, corrupt parties. marchman, thanks very much, mark went. abdulla had there for us about voting valid station in baghdad. emron.
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com has more now from the north of iraq, the city of most despite his heavy security, it's been a very disappointing day here at the ballot box. now this pulling station behind me is one of the main ones in mosul. a 1000 people are registered to vote here. so fought just over a 1000 people have voted across near war province. were hearing that the vote 10 out will be around 21 to 25 percent. that's incredibly, incredibly low. now, what's the reason for that? will they say that all politics is local, one of the driving issues of the anger and the frustration that residence of mosul fil is the fact that they feel that central baghdad, the government that has completely ignored them. this was sent the scene of some the most intense fighting against iceland. 2017. i'll just give you an example. you can see just off in the distance there. that's one of the houses that was almost completely destroyed all along the street right. the way down for miles, you can see destroyed houses, bullet holes,
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and just complete destruction the residence of very angry the central baghdad hasn't given them the money to rebuild their homes. a lot of people still living in displacement camps because they can't come back to myself because there's nothing to come back to their houses, the and if the work, there's a running water, there's no gas, there's no electricity that's driving or the lack of voting hey, what's most residences saying, is that actually what's the point? nothing ever changes and we're very angry. so that boy caught the vote movement that we've been talking about over the last few days does seem to have translated into a lack of action at the polling station. sizes of tennesseans back on the streets of the capital, protesting against the president. there have been several demonstrations since k seat seized near total power 2 months ago. now he dismissed the government, suspended parliament and assumed executive authority in july. some kimball is in tune a source this a sample. has there been any reaction from the president or anyone close to him
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today? well, no, no reaction so far that we can see from the president to this a significant protest that's occurred in downtown tune. it's on the main thoroughfare and fair here in tunis avenue have the but give us the protest which i attended earlier this morning was, was very intense. a lot of protesters chanting slogans like the people want. the removal of the president, security forces must remain neutral. and no fear power is the property of the people and they were people at the protest from many regions of tunisia and, and one of the organizers of the protest cleans that. there were pressure by the authorities on things like travel companies to prevent them from renting buses for people to come to tunis and the days prior to this demonstration,
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as well as the blocking of the roads and the canceling of trains. and in addition to what we've heard from some protesters when the decision by some authorities to move at the last moment, they agreed upon location of the protest from a more open area to the more constrained downtown tunis. notably, the protest has ended as of now in part due to the rain. and it should be said that during the protest, there were small skirmishes between protesters and police. and also there were speeches by some notable political figures among an opposition politicians. joe had been embodied who is the one who called for this protests against what he calls a qu last sunday. and there was an assault on, on the crew of the chinese national broadcaster. and what any sam, thanks very much, sam kimball. they're join his life from jonas,
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and he's 6 people were killed by a car bomb in yemen, southern port city of aidan, the governor asked mad lum las and the environment minister both survived the blast, which happened as their convoy was passing by aiden as the seat of yeomans internationally recognized government talks, but in the united states and taliban officials have entered a 2nd day in cat r. it's the 1st in person meeting since the arm group sees power in afghanistan in august security aid, evacuation plates. and the rights of women were discussed on day one. the taliban has ruled out, cooperating with the us. and its fight against i saw in afghanistan. it follows a series of attacks including friday's bombing of a sheer mosque include those that killed at least 60 people attach a gram has more from doha. members of this out, scan delegation are here in doha to get international recognition. and more importantly, the aid money that comes with it, they are facing the challenges. the acting foreign minister said yesterday,
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facing challenges of paying government employees and providing services to the afghans and dueling crisis, economic and humanitarian humanitarian crises. in addition to mounting threats by iso in afghanistan, so the acting foreign minister came with assurances has said ais offered please for assistance as well as warnings. the acting foreign minister says that he knows that the stability in afghanistan is paramount and is good for not only afghans but for the international community. he says that they want positive relations and mutual commitments, not only with the united states, but other countries. and he did reference on saturday, the need to get humanitarian flow going. the afghan, acting foreign minister, also though issued morning saying, do not de stabilize our government. don't meddle in our affairs respect,
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afghans wishes the afghan delegation is really in a tough spot with the americans. as far as these con talks are concerned, having the leverage, the u. s. has frozen about $10000000000.00 in afghan assets groups like the international monetary fund and the world bank have also halted lending programs and aid. still ahead on this channel, a precedent in hospital and a political situation that hangs in the balance will be live with the latest on what's happening in the czech republic. refusing to browse the pressure that i would easily go talks tough in response to china. ah, how low their the southwest monsoon is continuing its retreat from northern areas in south asia, leaving behind lots of heat and humidity for northern parts of pakistan and india.
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the temperature in new delhi. and the hor, sitting in the mid thirties. so it's a lot of fun and dry weather up here, but down in the south, we are seeing those showers pick up in the rain is going to intensify around mom by on monday. and it will be carol that sees the intense falls come tuesday. we have got an amber warning out for some of that heavy rain shop showers, and thunderstorms for the mold is an sri lanka. but a lot of that wet and windy weather is blowing across the islands into pots of indo china. some more rain on the way for thailand, now, southern parts of china likely to see the wet and windy weather pick up thanks to another tropical system that's going to blow by. it's moving towards hein, an island and intensifying, we are expecting winds of up to a 120 kilometers per hour. and with that rough season, a bit of a storm surge. but further north, it is looking a lot finer and dry a beijing coming in at 18 degrees celsius. lots of heats up here twice up for the korean peninsula, but it is going to get wet for japan. you can see that where, where sweeping through the north tokyo is going to get
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a drenching by the time we get into tuesday with the temperature at 24. ah, well question the narrative. you don't have ways to shake weight or d. c. information is real or not, you don't have any way to verify, identify who is telling the story their motivation. these are multi national corporations that are interested in profit, anticipate the consequences. the media was complicit in perpetuating this myth. i'm here to tell you that i think that many people die because of the lifting pace, deconstruct the media analysis era blue
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ah, you're watching al jazeera, a reminder of our top stories. this half hour voting underway in iraq to elect a new parliament and a pull brought forward in response to mass protests. the prime minister must offer alchemy was among the 1st cast ballots in an attempt to encourage a good turn out. thousands of chin indians a back on the streets of the capital, tunis, protesting against the president, their accusing cases of orchestrating a qu. after he suspended parliament and assumed more powers in july please. 6 people have been killed by a car bomb in the evans port city of aidan, the governor and the environment minister both survived the blast. chapman as their convoy was passing by. the outgoing german chancellor anglo merkel has been meeting the israeli prime minister enough to halley bennett's in west jerusalem is her last official visit to the country. bennet praised merkel and germany for what he called uncompromising support. but his opposition to palestinian statehood and the 2015
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iran nuclear deal had put him at odds with germany and west and allies harry force it has more now from west jerusalem. will this does have very much the feeling of a final farewell visit from someone who is now the caretaker, chancellor of germany, anglo merkel, after the election that this visit was postponed from august because of the crisis in afghanistan. nonetheless, her team is very much insisting this is a working visit and there is at least one substantive issue for the 2 leaders to try to work on that. being iran, it's nuclear program, and the efforts to revive or recreate the j. c. p. away the iran nuclear deal, except us stacey villray. i never considered that iran nuclear deal to be ideal, but it's better than having no dream. and this can also be seen in a different way. now we are in a very difficult situation because the new administration has promised the return for one day passes another and iran is making no effort to start negotiations again
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. that if i asked for the israeli palestinian conflict prime minister bennett said that he wasn't ignoring the palestinians despite the fact he didn't mention them. during his recent speech at the united nations general assembly, however, he did make his position pretty clear on a future palestinian state saying it would in effect be what he called a terrace state. just 7 minutes from his home asked for chancellor merkel as she did acknowledge that there were differences on the 2 state solution. something she still supports. of course she has during her time being critical of israel over issue such a settlement building in the occupied west bank. but she also insisted on the cementing and strengthening of the israeli german alliance, saying that israel security would be central to every german government to follow the chunk. president miller salmon is being treated in intensive care for complications from an undisclosed chronic condition. he was to the hospital shortly
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after meeting the prime minister and rubbish, who narrowly lost parliamentary elections held over the past couple of days. the president is supposed to lead party talks about forming a new government. that in baba is in our european new center in london. now being that him, what do we know about the presidential health this out? well, as you were mentioning president milan as a man was actually taken to hospital by ambulance right off the he'd met the outgoing premier andre rubbish. and he was joined at the military hospital in prague by his wife and daughter. now, the director of the hospital has said that he is being treated for complications related to an undisclosed chronic condition. the director says, we know the diagnosis precisely which allows us to target treatment without official saying that he hasn't got authorization to actually disclose what the president's diagnosis is. and he hasn't said how serious his condition is right now
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. or of course em mulash them on a spent 8 days in the hospital. last month and at the towing or his aids, his entourage suggested it was simply that he was d hydrated and exhausted. but many people doubted that behind that is the, the common knowledge that he suffered from diabetes. and he has been recently using a wheelchair because of problems related to diabetes with his feet. and in fact, on friday, the 1st of the 2 days of voting in the general election, he canceled a trip to the polling station and actually was brought a ballot box so that he could or vote where he, where he was at the time and not him does this change anything regarding the formation of the new government? well, that formation of a you government, sir,
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sometimes takes months anyway in the czech republic. and what happens if the president con, carry out his duties in relation to the government, is that it should go to the speaker of the lower house of parliament to actually try to appoint a new prime minister. what's happening right now is the term, the opposition coalitions. there are 2 main opposition. coalitions have got a majority in the 200 seat parliament between them. they have both vowed that they will not work with andre babich. if they stay true to their words, there is virtually no way that andre rubbish can stay on as primary as they can hold on to power or via the together coalition, which brings together conservative and christian. democratic parties is now in talks with what's known as pierced down the pirates party. and the stan coalition,
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which is a lot of independent candidates and mez more progressive. they are now in talks to see if they can try to form the next governments. but andrade babich says that if he's asked by the president, he will try to, to come up with the next administration. and previously, in fact, the president did say that the winning single party, that is the unknown party of andre rubbish, should get the 1st go at trying to form a government. however unlikely that seems right now, given the parliamentary arithmetic, we shouldn't expect any break through that. i think in the next few days, these could be protracted negotiations that im, thanks very much not a bother in london for us. this are china is condemning the taiwanese president, sighing. when's national day's speech to day be jane calling at confrontational while, insisting the island is part of china presidents. i said her government won't be intimidated, and promised to increase tie wants defenses. robert bright takes up the story in
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the face of increasing pressure from china, including recent incursions by chinese war planes. this was ty, ones, response, ah, a national day celebration, intended to show to its mighty neighbour and the world that it continues to be a vibrant democracy, determined to maintain its freedoms, with sophisticated military hardware of its own. including you types of missiles being put on show for the 1st time. ty one's president saying when was typically resistance to china's renewed pledge the re unification will happen. thank j day, well, the relationship between taiwan and china will be achieved by negotiation. we will keep negotiate in and will show the world that we are committed to self defense. no one can force us to go to the pathway that is designed by china, because that road will not lead to solidarity and freedom for the people of taiwan . and it's, i also said hong kong where tough restrictions have been introduced to quell months
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of street. protests and riots should serve as a warning. many people in taiwan have looked on with alarm of the way hong kong national security law has been implemented quickly. eroding many of the freedoms and rights the city had enjoyed fearing their island would suffer. a similar fate if it was, were united with china. making dandy, we are faced with our complex or severe challenge. beijing authorities have shown what they have done to hong kong and suppressed hong kong, china's presidency. jim ping has made re unification his mission to achieve what none of his predecessors have done. his latest call promises re unification can come peacefully, but threats in the past to use the people's liberation army or here lay to achieve it by force when have rallied, support assigning. when's defines. 4 she's very successful,
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he used the mainland china, the threat of she, j, k, and the p o a to wake people and i one after the fact that they are facing and to mobilize the population round. it's, i want consensus that i want democracy is we're united or it is. we're struggling to project. it seems the more china pushes the more pushback it gets from an island, determined to follow its own path. run mcbride, al jazeera hong kong. now a russian military plane has crashed in the tartan region, killing at least 15 people. the aircraft was carrying a group of paratroopers. when it went down, 7 people were pulled from the wreckage. there had been at least 2 similar plane crashes in russia in the past 2 months. the lebanese energy minister says the electricity grid is operating again after severe fuel shortages forced to major power plants to close down. the closures lead to blackouts across the country, lebanon central bank, has achieved approval for $100000000.00 in credits to import more fuel. there are
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concerns, it's nowhere near enough to sol, the energy crisis. zanna houghton, out from beirut. the state electricity network has again collapsed a lack of fuel, forest lebanon's largest power stations, the shut down. it's the 4th time in the past month. that shortage is caused 8 country wide blackout. a deep economic crisis means a cash strapped state is struggling to import energy resources. the sunny got it again. we used to have electricity for an hour daily. now it is totally cut. we are spending our time outside our horns, so our children can have fun. the total power outage has practically been the case for months. state electricity in most places has been available for an hour or 2 a day. the company is now trying to use the armies reserves to operate its power plants temporarily before the expected arrival of a fuel shipment. but the state run plants have run poorly for decades. well,
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hello murphy, there's been no electricity in beirut since yesterday, and private generators are too expensive. how can we survived? the energy sector has been a huge drain on the states finances for decades. it's annual losses reach $1500000000.00 successive government have continued to sustain this system. instead of fixing it. they've subsidized fuel and maintained a bloated workforce as part of the political parties, patronage networks. the international community has been demanding the restructuring of the sector before it approves financial assistance. there has been no political will. instead, the authorities made a deal with iraq to swap fuel for medical services. and the new government is negotiating supplies of electricity from jordan and natural gas from egypt via syria. but those deals are likely to take months. and it may help ease the crisis, but it won't resolve it. lebanese households have had to put up with daily power
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cuts till the end of the civil war in 1990. but now the local currency has lost 90 percent of its value. it means only a few are able to afford private generators, while hospitals bakeries and other essential services are in crisis mode. for many here, the electricity company has come to symbolize the corruption and mismanagement, blamed for the economic collapse that has all but paralyzed the country. santa claire alger is eda mae root. abdul cutty, a con, courtesy with making pakistan on nuclear power has died at the age of 85 scientists was hailed as a national hero. but it was also accused by some western countries of smuggling technology to so called rogue states put abdel hamid has more. he was known as the father of pakistan's nuclear bomb revert at home for building the muslim world. first atomic weapon of delighted hon was vilified abroad in 2004. he was
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accused by the us of being at the head of a vast, underground nuclear proliferation network that involves selling secret know how to iran, libya and north korea. the head of the international atomic agency at the time mohammed el baradei said it's mind boggling. all i know is there is at least 30 companies in 30 countries all over the globe involved in this fantastic, sophisticated elicit trafficking network. with mr. ache you have acting as c o. under pressure from washington, hein was put under house arrest and forced to confess a national tv in mind to use with the concert government officials. i was confronted with evidence and the findings and i, he wasn't really had muted that much of it is to and it could it. my dear brothers and sister, i have chosen to appeared before you who offer my deepest had a good it,
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an unqualified apologies. warn and india had immigrated to pakistan in 1952 a day age of 16. but the religious bard, as he had witnessed during the partition of india, would have a lasting impact on his world view. a few years later, he left to study material science at the technical university in west berlin. he then did a ph. d in science engineering, in belgium, before settling in the netherlands. but in may 1974, india surprised the world when it announced its 1st nuclear test. at turning point for hannah, he became consumed with the idea that pakistan should also develop its own atomic bomb. as soon returned to his home country, he was instrumental in setting up pakistan's 1st nuclear in richmond, plant. a crucial step on the way to pakistan, becoming the world 7th nuclear power. ah, and ham became
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a national hero even after the revelations that he shared secret information came to light. pakistan was in shock, but willing to forgive had, who later withdrew his confessions with all of them in the extent of his involvement in the illicit nuclear trafficking will remain unclear. but for many in pakistan, abdul cather kind will be remembered as the man who restored the nation's pride. without the hamid al jazeera. ah, ah, exactly half past the hour. this is al jazeera, these are the top stories voting underway in iraq to elect a new parliament. and a poll brought forward in response to mass protest.


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