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a being used to be the rising demand from around the world. the island has increased in land masses as if boom rivera with this corruption is pulling the island of paloma out of the ocean. ah, this is al jazeera, ah, hello again. i am pete adobe. you're watching the news. i live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes voting day in iraq. millions had to the polls under tight security. thousands fill the streets of chin is he is capital to protest against what they see is a power grab by president case said iran on the agenda. the german chancellor angular merkel meets israel's and prime minister,
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and she prepares to leave office and connolly's authorities tackled a highly contagious outbreak that went unchecked for months. and in sport i, cynthia has retained his heavyweight boxing title. the britain knocked out dante wilder in the 11th round of a memorable contest. ah, let's get going to iraq. web hosting is now underway to will exxon new parliament? the pole was brought forward in response to mass protests. the iraqi prime minister must tougher alchemy cast. his ballot in baghdad, shortly after the polling stations opened daily 25000000 people are eligible to vote. we authorities of deployed hundreds of thousands of security personnel across the country. our team is across the election, of course imran carne standing by for us in the northern city of mosul,
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1st to baghdad, and my colleagues there and a hashem. allie, welcome back to the usa. so turn out, looks like it might be historically quite low despite the fact. there are so many big issues to vote on here. well peter, were we were just, we're a following. the e u monitors a press, our press conference here in baghdad. and at the main issue we heard from them was the, the turn out and they were saying that this is a political message to the political elite and they should take it into consideration till the moment numbers of people voting got very low. and as you said, it might be, it echoed, we don't know if it's going to be that way. however, during the past hours, it was clear from our visits to the polling stations on. this is actually a polling station just behind me. you can see any hughes, you can see people really having interest in a going and, and voting as if they know what's going to be the outcome. and then anyway,
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we had this report earlier today from back up for some of the people heading to vote here. and, but that this election may not change much. what for the government, and it's deeply divided political establishment. it's about legitimacy. the turnout will likely decide that. and that's why senior government officials and political leaders rushed to pulling stations early in the morning to cast their votes. a give and the som jamie, unbeatable, and we all have to contribute to change our reality. i want to tell a rockies that we still have time ahead of us to day. go out and vote change or reality for iraq and for the future. there are more than $3000.00 candidates running for the selection on the quarter of them are independent. this is another reason why some voters say they are skeptical of the forces despite take important election. but there are others who hope for you change with the and 1000000 olivia ish, we look to vote to make the changes. we're after. i hope it's going to be for the
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good of our people and beloved country and shell. iraq's electronic voting system makes the process easier, but it doesn't always work in the southern city of basra alone. more than 20 pulling stations have reported technical issues. anyway, the issue off the electronic voting was also tackled by the u. a chief observer and she just said because she was asked about this issue with a lot of complaints from different areas in iraq. more than 300 complains. and she said that she knew i understood that there are many, many machines. electoral machines in the warehouse is and this shouldn't really be a grief problem. however, people are really concerned and there are a suggestions that some candidates, my 3 li just doubts over the whole process and the furnace of the election alley.
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thanks very much johnny hashem, their report in lifeline usa from baghdad over to now imran khan, whose life was in the northern city of mosul. so enron, explain to us how the, the issue there is one of really, we're not represented the government down in baghdad. don't listen to us, they never listen to us and they never will listen to us. i guess. well, it's a very interesting point that you make. it's absolutely true. just about 20 minutes ago, i was sat with a group of iraqi lads. they were laughing, they're joking, we're talking about the election ab. none of them were boating. none of them said if we vote all of them, sorry, said if we vote, it doesn't change anything. baghdad ignores us. look at the surroundings that we're in. and this is actually one of the most damaged areas. after the fight against iso took place in 2017, much of this area was completely destroyed to school. behind me, he's actually one of the few things has been rebuilt since then. houses haven't been rebuilt. there's no electric leaves,
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no water. these are the local issues that people are not voting on here in this pulling station, 8000 people are registered to vote only about 10 to 15 percent. i have actually turned out to vote. you'd be expecting right now, this is kind of rush hour for voting day in iraq. look at it it's, it's really empty. there have been and it's been like this all day. in fact, i say this might be the busiest is actually been, ah, it's a very disappointing turn out. but everybody i've spoken to including those rocky lads who are young lads who just who wanted to make the point of saying to me, if we don't vote, maybe they'll listen briefly. emron is this boy caught the vote movement. is it spontaneous? i mean, as it person to person word of mouth or is it coordinated and orchestrated somehow now it's a completely leaderless movement. it's totally without so any kind of organization, it's social media is word of mouth and is tapping into the frustration and the
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anger. in fact, that boycott the vote, actually the wording for that may have come from the media itself who was struggling to try and give these people who weren't going to vote a term. it came from the protest as of the october 2019 movement, but it spread across the country, not just here in mosul, but in the north. iraq is one of the kurdish region adverbial. i spoke to people, then they were telling me the same thing. what's the point of voting doesn't change anything? and the point of the protests were to try and change, not just the leadership of rock, but the way the leadership was chosen. emron many thanks in rank on their reporting live from mosul. loss more ground still to cover for you here on the news are including the prospect of a reset in relations between the taliban and the united states. at high level talks . continuing in doha, undefined from ty, one's precedence in the face of what the government calls unprecedented aggression from china. in sport baseball, it's raining will soon as champion sit back in their effort to retain the title.
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ah, thousands of chin is eons a back on the streets of the capital to day there protesting against their precedence. there have been several demonstrations since ca, you said seized near total power 2 months ago he dismissed the government, suspended the parliament and assumed executable authority. last july, some kimball joins sleif this hour from tunis. so how dangerous do you get the feeling? the atmosphere is there, i mean, how combustible is this protest on the streets? well, since the extraordinary measures taken on july 25th by president tunisian president, i fired, which included measures like the freezing of parliament, removal of parliamentary immunity and the sacking of then prime minister, his sham machete. ah,
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a feeling the country has become deeply provided. there are those who on the critics of the president who since july 25th have called his actions a qu, have criticized the president for not having a, a road map out of the political and economic crisis an end there. and did the humans ran really high, did those who support the president's actions? those who are deeply against done and many of whom are aligned with the sonata, another party, one of the largest party, to, to, to lose out after the, the actions and some of the we're waiting and seeing, i, you know, what will happen in the months following july 25th, very 10th, lean very anxiously on the protest itself going on. now in downtown tunis on the main thoroughfare of avenue b, bottega, very, very intense, high security presence, title court in den,
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that's after what some protesters have said with this sudden decision this morning, by the authorities to move the location of the agreed upon location of the protests from a larger, more, open, a location in tunis, just a few blocks away to the more tightly constrained avenue i'd be able to give up on . indeed some of the chance that protesters were making were very, very, very intense, very emotional saying the people want the removal of the presidents, that the security services should be neutral and that no fear power belongs to the people, things of that nature and yet very intense protest though with the rain. now, i've been told that our numbers are slowly decreasing on avenue b. but is there any indication a tool so that the president might give the protests is what they want. he might, in theory, i guess step aside in if he does what would come off to that there
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don't seem to be any indications. and that for president case i had with the removing himself from power or are reinstating the constitution fully as some of the processors have have demanded today. after a trend over the last 2 and a half months since july 25th, which has included things and such as a and a rest of law makers. lawmakers in for parliamentarians as well as some journalists who have been put under house arrest, notably a few of those released today, as well as a decree that he made in late september, saying that he would rule by decree and ignore parts of the constitution, which he would review and reform himself at the committee. and notably he had, there has been progress that he has named a prime minister 1st female prime minister in junior as history as that,
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who done. but it remains very unclear how much power she will have to form a new government in the face of the concentrated executive and legislative powers in the hands of the president. so thanks very much, some kimball talking to was like the from tunis talks between the united states and tell the beneficial serve and to the 2nd day in kat off. it's the 1st in person meeting since the group sees power in afghanistan in august, security aid, evacuation flights and the rights of women were discussed on day one. the taliban has ruled out cooperating with the u. s. and it's fight against i sold in afghanistan. it follows a series of attacks including pride is bombing of a she a mosque in could do's the killed, at least 60 people. a tactical nav has more from doha. members of this out scan delegation are here in doha to get international recognition. and more importantly, the aid money that comes with it,
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they are facing the challenges. the acting foreign minister said yesterday, facing challenges of pain government employees and providing services to the afghans and dueling crisis, economic and humanitarian humanitarian crises. in addition to mounting threats by iso in afghanistan, so the acting foreign minister came with assurances has said ais offered please for assistance as well as warnings. the acting foreign minister says that he knows that the stability in afghanistan is paramount and is good for not only afghans but for the international community. he says that they want positive relations and mutual commitments, not only with the united states, but other countries. and he did reference on saturday, the need to get humanitarian flow going. the afghan, acting foreign minister, also though issued warning, saying, do not de, stabilize our government,
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don't metal and our affairs respect, afghans wishes the afghan delegation is really in a tough spot with the americans. as far as these con talks are concerned, having the leverage, the u. s. has frozen about $10000000000.00 in afghan assets groups like the international monetary fund and the world bank have also halted lending programs and aid. these will people have been killed by call bomb in yemen, soap and fort city of 8 am. the governor lum lush and the environment municipal survived. the blast was happened as the convoy was passing by ethan as the seats of humans, internationally recognized government. young going german chancellor angler merkel has been meeting the israeli prime minister enough. talley bennett in west jerusalem is her 1st official. her last rather official visits. the country bennett praised merkel and germany for what he called uncompromising support. but his opposition to palestinian statehood and the 2015 iran nuclear deal. a put him at
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odds with germany and western allies. harry force has more now from west jerusalem . will this does have very much the feeling of a final farewell visit from someone who is now the caretaker, chancellor of germany, anglo merkel, after the election that this visit was postponed from august because of the crisis in afghanistan. nonetheless, her team is very much insisting this is a working visit and there is at least one substantive issue for the 2 leaders to try to work on that. being iran, it's nuclear program, and the efforts to revive or recreate the j. c. p. away the iran nuclear deal, except us jessie p. o a, i never considered that iran nuclear deal to be ideal, but it's better than having no dream in this can also be seen in a different way. now we are in a very difficult situation because the new as administration has promised to return, but one day passes another, and iran is making no effort to start negotiations again. if i asked for the
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israeli palestinian conflict prime minister bennett said that he wasn't ignoring the palestinians despite the fact he didn't mention them. during his recent speech at united nations general assembly, however, he did make his position pretty clear on a future palestinian state saying it would in effect be what he called a terrace state. just 7 minutes from his home. as for chancellor merkel, as she did acknowledged that there were differences on the 2 state solution, something she still supports. of course she has during her time being critical of israel over issue such a settlement building in the occupied west bank. but she also insisted on the cementing and strengthening of the israeli german alliance, saying that israel security would be central to every german government to follow. china is condemning the taiwan president sighing. when's national day speech to day? beijing called at confrontational, while insisting the island is part of china presidents. i said her government will
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not be intimidated, and promised to increase taiwanese defenses. rob mcbride has more in the face of increasing pressure from china, including recent incursions by chinese war planes. this was ty, one's response, ah, a national day celebration, intended to show to its mighty neighbour and the world that it continues to be a vibrant democracy, determined to maintain its freedoms, with sophisticated military hardware of its own. including you types of missiles being put on show for the 1st time tie one's president saying when was typically resistance to china's renewed pledge the re unification will happen. thank j day. well, the relationship between taiwan and china will be achieved by negotiation. we will keep negotiate in and will show the world that we are committed to self defense. no one can force us to go to the pathway that is designed by china, because that road will not lead to solidarity and freedom for the people of taiwan
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. and it's, i also said hong kong where tough restrictions have been introduced to quell months of scream, protests and riots should serve as a warning. many people in taiwan have looked on with alarm at the way hong kong national security law has been implemented quickly. eroding many of the freedoms and rights the city had enjoyed fearing their island would suffer. a similar fate if it was reunited with china. making donkey. we are faced with the complex or severe challenge. beijing authorities have shown what they have done to hong kong and suppressed hong kong, china's presidency. jim ping has made re unification his mission to achieve what none of his predecessors have done. his latest coal promises re unification can come peacefully, but threats in the past to use the people's liberation army or here lay to achieve it by force when have rallied, support assigning. when's defines. 4 she's very successful,
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he used the mainland china, the threat of she didn't pay him the p o a to wake people. and i want after the fact that they are facing in to mobilize the population round. it's i want consensus that i wants democracy is we're united for it is we're struggling to protect it seems the more china pushes the more pushback it gets from an island, determined to follow its own path. run, mcbride, al jazeera hong kong abdul katia khan credited with making pakistan on nuclear power has died at the age of $85.00. he passed away after being at mister hospital with a long problem. the scientist was hailed a national hero. but he was accused by western countries of smuggling technology to so called rogue states. what of del hamid reports? he was known as the father of pakistan's nuclear bomb revert at home for building the muslim world. first atomic weapon of delighted hon was vilified abroad in 2004
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. he was accused by the us of being at the head of a vast, underground nuclear proliferation network that involves selling secret know how to iran, libya and north korea. the head of the international atomic agency at the time mohammed el baradei said it's mind boggling. all i know is there is at least 30 companies in 30 countries all over the globe involved in this fantastic, sophisticated elliptic trafficking network. with mr. ache you have acting as c o. under pressure from washington, hein was put under house arrest and forced to confess a national tv in mind to use with the consort government officials. i was confronted with evidence and the findings and i, he wasn't really had muted that much of it is to and it could it. my dear brothers and sister. i have chosen to appeared before you who offer my deepest english and
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unqualified apologies, warn, and india, and emigrated to pakistan in 1952 a day, just 16. but the religious vargas he had witnessed during the partition of india would have a lasting impact on his world view. a few years later, he left to study material science and technical university in west berlin. he then did a ph. d in science engineering in belgium, before settling in the netherlands. but in may 1974, india surprised the world when it announced its 1st nuclear test. at turning point for hannah, he became consumed with the idea that pakistan should also develop its own atomic bomb. as soon returned to his home country, he was instrumental in setting up pakistan's 1st nuclear in richmond, plant. a crucial step on the way to pakistan, becoming the world 7th nuclear power. ah,
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and hum became a national hero. even after the revelations that he shared secret information came to light pakistan was in shock, but willing to forgive had, who later withdrew his confessions with them and the extent of his involvement in the illicit nuclear trafficking will remain unclear. but for many in pakistan, abdul cather can will be remembered as the man who restored the nation's pride. without the hamid al jazeera, thousands of people are holding a climate march in brussels to day ahead of next month's summit. the event has been organized by the climate coalition, a non profit group of around 85 organizations in november the u. k. together with italy, will host the you and climate change conference cop $26.00 in glasgow. step batson is there for us here on the news or step, what are we expecting today with? well, climate processes are definitely back on the streets here in the brussels fans of
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thousands are currently marching through the city center. they basically want to raise the issue, of course, i hadn't got $26.00 in glasgow but also ahead of you on that and import from summit which is going to be held in 10 days from now. belgium was badly hit by flood, just 2 months ago, 10. so people died and thousands of houses were destroyed. so people here are really feeling the impacts now of climate change directly. i'm joined here now by sign up on the and then the chemical road green piece. thank you so much for joining us. if you see to turn out, what does this mean? well, 1st it means incredible happiness. there were so many out on the streets. again, it means hopeful. we had an incredible of devils, devastating gov. it's crazy. but also we had the devastating floods all over europe in belgium. more than 80 people died. we've had heat waves all over it. we've had incredible forest fires, and these people are coming out and saying, you know,
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we didn't forget that we're here. this is the one major crisis that we need to check. also we've seen of course, protest before we've had climate conferences before. do you think there's a difference of momentum at the moment? yeah, i do think so in that actually we've already achieved the lots all these protests. 6 at the european level, they lead to the european gree, nailed the lead to quite a lot of ambition and being upset. so any 30 emissions started for example, which was really big deal. something that we've been working were for for years. and this is where we come out on the streets and especially tell our belgian leaders who are not as ambitious. you need to get back to work. yeah. you're obsess . it's a front runner. we're looking at the climate policies. it does a lot of talk about other countries are part of the world need to speed up as wow. do you think that the euro place is having a free a point here? you, it's a good question that it's not just the one you know, one country or one group of country that is going to be the solution. but at the
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same time, we know that and why europe is a front runner. we so we see so many other countries where the economies are becoming more greener already. so we have to play but be the front runner at the same time and also in another. in another perspective, we might not be the 1st and other companies might take us over and that's fine because we need to be novice and we need to learn from each other very briefly. what is your biggest demand for $26.00? and our biggest demand is that the belgian leaders show ambition and they bring a serious exam plan to the table, which has concrete measures because that's what we're looking. it's all about to talk and there's no words and no measures behind. i lou find out in the room. i'm in a month from now. thank you so much for contribution. and the lisa people will still rally for the next hour or so did. going to gather at the big talk at the moment, the whole center of brussels is basically occupied by climate protective step. many
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thanks. that last in the forest report, a process a series of trauma is measuring up to magnitude $3.00. so she couldn't, these spanish island of la palma as a whole kind of corruption enters a 3rd week 3 story high blocks of lava who's done the company via hubble cannon on the sunday morning, destroying the loss, standing homes in a village near by about 6000 people have been evacuated since the interruptions began. hundreds of homes have been in tuned in lava and ash well. the volcano erupted off to being dormant for around 50 years. and it's all happening in a very small and remote part of the world has come out since maria, with some geographical context. the canary islands are of course, part of spain, but not necessarily close to spain. of that you've got ahead almost 2000 kilometers as the crow flies to get to the canary islands off the coast of africa. the western most canary island is the one we are looking at the island of la palmer, 40 kilometers, also top to bottom, and
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a population of $85000.00 people. and it's here right in the middle, we are looking at the country via volcano, actually it's a ridge of volcanoes. that's just the fisher which has opened up here. and as we head down the hill side, that's when you start to see all these houses and structures all in the path of that flow of lava, which we've illustrated in yellow there. and then it continues on down towards the beach. playa del perdido, where of course, all that over is hitting the water. and now actually creating a new part of the la paloma coastline. you know, something to think about as resume back out again. that yellow line that flow of the lava from the volcano down to the coast is only about 10 kilometers. and remember, the flow of lava the speed is anything between 30700 meters an hour. at a temperature of over a 1000 degrees celsius. cml santa maria, talking to us just
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a little earlier time. few other is kara hello there. the southwest monsoon is continuing its retreat from northern areas in south asia, leaving behind lots of heat and humidity for northern parts of pakistan and india. the temperature in new delhi and the horse sitting in the mid thirties. so it's a lot of fun and dry weather up here. but down in the south, we are seeing those showers pick up in the rain is going to intensify around one by on monday and it'll be carol that sees the intense falls come tuesday. we have got an amber warning out fisma that heavy rain shop, a showers and thunderstorms for the maladies, an sri lanka, and a lot of that wet and windy weather is blowing across the islands into pots of indo china. the more rain on the way for thailand, now, southern parts of china likely to see the wet and windy weather pick up thanks to another tropical system that's going to blow by. it's moving towards heinen island and intensifying, we are expecting winds of up to a 120 kilometers per hour. and with that rough season, a bit of a storm surge. but further north, it is looking
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a lot finer and dryer beijing coming in at 18 degrees celsius. lots of heat up here, twice up for the korean peninsula, but it is going to get wet for japan. you can see that wet weather sweeping through the north tokyo's going to get a drenching by the time we get into tuesday, with the temperature at 24. rapidly approaching our past the hour. these are your stories still to come lebanon's army steps in to restart the country's biggest power plants. why haitian migrants are leaving latin america, we did the tales of discrimination, racism, and police brutality in sport. one of the oils toughest endurance races has reached its conclusion in the sahara santa has that story in about 15 minutes. ah, for them for 2 years after the assassination of working of fossils, icon included, thomas, some good on those chores. killing are going on trial among them. his success place
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compound is the countries low search for justice finally coming to an end, the sanker. that's why special coverage from october 11th on al jazeera, got on one of the fastest growing nations in the world news ronnie casa, needed to open and development into national shipping company to become a p middle east. and pup, or trade and money skilfully, mcdonald, 3 key areas of develop oh, filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future. wanted cato cutters, gateway to whoa trade. ah, investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera lou.


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