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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm AST

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more than 30 years after the assassination of burkina, faso, iconic liter thomas sancho, those charges he's killing are going on trial among them. his success place compound is the countries loan search for justice. finally, coming to an end, the sancho taught special coverage from october 11th on alta zebra. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello and welcome. i'm pete adobe. you're watching the news. i live from our headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. millions of iraqis, a voting and parliamentary elections under tight security, will be live in baghdad and mosul, ah,
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thousands, filling the streets of chin as he is capital, protesting against what they see as a power grab by the president. the taiwanese leader saying, when says our country will not bow to any pressure from china? also this our abdul katia. khan, a controversial pakistani nuclear scientist has died. he was $85.00 anti from fury has retained that he's heavy weight box entitled the britain that knocked out dante wilder and the 11th a round of a memorable fight. ah, let's get going to iraq where voting is underway to elect a new parliament. the pole was brought forward in response to mass protests. the rocky prime minister must offer alchemy cast his ballot in bagdad. shortly after the polling stations opened, nearly 25000000 people are eligible to cast
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a vote. you authorities of deployed hundreds of thousands of security personnel across the country. our team is right across the selection emron con, standing by for us in the northern city of mosul. first, let's head to the iraq capital bank that there we have a correspondence. alhashan who's at upholding station for us ali, welcome to the news out. what's the turn i've been like so far? thank you. pre done. well, as you can see, this is one of the calling centers. it's almost empty. so, and it's mid day in baghdad and relatively dar amune, something from different cities, different calling center saying that it's similar in the way of another as early as are coming more the youngster, the young ones are in coming. however, their expectations that during the day maybe in the afternoon, people would maybe had to calling sessions to cast their balance. now this was expected because a lot of people who and skeptical over the whole process,
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especially with the political elite, the same point to kill and each wanting for the elections out of $3300.00 candidates that are only $700.00, something $720.00 watt independent, and this gives a picture on how things are going to be when the results are going to come out. the, the, the same political elite is going to be part of this new fall him, and that is going to be fragmented. and at the same time, that's going to give more lovely leverage to foreign intervention to international regional players in order to maybe named the new prime minister. and create policies that people in 2019 went to the streets to a voice that this made on it. thank you very much. we'll talk later. i'm sure, annie hush from their reporting life and usa from baghdad live now to mosul. and my colleague there m ran con emron outs of most,
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so we've been hearing these colds for a boycott of the election. do we think that might actually be happening? well, you know, the old saying, peter, all politics is local will that may well be playing out right now. this opposing station is one of the main piling stations here in mosul. about $8000.00 people are registered to vote only so far, only about $800.00 people have actually arrived at to vote. and we're looking at what a court past one, a 5 plus one rather in the afternoon. maybe people come back later, but the local issue here is how this sunni muslim majority here in this city, in this region are actually treated by baghdad. they say that they are never listened to, that the demands that they have aunt unreasonable. they just want their cities, their homes to be rebuilt. most of them were destroyed in the war against iso. and they, a lot of people have been living in were in displacement cam since 2017 have been able to return home. so those are the local issues that are driving all of this is
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the anger and frustration toward baghdad or plus the fact that people here say that the old politicians, the ones that use the said that they represent them, haven't actually been doing a very good job in parliament, so it looks like there will be a very low voter turnout sticky here where i'm stood, but we are hearing across mosul. it's very much the same pitcher emron. we'll talk to you later as well in the meantime. thank you so much im ranken. there continued coverage course throughout the day here on al jazeera. ok, let's move on to our other big story here on the news. our talks between the united states and taliban officials have entered a 2nd day in qatar. it's the 1st in person meeting since the arm group seized power in afghanistan in august, security aid, evacuation flights and the rights of women were discussed on day one. the taliban has ruled at cooperating with the u. s. in its fight against isis in afghanistan.
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it follows a series of attacks including fridays bombing of a sheer mosque in condos that killed at least 60 people that i took, a name is falling, those talks was out of the country, capital doha, this out. so the day after the night before, i guess, natasha day 2 of the discussions. what are they focusing on today? but we did catch up with the afghan delegation on route to another meeting. they're not saying much other than they've on route to another meeting and we're busy. but let's not forget that the members of this out scan delegation are here in doha to get international recognition. and more importantly, the aid money that comes with it, they are facing the challenges. the acting foreign minister said it yesterday, facing challenges of pain government employees and providing services to the afghans and dueling crisis, economic and humanitarian humanitarian crises. in addition to mounting threats
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by iso in afghanistan, so the acting foreign minister came with assurances has said, as offered please for assistance as well as warnings. the acting foreign minister says that he knows that a stability in afghanistan is paramount, and is good for not only afghans but for the international community. he says that they want positive relations and mutual commitments, not only with the united states, but other countries. and he did reference on saturday, the need to get humanitarian flow going, though unaddressed. and a big issue from the american side is the need to ensure safe passage way out of afghanistan for about 100 americans and thousands of african allies who remain afraid of taliban reprisals and are desperate to get out of the country. the afghan acting foreign minister also though issued morning saying,
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do not de stabilize our government, don't metal and our affairs respect afghans wishes the afghan delegation is really in a tough spot with the americans. as far as these talks are concerned, having the leverage the u. s. has frozen about $10000000000.00 in afghan assets, groups like the international monetary fund and the world bank have also halted lending programs and aid. so what the taliban really needs from these talks is money and financial assistance. a lot of it, remember, this is an aide dependent country. the u. n. refugee agency actually issued a warning today saying that 3 and a half 1000000 afghans remain displaced by war half from a rely on assistance. and if they don't get that assistance as winter looms, there could be a quote catastrophe. the united states has said that these talks are not a recognition of this a taliban interim government that it's looking to see
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a sustain track record by the taliban. and it's also, it's still putting pressure, we know a regarding this safe passageway, a senator from connecticut said that these talk must be predicated on allowing those who need to leave the opportunity to do so. where they might be able to find some common ground is certainly on security. as you mentioned publicly, the taliban leaders are saying they will go it alone. they can squash, i saw independently without us cooperation. but as we all know, what goes on behind closed doors is a very different situation, especially as this is a sensitive topic for taliban leaders who have promised the afghan people that they would be the ones to bring security to the country. in the coming days, the afghan delegation will meet with representatives from the e. u and other countries. and the likely hope is that they will return to cobble
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with pledges of much needed financial assistance. natasha, thank you very much. that's actually good. i'm there for us. those talks in dough al jazeera, attaining exclusive access to the billions of dollars worth of military hardware left by us and coalition forces in afghanistan. and much of the equipment was destroyed by the taliban says it has recruited aviation experts to build its own air force of solid binge of 8 as mono from cobbled military airfield. the gobble air strip is home to a variety of of gone miller, trees hardware from american black hawks to russian helicopters are all lined up here and many of them are inoperable. oh oh, in the country. yeah. they can it from years leg this banner that on glasses broken and we can, we can resolve that. i'll our, i'll craft because about 2 or 3 in my 17 as
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a result of it. and they that he started in the ground in flight also like this helicopter yard. so we completed that up lance, but some met lands. mimi messing to that, just not started. who really tried to me be in 2 days with sort of the row. after all, scattered all over this air field is destroyed helicopters, this even holes in the fuselage are in the bodies. the ones that are intact, good. come inside them and you entered the cockpit. there's nothing here but shattered glass and destroyed equipment. although many of these technicians have not been paid for months, they've returned to fix what they can. they found some essential items in storage and the restless salvage from other aircraft. they continued to turn up for work, regardless of who's in the government. balaban fight to say they've inherited
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hangers full of helicopters, which have been destroyed beyond repair. but what they have been able to do is recruit engineers, aviation experts, pilots and convert doors. fuselage is beyond repair and use the parts to convert helicopters like these a balaban commander in charge of 10 year feel stalled out a 0 at the strength. dear croft, including helicopters and fixing sisters have been rebuilt. most pilots trained by us forces of left, but some have stayed and they've found dozens of others trade before the u. s. envision in 2001. this is what is left of the cobbled air field, and you can see military hardware which belongs to the americans to the russians, to the indians. and what taliban fighters want to do is refurbish all of these helicopters to build their own air force. ok, let's take you live now to the capital of chew nicea, because thousands of people there back on the streets of the capital city. this are protesting against the president. there had been several demonstrations since. ca,
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you say eve seized near total power 2 months ago. now he dismissed the government, suspended the parliament and assumed executive authority in july. some kimball joins slight from julius st. what's the atmosphere like this surrounding these protests? well, this protests happening just in downtown tunis today. we've just visited it this morning. i'm a pretty raucous scene. it seems to be a rather large protest though, the space that it's in on now, soon as his main thoroughfare avenue have b bottega is pretty constrained. there's a large police presence. some of the protesters were chanting, things like no fear of power belongs to the people, and the people want the removal of the presence of the president. and while we were there, there were more people streaming into the protest as time went by. and like i said,
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it was tightly controlled. there were many crowd control barriers. at a certain point the protesters were, were waiving the chinese and flags and pushing against the barriers, trying to take them down. and that's when now we saw police moving in. and so, like i said, pretty rockets, lots of people, very loud and some very strong anti presidential chance from the protesters a couple of months now, sam, since this old kicked off back in july, has the president shown any sign or any willingness to move well, since the president shook the exceptional measures on july 25th la, namely the freezing of parliament in the suspension of parliamentary immunity and the dismissal of then prime minister, he sham machete. all of which he had said was in the name of the best interests of
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the chinese people, the name of fighting on political dysfunction and an out of control covered crisis . and there have been no developments such as the, the rest of several parliamentarians and lawmakers who had been put on under house arrest though, notably a couple of them were, were released as this morning. and in fact, you could say that there has been, instead of movement forward, you could say there has been some movement backwards. now for movement forward, you might say is the president's appointing. finally, more than 2 months after these exceptional measures the appointing of a prime minister and charged with forming a new government. now it's chinese, it's 1st female, prime minister nash le bowden. and then an, however, just a few days prior to that, there was an announcement by the presidency that the president would be essentially
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ruling by decree and, and concentrating all executive and legislative powers in his hands. and naming the cabinet. and as well as reviewing and reforming the constitution. so there are some who say that the, the prime minister, this newest prime minister, a woman, will have limited power when it comes to the actual formation of a government. which until now has not happened. and, and this protest against the president's decisions and is so, is significant because it comes on the heels of several pro, for residential demonstrations. namely last sunday, there were demonstrations in multiple cities across tunisia, supporting the president. so extraordinary measures and, and on that day also a call came out from an opposition politicians for,
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for this protest that we saw today and so very tense, back and forth. some movements forward in terms of progress in the government and some move movements backwards. some would say to him, thanks very much, some cable to join his life from judas. plenty more still to come for you here on the news r, including the run on the agenda, the german chancellor angle americo meets israel to the prime minister as she prepares to leave office. a highly contagious outbreak that went unchecked for months will tell you what congolese authorities are doing to tackle it and in sport baseballs raining well, series champions hit back in their efforts to retain the title. ah, ty, one's presidents as her governments won't bow to pressure from bay ging, speaking during national day celebration,
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sighing when promised to increase taiwanda defenses. it comes a day after the chinese president, she ging ping insisted there will be a peaceful reunification with the island. is robin bright in the face of increasing pressure from china, including recent incursions by chinese warplanes. this was tie one's response ah, the national day celebration intended to show to its mighty neighbour and the world that it continues to be a vibrant democracy, determined to maintain its freedoms, with sophisticated military hardware of its own. including you types of missiles being put on show for the 1st time tie one's president saying when was typically resistance to china's renewed pledge the re unification will happen. thank j. well, the relationship between taiwan and china will be achieved by negotiation. we will keep negotiate in and will show the world that we are committed to self defense. no
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one can force us to go to the pathway that is designed by china, because that road will not lead to solidarity and freedom for the people of taiwan . and it's, i also said hong kong where tough restrictions have been introduced to quell months of scream, protests and riots should serve as a warning. many people in taiwan have looked on with alarm of the way hong kong national security law has been implemented quickly. eroding many of the freedoms and rights the city had enjoyed fearing their island would suffer. a similar fate if it was reunited with china, eat it earlier than said, we are faced with the complex or severe challenge. beijing authorities have shown what they have done to hong kong and suppressed hong kong china as president, she jin ping has made re unification his mission to achieve what none of his predecessors have done. his latest coal promises re unification can come peacefully
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. but threats in the past to use the people's liberation army or here lay to achieve it by force when have rallied, support assigning. when's defines. 4 she's very successful, he used the mainland china, the threat of she, j, k, and the p l. a to wake people i one after the fact that they are facing and to mobilize the population, rounded. i want consensus that i want democracy is we're united for it is we're struggling to project it seems the more china pushes the more pushback it gets from an island, determined to follow its own path. run mcbride, al jazeera hong kong, now going german chancellor, anglo merkel. is meeting the israeli prime minister enough, tolley bennett in west jerusalem today. it's her last official visit to the country . mister bennet praised missus mclain germany for what he called uncompromising support. but his opposition to palestinian statehood of the 2015 iran nuclear deal had put him at all with germany and western allies to germany has been pushing
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around to re enter negotiations on the nuclear agreement. a correspondent harry force. it joins us from west jerusalem. harry, a loss of focus on what that he does have to say on iran. what came out of that joint youth conference that's right, or the iranians have on this day is well announced that they have enriched to 20 percent more than a 120 kilograms of uranium, which is something that's been greeted with public concern here in israel. and of course, as you say, there are all these efforts to try to restart the stalled talks on a, on a renewed or, or a new version of the j. c p. away the iran nuclear deal. so, so yes, both these leaders addressed that issue and the german chancellor talking about this being a critical few weeks in terms of trying to get that deal. restarted. the israeli prime minister natalie bennett, talking about the fact that israel was continuing to take action as well as speak
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or in terms of trying to interdict iranian activity in various ways. and so that the nuclear program had reached a stage that required leadership. and that there was no point in trying to appease the radians. so yes, as you say, there is a different sort of approach here. or there is perhaps a slightly less hard line stance being taken by this government as a whole. this new, relatively new israeli government than that of benjamin netanyahu that preceded it . however, bennett himself likes to portray himself very much as a hawk on this issue. and so yes, this will be one of the, the, the main material or sort of substantive issues that we'll be talking about today. post selection, anglo merkel. now, i guess a caretaker chance lehman, she circling the airport ending her career here in effect. why make the trip in the 1st place? well, that's right. i mean, this is her 7th trip to israel during her long 12 year stint as germany,
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germany's liter um, and one might wonder why she would take any sort of foreign trip. and as it was strictly necessary, this was a trip that was supposed to happen earlier in the year in august. it was postponed because of the situation in afghanistan. and in the couple airport at that time i, i think there was a will to make another clear gesture on her part. she is someone who's seen here in israel as a very key ally of the israeli prime minister. talked about her being a moral compass as far as israel is concerned in europe. and she talked about germany not being neutral on israel in the middle east. are talking about the support for what she called a jewish and democratic state. so i think there was some wished to make her something of a farewell visit, although it's been talked about from the german side as a working visit. which in turn means that she doesn't have to meet the lead of the
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opposition. prime minister netanyahu with whom she's reported to have had a pretty touchy relationship as for the, the other side of this issue, the palestinians. and there hasn't really been much of an opportunity even to talk about that. i mean, chancellor merkel did say that she continued to support a to see the 2 state solution as she has of course, criticized israel on settlement construction and other things. but from any palestinian leaders for human rights groups. and cios, for instance, human rights watch to day. it was talking about the fact that a beyond just criticizing settlement construction, she should be calling out what human rights watched defines as a pot 8 in terms of israeli actions in the occupied west bank and gaza. and so that remains something obviously the, that the palestinians, while appreciating, i think, angle a miracle to some extent that there's a very different approach. and he is ready to see her is a very, very staunch,
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very close ally of israel. harry many, thanks harry force. they're joining us live from west jerusalem. officials in zimbabwe. national parks receive more than a 1000 distress calls last year from people whose villages were being trampled by elephants. so far. this year, dozens of people have been killed in animal attacks as harriman tassel reports. now from the hawaiian game, national park communities of now started relying on their own methods to keep the animals away. dad was in reading right. bros name is amber, is scared of elephants. her husband was killed by one a few months ago when he was hurting cattle. yeah. is there any i'm heartbroken. i still can't believe it. i had to identify his trampled body when they found him. not far away from her, gideon dubia is slowly getting used to walking on crutches. the 74 old was trampled by 2 elephants. that he said seemed to appear from no way. upon see,
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i have cleanser the 2 elephants knocked me down. i tried to get up, but saw my me was broken when they left, i called for hours to the road to get help. the number of elephants in zimbabwe is estimated to be slightly more than 100000, up from 84000 in 2014. when the last census was done, the national parks authority says the country can only manage about $45000.00 elephant overpopulated. it's unsustainable. the animals are slowly becoming a danger unto themselves. they're destroying their own. have you done to the destroying other animals? i'd be glad to bring down numbers. national parks are selling hunting licenses and considering calling some things the bobby loss did in the late 19 eighties. another option for park officials is to move the animals to less populated parts of the country, but it's an expensive exercise. if you years ago, $100.00 elephants were moved at a cost of about $400000.00. the national parks authority says it doesn't have the
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funds to keep doing this. this area isn't the one get national park. the largest gamers of, in zimbabwe, across the road, farmers grow crops. that's how close people and animals are living to each other. here. to protect themselves, people here have made the so called chilly bombs. they say the pungent smell of a mixture of chilly and name leaves. garlic, ginger and manure repels wild animals. this area did not give even a single case of elephants coming to the fields. but however, if you kilometers away from this place where there was, there was no dependent where did numbers elephant that re infecting the fields. to an extent that some of the electrons were shut down to ty, integers, the number of elephants come to this is the repellent, is hung up in villages and fields to water of animals looking for food and water at demand for space and farm man grows areas where wild animals live are getting
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smaller, leading to a conflict between humans and wildlife, that can only wilson and is the lasting solution is found. hard m a t os al jazeera, one gay zimbabwe. still to come here and use our for you. a city in darkness. lebanon's army steps in to restart the country's biggest power plants. the destruction intensifies on la. paloma has rivers with la burst from the islands volcano and in sport, one of the rules, toughest insurance races has reached its conclusion. so holler, desert sand is here with that story. ah. hello there. we've got wet and windy weather clinging to the edges of europe over the next few days. up in the north, we've got a weather system and down in the southeast we've got this area of low pressure
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that's continuing to cling on. but there are large areas of fine and dry or weather, lots of sunshine coming through in the west and more central areas. but let's take a closer look at that potent area of low pressure. it's clinging on to places like italy, the balkans and grease. we could see more than a 100 millimeters of rainfall in the coming days and we could see flooding around areas such as fessler, nicky. but we've also got a bit of a brisk wind blowing down croatia. that's the bar a wind. we have got red warnings out as we go into sunday and monday for that. but further north of this, as i say, a lot finer, a lot dryer. we have got some blustery winds blowing some rain into northern areas of britain, edging up into scandinavia. it's going to get very wet for norway, we could see some localized flooding, and it does turn rather wintery by the time we get into monday now, temperatures are going to come down here. it is going to feel a lot like autumn as we go further into the week by tuesday, we're going to be below average for london. but there is still a lot of warmth around. in particular, for the i barian peninsula for spain,
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it does look warm in the south with seville at 31. ah, france once had a vast empire spanning several continents. but by the 1940s, the french were forced to confront reality and demands for independence. in the 1st part of a documentary series, al jazeera looks at how the colonial unrest grew. conflict and algeria and full scale warn indo china blood and tears. french di colonization on al jazeera in the country with an abundance of results for the trade bar and walk indonesia whose firms forming we moved full to grow and fraud with balance for rena economy. blue economy and the digital economy with the new.


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